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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  March 25, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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(pam) president trump today saying .... he welcomes the release of the full mueller report. the "cliffsnotes" version that has been released so far... has been hailed by california
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republicans ... as not just a win for the president, but for the party. (ken) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how republicans expect this to help invigorate california voters in the 2020 election. with the investigation over and president trump cleared of collusion... some california republicans say they aren't surprised by the conclusion."i was kind of disgusted that this took so long."california republican national committeewoman harmeet dhillon says this paves a positive path for the party in the 2020 election..."i think this ruling will finally lift a cloud from the president and really energize republican and independent voters, because how this thing came down was really unfair. dhillon says the investigation likely played a role in california's midterm elections in parts of the state where races were close... the election resulted in democrats making historical gains in the state legislature. "we hope to bring back some of those voters and recruit new voters who are more concerned about their safety at our borders."rowth, republicans say they have lost california votes in years past for a combination of factors, including a changing state demographic.. party members say they're preparing for a comeback. "we are working hard at the grass roots level to recruit and run great candidates, we have a lot of
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great candidates in the pipeline and we have a changing party as well, so i think you're going to see some real fire at the polls next year." tag. tag. let's get a check of the weather around the bay area.... time now for the 4 zone forecast... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: another storm moved into the bay area with rain and wind. rain will move south and turn to showers. lows will be in the 50s. on the radar you can see the rain with some pockets of heavier
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showers. the rain is turning to snow in the sierra with more snow to come. winter storm warnings are going up on tuesday with more heavy snow forecast for the sierra. on the satellite you can see the storm coming through now but another area of low pressure off the coast will bring more rain through will be partly cloudy tomorrow with a slight chance of a few showers. highs will be in the 60s. more rain will return tuesday night and into wednesday with showers lingering into thursday. dry and warmer ather is forecast for this weekend. (pam) a new study indicates .... that rapidly indicates .... a new study (pam) this weekend.forecast for weather is forecast for this weekend.
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(pam) a new study indicates .... that rapidly slashing fossil fuel emissions could prevent millions of pre- mature deaths caused by air pollution. illnesses linked to air pollution include heart disease and lung international team of researchers estimates... more than three- point- six million people worldwide... die every year, due to outdoor pollution caused by fossil fuels. those fuels include coal, oil and natural gas.according to the e-p-a, fossil fuels cause roughly 78- percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. the study was published today in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. (pam)(pam) lots to talk about in the sports world tonight...(ken) mark carpenter joins us in the
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studio. opening day is just around opening day opening day is just around the corner and what a way to ease into the year with a bay bridge series to wrap up the exhibition slate. --giants and a's squaring off tonight at oracle park...technically, the first game of the year at oracle. --the teams met yesterday at the coliseum... with oakland taking a 5-run shutout. -- the a's have already started the regular season losing 2 in japan against the mariners...giants open the year thursday in san diego, --but both clubs love that this is the final series of the preseason. "you want to win this series. you don't want to hear oakland fans joking around, they beat us. but every time we play this series we're gonna try to do our best.""i always have a lot of friends and family at the games sending me texts and stuff. 'oh we're gonna be out there tonight'. it's a unique rivalry in that we are so close to each other. i'm a bay area guy so it means a lot to me."
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game is in a slight delay due to rain, if it happens, we'll have the highlights later on. now to the warriors-- the champs about to get back on the road after a bizarre set of games this weekend. we saw both ends of the spectrum, yesterday a win against the pistons that gave the franchise its 6th-straight 50-win season. that victory was just 24- hours after a brutal 35-point loss against the of the worst teams in the league. --worth noting that steph curry didn't play in that game, but was in action yesterday...led all scorers with 26-points. --on saturday night, video surfaced of him throwing a surprise birthday party for wife ayesha... --with this video of them dancing making the rounds all over social media steve kerr played it coy when asked about curry's "night off"... "i did not check
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social media the last couple days so as far as i know steph got plenty of rest. are you know about? (media laughs).. the party?" warriors visit the grizzlies wednesday. finally tonight, a dramatic moment from the pga tour that had absolutely nothing to do with golf. --check this out, final round of the valspar championship in florida... and we have a harrowing rescue unfolding on the course.. --an osprey snatches a fish out of the water, but it falls out of its talons.. that's when a fan springs to action, manages to pick up the fish and return it safely to its home. --then, high fives all around at the gallery...such a touching moment. (ken) dramatic video of a life and death rescue from a cruise ship off the coast of norway. what rescuers faced as they
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tried to free the marooned passengers.
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new video tonight showing passengers being rescued off a stranded cruise ship near norway. more than a thousand people were on board when engine troubles left them helpless in rough waters off the western coast of norway. at least 20 people were inured as the ship was tossed around. more than 400 people were air lifted to safety... but by yesterday morning, three of the ship's four diesel engines had regained power. more than 800 people remained on
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board as the ship -- assisted by tug boats -- slowly made its way to port. despite the turbulent seas and the frightening ordeal, some passengers were able to find a silver lining. beth clark/american passenger: "i can't get over how magnificent the crew was on the ship. the national guard and how kind the norway folks people have been spent. like. just shocking how wonderful people are."(ken) viking ocean cruises thanked norweigian emergency services for their help and said its priority has always been the safety and well-being of its passengers and crew. they're working to get everyone back home as soon as possible. (pam) the mueller report is out... but so far, we haven't seen it. democratic presidential candidates are demanding the full document be released to the public. if you're watching us on the 'kron on' app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron-on- dot-tv to subscribe."
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(pam) east bay congressman eric swalwell ... echoing the sentiments of democratic presidential hopefuls today... asking for the release of the entire mueller report. (ken) the
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majority consensus for the presidential candidates seems to be -- keep up the fight -- and demand to see every page of the report. jeff zeleny has more. harris sot 17:44:38: "the mueller report must be made public for a full accounting." 2020 democratic candidates are speaking in unison ...sanders sot 16:20:23: "i want the whole damn report because nobody, especially this president is above the law." ... demanding the full release of special counsel robert mueller's report -- not just a four-page summary from the attorney general. gillibrand sot 13:46:32: "the mueller report must be made public -- all of it."yet beyond that, the party's presidential hopefuls have been saying surprisingly little about the russia the wake of president trump's political victory...trump oval office nat pop: "we can never let this happen to another president again."... democrats scrambling today to assess the shifting landscape, with some campaign officials privately worrying about over-reach from their fellow democrats in the latest cnn poll, the russia investigation ... barely even a whisper. not a single democratic voter mentioned it when asked an open-ended question to name the most important issue in
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the 2020 race. (graphic)it's a challenging balancing act for candidates, who must meet demands of some democratic activists to hold the president accountable, without having their own campaigns overtaken by trump. klobuchar sot 07:13:57: "2020 is going to be very focused on economic issues. so guess what, we can do two things at once."pete buttigieg and other democratic candidates also dismiss talk of impeachment, saying the president should be defeated at the ballot box -- and candidates should talk about issues.buttigieg sot 17:31:50: "if all we can talk about is him, then voters are saying, 'you're not talking about me. // at the end of the day, it's not about him, it's about us." (ken) (ken) that was jeff zeleny reporting. most democratic candidates say they're trying to keep talk of the mueller report limited to washington...while using the campaign trail to focus on
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issues like health care, the economy, and whether president trump has lived up to the promises he made to voters. (pam) the father of a six-year-old girl who was killed in the sandy hook elementary school massacre .... has died by apparent suicide. police say, jeremy richman's body was found in his connecticut office building... he was the father of avielle richman ... who was among the 20- children killed in the 20-12 shooting at a newtown school. police say, they will not disclose any additional details on the death... only that it did not appear to be suspicious. (ken) this was the scene in pittsburgh today-- as hundreds of students took to the streets instead of school. the pittsburgh public school students organized a walkout and demonstration in the wake of friday's verdict in the antwon rose murder trial. a jury found former east pittsburgh police officer michael rosfeld not guilty of murder and manslaughter in the 2018 shooting death of rose. the verdict led to protests and vigils across the state
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throughout the weekend. today the pittsburgh public school district noted students needed permission to participate in the demonstrations. saying anyone who left without permission would receive an un-excused tardy or absence. (√°pause for open√°) (pam) in tonight's celebration of women all celebration of women all across our nation, we honor one of music's brightest stars. dolly parton is marking 60- years in music... and she shows no signs of slowing down. reporter kristen farley looks back to where it all began. sot: 8:44 i'm just always on the can't pull back for a year or so and expect people to remember you...i have never left the scene....i try to think i am relevant because i work hard all the time....track: east tennessee's dolly parton showing no signs of slowing down.....her career already spanning more than 5 decades,,,earning her more than 47 grammy nominations ,more than 25 number one songs....and countless other movie and music accolades.... while most people know her for her performance....and her looks-----its a reading
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program, called imagination library---that has delivered more than a million free books to children across the world----that stands out to her as one of her greatest accomplishments... 1:27 it is still one of my favorite 1:27 it is still one of my favorite things and one of the things that i will always be most proud of.... (butt with) 1:40 as you know it started with my love for my dad and a lot of my relatives that didn;t get to go to school b/c they were country people and had to work the try to help support the family....and that's where the idea came from.track: but as we all know---being one of 12 children...and (doc images 1:04 )growing up in one bedroom country home near the great smoky mountains...never stopped fact it has often been the inspiration of some of her greatest moments. like the hit song coat of many colors......she talked about it in this 20/20 episode from the 80'snats singingtrack: today---- dolly's wardrobe is quite different...often filled with sequins and bright colors....something dolly has always said---is quite intentional3:19 i think it is whatever suits you....and what
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you are comfortable with is what you should reach out and do...not everyone wants to look like me i am so overdone but it seems to work for me...everyone should just choose what is going to help them be their best self and their best way..and just go for it.track: and you might say going for it---is exactly what dolly did---when she was approached about her first movie 9 to 5.....not only was it a box office was a movie designed to shine a light on an important issue for women. 7:08 "jane fonda who co-produced that movie...she is the one who came up with the idea..she got in touch with pat resnick who wrote the script...and it really was a way to empower women and put them in the spotlight and say hey we know what we are doing here...we are good at what we do....and we deserve to paid for what we do...and be respected for what we do." track: despite her fame and fortune...dolly has never waivered from her mission to give back and bring honor to her family....and even while
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we recognize dolly...she has some advice for all of us women as well.... 9:10 " keep at it....believe in yourself...respect each other...respect yourself...and just do what you know you can do...and don't take no bull from nobody" (ken) how high will it go? the powerball jackpot is now more than 750-million dollars... and climbing. if you're watching us on the 'kron on' app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron-on- dot-tv to subscribe."
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(ken) the powerball jackpot has skyrocketed to 750 million dollars -- after nobody won saturday's drawing. there were several winners who matched five numbers-- so double check your tickets. the winning numbers were: 24, 25, 52, 60, and 66 and the powerball is 5. the next powerball drawing is wednesday. the lump-sum cash payout for a 750 million dollar jackpot is more than 465 million dollars. let's take a look outside right now... sfo chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. (pam) if you're (pam)
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(pam) if you're watching us on the new 'kron- on' app - a full hour of local sports coverage is coming up next on 'bay area sports night'. kron on is the bay area's only commercial- free 24-hour st
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joy at the white house. >> we're colluding. >> as america reacts. >> i don't like him. but that doesn't make him a russian spy. >> and stormy daniel's lawyer michael avenue gnatty under arrest. >> accused of extorting $20 million from nike. >> and then a fuller house row united. embattled lori loughlin's cast mates stand by her. >> and spring break crackdown. >> police are


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