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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- a plea from prison tonight from the father of áthisá little boy in oakland. the man serving time in prison is calling on the state's help to see his child -- as the little boy clings to life.(jr) thanks for joining us at 10. i'm jr stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. four-year-old navaughn jackson remains in critical condition, after he accidently shot himself in the head with a gun earlier this week. the gun belonged to his mother's boyfriend -- terrence wilson -- who said he left the gun under a pillow and forgot about. the child found it while watching t-v.(jrstone) navaughn's father -- 28 year old nathan jackson - is serving time at the salinas valley state prison. but
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with his son fighting for his life, the family is petitioning the state to give him visitation rights at the children's hospital in oakland.. kron 4's noelle bellow has details of their request he's sorry for the bad choices that he made that got him here and away from his son, but no parent could ever imagine something like this would happen. jamilia land visited her nephew nathan jackson at salinas valley state prison saturday... she's his first visitor since he heard the news about his four year old boy. he has completely fallen a part.. screaming and crying nathan's son navaughn is on life support at children's hospital oakland after he accidentally shot himself in the head wednesday. after requesting that nathan be given what's called a community leave, the state granted him a skype video call saturdya night. im grateful and appreciative that he has made that offer, but it is not enough. jamilia says community leaves can be granted to inmates that are classified level one or two. nathan is
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currently classified as a level four inmate. so the family is hoping the governor will show compassion, and make an exceptionhe has lost two brothers and a sister to gun violence and now his 4 year old son is in the hospital fighting for his life and im asking gov newsom as a father as a man to please grant him this exception and allow him to be safely transported to the hospital. where he can sit by his son's bedside. jamilia says considering the circumstances - she doesn't feel the request is unreasonableand says such a visit would not only benefit nathan, but little navaughn as well. we don't know, we don't know what the extent of his injuries are... i need him.. i need him to be with his son. with his son.
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visit at the salinas valley state well bellow kron 4 news. >>thank you so much noel now to a big story we are following tonight. police say a man wearing a meke america great again cap attacked another man last night in san francisco. a warning that the picture you're about to see is graphic with blood. this is that picture of the scene outside of the church of 8 wheels on film or and fell streets. police say before the attack the victim approached the suspect and as the victim walked past the suspect that suspect magna had came off. that's when the suspect took out a sword and struck the victim. police said the suspect fled on foot. the
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victim was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. witnesses say the suspect was making homophobic slurs to another group before this went down. police are still looking for the suspect. >>a small family business in the south bay becomes the target of seem surveillance video captures a group of criminals, dropping off an empty trailer, and crawford saying..dan? the co-owner of this mobile tire service tell me it's a tough break for the business. thousands of dollars work of equipment is now gone..and they're left without any answers.. surveillance video captures a group of criminals dumping off a stolen work trailer and leaving nothing inside..nats everything was gone it was just a sad sight..ardeine bustamante runs a mobile tire business. he says this video shows the thieves working
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together to steal about 20 thousand dollars worth of equipment..anything of value was cleared out..sot: anything that you possibly might need in a tire shop it was in this little trailer.sot: i heard something loud like dragging across the road that way and i figured it was chains dragging on the ground.bustamante says he sprung out of bed around 3:30 once he heard something unusual going on outside..he says he quickly ran out of the house to catch them in the act..sot: by that time it was it was just too late..hours later surveillance video shows a white pick up truck dropping off the trailer 10 miles away from bustamante's san jose home..drivers in the other vehicles seem to be in on the they positioned themselves accordingly..the thieves are then seen getting out and helping unhitch the empty trailer..they then all drive off as if nothing happened.sot: it seemed like it was planned. this wasn't the first time somebody has done this probably they've done this multiple times. around 9 thursday morning--the trailer was spotted by a friend who alerted bustamante.. unfortunately, the tire mounting machine, the balancer, the flat repair and wheel lock removal kits were missing..bustamante says he and his partners plan to get back on their feet..and have tighter security on the trailer.. san jose police have been notified about this crime.. bustamante says he's grateful for people showing support in
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the community. a go fund me page to help the business has raised more than 8 thousand dollars so far. reporting in san jose dan thorn kron4 news. me page has so far raised more than $8,000 to help out their business. reporting live in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan a controversy is heating up in san francisco over a proposed navigation center for the homeless. their london breed wants to open it along the city's embarcadero now since then a go fund me pages raise 10's of thousands of dollars
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to fight the project in court. and tonight we are learning about a counter go fund me page to support the mayor's proposal for scale on joins us live in san francisco with this story gal. >>they are the counter up go fund me page has already raised 10's and thousands of dollars on that just in 2 days, they also have support from big names in tech, but i did speak to one family who are still against the project. >>walk up and down this part of the embarcadero walk around this neighborhood and find more than 10 homeless people in this area and that you just won't find it. >>chris curtis and his wife alice support the city building additional housing for the homeless. but are wife alice support the city building additional housing for the homeless but are against this specific proposal..mayor london breed announced this month a safe navigation center for homeless
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people at the seawall lot 330 near pier 30 and pier 32..the lot is owned by the port of san francisco..the goal is to have a site on the embarcadero for 200 beds to provide shelter and services for homeless residents, particularly those living on the water front for four years. chris and alice are some of the residents who are against the project.the go fund me page "safe embarcadero" has been set up to take legal action if the city moves forward,as of saturday night, more than 75 thousand dollars raised..but there's another go fund me page - safer embarcadero for all - a rival page rather.. william fitzgerald started it two days ago and it has already raised over one hundred -35- thousand dollars.. fitzgerald understands the concerns but things all neighborhoods in the city should have a navigation center.fizgerald's site got generous donations from mark benioff, ceo of salesforce to twitter ceo jack doesn't matter to chris and alice, who just like to walk their daughter along the embarcadero every weekend..they just hope the mayor will come up with a different plan..
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the city and relocating area that is currently safe."> the port the port commission will consider action next month, if approved, san francisco public works will construct the facility which is expected to open by the end of summer.meantime, there will be a community meeting on the safe navigation center on april in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. overnight lows
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the lights are back on downtown san francisco city hall lit up after earth hour which expired at 9 30 this evening, but i am tracking another cool crisp night in the bay area already seeing the mercury drop into the 50's expect widespread 40's for overnight lows tonight and wake up planner forecast is going to show a warmer a day for our 2nd half of the weekend we're going to be about 5 to maybe even 10 degrees above average here in the bay area says storm tracker for tracking dry conditions but i am keeping an eye on a storm system off the coast set to arrive as early as monday night mainly impacting those of you in the north bay was scattered showers. this is going to be
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one of 2 storms that will impact the bay area by the middle of next week. but then closer to the weekend of next week. i am tracking another atmospheric river. details ahead on rain totals with all these 3 upcoming storm system set to impact the bay area next week in my full forecast in just a few minutes chair just seen back to you. >>are giving chase. so i can see my dad he lives over there he again just acquired is these he's only been only of radio 4 times you know having to the border, you know getting shot down in a war. what am i and what am i going to make it you know what your random can come over here no more. >>reaction from people most affected by president trump's threat to close the southern border reports an average of 90,000 people pass north through the crossing each day. the state department says that president trump directed it to cut off aid to 3 central american countries. >>the move comes one day after
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he renewed his threat to close the u s mexico border next week. and toshack chen is at the u s mexico border with a closer look. >>cutting off aid and issuing a new threat. has instructed the us state department to cut all foreign aid to 3 central american countries. el salvador, guatemala and honduras. >>we have right now to big caravans coming up from guatemala. massive caravans walking right through mexico. >>saturday's move comes one day after president trump said the 3 countries had set up migrant caravans to enter the u-s/mexico border next week if mexico doesn't do anything to stop immigrants from coming into the united states illegally. president trump: "mexico's tough. they can stop them but they chose not to. now they're going to stop them. and if they don't stop them we're closing the border. they'll close it and we'll keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games."the president insisting the u-s has run out of detention space for undocumented immigrants. his comments come at a time when homeland security and
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border officials have said their resources have been stretched thin. but this latest move aimed to stop ilegal immigration may backfire. according to the u-s global leadership coalition-- foreign aid programs in the three countires that are set to lose aid-- were working to promote opportunity and security for their citizens. in mcallen, texas i'm natasha chen reporting. (justine) plus -- a life plus -- a life changing moment for an east bay family hit by multiple tragedies over the years.
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(jrstone)a heartwarming moment
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for an east bay family that has been hit by multiple tragedies over the years. recently, the 13-year-old cousin of the late de la salle football star terrance kelly learned that he's been accepted to his cousin's alma mater.(justine) kelly was murdered back in 2004. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with the elated family. (philippe) baseball is his passion. his family watches every one of his games... and, 13-year-old terrance "josh" carr earns a four-point-one-oh g-p-a.malik carr/father- "i'm extremely proud of not only my son, but the life that my cousin tk lived." we met terrance's father malik carr and his stepmother felicia at a baseball field in the east bay... in between terrance's double header. just eight days after learning he'll continue to follow in "tk's foot steps. terrance kelly... who, in 2004, was senselessly gunned down in richmond -- just days before he was to report to the university of oregon on a full football scholarship. he was a standout at de la salle high school in concord...nats- "dear terrance, are you ready? congratulations on behalf of de la salle high school admissions committee, we are pleased to inform you that you have been conditionally accepted as a ninth grade student for the 2019 academic
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year in our spartan acceptance program. oh my gosh. hahaha. oh my gosh." felicia, whose known in the family as terrance's "bonus" mom... read the good news.felcia carr/stepmother- "he's a great kid, and everything that he's getting, going to get, uh, going forward, he deserves it all. he works hard, he plays hard. i mean, he's just, he's overall, he's a great kid." nats- "hahaha, you did it. lets go!" terrance was born nine months after his namesake cousin was murdered. the killer was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. the 13-year-old never met kelly, but knows all about him. part of his story was told in the film "when the game stand tall."terrance carr/cousin- "i feel like he would be really proud of me, and i always know he's watching down on me." terrance is a bright spot for a family that has dealt with tremendous loss over the years. after terrance kelly was killed, his father landrin kelly, became an activist and advocate for helping young kids stay off the streets. he organized a foundation in his son's name, but a few years ago, he was killed after a fight.malik carr/father- "it's been a hard road for the last 15 years, um, and we're happy, you know, to finally have a story on the news with a terrance in it that is not a tragedy, but a feel good story."terrance carr/cousin- 'when i heard 'congratulations, i already knew that something good was fittin to be said, so i told my dad in awe, and i was just really excited for my future." and, his future now includes being a spartan... and, he earned it.nats- "yo, he happy." classes start
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in july. philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) california democrats are california (justine)
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(justine) california democrats are calling for reforms to college admissions in direct response to the college bribery scheme which started in california... their proposals include a checks and balance system requiring three university adminsitrators to sign off on special admissions and banning preferential admissions to donors and alumni. the man at the center of the bribery scheme, rick singer, was a private college consultant in lifornia... lawmakers want to regulate businesses like his, requiring them to register with the state. (justine) processes.">(justine) several bay area residents who have been implicated in the college admissions scandal... appeared in a boston courtroom just yesterday. among the defendents in the nationwide college admissions scam is... the president of napa valley's huneeus (who nay us) vintners. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin (lawg'-lin) are charged in the case but are
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not scheduled to appear in court until next week (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. overnight lows rodriguez.mabrisa meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. overnight lows will be cooler in the 40s because of the lack of blanket of clouds in the bay area. mostly sunny skies are expected on sunday with daytime highs in the mid to uppers 60s along the san francisco peninsula. daytime
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highs elsewhere in the bay area will be in the low to mid s, 5-10 degrees above average. a weak storm and cooler temperatures are forecast to return early next week with showers possible monday into tuesday. rain totals will be 0.25" or less. additional wet weather is expected late next week as a series of storm systems move through the area, with potentially more significant rainfall possible on friday.
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(justine) (justine) on friday. (justine)
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>>the kron 4 news at candidate in george is apologizing for a meeting he attended we're black press only signs were posted on the door. >>it was held inside a church in was publicized that it was supposed to be an open meeting to the public. alderman van johnson is now changing his
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tune it comes to his appearance at that meeting he acknowledge that this has become a national embarrassment but he still believes that he is the best option is the next mayor of the city of savannah and he started his statement by apologizing to the white members of the media who were denied entry. >>savannah should be open everybody and again i had this opportunity to really take you by the hand in the region to that church and i did not do that and that's when the pollen >>the current mayor of savannah said it took alderman over 2 days to apologize for his quote poor judgment and said quote this is not who we are in savannah. >>in other national news tonight, a former nevada poll politician claims the joe biden kiss the back of her head in 2014. and it made her feel quote uneasy gross and confused former state assemblywoman lucy flores wrote about the allegations in an essay and the cut a new york magazine publication. she said it happened at a campaign event when she was the democratic nominee for
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lieutenant governor, a biden spokesman issued a response reading in pt neither then nor in the years since did he or the staff with them at the uncomfortable, nor do they recall what she describes." (jrstone) it is a big problem ... all to common here in the bay area.. a look at what is being done to combat porch pirates. (justine) and -- we are hearing about yet another case of measles is in the bay area tonight. what you need to know about the latest case to protect yourself and your family. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up... the ross spring dress event is here-finally!
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross
10:30 pm that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. another case of measles was just reported in the south bay. (justine) that makes three in just the last few weeks. they are not all connected but as kron four's christina tay-tro explains -- they all have something in common... the third measles case so far just this year in santa clara...and there's one common thread amungst all of them. each one had to do with international travel.however the santa clara county health department tells us this case is not connected to the two precious cases reported on march 26th or march this latest incident a santa clara resident came home from traveling out of the country and came down with the disease. the health department tells us they know exactly where this person was while contagious and none were pubic places like the two other cases before. they are reaching out to all who might have come into contact with
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this person while they were professionals say you should make sure your children are vaccinated.sot:"dr. alex evens, marin general hospital" parents shouldn't panic, most patients don't die from measles but if your child is not vaccinated about 1 in 500 or 1 in 1000 who get measles will die"residents in the area...worried and echo the same reminder.cathy johnsgard, mother and former teacher "for us born in the 50's vaccinations were a godsend for protection of the kids and i think the next generation has forgotten some of the horrors some of these diseases bring upon kids to risk not vaccinations is worrisome for me"look live: one the health department identifies who has been in contact with the person who has measles ...there are several steps they can take to help alleviate the symptoms and cure the all depends reporting in san jose ... christina tetreault kron4 news.
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lawmakers want to get tough on 'so-called'- porch pirates. they are proposing legislation that would make package theft a felony -- instead of a misdemeanor. we see a number of surveillance videos like áthisá one ... but authorities say .. few of these pirates actually get caught. state assemblyman áevan lowá and santa clara county district attorney ájeff rosená co-authored the new proposal. rosen says -- expanding the section of the penal code which deals with burglary ... would essentially close what some say, is a far too lenient loophole. "....thieves have noticed this, it's a crime of opportunity and given the low consequences where it's a misdemeanor, we think this bill, which would make it a felony depending on how serious the case is, wold be more of a deterrent..."(ken) rosen (ken) rosen expects broad support for the legislation. he says -- it could be on
10:33 pm
the governor's desk by the end of the year. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. overnight lows will be cooler in the 40s because of the lack of blanket of clouds in the bay area. mostly sunny skies are expected on sunday with daytime highs in the mid to uppers 60s along the san francisco peninsula. daytime highs elsewhere in the bay area will be in the low to mid
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70s, 5-10 degrees above average. a weak storm and cooler temperatures are forecast to return early next week with showers possible monday into tuesday. rain totals will be 0.25" or less. additional wet weather is expected late next week as a series of storm systems move through the area, with potentially more significant rainfall possible on friday.
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afternoon highs palo alto 68 degrees redwood city in the low 70's, mostly sunny skies for those of you along the south bay santa clara and campbell 74 degrees, san jose a degree cooler at 75 degrees to nearly 10 degrees above average for you, widespread 70's for the east bay as well hayward 71 degrees pleasanton 73 degrees. walnut creek and conquered in the mid 70's, 70 degrees for oakland might and breezy wind speeds around 20 miles per hour or less napa 73 degrees and santa rosa 76 degrees. so enjoy the summer like temperatures in the bay area for the 2nd half of your weekend because i am tracking some changes early next week. there is going to be a weak storm system set to arrive monday night first for the north and then becoming more widespread for the rest of the bay area by tuesday. bringing us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then a weaker storm system will also impact the bay area by thursday so that will bring us a few tenths of an inch of
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rain or less and then on friday. that's when that atmospheric river is going to arrive starting friday night through saturday morning fortunately it is going to be a fast-moving system and we are going to get rain totals anywhere from about half an inch to upwards of an inch of rain but then by next sunday around 10 days from now warming up and drying out once again so the first 2 storms will be weak, but then the atmospheric river that's what we want to watch out for that arise next friday right. thank you, thanks. >>community is outraged after a 10 year-old dies. after a school fight. >>and a father's behind bars after staging a burglary to recover his daughters, stolen girl scout cookie money. the news does not stop here on kron four our new app kron on delivers live local news 24 7 yes, and i'm going get ready now for our 11 o'clock shows a j r has you covered here till 10 but right now that gives you plenty of time to download the crime.
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>>you can sign up now for a free seven-day trial. then you can watch all the conference broadcast right there. so i'll see you. it happened in
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a south carolina school.
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authorities have revealed few details. it's unclear what led to the fight at this elementary school monday who witnessed that or when school officials intervened paramedics responded they found 10 year-old raniya right unconscious in the nurses station. she was then airlifted to a hospital in charleston an hour away. police classified the altercation as simple assault. 2 days after the fight right guys. one granddaughter. she was a girl. >>a fallen say they she never would do that. school officials say one student has been suspended. but it's unclear if that student was involved in the fight. several weeks before a cause of death is determined. (jrstone) an oregon man accused of making up a robbery story to cover the theft of his daughter's girl scout cookie money appeared in court friday. 40-year-old brian couture is charged with initiating a false report and
10:41 pm
improper use of an emergency reporting system -- both misdemeanors. police say he called nine-one-one on march sixth and reported that he'd struggled with someone who'd broken in. when police arrived, they found couture unresponsive. police say he was hospitalized ... but eventually acknowledged that he staged the scene and made up a story. he was arrested march 18th. in court friday, couture pleaded not guilty.a spokeswoman for the girl scouts confirmed that couture has a daughter who is a member of the organization --and that there is around 740-dollars missing from cookie sales connected to the case.they are reportedly working on a repayment plan (jrstone) in southern california -- worshippers returned to a mosque set on fire by an arsonist last weekend in san diego county. fire fighters were able to put out the flames before any major damage occurred -- but
10:42 pm
it rattled the muslim community. especially because graffiti was also found on its walls referencing the attacks in new zealand that left 50 dead. other faith groups joined the muslim community shortly after the fire in an interfaith prayer vigil. worshippers say it's important to continue praying in the mosque. (jrstone)vigilant."> (jrstone) police were present for friday prayer at the mosque. they are investigating the arson as a hate crime. (jrstone) still ahead tonight -- an n-f-l- player is taking his talents off the field... and into the classroom. we'll explain after the break. coming up in sports....the giants looking for some redemption against the san diego padres....we'll have those xt....
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>>welcome back when teachers call out from work substitutes take their place and the sub in one 4th grade class also happens to be a professional football player, how's that pennsyvania ... robert martin:"right now you should be looking at the questions, so as you read through it, it'll be easier for you to go back and answer the questions."robert martin is teaching fourth graders at scott elementary school.robert
10:46 pm
martin"so who wants to start off by reading first?"he says the students are smart and engaging.eugene spells"he had a giants jacket on and keyshawn said 'oh the giants are sorry. the eagles are my team."what some of the students don't know--martin is a running back with the new york giants.nats "yup good job" he's substitute teaching in the district he graduated from.robert martin"the kids do want to learn. all you gotta do is take the time to get to know the kids and like i said, and make them feel comfortable." always wanted to work with kids-- maybe the line.nats "so you were right. the for now, he's on a mission to inspire the of harrisburg. giants the job, the substitute teaching in the district he graduated from the kids do want to learn. well you got to just take the time to get to know the kids and like i said no other make them feel constable martin says he always wanted to work with kids maybe coach down the line, so you were right the answer is c for now he's on a mission to inspire the inner baseball is
10:47 pm
doing just that giving students confidence and a drive to succeed and achieve just like he has. >>time now. >>baseball is back in the san francisco giants were in action on saturday still looking for their first big win as their shared rodriguez getting the start on saturday for the giants as a father, ivan rodriguez watches on top of the states. we go giants on top 1, 0, of the >>evan longoria singles to center field. coming the stores. yeah i hear this a that gives giants a 2 nothing lead. >>joe panik at the blade. >>about a single to right center. long story one storm buster posey's color and he
10:48 pm
would a to score, but he is out at home giants up for it on that andres would score 2 runs in total, but the giants would hold on they beat the padres free to for their first victory of the season. at the oakland coliseum brett anderson taken the mound for the a's. >>bottom of the 3rd we go steven has got a has a base hit to center field for of the grossman scores josh phegley scores a's 2 to 0 or. >>following mark hanna as the player and he heads baby on. >>a 2 run shot that makes it 4 to nothing gays angels would score 2 runs in total, but it was not enough as the a's rally from last night's loss against the angels to emerge victorious 4 to 2 heading over seven straight games.... peter deboer and the san jose sharks taking on the las vegas golden knights... 3rd period....sharks up by' shea theodore
10:49 pm
rifles it in....golden knights tie it up 3 all... now in overtime....same score....power play goal by brent burns.....that does it...! sharks defeat the golden knights in overtime....4-3....and finally snap their seven game losing streak....san jose hosts the calgary flames... on sunday. (j.r.) we start sports tonight with march madness. women's march madness where our own stanford cardinal was trying to make it to the elite eight this afternoon tara vanderveer and the stanford cardinal taking on kellie harper and the missouri state lady bears.... 3rd quarter....stanford leading by 5....missouri state's danielle gitzen drives....and lays it in....puts the lady bears within 3....gitzen led missouri with 14 points.... 4th quarter....stanford leading by 11 now....anna wilson with the layup...extends the stanford lead to 13.... stanford takes out missouri state....55-
10:50 pm
46....and advance to the elite eight to take on the notre dame fighting irish next monday.... moving on to mens march madness action....this one was a thriller.... purude boilermakers taking on the virginia cavaliers.... 6 seconds left in the game....purdue up by 2...ty jerome misses the free gets sent to the back court....the pass to mamadi dia-key-tay....his shot is good!.... we're headed into overtime.... 30 seconds left in ot....purdue up by 1....virginia's de'andre hunter drives....and lays it in....virginia regains the lead... virginia would go on to defeat purdue....80- 75....and advance to the final four.... mark few and the 1-seed gonzaga bulldogs taking on the 3-seed texas tech red raiders.... 2nd half....texas tech leading by 3....zach norvell jr to brandon clarke....two handed slam baby that puts gonzaga within 1.... 1:49 left in
10:51 pm
the game....texas tech still eading by raiders' david moretti drops the trey....puts texas up by 6.... final seconds of the game...last chance effort for gonzaga....shot is no good... texas tech upsets gonzaga...75-69....and move on to the final four..... (jrstone) now to now to entertainment news -- the rolling stones are canceling their upcoming north american tour due to an unspecified health problem affecting lead singer mick jagger.the tour was set to start april 20th in miami and included 17 dates.a statement from the band says doctors advised the 75- year-old jagger not to perform -- but they expect him to make a full recovery.when that happens, the legendary rockers say, they will re-schedule the dates.jagger personally apologized to fans for the postponement on twitter. (jrstone) up next -- lady gaga's "born this way"
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foundation is making its way into u-s classrooms. how students are taking advantage of this high-profile program... for 50 years, cracker barrel
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and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (jrstone) a high school in boulder, montana was selected for a pilot program -- that teaches teens how to provide mental health first-aid to each other.(jrstone) a dozen teachers came in on their day off to prepare to
10:55 pm
teach the students in a five-week course. it's a high-profile program, with a high-profile backer... sponsored by lady gaga's "born this way" foundation.brooke mccarthy reports. tim norbeck, superintendent, jefferson high school"it's just this proactive approach to empower young people."jefferson high is one of eight schools in the country picked for the program. mental health first aid was developed in australia-- and has now made its way to the treasure state.tim norbeck, superintendent, jefferson high school"trying to let people know that we're trying to break down those stigmas, trying to push montana in a positive direction, it ranks very high in teen suicide." superintendent tim norbeck says his school is taking a proactive approach to mental students the proper outlets to help one another.tim norbeck, superintendent, jefferson high school"to provide students with tools or mechanisms to not only help their peers but as they move on to college or work or life to be able to help others that may have some issues."the goal of today was to get staff members up to speed on the program... before letting students take charge. shani rich, director, nc montana ahec"we also have a lot of people that are extremely passionate about this and they're wanting to make a change, they're wanting to step up and address this
10:56 pm
crisis and make a difference and make an impact with our young people."if the pilot program is a success, organizers plan to expand it throughout the country.shani rich, director, nc montana ahec "have a pilot project start in a smaller school, a more rural school and then have it expand out is just fantastic to see." (jrstone) that was brooke mccarthy reporting for us tonight -- the born this way foundation and the well being trust hope to bring the training to high schools across the united states by 2021.
10:57 pm
going to be about 5 that degrees above average there in the mid to upper 60's for our daytime eyes and let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. tracking 2 weeks storms arriving monday night through tuesday bringing us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less the same on thursday but then an atmosph
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there's ever been anybody as skilled at his size in the history of the league. he just does whatever he wants"kevin durant....scores 28 points on 13 shots in memphis....but he's not stuck on his individual's all about the team and playoff matchups.....kevin durant "coming down the stretch of the season, you want to know what the matchups are looking like. and each game is important from top to bottom." on this edition of hoop session, we will break down the week that was for golden state.....road wins, suspensions, and more history made.....>we also catch up with long time dubs pa announcer....matt hurwitz.....> find out what he is up to now.....>all that and that and more....coming up on another edition of hoop


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