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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 26, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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serious disease, there can be various complications and sometimes even death from measles. the measles rash typically starts on the face around the hairline and then spreads down the body(vicki) symptoms include cough, runny nose, red eyes, fever and a rash. if you are not vaccinated and you start to notice any of the symptoms mentioned, the health department asks that you call your health provider first, before going there. if you just show up with these symptoms - you would be putting other patients at risk. (grant) there are 19 spots in and around santa clara county where people might have been exposed to the disease.(vicki) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live in mountain view tonight. j.r. you've been talking with folks. what is the reaction? (j.r.) well many folks are concerned but since it
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happened last week they also realize there's not a whole lot they can do about it if they were exposed. this safeway store in mountain view is one of the locations where this person with measles visited.they also visited this walmart store in mountain view. in total they visited at least 20 different locations from march 16th to march 23rd. this person really got around. in that week they visited at least 7 different cities in the south bay. the list includes san jose, santa clara, mountain view, cupertino, palo alto, sunnyvale, milpitas, and even stanford. you're looking at video of some of the different locations that also includ c-v- s, 7-eleven, the hoover tower observation deck, and macy's at the valley fair mall. it's very concerning 12 year old son he's had his shots but i don't want him getting the measlesit is concerning but i've had vaccinations so i'm not worried personally....oc: for other children to be exposed(j.r.)back out here the health department was specific today and gave the locations where this person was, the date they were there, and the time they were there. all that is on
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our web site kron 4 dot com. live in mountain view, j.r. stone kron 4 news. children from falling ill with this dangerous disease, today we are declaring a county wide state of emergency,"(vicki) a
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new york county hit hard by a measles outbreak bans un-vaccinated children from public we reported ... there is also a new case here in the bay area.(grant) a disease thought to be wiped out in the u=s... a generation ago... is making a comeback nationwide, the c=d=c has recorded more than three hundred measles cases in just the last three months, almost as many as all of last year.a suburban new york county has become the epicenter of a blooming epidemic.we have now the worst outbreak in the nation.rockland county, north of new york city, has had 153 cases of measles since last october ... 49 since the first of the year.28 percent of residents under the age of 18 have not been vaccinatedmost of them are ultra=orthodox jews.they are more likely to oppose vaccinations ... and also more likely to travel to israel, where the disease is rampant.first of all, lets be clear this is not a religious issue. the fact that we got nearly 17,000 young people immunized in a largely orthodox community tells us it is not a religious exemption. as of midnight tonight, unvaccinated minors will not be allowed in churches, schools and shopping centers. outdoor spaces like
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playgrounds are not included in the ban.the county executive says no one will be arrested or forcibly imnmunized.what we are doing here is trying to change the trajectory that's going in the wrong direction (grant) about the measles exposure through a push alert. make sure you download the kron4 mobile app so you can always stay up to date on breaking news. you can also access the list of places where the person infected with measles visited. (grant) violent crime is surging on bart... and these past few days have been a frightening reminder of what ácaná happen.(vicki) since
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friday, one man has been stabbed ... and 3 women were attacked and injured on bart. kron 4's dan kerman shares details from the daly city bart station . this is the altercation that lead to a stabbing on bart friday afternoon... police are still looking for this man in connection with the attack... but that was just the first of several incidents... on saturday at the coliseum bart station a woman was injured when she fought off a man trying to steal her backpack... a suspect was arrested... monday night at 930 on a train heading from the daly city bart station to colma a man struck a woman in the head... he too was arrested... and then at 1130 that same night a man was arrested at the orinda bart station after throwing a woman to the ground on board a train and stealing her backpack.sot stabbing and people getting jacked, its really going crazy right nowbart riders are shaken upsoti do worry about my safety, i do whatever i can to minimize my chances of getting robbed by not exposing my cellphone or backpacksot bevan dufty/bart board president :51i want to say i am sorry and as an agency we recognize the things we need to do and over the next few months i think you will see changes. bart board president bevan dufty says customer satisfaction has dropped as has ridership on nights and weekends and he believes it has to do with the lack of police presence on trains and
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in stations. sot we are absolutely focused on developing a very visible presence on our trains and in our stations and there are now discussions and meeting but we recognize what our riders want. standup dan kerman/daly city 131 so no specifics but it seems as if bart now has the message and will beef up police presence in the months ahead and violence continues to rise. at the daly city bart station, dan kerman kron 4 news. (grant) another disappointment
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for a bay area family... that's looking for accountability.. elana mondragon was 16 years old and pregnant when she was shot and killed in 20-17. her uncle telling us.. she was a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time... and attorney general xavier becerra's decision to not investigate the case has that family upset all over again. the incident was at an apartment complet in hayward... fremont police were part of an undercover sting operation... they were after the driver of a car mondragon was in... the car started to leave... and police say the driver tried to run them over to get away. police say they shot to save their lives... and mondragon was killed by that gunfire. the driver was later captured. last year... alameda county d-a nancy o'malley's investigation revealed there's not evidence to support criminally prosecuting the officers who fired at the car. but o'malley then asked
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the state attorney general to review the case to remove any doubt. but now we know bacerra, the state attorney general, elected not to do so to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. becerra said the issue is... there were state department of justice personnel who were working with that task force at the time of the shooting. mondragon's family is still grieving. oc :21 "what's next"(grant)(grant)(grant) one of the reasons the alameda d-a, nancyy o'malley asked for the state attorney
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general's review is because she accepted a 10-thousand dollar donation... from the fremont police union... to her 20-18 re-election campaign. that was the largest donation she received from a law enforcement union. the fremont officers who fired... are detective joel fired... are detective joel hernandez... and sgt. john miskella, who's the president of the fremont police union. mondragon's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of fremont. (vicki) the berkeley city council is voting tonight to give the final approval ... on plan to 'ban' overnight r-v parking. back in february, city council members gave their initial approval, voting 6- to -3 in favor of the ban. tonight's vote will decide whether or not the ban would go into effect immediately. the ban would prohibit r-v parking on city streets between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. berkeley city staff members say, they have received more than 15-hundred complaints from businesses and residents ... about people who live in r-vs, involving
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the loss of parking ... and the illegal dumping of trash. oakland city council president rebecca kaplan reached out to berkeley officials ... asking that the council delay a final vote. she says, she has been encouraging the development of expanded housing options, including use of faith- based properties.. and providing sites for r-v's. (vicki) weather(grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the work week... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms.
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tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. (vicki) in oakland -- some 40-thousand people within a 60 -square block radius of downtown oakland... west of lake merritt ... are going to receive an earthquake 'shake alert'
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(vicki) in oakland -- some 40-thousand people within a 60 -square block radius of downtown oakland.... are going to receive an earthquake 'shake alert' on their cell phones tomorrow morning. state emergency officials say, this will be the first major test of california's new, wireless emergency alert system. it uses data from hundreds of sensors across california, oregon and washington. the shake alert system can trace and track seismic waves underground... and then warn a minute before the actual shaking starts. w e really need to know more about is the delivery side. once that alert is published, what happens between then and the time it gets to you and your cell phone...">(pam)(pam) the quake testing is important.. officials say, before the shaking starts,
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controllers can slow downtrains, close valves on underground water and gas pipelines, open firehouse doors and broadcast 'duck and cover' alerts to schools... and many other places. (grant) major league baseball is punishing giants c-e-o larry baer after video surfaced showing a physical altercation he had with his wife. m- l- b says, it has suspended baer without pay until july 1-st. video from t-m-z showed the incident... commissioner rob manfred calls baer's conduct unacceptable. adding that baer should be held to a high standard because of his position as a leader of the franchise. in a statement, baer says, he respects the decision and apologized for his actions. (vicki)developing news tonight... the search continues for a 28-year-old swimmer missing since early this morning in san mateo county. (grant) the man had waded into the water... and was apparently swept away from rockaway beach early this morning and hasn't been seen since. kron 4's charles
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clifford has details. well according to the pacifica police department, 3 people staying here at the lighhouse hotel at rockaway beach decided to go for a swim around 320 tuesday morning. police also say the trio were not wearing wetsuits. at some point, two of the swimmers came ashore but the third, 28-year-old tyler collins of merced was swept out into the water and he hasn't been seen since. the other two searched for their friend for about 45 minutes and then called police. the pacifica police department, fire crews and the coast guard began a search about 430 tuesday morning and as of tuesday afternoon that search is on, rockaway beach has very rough surf. there are signs warning of rip currents. here's a captain with the pacifica police department describing the conditions in the water early tuesday morning.sotfrom what i understand the surf was very rough. it was a low tide. the water is very cold. it's rough. it tough even for an experienced, throughout the day tuesday the coast guard had multiple boats in the area and a dolphin search and rescue helicopter looking for collins. he is described as being 5'7" tall and weighing 160 pounds. police have also sent a missing persons alert to neighboring pacifica, charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) the family of kyra
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sunshine scarlet have confirmed the body found at fort funston beach-- is kyra... this comes even though the city's medical examiner's office has not identified the body as the landslide victim.... the woman's body was found monday morning... along fort funston beach in san francisco... in the same spot, where the 22-year-old was buried under a landslide a month ago. back on feburary 22nd -- kyra was killed when a cliff collapsed and buried her under sand. she was walking along the cliffs at the time ... with another woman and a dog... they both were ableto dig themselves out and survived. (grant)more than 50 years after first opening its doors... a popular pre- school in san francisco is now getting ready to shutdown for
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good.(vicki) kron four's philippe djegal reports, the high cost to rent space in the city is to blame. so, in just a few months, the forest hill christian church pre-school will be no more. (philippe) for mary lavino-firpo -- bidding farewell to forest hill christian church pre-school will be a life-changing moment she dreads thinking about.mary lavino-firpo/director- "we're all going to be out looking for new jobs at this point." lavino-firpo has worked here for 20 years. the last five doubling as a teacher and the pre-school director.mary lavino-firpo/director- "it's kind of devastating that it makes it so hard to keep something that is so valuable in san francisco alive with the high rents." the pre- school, near twin peaks, has been renting this space from it's landlord -- the forest hill christian church next door. the church had plans to tear down the property and parking lot, replacing it with a senior living complex... but late last year those plans were scrapped.mary lavino- firpo/director- "not knowing what was going to happen to the property, um, and not sure if we were goi the families in november, um, to give them a fair chance to go and find other schools." lavino-firpo says she's looked
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n for the pre-school but that rents are too high. if they were to relocate, they'd have to increase tuition for the families.stepanie pass/parent- "i am so sad." parents like stephanie pass say its been tough finding another pre-school. this one was affordable... and, with 60 kids being managed by five teachers and five aides, each child receives the attention they need.stephanie pass/parent- "we've toured six or seven other pre-schools, and this one's just so nice -- so close to our family." lavino-firpo says the cost to rent this space is about four-thousand dollars a if they were to move, the rent could double. the lease is up at the end of july. but the school will close in may. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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:06 "when i landed on ohmaha beach"(vicki) a group of friends is going to battle for a 96 year old martinez man hoping to return to normandy. jake larson survived d-day there 75 years ago. but the army won't sponsor his trip to france because it says it has no record of his service. (grant) kron 4's michelle kingston explains why and how larson -- who calls himself the luckiest man in the world -- will still make his way there this june. (mk)"you talk about the luckiest man in the world ... i am it!"he lied about his age and joined the national guard at just 15 years old ... and lived through the horror of d- day 75 years ago as a young soldier ..."i dodged bullets coming from the bottoms, from both places!"... 96 year old jake larson says he's the luckiest man in the world ... sharing war stories and awards with me in his martinez home
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"i have 11 great grandchildren!"... pointing out photos of his kids ... grandkids ... and great grand kids ... displayed all over his apartment ... next to his american flag."luckiest man in the world."michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsalmost every morning -- jake larson comes here to the bagel street cafe in martinez. when his friends found out the army would not sponsor his trip to normandy this june because his military records were destroyed in an army base fire in the 70s ... they went to work."it's unbelievable how people have come through for me ... from all over the place."a go fund me page shows people have donated more than 5-thousand dollars toward larson's trip "i've got it completely paid for and i am going first class."larson says he's the only living survivor from his unit that stormed omaha beach ... and this trip is for them
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"i am going back for all of my buddies"in martinez"there is a god!"michelle kingston"and i am the luckiest man in the world!"kron 4 news (vicki) and samsung has some bad news about their quarter... why this is a reason for concern for all smartphone makers. (grant) do not ignore the update! the reason you need to update your i-phone now! termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger.
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. lots of us have been there --
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a system upgrade pops up on your smartphone and you ignore it.(vicki) well, iphone (vicki) well, iphone users shouldn't wait to update to the new i-o-s. that's because i-o-s 12 point 2 is full of security fixes. of the 51 fixes -- the most notable now prevents malicious applications from recording your surroundings by accessing your phone's microphone. the new operating system also pauses facetime calls when you leave the app. the new i-o-s comes as apple makes it foray into television streaming services. privacy concerns were one of the main issues addressed during monday's press event for tv plus. (grant) samsung has issued a surprise profit warning --- that could put other smartphone makers on edge. the south korean tech giant says its first quarter earnings were lower than expected. the company is blaming declining demand for
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memory chips and display panels it makes for electronic devices. this latest warning just another sign of tough times ahead for the smartphone industry. markets are getting saturated. people are no longer willing to pay hundreds of dollars for the latest models. (vicki) a federal judge set april fourth as the hearing date in a lawsuit agaisnt elon musk brought by the securities and exchange commission. it seeks to hold tesla c-e-o elon musk in contempt for violating a settlement deal reached last last october. according to the deal, musk is required to get pre-approval from a tesla board committee for social media posts about his electric car company. according to court papers, regulators said he posted inaccurate and material information his over 2 (grant) and could high speed rail still be on track? we take a look at the last push to save the train project in california.
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(vicki) it is now illegal to have bump stocks. and although it's been challenged in court, the ban is in effect. we give you a timeline of how this ban came to pass. (grant) harris for the teachers. the way she plans to raise teacher salaris by over 13 thousand dollars if she becomes president.
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"books, supplies, smaller class size"(vicki) we have
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seen teacher strikes across the country this year... including in oakland where schools were closed for seven days while teachers fought for higher wages, smaller class sizes, and more resources. (vicki) and now the nation's teachers could get a major pay raise, if senator kamala harris becomes president.(grant) the california democrat pushed for bigger paychecks for teachers, in her first policy proposal as a candidate. cnn's kyung lah reports, the proposal could help harris win over a major democratic constituency. natsot: "do your job!"from inside the oklahoma state capitol.natsot:to a sea of red surrounding lawmakers in west virginia.teachers on strike, saying they're underpaid, schools underfunded.from north carolina to los angeles, walking off the job during a deluge, demanding a livable wage.natsot/rally: "it's rainy, it's cold, our public schools will not be sold" seizing that fury.sen. kamala harris, (d) presidential candidate:"the investment will be our future!"senator kamala harris announced her first major policy plan, to increase teacher pay with federal
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dollars if she's elected president.natsot/march: "keep our schools open!"harris' plan would give the average teacher a 13-thousand, 5-hundred dollar pay raise, or a 23- percent increase in pay, using federal funds.with a focus on high need public schools, often in minority communities. for every one dollar a state contributes to increasing pay, the federal government chips in three, until the teacher pay gap is closed by the end of harris' first get the federal funding, states would have to maintain their share, at a total cost of $315 billion over 10 years.who pays the bill? the very richest americans.sen. kamala harris, (d) presidential candidate: "basically, there's a number of people who need to pay the estate tax. multimillionaires can afford to pay more in terms of the estate taxes. so that's where it's gonna come from."the proposal targets a key democratic constituency. most teachers are college educated women.often, women of color.the very middle class voters the harris campaign believes could help her win the nomination.randi weingarten, president, american federation of teachers:"i think when you
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actually grow up middle class or you grow up poor, or you grow up where your parents may be working paycheck to paycheck, or there is a vulnerability, you understand that public schooling is key to your existence."teachers like donna ross say kamala harris would be her hero, should this plan happen.natsot ross went on strike last year in tulsa, oklahoma.the six thousand dollar raise after the strike helped, but it's still not enough for her to quit driving uber or waiting tables.she told cnn how tough it was when a student saw her at her second job.donna ross , oklahoma teacher:"miss ross, you work hard, you work a lot of places don't you?. he said, you must be rich. i said, i sure am." (grant) that was kyung lah reporting. harris also reporting.kyung lah that was (grant) that was kyung lah
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reporting. harris also wants to make investments into public schools in need - which disproportionally serve minority students. according to the economic policy institute - public school teachers make 11-percent less than people with similar education in other fields. (vicki) lawmakers got an update on the progress of the high speed rail and what's going to happen with crucial federal funding cut from the project. (grant) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was at today's hearing and explains how the state will try to push the bullet train forward.. ((lenny mendonca-- statement)) "like many mega projects, this one is going through a necessary process of reorientation" new high speed rail authority chairman lenny mendonca is trying to push the project forward..: the immediate plan includes a segment from bakersfield to merced.. the authority is fighting for 3.5 billion dolls canceled for the project.(( helen kerstein- legislative
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analyst office)) still there's some uncertainty about what the federal government is going to do with those funds." even though the state treasurer tuesday released $600 million in bonds for the bullet train... lawmakers now weighing what options they have to makeup for a significant funding gap if the government claws back its money. that could include taking money from the general fund or fundraising through taxes and private investors. some members of the senate transportation committee confident the state can work with the federal government. ((sen. jeff stone r-la quinta )) "i would just caution the state to stop kicking president trump in the groin every time we have an opportunity to and let's try to work with him."regardless of the funding questions, project leaders say construction and environmental work continues while they await a response from the federal government. ((brian annis - ca transportation agency secretary)) we invite the fra to reestablish the very functional relationship we've had for most of the grant cycle. that's what we hope what happens here." the high speed rail authority is set to release a full project update in may. tag.
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(grant) the f-a-a is investigating an emergency landing involving a boeing 7-3-7 max eight airplane tuesday afternoon in florida. southwest airlines says two pilots aboard flight 8701 reported-- quote-- "a performance issue with one of the engines shortly after takeoff." no passengers were on board at the time. the airline says the plane was heading from orlando international airport to victorville, california for short-term storage. the crew was able to safely land back at the orlando airport. we do not know if tuesday's emergency landing was related to recent issues involving 737 max jets. (vicki) a federal ban on bump stocks begins today. across the country, owners have been asked to turn them in or destroy them. bump stocks are meant to replace the standard stock and grip of a semiautomatic rifle. they attach to a rifle's receiver, or frame....
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allowing a weapon to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. the president's order given in 2018 now a reality and owners from coast to coast turning them in or destroying them.(vicki)road.">down this we start to go slippery slope if we start to go down this road.">(vicki) bump stocks came under scrutiny after the october 2017 massacre in las vegas... where the shooter killed 58 people using rifles fitted with bump stocks. then in december of 2018, the justice department issued a rule, deciding existing prohibitions against fully automatic weapons also covered bump stocks. a number of groups have challenged the ban in court, but for now, it's in effect. (grant) in other national news tonight... there was not enough support in the house to over-ride president trump's veto of a resolution
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over-turning his national emergency. the legislative body needed two thirds majority -- and that fell short with 248 yes' and 181 nays. 14 republicans voted with democrats... that means trump's veto holds. congress voted to over-turn trump's national emergency declaration aimed at funding a wall along the southern border. just one day after the senate passed the resolution -- trump exercised the first veto of his presidency on the measure. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant)(grant) the smollett saga continues... all charges have been dropped against actor jussie smollett - who was accused of staging a hate crime against himself. how the chicago mayor and police superintendent responded. (sports tease) just ahead in sports, mother nature puts an early end to the exhibtion slate for the giants and a's. we'll have the highlights from the preseason finale
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit starting tonight with the latest on larry baer- the giants ceo and president learned his punishment from major league baseball... suspended without pay and banned from the team for half the season. commissioner rob manfred made the announcement this morning.. baer suspended through and including july 1st...after an investigation of this altercation, which was
9:40 pm
recorded and sent to tmz sports. an argument with his wife pam in which she's knocked to the ground, as he's trying to grab his cell phone out of her hand. manfred says he feels quote--'baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader, he is expected to be a role model for others.' the league also says baer will be evaluated for a treatment and counseling plan. in a statement, the giants executive accepted his punishment, saying ' i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i am truly sorry for my actions. my unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community.' the giants board of directors said an executive team will manage the day to day operations in his absence... and after july 1st, baer will resume his role as ceo and president. oracle park... ready for the third and final game of the bay bridge series top 4th... 2-0 a's...mark canha... he grew up a giants fan in san jose... takes jeff samardzija deep to center and out for a
9:41 pm
two-run home run... his 2nd and 3rd rbi of the game.. 4-0 a's bottom 6th.... gerardo parra... with a flare to centerfield... alen hanson and connor joe both score... 4-2 a's biut the rain was too much... the game is called after 6 innings... a's win 4-2 and sweep the series oakland's home opener is thursday against the l-a angels... while the giants open the season at san diego... also on thursday and from here on out, all the games count. giants open the season thursday in
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jussie smollett:"this has been an incredibly difficult time. honestly one of the worst of my entire liferahm emanuel chicago mayormr. smollett is still saying that he is innocent. still running down the chicago police department. how dare him. how dare him. (grant) emotions are running high as the chicago mayor and police are adamant actor jussie smollett adamant actor and police are adamant actor jussie smollett staged a hate crime against himself and filed a false police report about it. the illinois state's attorney prosecuting the case says --he does ánot believe smollett is innocent. (vicki) still -- smollett is now clear of all charges. natasha chen reports on the dramatic change of course in this high profile case. mayor rahm emanuel / -d- sh of " chicago mayor rahm emmanuel erupted after illinois prosecutors dropped all charges against jussie smollett - and sealed the
9:45 pm
record in the case that has twisted and turned public opinion since january.jussie smollett / actor: "i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. i would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i've been accused of"eddie johnson /chicago police superintendent: "if you want to say you're innocent of a situation, then you take your day in court."chicago police still believe smollett paid two brothers thirty five hundred dollars to stage an attack against him on january 29th.patricia brown holmes / jussie smollett attorney: "the osundairo brothers said more than once that the $3500 check that they exactly what jussie said. it was for nutrition and training. they were his trainers."in february, prosecutors said smollett directed the entire thing -- telling the brothers exactly what to say and do, including using a racial slur and making a reference to 'make america great again.'the illinois state's attorney said he stands by the investigation - but decided to drop charges based on the fact that smollett did community service and forfeited his bail. joseph magats / first assistant cook county state's attorney: "our priority is violent crimes, and the drivers of violence.
9:46 pm
jussie smollett is those." smollett saidhe would like nothing more than tomove on. jussie smollett /actor: "but make no mistake, i will always continue to fight for the justice, equality and betterment of marginalized people everywhere."i'm natasha chen reporting. (grant) an alleged hate letter was mailed to the set of the t-v show 'empire' when smollett was working as an actor on the show. when asked if the f-b-i is still investigating smollett regarding that letter, the f-b-i declined to comment. (vicki) the jussie smollett case is the second high profile case in less than a week prosecutors have made the decision to not prosecute. the first out of washington, d.c. where attorney general william barr said he would not prosecute the president for obstruction of justice.(grant) kron4's ryan odonell spoke with a santa clara university legal professor for perspective. these are two cases that got a lot of public attention but in everyday court cases how common is it for charges to be dropped like they were with smollett? oc 1:06 "that
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piece is not clear" (grant) this interview played in full on our new app kron on. it's the bay area's only live local news --- streaming 24/7 commercial free. download it today from the app store. right now we're offering a free one week trial. (grant) now to our four zone now to our (grant) week trial.a free one clear" (grant) (grant) this interview
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played in full on our new app kron on. it's the bay area's only live local news --- streaming 24/7 commercial free. download it today from the app store. right now we're offering a free one week trial. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. (grant) for your health
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tonight... healthcare back center stage, after a back center healthcare for your (grant) the weekend.and 70s over more sunshine and 70s over the weekend.
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(grant) for your health tonight... healthcare... is now back in the spot-light, after a major reversal from the trump administration... (vicki) the justice department is now calling for the entire affordable care act to be eliminated. this includes the expansion of medicaid and the protections for people with pre-existing conditions, which president
9:51 pm
trump had presiously said he would protect. meanwhile democrats on capitol hill are working on legislation to strengthen it the current healthcare law.president donald trump / october 6, 2018: we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. we're going to take care of themrep. nancy pelosi / -d- house speaker: in this house with a democratic majority, we're here to strengthen those protections and to lower healthcare costs. (grant) the shift (grant) the shift coming after a federal court in texas invalidated obamacare in its entirety. in a letter monday night, the trump administration said it is not urging any portion of the district court's judgment to be reversed. (vicki) and there is a second super bloom here in california. the area you can go see it the area you can go see it and the warning from police.
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ki) another super bloom sighting in california is drawing visitors. the antelope valley california poppy reserve in lancaster says orange poppies are in full bloom along its hillsides and ridges.(grant) the amount of interest forced the reserve to close its parking lot at one point because it was so full. state parks officials are reminding visitors that they are not allowed to go into the flowers to take photos. they must stay on official trails only. this warning comes as the reserve posted a photo on
9:55 pm
facebook of a helicopter parked in the middle of the super bloom tuesday. the reserve warned visitors that was an illegal act. (vicki) and beautiful flowers are also popping up in our nation's capital... the iconic japanese cherry blossoms will be in full bloom for the start of april. the national park service predicts a slightly earlier peak than originally expected. experts have been watching the weather and blooming stages of the trees to offer their best guess and say the trees should reach peak bloom by monday. april 1st is just a few days earlier than the average peak bloom. but it is right in the middle of the national cherry blossom festival in washington d-c which runs until april 14th. (grant) m and m's filled with a m and m's filled with a hazelnut spread.... i think this ias the think this ias the combination we have
9:56 pm
been waiting for. the iconic chocolate candies are adding a new flavor that will have nutella fans feeling the love. mars announced hazelnut spread filled m and m's will debut next month. but if you just can't wait until then -- head to social media saturday for a chance to win a pack before you can buy them. just use the hashtag go hazelnutty -- and within a few hours a pack could arrive at your door. (grant) that wraps (grant) (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... more measles concerns ... possibly thousands of people may have been exposed to the measles in the south bay. in a live report ... we re- trace the steps of a person infected. and how people are reacting to that potential exposure. plus... major league baseball is
9:57 pm
punishing giants c-e-o larry baer after video surfaced showing him in an altercation with his wife. the action they are taking.(pam) and chief meteorolgist lawrence karnow is tracking the latest round of storms heading into the bay area. what you need to know for your morning commute. (ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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(ken) we are looking at another storm heading into the bay area overnight that could mean for a messy commute in the morning. we are taking a live look at our stormtracker four radar. (ken) thanks for joining us, im ken wayne.(pam) and im pam moore. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at when the rain could be hitting your neighborhood. lawrence... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the


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