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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>tonight from the father of this little boy in oakland man serving time in prison is calling on the state's help to see his child as the little boy clings to life. thanks for joining us at 8, i'm jay are stout and i'm just involvement 4 year-old yvonne jackson this week.(justine) the gun belonged to his mother's boyfriend -- terrence wilson -- who said he left the gun under a pillow and forgot about. the child found it while watching t-v. (justine)(2shot) navaughn's father -- 28 year old nathan jackson - is serving time at the salinas
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valley state prison.(jr) but with his son fighting for his life, the family is petitioning the state to give him visitation rights at the children's hospital in oakland.. kron 4's noelle bellow has details of their request. he's sorry for the bad choices that he made that got him here and away from his son, but no parent could ever imagine something like this would happen. jamilia land visited her nephew nathan jackson at salinas valley state prison saturday... she's his first visitor since he heard the news about his four year old boy. he has completely fallen a part.. screaming and crying nathan's son navaughn is on life support at children's hospital oakland after he accidentally shot himself in the head wednesday. after requesting that nathan be given what's called a community leave, the state granted him a skype video call saturdya night. im grateful and appreciative that he has made that offer, but it is not enough. jamilia says community leaves can be granted to inmates that are classified level one or two. nathan is currently classified as a level four inmate. so the family is hoping the governor
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will show compassion, and make an exceptionhe has lost two brothers and a sister to gun violence and now his 4 year old son is in the hospital fighting for his life and im asking gov newsom as a father as a man to please grant him this exception and allow him to be safely transported to the hospital. where he can sit by his son's bedside. jamilia says considering the circumstances - she doesn't feel the request is unreasonableand says such a visit would not only benefit nathan, but little navaughn as well. we don't know, we don't know what the extent of his injuries are... i need him.. i need him to be with his son. the request is unreasonable and says such a visit would not only benefit mason. >>but little nave on as well we don't know. >>what the extent of his injuries.
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>>now jim ilyas says via skype video call that they've agreed to give nathan with his 4 year-old son is a step in the right direction, but she still plans to be outside governor newsom's office on monday and every day after that petitioning for that in person visit at the salinas valley state well bellow kron (justine) surveillance video captures a group of criminals dumping off a work trailer and leaving nothing inside. (justine) kron4's dan thorn is live in san jose tonight.. he has more on what the family is saying.. dan? the co-owner of this mobile tire service tell me it's a tough break for the business. thousands of dollars work of equipment is now gone..and they're left without any answers.. surveillance video shows a group of criminals dumping off a stolen work trailer and leaving nothing inside..
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nats..everything was gone it was just a sad sight...ardeine bustamante runs a mobile tire business. he says thursday morning a group of thieves made off with his work trailer and cleaned out about 20 thousand dollars worth of equipment..sot: anything that you possibly might need in a tire shop it was in this little trailer.bustamante says he sprung out of bed around 3:30 once he heard something unusual going on outside..sot: i heard something loud like dragging across the road that way and i figured it was chains dragging on the ground..i went out the garage and i tried to get into my car as fast as i can and try and locate where the trailer went.. but he was too late to catch them in the act..hours later surveillance video shows a white pick up truck dropping off the trailer 10 miles away from bustamante's san jose home..drivers in the other vehicles seem to be in on the they positioned
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themselves accordingly..the thieves are then seen getting out and helping unhitch the empty trailer..sot: it seemed like it was planned. this wasn't the first time somebody has done this probably they've done this multiple times. around 9 thursday morning--the trailer was spotted by a friend who alerted bustamante.. unfortunately, the tire mounting machine, the balancer, the flat repair and wheel lock removal kits were missing..bustamante says he and his partners plan to get back on their feet..and have tighter security on the trailer.. san jose police have been notified about this crime..bustamante says he's grateful for people showing support in the community. a go fund me page to help the business has raised more than 8 thousand dollars so far. reporting in san jose dan thorn kron4 news. (jr) in the south bay -- police say áthisá san jose man repeatedly punched a man at a gas station. 23-year-old ájoseph adolfo castro martinezá is in san mateo county jail on charges of
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assault and aggravated battery. investigators say the fight happened last night at the quick stop on middlefield road in san mateo county. police say -- martinez got into an argument with a person getting gas... and eventually attacked him. the victim was treated at a hospital for serious but non-life threatening injuries. a california highway patrol officer later arrested the martinez for suspected d-u- i. (jrs) be on the look out for this woman with dementia. police say -- 77-year-old ácathleená was last seen in the west end neighborhood in san rafael this afternoon. she was wearing a brown jaacket with a fur collar and tan pants. if you see her -- call 9-1-1. (justine) in the east bay -- there has been an arrest in connection to this week's stabbing near u-c berkeley. police say -- they arrested 36-year-old ájose loredo hernandezá on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon the stabbing happened wednesday in the
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7-hundred block of shattuck avenue. police say -- they found a 30 year old man stabbed in the torso and a 36 year old man -- who was hit in the head with a chain. officers believe the two men got into an altercation before they were injured. (justine) police in alameda need help identifying átheseá two men in connection to a burglary. police say the burglary happened last sunday in the 15-hundred block of pearl street. the suspects are described as hispanic , between 18 and 25 years old. they stand about five foot, 9 inches tall and weigh 160 pounds. the men have dark medium length wavy hair. if you have any information -- call almeda police. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast.
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. overnight lows will be cooler in the 40s because of the lack of blanket of clouds in the bay area. mostly sunny skies are expected on sunday with daytime highs in the mid to uppers 60s along the san francisco peninsula. daytime highs elsewhere in the bay area will be in the low to mid 70s, 5-10 degrees above average. a weak storm and cooler temperatures are forecast to return early next week with showers possible monday into tuesday. rain totals will be 0.25" or less. additional wet weather is expected late next week as a series of storm systems move through the area, with potentially more significant rainfall possible on friday.
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(justine) a heartwarming moment for an east bay family hit with multiple tragedies over the years. recently, the 13-year-old cousin of the late de la salle football star terrance kelly learned that he's been accepted to his cousin's alma mater. kelly was murdered back in 2004. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with the elated family. (philippe) baseball is his passion. his family watches every one of his games... and, 13-year-old terrance "josh" carr earns a four-point-one-oh g-p-a.malik carr/father- "i'm extremely proud of not only my son, but the life that my cousin tk lived." we met terrance's father malik carr and his stepmother felicia at a baseball field in the east bay... in between terrance's double header. just eight days after learning he'll continue to follow in "tk's foot steps. terrance kelly... who, in 2004, was senselessly gunned down in richmond -- just days before he was to report to the
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university of oregon on a full football scholarship. he was a standout at de la salle high school in concord...nats- "dear terrance, are you ready? congratulations on behalf of de la salle high school admissions committee, we are pleased to inform you that you have been conditionally accepted as a ninth grade student for the 2019 academic year in our spartan acceptance program. oh my gosh. hahaha. oh my gosh." felicia, whose known in the family as terrance's "bonus" mom... read the good news.felcia carr/stepmother- "he's a great kid, and everything that he's getting, going to get, uh, going forward, he deserves it all. he works hard, he plays hard. i mean, he's just, he's overall, he's a great kid." nats- "hahaha, you did it. lets go!" terrance was born nine months after his namesake cousin was murdered. the killer was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. the 13-year-old never met kelly, but knows all about him. part of his story was told in the film "when the game stand tall."terrance carr/cousin- "i feel like he would be really proud of me, and i always know he's watching down on me." terrance is a bright spot for a family that has dealt with tremendous loss over the years. after terrance kelly was
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killed, his father landrin kelly, became an activist and advocate for helping young kids stay off the streets. he organized a foundation in his son's name, but a few years ago, he was killed after a fight.malik carr/father- "it's been a hard road for the last 15 years, um, and we're happy, you know, to finally have a story on the news with a terrance in it that is not a tragedy, but a feel good story."terrance carr/cousin- 'when i heard 'congratulations, i already knew that something good was fittin to be said, so i told my dad in awe, and i was just really excited for my future." and, his future now includes being a spartan... and, he earned it.nats- "yo, he happy." classes start in july. philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(justine) terrance carr's family posted video of his reaction to the acceptance letter... and, inust over a week, it's been viewed at least 265-thousand times. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today, the controversy is heating up in san francisco over proposed navigation center for the homeless. their london breed wants to open it along the city's embarcadero. >>and since then a go fund me page has raised 10's of $1000 to fight the project in court and tonight we're learning about a counter go fund me page that supports the mayor's that so called counter go fund me page was put up two days ago and has big tech names supporting it. already raised more than one hundred thousand dollars.but i spoke with one family who are against the mayor's project.
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oracle park to see the giants game, the ferry building, the bay bridge, you know we're concerned about the downstream effects the navigation center could bring to the area."> chris curtis and his wife alice support the city building additional housing for the homeless but are against this specific proposal..mayor london breed announced this month a safe navigation center for homeless people at the seawall lot 330 near pier 30 and pier 32..the lot is owned by the port of san francisco..the goal is to have a site on the embarcadero for 200 beds to provide shelter and services for homeless residents, particularly those living on the water front for four years. chris and alice are some of the residents who are against the project.the go fund me page "safe embarcadero" has been set up to take legal action if the city moves forward,as of saturday night, more than 75 thousand dollars raised..but there's another go fund me page - safer embarcadero for all - a rival page rather.. william fitzgerald started it two days ago and it has already raised over one hundred -35- thousand dollars..
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fitzgerald understands the concerns but things all neighborhoods in the city should have a navigation center.fizgerald's site got generous donations from mark benioff, ceo of salesforce to twitter ceo jack doesn't matter to chris and alice, who just like to walk their daughter along the embarcadero every weekend..they just hope the mayor will come up with a different plan..
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problems that are going on in other parts of the city and relocating them to a current area that is currently safe."> (justine) take a look at this damage in colorado. strong storms hit the region yesterday afternoon -- sending r-vs into the air. this was at a storage center where where dozens -- if not hundreds -- of r-v's were parked. the strong winds pushed the r-vs around...shovin g them together, flipping them over -- or even shredding them. there are no reports of injuries from the storm. (justine) taking a live taking a live look outside....(jr stone)(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast.
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. overnight lows will be cooler in the 40s because of the lack of blanket of clouds in the bay area. mostly sunny skies are expected on sunday with daytime highs in the mid to uppers 60s along the san francisco peninsula. daytime highs elsewhere in the bay area will be in the low to mid 70s, 5-10 degrees above
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average. a weak storm and cooler temperatures are forecast to return early next week with showers possible monday into tuesday. rain totals will be 0.25" or less. additional wet weather is expected late next week as a series of storm systems move through the area, with potentially more significant rainfall possible on friday. (jr) take a look at what happened to at what take a look (jr)
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(jr) take a look at what happened to this pickup truck. it's torched.(justine) the truck go into a multi- vehicle crash yesterday morning on hgihway 99 outside sacramento and burst into flames --- with its driver still inside.(jr) that's when áthisá officer with the california highway patrol jumped into action. guillermo hernandez says -- as soon as he saw the accident -- he ran towards the truck. 'i see the door pop i ran toward it! seeing that he was still struggling to get out.'(jr) and get this -- officer hernandez had just gotten of his overnight shift and was on his way home. he says -- it was fate. highway patrol is investigating what caused the crash. (jr) iceland-based áwow airá shuts down without a warning this week. how that's affecting some of its youngest customers which are
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here in the u-s. (justine) and president trump orders tough action against south american countries over illegal immigration problems. the latest on the situation at the southern bordern.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news facebook ceo's calling for more outside regulation, several areas could harmful com content zuckerberg says -- governments
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and regulators -- rather than private companies like facebook should be more active in policing the internet. the piece comes days after facebook was criticzed for live streaming the deadly shooting rampage in new zealand. (jrs) another city is blocking áchick-fil-aá from opening in their airport. new york state lawmakers scrapped plans this week to bring the fast food restaurant to the airport in buffalo. they cited the company's stances toward l-g-b-t issues. city leaders in san antonio, texas recently did the same -- prompting texas' attorney general to launch an investigation.(justine) chick-fil-a released the following statement: it reads -- "recent coverage about chick-fil-a continues to drive an inaccurate narrative about our brand. we do not have a political or social agenda or discriminate against any group. more than 145- thousand people from different backgrounds and beliefs represent the chick-fil-a
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brand. we embrace all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity." (jrs) now to an airline shut down that left thousands of passengers stranded around the world... the iceland- based airline áwow airá went bankprupt and grounded all flights this week.(justine) that's also affecting students here in the u-s. (justine) these eighth grade students in maine were supposed to fly out of boston in may on áwow air.á it would be their class trip to germany.(jr) it's a trip that they've been planning for years. they started fundraising when they were in áfirstá grade. that trip is now in jeopardy. "first thoughts were is it still gonna happen? are we still gonna go?"(jrs) their teacher says -- they already started getting donations. they will be making some adjusments to still go on the trip. (justine) the golden gate bridge is glowing pretty now... but it's about to go dark. we'll tell you why --
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ahead. (jr) how one bart rider found a way to wear her clipper card...instead of carrying it. (justine) round up, pays out. a jury finds -- the weed killer ádoesá cause cancer. we hear from the victim and speak to an expert about what it is going to take to get the spary off the shelves.
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>>a major legal victory for a man going against the makers of the popular weed killer called the roundup. >>a federal jury in san francisco awarded the bay area man million saying that company's product was a factor in causing his cancer. this is 70 year-old edwin hardeman sitting here beside his wife. a man who was just awarded over $80 million by a federal jury in san francisco. that jury found that roundup weed killer. it was a substantial factor in causing his non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >>i just really want to thank the the jury you for dedication and stained with those that are very and used it for more than 26 years. he had repeated exposure to the weed killer, one produced by the company monsanto, which is now owned by bayer.sot monsanto's actions have been egregious, maliciou, deceiteful. no longer should a company put a
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product on the market that they don't test and warn that it causes cancer.bayer denies those claims but lawyers for hardeman say the jury has spoken and hopefully sent a clear message with this decision.sot what this says is that a corporation no matter who you are including one of the largets in the world you need to be a responsible corporate citizen and being a responsible corporate citizen means that you test your product and it means you warn if you know or should know it causes for hardeman this was his reaction to being awarded 80 million dollars.sot i'm overwhelmed with the verdict it hasn't sunk in yet so. so. (jr) you may remember dewayne johnson he was a groundskeeper who worked in the bay area and sprayed roundup 20-30 times a year. he has terminal cancer. last year he was awarded 289
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million by a jury in superior court. that award money has since been reduced to 78 million. he has yet to see that money because of appeals. appeals are expected in this recent case as well. (justine) a big story we are following tonight.. áthisá 21-year-old college student reported missing yesterday has been found dead. ásamantha josephsoná was a senior political science major at the university of south carolina. today, police announced they arrested áthisá man in connection to her death. 24-year-old ánathaniel david rowlandá is charged with kidnapping and murder. police say -- there was evidence of josephson's blood in the trunk and passenger's side of rowland's car.. they also found her phone. police say -- surveillance photos showed -- josephson getting into a car shortly after two friday morning.. they believe -- she mistook the suspect's car for an uber. (jr) we are tracking the growing number of measles
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cases in the bay area. another case of measles was just reported in the south bay. (justine) that makes three in just the last few weeks. they are not all connected but as kron four's christina tay-tro explains -- they all have something in common... the third measles case so far just this year in santa clara...and there's one common thread amungst all of them. each one had to do with international travel.however the santa clara county health department tells us this case is not connected to the two precious cases reported on march 26th or march this latest incident a santa clara resident came home from traveling out of the country and came down with the disease. the health department tells us they know exactly where this person was while contagious and none werpubic places like the two other cases before. they are reaching out to all who might have come into contact with this person while they were professionals say you should make sure your children are vaccinated.sot:"dr. alex evens, marin general hospital" parents shouldn't panic, most patients don't die from measles but if your child is not vaccinated about 1 in 500 or 1 in 1000 who get measles will die"residents in the area...worried and echo the same reminder.cathy johnsgard, mother and former teacher "for us born in the 50's vaccinations were a godsend
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for protection of the kids and i think the next generation has forgotten some of the horrors some of these diseases bring upon kids to risk not vaccinations is worrisome for me"look live: one the health department identifies who has been in contact with the person who has measles ...there are several steps they can take to help alleviate the symptoms and cure the all depends reporting in san jose ... christina tetreault kron4 news. (justine) in national news -- president trump is focusing on immigration this weekend. (jr) the state department says he directed it to cut off aid to three central american countries. american countries. the move comes one day after he renewed his threat to close the u-s, mexico border next week. (justine) natasha chen is at the u-s mexico border with a closer look.
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cutting off aid and issuing a new threat. president trump has instructed the u-s state department to cut off foreign aid to three central american countries.... el salvador, guatemala and honduras. president trump: "we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala. massive caravans walking right through mexico."saturday's move comes one day after president trump said the three countries had set-up migrant caravans to enter the u-s.he is also demanding action from mexico--saying he'll close the u-s/mexico border next week if mexico doesn't do anything to stop immigrants from coming into the united states illegally. president trump: "mexico's tough. they can stop them but they chose not to. now they're going to stop them. and if they don't stop them we're closing the border. they'll close it and we'll keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games."the president insisting the u-s has run out of detention space for undocumented immigrants. his comments come at a time when homeland security and border officials have said their resources have been stretched thin. but this latest move aimed to stop ilegal immigration may backfire. according to the u-s global leadership coalition-- foreign aid programs in the three countires that are set to lose aid-- were working to promote opportunity and security for their citizens. in mcallen, texas i'm natasha chen reporting.
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(justine) california governor ágavin newsomá is calling the president's aid cuts an act of xenophobia and nativism. he released a statement that reads in part --"...this president is demonizing legal asylum seekers fleeing violence while at the same time putting in place policies that will make the situation for these families worse in their home countries. and he's doing it all to score cheap political points with his political base. it is reckless and intentional, and we must call it out." (jrs) democratic presidential candidate ábeto o'rourkeá is praising immigration. he kicked off his presidential campaign today with three rallies in texas. this is live video of his rally going on áright nowá in austin. earlier -- he held one in el paso and houston. he also visited
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locations where refugees and asylum seekers are being held. he tweeted -- kids, moms, and families trapped for days at a time in our name. will continue pushing for answers so we can put an end to this. (jr) a blow to president trump's executive order. a federal judge just ruled -- the president's order allowing offshore drilling in the arctic ocean is -- quote -- "unlawful and invalid." that means a drilling ban is back in effect tonight for much of the arctic ocean off of alaska. the president issued the executive order nearly two years ago. it reversed three memoranda and an executive order by former president obama. ten environmental groups filed suit to block the president's executive (jrs) we are taking a live look of the golden gate bridge tonight. it's a little hard to tell from this angle but its lights are off. (justine) it's part of a
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global movement to protect the envrionemnt. cities around the world are going dark for one earth hour to call for action on climate change. (jr) sorry fans -- the rolling sorry fans -- (jr) sorry fans -- the rolling sorry fans -- the rolling stones tour is canceled on doctor's order. what you need to know if you already bought a ticket. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (justine) (justine) (justine) next on kron4 news at eight a bart rider turns her clipper card into jewelry. how she did it...and does it work?
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at a this is a smidge of science mixed in with some do it yourself in a lot of curiosity that made the next invention possible. it's a wearable bark. >>clipper card so i met with the maker of this rain her clipper card is inside of the ring, it's so cool i talked to her about what inspired her to make it in half how she was able to figure it out. >>half of a clipper card can get complicated when you cannot locate the card that's
8:42 pm
something amy wanted to change i i just like making stuff whether it's still your software, the 33 year-old computer engineer bright spark regularly. she wanted to combine her endless curiosity to solving a problem so many commuters run into i figured it's. >>i had my heart on my ring transfer the delicate parts...into resine.sot the attena still coiled around a few times to make a smaller looptrial and error... lead to this really cool looking ring. amy added in a few flower petals.. to make it pretty.sot the third oen worked but was this one worked and looks pretty niceand it works.just a tap at the gate, and off she goes.amy she has no plans to market this idea.... it's her way of making something useful, and beautiful.sot id love to see what other people come up with (justine) (justine)(justine)
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with (justine) and she has no problems adding money on the ring either, it works the same way with a simple tap. (jr) bart is talking about this as well.(justine) it is not encouraging alteration of clipper cards. but the deputy chief in charge of the fare inspection teams says... if the ring reads correctly, bart will accept it. (jr) just ahead in sports....the stanford cardinal vs. the missouri state lady bears in the sweet
8:44 pm
16....we'll have those (jr) but first -- a truck crashes into a business -- leaving all this damage. we'll show you the terrifying surveillance video -- ahead.
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>>wow incredible video take a look at this a truck crashes through a nail salon and it is
8:47 pm
all caught on camera. the crash happened thursday in east tennessee and sent 6 people to the hospital. lake stevens takes a look at the damage. >>it's a thought that we >>and you know, i'm not lying i was thinking that could have sitting right there where the truck came into the building. >>she's been coming here for 8 years she says the folks inside are like family await that is all just drop in and say hey tom making it in the nails. something changed my mind. the last minute and i thought and i wake up call and tomorrow and get by jerry is thankful. she wasn't there yesterday to see the destruction that destruction extending next door to this bridal shop owned by rob sheets who also owns the door to this bridal shop... owned by rob sheets, who also owns the building... rs: he hit the back of the building and was sitting there, the truck was still accelerating and the tires were smoking, the smoke from the tires is
8:48 pm
what did the damage to this side sheets saying he's working with the insurance companies now... and staying positive about what's next rs: we bought the property, five wooded acres here and developed this and it's kind of like one of your children to be honest the crash report indicates -- the truck driver was not under the influence of alchol or drugs. (justine) the rolling stones are canceling their upcoming north american tour because of ámick jagger'sá health problem. a statement from the band says -- the 75-year-old is expected to make a full recovery... but doctors advised him not to perform. the tour was set to start april 20th and included 17 dates. the stones were set to play levi's stadium in santa clara on may 18. the rolling stones say -- they will re-schedule their shows and announce the new dates shortly. they also say -- the current tickets will be valid for the rescheduled dates. (justine)(justine)(justine) taking a live look outside.... (jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez has mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . overnight lows will be cooler in the 40s because of the lack of blanket of clouds in the bay area. mostly sunny skies are expected on sunday with daytime highs in the mid to uppers 60s along the san francisco peninsula. daytime
8:50 pm
highs elsewhere in the bay area will be in the low to mid 70s, 5-10 degrees above average. a weak storm and cooler temperatures are forecast to return early next week with showers possible monday into tuesday. rain totals will be 0.25" or less. additional wet ather is expected late next week as a series of storm systems move through the area, with potentially more significant rainfall possible on friday.
8:51 pm
lot more summer like temperatures in spring because of these above average highs dry conditions as well for those of you in samut hail and also mostly sunny skies for those of you in the south bay, san jose 75 degrees and over into the east bay as well, widespread low 70's along the coast but mid 70's as you head inland for walnut creek and conquered light and breezy wind speeds around 20 miles per hour or less than those of you in the north bay 73 degrees for napa and santa rosa 76 let's take a look at the extended forecast, light showers arrive monday night through tuesday bringing us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less the same for thursday it is going to be a weaker storm but then another atmospheric river set to arrive by friday night through saturday. right now looks like rain totals will be about half an inch to upwards of an inch of rain. >>we start sports tonight with
8:52 pm
march madness women's march madness. our own stanford cardinals trying to make it to the elite 8 this afternoon. sarah van der veer stanford cardinal take months kellie harper the missouri state a lady bears 3rd quarter we go stamper lead by 5 missouri state daniel kitson drives 4th quarter....stanford leading by 11 now....anna wilson with the layup...extends the stanford lead to 13.... stanford takes out missouri state....55- 46....and advance to the elite eight to take on the notre dame fighting irish next monday.... moving on to mens march madness action....this one was a thriller....purude boilermakers taking on the virginia cavaliers.... final 30 seconds in overtime....purdue up by 1....virginia's de'andre hunter drives....and lays it in....putting the cavaliers up by 1.... virginia would go on to defeat purdue....80- 75....and advance to the final four....
8:53 pm
mark few and the seed gonzaga bulldogs taking on the 3-seed texas tech red raiders.... 2nd half....texas tech leading by 3....zach norvell jr...finds brandon clarke....clarke's two handed slam puts gonzaga within 1.... 1:49 left in the game....texas tech still eading by raiders' david moretti drops the trey....puts texas up by 6.... final seconds of the game...last chance effort for gonzaga....shot is no good... texas tech upsets gonzaga...75-69....and move on to the final four..... it's always a big day in golf when tiger woods is in the mix and he was in the mix today in the "world golf championships" in austin, texas as he prepares for the masters which is just two weeks away. saturday's tournament was a match play tourney so players go head to head. tiger woods going up against rory mcilroy. mcilroy has been red hot of late. never trailed in his first
8:54 pm
three matches. 10th hole though. mcilroy misses the short par and goes down three. as for tiger woods...17th hole. tiger with the 15 foot par shot. he's got it. he wins over mcilroy two to one. the quarterfinals lucas bjerrergaard sent woods packing. he beats him. tiger is out and won't play in the semifinals and finals on sunday. the master's though is now just a couple of weeks moving on
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>>there is so nice. yes, thank you. >>weiner forecast for the second up of your weekend, 5 to 10 degrees above average you're very welcome enjoy. >>i need to find my sunscreen warm
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