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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  March 27, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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california lawmakers are taking on big tobacco, hoping to pass legislation banning retail and vending machine sales of flavored tobacco products with senate bill 38... ((sen. jerry hill d-san mateo)) "sb 38 sends a clear message to big tobacco, california wl t and idly by while another generation gets hooked on nicotine."the proposed law comes as the cdc reports between 2017 and 2018, e-cigarette use among high school students increased by 78%, while use by middle school students increased 43% ((nats---))teens from across the state surrounded lawmakers at the announcement wednesday, including shasta county teen taylor barker.((taylor barker - shasta county teen)) "it is so common to vape now that it is a social norm, and if you don't participate in it, you're made fun of. and keep in mind, this isn't the burn outs and partiers, it's also the star football players and ap students. "e-cigarette giant, juul labs responded to the push wednesday saying in part..the company believes flavors play a critical role in switching adult smokers away from traditional cigarettes. a company spokesman said it's already only selling flavored products online using an age verification system... the company vows to work with
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california policy makers to reverse the trend in youth use. on the topic of online sales...senator jerry hill is also proposing a law that treats online delivery of flavored tobacco the same as alcohol, where someone at least 21 years or older must sign for it. tag. (vicki)(vicki) (vicki) also tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (grant) in the east bay... a major leadership change in the dublin unified school district... and teacher could soon go on strike. kron 4's christina tetreault has the details. dr leslie boozer is the superintendent no more. dublin unified school district tells us it was a mutual decision between dr boozer and the
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school district to part ways. package:something dublin teachers association president robbie robbie kreitz didn't see coming"if the powers think this is a step in the right direction we are n support of that 50:45 it's all happening in the middle of dta's union negotiations with the district...robbie kreitz, special ed teacher and president dublin teachers association"we have a 3 person school board we have no super and we have an interim super 49:50 in a statement dublin unified school district officials say boozer's departure was a personell the meantime...assis tant superintendent of educational serevices dr. matt campbell...will be taking over as superintendent as an interim positionas for how this will impact union's all up in the air.robbie kreitz, special ed teacher and president dublin teachers association "nobody who wants to strike but there are people who will strike and there's where w are we will strike because we know
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what we are asking for us for the best for our kids 58:10 look live tag:the dublin unified school district has had around 40 leadership changes with administrators in less than 3 years.reporting in dublin...christina tetreault kron4 news. (grant) also in the east bay -- firefighters are investigating a fire that destroyed a home in concord. you are looking at the damage from early this morning. it started just after 2:30 -- displacing a three generations of a family. a grandmother is being treated for minor burns. she is expected to recover. everyone else got out safely. (grant) city leaders in berkeley voted to ban overnight r-v parking. the ban applies to city streets between two and five in the morning. it goes into effect immediately. the city council did however agree to create a permit system. people against the ban showed up to the meeting last night saying they can only afford living in an r-v or a car because housing is too expensive. but the city council says those people have caused a shortage of parking for residents businesses... city leaders also say it's a
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health issue. (vicki) the city of san francisco has reached a settlement with the mother of mario woods. woods was shot and killed by police in the bayview district back in 2015. he was a suspect in a previous stabbing... and when police approached him, they say he refused to drop the knife that he was holding. the lawsuit filed by woods mother claimed that her son never threatened the officers or raised the knife before he was shot. the settlement comes just six days before a jury trial was scheduled to begin. the amount of the settlement is not being disclosed. lawrence karnow: rain turned to showers for the bay area today. there were also many thunderstorms in the central valley. you can see the showers on the doppler now. they are going to be more widely spread now but on and off all night. on the satellite you can see the area of low pressure still off the coast. it will slowly move into northern california tomorrow to keep things unsettled and a little wet.
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tomorrow we will have sunshine and showers with a few rainbows. highs will be cooler then normal and in the 50s and mid 60s. dry weather returns on friday and much warmer weather and drier weather is forecast for the weekend. rain could return again by monday.
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(vicki) a bilingual menu apparently set off a customer in anaheim. a security camera caught the man going into an all out rant on employees-- even threatening to call immigration officials. cristy fajardo reports. nats of customer "it's says it in mexican. we're not in mexico. we're in america. not spanish."a tirade over a taco-- this man in anaheim even yells at customers who try to come to the cashiers defense.nats of customer "i'm an american! i don't do spanish."nats "go get a hamburger. go get a hot dog."the owner of palapas tacos on lincoln says the man could not understand the special's board - because one word was in spanish juan del rio/owner"my cashier was really shaking when he left. since he got in, he was aggressive, he was not having a good day."the sign for the special says its only good on friday - viernes in spanish , inside the restaurant though it clearly says fridaybut even when the cashier pointed that outwitnesses say the man
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didn't let upthat's when juan del rio owner grabbed his cell phonenats "who are you going to call?""immigration!""why?" "because you're not legal!" "this is over a taco."that was particularly upsetting to the cook who also was on the receiving end of the rant. ruben velasquez is shy about speaking english on camera-- but tells us in spanish:ruben velasquez/cook "uno trabaja honradamente."one works honorably, we don't take the bread out of anyone's mouths. juan del rio/owner"i honestly don't know if he is racist, he hates mexicans, or hates his life." (vicki) that was cristy fajardo reporting. the restaurant says the man is not a regular-- and you can probably guess... he is not welcome back. (grant) just two weeks after the deadly shooting at
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two mosques in new zealand -- facebook is banning rhetoric supporting white nationalism. the social media giant announced the move today in a blog post. it says quote -- the ban covers all praise, support, and representation of white nationalism and separatism". facebook says -- it spoke to academics and members of civic organizations and found -- white nationalism and white spremacy are too closely related. now, when you search for terms under the umbrella of white supremacy -- you will be directed to organizations aimed at helping people áleave hate groups. (grant) coming up... a 96-year-old war veteran from the bay area is trying to get to normandy for the d-day commemoration. but the army is not sponsoring the man. details on how you can help. (vicki) and you might have a new tool on your phone blocking robo-calls. how it works -- next.
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(grant) a major win today in an ongoing fight against robocalls. the federal trade commission announced today -- it shut down separate operations that were responsible for making billions of illegal calls. (vicki) and -- good news for verizon customers. the wireless provider launched a new tool aimed at filtering them. the free service will display a scam alert on a smartphone's screen to notify customers the call is likely coming from a fraudulent source.(grant) some calls will be blocked and not
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received by your phone at all. landline phones will also have access to the protection service through caller i-d. (vicki) still ahead... actor jussie smollett may not be in the clear quite yet. details on a new push for a federal investigation into an attack he is accused of staging.
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actor jussie smollett walked away scot-free yesterday - a surprising turn of events in his case. all 16 charges against the "empire
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actor" were dropped after he was indicted by a grand jury... accused of staging his own hate crime attack.(vicki) he was also accused of filing a false police report... and police say investigators had more than enough evidence against smollett. but cook county prosecutors are keeping hush hush about what happened. ryan young has more. the chicago police union -- calling for a áfederal investigationá into the handling of "empire" actor jussie smollett's case --after prosecutors abruptly dropped all sixteen áfelonyá charges against smollett for allegedly staging a hate crime against himself and filing a áfalseá a police report.kevin graham, president of chicago fraternal order:"we want to make sure that the justice department takes a very hard look at what went on with that case and also what went on today."the union -- zeroing in on state's attorney kim foxx -- who árecusedá herself from the case in february.text messages obtained by cnn showed smollet's family friend and former chief of staff for
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michelle obama tina tchen reached out to foxx about "concerns about the investigation."smollett's attorney -- ádenyingá that the actor's fame played áanyá role in the dismissal...patricia brown holmes/jussie smollett's attorney:"there was no political influence in this case."smollett -- maintains his áinnocenceá --jussie smollett/actor:"i have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. i would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i've been accused of."but the ástunningá decision to essentially let him off the hook -- drawing áimmediateá backlash from chicago's mayor and police department.mayor rahm emanuel/(d) chicago:"this is a whitewash of justice. a grand jury could not have been clearer."eddie johnson/chicago police superintendent:"do i think justice was served? no. what do i think justice is? i think this city is still owed an apology."prosecutors have not given a detailed explanation for why they abandoned the case --saying in a statement that the decision was made after "reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case" --joseph magats/cook county, first assistant state's attorney:"we dropped all charges based on the fact that he's done community service and that he forfeited his bail."lead prosecutor joseph magats later said that smollett had no previous criminal record .... joseph magats/cook county, first assistant state's attorney:"our priority is violent crime and the drivers of violence. jussie smollett is neither one of those."but magats -- also stressing that dropping the charges did not
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exonerate the actor.reporter: "do you think mr. smollett did what he was charged with doing?"assistant prosecutor: "yes. // we stand behind the cpd's investigation in this case, the great work -- the tremendous work that they did in investigating this case. we stand behind to decision to charge mr. smollett and to indict him." (vicki) that was ryan young reporting... even though those 16 charges against smollett in chicago have been dropped-- the head of the police union is calling for a federal investigation to look into if smollett sent himself a fake threatening e-mail in the weeks before his alleged attack. (grant) happening tonight... it's the powerball drawing... and there's still a few hours left to go out and get your tickets. the powerball jackpot has
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dollars -- after nobody that makes it the fourth-highest prize the u-s lottery has ever seen. if you take the cash option, you would go home with about 465-and-a-half million. but...with all the ticket buying going on today, that jackpot could go up. the drawing happens at 8 o'clock tonight. (anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence showers for the bay ar today. there were also many thunderstorms in the central valley. you can see the showers on the doppler now. they are going to be more widely spread now but on and off all night. on the satellite you can see the area of low pressure still off the
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coast. it will slowly move into northern california tomorrow to keep things unsettled and a little wet. tomorrow we will have sunshine and showers with a few rainbows. highs will be cooler then normal and in the 50s and mid 60s. dry weather returns on friday and much warmer weather and drier weather is forecast for the weekend. rain could return again by monday. (vicki) next on kron4 news at
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5... find out what is preventing the army from sponsoring a 96-year-old bay area world war two veteran from attending the d-day commemoration.
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(vicki) a group of friends is going to battle for a 96- year-old martinez man hoping to return to normandy. jake larson survived d-day there 75 years ago.(grant)
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but the but the army will not sponsor his trip to france, because it says it has no record of his service. kron 4's michelle kingston explains why ... and how larson -- will still make his way there this june. (mk)"you talk about the luckiest man in the world ... i am it!"he lied about his age and joined the national guard at just 15 years old ... and lived through the horror of d- day 75 years ago as a young soldier ..."i dodged bullets coming from the bottoms, from both places!"... 96 year old jake larson says he's the luckiest man in the world ... sharing war stories and awards with me in his martinez home "i have 11 great grandchildren!"... pointing out photos of his kids ... grandkids ... and great grand kids ... displayed all over his apartment ... next to his american flag."luckiest man in the world."michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsalmost every morning -- jake larson comes here to the bagel street cafe in martinez. when his friends found out the army would not
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sponsor his trip to normandy this june because his military records were destroyed in an army base fire in the 70s ... they went to work."it's unbelievable how people have come through for me ... from all over the place."a go fund me page shows people have donated more than 5-thousand dollars toward larson's trip "i've got it completely paid for and i am going first class."larson says he's the only living survivor from his unit that stormed omaha beach ... and this trip is for them "i am going back for all of my buddies"in martinez"there is a god!"michelle kingston"and i am the luckiest man in the world!"kron 4 news (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news
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at 5.(grant) ken wayne and catherine heenan are here with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant and vicki. tonight at 6.... a 4 year old boy in critical condition after picking up a gun...and accidentally shooting himself in the head who police detained. the new tactics san francisco city owned parking garages are taking to crack down on car break ins.. and so far--- they've dropped by more than 70 percent. the news -- at six -- is next. the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross sp
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. (catherine) tonight at 6. breaking
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news. a 4-year-old boy in oakland has been rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head.... we're now learning that a man and a woman have been detained. (catherine) thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan, in for pam moore tonight.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. the child is in the hospital in critical condition. it happened just after 2 o clock this afternoon on the 24-hundred block of ritchie street. that's in east oakland near arroyo viejo park. kron 4's michelle kingston is live at the scene with an update. michelle? denise knockum, goes to college nearby 0-12just pray he comes through come on right
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now the baby is at the hospital as we speak so we just pray that he makes it through and i hope that people are more careful with the firearms they have in their homefather jayson landeza, oakland police dept chaplin 12- 18and after a while we have seen quite a bit of this in east oakland so words fall short (catherine) shortso words fall in east oakland quite a bit of this in east oakland so words fall short (catherine)


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