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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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on the governor to allow him to see that boy as he's fighting for his life. 4 year-old of on jackson is clinging to life after accidentally shooting himself in the head at an east oakland home. father nathan jackson is currently in jail in salinas. his side of the family is calling on governor newsom to allow jackson to be by the boy's bedside. organization's including california families united for justice and march on plan to visit jackson at the prison tomorrow. a statement from navaun's great aunt jamilia land says in part quote.."our family is devastated and all we're asking for now is some mercy from governor newsom. navaun deserves tohave his father by his side as fights for his life. if this isn't a moment for compassion, what is?"there was a heavy police presence in the oakland neighborhood where the shooting happened wednesday afternoon. police
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arrested the mother's boyfriend 37-year-old terrence wilson on thursday. he's facing several felony charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm. navaun's aunt plans to give his father an update on his condition at the prison tomorrow. there will then be a press conference where the family plans to call on the governor for help. reporting live in the newsroom dan thorn kron4 news. new video released by the vallejo police department shows what led up to the deadly officer involved shooting of 20-year-old willie mccoy. mccoy was killed by police in his car last month at a taco bell drive thru. now the family of willie mccoy ... along with their attorney john burris .... responded to the release video... kron 4's gayle ong joins us live in the studio with the latest. the family is outraged by the body camera video.willie mccoy's family attorney says they will move forward with a civil rights lawsuit against vallejo police.
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the family of 20-year-old willie mccoy and their attorney john burris are speaking out after just released video by the vallejo police department, showing what led up to the deadly officer involved shooting..mccoy was killed by police in his car last month at a taco bell drive thru in vallejo.according to police, mccoy was found asleep inside his car, officers noticed he had a gun on his lap.police say mccoy moved suddenly and looked at the officers,when officers told mccoy to put his hands up, he did not comply and moved his hands quickly
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towards the gun..and, that's what led to the officers firing at himmccoy died at the scene.his family outraged by the body camera video. on friday, vallejo police released the body cameras of 6 officers involved in the fatal shooting that night.mccoy's family and their attorney acknowledge that it's important for the public to see exactly what happened but they will be looking into whether what happened to mccoy was a violation of his civil rights. the solano the solano county district attorney's office, vallejo police and it's internal affairs department are all still investigating this case.
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live in the studio, gayle ong kron 4 news. (pam) just into our newsroom -- the wife of a pittsburg principal is now charged with murder in the death of her husband. 45-year-old paul shatswell died last sunday. police say -- his wife -- 39-year-old ámaria videsá shot him in the head at their home two weekends ago -- putting him on life support since the shooting. shatswell was a principal at pittsburg adult education center. he was also a father of eight children -- ranging from six- to 29 -years old. vides is being held on 2- million dollars bail at the contra costa sheriff's office jail in martinez. a live look outside tonight lawrence has the weekend forecast lawrence lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day
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around the bay area as sping sunshine returned. highs today were in the 60s. it's all quiet on the doppler radar in the bay area but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies and
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warm temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday.
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(ken) in the east bay -- a 16-year-old boy is charged in connection to last night's deadly shooting outside the west oakland bart station. police say the shooting the 7th street side of the on bart station. it killed a 17-year-old girl. police arrested the teen suspect this afternoon outside of his home in oakland. police say the two teens knew each other-- and the shooting was targeted. officers have not
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released a motive-- but say the two teens got into a fight before the shooting. the victim's identity has not yet been released. (ken) police in richmond are investigating a fatal shooting in the area of second street and chanslor avenue. police say last night around 6 they responded to a shotspotter activation... when officers arrived on scene they found 36-year-old jorge ponce suffering from several gun shot wounds. police say ponce was unresponsive and died at the scene. they are asking if anyone has any information on the shooting to contact them. (ken) in national news tonight -- president trump is again threatening to shut down the u-s southern border.(pam) he called the situation at the border a cascading crisis. áed lavanderaá takes a closer look at what is going on at the border... and how it is affecting communities there. everyday this week, buses have dropped off nearly 100 central american migrants on the doorstep of the good neighbor settlement house shelter in brownsville, texas.most are
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requesting asylum but the scene is sparking frustration among immigrant-rights advocates, as legions of volunteers scramble to help mothers and fathers with their children. christina patino houle/equal voice network: "what we see is that our community is being instrumentalized as a tool in a larger political game that is completely antithetical to what the communities here want."good neighbor settlement is one of several shelters helping migrants suddenly released this week by customs and border protection. the agency says it can't handle the massive numbers of migrants crossing the border. kevin k. mcaleenan/cbp commissioner: "our immigration system is at the breaking point. that breaking point has arrived this week at our border."cbp officials says border patrol agents are on pace for apprehensions and encounters with more than 100- thousand migrants in march, which would be the highest number of illegal border crossings in a decade.the department of homeland security secretary today is warning the "system is in free fall."and president trump says the tens of thousands of migrants requesting asylum are carrying out a "big fat con
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job" and is now threatening to shut down the border to control illegal immigration. president trump: "and we are on track for a million illegal aliens trying to rush our borders. it is an invasion, you know that."we met vilma and her daughter at the shelter in brownsville.they asked we not show their faces because of they fear being returned to el salvador.vilma says they fled el salvador with her daughter because they feared being killed.gang members killed her mother last year.her daughter says 3 police officers unleashed a bruising attack on her in january, kicking and punching her for reasons that were never clear.that's when they decided to leave.advocates say this is not a con-job but real people facing life and death consequences.laura pena/immigrant advocate: "we are not ignorant here in the rio grande valley. we know what's happening."immigrant rights advocates say the trump administration is deliberately creating a sense of chaos with mass releases of migrants or housing migrants under a
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bridge in el paso and giving families confusing paperwork. ed lavandera/reporting: "this is one of the migrants here who asked us not to identify her. but these are the forms they are given once they are released from custody here. and if you look closely this is supposed to be a notice to appear giving them a date and time when they're supposed to appear in immigration court. but here they are not getting those dates."the trump administration says there is no "manufactured crisis on the southern border" and that there is a real humanitarian and security crisis unfolding. laura peqa is a former immigrations and customs enforcement agency lawyer turned immigrant advocate. laura peqa/immigrant advocate: "they're holding folks longer than they're supposed to and then orchestrating mass releases intended to really frustrate the already fragile infrastructure that's here in place in the rio grande valley." ed lavandera/reporti ng: "so you think it's deliberate?"laura pena/immigrant advocate: "yes." (pam) the president says, he could shutdown the border as early as next week if mexico does not stop the flow of migrants into the u-s. but when asked if the department of homeland
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security is making plans to fully close the border ... a senior official said, not as of now. (pam) meantime... the homeland security secretary is asking her employees to 'volunteer' to work at the u-s border with mexico. in a letter to d-h-s agency leaders earlier this week ... secretary ákirstjen nielsená said, the situation at the border was 'dire' ... in it, nielsen asked for volunteers to help with transportation, food distribution, and medical needs. she said, customs and border protection .. and immigration and customs enforcement are "not equipped" to handle the current number of migrants. she also asked for attorneys to volunteer for year- long rotations conduct immigration litigation and case support. (ken) at the capitol tonight -- a measure to send relief to thousands of natural disaster victims is at standstill -- again. a portion of the 13.5 billion dollar disaster would also help wildfire victims in
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california. but as anna wiernicki reports -- lawmakers are at odds over how much money goes to puerto rico. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says america's heartland is under watermitch mcconnell: many americans are still waiting, praying, and working to mitigate the destruction from devastating flooding. mcconnell says the $13 billion dollar disaster relief bill is long overduethe bill would help states rebuild military bases damaged in recent hurricanes and repair water systems. it even provides help for farmers washed out by this spring's river flooding...but the bill has hit yet another road block. new jersey democrat bob menendez says more money should be going to puerto rico bob menendez: this legislation should help them get the job done, not set them back. 3.5 million americans living on the island are still trying to recover basic services and rebuild after hurricane maria two years ago.anna wiernicki (stand up)@annaewiernickitake cg @ 0:47-0:54democrats say they won't support the disaster relief bill áunless
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it includes more money for puerto ricobut president trump says puerto rico has enough already.donald trump: they don't know how to spend the money and they're not spending it wisely.anna wiernicki: but senate minority leader chuck schumer says puerto rico is still suffering...chuck schumer: have received a sliver of the funding they need.anna wiernicki: mcconnell says there's no time to argue about this. farmers in the midwest and southeast need the money now, if there's going to be a harvest this year. the senate is expected to vote on the bill next washington, i'm anna wiernicki. (pam) even without the federal money -- there are small signs of rebuilding in paradise. last november's 'camp fire' wiped out the town... and killed 85 people. this week -- a city hall clerk issued building permits to two families. they would build the first two ... of the 11-thousand homes destroyed in the fire so far, only three properties have been given the green light to rebuild. but the mayor of paradise says, this is a still good sign that the town will rebuild. (ken) we could see a redacted version of special
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counsel robert mueller's report in the next few weeks. attorney general áwilliam barrá announced today -- the justice department will release the documents to congress and the public by mid-april or sooner. barr released a summary of mueller's report on the russia investigation sunday. in it -- barr said the russia investigation did not establish the trump campaign conspired with the russian government ahead of the election. but he said mueller's report did not exonerate trump on whether he obstructed justice. barr says the report is nearly 400 pages long and offering to testify shortly after it's released. (ken) the clock is ticking for democrats running to be the next president of united states.this weekend is the first fundraising deadline of the 20-20 election. (ken) the first quarter
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fundraising period will offer the first true measure of how the candidates are catching on - among big donors and small.. (pam) this year, nearly all the democrats say.. they are limiting the kind of money they accept... ( pam ) fundraising is also a metric to qualify for the democratic debates .. candidates must have 65-thousand unique donors... from at least 20- states in order to reach the debate stage. (pam) investigators in san mateo county are looking into a deadly crash this evening -- involving a cal-train. a passenger took this picture on board the train, near the hillsdale cal-train station. investigators say -- the train hit a man who was trespassing on the tracks. the incident shutdown the tracks in both directions for about an- hour and a- half. no word yet on the victim's identity. this is cal-train's third fatality of this year. (pam) in redwood city --
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firefighters and police responded to a report of a gas leak. this was at the corner of broadway and jefferson. p-g and e also responded to make repairs. the road is now back open. (ken) the c-h-p made a startling discovery during an enforcement stop on highway 99 in the merced area yesterday afternoon.(pam) according to the c-h-p, the officer found three cereal boxes... each containing one kilogram of cocaine. the officer had stopped 45-year old jose cardenas for illegally tinted windows, and uncovered the boxes during a subsequent search of his vehicle. police say, the average price of a kilo of cocaine is 28 -thousand dollars.... but broken down and sold by the gram... each of the boxes would be worth 40-thousand dollars. cardenas was arrested and booked into merced county jail. (ken) you now have a better chance to find a parking spot at the walnut creek bart station...ábutá for extra cost. you may have seen these signs around surface parking lots. the surface lots are now closed after a new parking garage
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opened this morning. the new garage offers 118 daily spots for 15 to 18 dollars a day. áandá 700 permit spots for 120 dollars a month. that's nearly double the number of permit spots at the old brick garage. riders tell us -- they are happy about more permit parking but are weary about the day to day. daughter ride's bart daily, vincent dinneen"not a lot we can do just another tax increase it's out of my hand we just have to grin and bear it"daily bart rider, jorge rodriguez"but if its just someone trying to capitalize on the people who depend on this for transportation it's going to suck for them." the walnut creek station has the 2nd largest waiting list for permit parking spaces. (ken) a happy reunion today in san francisco. a 14-year-old is back with his prized possession -- his violin.(pam) we first told you about this story yesterday.
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the teen accidently left his very expensive violin on a muni bus earlier last month. as of last night -- san francisco police were still looking for a woman suspected of taking it.(ken) but in less than 12 hours -- the violin was found. kron 4's charles clifford was at the very special reunion. friday afternoon, a very grateful teenager received his prized violin back. the san francisco returned this 1200 dollar violin to 14 -year-old william paik. william accidentally left the violin on muni bus back on feb. 20th. he contacted muni and police but it took a more than a month to find it. video on the muni bus showed this woman taking the violin off the bus. the police department says that after they went public with the story someone returned the violin but they wouldn't say if it was the same women. or if anyone will face charges for taking the violin.william is just happy to have it back.sotthank you
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to the officers for finding it. with out you i wouldn't have gotten it back.william also says tt since he lost the violin he's been using a borrowed on which he will now need to san francisco ,charles clifford kron 4 news. we are hearing about yet another case of measles is in the bay area tonight. what you need to know about the latest case to protect yourself and your family. (pam) plus -- a family outing by the river .. turns dangerous.. what we are learning tonight about a desperate search for a father -- who risked his life to save his child. (ken) and a new study finds -- americans are changing what they think about e-cigarettes. áwhoá researchers say áthatá changing perception could help the most.
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>>the house tonight more americans believe east cigarettes are harmful and that's according to a study published today in the journal of the american medical association researchers reviewed data from 2 national surveys of adults every year they found between 2012 2017. number of people who believe that e cigarettes are equally as bad as regular cigarettes went up in one study the number more than tripled during those years. the study also found an increase in those who thought the cigarettes were more harmful than regular cigarettes. researchers say the change the
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public perception of the cigarettes could benefit teenagers and young adults, the most. >>pediatricians are calling on lawmakers to tax sugary drinks the american academy of pediatrics and the american heart association released policy recommendations to help reduce the amount of sugary drinks children consuming. they cited an increase in childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes says the need for changes. california lawmakers made that same proposal last month. >>take a look at this this vending machine in las vegas is stocked was nor can that is the nasal spray which blocks the effects that opioids have on the body and in some cases prevents an overdose. nevada health officials say the easy availability of mark and is machines will also eventually have other health- related items such as hygiene kits, safe sex kits ... and pregnancy tests. (pam) prosecution in the college admission scandal moves forward. the bay
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area parents who appeared in federal court today. (ken) and the number of measles cases is growing in the bay area. what's being done statewide to address the problem. (lawrence)ten at ten
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>>we're in the bay area tonight we're hearing of another case of measles in the south and of course there are several 100 cases around the country. this is the 3rd measles cases santa clara county just this month. it's called for dan kerman reports the latest case is a person who recently came back from a trip overseas. >>this rash more commonly known as the measles continues to make its way back. santa clara county is reported its 3rd case of the year. and this latest case, the santa clara the county health department says this is not related to the incident announced march 26 when an international traveler visiting the county contracted measles, or to the march 6 announcement when a santa cruz resident traveling on an international flight to sfo got the measles and then two additional passengers, one from santa clara county and another from san francisco ended up getting it that second announcement, the health department released a full list of places the person
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with measles had been to. this time around they are not because they say they know exactly where this person was while contagious and none were public places like airports or restaurants. at this time the public health department is contacting all individuals who might have come in contact with this person while they were were contagious. and health professions say this should serve as a reminder to make sure kids are vaccinated. sot dr. alex evens/marin general hospital 1:12parents shouldnt panic, most patients dont die from measles, but if your child is not vaccinated, about 1 in 500 or 1 in 1000 who get measles will die. standup dan kerman 127once the health department identifies who has been in contact with the person who has measles thay can take several steps including isolation, quarantne, and making certain spots off limits. it all depends on the individual. dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) just last night -- we told you about a measles case
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linked to áthisá restaurant in livermore. the 'sauced barbeque restaurant' is downtown.. the alameda county health department is advising people who werethere between 8-pm and 11-pm on march 23rd , to follow up with their doctor immediately.. (ken) outside the bay area -- health officials are looking to a possible measles exposure in stanislaus county. they say -- a woman with measles attended a high school basketball game last week. the event drew hundreds of teens, parents and kids to turlock high school last thursday a health official says -- at that time -- the woman did ánotá know she had the disease as far as they know -- the high school was the only place she went in the county. (ken) the measles concern now has state leaders on alert. (pam) our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala .... caught up with the director of the state department of public health.... to find out what is being done statewide... to address the problem. with sixteen measles cases confirmed in california..the state department of public health sent out a health alert
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friday to doctors across the state.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "we want to be sure to remind providers that people can transmit measles before they're sick, so in a situation like the one we're having, asking people who come in with symptoms that might be measles, it's just important to have measles in front of mind and to ask about travel and contact with travelers."california department of public health director karen smith says california typically sees about 25 measles cases a year. so far most of the state's cases are in northern california.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "they are generally always associated with returning travelers who were unvaccinated or undervaccinated. the same thing is true this year although we do have slightly more cases than we had in the past few years."smith says the majority of the recently confirmed cases come from just a few travelers.((karen smith, ca dept. of public health)) "the biggest concern for us is the more people that come in to california with measles, the more likely they'll transmit in the period of time before they're sick.((az standup)) "smith says california is not in a measles emergency the way washington and new york are."smith: "but we are being very vigilant." the department expects to see slightly more measles cases this year. smith says vaccines are the single best protection society has against measles. tag.
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(ken) developing tonight... more than a dozen parents charged in the college admissions scandal appeared in a boston federal court today. those parents include san francisco resident agustin huneeus, who owns a vineyard in napa valley. he allegedly spent 100-thousand dollars to get his daughter into u-s-c. and according to court documents, he complained to rick singer, the alleged mastermind, when his daughter's s-a-t scores weren't high enough. singer plead guilty and has cooperated with the government. fifteen parents appeared in court today. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin are set to appear in court next wednesday, april third. all of them have been charged with conpiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. all parents have
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been released on conditions.. including bond and restricted travel. (pam) in the east bay... parents and students staged "walk-ins" across schools in fremont today ... to support their teachers who are fighting for a fair contract. kron4's sara stinson reports from warm springs elementary school. (on cam) (nat)and the parents i spoke with say they can't believe teachers aren't getting the support they need to help their chilren succeed. the fremont unified district teachers association are at impasse with the school district as negotiations continue. in a statement to kron four news the district's superintendent doctor kim
10:34 pm
wallace said in part "we remain optimistic towards finding solutions in our negotiations with the teachers association that will benefit all parties."the district is proposing a 0.71 percent raise while teachers are asking for a four percent raise.with little to no progress being made so far - teachers are getting frustrated.heather driscoll and her husband both work as teachers in the district - both of them are now waiting to apply to other districts as she says she just can't afford to live here with the current pay. (nat)e district and teachers association will meet next on april fourth for a fact finding hearing.(on cam) teachers say they hope an agreement can be reached soon so they can avoid authorizing a fremont, sara stinson, kron four news.
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turning now to weather with lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: rain and hail were common with a little sunshine today. strong storms pushed into the north bay with more rain on an off elsewhere. doppler radar continues to show plenty of rain around the state. on the satellite you can see high pressure waiting to build in to bring sunshine and warmer weather into the weekend. tonight we will see decreasiing showers. tomorrow will be mostly dry with warmer temperatures in the 50s to upper 60s. it will be warmer over the weekend too with some highs moving in the 70s. rain could return late on monday into next tuesday. lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day around the bay area as sping sunshine returned. highs today were in the 60s. it's all quiet on the
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doppler radar in the bay area but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures. highs tomorrow will ben the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday. (ken) happening now -- an infant is in the hospital... andthe child's father is missing after they ended up in the san joaquin river today.
10:37 pm
(pam) emergency responders and the u-s coast guard had boats in the water all day. kristi gross has the latest on the search. nats: choppera toddler life flighted to a sacramento area hospital after being pulled from the water by the u-s coast gaurd. the baby's father, still missing... we are searching the waterways for hm right now. our boats along with several other agencies boats are currently conducting a grid search utilizing sonar and other tools to try try to locate the father. sgt. shawn hampton with the sacramento county sheriff's office says a father was out boating with his three children near isleton when disaster struck--- chp says for some reason--- still under investigation-- the family of four ended up in the water. two of the children somehow made it back to the boat where deputies say one of the children called 911. on the other end of the call was a child that child indicated the
10:38 pm
she was on a boat with another child and their father had fallen overboard, i'm sorry, the father had gone overboard to retrieve a child, a young child who had fallen out of the boat. emergency responders from multiple agencies rushed to the area and searched by boat and air for the family. according to chp, the u-s coast gaurd found two children, between the ages of six and eight on the boat and rescued the two year-old wearing a life vest from the water. that child was life flown to sacramento, a hospital in sacramento to be treated deputies credit the toddler wearing a life vest for the quick save.but say the father isn't believed to have been wearing one when he jumped in to try and save his child but hasn't surfaced yet. the sheriff's office says the water is cold, moving quickly and there's a lot of debris--- a dangerous combination for a distressed swimmer. it's an extremely dangerous time of year on the river. sgt. hampton says it's another reminder of how important water safety is this time of year. if you do choose to come out here to please, please please use all percautions possible to make sure that you're being safe.
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(ken) that was kristi gross reporting. the sherff's office says the two children rescued from the boat are now safe but didn't have an update on the condition of that toddler. (pam) a community is in moruning tonight for áthisá firefighter -- killed in the line of duty. ádaniel lairdá from yuba city ... lost his life on wednesday.. he was in texas helping with a controlled burn ... in the sam houston national forest when the helicopter he was in, crashed. there were three people on board at the time... laird was the only one who did not survive. laird's best friend says -- he is in shock sot'it was just unbelievable...just unexpected, i mean in his profession thatús something that you worry about not something that you expect to happen'(pam) investigators are still looking into why the helicopter crashed. (pam) a health scare today on áthisá united airlines plane .. heading to san francisco. the plane was diverted to the d.c. area
10:40 pm
... because of a strong odor onboar.. seven passengers were taken to the hospital in a twitter post.. a passenger shared that united said, the issue was due to a ventilation problem. united did not confirm the cause. (ken) taking out your laptop to get through airport security can be a hassel. soon -- you may not have to. the transportation security administration is buying 300 computer tomography systems. c-t scanning can provide 3-d images the current x-ray scanners aren't capable of. that means you can leave your electronics in your bag. the t-s-a says the machiens will arrive in some airports this summer. in the next three to four years, software improvements are expected to allow passengers to leave liquids, gels, and aerosols in carry-on luggage. (ken) the state of texas is investigating whether san antonio ácaná legally ban áthisá fast food chain from
10:41 pm
its airport. áchick-fil-aá is known for supporting christian values and closing on sundays. san antonio's city council decided to ban the chain because they say -- san antonio does not tolerate anti-l-g-b-t-q behavior. texas attorney general áken paxtoná says excluding chick-fil-a from the airport is unconstitutional. he is also asking the department of transportation to open a federal inquiry. (pam) lyft share prices surging lyft share prices surging ... on wall street. the nation's second biggest ride hailing service went public today. its initial public offering was priced at 72- dollars per share yesterday. but shares began trading at more than 87- dollars. lyft's rival -- uber -- is set to go public later this year. (vo) masive efforts are underway to restore áthisá warship to former glory. we'll tell you about the
10:42 pm
ultimate goal for the ship that volunteers are working to make it a reality. (sports) just ahead in sports, wild night all over the spectrum... giants still have a hard time getting runs on the board... khris davis homers again... the warriors go to o-t in minnesota... and the elite 8 is finalized. full serving of highlights comin up. up. yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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>>ever in stockton reporter ((pkg))standup: "it's one of the last vietnam war vessels of its kind in existence and volunteers here in stockton have been working for years to restore it to its former glory and turn this ship into a floating museum."rajkovich: "we're returning it back to its original navy configuration."it survived two trips to vietnam...which was a tall task considering the u-s-s lucid's purpose was to detect and destroy mines. rajkovich: "this is what was called a non-magnetic ship because during the korean war, we discovered the soviets had developed mines that could detonate just by a steel ship passing by. they could detect the magnetic signature of a ship. you no longer had to hit it and trigger it that way. so these ships were built a lot of wood and the metal on them was all non-magnetic."but over the years...the wood that made this ship undetectable...
10:46 pm
began to wear...and private owners... failed to preserve it.rajkovich: "this vessel was laying abandoned out in the delta."so when someone offered to donate the u-s-s lucid to the stockton maritime museum... they knew they had their work cut out for them.rajkovich: "the ship was a real mess when we got it. it was full of junk. there was large holes cut in the side of the hull. there was sliding glass doors, skylights, carpet on the overhead, mirrors everywhere. it was a party boat for many years on the san francisco bay."for more than five years...volunteers have spent countless hours restoring the vessel to her former glory... but they're far from finished...rajkovich: "we have work parties the second and fourth saturday of every month."and nearly 70 years after it first took to sea... they plan to dock the u-s-s lucid on the stockton waterfront when the restoration is act as a floating museum...and tribute to stockton's own maritime history.rajkovich: "there was 10 shipyards here in stockton that were very active during world war ii. built all kinds of small vessels. this is an example of one of the largest types of warships that was built here." in stockton..olivia degennaro
10:47 pm
(ken) the stockton maritime museum hopes to have the u-s-s- lucid complete in a couple of years, but they need your help. if you are interested in helping the restoration effort you can find more information at stockton-maritime-museum-dot- org. (pam) hundreds of miles away from earth today .. christina koch was on a mission that was watched across the nation ... she was changing batteries at the international space station.. . this astronaut has ties to the beale air force base in yuba county california.. staff sergeant reginald randolph, seen in the photograph with koch, trained with her in 2016 at (pam) today's space walk gained national attention because it was supposed to be the first all feamle spacewalk...
10:48 pm
however, nasa reported they only had one suit that would fit the female astronauts, so koch worked with another male astronaut, before switching with another female... so both could walk in space.. we were on the verge of witnessing history and not in a good way. through the franchise's existence, the giants have never been shut out twice to start a season... and they were close tonight. --giants in san diego... pablo sandoval hyping up tonight's pitcher derek holland pregame. --but it didn't seem to work out. bottom 2nd-- no outs, padres with runners at 2nd and 3rd..
10:49 pm
manuel margot...base hit to right field... padres up 2- nothing. -fast forward to the 9th, san diego up 4-zip... looking to close it out, evan longoria has other plans... longo... deep to left center and it's gone. first run of the year for the giants. --then it got interesting... giants managed to load the bases... brandon belt, can save the day.. but he strikes out looking to end the game.. --giants fall 4-1...and move to 0-and-2. back at it tomorrow. back in oakland--a's looking to make it 2 wins in a row at home --bottom of the 6th--no score....until khris davis....launches one to left field.....a tape measure homerun.. his 3rd in 4- games.. that gives the a's a 2-nothing lead... --angels would tie it up. iin the 8th, andrelton simmons... soft liner into center .... that would bring in kole calhoun and mike trout... halos move out in front 4-2.... --top of the
10:50 pm
9th, same score, trout helps put it away... hits a 2-run double to deep right.... --6-2 angels your final... game 3 tomorrow night. now to the warriors, who can't finish off the regular season quietly... crazy night for the champs in minnesota. --warriors and the wolves. jordan bell back with the team after a one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. --now to the game, we'll go right to overtime...warriors down 2. .kevin durant....with the jumper to tie it....117-all. 23-points for the finals mvp. --moments later, wild drama. 4-seconds to go, warriors down 3. steph curry...with no room at all... throws up a corner 3.... and comes up clutch. game tied at 130, with .8 seconds to go . --looks like we are in line for double ot, but not so fast....with five tenths of a second left.... foul is called on kevin durant for holding karl anthony towns on the inbound. --towns to the line for 2-shots... would hione... and grab
10:51 pm
the rebound on the other. --warriors lose a heartbreaker 131-130, barely clinging to first place out west. they host the hornets on sunday. --now to some madness at the college leve, coach k and the blue devils meeting virginia tech. --2nd half....duke up by 4....welcome to the zion show. tre jones lobs it up and zion williamson...right there to throw it down. -- later on-- a second helping... jones to zion again... what a game for the freshman sensation, 23-points. --but tech would give them a fight, in the final seconds, duke up 2, hokies have a chance to tie... ahmed hill, misses at the rim. --top-seed duke survives once again, 75-73... classic showdown on sunday against michigan state. now to a wild day in college basketball, more brackets busted this afternoon. bruce pearl and auburn facing top seed north carolina... --and the tigers feasted on the tar heels... converted 17-times from downtown... and shot 55-percent from the field... --carolina just
10:52 pm
number one goes down, 97-80... waits for either houston or kentucky. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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>>high will it fly. david daniel has the box office preview. >>a >>return to the big top this weekend as dumbo takes flight. tim burton directed this live action take on the animated classic which analysts expect a debut at $50 million or more far less than other recent disney remakes such as beauty and the beast and the jungle book but enough to nose out us for the weekend title dogs. >>another dimension. >>2 very different films are opening on a smaller scale than dumbo the matthew mcconaughey stoner comedy the
10:56 pm
beach bomb on about 750 screens and the antiabortion drama and planned on about a 1000 in hollywood. i'm david daniel. all right time to get your weather to be a gorgeous weekend ahead lot of sunshine coming your way clear skies out there right now looking toward the golden gate bridge. >>the stay that way all night long tomorrow morning we wake up little chilly to begin with numbers say in the 40's in the 50's by 08:00am plenty of sunshine as we head toward the middle a day and then by the but there are still a few showers in far northern california. high pressure is now building into the bay area as seen on the satellite image. high pressure will dominate the weather this weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. on sunday it will be sunny with a few high clouds in the afternoon. highs will even be warmer with some temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there is a chance
10:57 pm
of rain returning late on monday with showers continuing into tuesday. 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news. you can download the kron on app today. just head to kron on dot tv to sign up.
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