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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  March 29, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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fumes in the cabin that forced it to divert to dallas or on the way from baltimore and all the whole plan had had the whole plane had to go to dallas in d c passengers on that united flight say they got sick after the smell like fuel filled the cabin, everybody started complaining so the plane had to divert. this is video of it on the tarmac there after it made the emergency landing. so those are 7 passengers again heading to s f o they're in the hospital as precaution. the plane was set to land at 9 30 in about a half hour's time but obviously they're going to be put on different flights eventually they'll make it here but if you're hoping to a great somebody on that flight definitely call ahead they're going to be on a different schedule >>and if you're hoping to fly. wow there's a thousands of stranded people around the world this morning because of that which we'll get to later on in the hour. but first we want to get to roll in on the roads and check the weather on a friday morning housing's rather not good for 5.80 and i'm talking the same old problem for us. >>hours now and has more folks at the road. the back of his it's getting worse and worse. what a mess. we have in san
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leandro on to 38 north after 5.80. this morning, a big break was involved in a crash in jackknifed it spilled diesel fuel and some sort of other fluids and that's the problem the cleanup of the fluid and it may have spilled down below the freeway so the 2 right lanes are blocked. >>leaving only one lane open in that's causing major delays because the backup. >>it's spilling over to 5.80 through castor valley and on to the dublin great so either hold off on this commute. our lead extra early and because of this it's ok for big rigs to stick with 5.80. instead of trying to get through the closure on to 38 and over to the nimitz freeway chp is allowing you to do that temporarily, here's the bay bridge looks great for a friday no longer backed up here the tolls and a great trip across the span. so a very quick 15 minutes, we'll check more slowdowns in trouble spots coming up a little foggy here the bay bridge yeah foggy of the golden gate bridge to rob a take a look at this drive-in into the fog.
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>>at the golden gate for those of you heading north up are in county in visibility is still not something get up there. visibility has improved to one mile and avato was under a mile moments ago. so you are starting to see some improvements are going to continue to see those improvements pretty rapidly now through the 9 o'clock hour and by the time we work towards 11:00am we've got those clear skies having returned overhead as for skies are going to remain nice and dry across the bay area and you're going to notice still some clouds out there but after this foggy morning, some sunshine in san francisco on a daytime high of 60 degrees mid 60's in san jose towards the afternoon. more on your forecast account. o 2 and right we've seen parents and students who in earlier this morning live as they were. >>staging a walkout across freeman to walk away as he well well what did walk out. >>walk and what they really want and live this morning. she's at warm springs elementary where we saw one of
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those rallies to spare. tell us what what happened. let me clarify >>means basically they start out around they walk out rally in front of the school. other schools in the fremont unified school district. plus in solidarity showing that they're standing together in the fight for a fair contract, and it wasn't just teachers take a look at this video, i mean dozens and dozens of 10 students came out yelling. of these teachers saying they deserve a fair pay. and they're fighting for a contract right now they're in negotiations. the association tells me that the district has proposed. 0.1 7% raise. the association is fighting for. parents i spoke with say they can't believe teachers and getting the support they need. especially to have there
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children have success. 3 million fide school district teachers have been added to it with the school district as negotiations continue. there was little to no progress being made so far teachers are getting frustrated, take a listen to one parent who supports these teachers. consistently. >>to to not support the core of our community is is a travesty the consistently your card and they try to help out all the students who are. trying to figure out what their what their passion is helping students that are meeting the catch up a >>the bell rang so everybody's back in school right now. the association and the teachers in that association tell me that they have not authorized the strike yet and they hope to avoid that as negotiations continue. they hope to have some progress there i reached
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out to the school district to get some comment about this about the walk ins about the negotiations have not heard back yet. i'm live in 3 months, there's dancing pro. >>more breaking news to tell you about this morning out of the east bay we understand that a female was shot and killed at the west oakland bart station overnight. the shooter still on the loose. we know that the victim died on the way to the hospital. bart officials think may she perhaps was a juvenile, they haven't confirmed that yet, but that is their inclination at the moment, this is around 10 30 last night the bart station is back open. but police are still investigating they're working on trying to come up with a description of the shooter as soon as they release one. we'll let you know about it so stay tuned. another big story. >>we're following bart has a new parking garages over the walnut creek fire station but you got to pay extra for you do yes actually a private garage in so for that reason prices are a little higher crawford's christina tate rowe explains now from walnut creek and christina. >>now they're public damp
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spaces are up it last year for a price ranges you guys were saying when from $3 a day from their original garage here to 15 to $18 and a big difference, but just like you are saying it's a private or a garage owned by a private company a lot of changes here it's not only shaken up how many spaces are available. but also again those prices. now the company that owns it is the same company was putting together the walnut creek transit village which is going bring shopping and some more food right you're to walnut creek park station that earlier i did speak with some are fighters who say hey we're actually really excited. top some new permits pieces but it's those day to day spaces worked we're really worried about what's going to take a look at this graphic we need for you guys to show you the exact number of spaces so the old garage, the brick garage here at the white creek park station it actually has about 854 daily spots still for $3 a day. now the new garage has a 118 daily spots again $1518 a day there now the old garage has about 387 permit spots for
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a $105 a month but get this the new garage 700 permits boss at a 100 and $20. her a month and again those writers we spoke with they said it's great that we have more permit sponsors always been a waiting list here in walnut creek. but so is day to day prices that are really going to kill people. >>not a lot we can doing another. just another tax increase may be. out of my hands, it's a. they're like i said before to fish is you know someone trying to capitalize on the >>the pen on this is transportation's can the >>now i did speak with bart officials this morning and they said overall with the new edition of this parking garage tell us that walnut creek is actually the second largest
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area in need of new permits faces because the second largest we listen to have an entire part system and i actually just came across a construction worker who worked on the new parking garage and he's very excited to see it up and this hopefully will help alleviate some of the issues they have with that permit parking but if you are hoping to park here at the walnut creek station make sure that you are prepared first come first serve for the day a parking for now reporting live in rock creek christina thanks christina. >>also new this morning. her suicide investigation in the north bay police found the bodies of a man and woman inside of a home coffers yulia sound as if i'm asked for a live from petaluma >>that daria well i just got off the phone with lieutenant miller. last night he did tell me he couldn't release the names quite yet. but that he did confirm that both people were found dead there did live in that home and that they were in their 70's. the show you some video yesterday when they were in there and win the investigation now according to lieutenant, he said that there
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was someone who was expected to do a welfare check at the home saw the bodies and reported it and when the but when the police did arrive they were able to confirm that indeed those people the man and the woman we're dead and that they sustained gunshot wounds. at this time police are saying that they don't feel like anyone else was involved in this murder suicide, so they are trying to stress to the community that they are safe. they're not looking for anyone or no one is outstanding at this point. but at this when they're also still it's too early for them to say what the motive is. they're still investigating why killed the other person and then took their own life and also at that we still don't know who did what and whether was a woman who did the the killing and then the suicide or the other way around those are all details that they are still and keeping to themselves at this point this is going to be a while before they could actually release the names of the 2. deceased but at this
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point we could just say that they did live in that residence and that that they were in their 70's that to us. >>all right, thank you very much only time now is 9 oh 9 and happening today merger murder charges are expected to be added against a woman accused of shooting her husband in pittsburgh. paul schatz well died last sunday, police say that he and his wife 39 year-old maria vides gotten to a domestic dispute and she shot him earlier this month. he was the principal in adult education center. murray of eyes is expected in court today where prosecutors will make a move to add had the murder charge and replace the attempted murder charge and vital enter a plea details on the funeral arrangements for for paul schatz well have not yet been released. it's 9.10 and still ahead on the ground were morning news. we have an update on a young boy is on life support now after he accidentally shot himself in the head. >>with a gun that he found
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under a bad we'll hear what his mother has to say this morning. and the moment caught on camera yeah that's not is milkshake he's the dash store delivery man.
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>>neither team right now and let's check the roads again get update on the hot spot that's looking so good i say don't bother it's friday just stay at home. yeah. that does is just a mess and it's all
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because of the cleanup process. so we had an accident involving a big rig it spilled fuel and some sort of liquid or acid or something on the road. >>and they've been working with that. under the freeway so it sort of spill like down below the freeway in the lane here. you know they sometimes they have to bring in one of those special. >>hazmat crews in the suit said us is smart people who know exactly what to do the liquid you know it's so that's what i north bound to 3085 82 right lanes shut down and i saw them put down some absorbent on the lanes what it's really all the activity below the freeway that's where the action is but with only one lane open may major delays from the dublin great so it's not getting better any time soon and we don't know how long this will take so stay away from 5.80 if you can because it's not looking so good on the livermore side we have an accident after airway it cleared a little busy from vasco approaching the pleasant inside and 20 minutes to the
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dublin. interchange so traffic is recovering, but it's not all bad you have a great trip from oakland to san francisco. here's the bay bridge toll plaza friday light right on time at 14 minutes to make your way off to fremont street so some spots are awful some spots are great it all depends on where you're heading. the one thing everybody has in common john is that it's pretty foggy ingrained most part yeah, kind of one of those situations robin where it's a sunny in some spots, not so in others >>definitely the north bay as ll as courses, the east bay, not so good right now looking at that fog are really drift into the golden gate. there's your towers just sticking up through it. >>we are seeing some gradual improvement for some parts of the day but nevada not one of those spots just yet no visibility at around one mile san francisco seen some improvement over towards contra costa. southern napa and solano counties also looking at some dense or fog that's going to burn off within the next hour hour and a half and after that us some really nice weather to look forward to for the rest of the
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day will come along with some partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies and malls compared to where we have been skies that will be a lot drier than the past few days. you do see a few of those showers mostly north of the bay area today tomorrow skies, crystal clear and dry as they also will be on into sunday and temperatures are going to be climbing during the same period of time so we'll be working our way back up into the 70's for daytime highs after today because today, we're still in a range of upper 50's and low 60's upper 50's mostly are right up and down the shore the pacific and 60's along the bayshore mid 60's further south of the peninsula like in mountain view at 64 and then eventually into the south bay too such as in milpitas of 65 sunnyvale santa clara campbell, this gatos and san jose on 64 today. low 60's in the east bay and unlike yesterday no chance of rain out here north bay possibly seeing the biggest difference though you're trading in yesterday's thunderstorm activity for some morning fog and some afternoon sunshine something to look
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forward to for sure. tomorrow and sunday in talking about a really great days highs in the 70's great weekend to get outside come monday, rain arrives late again and stays with us into tuesday. james started all right, thank you very much. john national news now. now that special counsel robert mueller's report is finished democratic lawmakers say they want to see the full report and they wanted apparently by tuesday washington correspondent alexander lot on joins us live to tell us whether or not other be able to do that now acts. >>well for starters, we know that attorney general william barr will likely not meet that april second deadline set by house democrats and we know that because barr told lawmakers as much he said it will likely take weeks before the report is pratt and then released to congress and the reason for that is because deal j lawyers are actually combing through the 300 or so pages that were provided by the special counsel and they're deciding which parts the report have to be blacked out before releasing it to
9:18 am
congress. so clearly that second demand that the report be released in its entirety will probably not happen either and there are several reasons for the heavy editing first under federal law the government is actually prohibited from releasing information about testimony that was given to a federal grand jury. then there's the issue of trying to protect the identities and the privacy of any americans who are named in the report but were not charged with any crimes. then there are national security concerns now remember a special counsel robert mueller was actually investigating russian election meddling in the 2016 presidential election. so any methods or sources or other kind of spy stuff are secrets that the intelligence want to protect because once that report is made public. it's public for anyone to see including the russians. congressional democrats, especially speaker nancy pelosi they're pretty unhappy with the just 4 page summary that they received
9:19 am
from attorney general william barr they do want to see more of the report they'd like to have the entire report and the house of representatives actually a pastor resolution demanding the release of the full report and they pass that resolution with of 420 to 0, however, when the resolution went to the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell actually blocked the vote from happening at all. i do want to mention one other thing in in that's that there is a a possibility that the report in its entirety could be released to the senate and house intelligence committees but that would be in a classified setting so then you know that report wouldn't necessarily be publicly released in its entirety and if you're heading. thanks a lot alexander. see what happens. >>okay so check this story out of stock and families paying. well staying away for service, man that just doordash
9:20 am
delivery. her son, sam pulled the shake can you imagine you want to drink this now. >>and was caught on video with friends look all. >>doordash delivery driver appearing to take a sip of milkshake he's about to deliver. and the whole didn't know what had happened until the next morning when they checked their doorbell camera footage for a look that is a big i have done over the food. >>was sipping out of my coles told the whole truth says he likes find a livery items but now he's going to think twice before placing his next order. >>i was like. >>whoa that's crazy, i mean how can be somebody jeopardize the product. >>that especially the full it's his 14 year-old son in this store bill security video really like this to say about what had happened. he tells fox 40 he enjoyed his cookies and cream milk shake from cold stone until the next day when
9:21 am
he learned he wasn't the only one who tried his drink. >>so in my dad told me that will take up the video from last night so in such falling for us. and it really that the whole trust say they're glad no one got sick from the incident, but the experience left them with a sour taste. >>we. >>abbott has between the company and the drivers was that also spoken we can't you know go back to. >>and now all they want is an apology from doordash and a promise this won't haen again. to someone else. >>oldest near proper training and then the apology what you did this all. >>we want to make sure that he doesn't do that 2 of the people. >>bridge and barlow reporting. sky now now sunlight will you take a drink from a friend or a family member i've done so but even that stranger i have.
9:22 am
>>make sure the strong with your drink isn't open isn't already in the drink right. >>something all right coming up. the big problem and all too. the bay area porch pirates we've seen video like this. well now there's a new
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>>morning news, we have a photo of our hop spot. the big problem that i've been talking about for hours and family and here it is we have caltrans
9:25 am
chp other crews on scene dealing with a spill a fuel spill left over from a big rig accident from early this morning. so you're looking at the 2 right lanes that they have blocked off right here in san leandro north to 38 right after 5.80 and here's your back up on to the dublin grade so you should avoid the stretch if you can down to about 1520 miles per hour not fun for him, dublin grade to castro valley in san leandro james. thank you robin. >>9 25 is the time, here's a story that's gonna make you feel good a man in stockton came to the rescue a puppy that was stuck inside of a storm drain. so this is the video and the story goes like this. the man was driving. he heard puppies crying for help pulled over notice there are 2 puppies on the side of the road right by that drainage area. he looked inside and sure enough one of her siblings had fallen through that narrow openings those little puppy stuck down there so he stayed with the to frighten puppies up top he called animal control. they
9:26 am
came out and rescued him. we're just in the area going down memory lane. this is the high school that i graduated from. >>we see 2 dogs sitting right here we heard some things i park my car, sure enough we come in the puppies are waiting here for their they're to blame because stuck in the drain. >>animal control you can see they last so the little puppy and pull him to safety and now that man rescue them. he says that he's going to be first in line to adopt them when they're ready for their forever. the home. they're adorable and it should be kept together those 3 guys clue to their clothes. >>coming up the latest case of measles here in the bay area and east bay restaurant was the last place this infected person was spotted, we'll tell you where and join us saturday night as we continue to celebrate amazing women in our history. our own doctor phil so it's going thosting a special presentation at 09:00pm tomorrow night.
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and for morning news and back to our big hot spot and family and drive in tracking this for about 6 hours now. >>you see all the crews lined up emergency crews here they're on to 38 northbound right after the 5 in the split and they're dealing with a large fuel spill right here and they have the 2 right lanes blocked so traffic squeezing by in the left lane only here's a photo of a tweeted out by chp we can get a better look at what they're actually doing so prepare yourself for a major delays through castro valley and also the dublin great coming from 5.80 merging on to to 38 john. well robin it. >>has been a foggy morning you can't miss it looking outside for a lot of the day still
9:42 am
very foggy across the golden gate, but conditions are showing signs of improvement, especially long one oh one or fog was a very dense this morning. still some patchy areas words thick though so take it slow are out there. 50's for your current temperatures danville fell into the 30's this morning ousted parts of the north day. but temperatures are already starting to boost well as we move into the afternoon. they're going to stay even further into the 60's. your weekend forecast more updates on traffic my joints, they hurt.
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>>we heard the beep all morning long 2, 4, 6, hours the whole been a mess. i think folks are maybe stay away from 5.80 even though the problems on to 38 yen it's 5.80 that's taking a hard hit so maybe the long way around like 6 8024. >>are of debts, a great suggestion depends on where you going we're talking about a big rig accidents he's all still look at that that's a photo from chg that they tweeted out you see what they're doing putting down absorbent 1, 2, 3, 4, guys that they. and they're still not saying when they will be done or finish. this is all happening north to 38 after 5.80. it was a big rig accident. the big rig cleared hours ago, but they're still working on the diesel spill right here so that's why we have this nasty back up. look at that it's up and over the dublin great now through castro valley and on to to 38 so maybe 6.18 to 24 depends on
9:46 am
where you're going like james said pop on bart instead, but the bay bridge looks great wide open here at the tolls 14 minutes to san francisco, the golden gate foggy and these cars are backing up north down because a zipper truck switching around your lane configuration so nothing going on it's quiet to spotty. 22 minutes nevada to san francisco. john. >>the like you mentioned all morning long for parts of the day but this is the best we've seen it and tipper on so far you can even see anything out there in this few moments ago and now you actually got a little sunshine and that you actually just change and just a second ago getting even clear so that fog really burning off fast now, that's good news for those driving around up in the north day visibility really improving and avato about an hour ago it was 0 now 8 miles which is obviously a much better situation than what you had to start the morning. still some showers lingering for the north coast pay here in the bay area we have dried out and we're going to stay dry today
9:47 am
even with partly cloudy skies at times any chance of rainfall is going to be well to our north up in mendocino humboldt county and even further north than that now tomorrow nothing across the state. we're consistently dry out from north to south great day to be up in the sierra nevada tomorrow with beautiful sunny skies overhead continuing that on sunday as well daytime highs only getting warmer through the weekend. today's highs moment, a range of 60's a few 50's right along the coast to the pacific. elsewhere though it's solid 60's san jose in mountain view each up to 64. that's just the start of a nice weekend saturday and sunday even better highs in the 70's, lots of sun before monday the return of some rain. >>and the buzz it was raining home runs on opening day 48 homers in all 15 games, the most ever on the first day of the season and the giants. >>had none. now the one they couldn't even get one run the padres to nothing including a homer off matt van in the 3rd.
9:48 am
>>so san diego got one an oakland got one chris davis had a solo home run in the a's for done a fun fun thing of the angels. but it was the dreaded dodgers who got the most a big flies for them on opening day against the d'backs night in college basketball and not for the ducks though they weren't mighty enough to beat number one uva virginia was just more cavalier. get the cavaliers will play purdue on saturday. that's because purdue managed to survive losing a huge lead last night against tennessee. it looked like it was going to be a boring blowout until tennessee came storming back and then everybody went crazy because questionable foul call. produce carson, edwards. >>he made too free throws to get his team to overtime and his 29 points helped purdue escape with a 9994 win what could be more dope that having 4 straight tourney games with at least 25 points finding out the last guy to do it. we steph curry.
9:49 am
>>that's for you go. yeah, nope. >>you know it's not dope to the warriors frank it. we found out what jordan bell put on a coach's hotel bill that got him suspended for one game. a candle. 2 charged a $15 candle to another room, wow apparently there's an inverse correlation between sense of humor and proximity to the playoffs. tiger woods was smirking after making a shot that brought him to his knees. left candid. down a wrist flick that got him of the leaves and on the green, let's get a few knees. >>was ridiculous. >>and it stopped 4 feet from the top tigers like. you could tell you that just right and not the last because. i know
9:50 am
the pros, they know all kinds of tricks and everything but you can't tell me he is ever practiced that movie for me, wow it was re well lasted wow, i mean the airline based in iceland it over i used to fly them all the time, the icy hot flight attendants the fare, so chief i'd say wow i just bought a ticket to london for a 100 bucks and then wow i can't believe i actually made it here thursday because water costs extra, but in one piece i often wondered how could they afford to stay in business. well. they couldn't. they just stop lying. so now thousands of travelers are saying wow how eating at home now and how can we get our money back. >>i can't i can't even imagine the nightmare scenario is that all these people are playing out right now some of them are. you know can get back from the vacation like you said, yes many are in. i mean don't forget what they went all these while great places you dublin, paris merced berlin a barcelona. >>and so their pay and then we stopped an that was the trick. so a lot of people are stranded in iceland by the way because there was a sleigh over it was fun end you can
9:51 am
see i sling said it outside the window and everything and now you've got no way and also you straight in iceland and wow it's expensive by the way if you're not wow those trips are expensive see that it just sounds too good to be true odds it's well was it was good for why the people like me put them out of business. >>and that's the buzz.
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>flying into theaters this weekend the live action take on disney's classic dumbo we've got david and with a look at that and the other movies hitting the big screen. this weekend. >>return >>to the big top this weekend as dumbo takes flight. tim burton directed this live action take on the animated classic which analysts expect a debut at $50 million or more far less than other recent disney remakes such as beauty and the beast and the jungle book but enough to nose out us for the weekend title and dogs another dimension, 2 very different films are opening on a smaller scale than dumbo. >>the matthew mcconaughey stoner comedy the beach bomb on about 750 screens and the antiabortion drama and planned on about a 1000 in hollywood.
9:55 am
i'm david daniel. so you're going to going to concede a goal yet you what's the big well you got that years and game right big marvel movie expected on april 26. >>i just notice that they're not on sale yet yet but the movie theaters have posted all their schedules for when the show times are going to be so were the the rumor is april 2nd. but i've noticed some things changing online already showing more shows you're monitoring they told james second or something and you're monitoring anyway now you need it because as soon as the on sale, i guarantee you a couple hours will be sold out. >>you know what yes anticipation is that it's going to keep you to see it that you are so excited. listen hours. i'm just saying i'm just all right. >>maybe this will be something to be more excited to see we've got some crazy video. out of the north that yes they had hails part of the thunderstorm activity that john was talking about that would be coming yesterday afternoon which did not receive running
9:56 am
>>also brought more than hail for one woman who was in the backyard videotaping the hail and then this happened take a look. look at exploring >>there's something now that was lightning striking her backyard. that was i mean that'll start leah then i heard. >>i do want to thank her for going out in the hail to give his video become for viewers you hit the reported tell you know yet she was on her we should say that she was just fine, but well a little scary there for bet you can still go out even in good weather like this weekend's going to be gorgeous and you can shoot stuff, you know, and you can send us picture look at this we can look at the temperatures on sunday, 7636 enjoy that looks like we have some showers back into play on monday. but this weekend shaping up to be fantastic. so. >>some 200 and i have one word for you sunscreen, yeah john found that out last week i know you start on a walk it
9:57 am
turns into a i come before, you know you've read face, yes. so that's it for now unless you're watching kron on on the that's 24 7. >>that coverage continues as soon as we sign off here on at 10:00am for the proper morning news. next newscast is tonight at 5 we will see you. well you see them. like speak for me on your year ok >>the rest of the gang on monday. you want to come back as a sleeping in.
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." a handsome rapper to homeless on heroin. his girlfriend even disguises herself to find him. >> i dressed like a homeless person and wander the stress -- >> dr. phil: you say you're taking care of him. you're poisoning him. >> announcer: is his family poisoning him? >> i was going to joke but i'm not. >> dr. phil: you can hide behind humor. but meantime, your boy will be deader than a hammer. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you.


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