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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  March 26, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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strengthening health care is why democrats are here on day one."the trump administration' s move - laid out in a legal filing on monday - continued a remarkable shift from their position in the past.the president first proclaiming trump: "i want to keep pre- existing conditions. i think we need it."then last year then-attorney general jeff sessions saying parts of the law that protect people with preexisting conditions could not be defended -- but the rest of the law could stand. now, the doj telling an appeals court that it agrees with the ruling of a federal judge in texas that invalidated the entire health care law, saying it "is not urging that any portion of the district court's judgment be reversed."meaning the health care of millions of americans who rely on obamacare is in greater peril.if the law is ultimately overturned. many americans could lose coverage for kids up to 26 remaining on their parents plans, coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, access to free birth control, mammograms and cholesterol tests among other things many americans have come to rely on.trump: "the republican party will now be known as the party of healthcare. you watch."the renewed fight.lee: "we are going to fight with every breath that we have."is already giving easy ammunition to democrats -- many of whom ran and won on healthcare. jeffries: "house democrats are focused on kitchen table, pocketbook issues involving lower health care costs and increased pay for every day americans."and plays right into the hands of president trump's 2020 democratic opponents eager to take this on.trump: "leaders should stop playing politics with people's
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public health." (ken) that was (ken) (ken) (ken) that was sunlen serfaty reporting. observors say the chance to fight for healthcare is a welcome opportunity for democrats looking to move on from the mueller report.
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let's get a check of the weather around the bay area.... time now for the 4zone forecast... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. (pam) lots to talk about in the sports world tonight... (ken) mark carpenter joins us in the us in the carpenter mark (ken)tonight...sports world about in the lots to talk (pam) the weekend.and 70s over more
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sunshine and 70s over the weekend. (pam)(pam) lots to talk about in the sports world (ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio. larry baer is not facing any criminal charges, but major league baseball punished him today... the giants ceo and president suspended without pay and is banned from the team for half the season. commissioner rob manfred made the announcement this morning.. baer of this altercation, which was sports. an argument with his wife pam in which she's knocked to the ground, as he's trying to his c hand. manfred says he feels quote--'baer should be held to a higher standard
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because as a leader, he is expected to be a role model for others.' the league also says baer will be evaluated for a treatment and counseling plan. in a statement, the giants executive accepted his punishment and said quote ' i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i am truly sorry for my actions. my unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community.' the giants board of directors said an executive team will manage the day to day operations in his absence... and after july 1st, baer will resume his role as ceo and president. transitioning to the x's and o's--- giants and a's meeting once again tonight in the preseason finale before the games start counting on thursday. here's a look back at last night's matchup, highlights we couldn't get to since the game started after 8pm because of a rain delay. oakland held a 5-nothing lead in the 7th inning, then a furious rally from the giants... managed to make it a one-run game going into the 8th. --but a's hold on 5-4... first pitch for the
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next game is in a few minutes, we'll have the highlights later on. finally tonight, there's always something to talk about in the nfl offseason. when you are discussing the raiders, there are three major topics-- the move to las vegas... their new roster acquistions... and trading away khalil mack. nfl owners and executives in arizona this week for the league meetings. raiders head coach jon gruden fielded questions from the media... and you can be sure he was asked about sending away the all-pro pass rusher before the start of last season. he didn't shy away from the topic and actually opened up... admitting he didn't want to trade mack, but that deal wouldn't lead to the roster moves of this year, notably adding antonio brown and tackle trent brown. "we were able to add a lot of pieces. and i'm not gonna sit here and says that i didn't cry for three days. i wanted to coach mack, and mack knows it, and wish him the best. but we have a lot of work to do with this football team. that trade allowed these acquisitions we're talking about today to even happen."
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happen."today to even happen." coming up ... a bay area woman .... among the scores of passengers on that harrowing experience on board a cruise ship in the wild ocean waters .. her story and pictures are ahead.
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(pam) passengers on a viking cruise had to be airlifted to safety after the ship's engines failed in bad weather. one of those passengers -- a woman from rio vista -- is now a social media star because of her tweeting videos of the ordeal. she shared videos showing furniture sliding, ceiling panels falling, as the ship is hit hard by monster waves. reporter shirin rajaee spoke with the woman -- and filed this report. natsalexus sheppard/ cruise ship passenger:"it was terrifying for everybody. i mean, it was a situation where. . there were times when we really thought we were gonna die."as water poured into the "viking sky".. passengers dodged flying furniture, grabbed life-
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jackets. . and waited for help to arrive.helicopters pulled about half of the passengers off the ship. . many of them senior citizens."they literally would walk into the room, point at a row of people, and say, 'you're next.'"sheppard told us she was happy to skip the helicopter ride and stay on board until the ship made it safely back to shore."i think going up a cable 50 or a hundred feet into a noisy helicopter with the wind blowing 40 knots did not sound like fun to me."during the ordeal. . sheppard posted pictures and videos on social media.they quickly spread all over the world."my mind is completely blown. i had no idea. never had anything go viral before."she's getting so much fact here's the headline in buzzfeed: "i'm obsessed with this woman tweeting about being on that stranded cruise ship.""it was sort of weirdly complementary." after all the attention and scary moments. . sheppard is thrilled she will soon be back home in rio vista."we've been in the snow for the last couple of weeks, so we're ready to be home in the really, really nice, beautiful state of california."
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(pam) (pam) that was shirin rajaee reporting. sheppard tweeted, that before she returns home -- she will be continuing her vacation in london and paris. former governor arnold schwarzenegger steps back into the political arena to deal with an issue he is passionately against ... politicians allowed to draw their own district boundaries..
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(pam) the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today ... about maryland congressional redistricting. it is a case with national implications... that will have lasting effect because all 50- states will be adjusting congressional districts ... after next year's u.s. census. (ken) washington correspondent morgan wright reports , maryland's republican governor larry hogan and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger rallied against "gerrymanderin g" on the supreme court steps. long lin wrapped around the outside of the supreme court and protesters rallied on the steps. they urged the court to act on creating fair congressional maps. it's a crime they were joined by former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. he demanded the court terminate gerrymandering districts. it is a national scandal of what's going on with gerrymandering and the way our
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politicians draw the district lines. justices heard arguments on if states violate the first amendment when they redraw congressional districts. the case stems from a group of republican voters in maryland who say democrats violated their rights to representation in congress after the 2011 redistricting. we heard two cases here today in one case in north carolina where republicans were gerrymandering and in our case in maryland where the democrats were gerrymandering and in both cases it's wrong. maryland govenor larry hogan supports the republican voters in this case. he argues redistricting should be taken out of politicians hands. the voters overwhelmingly some 80 percent of the people in our state want to take this decision away from the politicians and give it to a non-partisan redistricting really what people want. but inside the court - justices wrestled with how to best handle this problem. justice gorsuch asked why the supreme court should decide the case, instead leaving it to the states.the court will make decision on the case in june. in washington, morgan wright.
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(ken) gerrymandering is not a game to the supreme court.... but it is to one austin texas high school student and his siblings. (ken) josh lafair created the board game called "mapmaker: the gerrymandering game", which allows players to manipulate fictional congressional districts to favor their political party. today.... lafair gifted his game to members of well as supreme court justices... on the same day they heard oral arguments in the maryland redistricting case.josh lafair: you shouldn't sit down at a table and try to win. you should sit down at the table and negotiate and try to draw the best map possible. (ken) lafair says he hopes party leaders get the message....for the next redistricting in 2021 (ken) california crab fisheries will close for the season in april this year .... three months mefore the
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season normally ends. (pam) it is the result of an effort to keep dungeness crab fishery gear .. from killing protected whales off the coast. (pam) a surge in dead whales washing up on beaches across the state... and in the bay area ... caused the center for biological diversity, to sue the department of fish and wildlife back in 2017. scientists believe climate change has pushed the whales closer to shore and into fishing gear .. in their search for food. with today's settlement, crab fishing season will now close april 15th. (ken) joining us now to talk about this... kristen monsell with the center for biological diversity.
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coming coming up...
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thieves stealing goats .. authorities describe what is behind a rash of recent thefts in northern california .. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (pam) authorities in
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fresno county, recovered seven stolen goats in a rash of goat thefts in san joaquin valley. deputies say, they found the goats and arrested the owner of the property where they were stored. the sheriff's agricultural task force says, goats are easy to steal because they are docile and rarely branded like cows. officials say, the goats can be worth anywhere from $150 to several thousand dollars. five of the seven goats that were found... belonged to a youth club in fresno, which had 11- goats stolen earlier this month.
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry wehe returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend.
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charges dropped. >> this has been an incredibly difficult time. honestly, the worst of my entire life. the bombshell, when prosecutors decide to drop all charges against the "empire" star. how dare him. how dare him! then elisabeth hasselbeck returns to "the view." what she just said about her relationship with rosie o'donnell. >> she said that she had a little bit of a crush on you and it was mutual. >> and trump, tv wars. >> apologized for the overreaction of collusion. >> i'm sorry that you're a terrible president. >> then yoga stroke warning. c


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