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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  March 28, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>>thanks for joining variable said i'm james fletcher we've got robin and john to kick us off with weather and traffic. >>and we'll get to the news robin, the roads, no major issues but i just got word of a new accident in the santa cruz mountains and other rains moving into that's a dangerous spot 70 and the rain is funny it's going to be popping up all over the area spotted and that's exactly right kind of popping up here to there today high was 17. >>it's actually one of those spots that facing at this morning. so up in the santa cruz mountains has not been so kind as far as the skies going nice beautiful view out of bethel island you do see cloud cover more prominent than any sort of sunshine this morning. we will see bits of brightness though shannon through some of those clouds and skies actually clearing out consistently later on today, there's a couple years spotty showers popping up across much
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of the bay and there's a santa cruz mountains showers that i mentioned to robin you do see those right along just to the west of 17 right there san jose on of tamil peterson over the mountain view looking at isolated very short lived showers and north bay actually really coming down over the past few minutes now today we're going to continue to see a mix of sun and showers out there. one moment, it's going to be nice and dry the next maybe not so much so keep the umbrellas and rain jackets with you, i've got the rest your forecast coming up robin starting off with a birth check we want to check in on the bay bridge, the busiest the slow as. >>your backup goes through the maze, it's not going to thin out any time soon are right in the heart of the morning commute so it's already stacked up and if you want to join these folks to be fair for a lot of slow and go from the maze and pockets heading over to fremont street. here's a crash in the santa cruz mountains and this isn't over turn. so it's on the southbound side that's the counter to new direction. but
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we have one lane blocked you only have 2 so that's not a good situation. south 17 big money curve, rightly blocked by overturned rains moving in and you're quickly backing up in both directions so be prepared for a slowdown on both sides we'll continue to check more so downs coming up daria thank you robin 7 o 2 big story this morning, a 4 year-old boy is fighting for his life this morning. he shot himself in the head. >>in oakland here he is his name is no vaughn at jackson and he was with a family in a home when he found a gun under a bad. it was unlocked and loaded and now he's on life support is already been through hours of surgery, but no sign of brain activity. there was a heavy police presence as you can see in the oakland neighborhood where this happened yesterday afternoon. the home is in the 2400 block of richie street. and a man and a woman have been detained by the police but we don't know their relationship to the boy. >>we did speak to a man who is the brother. the man who lived in that home where the boy was
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shot, he says that the boy was his brothers friend's son and that they were visiting when the boy left the living room and he went to the bedroom along. >>it is not what you know is in a 4 year olds do. >>other they play was that gives the labels be that's what happened to that was a gun underneath them wanted to be. >>so we will continue to track a 4 year-old of on jackson and hope for the best his family is holding a press conference and 11 o'clock this morning. so you expect to give you an update. stay tuned for that on kron four i'm confident com and on kron on if you have that. >>in the east bay berkeley police officers are investigating a stabbing near the u c berkeley campus police were called to the 1700 block of shattuck that's where they found a man who had been stabbed in the upper body and then another man was also found he had a head injury. apparently hit by a chain. so this point police are working under the assumption that the 2 had gotten into some sort of a fight. both men have been taken to the hospital. in the south bay. we now know the
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name of the man whose body was found in coyote creek, the santa clara county medical examiner's office says that it was 40 year-old rafale marquez. a hiker found his body in the lake right near monterey and metcalf rose last week. police say there's no indication of foul play. they also say he may have been homeless because he didn't have any listed permanent residents. the big story that we're following this morning the 2 people arrested now after a deadly shooting on fillmore street in san francisco will not be facing murder charges. the shooting happened on saturday night one person was killed 5 others were injured. police arrested john harrison and jamari coats the 2 men. our instead now facing various gun charges for the gun battle that took place outside the fillmore heritage center. the 2 men were in court yesterday. neither entered a plea. >>brand new this morning, the san mateo county board of supervisors has approved $500,000 to rebuild. the millbrae community center. the center burned down in 2017 2
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teenage boys were arrested for starting the fire since then the city has been using portable buildings in trailers. the new center is going to be built in the same spot as the old one. >>happening today spring training finally over and it's now opening day for major league baseball, the giants, they're going to be away in san diego this afternoon taking on the pod raise madbum on the mound, nice to see him back in action huh. >>after 2 months missed last season with a broken hand and also it will be the last season for the giants to have bruce bocce as their major league manager and he is retiring after this season. their first home game you can see i'm in san diego now that its first home game is next friday right as for the a's they've already played 2 regular season games. both of in i will talk said to us now so they're going have their first home opener this afternoon so will be at the coliseum looking to turn it around. >>taken on the los angeles angels conference here stenson.
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>>has been at the coliseum on the field all morning long. we'll have some fun ways fan sarah. >>we're having a lot of fun here we're here with the c o of the a's is chris giles, but before we sit we talk with them or to sit down we're tired of standing. why stand when you have call a sample of seats. these are luxurious exclusive. that's part of the new lounge chris tell everybody at home about the timing. so comfortable in these are new lounge seats living room style seat. >>granite countertops cup holders get a giant tv in for knee down there just trying to bring all the amenities of home out to the ballpark. >>so you can get the whole experience with your nyse countertop kick your feet up watch the game you couples experience is you get the in person you the smell of hot dogs and then you get the at home feel. these are brand new. >>brand-new we just told him out for this year along with of the several other seeing products we've got some 4 top
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half round tears tables over in section one 21 we've got some new group spaces and a brand new family area as well. >>and there's only 2 seats left of this is that correct police old everyone except to this is to left how much do you owe 4. they started a $100 per game. and then if you buy the whole season might get that's a full season press, wow $100 you can sit in this luxury. >>a game. i mean not a bad deal here take a look at the view even have this is the field live right now you can see people working right now to get this field to look in its best shape for the game. we know the opening pages out one oh 7 and the nays are stoked to be home for the opening day tell me about that. >>it's going to be a great season. we had four-game set against the angels and then 4 games against the red sox to kick it off. exciting young team coming off a 97 win season. couldn't get any better here in oakland. >>the and the us has spent the morning prepare you spent the last couple weeks and months preparing for this talk about
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some of the other things like the marketplace we've been talking about. >>yeah we've really cool new food and beverage offering a lot of self service, a beer options you can just go in grab something we've got even a brand-new maskin machine which is basically a and a virtual reality scanner we just put the items down on the table topper takes a picture of it brings it up bottom out before you just get in and out as quick as possible. >>so you guys are sticking with the new technology year. you totally with it and reading all these new awesome experiences so if you're interested there's only 2 seats left are these. you can have an at-home experience at the coliseum thank you so much for joining its cousin. we're going to continue to bring you live looks we're going to show you the new kids area up here. the stomping ground if you will and that's going to be awesome and then we're 9 o'clock we're going to bring it to the marketplace show you all this new technology they have to make the experience easy and clicks you can get back to the game for now live
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at the coliseum sarah stinson kron 4 news very cool. thank you sarah. >>thing that's cool somebody one lucky person to play the lottery. that jackpot million incredible amount of money however. >>2 people here in the bay area are also millionaires this morning because they got 5 >>5 everything only the ricin was the probable number you really honestly didn't check your ticket store. well as from the numbers like this carry on the ticket know because i know are these number it restricts or so i'm trying get those numbers back look at that as a writer and you don't need to work anymore and they are 1620 3744 62 and the powerball 12 again to bay area winners matched 6. i should say the 5 numbers dealing with their missing was the powerball number one was sold at center with liqueurs and sam, a tale of the other at gateway food and liquor in san jose the news able one.
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better luck next time 7 oh 9 and still ahead morning news. there are some lights out there that are resistant everything you do to treat of normally and they're here in the bay area will tell you about. >>plus a safer place to park your car in san francisco, new technology helping prevent or at least reduce car break ins. >>and new developments on the jussie smollett case we've got president trump now weighing in fact ordering the fbi to launch an investigation. and seeing rain across parts of the bay this morning including the north bay and especially the south bay. >>i'll be taking a look at that radar throughout the course of the morning. >>and since he didn't win the lottery and you're heading back to work this morning. they're gonna have to deal with this that would be one of the parts right of winning you have to sit in traffic not like the folks, they're stacked up here from the oakland may's a very slow crawl
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>>and we're looking at a little rain today. >>yeah, a little bit of raie today but not this weekend which is very on the that exactly so today you're not out of the woods yet we need to keep the umbrellas handy. the rain jackets with you your view of the baby with the golden gate bridge can really see it because some clouds out there is like and won't just that a little bit on the cloudy side we do have rain fall in the vicinity of the golden gate bridge and still some rainfall hanging out for the south bay to this is san
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jose of to milpitas on overthrew santa clara and eventually just to the eastern edge of sunnyvale looking at some light to moderate showers right now pretty brief in out towards the are in county and up one oh one you're seeing some very light shower activity, nothing more than really just a few drops out there. those get a shower activity is going to continue into the early this is at 01:00pm right here. no we have the a's playing out in the east one oh 7 and that is some shower activity in the vicinity of the game around 01:00pm overall skies will more consistently dry out into the latter part of the afternoon sea of more and more sunshine later today, some showers into the evening tonight before tomorrow we officially work our way back into that dry pattern and stay dry iday saturday into sunday too so that's some good news for the weekend much like last weekend just in time we're clear back out 60's for most of your daytime highs today freeman among the spots of 62 mountain view and san jose. each at 63. as for
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saturday and sunday take a look at those numbers in the 70's for your daytime highs for much of the bay area. so great weather to calm after today's showers monday and tuesday of next week we work our way back into a few more showers just around the corner. rob is all right, i'll be ready for let's check in on the return center fell bridge where we have traffic at a crawl leading up to the toll plaza. >>it starts right around marina marina to the pay gates is your slow down after that traffic will improve speeds will pick up your averaging 15 minutes to the north bay from the east bay to san francisco, this commute here is very heavy spilling into the maze as usual carpal is are okay fast trackers cash payers. you have a longer wait here averaging 21 minutes to fremont street. this is really the only problem that i'm tracking and it's the counter commute direction. a highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains and overturned here near big movie kerr of the right lane is blocked traffic backing up
7:16 am
a little bit going south but it's heavier northbound because that's the commute side. you see it really jamming up just north of laurel curve leading up to the scene of the accident which is once again southbound so be prepared for that slowdown, here's a look at your northbound right time 34 minutes and growing to make it into less gatos and the rest of the bay area pretty calm and quiet. these numbers look them normal they're not too bad if you take 5.80, it's still wide open. going west from castro valley to downtown oakland so use it now. toria james, thanks a lot rob and 7.16 and new this morning president trump is ordering the fbi and the justice department to launch a probe into the jussie smollett case have this comes 2 days after all charges were dropped against the actor who was at one point accused of faking a hate crime against himself. >>we have coming up are now in chicago with the latest. >>on thursday morning president trump announced the fbi and justice department would be investigating the jussie smollett case. 2 days after all charges against him
7:17 am
were dropped. the empire actor was accused of staging a hate crime and himself in january in filing a false police report. critics blame corruption celebrity and influence from mayor rahm emanuel called a whitewash of justice. but the actor says he's innocent and his attorney suggesting the city should be apologizing. >>that's that's a should apologize to the victims of hate crimes who are now hesitate to come forward because they don't want to be charged with 16 counts themselves on wednesday, a former aide to michelle obama admitted she put the chief prosecutor in the case in touch with small it's family over their ncerns of how the investigation was being characterized in public and the state's attorney who recused herself from the case admitted a small at relative also reached out to her. >>after i received call. i did talk to superintendent johnson i've shared with him. the concerns have been relayed to me. >>trump's tweet echols request by the police union who also
7:18 am
called for a federal probe after the shocking reversal in the case. >>i'm baffled as an and i think that's one of the reasons the story is keeps growing is because there doesn't seem to be any reasonable explanation for what they did. >>and small and says he wants to move on he says he wants to return to work. >>but with the president now saying that the fbi and the dea oj are going to be involved. it is likely that this case is far from over reporting live in chicago, i'm coming over now. >>7.18 and for your money this morning, no gift to birthday parties are the trend for kids now on parents apparently don't like it. and southwest is suffering from the grounding of boeing planes. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi jane yes, good morning southwest says the boeing 7.37 max 8 grounding is hurting its sales airline warned investors is canceled. >>9400 flights in the past 6 weeks because of the grounding of the planes but also whether and a dispute with its
7:19 am
mechanics union. all of those headaches costing southwest, a $150 million so far. california one of the top states for instagram no big surprise there big 7 to hash tags and on the top locations in the state on number one was balboa park in san diego. also in the top 5, the golden gate bridge yosemite national park, the hollywood sign in venice beach. and some parents are shunning guess for the kids birthday parties and this is a growing trend, according to etiquette experts that spoke to the new york post now they say they're limited on space the kids already have too many toys and they want to teach them to appreciate the toys they do have kids don't like it for obvious reasons still etiquette experts say if the invite says no gift they shouldn't bring one live from the nasdaq market site i'm jane king bacteria all right, thanks alleging. >>time s. >>coming up on the cross for morning news, a shortage on school bus drivers were going to take a look at what the san jose unified school district is doing. >>the trying to get more drivers to take the job and after the break nasa will pay you thousands of dollars to
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stay in bed and watch tv. there's a catch though we'll explain and here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach again robin following the commute john with his eye on th
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>>thursday morning. it's been a very rainy week leading up to this point we're still holding on to some showers out there including in the south bay right now san jose up to milpitas looking at some light
7:23 am
areas of rainfall stretching up the east bay that eventually does dry out now, everyone's got their fingers crossed that later on today at around one oh 07:00pm as the a's take on the angels for opening day conditions will be dry but that's not necessarily going to be the case we do have some showers and future cast in the vicinity of the game so if you're heading out there do expect some sunshine. but also be prepared for the potential of a few showers around game time. robin we want to check the drive across the golden gate it looks pretty good heading into san francisco so smooth across the span. >>smooth and oil with no big problems on cieetstro worry about so far so come on and take the drive while it's still nice and quiet and 27 minutes. the san mateo bridge is packed we've had showers moving through the area so you have a soggy commute and some spots don't forget your headlights in your wipers and the bay bridge still stacked up from the oakland may's but still very quiet and trouble free that's what we like we'll check more bridges and just a bit james. thank you for. >>much this morning, nasa is
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willing to pay you $19,000 to stay in bad for 2 months straight. and just watch tv. there always is right when an offer sounds too good to be true. nasa says are going to select 24 people to have to travel to the german aerospace center to help study the effects of artificial gravity on the human body. so what's going to happen is the people selected are going to be propped up at an incline with their feet slightly above their head for 60 days. scientists say this will reduce the blood flow to the arms the legs like it would be in space and so look to see what happens could cause muscle deterioration tell me measuring that so if you think you have what it takes and you're willing to do that. we've got a link on our web site kron four dot com check it out. i will take a quick break coming up on the >>measles in the bay area you're going to hear from an infectious disease specialist on how it's spreading here in the bay area and what makes it so contagious. and please join
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at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>right now looking at weather and traffic for you on a thursday morning, it's rain but it's not you know went on exactly a little bit of rain out there just enough to the if we have trouble at all these rains false on our road or it could be have to look at
7:28 am
john's map and see how hard it's raining right. cruz mountains but i haven't overturned on 17 and that's always a bad spot one and on range problems exactly just a little bit the second do it sometimes especially if you've got some oil on the roads. this is your look at the golden gate bridge were conditions have rained earlier this morning all to the bridge's try right now and. >>you do see these little blips of precipitation that is highway 17 right there in there is some light shower activity over right now it certainly doesn't help the situation for travelers up there. you are seeing heavier rainfall right on 2.80 right now though, and through the east bay too down through to san jose is where you're seeing some of her more persistent rainfall you head further north and we're not really looking at a whole lot of step out of the way of those showers up around nevado and that's just some really light stuff not even really seeing much of anything in nevada right now it's mostly just south of nevado on one oh one currently so 40's and 50's
7:29 am
for your morning temperatures 50's by noontime and we do have 60's by the afternoon. chance of showers really starts to taper off later in the day you're going to see more and more sunshine as we move into the afternoon. i've got more on your forecast still to come rob and let's get a look at traffic all right starting off with the longest line. >>and as far as bridges are looking at the bay bridge for the backup iran 80's stretches into the maze. so that's the norm right for this time of morning. but i'm happy to report that we don't have any major issues hot spots are accidents here on the bay bridge to add to all the heavy traffic that we already have put it at 20 minutes for your average to fremont street, not only forgot i can activate the weather radar over the traffic so we can see where it's raining and where the slow trafc is at the same time and it is indeed picking up some of those showers here over 17 and the santa cruz mountains where we do have an overturned. now it's the counter commute direction which is southbound this is just south of big money curve and it is crawling backing up
7:30 am
to the lexington reservoir. but the northbound side which is the commute direction. it's much heavier, they may be able to see that crash too let's just not helping any little thing just makes it worse when you only have 2 lanes of traffic here so 35 minutes for northbound 17 from santa cruz into los gatos the overturn a southbound southbound also at a crawl daria james stays low around 07:30am and the big story this morning classes resume at vanden high school in fairfield after officials closed the school. >>because of a threat we've got kron four is christina tate row joining us live from that school this morning with more. >>christina. >>now the big question that we have is what type of threat was made up something that the unified school district as well as the fairfield police department have not released yet that's something that they're going to speaking about at a press conference today at about 12 noon. but we do know the caliber of the threat was obviously large enough for it to completely shut down the school yesterday. >>as well as to shut down the
7:31 am
mall activities that were going to be going on as well but now those cars mining it's business as usual here. back at the high school. i know i've been lived here since about the 5 o'clock hour we went from a thing pitch dark and no one being on campus now students as well as trickling in faculty dnd get here pretty early yet people starting to arrive on the campus around 06:00am and you can tell that it's definitely an all hands on deck situation today for them to keep the schools, safe and for people to be very aware of what's going on in the general vicinity and the general area school buses back to normal as well on the bus routes still actively coming here to the high school. but again the cars behind me are just a great visual to show that it is business as usual today. now again we are going to have more information in the noon hour on the updates from the fairfield police department and the travis unified school district. but you know this is all a part of a greater conversation of to schools in safety and how safe the school should be has it basically a haven for
7:32 am
students. i did speak with one student early this morning. he was the first one that we saw arrive on campus in the 6 o'clock hour. he was actually getting ready for basketball practice that he actually was not supposed to i guess it wasn't scheduled for today. so when i was chatting with a freshman student. he was saying you know what he was a bit weary yesterday and was a bit worried so he was glad to be off if there was a threat and the general area. he said because classes are back schedule today that he's not worried and he does feel so it's going to be ok. now this is still an ongoing investigation. so if you have any information the principals here the high school would like to hear from you that's all the information we have now we're live in fairfield christina tetreault kron 4 news, thanks christina. >>now to a story for you health this morning we're taking a look at what exactly makes the measles so contagion is a question we've been asking since the santa clara health department put out a learning about an infected person, visiting 19 several locations around the yeah, there's been 90% reduction in measles cases since the vaccine was created but now
7:33 am
the chief of pediatric infectious diseases says that we should be concerned about it making a comeback stressing that unlike the flu or other illnesses were touching an infected. surfaces what's put put you at risk the measles its airport. >>you think about little dust motes that you see floating around they don't always fall to the ground right they slowly drop. well that's what happens with these little micro droplets could be direct for example, some the cough near you for sure, but if your in a room or somebody was. there may be caught and the little droplets are in the air. you can get infected that's why it is one of the reasons why it's so contagious. >>pretty scary situation. our coverage of this story by the way continues online across 4 dot com. number of resources there for you we have that interactive map showing all of those local places that that infected person visited in the south bay. well so details on the symptoms of this potentially deadly disease. so if you've not been vaccinated
7:34 am
you want to check to see if you've got any of these symptoms will serve information all the local pharmacies that offer the vaccine all of that there for you at crowne for dot com. >>7.33 and another health warning for parents is morning, some local clinics have discovered what they call super head lice lice that are resistant to the most common treatments that are available. there's a new report from the san francisco area saying that 20%. there's been a 20% increase in lights activity this winter over last year. the cdc says that head to head contact with somebody who's infected is most common way to get head lice it's not life threatening. but it's horrible it spreads from kid to kid to kid to kid it's all over your house and it's just a pain but. >>products don't work anymore on super lice or their eggs it doesn't hurt. so it's not going to hurt anybody it's not going to cause any disease is a lot of people freak out just a little tiny but. >>thanks james, it's not a cannabis pain in the head at a. >>i usually to treat it takes like one to 3 hours. you know
7:35 am
you use this she imposes tough like that as for prevention. doctors say you just have to tell your kids that they don't share combs brushes hats, not even a scarf with anybody else and not even with their sibling because you know one kid gets it you don't want to go to the >>car break ins have reached and epidemic level in recent years after sweden, these stories right. well looks like there's a new program that's working to reduce break ins at least in san francisco garage, its offers dan kerman takes a look at what they're doing. >>in san francisco finding a place to park on city streets can be difficult and risky. despite a recent drop in vehicle break ins across the city. many tend to park in one of the 22 city on garages. >>mardi gras just give me a little bit more. now it turns out the 9 city garages that have been upgraded. >>including this one at civic
7:36 am
center they've seen a 72% drop in vehicle break ins over the last 2 years. authorities say these pay stations played a big role in that because it's freed up staff to do other things they're able to. >>assist patrons if they need help making the payment. they're also able to around the garage wall and stairwells look for any suspicious behavior. >>the sfmta says added police patrols brighter lighting license plate readers and high-definition cameras which send video to a central hub have also helped. and in addition to that greater vigilance on the part of those parking has been a help as well. >>they make sure i'm right. >>again the civic center garage upgraded along with 8 others there are still 5 in process and 8 still left to upgrade those should all be completed by the summer of next year. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news.
7:37 am
>>the san jose unified school district is short on bus drivers because many of them are heading to work for companies in silicon valley about 3,000 children ride school buses every day and they use them to get to and from 90 different schools on most days, the district says they can have as many as 15 drivers short, the district says managers dispatchers even mechanics of had to step in fill in searching for new drivers been tough because the district is competing with te companies. but also the bus drivers. >>i wish i could get my driver's another $10 an hour. but we but we just can't but we do with for firsthand as unified we do have really good benefits we have a medical we have dental we have in life insurance and that all star sunday, one. >>the district offers drivers anywhere from 18 to $22 per hour. we'll take a break at 7.37 coming up a birthday party along the central coast is interrupted when a 7 year-old and his brother come to the rescue of a drowning
7:38 am
girl. and showers out there this morning for parts of the bay area most of us are actually dry. this thursday morning, i'm tracking where the showers are headed next in your forecast. >>i'm tracking your commute said the righties soggy commute around the bay area we're looking at the bay bridge stride. the right here already stacked up from the already stacked up from the open ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx.
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get real relief everyone wants to be (cthe cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!® >>tracking some showers across
7:41 am
the bay, especially down in the santa cruz mountains i know robin has been talking about issues on highway 17 and i'm outlining that for you right here between san jose and santa cruz. we have been looking at some heavier rainfall mostly concentrated just north of santa cruz now to zoom in on san jose itself. some wonder rainfall around sunnyvale down to 7 treason out towards alum rock. rainfalls really tapered off over in the tri valley as well seminole where it was little bit heavier earlier on this morning east bay looking nice and dry right now as is much of the peninsula checking in with a few light sprinkles so overall it is pretty calm out there for the vast majority of the bay area. >>robin all right, let's check in on the bridge is because they are busy impact. we want to take a peek at the richmond center fell west found 5.80 as you can see it's at a crawl here leading up to the toll plaza this slowing goes all the way back to marina. that's where it it's still very heavy from that point all the way up to the pay gates are averaging
7:42 am
19 that number is going up this is the only big trouble spot that i'm tracking its to overturn and the santa cruz mountains but it is southbound the counter commute direction. it's just south of the her but you can see that it's jamming you up toward the reservoir. one lane blocked so you're squeezing by in one lane only but it's even jamming up the northbound right that's opposite side of the crash. you're almost at 40 minutes to make your way from santa cruz into less scattered states. thank you. >>california brothers are being called heroes now after they say the young girl from drowning, 7 year-old reese and 10 year-old bryce watson we at a lagoon at santa maria beach just off 21th avenue in monterey county. that's when rhys all girl, it looked like she was drowning. so he got his older brother bryce who immediately swam over to the girl and carried her to safety. >>as we age of out there. i feel kind scared but is he is a grave breaches like be down. and which is bills way because
7:43 am
it that is going to be really scared after that may just like my happy this year's skyrocketed. >>for the girl's family wanted to remain anonymous, but they did say that she is doing well this morning. >>some 42 right now coming up on the cob or morning buzz opening day for baseball first night of the sweet 16 the worriers are on the road in the mini bar is not included jordan bell for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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7:46 am
>>the cops don't even like that that either the lie look inviting and i'll still be a few showers this keep the umbrella close yet not quite there although the weekend hey it's looking really good. >>there's your look at the east bay which is diarrhea pointed out not looking bad at all a few clouds just or right over mount diablo in the distance and a few sprinkles over mount diablo itself overall it is and definitely a calmer start to the morning than we did see for yesterday you are seeing just a few showers in the north bay. well as well as the south bay as we've been eyeing all morning long, san jose sunnyvale holding on to a few of them really drying out now in fremont them just a couple of sprinkles really around sandra fell a ton of otto in petaluma on over towards ville a whole really nice and dry use all your rainfall hours ago now into the afternoon today we are going to be looking at some spltty showers at one 45 pm and good news for the game is that future cast. cass has been trending drier around
7:47 am
game time for the a's over the past hour now that could change but future cast is showing some good news for the time being isolated spots of rain will continue on into the afternoon and evening tonight. and then as we make our way into tomorrow we dry out and we stay dry saturday into sunday to with increasingly warm temperatures and mostly sunny skies really nice weather for the weekend. today's daytime highs pretty nice low 60's upper 50's business as usual for this time of year upper 60's for tomorrow and then take a look at saturday and sunday will be in a range of 70's across the bay area, some of the warmest weather we felt in a while mostly sunny skies overhead before a few more showers work their way back in monday and tuesday. >>robin all right, thank you john let's check in on the bridge's first and then we'll get to the santa cruz mountains you want to take a peek at 92, which is pretty crowded right as long as the drive time is under 30 minutes. i will take it because under 30 is a decent averaging considered normal to
7:48 am
make it from hayward over to the peninsula so very quiet. there richmond center fell bridge approach extra heavy this morning, it's already stacked up from arena and i'm noticing that the drive time is still on the rise, so just a few minutes ago as 19 hour up to 21 minutes for your average and that's to get from the pay gates out a one to one. so indeed getting heavier by the minute so 's raining be careful out there, especially in the santa cruz mountains overturn accidents out 17 south a big movie curve. the right lane is blocked so it's really stacked up be on idol. well your northbound commute which is the opposite side and the commute direction. it is crawling back to be on glenwood so that's why you're almost at 40 minutes heading north through the santa cruz mountains but remember to reduce your speed because the traffic's backed up it's a tough spot anyway when you're driving and then it's raining too so slippery conditions there on north and south 17. >>and the morning buzz, the a's on. >>i have something in common jet lag me from vacation and
7:49 am
them from that ugly start in japan. their first home game is today in oakland against the angels and the giants open the season with mad but on the mound in san diego, taking on the padres and their news llion man i call them. >>money machado. >>oh yeah, well, the giants have a new scoreboard and a new name for the park, first game at oracle park is next friday. and kevin duran steph curry lit up their scoreboard last night with 28 points apiece to help the warriors regained the top spot in the west. katie had the best shooting night of his career going 12 of 13 from the field and the warriors beat the memphis grizzlies one 18 2, 1, o 3 and now. the words keep track and how many points, everybody chips in they also keep an eye on who charges what at the team hotel and that is why jordan bell is in trouble the team as they always do they paid for everybody's room at the peabody hotel in memphis. it's quite fancy as you can see,
7:50 am
but assistant coach mike brown notice, somet-ing extra on his tab. bell was the culprit. they won't say exactly what he charged, but come on everybody knows the mini bar and room service can really am ap especially the peabody, have you seen the menu i pulled up and if you get in for example, the in-room movie and a burger and a beer and that's it. they could be like 60 bucks, you know the delivery charge the tax the tip, not to mention the dog a menu. i'm not kidding you they actually have buffalo beef dinner for dogs $8. i don't think i don't know they'll have a dog, i know that clay does have rocco i don't think they travel in iraq apparently bill has pull this movie for and that is why they docked and they didn't let him play. last night. now the workrs are still on the roads are continuing in minnesota where they're going to take on the timber wolves tomorrow. so bell has given no better tonight if he gets the
7:51 am
munchies well he's watching his oregon ducks in the sweet 16 the ducks made it to the dance with bell 2 years ago and right now. they are the closest thing to a long shot left in the tourney the number 12 seed takes on the number one virginia cavaliers at 10:00pm that's east coast time tonight. we'll see if they bust anybody's bracket there is only one up reckitt right now out there that is still perfect to this point and it's called center road this is the bracket whoever james all 48 games played into the sweet 16 rate as of now the odds of doing that and they did it. our one in more than 281 trulia so what these either is really smart or really lucky. the olympics are trying to attract more kids to the games might adding competitions that appeal to the younger generation, one of the additions break dancing. look at kids cars. i don't know if they know what it is i hate to burst your bubble olympic committee, but rage when i was
7:52 am
cut a rug in 1984 member this movie. the street. so now they're not going to do this until 20 24 in paris, so i guess you have time time to practice your moves. matching track suits are back in i guess so mayor do you know about this side. don't call it break dancing, not get down to the skittles it is. you actually know the names and you do. there was a time there was a time where you pulled the car for it really was a big parking lot doing that has been with the robot ever. >>and by lower back and take it anymore. but there was a time. >>and again look it up kids, no idea what your the for real this was a
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
store in michigan and here's video he came in actually asked the workers there wouldn't worry or snakes and snakes ryan the pythons and so they went to the back to check whatever while patterns around because he's modest people it's an unjust. now thing i
7:56 am
found interesting to find out yes and then look and they watch out all casual well. >>i don't know he wal. got a funny you want do was walk a little funny hold on. >>that he got away, they're still looking for but can you imagine the interaction had they come back in time to see him walking window, sir. yes i've been here years listen to them talk about him. >>first time we watch shows like no that didn't happen most likkly attack we had to watch a couple of times like oh my god he's just put it in this i wish it would have fit him i think that it would have made for a much better video that ends. >>no doubt about that would have been pretty funny to they like like i said he got away there still looking for him this morning. >>7 36 is the time right now. the morning news, including new developments in the jussie smollett case president trump is ordering federal officials to get involved in the investigation now. >>plus a 4 year-old fighting for his life this morning after he accidentally shot himself. we have details on how he got ahold of that gun
7:57 am
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8:00 am
new problem on to 37 as well all right and the problem is you might be saying was right where i am i mean it's just going to be pop ups all over the exactly maybe driver europe might not be driver someone else's at this morning and that's what we're going to be seeing a lot today so keep the jackets with yet even though you might be looking at sunshine overhead where you're at. >>us golden gate bridge is one of those spots that's a little bit clear it's not necessarily that way across the entirety of the bay though is seeing some very light spotty showers and then you head south to san jose and we do have a moderate area of rainfall sitting just north of the city right around santa clara on up towards the very southern end of the day just a couple of scattered sprinkles really elsewhere across the bay area and looking at just a couple, those light showers up along one oh one. >>not a whole lot to be talking about right now but do not rule out the chance of a brief shower into the afternoon for areas like oakland of course where the a's. >>are we taking on the angels around 01:00pm to date someone to keep you updated on that and take a look at the weekend to still to come.


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