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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 27, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight, jussie smollett off the haook. why all charges were dropped. then more drama for the view. elizabeth hasselbeck returns and takes aim at rosy. >> what she said was reckless. then rivals to these real life besties. >> among the very greatest lessons in my life. then justin bieber wants a -- ♪ baby >> why the biebs has babies on the brain. >> plus two big exclusives.
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the cast of troop beverly hills reunit reunited. then we're off the deep end in our "this is us" confidential. ♪ in the shallow this is "entertainment tonight". we knew something wild was up when jussie smollett made an emergency court appearance today. but my, oh, my what a shocker. >> if there was an attack, somebody has to go to jail. you can't make this empire star walked out of charges were dropped. >> this has been an incredibly difficult time. honestly one of the worst of my entire life, but i am a man of faith. >> jussie thannked supporters ad maintains his innocence. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one.
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>> is there no decency in this man? >> chicago mayor rahm emmanuel was outraged. >> it was wrong. >> he condemned prosecutors. >> did this all in the name of self-promotion. this is a white wash of justice. >> charlie de mar from our affiliate in chicago was at the courthouse. >> jussie smollett a free man. the state's attorney calling ar own racist attack in chicago. >> what's next? >> so how will today's legal victory affect jussie's role on "empire"? >> which lyon will end up sex feet under? >> the promo for tomorrow night's episode hints that smollett's character could be killed off, but that's unlikely.
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producers have been handling the controversy with a wait and see approach. today fox said it was gratified that charges were dropped and the writers for "empire" didn't miss a beat. >> i would like nothing more than to just get back to work and move on with my life. >> it will be interesting to see if jussie smhows up at the awards. next nischelle turn elisabe "the view." elisabeth hasselbeck picked a heck of a time to return to "the view." you got that right. and elisabeth has her old rival rosie o'donnell to thank or blame for that. >> excited to be back at "the view" today? >> i am. >> after nearly six years the former host returned to promote her book "point of view," but did rosie just reignite their feud? >> what she said was reckless, untrue. >> you said nothing and that's cowardice. >> no, no, no. >> according to the upcoming "view" tell all "ladies who punch" rosie claims their frequent blow ups were intensified by her crush on hasselbeck and there were,
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quote, underlying lesbian undertones on both parts. o'donnell tried to use hasselbeck's athletic past to explain, quote, there are not many in my life, girls with such athletic talent, that aren't at least a little bit gay. >> just because you're athletic doesn't have anything to do with your sexual preference. i forgive rosie, absolutely forgive her 'cause i was disturbed by what she said and i was offended by it. i really pray that she can just have the peace that she deserves. >> today rosy tweeted my crush on you was not sexual. sorry you got scared. i never objectified you. got love you kid. i always did. "e.t." planned to interview elisabeth today, but she pulled out hours before amid the drama. she idn't take part in the tell all which claims she threatened to quit after this fight. >> elisabeth, calm down. >> i can't. this makes me so upset, barbara. >> in her own book elisabeth praises barbara, but admits she was shocked to find out that like joy, she was being replaced. >> we're not renewing your contracts.
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>> which translates to your fired. . >> and i was happy. >> elisabeth says "the view" recently offered to take her back. she felt thankful but said no. >> when i wrote this book one of the things i said was i won't go back to "the view" to talk about it. the countdown is on as kathie lee gifford prepares for her exit from "the today show." >> i consider hoda one of my dearest, dearest friends. >> she's crying already. >> the tears will really be flowing next friday, april 5th, kathie lee's last day on the job. >> what's the most you're going to miss about her? >> the day i met kath i feel like everything changed and got >> kathie lee's first day was back in 2008. we were th cried. she said please tell me you're gonna come kathie. we would have so much fun. >> wow, wow.
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>> it was all hoda. >> then i just fell in love. look at her. ♪ then came you >> i don't think i need to be here. >> these two went through a lot together in 11 years including the death of kathie lee's husband frank gifford in 2015. >> frank is here in spirit cheering you all on. what did he think about this motley crew? >> it was frank who said you got to do it kath. he said she's wonderful and you guys are gonna be great together. >> and he was right. listen to this speed round. >> how many glasses of wine have you had over the past 11 years? >> three total. >> what? >> that's our story and we're sticking to it. >> how many interviews have you conducted while tipsy? >> three. >> well, today was "tipsy tuesday." so i had to join in. >> this is to you kathie lee. >> love you, baby girls promis not to make me cry during the interview. they made me cry.
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we're going to miss them. >> you're sentimental. we'll miss them as a team. thank you. now to the hollywood heavy hitter s part of yesterday's big apple tv announcement. i mean, look at that class photo. >> there has never been a moment quite like this one. >> lady o was front and center of an impressive group of stars who are joining her as part of apple tv plus, the company's upcoming subscription streaming service. >> it was hugs all around as the stars mingled for the pic. reese witherspoon, general aniston, jennifer garner, jada pinket smith and "avengers" star chris evans and brie larson are among those contributing to new shows. oprah will be working on documentaries as well as a digital book club. >> ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> reese and jen aniston are co-starring in "the morning show" which gave reese a chance to do her impression of gayle king's now viral interview with r. kelly. >> let's see you do a scene like that on your new morning show. >> robert, robert, robert.
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>> stop it. >> robert, robert. >> and since oprah's so interested -- >> we would like you on reese witherspoon's and jennifer aniston's series about morning television. have they reached out? >> ah, yeah, that may happen. >> we'll have to wait and see in the fall when apple tv plus launches. oprah was queen for a day at apple's cupertino, california headquarters. check out her ride on a futuristic elevator with steven spielberg and apple's tim cook. >> this is great. >> we just finished riding in an elevator. >> it's a wonkavator. >> wonkavator? >> never been in an elevator? >> it's innovation. >> you're at apple. anything can happen. coming up anna faris' latest response to chris pratt's engagement might surprise you. >> chris and i a long conversation. plus we head to"arican idol. here's why katy wasn't feeling orlando's island vibe. ♪ and why the trip made luke
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>> there were tears all around last night "american idol" lk look at katy perry. we joined all the judges in hawaii and we are taking you there. but justice bieber is topping tonight's know and tell. is a baby beibs on the way? ♪ baby baby baby >> justin definitely has fatherhood on the brain. yesterday in a message to fans he explained why he's taking a break from writing music. "i am now very focussed on repairing some of the deep rooted issues that i have so that i can sustain my marriage and be the father i want to be. ♪ as long as you love me >> so is haley pregnant? a source tells "e.t." justice and his wife of six months talk about kids and it's a priority to them. adding, their friends wouldn't be surprised if that happened soon. from baby fever to respectful exes. anna faris says her relationship with ex chris pratt is so good they're taking a vacation together.
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>> do we all spend christmas together? do we vacation together? like how do we make sure that everybody we love feels safe? >> anna got candid with her divorce attorney laura wasser on podcast one's divorce sucks and revealed she's not sure if she'll ever get married again, but she's very happy for chris and katherine schwarzenegger. >> i was like that's awesome. i told him that i was an ordained minister. finally katy perry votes no on fiance orlando bloom. >> you're not going to hollywood. >> he gets to hawaii and he wants to buy a ukulele like that's an original idea and i'm like come on. >> we've got a sneak peek of katy and the "american idol" gang hitting the beach in hawaii for tonight's episode. >> they're eliminating half you guys today. >> how much have you guys loved being in hawaii? have you done a little paddle boarding? >> i have not paddle boarded. did i see you on a paddle board? >> not funny. not funny. >> i saw him. i saw it all over the internet. >> i was paddle boarding and i was not happy with my physique. therefore, i've hired four
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trainers and i have eliminated beer from my life forever. still ahead -- >> it's a troop beverly hills reunion. >> 30 years in the making only "e.t." is bringing you the song and secrets from the set. then -- >> what are you talking about? >> our exclusive "this is us" co-st co-star confidential continues with sterling and susan. he's telling all about his wife. >> i love it. closed captioning provided by --
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so much more than concealer. in 25 shades. new infallible full wear concealer ♪ welcome back. the love fest with our favorite "this is us" couples continues. tonight it's our exclusive with co-stars sterling k. brown and susan kelechi watson who turned their interview into one hilarious co-star confessional.
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>> what are your quirks that drive each other nuts on the set? >> for randall and beth on set? >> like is he late? >> sterling's early and then he walks. he gets his little morning exercise and walks to set and i always take the van. >> the level is too high. >> nothing really annoys me, but i do love the long island like when she says w-a-l-k-s or t-a-l-k-s. >> what? walks and talks. >> in real life sterling and susan are all about laughter and dance challenges. but tonight tv's favorite couple throw down. >> let's do this. close the door. >>o this right now. randall's got his big boy pants on. ♪ in the alter in their white dress ♪ >> but it's not all fights. we also throw back to the day randall proposes which is the perfect intro to our "this is
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us" not so newlywed game. >> who is a better dancer? >> sue. >> she can sing better. she can dance better. she can write better. all those things. >> which one of you would you least trust with a "this is us" secret? three, two, one. >> me? >> what are you talking about? >> i keep my secrets. >> you tell me everything. >> i tell you everything 'cause i want you to know. >> what is a hidden talent sterling has we might not know about? >> you know what i'm going to say. you always deny it. >> three, two, one. >> it's the singing thing. ♪ in the shaa shallow ♪ in the shaa la la low >> i loved it. >> of course sterling sounds good. the man can do anything.
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we have more fun tomorrow with chrissy metz. why she's puttingand chris sullivan on blast. now let's get to our big screen reunion. nischelle is in new york. >> nancy, why am i in new york talking about troop beverly hills? it's not fair. all my wilderness girls dreams came true that day. >> the cast of "troop beverly hills" together again and at the beverly hills hotel nonetheless. >> so break out your patches and your cookie boxes for a reunion 30 years in the making. >> look at these beautiful girls. >> i do want to start out by giving you guys a little gift. we got you a little gift. is there a moment that stands >> i think the cookie time was pretty fabulous. >> and that's a really good song right, honey. >> oh, my god.
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♪ gather round ♪ it's cookie time ♪ we work hard and we play fair ♪ ♪ buy a box and do your share >> she wasn't lip syncing. >> no, i was not lip syncing, you guys. >> so how many people come up to you and ask you to sing that though? >> everybody. >> you still get it. >> i get that and i get excuse me officer, don't you know who this man is. >> he's the best. he's the greatest. he's my dad. james the jack hammer shakard. >> it feels good. >> who are you? >> phyllis nefler, troop beverly hills. >> i do want to gush about shelly long for one second here because for me this role and i really believe and truly believe it was underappreciated in so many ways for a comedic actress. >> story of my life. >> i may be a beginner at some things, but i got a black belt in shopping. >> the physical comedy was so de it rain. a
1:51 am
>> i just love that scene because we're all just che our kumbaya -- i just loved that. >> not until we all sing kumbaya. >> was the kumbaya thing an improv, i feel like, that came up in the seen? >> it was an improv during the table read. >> that's right. that's right. >> and i just broke into kumbaya. ♪ kumbaya my lord, kumbaya >> and the "ghost busters two" guys wanted to use kumbaya, but we already had it. >> i love the smell of cookies in the morning. >> betty thomas played the red feather's villainous leader velda. >> right mom? >> nix on the mom business. >> i would call you mom, but you always said nix on the mom business. >> that's right. >> after "troop beverly hills" betty left acting and became one of the most successful female directors in hollywood. >> i quit acting after that. i was like help me get outta here. >> she couldn't get out of it fast enough. >> if i'm at the airport and i start saying, hey, hand me that thing there's a blue light
1:52 am
special. >> attention k mart shoppers. >> i've had people come up to me and say, my god, you're velda plentder and i go oh my voice never changed. >> and tori this was her last acting role. this was your first acting role, right? >> it was. >> where are you guys from, mars? >> worse. beverly hills. >> obviously i had a small part, but i just loved watching. and the costumes, though, i feel like you watch them now and you're like iconic. >> did you have a favorite look, shelly? >> you know the dress with the bird on the shoulder was pretty fabulous. >> i have a favor to ask. please and thank you. if we could end with a little beverly hills what a thrill. can we do it. >> so are you ready? are we ready? ♪ five six seven eight ♪ we're the girls from beverly hills ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four
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♪ shopping is our greatest skill ♪ ♪ five six seven eight beverly hills what a thrill ♪ ♪ beverly hills what a thrill >> best day ever. you may have noticed that some of the original cast members were missing. they did send messages including this one from carla. >> happy 30th anniversary troop beverly hills. i can't believe that. i don't think i've been alive long enough. i'm sending love from new york city. >> by the way the beverly hills hotel is offering a package to celebrate the movie's 30th anniversary. nancy, you have to take your daughter and introduce her. >> great idea. she would love it. coming up remember when elizabeth hurly put this dress on the map. why she's wearing it again 25 years later. (vo) zero calories...
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elizabeth hurley made fashion history when she work that iconic dress to the premier of four weddings and a funeral. that was back in 1994 when she was dating hugh grant. >> amazing. guess what, she can still rock the look. check it out. she recreated the versace gown for the new issue of harper's bazaar. she said i took this dress home and did my own hair and make up. it was all very unglamorous compared to how things get done now. >> she said she does rnt exercise, but she's active and got a minute?
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