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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 29, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ tonight, jussie smollett hit with a six figure demand. the city of chicago comes up with a new way for the actor to pay for the alleged attack. then everyone needs friends like these. how sarah michelle gellar is helping selma blair. blus jay-z and beyonce's big night. from their major pda to b's drop the mike moment. then "snl" scoop from sandra oh. will her adorable parents make an appearance. >> and -- >> i am everywhere. >> before shazam tries to take over us at the box office how we
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nearly brought the subpoeper heo tears. >> you made me cry. this is "entertainment tonight." hello everyone. we are continue to stay in front of the jussie. the charges were dropped, but the twists and turns keep coming. jussie's back in l.a., but not expected to attend tomorrow night's naacp image awards. he's probably not in a celebratory mood. the city of chicago is demanding he pay more than $130,000 to recoup investigation costs. >> can the city sue him? >> the city spent money to uncover what the grand jury discovered. >> on wgn radio chicago mayor rahm emanuel stopped short of saying whether he would actually sue jussie. we obtained a copy of the bill sent to smollett claiming, quote, you orchestrated your own attack. the letter says jussie has seven days to pay or authorities may prosecute smollett for making a false statement to the city. the question "reasonable and kelly justifiable amount" is about 30 grand more than what jussie reportedly recently made per episode on "empire."
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smollett's legal team tells "e.t.," quote, jussie has paid enough. >> i would like nothing more than to just get back to work. >> but could all the fall out leave jussie without a job? >> we moving on it or not? >> this week's ratings were the lowest in "empire" history. we asked the studio who wouldn't comment. the feds continue to investigate jussie's family. cue sean hayes at last night's glaad awards. >> i've been getting in shape for tonight with the jussie smollett. you hire two trainers and sweat for eight weeks. it wipes out all your belly fat and credibility. another big moment from the awards, beyonce drops probably the best mantra for love. ♪ who you make love to and take
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that to red lobster is your human right ♪ ♪ got me lookin' so crazy in love ♪ >> slap that on a meme and let's call it a day. am i right? queen b. owned her look going braless in an oversized blazer. no pants. and mismatched shoes. >> love you b. love you so much. >> one week before the couple's 11th anniversary b and jay proved that they are more in love than ever. >> love who you love and souls are connected and now this soul that my soul connected to b ♪ i can feel your halo >> jay also showed his support when b got emotional on stage. >> i wanna dedicate this award to my uncle johnny, the most fabulous gay man i've ever known and ever knew who helped raise me and my sister. and witnessing his battle with hiv was one of the most painful experiences i've ever lived. ♪ so high we shoot across the sky ♪
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>> from the carters' pal gwyneth paltrow in feathers on the red carpet to front row insight, "e.t." was all over the event. but the best intel we got on the night's vanguard award winners was this -- >> just to be in the presence of queen b. >> have you met her before? >> i met her once yes and i met jay-z once at a basketball game and he shook my hand and it was the softest most buttery hand i've ever felt and i was like i'm never gonna wash this. >> what did he smell like? >> power. >> b and j join some exclusive company with the vanguard award. past recipients include jennifer lopez, cher, janet jackson, whoopi goldberg and britney spears. >> now to a true hollywood friendship. sarah michelle gellar pushing the wheelchair of long time besting selma blair at disney yesterday. selma revealed her struggle with ms in october. >> this is what my particular case looks like. >> just last month on "gma" selma bravely shared the effects that ms has had on her body.
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>> i had to give into a body that had lost control. >> selma revealed it was sarah who tucked me in. sarah commented with i will fight for you and continue tonight for you. >> you're becoming a woman. i'm so proud of you. >> i am? >> sarah fought for selma to co-star with her in "cruel intentions." they recreated this photo from 20 years looking good, ladies. let's turn now to the premiere of zachary levi's new movie, who we all know and i love from "the marvelous mrs. maisel." zachary hit the red carpet and no one even had to shout out shazam! >> i'm just grateful to be alive and employed. >> yeah, zachary was just happy to be there in hollywood last night, still embarrassed that his face is up all over town. >> i am everywhere to the point where i feel like i have to apologize to people. >> that's crazy right.
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>> people can't go by a bus stop without being like there's zach chewing bubble gum again. >> also on hand, sterling k. brown whose tv daughter fathe herman is also in "shazam." and that's sterling's real life son having a moment every parent will recognize. we played a message from another "this is us" star mandy moore who stars with zachary in the animated series "tangled." >> he was always a super hero in my mind. maybe the world is just starting to take notice. >> it just almost made me cry. she just got a star on the hollywood walk of fame guys, mandy moore. it means a lot. >> a few blocks down from mandy's star matt mcconaughey joined zac efron at the premiere of "beach bum." matt looking all dapper in a checkered three-piece suit and newsboy hat. >> i look like i always look. >> quite a contrast to his character moondog. >> moondog is a soup of a bunch of cats i've met in all my travels and i've met some interesting ones. >> what is wrong with you?
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>> i'm high. >> if the world's not entertaining him, he blows it off. he moves on. he goes where he is turned on 24/7 and he's been doing it all his life. >> i think we can all agree sandra oh is one of the best actresses in the game. >> five emmy nominations for "grey's anatomy" and one for "killing eve." and this weekend sandra gets to bust out her comedy skills hosting "saturday night live" for the first time. >> are you nervous? >> i don't know. you tell me. >> ice cold. >> nerves of steel. >> you got this. >> oh, yeah, she's ready. a long-time fan of the show sandra has done a series of promos impressively showing how she can pack away the sweets. >> i ate my marshmallow. are we starting? >> the "snl" cast is pumped for her debu >> oh, my god, i can't wait for sandra oh. a lot of our writers got to work with her when she hosted the golden globes and so i can't wait to see what she's gonna do. >> "crazy rich asians" made more
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than $200 million at the box office said asian moms everywhere. >> sandra's parents got a lot of air time at the globes. so do they want to follow her into acting? >> mom and dad have had their time on the red carpet and now their time has come to a close on the carpet. they're not actors. >> it feels like i'm losing my mind a little bit. >> she's got a lot to be excited for. her celebrated series "killing eve" is returning for season two. >> i think the fan reaction has just been -- >> insane. >> -- tremendous and growing and that's also the nice thing that it's really, really growing and developing. >> where is she? >> i don't know. i stabbed her. >> what? >> she won the globe and a s.a.g. award for her role as eve, an agent who's obsessed with hunting down crafty assassin jodie comer. >> eve just goes darker, much darker.
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coming up -- you are getting sleepy, so sleepy that you will drop 20 pounds. >> start to imagine a nice bright light. >> we're with the hollywood hip no therapist helping stars lose wet. >> then we're with denies richards on the set of her day time debut. >>
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minutes away hawaii
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♪ rita is truly a one-woman super power. >> julia roberts helped her dear friend rita wilson get a star on the hollywood walk of fame, the same day she dropped a new album. tom hanks couldn't be prouder of her better half who got her start as a cheerleader on the brady bunch. >> would you know it, she played the winner of the competition? >> it's about having family and friends. it's a fantasy come true. kobe bryant retired from basketball as one of the best ever. but his work is far from finished.
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he's also a dad to four daughters, a coach and the author of a new book for teens. we got together to talk about all of it at sirius xm's town hall with kobe bryant. >> what's better, oscar or nba championship ring? >> oscar man. >> yeah? >> i'm not supposed to win an oscar. if i was 10 years old and i told my friends i was gonna win an oscar -- bye! >> now the dad of three with one on the way has a new book. >> the in operatispiration came watching mary poppins at home. >> you love this book 'cause it's a way to communicate with your girls who are getting a little older and they don't want to always hear from dad. >> you know how it is. you have kids. it becomes white noise after a while. they're like all right. what do you guys know? you don't know what you're talking about. so finding creative ways to put those very impactful messages within the story. >> you're also children.
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another on the way? >> yes. >> you going for five after this. >> that's v's call. it's completely v's call. but, i mean, we're just really blessed and very fortunate. we have three beautiful healthy young ladies with another one on the way. >> you did some work with taylor swift, didn't you? >> i went out on stage and introduced a nice banner for her at the staples center. yeah, my kids thought it was the dorkiest move ever. so natalia is asking who's your special guest and she's like it's your father. she's like what? why is he a special guest? we got gipped. that's what i get at home. still ahead the habit breaking secret of the stars. why matt damon and mandy moore shelled out big money for help from a hypnotist. >> i charge $1,000 an hour. >> then "veep" is back. if you never watched this series, we have julia louis-dreyfus to give you reasons to binge it. >> you might get a kick out of
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it. >> then we're playing "e.t."ed up with the stars of "this is us." >> who would you want to be married to in the cast? >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ drama tends to follow our favorite beverly hills housewives wherever they go. for lisa rinna and denise richards it's also part of being a soap opera store. denise making her debut and i was there on set. >> you need to trust me. there's no place in your life for that man. >> who do you think has more drama? this show or housewives? >> oh, housewives for sure. >> you've been through it, girl. >> just a tiny bit. >> only we were on set for a sneak peek at the new housewife's new gig on the "bold and the beautiful." she's playing shawna fulton, a single mom with a secret past. >> why are you telling people you're pregnant when you aren't? >> i think the most challenging thing is i'm not used to do that many pages in a day. i'm usually very good at
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memorizing, but this is a lot to memorize and we did three episodes today. we did two episodes today. three yesterday and three the day before. >> it's crazy. so your brain is mush. welcome to daytime television. did lisa give you any advice on day time? >> she just said it moves fast. >> how long were you and charlie married? >> four and a half years. a lot has happened since then. >> and by the way. if you think denise is bothered by all the talk of her ex charlie sheen on housewives, think again. >> oh, i don't care. people bring it up. it doesn't bother me. >> it doesn't? >> no. he's the father of my kids. i get it. we had a very high profile divorce so i understand the curiosity, but it doesn't bother me. now to another bravo star. >> lala, come here. >> only we're with "vanderpump rules" lala kent trying out one of hollywood's best kept secrets. >> i've never been hypnotized but i'm the type of person where if it sounds fun and adventurous
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i'm all for it. >> matt damon did it to quit smoking. mandy moore for stage fright. and fergie tried hypnotherapy for weight loss. as for la la -- >> this past year has been extremely transitional. i've lost my dad. i've become sober and, you know, there's anxiety every day because i do shoot at a restaurant where there's a lot of drinking. >> my time is in demand. so i do charge $1,000 an hour i've actually worked on a tarmac before. so fear of flying. >> meet hollywood's hypnotherapist and author kimberly friedmutter. >> the number one thing i'm asked to help for entertainment is weight loss. when someone is hypnotized they're simply opening up their ability to accept suggestion. >> kimberly says because your attention highly focussed you're more responsive to those suggestions including behavior changes that help you lose weight or quit a habit. >> it was the weirdest thing how
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it would deal with different parts of your body. >> look, i love julia louis-dreyfus on "seinfeld." but she takes comedy to another level on "veep." the seventh and final season premiers this sunday on hbo. it's the perfect series to binge. >> god, i can't even hear myself. am i talking? it's hard for me to hear me. >> it's super funny. i mean, you might get a kick out of it. >> julia is selina meyer, a petulant politician who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. she's also got quite the potty mouth. >> i am busy apologizing to that [ bleep ]. >> can we swear on your show? >> what makes this show indicative is it's sarcastic send up of politics. selina is the vice president, then president, then is out of a job. >> you love standing next to ugly women. >> yes! >> tony hale is her loyal, but dim aid gary. >> i mean, i sound like i'm shouting from a balcony in munich. >> ah, like evita.
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>> it has a lot of character. it does help to binge from the beginning to put the puzzle together. >> also surrounding julia is her off beat pack of funny flunkies. >> you're running again? >> the band is getting back together again. i get it. i'm ringo. >> you don't want to let go of the characters and the rhythm of the pace. you want to taste more. >> she's won nine emmys for "veep," six for acting, three for producing. >> i love "veep" so much. it's one blessing after another. >> one inside secret that's not julia's real hair. she wore a wig every episode. >> do you take her with you and does she have a name? >> her name is wiggy. yes, i took her with me. >> "veep" returns sunday on hbo. meanwhile "this is us" is gearing up for their big season finale next week. >> the cast came to play in our couples confidential, but now they're about to put each other on the spot for our "this is us"
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edition of "e.t.ed" up. >> ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly? >> tells a lot about somebody. >> oh peanut butter and jelly. the thing about peanut butter and jelly is you have to butter the peanut butter side and it just makes it better. >> sleep on your side, your back or your stomach? >> milo knows the answer to that because we have to film scenes together where we're in bed and i joke that i sleep like a mummy, like a vampire. >> puppies or kittens? >> puppies. i don't like cats. so it's an easy answer for me. >> new york or l.a.? >> i think l.a. in new york i feel like i can't figure it out. every man for himself. i feel like i'm always in somebody's way. >> who is his acting inspiration? >> i can remember as a young man watching "who's afraid of virginia wolf" and watching burton's performance in that. >> who would you want to be married to in the cast? >> characters! >> william. he's cool. he's cool. he's so cool. i can't say randall. he's married to my cousin. that's just weird.
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>> are there more likable people on the planet. they're so sweet and funny. coming up -- >> what the leading men of the cbs drama told us about the super prime time cross over. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: vallejo police body cam video of a deadly shooting ... of a young man who was sitting in his car. what happened in the moments leading up to the gunfire... and what the man's family is saying now. and -- another case of measles confirmed in the bay area. the third this week. where the latest exposure happened and what we know about the infected person. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. eight -- is next. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. provided by --
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monday on "e.t." >> hello we're in vegas. >> we're bringing the show to sin city to hang with all the hollywood high rollers. >> you're gonna get it. >> taking you behind the scenes of all the big-time acts. >> it's a donny and marie and "e.t." show tonight. >> and feeling the heat inside star kitchens. >> oh for goodness sake. >> we're laying all our cards on the table. >> watch out david copperfield. >> because next week what happens in vegas -- >> boo! >> -- happens on "e.t." >> vegas baby. here we come. >> oh boy. can we talk about three of the hottest dramas on s. hawaii 50, magnum p.i. and macgyver. all three were celebrated at the paley festival. could there be a super crossover into the works? >> i could be into it. >> i got it covered.
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>> fit it into 42 minutes. all three of us have a lot to say. >> we go to hawaii. we're hunting down the same guy as magnum. >> the guy is on board. what about the man behind all three reboots? >> it would either be a finale or a premiere. >> hawaii 50 shoots in hawaii. so does magnum. macgyver is in atlanta. >> that's the difficult part. >> sounds complicated.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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>>the newly-released police video and reaction from the victim's family attorney. a couple away for a romantic air bnb get away finds a rude surprise in the smoke detector notice that there was a hidden camera. and state legislators take on the plague of porch pirates, the proposed new law that could put more of them behind bars. for the second day in a row a case of measles has been reported in the bay area this time, it's in the south a good evening. i'm ken way and i'm pam or the santa clara county


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