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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  March 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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looks like it's leaking diesel fuel sold check in on that and cleanup time takes a while yeah, all right on wednesday, the sun coming up you guys it's going to be really nice day today we have to get through a little bit of fog. this morning but after that as the sun is going to be shine and not just for today, but through the weekend too. >>east bay looks good unclear right now it's not necessarily clear across the entirety of the bay area though especially not for the north bay and especially around santa rosa on over. through the russian river valley right now we're conditions are especially foggy currently and if you're heading out into the delta conditions are only going to get fog here as we make our way into the afternoon or at least early afternoon after that fog will burn off and what you got later on today is some pretty nice and clear skies will still have a few clouds but those clouds and not going to result in a lot of activity on this radar, nice and dry out there for your friday and under these dry skies temperatures well they're going to stay out of the 40's and 50's where they
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currently are back into a range of 60's this afternoon and if you like the sound of 60's. i think you're going to like this and the 70's this weekend even better. i'm talking that still to come. robin, i do i like the sound of 6070 sunshine. thank you john. >>alright, heading to the roads now we want to check in on an accident that i talked about earlier. >>this is from the 4 o'clock hour, it's and family and r-north found to 38 right after the 5.80 split right after that merge an accident involving big rig. that's leaking diesel fuel so we have the 2 right lanes close chp just now issuing a traffic alert for this i have to get this all cleaned up. we don't know how long it's going to take but no the traffic is backing up on to 5.80 westby john redwood's you hit that traffic as soon as you roll through castro valley livermore to dublin looks good at the dublin greatest looking good. it's only 10 minutes from vasco to the split but keep in mind that there is a problem spot up ahead on the castor valley family and your side babers traffic minor weight but are in the cash
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lanes and it's a great trip across the upper deck of tech more burgess and slow downs coming up star eugene say's law 5 a one a big story, a new warning from bay area doctors another possible measles exposure to have this time doctors say it happened at a restauoant in livermore kron four sarah stinson on the story for us live. >>at that very restaurant sarah. >>good morning. it's been quite a scare for people just in livermore because of this morning that the warning has been put out by alameda calif county health officials they say if you visited sauce barbecue in spirits. right here behind me. last saturday between 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock at night, then you may have been exposed to measles it's very specific to that time because one person who was there at that time was exposed to measles take a look at this map so you can get a better idea of which sauce barbecue we're talking about there are several locations across the bay area. we're
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standing right here on first street in livermore if you visited this restaurant on that march 23th night during that time you are advised to call your doctor immediately, especially if you have any symptoms. take a look at your screen. we have a list of things alyssa people were most susceptible, especially if you are pregnant have a weakened immune system in sun under 12 months and are an vaccinated against the measles. a health care provider. now some of the symptoms you could contract or fever cough runny nose, red eyes and what's most significant is a rash. now we talked with maybe health official talk about the situation olds listen from them. >>a window with and the time somebody might there might be in those vulnerable categories. you can get an antibody are immune globulin to help prevent them from getting the disease.
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>>the restaurant has responded to the warning saying we have contacted all of our staff, no one has come down with measles there is currently no risk at a restaurant, they say and they're working with health officials to make sure that they follow all the guidelines so that is very important to note that if you they're still open. so if you go there today. there's no risk however, if you did go on march 23th during that time that is when you need to be concerned you should contact your doctor immediately you know this is not the first warning there has been several especially earlier this week in santa clara county there was 3 different warnings that came from different stores and restaurants. i live in livermore sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you very much sarah. new this morning, a murder suicide investigation in petaluma now police say they found the bodies of a man and a woman at a home on the 800 block of echo court crowd was really a 7 live there with the details kelli. >>yet daria well i'm over here at the petaluma police
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department maybe just about 10 minutes away from where. that murder suicide happened on the show you some video we got. the location of this happened yesterday about 04:00pm police responded to a report saying that someone encounter 2 bodies in a home now when police arrived at that home. they found a adult man and woman. they quickly called their investigators on this and they were able to determine pretty quickly that it was a murder suicide now they said they died of gunshot wounds, both. the man and woman. at this point we don't know. what what their names are or what their relationship was but we are in front of the i am in front of the police department's i hope to get a hold of somebody so we get a little bit more information about the people who were found and the circumstance but at this time at least i can
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tell you that didn't seem there was anybody else involved that the community is safe. there wasn't anybody at large or any other. asian around there that they would make any the police department suspect that there was anybody else involved. in this i'm back to being a little bit and hopefully i'll get a little bit more information on the 2 bodies that were found back to the ice. >>breaking news. we have this morning following out of the east bay woman shot the west oakland bart station, yeah we just found out about this, we know that she has been taken to the hospital we don't know her condition yet. so we'll keep you posted and of course we'll continue with our live updates on this breaking news. i was oakland where there was a woman shot at the west oakland bart station. this love and was caught on camera stealing from the open house over the weekend, let's take a look at this surveillance video. you can see the homeowner showing a man around the house in samut hail. and
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then when the realtor steps out the man's free to roam around and that's when he moves to the bedroom is on the left there. and they're clearly put something in his pocket of his jacket, the homeowner didn't want to show his face on camera but says that 5 his wives. ross are missing. >>just a little unsettling what happens to you you know you don't expect it. >>and then when it does he feel vulnerable. >>and we want to interview him we want to we want to. >>find out what his intentions are white was in the house if he ended up stealing something. >>and we want to look at his back. >>the police and the homeowner agree if the man and did do this then he very well could have done it at other houses are open houses. a reminder to homeowners if you're hosting an open house have your realtor get a sign in sheet and definitely have surveillance cameras put up to lock up your valuables. it's 5 oh 7 and today murder charges are expected to be added to the case of the woman accused of shooting her husband in
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pittsburgh. paul shots well died last sunday after police say his wife 39 year-old maria vides shot him in a domestic dispute, they were having earlier in the month. schatz well was the principal, the adult education center. maria vides is expected in court today where prosecutors a e going make that move to add the murder charge to replace the attempted murder charge buys will then enter details on the funeral plea arrangements for paul schatz well has not yet been released. >>in pleasant hill a student at college park high school has been suspended now for making threats against the latino community. officials say that they were made online and that the comments were racially motivated. no specific threats were made against individual students nor did the suspended student describe any specific plan for acts of violence on campus. police also don't believe those threats were credible. officials at the apple valley college are also investigating racist graffiti that was found on campus this week, a handwritten message was found directed to members of their middle eastern and black
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communities. it was found in the men's restroom in the business language arts building on the pleasant hill campus. the message has since been removed, but this comes just weeks after students walked out after another racist graffiti post was south of campus. >>a man in san jose's behind. >>mars police say he sexually assaulted a woman in her home 25 year-old richard hernandez was arrested. police say that he went into a woman's bedroom in her home in the 900 block of ironwood drive which is not far from the movie theater over there on on that in road. and when the police got there they found hernandez he was inside the home. they say he. doesn't know the victim she does know him he was arrested for sexual-assault burglary. now to the north bay where santa rosa police are looking for a man who smashed a car window and stole a purse. here's a surveillance shot from inside a store and they've actually of a few shots here tree to look at
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they say that he made a series of purchases with credit cards that he found in the purse. he was last seen driving a 2 door, a green honda right there. new this morning. >>and killed from a motorcycle crash in fairfield has been identified thus a lot of county coroner's office a 55 year-old mary hadley was riding on the back of a motorcycle with a 47 year-old with 47 year-old stephen chara who lost control of the motorcycle he was on 80 right at 6.80 on wednesday. headley died at the scene chara sent their spent the hospital was sent to the hospital in critical condition and arrested for dui police believe speed was a factor in that crash. gavin newsome is criticizing pga for the company's plan to replace its board with hedge fund find answers and people without utility experience. the governor released this statement which in part reads quote with this move pga would send a clear message that it is prioritizing quick profits for wall street over public safety and reliable and affordable energy service. pg
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e spokesperson did not confirm or deny the plan. she says the company understands and recognizes the government's concerns but also the importance of adding people to the board who will bring about safety changes and address operational and financial challenges. the genie has said that it will replace most of its board amid a bankruptcy proceeding related to the costs associate with the deadly wildfires. lyft is going public. the company priced its i p o it's $72 a share that values the company at right around billion. the amount per share is above the proposed price range of 62 to $68 a share that suggests a strong investor demand for lift stock. the company is hoping to raise more than billion. in this i p o uber slack pinterest and postmates are all expected to go public at some point this year all of them bay area companies keep an eye on the markets when they open up at 6 30 this morning. it's 5.11 and so on. >>a crown for morning news, a
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young boy is on life support as we told you yesterday he accidentally shot himself in the head head. we're going to tell you what the family has to say more about what happened. and a nightmare for a california couple, staying in an air bnb they found a hidden camera pointed right at their bed. and after the break a spring storm in the north day brings more than just hail the intense weather events that woman. >>and no intense weather today. in fact your satellite radar looking almost empty and that's the way it's going to stay this weekend. i'm talking really nice weather to come. >>and the traffic not so bad the drive into san francisco little busy little crowded, but quiet and only stacked up but quiet and only stacked up just be on 8.80. ♪ but quiet and only stacked up just be on 8.80. ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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>>this a spring storm brought hail. so the north face with i was warning about yesterday said it was a possibility, maybe some pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon. the pale this is right. yes. >>so also recorded. watch requests think we're going to hear the shot. >>last there on the right ok so that was actually in her
5:16 am
when it hit. >>tree something now ok, nobody that's all we see to mini explosion getting it there and that you can see her. jersey was all the sale. this as of yet yesterday for the north bay santa rosa callous toga. >>some parts of napa valley's awesome very intense thunderstorm activity moving through maybe a bit above all right this you super robin she didn't see anything in san francisco yesterday there was a burst of rain that came through 10 or so. >>it was one of those days or just a few miles made a big and were to be one of week and hes going to have compared to that exactly big changes for the weekend ahead really calm weather so from that yesterday to today not really looking at much of anything on the radar just a bit of fog out there,
5:17 am
your view of the golden gate bridge looking nice and clear there's your fog hanging out in those same areas that saw the thunderstorms yesterday santa rosa down through napa valley and now into the delta and eventually the central valley also looking at some dense or fog. it increase in areas of the east bay later on this morning such as the tri valley in contra costa in alameda county before eventually accepting the picture mid morning. after that what you have to look forward to some really nice weather still a few showers lingering on the north coast and up in the sierra nevada, but back here at home in the day we just have some nice weather to look for to you see that showing up in future cast here not much to be taking a look at today tomorrow nor into sunday which is great and just in time for the weekend skies are clear now and then just in time for your next work week on monday. we have showers back in the forecast so least everything's timing out in a convenient way 60's for most of your daytime highs the exception being a ride along the pacific coast where
5:18 am
will peak in the upper 50's low 60's in millbrae at 60 degrees of redwood city at 62 and then mid 60's in the south bay, san jose campbell and santa clara each at 64 union city and hayward today peaking at a comfortable 62 around the same as yesterday but you got a lot more sunshine and consistently dry weather for your friday. now if you like the numbers are seeing on the screen and just wait for your seven-day forecast as well we're in the 70's for saturday and sunday, a big boost in temperatures from today into tomorrow as we do see a pattern shift that will bring some warmer air from the great basin out here to the bay area and that is going to make for one of the warmest weekends of the year so far robin all right, thank you john i do have a trouble spot. it's right at that castro valley. >>family and her old borders so northbound to 38 right after the 5.80 split. we have an accident here involving a big rig. now this happened in the 3 o'clock hour shortly before 04:00am and it's still working the problem is that
5:19 am
this rig has spilled diesel fuel. and they have to have a special clean-up crew are special inspection crew to come out and take a look at that fueled maybe it just spilled into the drains or on the side of the freeway so see it. we has issued a traffi, alert. the 2 right lanes are close look at that nasty little backup spilling through castro valley now to be on redwood a little bit closer to croak hanging so that means a slow commute from castor valley to san leandro but the livermore dublin site looks great and only 11 minutes from vasco to the split but know that that problem is waiting for you up ahead, and it's definitely hot spot. no problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco looks pretty good right a little heavy for west grand a very quiet across the span richmond center fell bridge wide open no delays at all that the pay gates 7 minutes to make it out to one on one and here's a look at some more freeways and drive times and they are looking good for a friday morning. the e sure 24 west and the nimitz all trouble free, but i'll
5:20 am
keep my eyes on the hot spot on to 38 dari effect. >>5.19 and invasion of privacy in orange county. and if you ever use air bnb this will interest you. a couple using air bnb in santa ana and and you know what they found inside the smoke alarm, a hidden camera, the camera pointed right at the bed. stacey butler has the story. >>we just wanted a romantic getaway the whole description a slow roll. those and has good ratings and everything so we felt comfortable going with the air bnb but their romantic getaway turned cold soon after they checked in for the night on tuesday when christian around and noticed something odd about the smoke detector on the wall across from her bed. he took this cell phone video actually came out to its >>notice that there was a hidden camera here i just opened it up found there was as the slot in there and from that there was a micro usb in and. >>turned it off put it away turns out police say it was a
5:21 am
fake smoke detector hiding a hidden camera with the missing sd card of shooting and there's someone else actually out there doing and i want people to know that too. >>just week you're going to rent it out like throwing a whole round anything that looks suspicious. the couple confronted the homeowner who identified herself as pauline. they say she told them that she just put the device up that morning. but they say the same device appears to be in the air bnb photo advertising a room for rent, she's like i'm a call the cops and i was like call. i was like i recall them the couple filed a police report we contacted air bnb and they released a statement saying the safety and privacy of our community both online and offline is our priority air be in these policies prohibit hidden cameras in listings and we take reports of any violations very seriously. we promptly removed this house from our platform and completely refunded miss solace. >>now here's the weird thing. police took a look at the camera. they didn't find it as d card and they didn't find any wi fi capability so that
5:22 am
means. >>you're a guy year cameras like it was recorded locally and it wasn't beam to some other site where it was recorded there, but it could have is the point is that what you know because it was a camera. so am rights of no apparent ability to record so right to e point of it right but defend you know what this does though today you say you always think about i don't think about is their baby all the time, it's something to think about like that guy at that the fact that he even notice that that was you know we're office he thought it was in an odd investigated further the rest us in right to smoke detectors, you don't think anything about him something to think about because it mean that cruise ship story we did where there was a camera camera, another cruise ship named, i mean it could happen anywhere could happen anywhere hotel where we are to show is going to be on the. >>s of other warning news that's a big problem. also common here in the bear will take a look at what's being done to combat porch. pirates
5:23 am
and a disgusting moment caught on camera now family wants answers after doordash delivery man at sampled
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>back to the crown for morning news, i have a hot spot, it's too early for hot spots right that we have this process working it's actually been working since the 3 o'clock hour. this is right at the castor valley, san leandro border. it's on to 38 north right after the 5 in the split
5:26 am
and it involves a big rig. that's leaking diesel fuel so the 2 right lanes are closed and traffic is backing up through castro valley beyond crow chang in seoul, leave extra early of 5 babies or drive. i'll keep my eyes on this we'll have another look at some bridges coming up in just a bit. >>a lot of 5.26 a stockton family is staying away from food delivery services doordash delivery man. sampled their order just checking to make sure it was our but take a look. yeah that's a milkshake this interchange and there is about to ring the door donated know know that had a video camera in it like a lot of these. >>winds do kick just you know and the owner there there's the seem to get its oil and heating the fryer just on his off all so we're talking off camera there's a word of warning for you in arrives and the straw is out in the drink, instead of still sealed on. >>a question that that's so
5:27 am
bad. >>and so for that land for says air bnb we got to watch now and now is the doordash delivery sent video to doordash are still waiting for a spot all they want is an apology really it's i'll that will catch a cold or worse, you know from the us. 5.27 right now still ahead. >>about 00:04am morning news, new parking garage now open in the walnut creek bart station bart station ♪ are you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready? ♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ oooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight.
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>>look at the weather and traffic for our friday morning and we'll go outside and see on gorgeous it's going to be were just right now in traffic, you know we're talking about the ugly commute out of castro valley have a problem with the big rig. >>that was involved in an accident early this morning and now it's tying up traffic because it's leaking diesel fuel. this is on to but it's right after that 5.80 split the 2 right lanes are blocked a similar has been issued by chc and they're calling out fishing game, you know they have to do that sometimes we have a spill they need to check the drains and see if still below the freeway or into the drains there so it's causing major delays for people leaving castro valley from right around croquet and all the way on to the to 38 merged so be prepared for that if i may be up to 38 is your commute also be prepared for kerr out at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's the usual crowd, the folks who see every day on a friday morning. it's already stacked up a be on 8.80 but very quiet and smooth
5:31 am
across the upper deck more brits checks coming up john. >>as daryn was saying really beautiful weather ahead of us for today and as we work our way into the weekend. so a lot to look forward to after what was a rainy past week looking at these fake nice and clear skies. but that's not the way we are across the entirety of the bay area some very dense fog up through nevado up to santa rosa do take it very slow if you're traveling one a one er and he's routes in the north bay this morning, fox going out in the central valley parts of the east bay and the north a threeor morning before clearing up between 09:10am after which point we do have some sunshine to look forward to that sunshine is not going to take us through today, but the rest your weekend too. daytime highs today back up into a range of 60's so pretty similar to yesterday we do have 70's later this weekend talking about those still ahead bacteria. >>now 5.31 we have some breaking news that we're following this morning out of the east bay where a woman was shot at the west oakland bart
5:32 am
station overnight and the shooter is still on the loose. this happened around 10 30 last night the station has since reopened but as for the shooting, one was taken to the hospital. no word on her condition this morning we're still trying to track that down bar police are still trying to put together description of the shooter. we're going to keep you updated and as we learn more, we'll certainly bring you the very latest you'r% right on the crown for morning news to stay tuned for that it's 5.32 and another big story, a new bar available free to use the walnut creek for station but you gotta pay has to do crowd force christina tetreault live at that wannacry bart station. >>with more on the story christina good morning. >>all good morning and that's a thing of course you've got to pay in these scenarios, not only obviously do need to pay for parking but all these changes are going to be the expense of the travelers right now so do want to everyone know if they come here to the walnut creek bart station so the old parking garage in one meet a break is still here. so don't worry about that and
5:33 am
there is a new parking garage also working in this in turn position. however, don't worry don't worry about the number of spaces. but you do need to worry about the price that we want to show you guys what some of the logistics here take a look at old garage and has a 154 spots at $3 a day now the new garage has a 118 daily spots but those check this out 15 to $18 per day so that old garage fills up, you got to go the news garage, you're looking at more than a $10 increase their 10 to $15. so this interim time could be a little difficult now the old garage and now the permits pot still there. 387 of them there at one oh 5 per month the new garage is going to have 100 permit spots a $120 per month. all of this is going on right now again the 2 different areas for you to pay. i when it comes to the open lot here if you normally park here unfortunately can't do that any longer come today because
5:34 am
they're going to have construction going on for a new village there starting here with retail shopping as well as different restaurants going on we're not sure how long that's going to last but again, he's parking spot. added more, but it's a bit too expense of the drivers if you're looking for your commute and maybe your updated a driver and don't have a permit make sure to plan accordingly plan ahead probably get here to the bart station a bit early as well so far we've had a few writers come on and get ready this morning to a check out how the tech the machines here have heard a few comments from the people who have just walked up. but nothing big yet it's still pretty early also play everyone know if you drive around the parking lot they do have signage to let everyone know these changes so if you do take a ride around you will see those and if someone you don't know if someone you know doesn't know about the changes make up the sign it here as well for now reporting live in walnut creek christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>that is a big price job thank you for cnn support for people know that before they had their this morning. 5 34 is the time, a man is behind
5:35 am
bars for. >>breaking into a car and stealing a purse electronics in walnut creek. police arrested joshua scott they say he broke into a car and stole a samsung galaxy tablet some other stuff happened wednesday morning and the camino very area officers were able to find him because there was a gps tracker in the tablet. 5 35 of the time and another big story this morning, a 4 year-old boy we told you about from oakland yesterday was on life support because he accidentally shot himself in the head. now a man has been arrested in this case and is due in court today, the mother of the little boy the boy's name is yvonne jackson is speaking out for the first time now about what happened since her little son shot himself, 37 year old terence wilson of oakland was arrested wednesday in connection with the shooting. booked on felony charges, including child cruelty and being in possession of a firearm and one is a felon police say that it's also possible that that guthat the little boy found under the bed was stolen. the moment. the van is still in
5:36 am
the hospital this morning, but right now he's showing no signs of brain activity. >>california lawmakers want to get tough on porch pirates. they're proposing legislation that would make package theft a felony instead of a misdemeanor. we see a number of surveillance videos like this one, but the authorities say that few of these pirates actually get caught state assemblyman evan low and santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen co authored this new legislation now rosen says that expanding the section of the penal code which deals with burglary. what essentially close what some say is a far too lenient loophole. and we'll live hear
5:37 am
more about that in a minute now rosen expects the board's support broad support for the legislation he says it could be on the governor's desk by the end of the year. >>the time now is 5.36 let's move on will head to the commercial break and be back with more in just a few minutes we're going to tell you about a very a couple. they're going to recount their nightmare at sea tossed around on a cruise ship by stormy weather. >>plus the oakland a's shining on opening day enjoy the highlights. and big changes coming to disneyland will tell you what the park is now fanning and it could inconvenience some parents and no clouds this weekend across the bay. well we got a few of them today, but overall you're conditions really drying out and got a nice forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning very busy at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 traffic you're already stacked up i'm head coach jay wright and this is the lowe's "do it wright playbook." why don't you break down this kids technique for us, matt. sure thing jay. lawn care is all about the fundamentals.
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strange forces at work? only if you're referring to gravity-and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >>to the crime for morning news and back to our big hot spot. it's at the san leandro castro valley border. it's an accident from the 3 o'clock hour involving a big rig that spilled acid and fuel and the 2 right lanes so 2.38 right after 5.80 west or 2 right lanes are closed. >>and because of this city learned hotspot chp is allowing big rigs to continue on to 5.18 because you're not really able squeeze by and make it to the nimitz so stay on 5.80 as your alternate
5:41 am
major delays out of castro valley from crow canyon and growing. i'll keep my eyes on this more slow downs coming up john. >>well robin is the weekend and the nice weekend us out so a lot of people going to be out and about these next few days sfo looks good this morning and despite some fog up in the north and parts of the east bay. all of our airports are delay free this morning maybe you're heading up into the sierra nevada do some skiing at the lake tahoe. well, there was plenty of news snowfall seen this past week and now what you've got to enjoy it with are some blue and dry skies highs in the 40's and 50's for the weekend before rain and snow returns on monday. the start next work week. james. >>disney is banning smoking and large strollers from all theme parks. the ban on strollers also includes those so-called stroller wagons, parents use them a lot to keep up with their kids if they got multiple kids who might be too big for a baby stroller as for the smoking ban visitors will have to go to designate smoking zones outside of
5:42 am
secured areas. the new ban will take effect may 1st. time now is 5.41, here's a quick live look outside the embarcadero back with more news weather and traffic in just a minute and pleased by the way join us this saturday night as we continue. >>to celebrate amazing women in our history. very fulsome will be hosting a special presentation at 9 o'clock presentation at 9 o'clock again that's 09 is that for me? mhm aaaah! nooooo... nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. (son loudly clears throat) (mom and dad laugh) bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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>>and check it out if you're going to be having the time of this weekend that's the sierra and to 2 great job plowing just yet here on also get a clear of had probably later today to find a head up there and what prepare for a gloria skiing as can be season of some risking to i think get obviously still some snow on those roads because we didn't see it last night but things are clearing out of there. >>so good advice later today, wait until then and then you'll be fine had been up there and the rest of the weekend looks good too actually. i think most the problems are going to have are actually heading to the central valley because that's where some very dense settle down. you can actually see some of that fog sitting over san francisco right now too. some dense fog and cloud cover right over financial district in san francisco and you see on fog maps that this stretches well out tories through sacramento. and up into the north bay to were especially low visibility is seen around of otto up to santa rosa this morning.
5:46 am
>>so slow your roll a little bit i know roadways are wet for many recent rainfall that visibility. >>is quite low this morning and will stay low tell around 09:00am for many areas after which point fog really tends to burn off and after that you do have a nice dry forecast ahead. some showers today along the north coast up in del norte and humboldt counties but back here in the day what we are seeing is nice and dry skies and future cast shows you that's not just something we're seeing today but something that we're going to see continuously into tomorrow as well as into sunday, so a good weekend from start to finish a great for your travels up into this year or just great to stay here in the bay and enjoy some nice comfortable temperatures. today, it's auld 60's across the bay area but tomorrow, it's 70's for us a 10 degree boost in temperatures on average from today on into tomorrow come sunday, we're boosting even further up into the mid 70's for a warm sunday after that we do see rain returning on monday and showers are showers coming
5:47 am
along with 60's for your daytime highs. so some changes just around the corner but not before some really great weather this weekend. robin weather's really good. but how about traffic this morning not so much i pulled up a caltrans camera, i know it's a little blurry but i want you to check out this a big break that jackknifed in san leandro. >>it's right here it's on to 38 which you know is a tight squeeze. this is northbound at 2.38 right after the west to 5.80 split. this big rain i circled was involved in an accident and it spilled diesel fuel and how ironic acid in the road. so they have fish and game responding to the scene. has been issued the 2 right lanes are closed and it's creating a nasty back up on to 5.80 there is on traffic tracker 5 of the west already packed up on right around crow canyon that is and so because of this chp says it's ok for big rigs to continue on 5.80 you know normally that's not allow the greeks can't use
5:48 am
5.80 unless there's a big problems. here at the split are on the nimitz or to 38 and you have to get permission from see trees so that's what they're doing. they're allowing you to head over to 5.80 instead as opposed to using to 38 and merging over to the nimitz freeway but just be prepared for that major back up. there was an accident reported at the bay bridge toll plaza didn't look major. i can see it's it's hard to make out a crash in the middle of all this that the headlights here majority stacked up the on west grand 11 minutes after fremont street. you know just any little thing little crash a little stall does not help the drive from the north san francisco looks good 20 minutes, south one to one. the bottom to the toll plaza and the rest of the bay area doing fine for a friday check out the south a drive times wide open for the nimitz one oh one and 2.80. >>saturday progressed so did the weather. >>than we were. starting to
5:49 am
feel the rocking and rolling the ship but some points where it was going like 45 degrees. >>side to side. >>and avato couple recounts their nightmare at sea. last weekend. more than 1300 passengers and crew members on board the viking sky cruise ship in norway. >>were tossed around as they caught a major storm they ended up having to be evacuated. >>like a 20 at a time that takes a long time to get all those crowd was no al bello spoke with the couple about their frightening experience. >>thank god, it wasn't one of those 3,055 1000 passenger ships that are out there that would have been a nightmare. i was nightmarish enough. >>susan and alan goldberg say when disaster hit on board the viking sky cruise ship. they didn't hesitate to follow orders, we looked at each other and said this is really happening right there were just 2 of 960 passengers on board when the ship got caught
5:50 am
in a bomb cyclone saturday. >>we were in the camp and really being tossed around some points where it was going like 45 degrees side to side. things got gave us life jackets. so everybody was sitting there for. back and forth dishes were flying if things are breaking glasses were breaking silverware was gone. chan, those with people moving across and back and >>the dome or consider themselves very lucky. they take 20 people. and and they had us together and we gone table. got together and it was still daylight so we were really really fortunate. you would think such a disaster would have ruined it the tire from now. now now. >>i mean we got to see the lights like the first night we
5:51 am
were at you know, and of course it was unexpected. but you know mother nature is going to do what mother nature wants to do for you and >>and avato noel bellow kron 4 news. >>amazing all right the oakland a's celebrating opening day with a win. nice way to do it they took on the a la angels from anaheim, let's get the highlights bottom of the 3rd stephen piscotty that's right getting daughter one into left center field gap that we made it through. >>story is up to at that point. the davis blast, they want to laugh at one's going going. upper deck or lease a second day anyway solo homerun davis already has 2 homers on the season and that was the final 4 foreign shut out is winning to improve to one or 2 on the season so far the lady gaga's again tonight the coliseum. as for the giants
5:52 am
they were in san diego playing raise on opening day that bomb starting out strong. he didn't know at one point a lot of moderates to score a home run in the 3rd well from there, the giants severed on offense. we for the story right. final score pod race too. giants is 0. the team will go at it again tonight in san we'll take a break. coming up at 6 o'clock more than a $1000 gone we have details on a stolen violin and the woman believed to have taken it. >>from a 14 year-old boy. >>and the money and we've been telling you a lot about kron on the bay area's only commercial free streaming news service. but the kron on app gives you a lot more than just live local breaking news around the clock. it also gives you on-demand access to the crime for archives that includes people behaving badly. plus all the in depth award-winning bay area documentaries produced by kron four one of the most compelling and dramatic moments in the history of san francisco. >>if you've ever wondered what
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san
5:56 am
francisco center. >>flying into theaters this weekend the live action take on disney's classic dumbo we've got david daniel with a preview. what else is available. on the big screen. >>return >>to the big top this weekend as dumbo takes flight. tim burton directed this live action take on the animated classic which analysts expect a debut at $50 million or more far less than other recent disney remakes such as beauty and the beast and the jungle book but enough to nose out us for the weekend title and dogs another dimension, 2 very different films are opening on a smaller scale that dumbo. >>the matthew mcconaughey stoner comedy the beach bomb on about 750 screens and the antiabortion drama and planned on about a 1000 in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>next hour the latest case of measles in the bay area
5:57 am
kron four sarah stinson we'll have a live report for us and tell us where this latest a case popped up plus a new parking garage now open at the walnut creek park station but it's going to cost you. a lot of extra money to park there is it turns out and police investigate a m i'm head coach jay wright and this is the lowe's "do it wright playbook." why don't you break down this kids technique for us, matt. sure thing jay. lawn care is all about the fundamentals. see how he starts the trimmer low then cuts up and inward? that stops that shrub from casting a shadow on it's bottom leaves. he is trimming at a high level and he knows it. if there was a scholarship for landscaping, i'd sign this guy yesterday.
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>>good morning and thanks for joining us on a friday finally and articles and james fletcher. >>we've got lots to talk about this morning first off great weather on the weekend but also problems on the roads should him are off to a rough start already have a jackknifed big rig. >>it's barely 6 o'clock it's too early for them to live pictures, yeah that's a caltrans camera right there the castor valley why and so it's playing over toward to 38. and we have a big rig that was involved in a crash jackknifed we'll see if i can circle it for you know it's a little dark and hard to see. there's a big rig. we have emergency crews right here. the 2 right lanes are blocked a similar has been issued by chc it also spilled diesel fuel so they have a lot to clean up they actually have a new spec shun crew responding to the scene to make sure that fuel did not get into the drains they're also telling other big rig drivers that it's ok to stick with 5.80 instead of merging on to to 38 and trying to make it over to the minute since


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