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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  March 27, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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have had cops is circling around making sure the area is safe but being on campus will tell you it was a ghost town, nobody was around there, you know usually 8 o'clock rolls around you're seeing the hustle bustle of school. it st completely goes mt and we're waiting right now for a press conference to begin will happen at 9.30 here at the district office they're going to be talking to us about the investigation because police are investigating this threat they're taking it seriously and the district working closely with them. so we hope to learn a bit more about this threat. and obviously why they take this seriously clearly is a big threat so we're waiting to find out more about that. >>it's going to be at 9.30 on live in fairfield sarah stinson kron 4 news a thank you very much sara for that report. >>turning our attention now to the weather we've got john treatable taking a closer look at this rainy start for wednesday. john yeah, a rainy day already guys you can see that rainfall out there across the bay area, especially for the north bay as we zoom in
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and across the river there we go ok this is your view out petaluma where conditions are certainly cloudy to get things started off with and also has been rainy to now let's take a look at that satellite and radar there you go some areas of the heaviest of rainfall up in northern portions of napa and sonoma counties off and on showers have now drifted their way on into the peninsula to are in county seeing some of our heaviest of rain really picking up over the last few minutes for you up there. rainfall will increase in intensity in about 30 minutes you see all that rain offshore that's going to work its way on to the peninsula and moments to come and as i are in county you seen rainfall picking up actually having lightened up in sonoma county over the past few minutes if you're crossing the richmond center fell bridge or just driving up one oh one up in marin county. you're going to be looking at a wet roadway to be doing so those heavier showers over northern at the county are moving further and further northward in doing so they've now moved into areas
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of the lake county there's that line of showers right around 9 30 this morning so not long from now only about 30 minutes away and you see intensity really increasing across the bay area this will take us on into the latter part of the morning and the early afternoon chance of thunderstorms for inland areas this afternoon conditions dry out just in time for your drive home from work before showers tomorrow morning and into tomorrow afternoon to the good news. it is thursday our last day of looking at that before a dry weekend set up ahead of us. clearly you are our first spot in the 60's sitting at 60 degrees right now conquered, sitting at 59 with most of the day in a range of mid to upper 50's 60's is where will be later on today with san jose holding on to the mid 60's. i'm talking more about today and tomorrow's rain still to come. robin. >>thank you john want to check in on the which has been sluggish in a number of spots this morning, it's getting a little bit better heading into san francisco. we can see the heavy traffic at the toll plaza. but it no longer
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stretches through the maze now it starts right around west grand. so that is considered a slight improvement for the drive in and you're averaging 17 minutes if you're traveling on city streets to san francisco stay away from bryant. at second this is where crews are investigating a major injury accident involving a dump truck that struck a pedestrian in the 6 o'clock hour brian and second still close lots of heavy traffic on bryant and second in both directions and the backup the spilling over to brandon and harrison street right here both can be used as alternate so keep that in mind. we'll have more on that coming up right now with a will and james. >>all right, thank you very much. breaking news to report for you this morning rob was just talking about a person in the hospital with life threatening injuries after getting hit by that dump truck in san francisco. it happened just off of interstate 80 corner second bryant. that truck at the person around 6 45 this morning driver is cooperating with police. heavy traffic those been reported in the areas robin's been mentioning that intersection closed right now many buses
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are being rerouted and we'll keep you updated on the situation as it continues to evolve. >>another breaking news that we're following city leaders in berkeley voted to ban overnight rv parking the ban applies to city streets between 2 5 o'clock in the morning for that 3 hour window and it goes into effect not next week. but immediately the city council did however agree to create some kind of permitting system that would be giving some rv owners to week exemptions. people against them and they showed up to the meeting saying the only housing that they can possibly afford is to live an rv that the city council says they're taking up parking spaces for people who actually live in homes in berkeley and it's also according to them, causing a health issue. many people at the meeting were hoping the city would find these people alternative housing before the ban went into effect but that didn't happen. >>new this morning, a man is dead following a shooting last night in oakland it happened
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in the 1800 block of church street. the victim's identity not yet released. no information on the suspects either so we're going to stay on the story for you and update you when we find out more from investigators. another big story we're following right now the city of san francisco has reached a settlement with the mother of mario woods. would you may remember was fatally shot by police in the bayview district back in 2015. he was a suspect in an earlier stabbing and when police approached him, he refused to drop the knife that he was holding but in the lawsuit filed by with his mother she claims that her son never threatened those officers or raise the knife before he was shot. the amount of money reached in the settlement has not been announced publicly that settlement that was reached just 6 days before a jury trial was scheduled to start in san francisco. >>wanted for shooting in san francisco's mission district is arrested after a shootout with chp officers police have not released his name so far. but they say he shot a man on 13th street on monday before
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taking off to southern california to hundreds of miles away he turned of actually in riverside county near the arizona border, there was a shootout at that time was chp officers who managed to track him down no officers were injured. we don't know the gunman himself was injured as far as for the shooting victim in san francisco. we're being told that that person actually is still in critical condition. this morning. also new this morning a man working for a ride share services arrested for exposing himself near the u c berkeley campus in according to police officers he did this multiple times. the incident happened last year in the area of dwight way at street police increase patrols in the area they did their investigation which took a little bit of time but they ended up arresting david harrington. he is charged with 4 counts of indecent exposure. >>in the south bay to santa clara county public health department says that an international traveler had measles during their weeklong stay here in the bay area and that person infected with the measles visited nearly 2 dozen
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places. so we have a map here prepared showing you the number of locations in the south bay where this person was reportedly spotted. there's a lot of locations right health department says this person went to the mountain view wal-mart 2 saturdays ago those back on march 16th between 3 in the afternoon and 05:00pm the person then went over to the hoover tower observation deck is stanford. then a palo alto pokey restaurant sunnyvale cbs and then a safe way in mountain view. so if you've been in the area while this person was there you need to know about the symptoms of measles include cough runny nose, red eyes, a fever, that red blotchy rash on your body. if you haven't been vaccinated and you start to see some of the symptoms come on you need to ask a healtc provider what to do next don't go straight to your doctor's office call them first to be to show up out of the blue you could be putting other patients at risk as well so be careful about that and don't forget our coverage of the story continues online at kron four dot com we've got an interactive map that very same app that you saw of all the
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places where this infected person visited. we also have a complete list of the symptoms of this potentially deadly disease and information as well on the local pharmacies that are still offering the vaccine. all of that for you at kron four dot com. >>a bay area family is upset after the attorney general's decision not to investigate a 16 year-old girl who was shot and killed by police officers, a lot and draw gun was pregnant when she was fatally shot back in 2017. she was in the car of a suspect that they were actually pursuing an undercover sting operation when she was caught in the crossfire. the driver was later captured. last year the investigation revealed that there's not enough evidence to support criminally prosecuting the officers who fired at the car. but the alameda county district attorney's office asked the state's attorney general to review the case to remove any doubt. attorney general hobby of the sarah elected not to because he said he wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict of
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interest. this is going on really everything again just reminds us that. >>there's a void. there's a void here and that was not be filled. just does not feel was carroll getting things done right or you kill ability. his us kind of like to take the loss of you doing at the that such children feeling like. you know what now what's next. >>the girl's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of fremont and their officers. the search has been suspended for the swimmer who went missing in san mateo county tyler collins summer said there's his picture right there. he was swept out to sea and has not been seen since according to pacifica police collins and 2 other people, staying at the light house hotel at rockaway beach decided to go for a swim yesterday morning and we cover this is breaking news all morning on the kron four morning news. police also say the 2 other men well they went out to the water with them, but they managed to come back. collins, however did not the coast guard says crews search for just over 15 hours
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yesterday and actually covered 66 square miles but no trace of it. >>the family of kyra sunshine scarlet have confirmed that the body found it for fun stunned beach is her the city medical examiner's office has not identified the body as the landslide victim, but again we're hearing from the family. the woman's body was found monday morning in the same spot where the 22 year-old was buried under a landslide about a month ago. back on february 22th, a cliff collapsed, burying her understand she was walking there along the cliffs at the time with another woman and the dog. in the east bay and oakland police motorcycle officers recovering now after he was struck during a traffic stop that officer pulled over a vehicle for failing to stop at a stop sign this was on the 2400 block of. he even scored boulevard about 11 o'clock yesterday morning when the officer approached the vehicle though the driver quickly reversed hitting the officer and pushing his motorcycle about 15 feet. the author of the driver fled the scene the officer was transported to
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hospital at last check was in stable condition. the officer was able to give a description of the vehicle involved but oakland police so far have not released that information publicly. we'll take a break 9.11 that i'm still to come on the cross for morning news. we're going to tell you what bart police are doing to try to curb the increase that we're seeing in violence. >>for day of making history so fast. that i think they can't even keep up with how much progress they're making. >>coming up at 9.45. we will continue our celebration of women's history prof or spam or sits down with barry broadcasting legend. well the davis. that first governor to some sat down with california renters and homeowners to try to find a solution to the states housing crisis more on that in a minute and we are looking at showers still across the bay area, some of the heaviest of them are in county right now tracking out as we make our way to the morning. >>i'm noticing a slight improvement for your drive
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into san francisco here at the bay bridge toll plaza it's only stacked up from west grand earlier it
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>>the john travel here again keeping us updated on the movements of the rain this morning yeah, it spreading further and further south guys that used to just be up in the as it was all throughout the morning early. now spreading further south in san jose. actually getting in the mix in
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and now it's in the here's a look outside of the golden gate bridge work conditions have offered up some rain you can actually see it odds blocking out that view just enough as for the rainfall that we are looking at up in the north a maroon county, it's picked up over the past few minutes but most notably is where has picked up furtser south, especially right around san jose you see that little area of yellow right there towards alum rock and then eventually up towards sunnyvale and mountain view also having really picked up and can forget these pay 8680 of south of fremont also now getting in the mix of some of the first rain of the day and just to the west of hayward some showers also moving in looking at that heavy rain around marin county and up towards just south of santa rosa. so much more active scene than we did have earlier this morning showers will continue throughout the course of the rest your morning on towards about noontime today bills to further and further eastward hang on to the east bay in the south bay through the early afternoon fire drive home from work conditions really start to clear out. now
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overnight tonight into tomorrow morning light rainfall begins to work its way back into the picture and tomorrow some of our heaviest of rain will again be seen up in the tomorrow shower intensity. not going to be as great nor widespread is today's will be and things taper off into tomorrow evening before a dry weekend friday saturday sunday even into monday of next week, daytime highs solid 60's across the day at half moon bay and a couple areas in the north a like mill valley holding on to the upper 50's, your next 7 days mostly in the 60's, although look at that right million weekend saturday and sunday enjoying dry weather with highs back in the 70's. robin. s moving out there still very busy anthe ritz and bridge. the slowdown, here's feels back to marina. so it doesn't look a whole lot better averaging about 15 minutes into the north bay, the bay bridge traffic slowly traffic they see here this bill through the maze at one
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point it was on all connectors that's no longer the case. now it's to about west grand so i'll take that that is an improvement but you're still averaging 17 minute softer fremont street on city streets in san francisco. this is the area that you want to stay away from right here second and brian so there's an eye injury accident that still under investigation now this involves a dump truck that struck a pedestrian so brian and second is close traffic backed up in both directions at second you may want to consider brannon or even harrison street instead of using bryant street. we don't know how long that investigation will take that person was already transported still have things close minutes to the finance left. >>governor gavin newsom has announced california the governor is hoping to put one billion into housing in the form of building incentives tax credits
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including for some home buyers as well as rent subsidies. the governor says the state is struggling to build 100,000 new units a year when the state actually needs 4 times that amount part of the new plan is to get cities to approve more housing construction and due to do it much quicker. the plan would also withhold state gas tax money if goals are not met the governor says under the best of conditions it could take as long as 10 years to create 3 million new housing units to help solve the state's housing crisis. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us once again with the latest headlines. so boeing yes, we have problems with the 7.37 max 8, 9 the fleet's been grounded boeing what they have a fix now is that we are morning wrote a letter to ethiopian airlines is to open letter such really a letter to all the aviation industry. >>saying that he's humbled and he's learning a lot of the
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evidence now is pointing to a softer manufacture a malfunction on the plane. there is 2 sensors that could work together to it. they were charges that to censor that works together. upgrade so boeing said the it for free retrain all the pilots. this is a plan that's been flying for a long time software system hasn't but 7 thirty-sevens been around for 40 plus years. some 37 max jets had to you know to figure this out. it's obviously too big to fail kind of situation. boeing plans are in the air every day confidence is important for the company suffer the cio to come out and say we're sorry can say you're sorry said were held or learning to lawsuits are over is not to say sorry. the good news is turning pilot saw the fix us and become of were coming out of 10. this is good. this is exwanted. i'm not technicals but it won't nosedive for more than 10 seconds it will only do it once and then you're on your own kind of thing they also have a free upgrade for anyone who wants free upgrade it used to be costly. fda needs to certify this will
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happen probably in the next week or 2, as an investor is the time to get in. it's time to get before the fda says now it's safe to fly again because then the news is already out there see about a week or 2 to think about october provides taken any actions that you ever hear from someone like me on radio or television. a d bt to give you an opportunity i want to greatest franchises in the world it comes some of the ripple effects of the grounding of the fleet of course has been that airlines that use that plane had been hit hard southwest probably chief among them they got a number of these. >>and i guess airline now saying this is the reason why they're taking such a big hit in revenue right now. >>yeah, and it's worthy of note how many types of airplanes. boeing i'm sorry to southwest years the only is want some 37. they have the different versions and the some 37 max 8 is a very small par of it they've announced 9400 cancel is cancellations recently that's a lot i've got a friend my son's best friend of stuck in arizona last 2 days the southwest canceled
9:21 am
flights. so it's happening out there 2800 flights have been canceled because the boeing. some 37 max fleet has been grounded. but i said 9400 cancellations so southwest came out and said our mechanics union is a slowing things down and we can't fly unless we fix our place southwest made all their money they've been profit because the only about thirty-sevens. the mechanics and we have to learn how to fix one type of plane essentially. so it's you analysts are saying the 7.37 max about 4% of southwest revenue per day, the stock has fallen back recently, but people are starting to say this is going to end southwest been profitable for 25 straight years, no other i can say that they got white thing coming. i try to book a flight to white on top us just walk up it so not going to get. >>but it's 30% cheaper and that alaska airlines, hawaiian airlines, 30% cheaper. i like it so i feel good about saying boeing the southwest might be by time clinton won herself we're dealing with plane crashes and called to say winner. but i'm just trying to say opportunity knocks and i
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listened. why fly commercial when you can get your own private i which you could very well do if you win the million. >>joe lottery jackpot powerball today it's huge everybody always talks about whenever the jackpot gets us pay its trail. it is true and are you and of are you in with a co-workers yes with will's pool did you sign a contract. i did not be penciled my name in the list of names that's about to take you far and so what can the james let her go what he become the new american dream is because most people can't afford a home, so now we can buy a $2 tickets dream that we have millions and millions of dollars but in 292 million chance. >>of winning. never tell me the odds are on tap and it's sunny outside to get struck by lightning than you should play the lottery but until then don't do it, there's a dark side a lot of lottery winners go bankrupt pretty quickly because they start getting houses and boats and yachts d e you have to live up to that you have to
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pay the taxes every year you have make an entire year. lot of people that murdered they start banging on the richest man. someone knocks him off still the money. the moment you win a sign the ticket and put in a safe deposit box don't try to take it to mean grabbing tickets there. i'm winning the lottery doesn't make you financially smart don't think you can start giving financial advice to me don't think your uncle is going to put a great restaurant. you got lucky or smart don't become an entrepreneur or try not to run out of money. i'm kind of run out and buy everything that you can you're if teams as a ton of our son mike and i went the system are some money. no no because he's come back next month or more money in the next month after that so it's like puppies don't give friends and family any of your lottery winnings. and so you really really have a plan. and it's right by steve you do end. good luck for the record i caught the stupid person tax i you're not going to win. i might. you might just buy one ticket same team on scene i like the idea that you're
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dreaming for a couple hours it could be a because your whole life you've been a live recording your wife, apparently kitty getting carried away i love >>saving the job for apps it all right don't forget to keep the questions coming in or the complaints reach out to rob you can find him e-mail of course rob. on facebook on twitter and on the website of kron four dot com always a pleasure to have europe. we'll
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>>in the news this morning, a bill working its way through the state capital that would end discrimination against people wearing natural hairstyles like grades dreadlocks and twist right now the state doesn't have any legal protection for people that are discriminated because of their hairstyles but sb one 88 would make it illegal to do so in the workplace or in the housing sector. and as we head to break his with live look outside police the radar anyway show you where the rain falling right now and as promised john was telling us to look for those imbedded heavier showers we're seeing that pop up on the radar now those those areas in yellow and orange that
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>>30 is the time and of course the big story continues to grow as we've got more rain working its way across and that's going to start impacting. the roads more more more than it has been already yeah actually it's picking up looking a lot better now that the rain is moving in that sort of like perfect timing the traffic's not so bad me it's just about over. >>when it moves in it's going to get worse all checked the bay bridge ok john is there any place that can go that's dry. so we can buy a >>you know, no guarantee it's going to stay dry throughout the day in these spots. san francisco is going to be later today, nice and dry right now you got to rush up to the tri valley which won't be later and have you see exactly i keep going. ever come back
9:31 am
well want you to come back you don't have to though if you win, here's a look outside out at berkeley camera right here b pretty cloudy and will if you want to dry spot right now like i said the further east in the bay had the better. it's not going to stay dry out there for long though as we make our way through the morning this line of showers we're seeing shaping up now finally across the bay is going to skew further and further east we're doing so rather slow it throughout the latter morning. again these embedded areas of heavy rainfall can be seen out there and some of this rainfall already picking up on the peninsula from half moon bay north to daly city over to san bruno and the south side of san francisco. again this is just the star of some rainfall over the next few hours that should be pretty constant from this point on to about 02:00pm today up north also looking at showers around santa rose, although drying out behind and actually you're going to be looking at some consistently dry conditions into the afternoon up in the north bay as the showers roll further and further to the east and
9:32 am
south center fell down the mill valley upton of otto all pretty rainy to and santa rosa told you just a second ago, there's that line of heavier rainfall scooting through the bay best chance of thunderstorms in the early afternoon, the drying out after that for your drive home from work later, staying dry at least early in the evening before more rain fall into tomorrow temperatures in the 60's for oakland right now are for spot to do so the rest of us are in the 50's but expecting 60's later today, more your forecast is still ahead robin traffic is still just a drag heading into san francisco right now john we're checking the bay bridge and we toll plaza. >>earlier it was through the maze and then it got a little bit better it was only 2 west grand. but i'm noticing that it's starting to back up again to the bottom of so that's where it starts now. and usually means there's another wave of heavy traffic coming into san francisco. so right now you're averaging about 70 minutes or fremont street,
9:33 am
here's the golden gate bridge and things are fine from the north bay, the drive times actually decreased we're down to 30 minutes, not so bad nevado to san francisco james well. thank you. >>a grandmother was injured in a house fire early this morning in concord one of the big stories. we're following crawford, chilly of 7 is shows us the damage to the home. >>early-morning fire quickly destroyed this conquered home display seen a family of 3 generations. >>they all got out safely except for the grandmother. she suffered minor burns on her hand and foot the height of the fire neighbors and firefighters said they could hear explosions. coming from the back of the you know we were outside clothes and there was explosions and some peace came flying over. >>on to our driveway a rival, we heard some loud. was saturday explosions, i'm not sure because ammunition or propane yet to determine that would probably 4 or 5 explosions.
9:34 am
>>our crews got on scene quickly start in water on the crews who have run or not the main body of the fire died inside. >>the woman who was hurt in the fire is expected to recover from her injuries as far as the cause of the fire will that still under investigation it is still unclear whether it was propane tanks or something else that caused the fire. in concord he only a 7 is kron 4 news. >>another big story that we're following this morning a palo alto couple has been indicted now for the college admissions cheating scandal. according to the la times amy and gregory coburn or the first people against whom the us attorney has secured an indictment. the paper is reporting that theedo of rick singer to rick their son's college entrance exam fact singer is the confessed leader of this admissions scam. at least 30 other parents have been charged in the scandal since the investigation was announced earlier this month. and violent crime is surging on bart these past few days have
9:35 am
been an unsettling reminder of what can happen many of our writers are already terrified and now their fear factor goes up since wa stabbed in 3 women were attacked on barton fact your cell phone video. >>of one the attacks is still searching. one of those people dan kerman has the story. >>this is the altercation that led to a stabbing on bart friday afternoon. police are still looking for this man in connection with the attack. but that was just the beginning of several incidents on saturday at the coliseum bart station a woman was injured when she fought off a man trying to steal a backpack. a suspect was arrested monday that at 9.30 on a train heading from daly city tacoma and struck a woman in the head. he too was arrested and then at 1130 the same night, a man was arrested that they were in the bart station after throwing a woman to the ground on board a train and stealing her backpack. >>just adding that people in bar. so right now is going crazy right now. >>riders are shaken up.
9:36 am
>>do worry about safety on. i do i try to do whatever it can to minimize chance again right now it's both and myself on our mind >>i want to say that i'm sorry i want to say that i think that we as an agency recognized the things that we need to do and over the next a few months i think that you will see changes part for president that the t says customer satisfaction has dropped as has ridership on nights and weekends and he believes it has to do with the lack of police presence on trains and in stations, we are absolutely focused on. developing a very visible >>and our trains and our stations and at this stage. where you know there's discussions. there's meetings that have to take place we have to confer with some of our. >>groups but you know we recognize what our writers want to know specifics at this point but it does seem this if are now has gotten the message. >>and police presence will be
9:37 am
ramped up as violence continues to increase across the system. at the daly city bart station dan kerman kron 4 news. >>guys out there not just so cloudy anymore. but now it's also rainy looking at rain pushing into the peninsula and the heaviest stuff while it's working its way or direction, i've got your forecast and now that the heavier rain is moving in the traffic getting out so that is perfect timing your drive here across the 7 tail bridge looks great and 18 minutes to make it over to the peninsula. >>we'll check more drive times coming up. analysts say the money and we've got to i knew a lot about kron on the bay area's only commercial free streaming the clock. it also gives you on-demand access to the crime for archives that includes people behaving badly. plus all the in depth award-winning bay area documentaries produced by kron four one of the most compelling and dramatic moments in the
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history of san francisco. >>if you've ever wondered what it's like to work in a newsroom. well we've posted every episode of the back story that you're about to go on and you have the 06:00am all you. >>and that's just a small sample of what you'll get for the kron on app it's available on iphones ipads apple tv android devices and amazon fire. we're offering a 7 day free trial for
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>>41 welcome back rain spreading further and further south than your golden gate bridge finally looking rainy out there your view not near as clear as it was earlier this morning, this line of showers now stretching north to south across the bay to do see some of the heaviest of rainfall about to make its way into san francisco. so expect that rain to pick up here in just a few minutes, i know we've been eyeing it out there all morning long those of you in the north they have just been saying it all morning long. but now we've got it san jose also looking at some heavier showers drifting its way your direction specially just to the east of the city, robin. >>all right, thank you john want to check back in on the bay bridge. we have a little opening as you get closer to the toll plaza right here. some of those fast-track lanes are thinning out and i can see some raindrops on the camera now so you're right. the rain is pushing n and it's going to be backed up here to west grant also see the wiper see it's coming down now on the traffic heading into san francisco. you can have a wet commute so leave early but you're only averaging 18
9:42 am
minutes after fremont street of course we'll check in on more slowdowns and more bridges coming up in a bit back seat. >>thank you robin coming up. for celebration of women's history prof or or sits down with barry a broadcasting legend. tell the davis.
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9:44 am
>>we are back at 9.45 quick live look up in this year, this is 80 at donner lake where you can see actually the roads are pretty clear but wet as we've got a storm system working its way through the bay area and this year as well
9:45 am
looks theory. re sort of urine. it's just know that is a well finally somebody say that is not a picture of actual. you know i saw him today why is the weekend is looking so good everyone's just wait for there we it waiting for past weekend was good. this weekend's going to be even better zr as weather goes offense. that's how you start a weather forecast talk about great good news can now get you to the er. the first thing out there today, this the east bay about blower rainfall is about to be working its way or direction you do have some sun rays making its way through the clouds right there as you can see in this shot though. >>so not a bad way to get the day started off with this line of showers stretching a right to the core of the bay now and we're seeing shower activity picking up both for san francisco and then down into the south bay to let's start with the san francisco in the north bay sandra fell down to the marina headwinds and now on over to oakland berkeley on
9:46 am
up through richmond, seeing that rainfall picking up just a few light showers around walnut creek down to san ramon, really brief, but it is heading your direction so do expect rainfall to pick up further south of the peninsula also looking at some rain and for the south bay from fremont down to san jose los gatos and on over to woodside g eir way your direction as well so a lot more active than we were to start the morning and you see these isolated spots of heavy rain that will continue through mid morning on into the latter part of morning around lunchtime and then taper off after 02:00pm after that point your drive home from work actually looking a lot clearer. so good news for those of you driving home later on today and then tomorrow more rainfall although tomorrow's rainfall not looking quite as widespread as today's north day again going to be seeing the most significant impact from rain tomorrow and as we move into tomorrow afternoon and evening showers taper off and for the last time this
9:47 am
week friday saturday sunday and monday after that looking really nice and really dry. daytime highs today back up into the 60's so temperatures not all that bad one of the nicest parts about your forecast today so long as you get your umbrellas in your rain jackets l ance of thunderstorms w be early this afternoon after that some showers tomorrow mixed with a little bit of sunshine. come friday and saturday. it's just mostly sunny and come saturday and sunday. it's clear and it's highs in the 70's that's warmer than last weekend was and will make for some very pleasant weather to be out and about robin now that's what i'm looking forward to the 70's and the pleasant weather. >>let's talk about what people don't like and what they're not looking forward to that sitting in traffic right still very busy here at the ritz from santa fell bridge toll plaza with traffic backed up be on richmond parkway it's winding down, but it's still not smooth as you can see, but 12 minutes, not bad for that trip into the north still have any hot spots, but yeah, the rains coming down here on folks at the bay bridge toll plaza. i see those wipers on
9:48 am
so you're going to be dealing with a wet commute. that's going to be traffic even heavier right now it's quiet but it's already backed up to the bottom of the maze to set a crawl here at the toll plaza sullivan little earlier averaging 60 minutes for now that's going to go up quick thinking the south bay because i want to show you this crash northbound 2.80 right around the mcloughlin on route to 2.80, not an injury accident blocking 2 lanes of traffic so it's already beyond the one to one split and even after that more slow traffic up ahead continuing through san jose and into cupertino so now you're at 20 minutes and growing because of that crash on north to a t for one on one to 85, it's going to be pretty congested here's a peek at 5.18 leaving castro valley, that's just a very slow. interchange i feel like every time i pass fire tried through that area it's backed up no matter what time of day it is but are right around redwood is where it comes to a crawl on 5 of us a ists 70 as you emerge on to to 38 finally clearing up there is 14th back to you.
9:49 am
t system in oakland this morning about 40,000 people with a within a 60 square block radius of the downtown area there just west of lake merritt you're going to get an earthquake. shake alert on your cell phone at 11 o'clock this morning that system uses data from hundreds of sensors across california, oregon, washington state. the shake alert system can trace and track seismic waves underground and then warned people here on the surface as much as maybe even a minute before the actual shaking starts. the part that we really need to know more about is the delivery side. >>one set the alert is published made available for distribution. what happens between there and when it gets to you or to whatever device like these. >>by sending out an alert before an earthquake starts officials are hoping they'll have a chance to slow down trains and close valves underground for water and gas maybe even opened fire house door, so they're not locked in and then also send out a duck
9:50 am
in alert. duck and cover alert to schools and other places where children of people might need to take cover. in this morning's celebration of women were excited to profile a woman whose life and career set an example of tenacity and perseverance for all women during this women's history month, she's alleging she's a trailblazer crown for spam or talks with bay area's on broadcasting legend bell, the davis. >>who spent many of her glorious years in journalism, right here and cry. >>in america today are making history so fast that i think they can't even keep up with how much progress they're making because it's all over the world. >>well the davis was the first woman of color to work as a television news reporter on the west coast of the united states. >>when i started in the business. i was nastily news conferences. >>in her 5 decades in the bay
9:51 am
area working at 3 major television stations black radio and black newspaper. she took a lot of the early knox or her gender and for her race. >>i work with people sometimes who didn't want to walk down the street with me photographers. >>and there were other low moments notably in 19 60 for the gop convention at the cow palace. >>the former president eisenhower said something that set out the dixie credit and they came after my news director night and they literally drove us from that building with the only things at >>there are also many journalism milestones, including her reporting from africa after the us embassy bombings there. >>every day. thousands of people crowded in the trip to africa, a new level of that journalism for me. >>we do sell that retired since 2012 and today at age 85 silva is still quite active on the boards and panels and at
9:52 am
events, she's written one book never in my wildest dreams and is contemplating another and she and her husband of 55 years bill moore have a bit more down time now they both have made history bill was in television news 2 and was the first black camera man in california, perfect match if he now teaches video at alone a college in fremont i think it was as having each other to hear each other. >>and to know that our heart this person is sincere. >>looking at the landscape for professional and political women today. >>these are the receivers of that oil. i hope they know it. because there are many women who. given up so much and fought so many battles to achieve the degree of success of ability. >>she has particular pride in the bay area women in positions of power today, some are even her contemporaries
9:53 am
such as senator dianne feinstein i tell you. >>i am so proud of the women in this area, they now see the possibility for and i think there's nothing that can make you happier unknown you belong in would you call the winning circle and she is also in what could be called the winning circle. >>in 2018 among her many awards and accomplishments, they'll the davis was inducted into the california hall of fame. well i tried to keep from crying and her words of wisdom for younger women and girls. >>they don't have to have the blessings of anyone if you have a sense of self security. and i'm hoping that is what we are passing on there's nothing that you can do. moon we'll need in yourself. >>pam or kron 4 news.
9:54 am
>>and please join us this saturday night as we continue to celebrate amazing women in our history from forres daria full so will host a special presentation at 09:00pm. again that's this coming saturday, we'll be right back.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>outside lands lands music festival has been announced the headliners include paul simon, childish gambino and 21 pilots the event takes place april 9th for the 11th, the
9:57 am
golden gate park james yeah, other notable artists include blake won 82. >>the lumineers and kacey musgraves 3 day tickets and the a few passes go on sale this thursday sets tomorrow. acosta though as usual passes starting at $385 plus fees this year one day take so long sale a day. late us a quick look at your seven-day rather a forecast just about out of time just know the rain eventually ends today and then it looks like things shape up nicely for the weekend. thanks for watching don't forget kron on dot tv. the crown on that continuing coverage in just a minute.
9:58 am
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