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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(ken) we are looking at another storm heading into the bay area overnight that could mean for a messy commute in the morning. we are taking a live look at our stormtracker four radar. (ken) thanks for joining us, im ken wayne.(pam) and im pam moore. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at when the rain could be hitting your neighborhood. lawrence... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid
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60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend.
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a big story tonight... a health tonight... a health warning for the bay area... after a person with measles visited the south bay. the santa clara county public health department is confirming tonight... an international traveler had measles during their week- long stay in the bay area.... one thing health officials do not want... is to induce panic. but, they acknowledge.... what makes the situation more challenging .. is the person infected with the measles, visited nearly two dozen places... putting those who are not vaccinated .. at risk of contracting the dangerous illness. (ken) symptoms include cough,
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runny nose, red eyes, fever and a rash. if you are not vaccinated and you start to notice any of the symptoms mentioned, the health department asks that you call your health provider first, before going there. if you just show up with these symptoms - you would be putting other patients at risk. there are 19- spots in and around santa clara county ... where people may have been exposed to the disease. (ken) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live in mountain view tonight. j.r. you've been talking with folks. what is the reaction? all is quiet at this mountain view walmart but the health department now says that a person with measles was here at this location not last saturday but the saturday before between the hours of
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three and five.sot it's very concerning ya know i mean... john carter frequently shops at this mountain view walmart. in fact he was here the day the person with the measles was here on march 16th. he is feeling fine but he's concerned because his son was with him as well.sot don't want him getting the measles the individual with measles also went to the hoover tower observation deck at stanford university, this restaurant in palo alto, this cvs pharmacy in sunnyvale, and this safeway in mountain view. but these are just 5 of the almost two dozens locations that the individual visited. sot it is concerning but i've had my for john carter. he's not done doing his own research on this matter.sot......i'm gonna go home and google it see what it says...definitely
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(pam) in a drastic move... a county in new york state ... is banning some people from public places, as it declares a state of emergency because of the measles outbreak there. rockland county officials say, people 18-years-old and under, who are not vaccinated against measles ... are not allowed in public places. that includes shops... schools and houses of worship. the ban is in effect for 30- days, or until that person gets the vaccination. the ban comes as 153- people in that new york county have contracted measles. most of them are children. (pam) our coverage of this story continues online at kron4 dot com... there we have an interactive map of all the local places the infected person visted... details on the symptoms of the potentially deadly disease ... and information on the
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local pharmacies which offer the vaccine. all that on kron4 dot com... violent crime is surging on bart... and these past few days have been an unsettling reminder of what ácaná happen. since friday, one man was stabbed ... and 3 women were attacked and injured on bart. kron 4's dan kerman has the details. this is the altercation that lead to a stabbing on bart friday afternoon... police are still looking for this man in connection with the attack... but that was just the first of several incidents... on saturday at the coliseum bart station a woman was injured when she fought off a man trying to steal her backpack... a suspect was arrested... monday night at 930 on a train heading from the daly city bart station to colma a man struck a woman in the head... he too was arrested... and then at 1130 that same night a man was arrested at the orinda bart station after throwing a woman to the ground on board a train and stealing her backpack.sot stabbing and people getting jacked, its really going crazy right nowbart riders are shaken upsoti do worry about
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my safety, i do whatever i can to minimize my chances of getting robbed by not exposing my cellphone or backpacksot bevan dufty/bart board president :51i want to say i am sorry and as an agency we recognize the things we need to do and over the next few months i think you will see changes. bart board president bevan dufty says customer satisfaction has dropped as has ridership on nights and weekends and he believes it has to do with the lack of police presence on trains and in stations. sot we are absolutely focused on developing a very visible presence on our trains and in our stations and there are now discussions and meeting but we recognize what our riders want. standup dan kerman/daly city 131 so no specifics but it seems as if bart now has the message and will beef up police presence in the months ahead and violence continues to rise. at the daly city bart station, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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a big story tonight... another disappointment for a bay area family ... they are looking for accountability ... after police shot and killed a 16-year-old member of their family. we are learning, the state attorney general decided ánot to review the fremont police shooting... and now, elena mon-dragon's uncle is reacting. our grant lodes is here with the update in this case. (grant) elana mondragon was 16 years old and pregnant when shotand killed her uncle telling us... she was a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time... and attorney general xavier becerra's decision to not investigate the case has that family upset all over again. the incident was at an apartment complet in hayward... fremont police were part of an undercover sting
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operation... they were after the driver of a car mondragon was in... the car started to leave... and police say the driver tried to run them over to get away. police say they shot to save their lives... and mondragon was killed by that gunfire. the driver was later captured. last year... alameda county d-a nancy o'malley's investigation revealed there's not evidence to support criminally prosecuting the officers who fired at the car. but o'malley then asked the state attorney general to review the case to remove any doubt. but now we know bacerra, the state attorney general, elected not to do so to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. becerra said the issue is... there were state department of justice personnel who were working with that task force at the time of the shooting. mondragon's family is still grieving. (grant)
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(grant) one of the reasons the alameda d-a, nancyy o'malley asked for the state attorney general's review is because she accepted a 10- thousand accepted a 10- thousand dollar donation... from the fremont police union... to her 20-18 re- election campaign. that was the largest donation she received from a law enforcement union. the fremont officers who fired... are detective joel hernandez... and sgt. john miskella, who's the president of the fremont police union. mondragon's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of fremont. kron4 newsroom... the coast guard has decided to suspend its search for the
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swimmer who went missing early this morning in san mateo county. tyler collins of merced, was swept out into the water and has not been seen since. according to pacifica police, collins and two other people, staying at the lighthouse hotel at rockaway beach, decided to go for a swim about 3-20- this morning. police also say, the two others with him eventually came to shore... collins did not. the other two searched for him for about 45- minutes ... and then called police. the coast guard says, crews searched for just over 15- hours and covered 66- square miles. square miles. (ken) another big story tonight... the family of kyra sunshine scarlet have confirmed that the body found at fort funston beach-- is kyra... this comes even though the city's medical examiner's office has not identified the body as the landslide victim.... the woman's body was found monday morning... along fort funston beach in san francisco... in the same spot, where the 22- year-old was buried under a landslide a month ago. back on feburary 22nd -- kyra
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was killed when a cliff collapsed and buried her under sand. she was walking along the cliffs at the time ... with another woman and a dog. (ken) its been one year since the hart family plunged off a mendocino cliff to their deaths. jennifer and sarah.. and their adopted children died in the crash in the area of juan creek and highway 1 in menocino county last year. the remains of the sixth child, 15-year-old devonte have not been found yet. the mendocino county sheriff's office said its investigation into the case is complete.. but next month it will get updates from the coroner to determine the manner of death for each person. (pam) major league baseball is punishing san francisco giants c-e-o and president larry baer ... that's after video surfaced showing a public altercation between him and his wife, where she fell to the ground ... the incident sparked controversy across the nation. baseball officials say, it has suspended baer without
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pay until july first. this is the video from t-m-z showing the incident... commissioner rob manfred ... calls baer's conduct unacceptable ... adding, baer should be held to a high standard because of his position as a leader of the giants franchise. in a statement, baer says, he respects the decision and apologized for his actions. baer will be required to undergo an evaluation by an expert... to determine an appropriate treatment and counseling plan. in the meantime, officials say, an interim person will be appointed to take over the team... more on this story coming up in sports.. (pam) new england patriots owner robert kraft is pleading not guilty to soliciting prostitution. in a court filing today, he also demanded a jury trial - and waived his right to an arraignment. kraft was hit with two misdemeanor counts, after he was reportedly caught on video in a sex act at a spa... in jupiter, florida. he is set to have a preliminary hearing thursday, but it is unclear
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whether he will appear in person. despite pleading guilty, kraft pleading guilty, kraft issued an apology saturday, saying, quote, "i know i have hurt and disappointed my family, my close friends, my co- workers, our fans and many others... who rightfully hold me to a higher standard." end quote. sources say, he is not facing any n-f-l action for now (ken) in the east bay... an oakland police motorcycle officer is recovering after he was struck during a traffic stop this morning. the officer pulled over a vehicle for falling to stop at a stop sign in the 24-hundred block of havenscourt boulevard at 11 a-m. when the officer approached the vechile the driver quickly reversed striking the officer and pushing his motorcycle 15 feet. the driver the fled the scene. the officer was transported to the hospital and at last check was in stable condition. the officer was able to give a description of the vehicle involved, but oakland police have not released the information. (ken) the berkeley city council voted tonight to give the final approval on plan to
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'ban' overnight r-v parking. back in february, city council members gave their initial approval, voting 6- to -3 for the ban. today's vote will decide whether or not the ban would go into effect immediately. the ban would prohibit r-v parking on city streets between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. berkeley city staff members say, they have received more than 15-hundred complaints from businesses and residents ... about people who live in r- vs, including the loss of parking ... and the illegal dumping of trash. oakland city council president rebecca kaplan reached out to berkeley officials asking that they delay a final vote. she says, she has been encouraging the development of expanded housing options, including use of faith- based properties and providing sites for rvs. (pam) ceofficers were injured .. save a resident from a burning morning. it happened at a two- story home on olivos avenue ... that's just east of the daly city bart station. the officers and the resident suffered minor smoke
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inhalation... and were taken to the hospital. firefighters were not injured ... and crews remained at the scene for nearly two -hours to make sure the fire did not spark up again.. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (pam) and in palo alto -- police say, phone scammers claiming to be i-r-s workers are calling residents and demanding money transfers. the scam is targeting people across the country .... and palo alto police say, they have received a number of reports every day from people saying they got the scam calls. the impersonator will typically tell the resident ... they owe money to the i-r-s ... and it must be paid immediately using a pre - loaded debit transfer. police say, residents have been threatened with arrest if they do not cooperate, and some have even received fake arrest warrants. but-- the i- r-s is clear ... it will never call anyon money. (ken) in oakland -- about 40-thousand people within a 60 -square block radius of
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downtown oakland... west of lake merritt ... are going to receive an earthquake 'shake alert' on their cell phones tomorrow morning. state emergency officials in menlo park say, this will be the first major test of california's new, wireless emergency alert system. it uses data from hundreds of sensors across california, oregon and washington. the shake alert system can trace and track seismic waves underground... and then warn vulnerable regions... as much as minute before the actual shaking starts. < "...the part we really need to know more about is the delivery side. once that alert is published, what happens between then and the time it gets to you and your cell phone...">(ken) the quake testing is important.. officials say, before an earthquake starts, controllers can slow down trains, close valves on underground water and gas pipelines, open firehouse doors and broadcast 'duck and cover' alerts to schools ... and many other places. (pam) in national news...
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president trump has long promised to end most of obamacare ... now, the administration is asking the court to strike down the healthcare law altogether. last night, the justice department announced it is backing a court case which seeks to repeal the affordable care act. the case the trump administration is now supporting, argues, that because a portion of obamacare has been repealed by congress ... the entire law is now unconstitutional and should be struck down.
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firm on protecting people with pre- existing conditions. (ken) tonight... the pentagon says it's adjusting it's budget to allow the spending of one billion dollars to begin building the border wall. the pentagon says the money will allow for construction of a fifty seven mile stretch of the wall. mark meredith is in washington d-c with the latest. house vote...the house of representatives override president trumps veto...."when those decisions violate the constitution, that must be stopped"but the vote fell short...and the president's national emergency declaration to build the border wall will move forward.....the pentagon announced today that it will redirect 1-billion dollars to build 57 miles of a border barrier...assistant defense secretary david norquist and acting secretary patrick shanahan say the change will not impact military readiness. "given a legal order from the commander in chief we are executing on that order." presidiential advisor kellyanne conway says congress
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needs to wake up...there's a crisis at the border... "obviously that's a great use of money since i know first hand that drugs are coming over the border and into our communities"the pentagon says it's not done yet. it's still looking for another 2.5 billion for the wall..."i think the president is moving really fast because he wants to build this wall, before the law catches up to him"while democrats failed to slow the president's drive to build the wall with today's vote...they say (pam) still ahead... a pre-school that has been operating for decades.. is shutting down for good. it has fallen victim to to a common problem.. and now parents are scrambing to find another school for their children. (ken) plus... find out what is preventing the army from sponsoring a 96-year-old bay area world war two veteran from attending the d-day commemoration. (pam) it is now illegal to have bump stocks. and although it's been challenged
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in court, the ban is in effect. we give you a timeline of how this ban came to pass.
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(ken) a federal ban on bump stocks began today. across the country, owners have been asked to turn them in or destroy them. bump stocks are meant to replace the standard stock and grip of a semi-automatic rifle. they attack to the rifle's frame.. allowing a weapon to fire hundreds of rounds per
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minute. bump stocks cames under scrunity after the october 2017 massacre in las vegas... where the shooter killed 58 people using shooter killed 58 people using rifles fitted with bump stocks. then in december 2018 the justice department issued a rile, deciding that existing prohibitions against fully automatic weapons also covered bump stocks.
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superintendent are going after the embattled actor. (lawrence)ten at ten ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family.
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visit more than a half
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century after first opening school in san francisco is now preparing to close its doors for the final time. kron four's philippe djegal reports .. the high cost of renting space in the city is to blame.
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so, in just a few months, the forest hill christian church pre-school will be no more. (philippe) with the end of the school year in sight... parents at forest hill christian church pre-school in san francisco like stephane pass are stressed out... looking for the next establishment to take in their children.stephanie pass/parent- "it's been really hard, um, we've toured six or seven other pre-schools, and this one's just so nice -- so close to our family." the pre-school has been in this neighborhood near twin peaks for 55 years. but come may -- it will close down for good. mary lavino firpo/director- "we've turned down, um, families, that were interested in our program." the pre- school has been renting this space from it's landlord -- the forest hill christian church next door. the church had plans to tear down the property and parking lot, replacing it with a senior living complex... but late last year were scrapped. still, the church's plans moving forward are unclear, forcing the pre-school to move on. lavino-firpo says it's been nearly impossible finding space charging the four-thousand dollars a month for rent as the pre-school pays now.mary lavino
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firpo/director- "our program would change drastically, if it, um, if we had to pay more rent, and that's what we're known for, is, um, having, you know, middle class families being able to get a good education for their kids with our unique program." five teachers and five aides are employed at the school. they serve about 60 kids.mary lavino-firpo/director- "we're all going to be out looking for new jobs at this point." the lease is up at the end of july. but the school will close in may. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (ken) a big story tonight... two witnesses in the nation's largest college signed plea agreements. that's according to court documents.... rudolph "rudy" meredith was the women's soccer coach at yale university.... he allgedly accepted bribes in exchange for designating prospective students as recruits on the soccer team. and mark
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riddell was the director of the college entrance exam preparation academy in bradenton, florida... he took tests for students. in exchange for their guilty pleas... prosecutors will recommend a reduced prison sentence... which is 36 months of supervised release and fines equaling the amount they earned during their crimes. meredith will also testify if necessary. (pam) what is the future for high speed rail in california? lawmakers got an update on the progress of the bullet train ... and what is going to happen about that crucial federal money which was cut from the project. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was at today's hearing .. she explains how the state will try to push the bullet train forward.. ((lenny mendonca-- statement)) "like many mega projects, this one is going through a necessary process of reorientation" new high speed rail authority chairman lenny rail authority new high speed reorientation" process of a necessary is going through projects, this one many mega projects, this one is going through a necessary process of reorientation" new high speed
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rail authority chairman lenny mendonca is trying to push the project forward..: the immediate plan includes a segment from bakersfield to merced.. the authority is fighting for 3.5 billion dollars the federal government canceled for the project.(( helen kerstein- legislative analyst office)) still there's some uncertainty about what the federal government is going to do with those funds." even though the state treasurer tuesday released $600 million in bonds for the bullet train... lawmakers now weighing what options they have to makeup for a significant funding gap if the government claws back its money. that could include taking money from the general fund or fundraising through taxes and private investors. some members of the senate transportation committee confident the state can work with the federal government. ((sen. jeff stone r-la quinta )) "i would just caution the state to stop kicking president trump in the groin every time we have an opportunity to and let's try to work with him."regardless of the funding questions, project leaders say construction and environmental work continues while they await a response from the federal government. ((brian annis - ca transportation
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agency secretary)) we invite the fra to reestablish the very functional relationship we've had for most of the grant cycle. that's what happens here." rail authority is set to project update in may. tag. turning now turning now to weather with lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early. highs will be in the 50 to mid 60s. showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather returns on friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend.
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(ken) governor gavin newsom held a roundtable meeting today on the housing crisis in california. as lonnie wong as lonnie wong reports... the governor says it's a crisis that was decades in the making. it started nearly fifty years ago when environmental laws became popular, and residents had a greater hand in deciding what kinds of housing could be built in thier neighborhoods. fast forward to today when the state struggles to build 100 thousand new units a year when the state needs four times that many annually..the governor held an informal meeting with renters who are struggling to get 27 year old taylor desmangles
10:36 pm
who lives with two other women. rent eats up her resources... the governor hopes his plan to infuse 1.7 billion dollars into housing in the form of building incentives, tax credits, includig for home buyers and rent subsidies.this comes at a time when entities like the sacramento housing & redevelopment agency is facing federal cuts that affect rent subsidies and construction of affordable housing units. part of the plan is to get cities to quit dragging their feet on approving more housing construction...even threatening to withhold state gas tax money if goals aren't met..and giving it to communities that do.
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(pam) (pam) after a weekend of deadly violence ... the city of stockton held a meeting to look at solutions to the gun violence. it was the quarterly meeting of the office of violence prevention ...where the police chief, eric jones, addressed the group to offer solutions. police have not named any suspects in any of the three shootings that occurred over the weekend.. nor said whether any of the shootings are related. a local pastor, curtis smith says, he comes to every meeting just to listen, and adds today's meeting was important for the community. (pam) stockton police chief did say.. he
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believes the shooting were not random.. (ken) in national news.... all charges against actor jussie smollett have been dropped. it's the latest twist after he said he was attacked by two men who used racist and homophobic slurs. (pam) chicago police accused him of staging a hate crime ..... and filing a false police report. our grant lodes joins is in the studio.. with the dramatic change of course in this case. (grant) today... illinois prosecutors dropped all charges against jussie smollett - and sealed the record in the case that has twisted and turned public opinion since january. smollett was charged with disorderly conduct, accused of staging a phony attack... after claiming he was the victim of smollett was in court for an emergency hearing today. and it's still unclear áwhy
10:39 pm
the charges were dropped. but the chicago police superintendent is standing behind police findings. (grant) after the hearing, smollett read a prepared statement saying he was "truthful and consistent on every single level since day one."(grant) smollett's spokesperson said his record would be "fully expunged."(grant) cook county state's attorney also released a statement saying they believe the outcome is an "appropriate resolution..." but that they did not exonerate smollett. the charges against smollett
10:40 pm
were dropped in exchange for the actor agreeing to community service and to forfeiting his bond money. (ken) el chapo's attorneys want a judge to look into allegations of misconduct by jurors during his trial. the mexican drug lord was found guilty last month on 10 federal charges that carry a mandatory life sentence. today his attorneys filed a motion to review whether any jurors went against the judge's orders and followed news coverage of the trial as it was happening. el chapo's attorneys want all the jurors interviewed about the accusations and perhaps a new trial. (pam) the f-a-a is investigating an emergency landing.... involving a boeing- 737 max 8 airplane today. southwest airlines says, two pilots aboard the flight reported quote "a performance issue with one of the engines shortly after takeoff." no passengers were on the plane at the time. the airline says, the plane was heading from orlando to southern california for
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short -term storage. the crew was able to safely land back at the orlando airport. these aircraft are grounded pending investigations... and have been under intense scrutiny since two deadly crashes over the last few weeks. (pam) that aircraft heading for southern california is part of the global grounding of the boeing -737 max- 8's. over the weekend, southwest began sending its planes to victorville.. to sit at the logistics airport while waiting out the grounding. despite the grounding ... southwest was allowed a one- way flight to the mojave desert facility. southwest airline operates the largest fleet of boeing- 737 max- 8 aircraft with 34 - planes. the airline says, having all its planes in one place will help with the repetitive maintenance necessary for stationary aircraft. (ken) authorities say the manager of an oklahoma arby's restaurant has been charged in the fatal shooting of a customer who she said
10:42 pm
threatened her. 25-year-old deionna young is being held without bond on a first degree murder charge. tulsa police say young reported on saturday that a drive-thru customer cursed and spit at her... and she asked him to leave. police say the man returned later.. but drove away.. and that's when young followed him and shot into his car.. hitting him in the upper torso. young then returned to work. the driver crashed his car and later died at the hospital from his injuries. (pam) still ahead... find out what is preventing the army from sponsoring a 96-year-old bay area world war two veteran .... from attending the d-day commemoration... (ken) and up next... a southern california woman wins back-pay in child support from her ex-husband after nearly 50 years... how she did it and her message to other single parents... (sports) just ahead in sports, we say goodbye to preseason baseball....and gear up for a full slate of 162. a recap of tonight's bay bridge series finale. bridge series finale.
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10:45 pm realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. (ken) a group of friends is going to battle for a 96 year old martinez man hoping to return to normandy. jake larson survived d-day there 75 years ago.(pam) but the army will not sponsor his trip to france, because it says it has no record of his service. kron 4's michelle kingston explains why ... and how larson -- who calls himself the luckiest man in the world -- will still make his way there this june. (mk)"you talk about the
10:46 pm
luckiest man in the world ... i am it!"he lied about his age and joined the national guard at just 15 years old ... and lived through the horror of d- day 75 years ago as a young soldier ..."i dodged bullets coming from the bottoms, from both places!"... 96 year old jake larson says he's the luckiest man in the world ... sharing war stories and awards with me in his martinez home "i have 11 great grandchildren!"... pointing out photos of his kids ... grandkids ... and great grand kids ... displayed all over his apartment ... next to his american flag."luckiest man in the world."michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsalmost every morning -- jake larson comes here to the bagel street cafe in martinez. when his friends found out the army would not sponsor his trip to normandy this june because his military records were destroyed in an army base fire in the 70s ... they went to work."it's unbelievable how people have come through for me ... from all over the place."a go fund me page shows people have donated more than 5-thousand dollars toward larson's trip "i've got it completely paid for and i am going first class."larson says he's the only living survivor from his
10:47 pm
unit that stormed omaha beach ... and this trip is for them "i am going back for all of my buddies"in martinez"there is a god!"michelle kingston"and i am the luckiest man in the world!"kron 4 news (pam) nearly 50-(pam) kron 4 news (pam) nearly 50-years after their divorce -- a man-- who apparently skipped out on paying his court- ordered child support-- now owes his ex-wife thousands of dollars. toni anderson of san diego says, her ex-husband moved to canada ... leaving her to raise their three- year old daughter without any help from him. but now, anderson is seeking money that her ex-
10:48 pm
husband was supposed to pay 50- years ago. anderson says, she was able to bring up the negotiations, because there is no statute of limitations on child support. now, anderson wants to spread to word to other single parents in california who can also still collect. (pam) originally, anderson's ex-husband was supposed to pay 30-thousand dollars all together more than 50 years ago.. but with interest, that payment is now more than 170-thousand dollars. anderson's lawyer says, the case was settled for 150-thousand dollars. turning now to sports with mark. to sports with turning now turning now to sports with mark.
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enou w the practice games, from here on out all the games count. --a's-giants oracle park... ready for the third and final game of the bay bridge series -- top 4th... 2-nothing oakland...mark canha... he grew up a giants fan in san jose... takes jeff samardzija deep to center and out for a two-run home run... his 2nd and 3rd rbi of the game.. 4-0 a's --bottom 6th.... gerardo parra... with a flare to centerfield... alen hanson and connor joe both score... giants tack on 2 runs. -- biut the rain was too much... the game is called
10:50 pm
after 6 innings... a's win 4-2 and sweep the series oakland's home opener is thursday against the l-a angels... while the giants open the season at san diego... also on thursday in our other top story surrounding the giants-- larry baer has received his punishment from baseball. commissioner rob manfred announced this morning the giants ceo and president is suspended without pay for half the season, through and including july 1st. this .after an investigation of this altercation, which was recorded and sent to tmz sports. an argument with his wife pam in which she's knocked to the ground, as he's trying to grab his cell phone out of her hand. manfred says he feels quote--'baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader, he is expected to be a role model for others.' the league also says baer will be evaluated for a treatment and counseling plan. in a statement, the giants executive accepted his punishment saying ' i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i am truly sorry for my actions. my unacceptable behavior fell
10:51 pm
well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community.' the giants board of directors said an executive team will manage the day to day operations in his absence... and after july 1st, baer will resume his role as ceo and president. now to the nfl-- the offseason always yields headlines...and today jon gruden looking back on the trade that defined last season. team owners and executives in arizona this week for the league meetings. the raiders head coach fielded questions from the media... and you can be sure he was asked about sending away khalil mack, the all-pro pass rusher before the start of last season. he didn't shy away from the topic and actually opened up...admitt wouldn't lead to the roster moves of this year, notably adding antonio brown and tackle trent brown. "we were able to add a lot of pieces. and i'm not gonna sit here and says that i didn't cry for three days. i wanted to coach mack, and mack knows it, and wish
10:52 pm
him the best. but we have a lot of work to do with this football team. that trade allowed these acquisitions we're talking about today to even happen." finally tonight the culmination of a solid nba career... the miami heat retired chris bosh's number 1...only the fourth player in franchise history to have his jersey in the rafters. the 11-time all-star and two time world champ, part of the trio that shook up the league a few years ago...with lebron james and dwyane wade. thank mark. weather tease. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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the lineup for the outside lands music festival has been announced. the headliners include paul simon, childish gambino, and twenty one pilots. the event takes place august 9th through 11th at golden gate park. other notable artists include blink 182, the lumineers, and kacey musgraves. three day tickets and v-i-p passes go on sale this thursday.
10:56 pm
the passes start at 385- dollars plus fees. one day tickets will go on sale at a later date. lawrence karnow: we enjoyed some sunshine and partly cloudy skies with showers moving in late. highs today were in the 60s. on the doppler you can see a few showers moving in but heavier rain is on the way. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. clouds and rain will be on the increase especially after midnight. there is even the chance of a few thunderstorms. tomorrow will begin with rain and turn to showers early.
10:57 pm
highs will be in the showers will continue on thursday too. dry weather friday with more sunshine and 70s over the weekend. kron on continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news. you can download the kron on app today. just head to kron on dot tv
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