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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 28, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>a bay area health department warns of another possible measles exposure. thanks for joining us. i'm ken why had i pay a more public health officials in alameda county say this possible exposure happened at a restaurant in livermore well for is live in livermore tonight with more what people need to know dan. >>pam public health officials are advising people who work at. >>this soft restaurant in downtown livermore on saturday night. >>that they may have been exposed to measles were told that one person who was a guest at the restaurant did have the virus tonight, the restaurant is open for business. but this is a bit of a scare on a maid, the cases that have been popping up across the bay area. this is sauced barbecue restaurant in downtown livermore has become the setting of the latest possible measles exposure in the bay area. the alameda county health department is advising people who were there between 08:00pm and 11:00pm on
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march 23th, to follow up with their doctor immediately. health officials say the most at risk would be those who have not been vaccinated pregnant women, someone who may have had an organ transplant or undergone chemotherapy. babies a year old or younger 4 someone who might be a health care worker. >>we a window with and the time somebody might be. there might be in those vulnerable categories. you can get an antibody are immune globulin to help prevent them from getting the disease. >>doctor ponce as most people who have gotten their vaccines and their 2 doses during childhood should be immune numbers from the centerfor disease control and prevention show from january to march 21th more than 300 measles cases have been reported in 15 states, including california of the more than a dozen cases in the state one has been reported in san francisco. and 2 cases have been reported in san mateo and santa clara
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counties. the corporate spokesperson for the restaurant says the person with the measles virus was aghast and not an employee of sauced barbecue and spirits. that spokesperson also says they are following guidelines from the health department and so far no employees. >>have been experiencing any symptoms and they maintain that there is currently no risk at this restaurant that's the latest here live in livermore dance or and kron 4 news. a 4 year-old boy in oakland is on life support tonight after he accidentally shot himself in the head. >>tonight, the boy's family is speaking out for the first time about the tragic incident, stay young boy's mother's boyfriend has been arrested in this case call for scale on was at the family's news conference this evening.
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she has the latest. >>the mother of nevada jackson speaking out for the first time a day after the 4 year-old boy had access to a loaded gun and shot himself in the head is a moment. the little boy was visiting the seas oklahoma and richie street wednesday afternoon where oakland police say the boyfriend of the vaughn's mother lives and owns a gun the family calling it a tragedy all around. >>person who house the world he told the police that it was. >>37 year-old terrance wilson of oakland was arrested wednesday in connection with the nevada jackson shooting. he was booked on multiple
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felony charges, including child cruelty and being a felon in possession of a firearm police say it's also possible that the gun was stolen of on's family says the gun should have been locked up, but he wasn't and are heartbroken because they've also lost loved ones to gun violence. >>nobody got me out. >>a 37 year-old terrance wilson is behind bars at santa rita jail. he is due in court on friday here going to get along on for news. >>governor gavin newsom is criticizing pga need tonight for the company's plan to replace its board was hedge fund financier's and people was out utility experience expertise. the governor released this statement that reads in part with this move piccinini would send a clear message said it is prioritizing quick profits for wall street over public safety and reliable and affordable energy service. it raises serious doubts about the company's commitment to make changes needed to deliver safe
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reliable and affordable power to californians. pg e spokeswoman did not confirm or deny the plan. she says the company understands and recognizes the government's concerns boss. also the importance of adding people to the board will bring about safety changes and address operational and financial challenges. p g has said it will replace most of its board. amid a bankruptcy proceeding related to the costs from the deadly wildfires, san francisco's first elected female sheriff is announcing her retirement she did so today sheriff vicki hennessy decided she will not seek reelection in november. >>this is video from 2016 when she was sworn in as sheriff hennessy says that her health and her family were factors in her decision not to run. the sheriff had undergone surgery earlier this year and said in a statement quote while i did have my head a successful first operation complete recovery remains elusive until i take the time to concentrate on my well being full time,
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maryland and breed released a statement on share of hennessy's retirement announcement today saying in part share of hennessey has been a tremendous leader for our city. both as our share of and in her long career in public service. she was a trailblazer in the sheriff's department i want to wish her the best of luck in her well-deserved retirement. >>time to step outside and take a look at the 4 zone forecast 2 is one of those days for just about anything seemed possible outside really didn't have a days mean the weather is kind of crazy get the sunshine then all of a sudden you get these big dark clouds roll in and thunderstorms erupting around the bay area, the heavy rain and even hail tonight things beginning to settle down just a little bit still some cloude out there and we are seeing some scattered showers. >>continuing to pop most the heavy rain has come to an end you can see those thunderstorms rolling on through certainly the possibility that isolated thunderstorms still tonight, but i think a lesser and lesser chances of we head through the night scored low finally begin to move on shore that was part of the system
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that spawn the crazy weather into the afternoon today and the evening that things begin to settle down. just a little bit outside still some scattered showers being picked up on the doppler radar some lows in the north thesee a moving in toward up to date in may in near santa rosa right now, but those are very light then along peninsula worse continue to see some scattered showers near half moon bay and another cell just off the coastline that will likely wonder on shore somewhere along the peninsula here near pacifica and bring with it another chance, a few light showers or not done with the rainfall just yet more scattered showers overnight tonight but the good news is things winding down tonight and we get ready for a pretty good weekend. the winds so becoming out of the southwest right now so we're seeing now the winds begin to switch out of the southwest and that's a good sign as high pressure likely to build in here very shortly and that is going to make for some very nice weather this weekend rainfall totals impressive in santa rosa than some thunderstorms there. and look at that over an inch and a quarter of rain because of the thunderstorms rolling on through 3900 snap a almost a quarter of an inch san francisco you had 80300's
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in oakland. and just a drop in the bucket there in san jose but yeah things settling down tonight after the rain and the thunderstorms today and to partly cloudy skies late tonight tomorrow. you'll see some sunshine to see a couple of passing clouds mostly dry and some warmer weather much warmer temperatures over the weekend right now 40's 50's all around the bay area with some partly cloudy skies out there that changed on the pattern coming finally that jet stream that has been all the way down in the southern california almost and do what you wanna it's finally going to begin to lift low pressure is going to kick east high pressure starts to build in from the south and that is going to build in for a beautiful friday afternoon. the weekend even looking nicer than that so we've got some very good weather ahead still a couple scattered showers overnight tonight but thing settling down i think as we head through the night, an early-morning affected commute tomorrow looks great partly cloudy skies should be mostly dry out there as well and then by the afternoon you see a couple pop-up of clouds over the mountain tops otherwise lot of sunshine coming your way and looks like a pretty good day orlando is going to
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be in the 40 still a little chilly out there. but by day we'll see these temperatures starting to warm up moving well into the 60's in some bay area like live more about 67 degrees about 66 in a word. but this just the beginning. we are going to see one of those weekends to remember lots of sunshine no rain and temperatures in the 70's in the warmer spots all right, thank you like this. >>classes resume this morning in van den high school in fairfield that's after officials close to school because of a racist a threat. the threat was made tuesday and the school was closed yesterday. the threat was made towards students at the high school the district superintendent says police identify the students who made the threat and took disciplinary actions. in pleasant hill meantime a student at college park high school has been suspended for making threats against the latino community. officials say the threats were made online they say the comments were racially motivated. but no specific threats were made against individual students
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nor the suspended student describe any specific plans for acts of violence on campus. police say they do not believe the threats were credible. >>and officials at diablo valley college are investigating racist graffiti those found on campus this week. officials say a handwritten message was found directed to members of their middle eastern and black communities. the message was found in the men's bathroom in the business language arts building on the pleasant hill campus. school officials say the message was removed and police are now investigating. this comes just weeks after students walked out after another racist graffiti post was found on the campus. santa rosa police are looking for this man they say last week he smashed a car window and stole a purse. >>police say then made off made a series of purchases with credit cards that were in that first. investigators say he was last seen driving a 2 door green honda, santa rosa police are asking if you know who this man is to give them a call. >>san mateo police are looking for a man who may have stolen
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a woman's push-up bra au's during an open house that took place over the weekend video surveillance shows a man walking through a home which was for sale with a big bold in his jacket that was not there when he first walked in. well for michelle king sent out to the homeowner and to police about what he should do to keep your belongings safe after you put your home on the market. >>homes are for sale all over the bay area that when you open your house to potential buyers do you know who they are last weekend surveillance video caught a realtor letting a man into a home in san mateo the realtor side leaving this man free to roam around he moves to the on the left and as he walks to the other side of the house. you see him stop what the homeowners say are his wife's push up jacket. >>she different comes out of our room stuffing the undergarments in his jacket walks to go inside the house was for the bedrooms then comes back with them very
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noticeable bolton us to make and we're not even sure what that is the homeowner do want to show his face on camera but says 5 of his wife's broz are missing and wanted to make sure everyone saw the face of the man who police say they want to identifying question about the theft. >>and we want to interview all we want to we want to find out what his intentions are white was in the house if he ended up stealing something and we want to look at his background showing the surveillance video to police. >>there it is again and take a look at that they say it's obvious. this man took something and they want your help finding out who he is just a little unsettling what happens to you you know you don't expect it. >>and when it does he feel really vulnerable police and the homeowner agree that this man went into this open house he likely has gone into others in the pastor could be planning to go into more in the future now what to do if you're hosting an open house police say have your realtor have a sign in sheet and if you have surveillance cameras, put them up in of course lock up your valuables in san mateo
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michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a man is san jose is behind bars tonight after police say he sexually assaulted a woman in her home 25 year-old richard hernandez was arrested this morning. police say he weot into a woman's bedroom at her home in the 900 block of ironwood drive. that's not far from the senate looks movie theater on alamuddin road. when officers arrived they say they found hernandez still inside the home. they say the victim does not know who he is. he was arrested for sexually assault and burglary. several sacramento city leaders have filed declarations supporting a city restraining order against a man named alexander clark. clark is a man who was seen inside sacramento city council chambers leaping on to tables and yelling profanity-laced insults at the council members. this was at the first city council meeting after the district attorney decided that no charges will be filed against the police officers who shot unarmed stefan clark. council members say what
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happens made them feel quote anxious fearful, and threatened. >>a bay area store owner says she's heartbroken tonight by what she saw on her surveillance video a couple stealing shoes from her story and fairfield last friday, here's the footage. a woman opened her purse and 6 shoes and then takes another pair and puts them down his pants in fact if you look really closely that man is wearing several pairs of pants apparently so he can stuff more shoes in them. the store owner says she was devastated, especially because she knows the couple's daughter and how hard the daughter works in order to shop at that store. want to have that and give it to you just don't steal it from me just the wost feeling in the world so they work hard. >>the store owner says the theft costs are store a little more than $100 police usually only get involved in the the law starts at $1000. the owner says it was more important to her to put the video out in
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the public to make other business owners aware of the couple. >>saturday progressed so did the weather. >>than we were. starting to feel the rocking and rolling the ship but some points where it was going like 45 degrees. >>side to side. >>a nightmare at sea we've been telling you about this for the last few days over the weekend more than 1300 passengers and crew members aboard the viking sky cruise ship were tossed and turned as the ship was caught in a major storm 43 mile an hour winds. waves over 26 feet tall the rough seas cars 3 of the ship's 4 engines to fail, forcing the ship to sent out a mayday distress signal saturday and eventually evacuate the passengers by helicopter. just so happens to those passengers are a couple from novato from for snow a bellow shares their story of survival. >>thank god, it wasn't one of those 3,004 to 5,000 passenger
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ships that are out there. i would have been a nightmare. i was nightmarish enough. >>susan and alan goldberg say when disaster hit on board the viking sky cruise ship. they didn't hesitate to follow orders, we looked at each other and said. >>this is really happening right there were just 2 of 960 passengers on board when the ship got caught in a cyclone saturday. >>when you were in the camp and really being tossed around some points where it was going like 45 degrees. scientists. things got gave us life jackets. so everybody was for. and back and forth dishes were flying if things are breaking glasses were breaking silverware was gone. chan, those with people moving across and back and for >>the dome or consider themselves very lucky.
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>>and and they had us together and we were. the cables. rest up together. and it was still daylight so we were really really fortunate. you would think such now and now now. >>i mean we got to see the lights like the first night we were at you know, and of course it was unexpected but you know mother nature is going to do with mother nature wants to do for you and another cruise. >>and avato kron 4 news. >>in national news democrats are promising to protect obama care that's only days after the white house expanded its efforts to repeal it tara grant lotus is here now with the details on what's becoming a very hot political issue that a lot of folks thought that we were going to revisit this topic at least 2 right
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now, but here we go the fight over obamacare is very much back president trump now wants the courts to strike down the entire affordable care act also known as obamacare but democrats warn if obamacare is shut down some 20 million americans would suddenly lose their health care it's been less than 2 years since republicans tried but failed to repeal obamacare you may remember the john mccain thumbs down vote, leslie dock with the pro obama care gup protect our care says. he was shocked when he learned the white house is going to try to kill the program again. we have a system people like they want things to get cheaper. >>they want health care to be better but they want to build on what we have. >>they don't want that stuff taken away. >>but president trump and his advisers believe they can take away one of the democrats most affective campaign tools if they're able to kill obamacare and replace it with trump care president trump says he expects the supreme court will
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decide obamacare's ultimate fate sue the white house has not put forth. any details of what so-called trump care might entail and ken back to you thank you grant. >>well bipartisan backlash today leading to a change of plans the trump administration reversing propose cuts to the special olympics secretary of education betsy devos still senators today. she was not personally involved in the decision to propose eliminating money for the special olympics, but she continued to defend the cuts which were included in her department's budget. then late this afternoon. president trump this about the cuts altogether. >>i've thanks i think it's incredible and i just got there i say funding about it this morning. i over in my faithful with funding this >>shortly after the president's comments secretary devolves issued another statement this time saying that she and the president
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agree, however, the boss has proposed the eliminating the special olympics money twice before and lawmakers have rejected it projection was likely to happen again this time. days after special counsel robert mueller finish his investigation into russian election meddling and. >>whether or not there was collusion with the trump campaign. attorney general william barr promised he would release parts but not all of the report to congress as our washington dc correspondent alexandra limo reports the democrats are not satisfied. they are crying fall. >>and they say they want the full report. >>the speaker of the house nancy pelosi made it clear she is not pleased with the 4 page report congress received from attorney general barr was condescending it was arrogant and it wasn't the right thing to do bar summary of special counsel robert mueller's report indicates that in 2 years of investigating russian election meddling key did not
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find evidence that anyone with the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with russia to influence the 2016 election. tell us. the and we can our own conclusions. the house of resolution to release the full mueller report with the vote of 420 to 0 the resolution is non-binding. >>that still senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blocked the senate from voting on it will release at least a id he portion of the report to congress in weeks rather than months south dakota republican senator mike rounds says legally some of the material in the report can't be made public. >>first of all he cannot release information that's been found by a grand jury. >>the federal law then there are national security concerns we most certainly don't want to give any secrets away are classified information away in the release the report senator around says there's a possibility that congressional
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intelligence committees could get a copy of the full report in a classified setting in washington alexander lee mound. >>ahead tonight at 10 some perspective on this year's women's history month from a local journalism icon who has seen her share of problems progress and potential we hear from the legendary bill the davis plus a bay area teenagers asking for help to try th find his stolen via land. >>after someone took a from of muni bus and big changes coming to disneyland with the coming to disneyland with the park is now banning which yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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at ross. yes for less. >>to sloan the cio of san francisco based wells fargo bank is stepping down effective immediately sloan's abrupt departure comes as the bank continues to struggle to overcome a number of scandals, he says he decided to step down to help wells fargo move forward. the company's board promised to find an in an outsider to replace loan. sloan plans to retire at the end of june the bank has selected see alan parker, its general counsel to take the helm on an interim basis. the news of sloan's resignation comes amid repeated calls and criticism from politicians for new leadership and wells fargo. low cost carrier wow air abruptly shut down leaving thousands of passengers stranded. >>the iceland based airline made the announcement today on his website grounding all flights immediately. the move
10:26 pm
comes after wow air failed to reach an agreement with investors. the company says passengers should book flights with other airlines and contact their credit card companies for refunds the airline began operations in 2012 and operated flies from 27 airports between north america and europe. >>disney is banning smoking and largest rollers at all of its theme parks, the ban on strollers also includes those so-called stroller wagons parents use those to keep up with a number of kids at one time who might be too big for a baby stroller as for the smoking ban visitors will have to go to designated smoking zones outside of the park's secured areas, the new bands will take effect on may the first. >>shocking video shows a mentally ill inmate being being while in jail in northern california tonight, this family has reached a settlement in their lawsuits plus it is a big problem and all too common here in the bay area what's being done now to fight the porch pirates.
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>>and so much rain this season and there's more to come but we've got some nice weather and
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>>in light of the nationwide college admissions scandal state lawmakers are laying out 6 new proposals to try to make sure similar scandals don't happen in the future. >>the majority of the families involved in the scandal are from california and that's sparking a sense of urgency among state lawmakers for reform from force capitol
10:30 pm
bureau reporter ashley zavala has more from sacramento. we've all watched discussed by the outright fraud committed. >>in the recent college admissions scandal. >>califorgia democrats are calling for reforms to college admissions in direct response to the college bribery scheme which essentially started in california their proposals include a checks and balance system requiring 3 university administrators to sign off on special admissions they also want to ban preferential admissions to donors and alumni donate a building by a professorship. >>become a major donor being alumni to many of these institutions. this door of legacy add minutes, it is a front door that is completely legal and as can be can truly be you've been used for centuries to get and perpetrate a certain type of person in 2. the school and the man at the center of the bribery scheme, rick singer
10:31 pm
was a private college consultant in california lawmakers want to regulate businesses like his requiring them to register with the state this is about transparency fuss about accountability. >>so that we can see who is involved and these processes. lawmakers are also calling for a state audit of the university of california system's admissions practices every student california regardless of their background. >>deserves a fair shot at a mission to one of our world renowned public universities. >>that was actually zavala reporting lawmakers also want the state's public universities to study the effectiveness of the s a t and the a c t and possibly consider phasing them out. we ve sound to the university of california system for comment but have not heard back. >>california lawmakers want to get tough on so-called porch pirates are proposing legislation that would make package theft a felony instead of a misdemeanor. we see a number of surveillance videos like this one, but authorities say a few of these porch pirates actually get caught.
10:32 pm
state assemblyman evan low and santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen co author of the new proposal, rosen says expanding the section of the penal code which deals with burglary. but essentially close with some say is a far too lenient loophole. this is a crime of opportunity. >>and given the extremely low consequences currently 4 to misdemeanor. we think that this bill which and that may make it a felony depending on how serious to conduct is would be more of a deterrent. >>rosa says he expects broad support for the legislation he says it could be on the governor's desk by the end of the year. >>in the east bay view park every day at the walnut creek park station you may soon face higher costs beginning friday, all of the surface, lots will close to make room for construction of a transit village which will be complete with housing and restaurants and retail, bart's old brick garage will still be available as will the new privately on garage next door. ultimately
10:33 pm
there will be about the same number of spaces as before and there will be more monthly permits spots, however, there will be fewer spaces for people who parked there every day. >>as much as the cost not you almost drive to where you're going and set up taking the market is going to cost us a lot to early enough in the day or i don't think it will impact me. >>but i think it will impact the people that come atm 9 and this have to commute to the city. >>in fact if commuters do not get one of the 854 daily spots in the existing garage at $3 a day. they will pay 15 to $18 a day for the remaining 118 daily spots in the new parking garage. a plea tonight from a san francisco teenager for the return of his stolen violin, somebody took it after he forgot it when he got off of the muni bus from for assisting waltman talks with that teenager tonight about what happened in his hopes of getting his prized possession
10:34 pm
returned. >>put on hold. >>after 14 year-old >>in late february will on the 38 munich going on geary boulevard williams took the violin in its black case underneath his seat, the focus to doing his homework until was stopped of 33rd avenue. >>what we've to go. except for one thing. >>wait until you realize. >>of a live studio from the bus shows that just minutes later, this woman picks up the violin case and gets off the
10:35 pm
bus at geary and 42th avenue. a month later and that violent has yet to be turned in to police or muni lost and found. >>san francisco police consider the instrument stolen over a month. >>that this person should have had enough time and gotten enough advice from resource that's out there as to what direction she should. take and turn it into the appropriate authorities. >>the violent is valued at $1200 with images of the woman who police say took it clearly out there william phelps so do the right thing now and turn it is. >>that would be music to his ears. san francisco police are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of this violent to give them a call in the newsroom, i'm just team. all time for news. >>has been a rough and tumble
10:36 pm
day in the weather department to just bought everything going know let's check in with lawrence a lot of showers lot of thunderstorm wild weather around the bay area we're not done just yet. >>we've got more rain showing up off the coastline. louis sells just about to move in near half moon bay on the peninsula got some heavy downpours coming your way certainly the possibility of lightning strike is the air still very unstable outside, but they're becoming more widely scattered and tt is good news as we start to set you up for the weekend the weekend looking good quarter low finally got a spin on shore so tomorrow we dry things out bring some sunshine and some partly cloudy skies the bay area saturday looks fantastic high pressure really takes over you see your skies clear out very nicely sunday looking good too, although maybe a few high clouds drifting across our skies. but the temperatures going to be very warm. then on monday that changes again another storm system rolls in to bring in chances, rain late in the day showers may be lingering into tuesday. >>and we're not done there. in fact we've got another storm system little love more impressive as we head in toward friday of next week so here's your tenet and we've
10:37 pm
got some great weather ahead as we look toward the weekend tomorrow should be a dry day with just a few clouds and sunshine, beautiful sunshine 70's over the weekend a chance of rain again on monday tuesday and late next week. >>if you've been to the midwest or you're from the midwest, feel like you're right at home with this weather we had today. >>spring storms tearing through the bay area this week we saw a little bit of everything the thunder the lightning, the hail. >>sunshine you name to standing by to tell us and show us the >>you know when there's a hail storm here it's a big effect right is as you noted, maybe if you're from different parts of the country you see it fairly often when the weather gets volatile but around here people grabbed the cameras they start recording. among those folks today as more adult horses wife she was in calistoga. the as tourists that issue is just taken some video and. that little wave
10:38 pm
slowed the video down a lightning strike right near their place why fuss find the animals in that backyard also uninjured so that's the good news here is a still image you see it is lit the place up. they were startled they were frightened, but again not hurt so that's good news from that and now to sonoma county this is santa rosa. coming down there on the barbecue this is also a different home in santa rosa just pop it off that table right there. >>person even. cos. >>help tell it right there in the hand drenching rain and the fido the north bay. parts of it just got pummeled today and by the way all of these videos and pictures from crown for viewers so as we marvel at this once again. if you have video and pictures that you can share with us we'd love to see them always you can use the card for mobile app or our website kron four dot com. just click on the reported sections easy to upload pan come back to you. >>all right, thank you grant. well after years of legal
10:39 pm
battles the public is now seen some shocking video of an inmate being beaten while in a jail cell the video is among several linked to a one million class action lawsuit settlement between the placer county sheriff's office and more than 500 former inmates a federal judge in sacramento allow these videos to be unsealed today, doug johnson reports. >>this jail cell video is from age 1420 17. and it will see bo barrett, a mentally ill inmate suffering from an episode. and continually slapping the cell door and was some type of. >>of manic or behavior theres attorney marc maron's says what happened next was gross misconduct on behalf of the they decided that they want to charge in there and they charge in may. >>shield up against the wall and pummeled him with fists and knees and elbows and left
10:40 pm
him bloodied. >>after the beating. they are just put into a restraining chair, his face covered in blood. >>and just left them there. getting the medical attention that parents as what happened to bayer was the jumping off point 1st class action lawsuit against placer county which around 500 other inmates and similar claims of mistreatment and misconduct, the placer county sheriffs correctional officers. well, fox 40 requested an interview with the placer county sheriff's office. the spokesperson did not return our calls. >>the actions of officers are troubling and represent condit has never been tolerated our agency. >>instead the office released this video online claiming the judge was wrong to unseal the surveillance video of a heart attack. >>a criminal case is an aide to cross the county just returning on these individuals were terminated from my son saying it was clear that and that they had a big problem at the jail. >>marriage clients all receive part of a one million settlement with the county and to ensure reforms the court marinate other plaintiffs
10:41 pm
attorneys, no taking part in an audit of the county's jail system. we hope. >>that it will change the culture with more observation and review. >>bankers attorney says his client is doing much better after receiving a $250,000 settlement plus a $50,000 incentive fee for pursuing the class action lawsuit. he has since bought a home with that money and is now living on his own a sense of outrage shock and even confusion in chicago after all 16 felony charges against empire star. jussie mallette. >>were dropped. now the city of chicago is demanding that small at payback a $130,000. that's how much the city says police spent in overtime to investigate the alleged phony hate crime. back in late january small at claims 2 men attacked him while yelling racist and homophobic slurs. chicago police initially invested investigating the case as a possible hate crime but ultimately believes that the attack was staged.
10:42 pm
president trump weighed in tweeting about the fbi and deal j reviewing the case but neither the fbi nor the department of justice have commented on that. >>this is women's history month and we're going to hear from a local journalism i ca who's seen her share of progress and problems. we'll heat the legendary bill the davis. >>and coming up in sports full slate of opening day highlights the a's break out the band's will the giants offense fails to support madison bumgarner lap the sights a
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>>tonight i profile a woman whose life and career set an example of tenacity and perseverance for all women during this women's history month. i talked with the bay area zoned broadcast legend bell, the davis who spent many of her journalism years right here at kron four i wanted her perspective on her own career challenges and the state of professional women of today. >>one america today are making history so that i think they can't even keep up with how much progress they're making because it's all over the world. >>well the davis was the first woman of color to work as a television news reporter on the west coast of the united states. >>when i started in the business i was nastily news
10:46 pm
conferences. >>in her 5 decades in the bay area working at 3 major television stations, black radio and black newspaper. she ook a lot of the early knox for her gender and for her race. >>i work with people sometimes who didn't want to walk down the street with me the tigers. >>and there were other low moments notably in 19 60 for the gop convention at the cow palace. >>the former president eisenhower said something that set out the dixie credit and they came after my news director night and they literally drove us from that building with the early things at us. >>there are also many journalism milestones, including her reporting from africa after the us embassy bombings there. every day. thousands of people crime and the trip to africa. >>a new level that isn't for me. africa. >>retired since 2012 and today
10:47 pm
at age 85 the bell that is still quite active on the boards and panels and at she's written one book never in my wildest dreams and is contemplating another and she and her husband of 55 years bill moore have a bit more down time now they both have made history bill was in television news 2 and was the first black camera man in california, perfect match if he now teaches video at alone a college in fremont i think it was as having each other to hear each other. >>and to know that our heart this person is sincere. >>looking at the landscape or professional and political women today. >>these are the receivers of that oil. i hope they know it. because there are many women who. given up so much and fought so many battles to achieve the degree of success of ability. she has particular
10:48 pm
pride in the bay area women in positions of power today, some are even her contemporaries such as senator dianne feinstein. >>i tell you. >>i am so proud of the women in this area they now see the possibility for and i think there's nothing that can make you happier unknown you belong in would you call the winning circle and she is also in what could be called the winning circle. >>in 2018 among her many awards and accomplishments. well the davis was inducted into the california hall of fame well like trying to keep from crying and her words of wisdom for younger women and girls and they don't have to have. >>the blessing 71 if you have a sense of self security. and i'm hoping that is what we are passing on there's nothing that you can do. moon we'll in yourself.
10:49 pm
>>malveaux will be 86 years young in october and is still going strong bill and elmo will celebrate 56 years of marriage in july. >>i know you're very close to you know very well i'm close to her husband bill we know limbo right hand and i worked with him covering the oj simpson 25 years ago in los angeles and not only are they both exceptional journalists. they're just fantastic bully can last all the way through very much we love e-mail to and them. >>to finnerty making it easy to do access. all your favorite entertainment. >>all right, we're talking baseball is for us tonight today, everyone looks forward to all year you know we talk about like you know, maybe we could have potential sport holidays like the day after the super bowl, you know that really nice opening day i think we should put in that category or yeah i think that should work now started the
10:50 pm
season in japan last week, but it wasn't a pleasant opening day experience going winless today in their first game at the coliseum you could tell they felt right at home all the pageantry, the stars and stripes in center field, the fireworks. both teams lined up along the baselines anxious to get started after a long spring training that to the game bottom 3rd one nothing oakland, stephen strokes wanted to left center field gaps robbie grossman scores a's up to mike fires on point all day top 5th gets out of a little trouble to one match a stop at 3rd stepped on the bag. one out throws to first for the inning ending double play 6 frames of one-hit ball for fires today, he's pumped the bottom 6 the icing on the cake. chris davis. the second deck solo home run davis already has 2 homers on the season. nothing o'flynn and that was the final 4 run shot out the a's improved to one into marco estrada squares off against matt harvey. >>now it's going go park.
10:51 pm
>>giants in san diego bruce bocce entering his final opening day skipper calling it a career after this season for the creatures, you know he's turning to his ace madison bumgarner getting the starting nod. >>downing for him toppers manny machado just got paid weeks phone garner's final line night punch outs to earn runs through 7. bottom 3rd. wil myers jumped on a mistake. launches 1, 456 feet fact finders on the board. one is it offensive lee and his sequence of summed up the day after getting one of their only 5 hits bumgarner takes a big lead in air to our pick some off just like that any over james down one nothing on trees when to zip back at it again tomorrow night. >>now to the sharkies collapsing at the worst time of the year on a six-game slump going into tonight, san jose hosting the blackhawks one of the original 6 or and the second period sharks and down by one timo meier. >>to the right of black ops crawford. tied up at 4.
10:52 pm
moments later however, chicago's patrick kane shoots it 15 by chris kunitz black hawks regained the lead starts fall 5, 4, then. is now 7 straight loss. now to the nba. the warriors have the night off but there's a headline surrounding the chance of the leak banning a fan for 2 years. >>because of an incident involving damarcus cousins when the warriors played in boston. chris haynes of yahoo sports broke the details tonight when golden state visited the celtics back in january 8th and directed a racial slur it causes report says when the incident happened cousins inform t security in the sand was identified. >>the association suspending that individual from attending any games. year. >>a college basketball tony benn and the virginia cavaliers taken on 12 seed oregon in the sweet 16 in less than 6 minutes ago, 42 all there. the slew is king knocks down the tray to give the ducks the lead. they're going
10:53 pm
back and forth here is suing virginia possession keep a car with the 3 of his own to tie and back up 45 all 3 and a half minutes ago ty jerome to it's you know it's coming to sends it in a 3 to put virginia for good cavs hold off a duck's 5349. >>advance to the elite 8 to play for you the tennis scene over time. and mark few number one seed guns agus shaken on leonard hamilton 4th seed florida state's 2nd half. >>hot you maura gets the law. the source of the raf 5747 bulldogs 17 points 3 minutes ago. talk to more again not exactly or bell junior nails pulls away late 14 points for 3 from nortel final score, 7215 bulldogs they also go to the they will play texas tech. >>who blew out michigan so that jam packed day us busy busy, thank
10:54 pm
here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes.
10:55 pm
wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
10:56 pm
quieted down for a while things begin to pick up again right now pretty dry out toward the golden gate bridge but yet here we go we've got some more showers of course a very active afternoon. now we've got some more storms moving in along the coastline doppler radar picking that up so they're moving in the same room dorial some heavy rainfall there. another band of rain moving in toward capital baymont era and also pacifica so not dealt with all the ranges ship that things will wind down. >>overnight tonight storm
10:57 pm
system moving on through right now on that score that low is just going to come on shore so that will keep things a little bit unsettled overnight tonight tomorrow morning should be dry though some partly cloudy skies early on so the commute looking good by the afternoon a little more sunshine look at saturday. the skies really clear now under high pressure that means we're going to see some beautiful weather ahead. as we head toward tomorrow, you can see some clouds and temperatures running a little warmer 60's in many parts the bay area some 50's out along the coastline and then as we look out over the next couple of days here we go warm temperatures up nice 70's. both saturday and sunday showers return on monday. maybe some rain the following weekend to the left they are now. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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