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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 26, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight ...measles is a very serious disease ...a new case of the potentially deadly ailment in the bay area ... health officials warning that thousands of people may have been expoosed.(whoosh)family members say they are heartbroken that the state attorjey general is refusing to investigate the police shooting of a pregnant teeager in fremont(whoosh)just one of the violent incidents on bart in the last few days..i do worry about my safetybart officials tell us what they plan to do to protect passengers. (ken) a disease that was wiped out in the u-s a generation ago... is making a comeback... and tonight there is a health warning for the bay area.... after a person with measles visited the south
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bay.(ken) thanks for joining us i'm ken wayne... (pam) and im pam moore.... the santa clara county public health department confirming tonight... an international traveler had measles during their week- long stay in the bay area.... (ken) but what makes it worse is that the person visited almost two dozen places and now thousands could have been explosed... there are 19 spots where people might have been exposed to the disease. although vaccination rates are very high in the county... some people are still at risk.(pam) kron4's noelle bellow is live tonight from the santa clara county public health department .. with the details, noelle? live pam and ken most people receive two doses of the mmr vaccine as children. it protects you from measles, mumps and rubella - but those who havent fotten that vaccine and visited any of the nearly two dozen places on this list over the last couple of weeks the health department wants you to pay attention. now as for the adult who contracted the illness, we know two
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things - this is not connected to the cluster of three cases that happened in the bay area earlier this year -- and the health department is positive they did not contract the illness here. anytime we have someone with an infectious disease, particularly measles - we want people to know iftheyre at risk of getting sick santa clara public health director doctor sara cody says if you've been vaccinated -- you're okaywhat's important to remember is it's just people who aren't immune to measles, so if you're not vaccinated or you're with famiily that isn't vaccinated because theyre a baby or they're immuno compromised, then you need to look at the listdr cody says the person who contracted measles did so while traveling internationally, then from march 16 to march 22 - while they were reportedly most
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contagious -- they visited 20 places in and around the county. putting those who aren't vaccinated at risk of contracting the dangerous illnessmeasles is a very serious disease, there can be various complications and sometimes even death from measles. symptoms include cough, runny nose, red eyes, fever and a rash. the measles rash typically starts on the face around the hairline and then spreads down the bodydr cody says if for whatever reason haven't received the mmr vaccine and you've been to any of the places on the list, you need to pay attention to your body. you need to watch for symptoms for 21 days... from the time your'e at one fo those places, 21 days out --live tag--now dr cody told me if you visited any of these places and you have the mmr vaccine - you don't need a booster shot-- she says the county of santa clara is lucky to have high rates of vaccination against measles meaning most people here are protected. however, if you are not vaccinated and you start to notice any of the symptoms mentioned, the health department asks that you call your health provider first, before going there. if you just show up with these symptoms - you would be putting other patients at risk. in san jose, noelle bellow kron 4 news
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(ken) the measles outbreak continues to grow across the nation... and as our grant lodes explains a new york county hit hard by the outbreak is now banning unvaccinated children from public places.
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nationwide, the c=d=c has recorded more than three hundred measles cases in just the last three months, almost as many as all of last year.a suburban new york county has become the epicenter of a blooming epidemic.we have now the worst outbreak in the nation.rockland county, north of new york city, has had 153 cases of measles since last october ... 49 since the first of the year.28 percent of residents under the age of 18 have not been vaccinatedmost of them are ultra=orthodox jews.they are more likely to oppose vaccinations ... and also more likely to travel to israel, where the disease is rampant.first of all, lets be clear this is not a religious issue. the fact that we got nearly 17,000 young people immunized in a largely orthodox community tells us it is not a religious exemption. as of midnight tonight, unvaccinated minors will not be allowed in churches, schools and shopping centers. outdoor spaces like playgrounds are not included
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in the ban.the county executive says no one will be arrested or forcibly imnmunized.what we are doing here is trying to change the trajectory that's going in the wrong direction (ken) our coverage of this story continues online at kron4 dot com... there we have an interactive map of all the local places the person visted... details on the symptoms of the potentially deadly disease... and information on the local pharmacies that offer the vaccine. all that on kron4 dot com... the berkeley city council is voting tonight to give the final approval ... on plan to 'ban' overnight r-v parking. back in february, city council members gave their initial approval, voting 6- to -3 in favor of the ban. tonight's vote will decide whether or not the ban would go into effect immediately. the ban would prohibit r-v
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parking on city streets between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. berkeley city staff members say, they have received more than 15-hundred complaints from businesses and residents ... about people who live in r- vs... involving the loss of parking ... and the illegal dumping of trash. oakland city council president rebecca kaplan reached out to berkeley officials ... asking that the council delay a final vote. she says, she has been encouraging the development of expanded housing options, including use of faith - based properties.. and sites set up for r-v's. (ken) violent crime is surging on bart... and these past few days have been an unsettling reminder of what ácaná happen. since friday, one man has been stabbed ... and 3 women were attacked and injured on bart. kron 4's dan kerman has the details. this is the altercation that lead to a stabbing on bart friday afternoon... police are still looking for this man in connection with the attack... but that was just the first of
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several incidents... on saturday at the coliseum bart station a woman was injured when she fought off a man trying to steal her backpack... a suspect was arrested... monday night at 930 on a train heading from the daly city bart station to colma a man struck a woman in the head... he too was arrested... and then at 1130 that same night a man was arrested at the orinda bart station after throwing a woman to the ground on board a train and stealing her backpack.sot stabbing and people getting jacked, its really going crazy right nowbart riders are shaken upsoti do worry about my safety, i do whatever i can to minimize my chances of getting robbed by not exposing my cellphone or backpacksot bevan dufty/bart board president :51i want to say i am sorry and as an agency we recognize the things we need to do and over the next few months i think you will see changes. bart board president bevan dufty says customer satisfaction has dropped as has ridership on nights and weekends and he believes it has to do with the lack of police presence on trains and in stations. sot we are absolutely focused on developing a very visible presence on our trains and in our stations and there are now discussions and meeting but we recognize what our riders want. standup dan kerman/daly city 131 so no specifics but it seems as if bart now has the message and will beef up police presence in the months ahead and violence continues to rise. at the daly city bart station, dan kerman kron
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4 news. (pam) in san mateo county... the search continues for a 28-year-old swimmer who went missing early this morning. tyler collins of merced, was swept out into the water and has not been seen since. according to the pacifica police department , collins and two other people, staying at the lighthouse hotel at rockaway beach, decided to go for a swim around 3-20- this morning.
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police also say, the two other people with collins eventually came to shore... without him. the other two searched for collins for about 45- minutes ... and then called police. (pam) the pacifica police department, fire crews and the coast guard are all involved ... continuing the search. (ken) the family of kyra sunshine scarlet have confirmed that the body found at fort funston beach-- is kyra... this comes even though the city's medical examiner's office has not identified the body as the landslide victim.... the woman's body was found monday morning... along fort funston beach in san francisco... in the same spot, where the 22- year-old was buried under a landslide a month ago. back on feburary 22nd -- kyra was killed when a cliff collapsed and buried her under sand. she was walking along the cliffs at the time
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... with another woman and a dog. another big story tonight... is another disappointment for a bay area family... that's looking for accountability... after police shot and killed a 16-year-old in their family. we are learning, the state attorney general decided ánot to review the fremont police shooting... and now, elena mon-dragon's uncle is reacting. our grant lodes is here with the update in this case. (grant) family members tell us elana mondragon was 16 years old and pregnant when she was shot and killed in 20- 17. her uncle telling us.. she was a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time... and attorney general xavier becerra's decision to not investigate the case has that family upset all over again. the incident was at an apartment complet in hayward... fremont police were part of an undercover sting operation... they were after the driver of a car mondragon was in... the car started to leave... and police say the driver tried to
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run them over to get away. police say they shot to save their lives... and mondragon was killed by that gunfire. the driver was later captured. last year... alameda county d-a nancy o'malley's investigation revealed there's not evidence to support criminally prosecuting the officers who fired at the car. but o'malley then asked the state attorney general to review the case to remove any doubt. but now we know bacerra, the state attorney general, elected not to do so to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. becerra said the issue is... there were state department of justice personnel who were working with that task force at the time of the shooting. mondragon's family is still grieving. (grant)(grant)(grant)(grant) (grant) one of the reasons the
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alameda d-a, nancyy o'malley asked for the state attorney general's review is because she accepted a 10-thousand dollar donation... from the fremont police union... to her 20-18 re-election campaign. that was the largest donation she received from a law enforcement union. the fremont officers who fired... are detective joel hernandez... and sgt. john miskella, who's the president of the fremont police union. mondragon's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of coming up at eight... some spring- breakers in florida take matters into their own hands, when an armed man approaches them. how they were able to get out of the dangerous situation
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plus... find out what is preventing the army from sponsoring a 96-year-old bay area world war two veteran from attending the d-day commemoration... and up next, a preschool that has been operating for decades ... is shutting its doors for good... what it has fallen victim to .... as parents are now scrambling to find another school for their kids.
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(pam) more than 50 years after first opening its doors... a popular pre- school in san francisco is now
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getting ready to shutdown for good. kron four's philippe djegal reports, the high cost to rent space in the city is to blame. so, in just a few months, the forest hill christian church pre-school will be no more. (philippe) for mary lavino-firpo -- bidding farewell to forest hill christian church pre-school will be a life-changing moment she dreads thinking about.mary lavino-firpo/director- "we're all going to be out looking for new jobs at this point." lavino-firpo has worked here for 20 years. the last five doubling as a teacher and the pre-school directormary lavino-firpo/director- "it's kind of devastating that it makes it so hard to keep something that is so valuable in san francisco alive with the high rents." the pre- school, near twin peaks, has
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been renting this space from it's landlord -- the forest hill christian church next door. the church had plans to tear down the property and parking lot, replacing it with a senior living complex... but late last year those plans were scrapped.mary lavino- firpo/director- "not knowing what was going to happen to the property, um, and not sure if we were going to be able to renew our lease, i had to notify the families in november, um, to give them a fair chance to go and find other schools." lavino-firpo says she's looked all over for a new location for the pre-school but that rents are too high. if they were to relocate, they'd have to increase tuition for the families.stepanie pass/parent- "i am so sad." parents like stephanie pass say its been tough finding another pre-school. this one was affordable... and, with 60 kids being managed by five teachers and five aides, each child receives the attention they need.stephanie pass/parent- "we've toured six or seven other pre-schools, and this one's just so nice -- so close to our family." lavino-firpo says the cost to rent this space is about four-thousand dollars a month. if they were to move, the rent could double. the lease is up at the end of july. but the school will close in may. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. news.
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(ken) happening now... a group of friends is going to battle for a 96 year old martinez man hoping to return to normandy. jake larson survived d-day there 75 years ago. but the army won't sponsor his trip to france because it says it has no record of his service. kron 4's michelle kingston explains why and how larson -- who calls himself the luckiest man in the world -- will still make his way there this june. (mk)"you talk about the luckiest man in the world ... i am it!"he lied about his age and joined the national guard at just 15 years old ... and lived through the horror of d- day 75 years ago as a young soldier ..."i dodged bullets coming from the bottoms, from both places!"... 96 year old jake larson says he's the luckiest man in the world ... sharing war stories and awards with me in his martinez home "i have 11 great grandchildren!"... pointing out photos of his kids ... grandkids ... and great grand kids ... displayed all over his apartment ... next to his american flag."luckiest man the mkingstonnewsalmost every
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morning -- jake larson comes here to the bagel street cafe in martinez. when his friends found out the army would not sponsor his trip to normandy this june because his military records were destroyed in an army base fire in the 70s ... they went to work."it's unbelievable how people have come through for me ... from all over the place."a go fund me page shows people have donated more than 5-thousand dollars toward larson's trip "i've got it completely paid for and i am going first class."larson says he's the only living survivor from his unit that stormed omaha beach ... and this trip is for them "i am going back for all of my buddies"in martinez"there is a god!"michelle kingston"and i am the luckiest man in the world!"kron 4 news
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(ken) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero...(pam) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, lawrence more rain is in the forecast... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend.
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new ahead at 8... an east new ahead the weekend.and 70s over more sunshine and 70s over the weekend.
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new ahead at 8... an east coast staple is opening it's second location in the bay area.... where you can find the second "shake shack"...
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(pam) in oakland -- some 40-thousand people within a 60 -square block radius of downtown oakland... west of lake merritt ... are going to receive an earthquake 'shake alert' on their cell phones tomorrow morning. state emergency officials in menlo park say, this will be the first major test of
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california's new, wireless emergency alert system. it uses data from hundreds of sensors across california, oregon and washington. the shake alert system can trace and track seismic waves underground... and then warn vulnerable regions... as much as minute before the actual shaking starts. < "...the part we really need to know more about is the delivery side. once that alert is published, what happens between then and the time it gets to you and your cell phone...">phone..."> the quake testing is important.. officials say, before an earthquake starts, controllers can slow down trains, close valves on underground water and gas pipelines, open firehouse doors and broadcast 'duck and cover' alerts to schools ... and many other places. coming up at eight... why southwest airlines is storing its newest state- of-the-art boeing 7-37- max 8 aircraft at a facility in southern california... plus... all
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charges have been dropped against actor jussie smollett - who was accused of staging a hate crime against himself. how the chicago mayor and police superintendent responded. and up next... the healthcare debate has been reignited ... after a major reversal from the trump administration. details on the push to eliminate obamacare...
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the trump administration just announced a major reversal on obamacare... the d-o-j -- asking a federal
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judge to affirm a lower court's ruling.... and throw out the entire 'affordable care act' ... and that is without a republican plan to replace it.(ken) its a political gift for democrats. health care was the top issue in 20-18 for voters... ...and as sunlen serfaty reports - it could now define the 2020 race. democrats on capitol hill are seizing...pelosi: "this is actually an opportunity for us to speak to the american people with clarity. they say one thing and they do another." .capitalizing on the trump administration's decision to call for the elimination of the entire affordable care act - known as obamacare the perfect pivot point to refocus back on healthcare --- one of their marquee bread and butter issues.pelosi: "protecting and strengthening health care is why democrats are here on day one."the trump administration' s move - laid out in a legal filing on monday - continued a remarkable their
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position in the past.the president first proclaiming trump: "i want to keep pre- existing conditions. i think we need it."then last year then-attorney general jeff sessions saying parts of the law that protect people with preexisting conditions could not be defended -- but the rest of the law could stand. now, the doj telling an appeals court that it agrees with the ruling of a federal judge in texas that invalidated the entire health care law, saying it "is not urging that any portion of the district court's judgment be reversed."meaning the health care of millions of americans who rely on obamacare is in greater peril.if the law is ultimately overturned. many americans could lose coverage for kids up to 26 remaining on their parents plans, coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, access to free birth control, mammograms and cholesterol tests among other things many americans have come to rely on.trump: "the republican party will now be known as the party of healthcare. you watch."the renewed fight.lee: "we are going to fight with every breath that we have."is already giving easy ammunition to democrats -- many of whom ran and won on healthcare. jeffries: "house democrats are focused on kitchen table, pocketbook issues involving lower health care costs and increased pay for every day americans."and plays right into the hands of president trump's 2020 democratic opponents eager to take this
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on.trump: "leaders should stop playing politics with people's public health." (ken) political insiders say the chance to fight for healthcare is a welcome opportunity for democrats looking to move on from the mueller report. (pam) in other national news tonight ... there was not enough support in the house to override president trump's veto ... of a resolution overturning his national emergency over the wall on the southern bordr.. the legislative body needed a two- thirds majority -- and that fell short with 248- voting yes' and 181- against. 14 republicans voted with
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democrats... that means trump's veto holds. congress voted to overturn trump's national emergency declaration aimed at funding a wall along the southern border. just one day after the senate passed the resolution -- trump exercised the first veto of his presidency on the measure. (ken) actor jussie smollett is now clear of all charges - in the latest twist after he said he was attacked by two men who used racist and homophobic slurs earlier this year... chicago police originally accused him of staging a hate crime and filing a false police report. chicago mayor rahm emmanuel and the city's police superintendent erupted after illinois prosecutors made the a charges and sealing the record findings - that smollett paid dollars to stage an attack against him on january 29th. in a statement -- the state's attorney's office says it did not exonerate jussie smollett. the charges
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against smollett were dropped in exchange for the actor to do community service and to forfeit his bond. (pam) two witnesses in the nations largest- ever college cheating scandal ... have signed plea agreements. that's according to court documents.... rudolph "rudy" meredith was the women's soccer coach at yale university... he accepted bribes in exchange for designating prospective students as recruits on the soccer team. and mark riddell was the director of the college entrance exam preparation academy in bradenton, florida -- he took tests for students. in exchange for their guilty pleas - prosecutors will recommend a reduced prison sentence. which is 36 months of supervised release and fines equaling the amount they earned during their crimes. meredith will also testify if necessary. (ken) southwest airlines' newest state-of-the-art boeing 737 max 8 will be idle for the foreseeable future. the airline is now sending its planes to the southern california logistics airport
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in victorville, as it waits out a global grounding of the aircraft. the move comes after the f-a-a grounded all boeing 737 max 8's... the company is trying to fix a software flaw that may be behind two fatal crashes in the span of five months. despite the grounding, southwest was allowed a one- way flight to the mojave desert facility. southwest airlines operates the largest fleet of boeing 737 max 8 aircraft with 34 planes. the airline says the repetitive maintenance necessary for stationary aircraft. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at the rain now.. and what's ahead lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds
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and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. still ahead the weekend.and 70s over the weekend. still ahead at 8... when a home gets flooded... many people have to deal with the major cleanup that comes afterwards... details on how you can stay healthy during the tedious process... plus... the lineup for the outside lands music festival has been announced. find out who is headlining this year... and up next... a southern california woman wins back-pay in child support from her ex- husband after nearly 50 years... how she did it and her message to other single parents...
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(pam) a southern california woman says, her ex-husband apparently skipped out on paying his court- ordered child support... and moved to canada -- leaving her to raold daughter .. without any help from him...(ken) now amost 50-years after their divorce-- her ex-husband now owes her thousands of dollars for that unpaid child support.... reporter jim patton tells how she did it...
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toni anderson/mother awarded child support: "i kind of put i on the back burner and just kind of forgot about it over the years."toni anderson might not strike you as someone needing to collect back child support for a daughter... who's now in her 50s.toni anderson/mother awarded child support: "i'm not negating the fact i was able to send my daughter to college, paris - we traveled and had a good time. but the money runs out." anderson says he rents her part of the house and now that she's retired... money is tight. it then dawned on her. toni anderson/mother awarded child support: i realized in the middle of the night one night last year, hey, there's no statute of limitations on child support."anderson is now in the middle of negotiations with her ex-husband to get the child-support she and her attorney say he was ordered to pay more than a half century ago.toni anderson/mother awarded child support: he was only supposed to give me like a 160 dollars a month. well, that was 50 years ago. so that today is a lot more money." with accrued interest of 10% a year... what would have been a total payment of some 30- thousand is now more than 170-thousand.toni anderson/mother awarded child support: i don't think enough women get this. and i think they're afraid."along with getting what she's due...
8:41 pm
anderson wants to the spread the word to other single parents in california you can still collect. and to those who skipped-out... watch out. toni anderson/mother awarded child support: "i think he's a little bit very happy because i was panicked all these years. now, it's his turn." (ken) that was jim patton reporting...(pam) instead of paying 170- thousand dollars -- anderson's lawyer says, the case was settled for 150-thousand dollars. and coming up in sports, giants ceo larry baer receives his punishment from major league baseball. details on how long he'll be away from the team.
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(pam) a woman in ohio went to great lengths to avoid getting pulled over by troopers . the woman crashed into a number of police cars, nearly hit several officers in the process, and then sped through an intersection with a red-light. the whole chase caught on camera... reporter rob power explains the reason for the chase ... that has troopers shaking their heads... ohio state troopers were chasing this vehicle after the woman behind the wheel fled a traffic stop.soon, newburgh heights police joined in the one point, law enforcement thought they had her boxed in on the interstate. but watch -- you'll see the driver made a desperate and dangerous move..even as an officer stood right outside her driver's side window with his gun drawn... she hit the gas... nearly running down police... and ramming two newburgh heights police cruisers during her dangerous escape:despite the dangerous situation -- that officer does
8:45 pm
not fire his gun."she's lucky you didn't get a shot.""i almost shot her.""i saw man, you're so lucky you didn't get shot."later a trooper told him -- he would have been well within his rights.and the newburgh heights police chief agreed -- commending the officers involved for their restraint:chief john majoy/newburgh heights police: "the officers with their weapons drawn, they held very good restraint in my opinion because their lives were at stake. she almost ran them over. that's a 2,000 pound weapon coming at you that they jumped out of the way just in the nick of time to save their own lives."after the chase left the interstate you can see the driver tore through the residential streets of cleveland.ironically... she continued to use the turn signal.even after police damaged that vehicle so badly -- her hatchback was practically dangling... she kept right on going!troopers finally stopped her by forcing her onto a curb... into a pole and she could not go forward anymore.she was arrested... then had to explain herself: "what are you doing?""i was on my way to work.""do you have any idea what you just did?" "yes, sir.""obviously you don't."newburgh heights police showed news 5 the damage done to those two cruisers that were rammed.all of this mess... started because of window tint and a registration violation. violation.
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violation. (pam) that was rob powers reporting. edwards has been charged with felonious assault and failure to comply. (ken) a group of spring breakers took matters into their own hands when they came face to face with a man holding a gun, and it was all caught on surveillance video. it happened after the group stopped at a gas station in oakland park, florida... in the video you can see a man with his face covered - confront them....demanding money and pointing a gun at them. one of the guys grabs the gun and points it at the getaway car. it's not something police
8:47 pm
officers recommend... but the men say it worked out for them. the alleged accomplice didn't get far - 33 year old kevin campbell was arrested. (pam) we've seen a lot of flooding the last couple months in northern california ... and ofcourse, when a home gets flooded ... people have to deal with the tedious cleanup process ... while most people want to get back to their everyday lives quickly, there are still important things you need to look out for. here is how you can stay healthy during the clean up. throw away any food that may have been contaminated by flood waters ... boil water for at least a minute ... to kill bacteria before drinking... and when it comes to water for cleaning, you should add a small amount of unscented bleach to water .. and let it stand for about a half an hour. be diligent about disinfecting food surfaces such as counters, tables, pantries ... and if you have children,
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carefully clean their toys as well... and we open with another development in the story surrounding giants exec larry baer. he's not facing any criminal charges, but major league baseball punished him today... the team ceo and president suspended without pay and is banned from the team for half the season. commissioner rob manfred made the announcement this morning.. baer suspended through and including july 1st...after an investigation of this altercation, which was recorded and sent to tmz sports. an argument with his wife pam in which she's knocked to the ground, as he's trying to grab his cell phone out of her hand. manfred says he feels quote--'baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader, he is expected to be a role model for others.' the league also says baer will be evaluated for a treatment and counseling plan. in a statement, the giants executive accepted his
8:49 pm
punishment and said quote ' i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i am truly sorry for my actions. my unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community.' the giants board of directors said an executive team will manage the day to day operations in his absence... and after july 1st, baer will resume his role as ceo and president. in other news, giants and a's playing tonight at oracle, we'll have the highlights later on. now to the nfl-- the offseason always yields headlines...and today jon gruden looking back on the trade that defined last season. team owners and executives in arizona this week for the league meetings. the raiders head coach fielded questions from the media... and you can be sure he was asked about sending away the all-pro pass rusher before the start of last season. he didn't shy away from the topic and actually opened up... admitting he didn't want to trade mack, but that deal wouldn't lead to the roster moves of this year, notably
8:50 pm
adding antonio brown and tackle trent brown. "we were able to add a lot of pieces. and i'm not gonna sit here and says that i didn't cry for three days. i wanted to coach mack, and mack knows it, and wish him the best. but we have a lot of work to do with this football team. that trade allowed these acquisitions we're talking about today to even happen." finally tonight, our lexus ultimate highlight... the culmination of a solid nba career... the miami heat retiring chris bosh's number...only the fourth player in franchise history to have his jersey in the rafters. the 11-time all-star and two time world champ, part of the trio that shook up the league a few years ago...with lebron james and dwyane wade. (pam) xt. an east
8:51 pm
coast staple is opening its second location in the bay area.... where you can find the second "shake shack"... after the break...
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burger lovers rejoice --- an east coast staple is opening it's second location in the bay area. 'shake shack' will open its doors in the north bay at the marin country mart in larkspur tomorrow... the resturant has been compared to "in-n-out" .. and is known for its burgers and shakes --- including the peanut butter burger. it will also
8:54 pm
feature a unique california themed food menu exclusive to the area... including a golden state double - burger and local beers. but the two marin-specific treats are the mount tam graham (chocolate custard, marshmallow sauce, graham crackers and dark chocolate chunks from dandelion chocolate) or dandelion chocolate) or a larks-brr (with vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, and "crispy crunchies"). shake shack's other location is in palo alto and opened last december. (ken) the lineup for the outside lands music festival has been announced. (pam) the headliners include paul simon, childish gambino, and twenty- one pilots. the event takes place from august 9th through 11th ... at goen other notable artists include... blink 182, the lumineers, and kacey musgraves. tickets an passes go on sale this thursday. the passes start at 385-dollars, plus fees. one day tickets
8:55 pm
will go on sale at a later date. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks pam and ken. next at nine: more measles concerns... as one county bans people with measles from going to to schools, grocery stores and places of worship... here locally our j-r stone is re- tracing the steps of a person infected in the south bay. how people are reacting to that potential exposure.(vicki) also, a bay area family feels crushed all over again. why the state attorney general decided ánot to review a dealy police shooting that took the life of their 16-
8:56 pm
year-old... who was caught in the cross-fire.(grant) and this never ending rainy season is rearing its head again. when we'll finally see a few days of sunshine.(vicki) keep it (vicki) keep it here... kron 4 ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (grant) a disease making a
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
comeback and that comes with a serious health warning. measles was wiped out in the u-s a generation ago... but now it could be a danger to those in the bay area after a person with measles visited the south bay. thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes (vicki) and im vicki liviakis the santa clara county public health department confirming tonight... an international traveler had measles during their week- long stay in the bay area.... one thing health officials don't want... is to induce panic. but what makes it worse is the person visited almost two dozen places... putting those who aren't vaccinated at risk of contracting the dangerous illness measles is a very serious disease, there can be
9:00 pm
various complications and sometimes even death from measles. the measles rash typically starts on the face around the hairline and then spreads down the body(vicki) symptoms include cough, runny nose, red eyes, fever and a rash. if you are not vaccinated and you start to notice any of the symptoms mentioned, the health department asks that you call your health provider first, before going there. if you just show up with these symptoms - you would be putting other patients at risk. (grant) there are 19 spots in and around santa clara county where people might have been exposed to the disease.(vicki) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live in mountain view tonight. j.r. you've been talking with folks. what is the reaction? (j.r.) well many folks are concerned but since it


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