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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>the newly-released police video and reaction from the victim's family attorney. a couple away for a romantic air bnb get away finds a rude surprise in the smoke detector notice that there was a hidden camera. and state legislators take on the plague of porch pirates, the proposed new law that could put more of them behind bars. for the second day in a row a case of measles has been reported in the bay area this time, it's in the south a good evening. i'm ken way and i'm pam or the santa clara county health department
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says another person who returned to the bay af area after traveling internationally. >>has come down with the measles well for dan kerman has details. >>in this latest case, the santa clara county resident returned after traveling internationally and came down with the measles the county 4 news.dan kerman kron 4 news. 4 news. dan kerman kron the individual. all depends on spots off limits. it all depends on the individual. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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respiratory tract like any other virus like the common cold and so they're coughing and they're typically highly contagious at that time the contagious this goes away. fairly quickly once there's an onset of a rat. we base of the contagious this of about 4 days after the onset of rash that's doubt. >>what's the health department identifies who has been in contact with the person with measles they can take several steps including isolation and quarantine they can also make certain places off-limits to the person has been exposed. it all depends on that
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individual. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>new video released today by the vallejo police department shows what led up to the deadly officer-involved shooting of 20 year old willie mccoy. >>willieccoy was killed by police while in his car last month at a taco bell drive through now his family along with their attorney john burris is responding to the video's release from 4 scale long joins us live here in the studio with the very latest on this story, gayle. >>what can and can the family accept the account of what really happened.
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is just unacceptable.">the family of 20-year-old willie mccoy and their attorney john burris are speaking out after just released video by the vallejo police department, showing what led up to the deadly officer involved shooting..mccoy was killed by police in his car last month at a taco bell drive thru in vallejo.according to police, mccoy was found asleep inside his car, officers noticed he had a gun on his lap.police say mccoy moved suddenly and looked at the officers,when officers told mccoy to put his hands up, he did not comply and moved his hands quickly towards the gun..and, that's what led to the officers firing at himmccoy died at the scene.his family outraged by the body camera video. on friday, vallejo police released the body cameras of 6 officers involved in the fatal
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shooting that night.mccoy's family and their attorney acknowledge that it's important for the public to see exactly what happened but they will be looking into whether what happened to mccoy was a violation of his civic rights. the family's attorney says they will move forward with a civil rights lawsuit against vallejo in the studio, gayle ong kron 4 news. (pam) now to our other top stories tonight. the 4-year-old who accidentally shot himself in oakland. the alameda county district attorney now says, that gun belonged to this man -- terrance wilson.... it was left under a pillow on a bed. he is reportedly the boyfriend of the childs' mother. officials say, the boy, navaun jackson,
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got ahold of the gun while he was watching t-v by himself in the bedroom. police say, wilson told them he sleeps with the gun under the pillow, and he forgot it was there. wilson also has two felony convictions which prohibit him from having a gun. he now faces three criminal charges. meantime... the little boy remains in the hospital on life support. (pam) a flight out of baltimore bound for san francisco was diverted to the d.c. area... because of a strong odor.(ken) seven passengers on the united airlines flight were taken to the hospital after they reported feeling sick from a fuel smell. the flight was expected to arrive in san francisco at 9:45 this morning. instead it was diverted to the dulles international airport less than 10 minutes after takeoff. in a statement, officials said airport operations were not impacted. a passenger shared in a twitter post that united said the issue was due to a ventilation problem. united did not confirm the cause. (pam) you may not have to
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take your laptop out of your carry- on bag at the airport much longer -- and that's even if you do not have t-s-a pre-check. the transportation security administration announced thursday, it is buying 300- computer tomography systems. c-t scanning can provide 3-d images which the current x-ray scanners are not capable of doing. officials say, that means you will be able to leave your electronics in your bag.the change will happen as soon as the machines start arriving in some airports this summer. in the next three to four years, software improvements are expected to allow passengers to leave liquids, gels, and aerosols in carry-on luggage. the t-s-a is spending 96- point-eight million dollars for the machines over the next five years. (ken) in national news tonight... president trump is threatening to close the u-s mexico border. he tweeted today... saying if mexico doesn't stop all illegal immigration... he'll close the southern border next week -- or at least, large sections of it. a senior department of homeland security official
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says there are no immediate plans to close ports of entry. right now... federal authorities are moving some officers away from áálegal ports of entry so they can patrol areas where people are crossing the border ááillegally. the president talked about closing the border today. é president donald trump:"we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala. massive caravans walking right through mexico. so mexico's tough. they can stop them but they chose not to. now they're going to stop them. and if they don't stop them we're closing the border. they'll close it and we'll we'll keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games. mexico has to stop it." (ken) d-h-s officials say what president trump really means... is some ports may be forced to close if too many officers are needed to patrol the areas between them. (pam) one week after the justice department received robert mueller's report on his 22-month investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election, both democrats and
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republicans say, they are moving on -- to topics such as health care and immigration. however, their actions indicate, they are not ready to let it all go just yet. in washington... karin caifa looks at what is next. president trump turning his attention to immigration -- tweeting a threat to close the u-s border with mexico next week.and -- putting health care front and centerpres. donald trump: 'obamacare' is a disaster, right now it's losing in court.but at a rally in michigan thursday night -- trump showed the russia probe, isn't far from his mind.pres donald trump/thursday: this was nothing more than the sinister effort to undermine our historic election victory and to sabotage the will of the american people.speaker nancy pelosi -- also eager to turn her caucus to issues that boosted democrats to a house majority in the 20-18 midterms -- especially with the trump
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administration's recent moves to strike down obamacare.but -- the party also feels they have a constitutional obligation to look at the full report -- and the evidence -- to draw their own conclusions about certain events during the 20-16 campaign -- even if attorney general bill barr says special counsel robert mueller found no criminal conspiracy.rep. jim himes/-d- connecticut: we're obviously willing to concede today that it wasn't a criminal conspiracy, but remember that none of these activities were appropriate.barr on friday said the doj will have the mueller report ready to release by "mid-april, if not sooner," in a letter to judiciary committee chairs. barr also offered to testify after the report is released, suggesting may 1 for the senate committee, may 2 for washington, i'm karin will have the mueller report ready to release by mid april if not sooner in a letter to judiciary committee chairs are also offered to testify after the report is released suggesting may 1st for the senate committee may 2nd for the house in washington karen gave up kron 4 news. >>this is a topic that we don't like to discuss. and win an election without knowing how to raise money. >>one of the first landmark days of the presidential race is fast approaching for democrats this weekend is the first fundraising deadline of the 2020 cycle. candidates are
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facing their first test of who is building the biggest grassroots army and raising the most money all of the democratic candidates are now scrambling to meet that first fundraising deadline of 2020 in that on sunday, the 1st quarter fundraising period will offer of the first true measure of how the candidates are catching on >>big donors and small ones this year nearly all of the democrats say they are limiting the kind of money they accept. >>i will not take money from corporate pacs i will not take money from federal lobbyists i will not take money pharma executives. >>fund raising is also a metric to qualify for the democratic debates, candidates must have 65,000 unique donors from at least 20 stays in order to reach the debate stage and by the way president trump is slated to be in southern california for a fund raising event next week. >>popular you tube mother makes her first court appearance see allegations of how she torture her children.
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up next... (lawrence) weather tease
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>>prosecutors say she tortured her adopted children to get them to perform on youtube today, michelle hobson entered a not guilty plea to 30 felony
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counts of kidnapping child abuse and aggravated assault. the 48 year-old arizona woman reportedly earned a $100,000 in a single month from the videos. crowne for speaking of his reports on the grim allegations surrounding the now removed youtube channel called fantastic adventures. >>michelle hobsons you to channel attracted more than 700,000 followers and a quarter billion views. all that came to an end when hobsons own daughter came to police with tales of what went on off 19 year-old megan hopson said her mother was abusing her 7 adopted brothers and sisters as a prosecutor as a member of this family. >>the allegations describe horrifying the children reportedly told police that michelle hops and pepper sprayed them in the face and genitals. >>when they failed to recall their lines are followed direction that she beat them with belts and clothes hangers and that she locked him in a closet for hours without any
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food water or bathroom access. their heroes because if they hadn't come forward to sunday's would have most likely continue to occur probably would've progress pops in and her 2 adult sons were arrested 2 weeks ago, man charged with failing to report the abuse were released on their own recognizance their mother is being held on $200,000 bail in court today hobsons lawyers said her bank account had been frozen and she had no income hobson will be back in court on may 11th for a pretrial hearing that hearing will also address whether hopson should be appointed a public defender, and if she should be pre screened for a hearing on her mental competence. the key will kiss kron 4 news. >>a 16 year-old boy has been arrested in connection to that deadly shooting outside the west oakland bart station it happened last night in the parking lot on the 7th street side of the bart station police say a 17 year-old girl was killed. the teen suspect was arrested this afternoon outside his home in oakland.
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police say the victim and the suspect knew one another and the shooting was a targeted incident. officials have not released a motive, but they say an altercation began on city streets and it ended at the bar parking lot. the victim's name has not yet been released. >>a teenager's via land is finally returned after he left it on a muni bus and what it was removed by another it took a more than a month to find it. video on the muni bus showed this woman taking the violin off the bus. the police department says after they went public with the story someone returned the violin but they wouldn't say if it was the same women... or if anyone will face charges for taking the violin. william is just happy to have it back. (ken) william also says that since he lost the violin he's been using a
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borrowed on which he will now need to return. (ken) cracking down on porch pirates in california.. with the rise of online shopping.. there's been a huge spike in criminals swiping packages from people's doorsteps..(pam) one state lawmaker is determined to create stiffer penalties for 'porch pirates'. reporter ali wolf is in elk grove with the story.. harry khangura was visiting his sister in elk grove this week...when he spotted something unusual..(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i saw a gentleman holding these three packages with a black hoodie on"porch pirates in the act..and he wasnt about to let them get away..(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i just put my foot the the throttle and started following them"a retired police officer from the bay area, khangura says he was on the phone with elk grove police dispatch as he chased three suspects through residential streets...(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"driving recklessly 80 mph down the road"things escalated...(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"my life is going to be in danger" police say the suspect, brian marshall pulled a knife... khangura's training kicked in...(harry khangura - helped
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catch porch pirate)"i drew my.... concealed carry firearm and ordered them to the ground. old habits die hard so i screamed police just because its what im used to screaming in that kind of a situation" eventually officers showed up and arrested marshall... (officer jason jimenez - elk grove police dept)"i think its a rising problem across the united states"'elk grove police are trying to crack down on porch pirates the department launched a bait package program last year.... (officer jason jimenez - elk grove police dept)"we put some items in there as well as a tracking device and once the item is taken we get notified and we start to find it"a new bill proposes a different way to deter package thiefs...a-b 1210 calls for porch pirates to be prosecuted more like burglary suspects..and possibly face jail time.(harry khangura - helped catch porch pirate)"i think thats a fantastic step in direction" khangura supports the idea... after putting himself in catch a porch pirate. (pam) that was ali wolf reporting tonight. the packages of the victim in ali's story... were returned to their owner.. (ken) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... (pam) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.. an awesome weekend
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ahead. lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day around the bay area as sping sunshine returned. highs today were in the 60s. it's all quiet on the doppler radar in the bay area but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some
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temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday. yes beautiful weather to numbers those going to be the 40's 50's tomorrow, though enjoy the beautiful weather outside these numbers had a well above the average 70 degrees napa 73 degrees and live more about 70 in hayward even warmer weather expected on sunday. a chance of rain does return though late in the day on monday. they are us
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ahead tonight, the heartbeat abortion bill is one step closer to becoming law in georgia. >>we'll explain after the break. >>and the chp found a whole lot more than sugar pops and some cereal boxes after st
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>>the highway patrol made a rather startling discovery during a stop on highway 99 in them are sent area yesterday afternoon according to the chp
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the officer found 3 cereal boxes each one containing one kilogram of cocaine. the officer, its top 45 year-old jose cardenas for illegally tinted windows and uncover the boxes during a search of the vehicle police say the average price of a kilo of cocaine is $28,000. >>the broken down and sold by the gram it's in the boxes would be worth $40,000. but in his was arrested and booked into them or said county sheriff's jail. >>nor can can now be obtained in vending machines in las vegas area, nevada health officials say the easy availability of nar can is making a big difference was opioid addiction into the southern part of nevada. mark and blocks the effects opioids have on the body and inome cases prevent an overdose be able to quickly get a hold of the medication can literally being be the difference between life and death. >>tonight can with it becoming more readily available in. >>it's being used more often and we're seeing a lot of heard reversals of overdoses.
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>>no she's will also eventually have other health-related items like hygiene kits safe-sex kits in pregnancy tests, right now they only offer narcan. >>it is called the heartbeat abortion bill and it is one step closer to becoming law in georgia. the republican majority house they're approved the living in tents, fairness and equality act today, the controversial legislation would ban abortions in georgia after a doctor detects a fetal heartbeat this can occur as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy. before many with women even know they are pregnant. the legislation now heads to governor brian kemp's a desk for final approval, he says, it will take legal action if the bill becomes law. (ken) coming up -- a napa valley wine maker is among the defendants who appeared in a boston courtroom today to face allegations connected to the nation wide college cheating scam. details ahead. (pam) and -- measles cases are on the rise. we will hear what state health
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officials are doing to try to combat the problem.
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>>in this crime on extra being suggested that climate change can dramatically increase the risk of many diseases. theresa stasio talks with a professor from the the birth.
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>>happens if we don't make a for climate change. so let's get those and they're pathogens transmitted certain might be measles, it's just important to have measles in front of mind and to ask about travel and contact with travelers."california department of public health director karen smith says california typically sees about 25 measles cases a year. so far most of the state's cases are in northern california.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "they are generally always associated with returning travelers who were unvaccinated or undervaccinated. the same thing is true this year although we do have slightly more cases than we had in the past few years."smith says the majority of the recently confirmed cases come from just a few travelers.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "the biggest concern for us is the mo people that come in to california with measles, the more likely they'll transmit in the period of time before they're sick.((az standup)) "smith says california is not in a measles emergency the way washington and new york are."smith: "but we are being very vigilant." the department expects to see slightly more measles cases this year. smith says vaccines are the single best protection society has against measles. tag.
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(pam) today dozens of parents and students came out to support fremont teachers... in their fight for a fair contract. the fremont teachers association is at an impasse with the school district ... as negotiations continue. with little to no progress being made so far - teachers say they are getting frustrated. one couple that works as teachers in the district say - both of them are now waiting to apply to other districts.. they say they just can't afford to live in the area with the current pay. < it's a struggle to pay for our mortgage, child care, utilities, groceries.">
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residents that have been implicated in the college admissions scandal... appeared in a boston courtroom today. the five bay area families appearing today are among several dozen others, many from elsewhere in california -- (ken) charged with trying to circumvent college admissions processes in order to get their children into elite universities. among the defendents... the president of napa valley's huneeus (who nay us) vitners. reporter john hall picks up the story in boston. at the moakley federal courthouse - they came and went all day long.a parade of wealthy parents, charged with cheating the system to get their kids into the nations top schools.natsany comment at all about whats going on? a few stand out: michelle janavs, an heiress to the hot pockets fortune, who allegedly forked over 100,000 dollars to get her daughter into u-s-c. mastermind rick singer pled guilty, and cooperated with the government.he told the fbi his plan was to boost janavs daughters grades on a college entrance exam and to pose her as a star beach volleyball player. this man owns a fancy vineyard in napa valley the vintner
8:33 pm
agustin huneeus (who-nay-yus) allegedly spent 100-grand to get his daughter into u-s-c, and according to court documents, complained a year ago when his daughters s-a-t score came back at 1380. he had hoped for 1550but singer said that number would lead to suspicion. singer ended ended up posing her as a star water polo recruit with her face photoshopped on an athletes body.nats prosecutors claim gregory and marcia abbott - who went to princeton and duke respectively - were so desperate to get their daughters into great schools, they paid 125,000. mrs abbott was once a freelance writer and fashion editor, but theres no doubt shed rather this story unwritten. (ken) that was john hall reporting. also among those appearing in court today: margie klapper, the co-owner of m&m bling, a jewlery business in menlo park. san francisco entrepeneur
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todd blake... and marci palatella of healdsburg... founder of preservation distillery in kentucky. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with the getaway forecast.. lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day around the bay area as sping sunshine returned. highs today were in the 60s. it's all quiet on the doppler radar in the bay area but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high
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clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday. jose tomorrow that start to see some 70's some parts of the east bay 70 degrees walnut creek 71 in concord north bay looking at 60's and some 70's, warm temperatures in the afternoon and 70 degrees in
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santa rosa next couple days, beautiful sunshine. return to some more rain late today on monday. ahead president trump says the special olympics will now be fully funded will have details. >>and why hundreds of youth soccer players are being forced to find a new place to compete and the couple's weekend get away doesn't turn out as planned after they find a hidden camera in the home they alright, let's talk perks!
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would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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>>koppel who rented a property for getaway in southern california says their stay left them feeling violated and that's because they discovered a hidden camera inside of the fake smoke alarms. stacey butler has the story. >>we just wanted a romantic getaway the whole description, slow roll. those and has good ratings and everything so we so comfortable going with the air bnb but their romantic getaway turned cold soon after they checked in for the night on tuesday when christian around and noticed something odd about the smoke detector on the wall across from her bed. he took this cell phone video actually came up to >>notice that there was a hidden camera here i just opened it up found there was as the slot in there and from that there was a micro usb in and. >>turned it off put it away turns out police say it was a fake smoke detector hiding a alanda salas, air bnb renter: "if she's doing it there's others out there doing it. i
8:40 pm
want people to know that.... suspicious."the couple confronted the homeowner who identified herself as pauline. they say she told them she just put the device up that morning.but the same device appears to in the air bnb photo advertising her room for rent.christian aranda, air bnb renter: "she's like i'm a call the cops, i was like call 'em, i already called 'em."we tried to speak with her tonight but men who claimed they were renters answered her door and said she wasn't home.nats: "i have nothing to talk to you about. i know nothing."we contacted air bnb and they released a statement saying... "the safety and privacy of our community - both online and offline - is our priority. airbnb's policies prohibit hidden cameras in listings, and we take reports of any priority there is policies prohibit hidden cameras in listings and we take reports of any violations very seriously. we promptly removed this house from our platform and completely refunded miss solace. >>now stacey butler reporting police say after looking at the fake smoke alarm they didn't find an sd card or wi
8:41 pm
fi capability that means no video was recorded and for that reason police say they can't move forward with filing any charges. >>today an nfl player taking his talents off the field and into the classroom. we'll explain after the break. >>and coming up in sports madness on 2 fronts tonight, the warriors with some crazy over time trauma against the timberwolves and a t
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>>this route 24 hours says special olympics went from losing million in federal funding and a possible financial crisis being rescued by the president himself. us education secretary betsy devos proposed a budget cut they would have and that the government support for the special olympics which has more than a quarter million participants across the country the backlash to the plan to cut that money was swift from congress and the public so. correspondent morgan wright takes us through the successful effort... to save federal funding for the popular program. the outrage began in a house hearing on the department of education's 2020 budget. ...about the cuts the special olympics. do you know how many kids are going to be affected by that cut, madam secretary? we had to make some difficult decisions with this budget. united states secretary of education betsy devos defended her proposal to completely slash federal funding for the special olympics in the department's 2020 budget.the drama continued in a senate
8:45 pm
budget hearing with illinois senator dick durbin attacking the cuts... i want to tell you whoever came up with - whoever came up with that idea gets a special olympic gold medal for insensitivity. outside the hearings rhode island congressman david cicilline and congressman joe kennedy iii...whose great aunt eunice shriver founded the special olympics...kept the pressure on on devos... she seemed to be saying i support special olympics and yet she was advocating for a budget that zeroed out funding and i think her testimony was really appalling to listen to. it's cruel, it's misguided and it's outrageous. in the end..the campaign to save special olympics funding won the race...on his way to a campaign rally in michigan, president trump reversed course.... . i just authorized a funding of the special olympics. i've been to the special olympics. i think it's incredible. in the days since being grilled by lawmakers secretary devos has changed her position, as well. in a statement devos says:"i am pleased and grateful the president and i see eye-to-eye on this issue and that he has
8:46 pm
decided to fund our special olympics grant."in washington, morgan wright. (ken) hundreds of youth soccer players in minneapolis have to find a new home field. three of the four main fields at the veterans athletic complex are destroyed. local police believe two men spun doughnuts....doing extensive damage to four acres of land. some of the ruts on the field are up to eight-inches deep. this.....just weeks before the hastings futbol club united was ready to kick off a new season.
8:47 pm
grade class also happens to be a professional football player, pretty cool daniel hamburg takes us inside their classroom in harrisburg pennsylvania. >>right now you have to be looking at the questions so as you guys read through it. it will be easier food to go back and answer the questions robert martin is teaching 4th graders at lament re school. so who wants to start off by reading first, he says the students are smart and team."what some of the students don't know--martin is a running back with the new york giants.nats "yup good job" he's substitute teaching in the district he graduated from.robert martin"the kids do want to learn. all you gotta do is take the time to get to know the kids and like i said, openhem up and make them feel comfortable." martin says he always wanted to work with kids-- maybe coach down the line.nats "so you were right. the answer is c." for now, he's on a mission to inspire the inner city kids of harrisburg.robert martin"at the end of the day, if you feel as though you can do it, that's all that matters. so those are the things that
8:48 pm
these two stories had in common." school principal eugene spells says it's great to have a former student giving back.eugene spells"he's very humble, softspoken, quiet, but he's a really hard worker and he leads by example."natsrobert martin"the youth is the future and i just gotta keep making sure i'm doing what i gotta do to put myself on the platform where i can give back any way possible." he's doing just that-- giving students confidence and a drive to succeed and achieve--just like he has.f we'll start the night off with the warriors, who cant finish off the regular season on a peaceful note. crazy night in minnesota for the champs. --warriors and the wolves. jordan bell back with the team after a one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. --now to the game, we'll go right to overtime...warriors down 2. .kevin durant....with the jumper to tie it....117-all.
8:49 pm
23-points for the finals mvp. --moments later, wild drama. 4-seconds to go, warriors down 3. steph curry...with no room at all... throws up a corner 3.... and comes up clutch. game tied at 130, with .8 seconds to go . --looks like we are in line for double ot, but not so fast....with five tenths of a second left.... foul is called on kevin durant for holding karl anthony towns the inbound. --towns to the line for 2-shots... would hit one... and grab the rebound on the other. --warriors lose a heartbreaker 131-130, barely clinging to first place out west. they host the hornets on sunday. now to a wild day in college basketball, more brackets busted this afternoon. bruce pearl and auburn facing top seed north carolina... --and the tigers feasted on the tar heels... converted 17-times from downtown... and shot 55-percent from the field... chuma okeke led all scorers, going 8-of-11.
8:50 pm
--carolina just completely overwhelmed... number one goes down, 97-80... waits for either houston or kentucky. in the early game 3-seed lsu facing tom izzo and 2-seed michigan state. --we pick it up in the 2nd half, spartans led by 12 at the break, tigers got within single digits... but too much from michigan state... aaron henry... a team high 20-points and 8-boards. --and a 1-2 punch with cassius winston.. the junior guard chips in 17.. and the spartans move on to the elite 8 with an 80-63 victory. they await the winner of duke and virginia tech. and just remember for all of your basketball needs, we've got you covered. jason dumas and kate rooney...bringing you another edition of the kron4 hoop session. it's our weekly show...covering the top stories from the hardwood all around the bay area from the warriors to the collegiate and high school level. the kron4 hoop session tomorrow night at 11... just after the 10'o clock news. finally tonight, the masters tourney is less than two weeks away... and tiger woods continues to show
8:51 pm
why he's among the favorites to claim another green jacket. check this out... the wgc-dell technologies match play tourney... tiger needs a win to advance to weekend play...and just sensational. 2nd shot on a par 4-13th...82-yards back... pure magic... gets the eagle to land right in the cup. the 43-year-old is going to the round of 16, where he will face rory mcilroy. (ken) coming up -- an academy award winning actor is calling for a boycott of some los angeles hotels... details on why -- when we come back.
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>>george clooney is calling for a boycott of the beverly hills hotel and the hotel bel air in los angeles. he says they have links to the country of brunei which will soon punish those who participate in homosexual acts with the death tonight is a small country close to indonesia and malaysia. clooney says the france, and two in italy. in an opinion piece, clooney called for the boycott of all nine hotels. (ken) nicolas cage has filed for an annulment four days after getting married in las vegas. a court record shows cage asked for the annulment wednesday citing reasons that included being too drunk to understand his actions when he married girlfriend erika koike.
8:55 pm
cage, whose real name is nicolas kim coppola, says he and koike drank "to the point of intoxication" before the wedding saturday. (pam san francisco based "lyft" made its debut on the nasdaq this morning -- and shares rose nearly nine - percent in its first day of trading. at one point, they were up more than 20- percent. the nation's second largest ride hailing service finished the day with shares valued at over 78- dollars. putting the value of the company at 26 and a half billion dollars. many investors view lyft as a proxy for how the much larger uber may perform when it goes public later this year. some are worried about lyft's massive 20-18 net loss of 911 million dollars. it's more than any u-s start-up has lost in the year before its i-p-o -- but dwarfed by uber's one- point-eight billion dollar loss. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) justine waldman and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. next on kron-4 news at
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nine: vallejo police body cam video of a deadly shooting ... of a young man who was sitting in his car. what happened in the moments leading up to the gunfire... and what the man's family is saying now. and containing the measles... another case confirmed in the bay area. the third this week. where the latest measles exposure happened and what we know about the infected person. i'm justine waldman i'm vicki liviakis don't go away... hour two of kron4 news at prime time is next.
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>>new video released by the valais hope police department shows what led up to the deadly officer-involved shooting of 20 year old willie mccoy mccoy was killed by police in his car last month at a taco bell drive through good evening, everybody on the key will be aka some just involvement in for graham willie mccoy along with their attorney john burris has responded to the video's release. >>kron four scale long joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest scale. the scene and vicki that family is outraged by the body camera video their attorney says. >>they don't accept the account of what really happened. >>that every time that we look at that video we can do is just think about where the you know. when he is a person that was i'm always trying to help somebody for him to get that is just the acceptable. >>the family of 20 year-old willie mccoy and their attorney john burris are speaking out after just released a video by the vallejo police departments. >>showing what led up to the deadly officer-in


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