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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 24, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ is a love triangle causing wendy williams to melt down? >> in the case of infidelity, i've had my own experience. >> why there's so much more to her sober living situation that you haven't heard. then jessica simpson finally has her baby. >> just so happy that it's a girl. >> we have surprising details on jess' little birdie. plus -- >> manslaughter. >> brad, leo, and luke perry's final role. we're revealing the first scenes and big surprises from "once upon a time in hollywood." then bieber on the brink? crying, emotionally singing in public, dropping millions on a new house. why there's new concern for
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michael jackson's daughter. >> they were talking about you slashing your wrists. plus mom to be amy schumer's standup special brings belly laughs. and big heart. how her husband's autism played a part in their love story. >> that's the truth. and we're with the woman who had $30,000 of plastic surgery to look like meghan markle. >> so let's talk about this for a second. >> this is "entertainment tonight." news on wendy williams after finally revealing she's been living in a sober house. >> yeah, wendy was so emotional coming clean about this secret. she even says her parents didn't know. so what made her open up now on national tv? and why do some doubt she's telling the whole truth? >> for some time now, and even today and beyond, i have been living in a sober house. i am driven by my 24-hour sober
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coach back to a home, lights out by 10:00 p.m. that is my truth. >> wendy was in tears, sharing her truth tuesday morning. but did the talk show host tell the whole story? earlier this month, wendy returned to her daytime talk show telling viewers she took two months off to deal with health issues caused by grave's disease. "the daily mail" is reporting wendy was actually at a drug and alcohol rehab in florida during that time. a source close to the talk show host tells "e.t." her current struggles in recovery are because quote she's melting down over her husband having a mistress. wendy's been married for 21 years to kevin hunter, who is also her manager. dailymail tv broadcast this exclusive photo of kevin with his alleged mistress, described as a 33-year-old massage therapist. and there's more. our source claims kevin's alleged mistress is pregnant and the baby is due any day now.
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wendy's husband spoke to kevin frazier thursday telling him, quote, wendy is doing well, we'rdoing well as a family, we're moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves. >> in the case of infidelity, i've had my own experience. >> wendy was candid with "e.t." about an affair her husband had o early on in their marriage. she wrote hunter cheated on her shortly after their son was born. >> we got through it and it has made us stronger. >> wendy has addressed the most recent cheating rumors twice on her show. >> i am still very much in love with my husband. i stand by my guy. you know marriages have ebbs and flows. marriages are not easy. let's move on. let's get to happy news for mama jessica simpson. >> listen, she was pregnant, birthed an 11-year-old for 100 years, she's been so open about her pregnancy journey. here's the latest after the new bundle of joy finally entered the world this week. it's the adorable photo of
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birdie may johnson holding her big sister maxwe's finger. ace is looking on. jessica drifred the 10 pound 13 ounce baby thursday very 63rd c-section. >> i do love being a mother. it feels like the most natural thing in my life. maxwell, my daughter, is so happy it's a girl. >> jess' dad slipped and broke the news with this tweet but took the post down. after what happened inside the hospital room a source tells "e.t." ashlee and evan ross were there and the grandparents. the kids made signs that said welcome, birdie, and jessica had the perfect outfit picked out to bring her home. 38-year-old jessica has sacrificed a lot through this pregnancy, being hospitalized for bronchitis to sciatica pain, a broken toilet seat, and swollen ankles and feet. all that compared to this, priceless. >> i feel like i know her so well. somehow your heart opens up and you have the capacity to love deeper and stronger. >> let's talk about luke perry.
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a week after he was laid to rest near his farm in tennessee, his "90210" costar brian austin green spoke out for the first time. >> i'm still mourning over it. i texted him after he had passed. knowing, obviously, that he can't text me back. but on some level hoping that he would text me back, or that he was out there somewhere. >> on his podcast with brian austin green, the actor revealed that days after luke's death fellow cast members met up at gabrielle's home. >> it was mixed emotions. you were happy to see everybody and you felt like, god, it's been too long, and it was great. but what a horrible reason to have to see everybody again. >> most had signed on to do the upcoming fox reboot and hoped luke would gems star. >> it's a shame that for fans, that they don't get that sendoff of dylan mac caid like they want. >> perry's "riverdale" colleagues also still in shock, processing and grieving.
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according to the show's ep he dedicated all future episodes to luke and tells "e.t." the show will explain his passing, quote, we have to address it in some way but giving ourselves a little time and space. there are still a few more episodes that have luke in them so we're glad to share those. luke's last film role is in the upcoming tarantino film "once upon a time in hollywood." >> the trailer dropped this week, the first time we're seeing brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio together. here is everything we know. >> so rick, explain to the audience exactly what it is a stunt double does. >> actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. cliff is meant to help carry the load. >> brad and leo have that best buddy chemistry. the trailer hints at tension. >> is that how you describe your job, cliff? >> what, carrying his load? yeah, that's about right. >> oscar-winning director
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quentin tarantino delivers a groovy late '60s l.a. playboy bunnies, the sunset strip, and this surprise. brad pitt versus bruce lee. lee is played by mike mao. the actor has a black bell in tae kwon do and played a pr strategist on "empire." >> my hands are considered a lethal weapon. we get into a fight, i accidentally kill you, guy to jail. >> anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. it's called manslaughter. >> and you could say the trailer is notable for the stars you don't see. bruce stern, who replaced burt reynolds after his death, and luke perry, who wrapped filming before he died earlier this month. despite an upbeat vibe, "once upon a time in hollywood's" trailer glimpses a dark storyline, the manson murder. margot robbie as sharon tate, share's friend played by rumer willis. >> i've wanted to work with
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quentin my entire life. >> dakota fanning is manson family member squeaky. >> it's really like a pinch me moment. i have to say, leo and brad from that era, i think i might take that era over this era. >> they look great in any era, i think. now to the latest on michael jackson's daughter paris. this after reports claim she tried to commit suicide again. we have new reporting on paris in the wake of the "leaving neverland" documentary. >> can you talk to us one second? tell us you're okay. >> they were talking about you slashing your wrists, could you kill that rumor for us? >> paris jackson showed a wrist to the paparazzi to shut down a report she tried to kill herself. but "e.t." did confirm that authorities responded to a call involving an attempted suicide at her home. >> rescue 827, upgrade to emergency, possible vip.
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>> a source later downplayed the incident telling "e.t." it was an accident at her home. now to news on justin bieber. ♪ giving me the best gift >> wednesday night the embattled pop star and wife hailey attended church in hollywood as he continues his faith-based depression treatment. >> it's an emotional time in my life for sure. some of it sucks. but everyone has things in life that suck, you know. so i take it to the chin, i guess. >> justin drove off in a new $200,000 lamborghini. is he also gaining in retail therapy? well, here's beverly hills pad the biebs bought for $8.5 million. the recently redone five bedroom, seven bathroom mansion is 6,100 square feet, more than enough room for him, hailey, and according to a source, their possible expanding family. last week he and hailey took a trip to orange county, california, but some fans were concerned when justin was spotted getting emotional and singing to himself in public.
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>> what's up? everything good, bro? >> this after the 25-year-old posted, been struggling a lot, just feeling super disconnected and weird action pray for me. our source says he's in a good place right now. on the way -- >> before there was twitter there was [ bleep ] "entertainment tonight." >> rob lowe knows what's up. the 55-year-old revealed his one true secret to staying forever young. >> that's freaky. then -- ♪ >> kim and kanye's daughter dancing. j. lo's twins singing. and the 7-year-old. >> can you sign this for me? you went to bed grown and you woke up little? >> our big exclusive on the set of "little." our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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>> two nights, two hot dates. j. lo and a-rod still basking in engagement glow nine days after a-rod popped the question. last saturday the love birds dined out and the 15-carat bling on full display as they hit up the polo bar. ♪ but before the couple's trip to the big apple, j. lo was just a proud mama watching her 11-year-old twins perform in the fifth grade musical. max singing alongside a-rod's 10-year-old daughter ella. ♪ while emmy held her own during a solo number. ♪ meanwhile, kim kardashian and kanye west's daughter north west stole the show at kanye's service services. ♪ kanye's been hosting weekly outdoor gatherings and 5-year-old north was feeling the music. ♪ and look how north lit 100 her dad stepped up to the mike.
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now to another talented kid who caught the attention of celine dion during her vegas show last weekend. >> i'm going to give you my microphone. turn around and sing. ♪ >> just look at celine's face as the 7-year-old belted out "i surrender." ♪ ♪ this girl is on fire >> i mean, beyond adorable. all right, speaking of singing talent, have you seen this clip of "black-ish" star marcie martin at 6 years old belting out beyonce? ♪ well, she is 14 now. and kevin frasier found her showing off another huge talent, masterminding her first feature film. >> my mom made a movie growing up with sting.
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and i had this idea like, yo, what if we do the opposite of that and like reverse it a little bit? >> i wish you were little. >> i told you, watch it. >> so you're 10. and you decide, i have this movie and i'm going to somehow get it made. >> back to work! >> mar say martin comes to me, her and her dad sit me down, they got a movie idea. i hear a lot of movie ideas. i thought it was going to be bad. she pitched "little" and i was like, that's brilliant. >> that's how the "black-ish" star became the youngest film executive ever. she launched a company and landed a deal with universal pictures. her dad josh is also an ep on the film. >> he's right over there right now. he's over budget. >> no! ding dong, ding dong! >> the older version of jordan who is the title character played by regina hall.
7:16 pm
she believes me. >> it's so good to be the monst monster. >> wake up! >> regina guest starred on "black-ish" and marsay knew she wanted her in the role of jordan. >> i want to see a little big girl. >> stop! >> you're too fat for that skirt. >> she can be intimidating. she just turns it on like that. she just goes back to being her 14-year-old regular self and i'm like, we cool? >> i know, are we good, are you sure? the kids are always stealing the show on "single parents." we were on set with the pint-sizers turning the tables on their tv family. >> i'm ella allen. >> amy yeah allen. >> we are interviewing brad. >> pellow. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, who help you god? >> the title says it all. single parents who form a support group. and even with "everybody loves
7:17 pm
raymond" alum brad garrett and "gossip girl's" lay meester, the scene stealers are the kids. >> did you order pizza or are you on your own? >> on your own. >> who's the guest star you'd love to have on the show? >> adam brody. >> rihanna. >> who's rihanna? >> this interview's over. take my microphone. i'm kidding. >> who the heck is rihanna? >> probably justin bieber. >> justin bieber? >> i'll tell you why. because my daughter would love it. believe it or not. >> she like one of those, oh, i adore justin bieber, oh! >> yeah, there's a lot of that. >> why is our mother/son relationship the best one of the bunch? >> because we know how to sing, we know how to dance. ♪ ♪ i will always be with you >> if you could be a kid again for just one day what would you most like to do? >> invest in apple. >> what does invest mean?
7:18 pm
>> why is he interviewing you? >> unbelievable. >> mwah! >> i'm a lucky stage dad. coming up, pregnant amy schumer's standup confessions. >> i'll tell you who is not fun. to be pregnant at the exact same time as. meghan markle. plus one woman's $30,000 makeover to look like meghan. the plastic surgery backlash. and "parks and rec" turns 10. on set
7:19 pm
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♪ hey, everybody. thank you for the birthday wishes. headed out to the beautiful sunset jacuzzi. here's to another good year. >> okay! >> all right! >> that is what 55 looks like. rob lowe clearly having a great birthday week. >> you know "e.t." has been with rob throughout his entire career. nancy o'dell just had to represent and wish him a happy birthday in person.
7:21 pm
>> first of all, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> what'd you do to celebrate your birthday? >> i kept it easy. we had friends up and played golf. >> you played golf with chris pratt too, right? >> yeah, he's my golf buddy. he's hitting the ball great. i might have beaten him. >> rob is looking amazing at five and a half decades. one reason, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> i have my dad to thank. amazing jen e ining genetics. my dad's 80, he looks like 60. >> "e.t.'s" been with you a long time. >> my first "e.t." interview, i might have been in my teens still. >> you were 19 when we first sat down with you. >> this was something that you said to us about the secret to success many, many years ago. >> oh my god. look at that. >> look how cute you are. you really have barely changed. >> when you're still trying to find some sort of success, it's very important to be very serious. but then once you reach a certain level where you've done a few films, then it's a real
7:22 pm
trap that you start taking yourself too seriously. >> that kid knew what he was talking about. >> kind of a mature thing to say being that young, right? >> i'm just freaked out because it looks like it's one of my kids talking. that's freaky. >> no, what is freaky is the man does not age. he says besides general nettics, it's what he eats. >> i've been doing the low-carb atkins-like lifestyle forever. it's really helped. as much as i love my pancakes. i do. i'm not a perfect human. >> "e.t." has been on the set of many of rob's movies and shows, so i challenged him to see if he could remember which of his characters delivered some of his most famous lines. >> i think i'm in touch with that emotion. >> oh, billy hicks from "st. elmo's fire." >> i think i'm in touch with that emotion. >> about a week ago i accidentally slept with a prostitute. >> that's samuel norman seaborn from "the west wing." episode number 1. >> i accidentally slept with a prostitute last night. >> there's literally nothing you
7:23 pm
can't do. >> that's literally one of the easiest questions you're going to ask me. "parks and rec." >> i never fooled around, not once! >> that's danny from "about last night." >> you got it right. >> the man's a pro. he's good. and he shows no signs of slowing down. his new game show "mental samurai" premieres this week on fox. we heard him say he does go golfing with chris pratt. those two were amazing on "parks and rec" together. that show is celebrating its own milestone birthday, it's 10. >> here we are, check it out. >> our costume designer from "parks" dressed me. leslie always would wear some kind of red when she was feeling full of love. >> the famous residents of pawnee, indiana, reunited this week for one epic treat yo'self celebration. >> did you see what she was
7:24 pm
wearing? the treat yo'self dress. >> i'm totally overwhelmed. >> yeah, amy got checked up on stage. chris? we learned he actually predicted his hollywood success during a behind the scenes shoot years before he'd land the lead role in "jurassic world." >> i got a text message from steven spielberg. i'll have to get back to you later about "jurassic park 4." boom. >> we met chris in 2002 on set. >> i shined college for a prestigious career in door-to-door sales. i made national salesman of the year. and acquired a taste for rejection. which eventually led me to acting. >> you're going to screw this whole thing up, you realize that, right? >> back to my goals as an actor, me, chris pratt. >> way before chris found fame on "parks and rec," he was a
7:25 pm
waiter at bubba gump's shrimp and used to live in a van. >> i wasn't lonely in this van, i had roommates. it's not as bad as it seems. oh, look at this young boy full of ambition. >> that young boy would go on to become an avenger and dominate the box office. despite success he's kept the same philosophy. >> i want to never take life too seriously. i want to always make decisions that allow me to do that. >> what is so crazy is that despite all this nominations, "parks and rec" never actually won an emmy. can't say that about this show, "the marvelous mrs. maisel." won outstanding comedy series the first year it was nominated. filming on season 3 started this week. here's why "maisel" is at the top of our binge-worthy list. >> i think "maisel" goes down smoothlying like a fine wine. >> get out of my sight! >> people like to spend time
7:26 pm
with these characters. especially rachel. >> how can you take your eyes off her? >> i'm starving! >> even if i wasn't on it, i'd binge it too. >> incredible cast, the writing is top notch. i think that makes it binge-worthy. >> it's easy to fall in love with rachel as the marvelous mrs. maisel, a 1950s new york housewife who turns to standup comedy after her husband leaves her. >> oh, come on. >> i'm serious. >> i am a mother. >> great, we'll use that. one of your kid dozen something weird? >> i love period pieces. it sometimes feel like we've gone back in a time machine or something. it's about two hours, two hours and change, of hair, makeup, and wardrobe. >> yeah, the sets and costumes are magical. there's another reason to give "maisel" a try. i'm from amy sherman pallladino who gave us "gilmore girls." >> this woman is unapologetically confident and ambitious and can do it all in heels.
7:27 pm
>> joyous character. she even in times where her life is crumbling, we make a point to not let her drama bell. >> great friends. >> since they just started filming season 3 of the eight-time emmy-winning comedy, there's plenty of time to binge all 18 episodes about of new ones are expected to drop late this year. >> you think you can go back to making jell-o molds? >> i don't know, i make a hell of a jell-o mold. amy schumer's standup special brings belly laughs and big hearts. how her husband's autism played a part in their love story. inside this weekend's scariest movie. >> this is a nightmare. >> the feel-good romp. >> how can both be true? the stars explain what you can expect from "us." closed captioning provided by --
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mama june busted. honey pooh boo's mom and boyfriend arrested on charges of felony possession of drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance believed to be crack cocaine. number four, the hollywood college scam scandal. >> if you would have said england is my city, i would say, why did i pay all this money for your education? >> new footage with lori loughlin and her daughter that takes on a whole new meaning after authorities claim lori and her husband paid $500,000 to get their daughters into usc. >> it's like a slow-moving train wreck. >> rob lowe told "e.t." why the college bribery scandal hits a very raw nerve. >> my kids went to stanford. they went to duke. i know how hard my kids busted their ass. so if i'm pissed about it, can you imagine what a family who has no access, no ability to go to the good schools, must feel about their slot getting taken? >> number three, paris jackson's suicide attempt? >> can you talk to us one
7:32 pm
second? tell us you're okay. >> they were talking about you slashing your wrists. could you just kill that rumor for us? >> paris jackson showed a wrist to the paparazzi to shut down a report she tried to kill himself. >> is it true you being in the hospital? >> "e.t." confirmed authorities responded to a call involving an attempted suicide in her home. >> 41 rescue 827, psychiatric. >> a source downplayed the incident telling "e.t." it was an accident at her home. number two, jessica simpson welcomes her third child. here's the adorable photo of little birdie may johnson holding her big sister maxwell's finger. brother ace is looking on. jessica delivered the 10 pound, 13 ounce baby girl tuesday via scheduled c-section. number one, talk show host winky williams' sober health confession. she's living in a sober living facility. a source tells "e.t." her
7:33 pm
current struggles in recovery are because quote she's melting down over her husband having a mistress. our source also claims the alleged mistress is pregnant and the baby is due any day now. for the latest go to also in the news this week, the debut of amy schumer's netflix special. >> the comedienne dropping big life bombshells including what you never knew about her new husband and what it's like being pregnant in the spotlight. >> my belly button is getting so misshapen with this baby inside that i had to put two band-aids over my belly button. >> amy's special has humor and heart. her husband, chris fisher, has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. >> all the characteristics that make it clear that he's on the spectrum are all of the reasons that i fell madly in love with him. that's the truth. he can't lie. if i say to him, does this look like [ bleep ]? he'll go, yeah, you have a lot
7:34 pm
of other closes, why don't you wear those? >> it's no secret amy's pregnancy has been rough. the 37-year-old hospitalized multiple times for severe nausea and vomiting. >> the doctor came in and he explains to me and my sister and my husband, you're going to have to be here for at least five hours getting liquids. my husband said to my sister, okay, cool, because i saw a place where you can paint pottery nearby. my husband's brain is a little different. this is the picture that he painted. i was in the hospital, guys. here, the people are leaving, this is exciting. >> amy, you're going to get me in trouble laughing. let's go from comedy to horror. jordan peel's followup to "get out" in theaters is "us." it's on track for an even bigger opening than "get out." it's not all about money for
7:35 pm
lupita nyong'o, no. it is also about fashion. >> a horror film is a really good excuse to be a little weird. >> lupita went for an edgy look in a see-through studded coat at tuesday's premiere. it's clear she's loving the chance to show off fierce fashion while promoting the film. >> that's nice, yes. i'll try to pay attention to what you're saying. >> why not, you know? just why not? >> the ring? it's a nod to the movie. >> be very afraid. >> let's call the cops. >> i did. they're 14 minutes away. >> we've made it very clear on the poster that this is a nightmare. so, you know, if you're going to see this movie, that's what you're signing up for. >> "us" is getting rave reviews for combining horror, thought-provoking drama, and humor. and it reunites lupita with "black panther" costar winston
7:36 pm
duke. they're a married couple battling scary home invaders who look just like them. >> hey, hey, hey! hey! >> was it meant to make me sleep with the lights on last night? which i did. not even lying. and the television. >> uh-huh, yes, it's meant to do all those things all at once. i think that's the power of the movie. leave, and you're uncomfortable. >> the movie is the first for writer/director jordan peel since "get out" last year. that movie made $255 million worldwide, and in this tale, he may have topped himself. >> go see it. it is a warm family comedy. with some light romantic tones. a feel-good romp. >> it's very funny. you're going to be freaking out and you're going to be sore from holding your shoulders up. but you're also going to be able to laugh. it's a good workout. coming up, we're with the
7:37 pm
woman who took her love of meghan markle next level. inside her $30,000 plastic surgery makeover. >> i had fat grafts put into my cheeks. want to look like thor? they're are the diet hacks from his body double. >> the more meat he eats, the more shredded he gets. the wild face ♪ no hormones! ♪ i found a birth control ♪ with no hormones! ♪ paragard's 100% hormone free ♪ and over 99% effective,
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this week it is all about march madness. and we are going full court press with some deals on really cool items you can buy direct from your own home and for way less. bringing you vip steals. you can get everything you see here on here comes my favorite point guard and morning save ambassador. >> we're going to slam dunk some deals today. >> everybody's like, okay, enough with the basketball. let's get to the savings. >> let's start over here. we have a little something for everyone. in the beauty department, we have the brilliant new york rubies collection thermal facial mask and serum. it includes the brilliant new york ruby thermal heating mask that couples elixir and complex with micronized ruby crystals which they claim help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. it includes the ruby face serum which they say delivers essential vitamins, promotes
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firmness, strengthens the skin's defense systems against visible signs of aging. >> i love the word serum, i'm in. what i like most, the packaging is gorgeous. >> beautiful, it's spa quality, really luxurious. you've seen as high as $175. here you can get this set for $39, that is a 78% savings. >> i just like to play with stuff. >> sure. >> $39 to get this? >> what a price. >> put it on your countertop, it's pretty. >> a little bit goes a long way. we're moving into the bedroom. this will help you sleep at night. this is the tyler multi-scape sleep sound machine. choose from six sounds including white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, river, contradicts and adjust the volume to your liking. >> oh, i like rain, ocean. >> yeah, they're so nice. >> which is this one? >> ocean, i think. no, this is thunder. that's thunder. >> i like that. >> i like the thunder. we don't get rain storms enough in l.a., so we create our own. it also has the timing here so
7:42 pm
you can set it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and it will automatically turn off. save your electricity. we've seen these as high as $100, here it's $19. that is an 81% savings. >> i love that. >> we'll turn that baby down. i'm putting that in in my cart now. >> that's a great idea. >> sound machines are great for babies. >> calming, soothing. >> this is something you can use morning and night, sonic toothbrush with uv sanitizing charging base. it comes in your choice of gold or charcoal and includes six brush heads. that gives you 18 months of use. this is going to last you for a while. it has the uv sanitation to help kill germs and bacteria. so you pop off your brush head, put it in there, close it up, and it kills that bacteria. it also has a two-minute auto timer so you don't have to think about how long you're brushing, it will automatically turn off. it has three different brushing modes. clean, dazzle, and pulse. >> come through with the rose golda sign. >> isn't that beautiful?
7:43 pm
looks good on your countertop. we'veeen these for $284. it's 18 months of brushing. but we have them here today for $39, 86% savings. >> i get angry whenever i see this. >> i know because you bought it for so much more. you've got to call me first. >> man. >> can you ever have too many sunglasses? i don't think so and we're heading into summer. complete any look with this assortment of ray bans. there are a variety of frames and colors, shapes and sizes, as well as lens treatments. these sunglasses offer optimal comfort and uv protection to keep you safe from the sun. the lenses are glare tree. >> you saw me go straight for the tortoise shell. life these so much. i'm going to be angry, i already know, because i just bought these. >> you bought this sleek, cool-looking pair? classic. >> those look fantastic on you. i know what i paid for them. >> sorry. >> go ahead. >> i'm sorry. we've seen these from $143 to $183. >> we have. >> with us $79 for a 57%
7:44 pm
savings. >> these are going to go so fast, 79 buck forth ray bans? >> hide your tears. >> crazy good. i'm angry. i'm glad you can't see my eyes right now, there's flames going on in there. i love these, they're cute. thank you so much. always love when you come visit. shop our vip steals at the woman who spent $30,000 to look like meghan markle. the plastic surgery backlash. >> telling me that i look nothing like her, i should be asking the doctor for a refund. the celebs' new workout for your face. >> it may look scary but it's weirdly enjoyable. >> the wild beauty treatments stars are raving about. confessions of chris hemsworth's body double, thor's secrets you may not want you to hear. >> he's going to hate the fact that i just told you that. this this weekend in the birthdays, which former mousketeer once studied ballet? britney spears, ryan gosling, keri russell? your answer is next in the "e.t.
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. rexulti has been shown to increase blood sugar in some people. other risks are increased cholesterol; weight gain; unusual urges or compulsive behaviors; decreased white blood cells, which can be serious; dizziness on standing; seizures; trouble swallowing; and impaired judgment or motor skills. now, i'm glad i talked with my doctor about adding rexulti. feel better about facing the world. pay $0 for your first rexulti prescription. details at not going to share that? >> welcome back, everybody. just out here fishing. chris hemsworth unintentionally elicited some incredible reactions when he posted this instagram video of his time in australia. >> now if you think that is hot -- >> i do. >> wait, yes, we do, we agree with you. wait until you feast your eyes on the man who makes a living
7:48 pm
look like chris, his body double bobby. >> wow. >> one thing you may not know about chris is he loves pizza. and the more pizza he eats, the more shredded he gets. and he's going to hate the fact that i've just told you that, guys. look at a dumbbell and he'll do maybe four, five curls. and it's quadrupled in size. how is that even possible? >> secrets how chris looks like this. we got 'em things to bobby holland, his body double for "thor," "snow white and the huntsman," "bad times at the real," and "men in black." >> six to eight meals a day. chris has a chef on set. they cook for me as well. steak in the morning for breakfast. training twice a day. six days a week. >> so whether you want to look like chris or look at him, thor came up with a way to get you closer to that goal. he and bobby, along with trainers, developed their own fitness app called center.
7:49 pm
>> you have access to the team i've used over the years. that team is now your team. >> and as for how hemsworth compares to the other stars bobby has works with? >> i've doubled christian bale in "batman." ryan reynolds? "green lantern." daniel craig, jake gyllenhaal, chris evans. they're all in fantastic shape, don't get me wrong. but chris literally was just put on this earth -- he's literally perfect, it's ridiculous. >> so chris actually needs a double for all of his stunt work. what about meghan markle? the actress turned duchess has a double. and she just doesn't know about it. in our "e.t." beauty segment, did plastic surgery just make another meghan? >> i wanted a strong jawline like leg man. i wanted a more refined nose like meghan. i wanted my figure to be a little bit slimmer like meghan, really nice and tight. >> this was houston lawyer sochi
7:50 pm
greer before she had a meghan markle makeover. >> i had some fat grafts it put into my cheeks, liposuction to the abdomen, inner and outer thighs. then fat grafts into the buttocks to give me a nice lift. jawline for a stronger jaw. filler in my lips and under my eyes. >> it cost around $30,000. cameras from abc's "nightline" followed her into the operating room. >> i'm really excited to see these results. >> once all the bruising went away and the swelling went down, i looked in the mirror and i just felt happy again. >> this single mom of three says after her surgery her youngest confused her with the duchess. >> i have a cutout of meghan. she thinks it's a picture of me. she points to it, mommy! i'm like, no, that's not mommy. >> this 36-year-old says she's open to looking for love on a reality show. >> i did apply.
7:51 pm
i had a friend who was like, i'm going to put your name in the hat for bachelorette. would i do it? i don't know. >> she's thrilled with her plastic surgery results, but has there been a downside of going under the knife to resemble a royal? >> the only backlash i've received so far is very nasty messages telling me that i look nothing like her, i should ask the doctor for a refund. there have been really mean comments. but i try not to read them. >> i hope that's a good investment for her. >> right, good luck. now to a model who knows about natural beauty. "project runway" host carly clausen. >> the key to her skin care in "the face jam." >> you wear your skin every day. i think it's important to have the best products. a good facial, who doesn't love that? >> karlie kloss, she came straight up with the arena shape regularly. stella mccartney is a fan. >> the claim, going to the face gym is equal to doing 20 situps
7:52 pm
for the cheeks and neckline. >> we're just releasing any tension that's being held in your muscles -- >> the cost between $70 and $275. this is the cardio. >> it does look like we slap you around the face. but what that's doing is helping drain you of the toxins, the coffee and the sugar and the stress. >> the pure lift device sculpts and the iv drift is a blast of acids and vitamins. at 200 miles per hour, the results are almost immediate. but just like any jam, you get the most benefit if you do the workout often. >> when she was massaging my cheekbones, it was like, okay, those are cheekbones, those are muscles i didn't realize i had. would i do it again? absolutely. okay, girl, you ready? >> slap me, see what happens. >> we should rename our producer darla mikey. she's game for anything. >> everything, everything. >> man, come on, darla. we'll be right back. but first, movie news.
7:53 pm
"e.t." with angela lansbury. the 93-year-old plays the balloon lady in "mary poppins returns." she said it was an easy yes when disney offered the part. >> i get to sing a lovely song. it's not a big part. and i thought to myself, well, i'm going to go to europe anyway at that time of the year, why not? so i said yes. >> "mary poppins returns" available now on digital, blu-ray, and dvd. next, the real-life detectives that brought down bonnie and clyde. it's "the highwayman." >> police have stated that bonnie and clyde may have struck again. >> kevin costner and woody harrelson play two former texas rangers in 1934. >> my thoughts flew to them, i wonder what they were thinking about? i wonder what they're thinking about? >> "the highwaymen" in delect theaters now and marched globally on netflix march 29th. another movie "the mustang," a film based on the wild horse inmate program.
7:54 pm
>> do you want to control your horse? first you got to control yourself. >> "the mustang" stars jason mitchell and mathias schooner. >> i was excited that in such a dull situation, i can be the light. >> challenging and scary to enter that space.
7:55 pm
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stars with birthdays this weekend, jessica chastain turning 42. alison hanigan 45. jim parsons 46. now take a look at your final choices. which former mousketeer once studied ballet? that was keri russell, celebrating turning 43 this weekend. monday on "e.t.," only we're on set of "rocketman" in london. and with eva longoria basstone. for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website at >> before we go, check out the video from former fifth harmony member allie brookens for her song with tyga, "low key," the 25-year-old's first single since leaving the popular girl group.
7:58 pm
she's not staying low key. she's racked up more than 12 million views. >> low key, i really like this song. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody, bye-bye. ♪ make your case ♪ the rest is self explanatory ♪ all your friends are looking for you they don't know where you're at ♪ ♪ because you left with me ♪ loki get to know me ♪ you should really get to know me ♪
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
(jr) breaking news tonight -- a pittsburg pricinpal who police say -- was shot by his wife -- died today. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 8. i am jr stone.(justine) and i am justine waldman. "paul shatswell" had been on life support... after the shooting last weekend at a home on barrie drive. police got a call about a domestic incident and found the 45-year-old shot in the head. shatswell was a principal at pittsburg adult education center. right now --his wife 39-year-old ámaria videsá is charged with attempted murder... that could now chage to a murder charge, with his death today. she is being held on 2- million dollars bail and at the contra costa sheriff's office jail in martinez.


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