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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  March 26, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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new york county hit hard by a measles outbreak bans unvaccinated children from public we reported ... there is also a new case here in the bay area.(grant)a disease that was wiped out in the u=s... a generation ago... is making a comeback. nationwide, the c=d=c has recorded more than three hundred measles cases in just the last three months, almost as many as all of last year.a suburban new york county has become the epicenter of a blooming epidemic.we have now the worst outbreak in the nation.rockland county, north of new york city, has had 153 cases of measles since last october ... 49 since the first of the year.28 percent of residents under the age of 18 have not been vaccinatedmost of them are ultra=orthodox jews.they are more likely to oppose vaccinations ... and also more likely to travel to israel, where the disease is rampant.first of all, lets be clear this is not a religious issue. the fact that we got nearly 17,000 young people immunized in a largely orthodox community tells us it is not a religious exemption. as of midnight tonight,
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unvaccinated minors will not be allowed in churches, schools and shopping centers. outdoor spaces like playgrounds are not included in the ban.the county executive says no one will be arrested or forcibly imnmunized.what we are doing here is trying to change the trajectory that's going in the wrong direction (grant) parents of unvaccinated children caught in public could face fines or even jail time, but the county chief doubts it will go that far. he said the purpose of the emergency declaration is to underline the seriousness of the issue. (grant) also tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (vicki) in the south bay... a 4-year-old boy falls four stories from the balcony
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of an apartment. it happened in sunnyvale yesterday afternoon at an apartment complex in the 12-hundred block of poplar avenue. the child was rushed to the hospital. right now we are waiting for an update on his condition-- but officials say his injuries are serious. investigators ven't said how he fell from that fourth floor balcony. (grant) on the peninsula -- two police officers were injured after trying to save a resident from a house fire in daly city early this morning. it happened at a two story home on olivos avenue... that's just east of the daly city bart station. the officers and the resident suffered minor smoke inhalation and were taken to the hospital. the firefighters were not injured... and crews remained at the scene for nearly two hours to make sure the fire didn't spark back up. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (grant) and in palo alto -- police say phone scammers claiming to be i-r-s workers are calling residents and demanding money transfers. the scam is targeting people across the country and palo alto police say they have received multiple reports each
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day from people saying they got the calls. an impersonator will typically tell the resident they owe money to the irs and it stimmed pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer. police say residents have been threatened with arrest if they don't cooperate, and some have even received fake arrest warrants. but-- the i-r-s will never call asking for money. (vicki) in the east bay... police in berkeley are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman last month. police released this surveillance video of the suspect in the hopes that someone can identify him. the incident happened in the 13-hundred block of university avenue. investigators are urging you to call them if you can help identify this man. (vicki) take a look at this... new video of a police pursuit in oakland. c-h-p giving us the footage from their helicopter as the car reaches more than 100 miles per hour... driving from oakland into solano county around 11 last night. four people were arrested after law enforcement put out
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spike strips on hiddenbrooke parkway in vallejo. c-h-p says they recovered discarded guns from the suspects. (grant) in the north bay -- an east coast staple is opening it's second location in the bay area. 'shake shack' will open its doors at the marin country mart in tomorrow. the restaurant has been compared to "in-n-out"... and is known for its burgers and shakes. it will feature a unique california themed food menu exclusive to the area... including a golden state double burger and local beers. shake shack's other location is in palo alto and opened last december. the lineup for the outside lands music festival
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has been announced. the headliners include paul simon, childish gambino, and twenty one pilots. the event takes place from august 9th through 11th at golden gate park. other notable artists include blink 182, the lumineers, and kacey musgraves. three day tickets and v-i-p passes go on sale this thursday. the passes start at 385-dollars plus fees. one day tickets will go on sale at a later date. lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will beg wrain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid
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60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. (vicki) lawmakers got an update on the progress of the high speed rail and what's going to happen with crucial federal funding cut from the project. (grant) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was at today's hearing and explains how the state will try to push the bullet train forward.. ((lenny mendonca-- statement)) "like many mega projects, this one is going through a necessary process of reorientation" new high speed rail authority chairman lenny
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mendonca is trying to push the project forward..: the immediate plan includes a segment from bakersfield to merced.. the authority is fighting for 3.5 billion dollars the federal government canceled for the project.(( helen kerstein- legislative analyst office)) still there's some uncertainty about what the federal government is going to do with those funds." even though the state treasurer tuesday released $600 million in bonds for the bullet train... lawmakers now weighing what options they have to makeup for a significant funding gap if the government claws back its money. that could include taking money from the general fund or fundraising through taxes and private investors. some members of the senate transportation committee confident the state can work with the federal government. ((sen. jeff stone r-la quinta )) "i would just caution the state to stop kicking president trump in the groin every time we have an opportunity to and let's try to work with him."regardless of the funding questions, project leaders say construction and environmental
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work continues while they await a response from the federal government. ((brian annis - ca transportation agency secretary)) we reestablish the very functional relationship we've had for most of the grant we hope what the high speed rail authority release a full in may. tag. (grant) another complication forced a boeing 737 max 8 plane to make an emergency landing today. the f-a-a says a southwest airlines 737 max heading to victorville max heading to victorville was experiencing an apparent engine problem. the crew declared an emergency after taking off from orlando international airport around 2:50 p-m and landed the plane safely. no passengers were on board. the aircraft was being ferried to a logistics airport in victorville where southwest is storing the grounded airplanes. the move comes after the f-a-a grounded all boeing 737 max planes. the company
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is working on a software fix after two fatal crashes in the span of five months. southwest airlines operates the largest fleet of boeing 737 max 8 aircraft with 34 planes. (vicki) coming up... people who live in tahoe are having a hard time digging out of all the snow hitting the area. and more is on the way. why they say they don't mind the inconvenience. (grant) plus-- a woman seen wandering naked on a freeway. and it was caught by passing drivers. we'll tell you what she was doing.
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an unexpected sight along a florida interstate. a man was seen carrying a dog across the freeway... with a naked woman beside him. it happened just north of daytona beach -- a red car comes within a couple of feet then a pickup comes very close.and just after she crosses... a semi barrels by. the man taking the video says the two went across all six lanes of the highway to catch that dog, which possibly had escaped from their car. he says they made it safely back to their car and drove away. (grant) police are looking for a man in atlanta-- who randomly fired a gun at an apartment complex. he got out of his car-- and just started shooting. did this two days in a row. this apartment complex is right
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across the street from an elementary school. nobody was hurt in either shooting but the man is still on the loose. (vicki) still ahead-- actor jussie smollett's record is now clear. charges were dropped against him after he is accused of faking an attack in chicago. and there are still a lot of questions as to ááwhy. we'll hear from a legal expert after the break.
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(vicki) back to a big story we are following tonight... all charges are being dropped against
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actor jussie smollett. he was indicted on 16 felony counts after police say he made up a story about being attacked by two men who shouted racial and homophobic slurs. today-- the actor from santa rosa's record was wiped clean. but we know little details about ááwhy the charges were dropped. earlier today on kron-on... we spoke to law professor liza- jane capatos from the santa clara university school of law... and got her take on the charges being dropped. many legal experts are stunned by prosecutors' decision to drop charges against "empire" actor jussie smollett.smollett told police he was the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack. cook county first assistant state's attorney joseph magats told reporters that he still believes smollett filed a false police report.magats says prosecutors dropped the case because smollett forfeited a $10,000 bond payment and did community service. but smollett is not backtracking from his account that he was the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack in downtown chicago in january.
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legal experts say it's particularly unusual that prosecutors didn't demand an apology or otherwise insist smollett take responsibility. phil turner is an attorney who is not affiliated with the case. he called it "totally bizarre."he said, "the damage done was worse than a broken arm or money lost in a fraud." prosecutors say one of the reasons they decided to drop charges against actor jussie smollett was because they want to focus resources on the city's gun violence.cook county first assistant state's attorney joseph magats told wls-tv on tuesday that prosecutors want to combat "violent crime, gun crime and the drivers of violence."his comments came after prosecutors dropped felony charges accusing smollett of falsely telling police he was attacked.magats says smollett faced accountability by doing community service and forfeiting his $10,000 bond payment. magats called it a fair and just outcome.he says he doesn't regret charging smollett because "it was the right thing to do then." smollett isn't backtracking from his account of being attacked. he insists he's been
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"truthful and consistent." prosecutors says a stunning decision to drop charges against jussie smollett doesn't mean they no longer believe he staged a racial and homophobic attack against him in january.first assistant state's attorney joseph magats told reporters tuesday that he still believes smollett filed a false police report. he says prosecutors "stand behind the investigation and the facts." he added that "this was not an exoneration."a minimum requirement for the dropping of charges is typically that a defendant accept some responsibility and offer an apology.after prosecutors told a judge they were dropping all charges, smollett conceded nothing and did not apologize. he insisted he'd been "truthful and consistent on every single level since day one."the family of jussie smollett says they feel grateful after charges were dropped against the "empire" actor.his family said in a statement tuesday that smollett's character was "unjustly smeared" and the "truth prevailed" shortly after prosecutors dropped felony charges against him during a hearing. the actor had been charged with falsely telling police he was attacked in the downtown area in january.says the scrutiny he faced over the past several weeks was "heartbreaking" as many were judgment before hearing the the black and accused by police and prosecutor of and homophobic attack because he was unhappy with his pay.the family called smollett the victim and hope the "real (vicki) you can see more interviews like this on our new app-- kron-on. it is the bay area's only live, local news streaming... 24/7 commercial- free service. download it today from the app store ... right now kron on is offering a free one week trial. (grant) new video tonight showing all the snow in the sierra. the areas around lake tahoe continue to see snow storms-- but not everyone is happy
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about it. one family says the snow in their soda springs neighborhood is so high- they feel like they are driving around in a maze. another man says his snow blower broke-- and he has eight feet of snow to dig out. but-- as more snow is headed for the area-- it also means a longer ski season. some resorts are even hoping they will be able to stay open until the 4th of july. (anchor) checking in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain
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and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. the weekend. and 70s over more sunshine returns on friday with more sunshine and
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70s over the weekend. the weekend. and 70s over the weekend. (vicki) next on kron4 news at 5... some spring breakers in florida take matters into their own hands when an armed man approaches them. we'll show you how they were able to get out of the dangerous situation
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to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. a group of spring breakers in florida come face to face with a man holding a gun.(grant) so... they took matters into their own hands... and it was all caught on camera. janine stan- wood reports. aric wisbey, student: any point in time that gun could have gone offcousins visiting from indiana for spring break turning the tables on a would-be robber with quite the story to tellit started as a night of fun on south beach. ...alex wisbey says he was the designated driver to get everyone back to broward....stopping at this mobil on oakland park boulevard and powerline road alex wisbey, former student: i tried to find a gas station that was closest because we were running low on gasbut pay attention to the black car at the right of your screen a guy with his face covered - storms at them....demanding
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moneypointing a gun at their cousin in the plaid shirtaric wisbey, student: i had gotten out of the car at this time - the guy had fallen back on top of him.aric wisbey, student: my cousin jacob gets on top of him - and i'm in there, trying to wrestle around for the gun detectives say this shirtless accomplice then runs to the meleehe kicks him in the back of the head...but aric wisbey tells us his instinct kicks in you can see he grabs the gun points it at both men....who get back in the black car and drive away(mr. campbell...)the alleged accomplice didn't get far - 33 year old kevin campbell was arrested.the cousins say if your gut tells you to comply with a criminal's demands, do it.but - but if there is a situation and a moment you can wrestle the gun away, or protect yourself, or your family or friends, absolutely do that. do not second guess yourself it turned out the best way possible for us.that surveillance video so clear so shocking they tell us that they are so grateful that nobody was hurt because it turns recovered the gun they say it was fully loaded. (vicki) was fully loaded. gun they say
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it was fully loaded. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(grant) ken wayne and pam moore ken wayne ken wayne and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant and vicki. tonight at 6.... another measles case confirmed in the bay area ... when an international traveler infected with the disease visits the south bay. where they went ... and what experts want you to know. major league baseball is punishing giants c-e-o larry baer after video surfaced showing him in an altercation with his wife. the action they are taking. and spring showers are back in our forecast. how it will affect your morning commute. the news --
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because we don't want to introduce the measles virus to others in the county> (pam) tonight at a health warning for the bay area .... after a person with measles visits the south bay. the santa clara county public health department confirms, an international traveler had measles during their week long stay in the bay area.... and while here, visited nearly two dozen sites. (ken) from march 16 to 22nd...
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there are 19 spots where people might have been exposed to the disease. although vaccination rates are very high in the county. there are people who are still at risk. (ken) thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore. the person who visited the bay area locations .. had a case of measles that was so bad ... they had to be hospitalized. kron4's noelle bellow is live tonight from the santa clara county public health department in san jose. one thing health officials don't want is to induce panic -- however anytime you send a list of nearly two dozen places where you could have contracted measles, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. now officials say the adult who contracted the cluster of three cases that happened in the bay area earlier this year -- and they're positive they did not contract the illness here. anytime we have someone with an infectious disease, particularly measles - we want


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