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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 1, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight -- >> lori, do you regret the way you handled your kids' educations? >> the college scandal moms face cameras before facing a judge. >> are you afraid of going to prison? >> plus, awards show drama. jussie smollett gets roasted in front of his hollywood peers. >> what the hell was he thinking? and the actor now facing the wrath of beyonce's beyhive. >> beyonce! then -- >> give me the real scoop. >> "e.t.'s" vegas week is here. >> "e.t." is fabulous, las vegas. >> we're hanging with hollywood high rollers in sin city. >> this is exciting. >> and going behind the scenes with the hottest acts in town. >> i just have this need for attention. >> "e.t." is in las vegas. >> with us.
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>> oh! are you kidding me? this is "entertainment tonight" from las vegas. take a look at that view of the strip. we're outside the nightclub in caesar's palace kicking off five days of sin city excitement. >> yeah, we're at the omnia nightclub. did you even leave? >> no, i just took a shower. >> we have so much fun lined up for yo guys. let's get down to business. not a fun week to be felicity huffman and lori loughlin. in less than 48 hours, they will face the judge in the college bribery scandal. >> are you afraid? >> you have a beautiful day. you have a great day. i wish you all the best. >> loughlin, who allegedly paid $500,000 to have her two daughters designated as recruits for the usc crew team, was beyond polite today as she headed to a yoga studio.
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>> she addressed the scandal for the first time. >> i can't comment right now, but thank you for your time. >> hours later, lori's family got slammed on "snl." >> white people have this thing i call toxic optimism. it's the kind of optimism that makes you believe you can get into college because your mother is aunt becky. >> loughlin's husband, fashion designer mossimo giannulli, is also charged. he and lori were spotted out, looking tense, during a visit to a friend's home last week. the couple is expected in a boston federal court on wednesday, along with actress felicity huffman. so is it possible -- >> are you afraid of going to prison? >> could lori and felicity face prison time? the allegations fall under mail fraud, which is punishable by up to five years in prison, but if convicted, experts say a much more likely sentence appears to be a hefty fine and probation. all right, hollywood showed
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up and showed out this weekend at the naacp image awards but the night belonged to beyonce. the biggest no-show? nominee jussie smollett. but maybe that's a good thing because it was open season on the embattled "empire" star. >> what the hell was he thinking? you're jessie from now on. you don't even get the "u" no more. that "u" was respect. you ain't getting no respect from me. >> chris rock was there to hand out an award, but unleashed on smollett right from the start. >> they said no jussie smollett jokes. i know. i know. >> i promised myself that today i won't be going into the news on the jussie smollett thing. i'll be celebrating everybody else, and then when i'm back on "the daily show," then i'll go into that again. >> jussie who lost in the supporting actor category didn't attend the awards. >> beyonce! >> and more drama -- the beyhive erupted when actor omari hardwick greeted beyonce with not one, but two kisses. she didn't seem bothered when she accepted her award for entertainer of the year. >> i'm honored to be included among all of you and to be
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part of a vital, thriving community. >> hubby jay-z was also honored with the president's award, and gave his wife a sweet shout-out. >> i'd like to dedicate this award to the beautiful woman in my life. miss bebeyonce. just because of the white suit. >> it was a special night at the naacp image awards. everything celebrating saturday night, but by sunday it turned into sadness. >> indeed. hollywood and the music world in mourning over the shocking murder of grammy-nominated rapper nipsey hussle. ♪ whoa, oh-whoa, whoa, oh >> from rihanna, my spirit is shaken by this. from nipsey's friend, kevin hart, you have always been a good dude, i'm so sorry. ♪ see me in the streets still i been fighting battles up a steep hill ♪ >> and this darkly ironic tweet from nipsey himself, having strong enemies is a blessing, came just 30 minutes before he was gunned down in broad daylight yesterday in the south l.a. neighborhood where he grew
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up. ♪ i'm prolific so gifted >> we last talked to him at the grammys. his album, "victory lap" was nominated. >> i'm just excited and happy to be here. i'm inspired, obviously. i wanna get back in there and make some new music. ♪ >> nipsey's long-term girlfriend lauren london is devastated. their son kross is just 2 years old. >> who's better with kross? >> no. >> his dad. >> no. >> that's easy, me. i tend to inspire people with my story. >> today, many stars were calling attention to nipsey's good work. he was dedicated to making his crenshaw neighborhood better, opening several stores and hiring locals to work in them. >> gang culture is what's going on. >> it was in front of one of those stores, marathon clothing, where hussle was murdered.
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♪ teach you where i started ♪ reach some heights you know let's move on to the behind-the-scenes drama over at "the view." the new tell-all "ladies who punch" continues to spill the hot topics, and only we spoke to the author who unleashed all the craziness with the co-hosts and the matriarch barbara walters. >> if she reads the book, i think she'll feel it's an honest portrait of everything that happened on the show. >> according to the tell-all, barbara made elisabeth want to quit and had jenny labeling her mommy dearest, but the 89-year-old's view? >> barbara has never been one to run from the truth. i fact-checked some things with her over email months ago. she was very aware her legacy was tied to "the view." ♪ let's go >> among the biggest bombshells? gayle king could have had whoopi's job if it weren't for walters and gayle's bff. >> they were worried oprah would want to produce and use gayle to do that. >> and remember this? >> what we did then was try to protect you. >> she didn't want to have her
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hands dirty when it came to star's firing. so she wanted to public to know the truth. >> you don't have to be black to know what racism is. >> yes, you do. >> o'donnell says fighting with whoopi got so bad she took anti-anxiety pills. >> she was having trouble keeping her stss level down. her doctor told her that she had to leave the show. >> he spent three years conducting interviews for the tell-all. whoopi and elisabeth refused to take part. >> elisabeth never responded once. i emailed her for three years and never heard back. >> rosie has called him a four-letter word and condemned him on twitter. >> she's always been candid and honest. i'll leave it at that. >> a source says barbara will not pay attention to this book. that's very interesting. now, this week vegas will be the destination for most of hollywood, thanks to cinema-con. the big question is, what exactly is it? "e.t." has had a front-row seat to all the madness from the beginning. >> this is exciting.
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>> all: bad moms! >> a very surreal experience. >> i just realized like all of a sudden, it's been almost 40 years. 40 years since i first started making movies. >> have you kind of had enough of vegas? i mean, you've been here a lot. >> no, it's weird. it's deja vu being back here. >> so what is cinema-con? it's an annual convention where the stars present their upcoming movies to theater owners. and, of course, you can't hit the strip without some fun. >> cheers! >> what's your vegas thing? >> we go to like really old school places. we go where somebody's like, hi, honey. i love it. >> and even the stars know what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. >> hey, i'm mark wahlberg. i'm your new exclusive host of "entertainment tonight." >> also heading to the vegas strip for a homecoming, jimmy kimmel. >> when i was 9 years old, my family packed up and moved from brooklyn to las vegas. i lived here from 9 to 18. >> all this week, "jimmy kimmel live" will broadcast from planet hollywood. kim, kourtney, and khloe
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kardashian will be his guests tonight. >> it would be great if they got in a fight, yeah, that would be the best. >> also on his vegas plate, he's opening up a comedy hot spot in may. >> at the very least it will be a lot of fun for me. coming up, we're just getting started from las vegas. even the strip is getting "game of thrones" ready. but only we have star sophie turner, why ending the series sent her to therapy. >> then years of our life suddenly, like, gone. then, we're touring tv's most famous pawnshop. but can i cut a deal with the pawn stars? >> come on. you don't see this every day. and j.lo may have said good-bye to vegas, but she's still rocking that showgirl body. the jawdropping pic you got to see to believe.
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minutes away on "e.t." my blue man transformation in las vegas. clearly we're getting ready for this. why it didn't go
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♪ winter has come to las vegas. the iconic fountains of bellagio have transformed into an epic "game of thrones" experience. complete with fire. now, the production will run through april 13th. the final season of "game of thrones" begins the next night on the 14th on hbo. fans of the series know sophie turner can get pretty ruthless as sansa stark.
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but in the new "x-men" movie, sophie does the absolute unthinkable. etonline's leanne aguilera let her explain. >> you're my family, jean, no matter what. >> how does it feel knowing that you're the one that got rid of j-law? >> i don't know. i think she was ready to leave anyway. i gave her a dramatic death scene. i think she was happy with it. >> yeah? >> yeah, it was fun. it's kind of nice. it's quite an honor to be the one to kill off mystique. >> i'm scared. when i lose control, bad things happen to people i love. >> we all cried when it was jen's last scene. it was an emotional moment. but it was also great. we partied a lot after and we felt pretty good about it. >> "dark phoenix" marks sophie's first leading role in a blockbuster. she struggles to find her place among the x-men, but it's saying good-bye to "game of thrones" that left her feeling stressed. >> you're the lady of winterfell. does that bother you? >> i think probably about six or seven months ago, just after
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"game of thrones" finished, i went through a bit of a wobble. when ten years of your life is suddenly like gone and you will never be the character again -- i went through an identity crisis. therapy really helped and now i kind of own everything. >> the ending is a guarded secret, but sophie told all to fiance joe jonas. just not before he signed on the dotted line. >> joe, i just didn't tell him. joe was on set most of the time, so he kind of figured it out and he was like, can you fill me in and he signed an nda and everything, so i like, it's all good. still ahead -- >> i really want to see what vegas is all about. >> christina aguilera on her move to sin city and the advice she's getting from gwen stefani. >> who am i? what am i doing? and we hit the stage with donny and marie, the real reason for their vegas farewell. >> that's why we're closing. plus, we head off the strip, to the famous pawn star store. >> i have had a lot of famous
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faces over the years that partied a little bit too much. >> so much more from our home in caesars palace is on the way. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ that is what 49 looks like. j.lo setting the internet on fire with the bikini shot on the set of her upcoming movie hustlers. >> all i did yesterday was
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crumpli crunching. just crunching. well, remember jennifer had a hit vegas residency over at planet hollywood not too long ago. now, following in her footsteps, gwen stefani, and soon, christina aguilera. ♪ if you wanna be with me baby there's a price to pay ♪ >> it's been something kind of in talks for years maybe. we're gonna do a vegas residency. >> on may 31st, christina kicks off "the xperience." and the 38-year-old mama is already looking forward to having her two kids, max and summer, with her. >> actually, i was like, oh, i see why people are into this idea. ♪ i just wanna feel this moment ♪ >> i was thinking of calling gwen, just to pick her brain, and call gaga. like, on the newest one. i'm like, we really need to talk. give me the real scoop, girl. >> christina already checked out gaga's show. >> whoo! >> and we're thinking she may pay gwen a visit when her "just
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a girl" residency returns from a break on july 5th. ♪ oh i'm just a girl >> i'm so grateful. i get up on stag and i think, "what am i? who am i? what am i doing? but it's something just clicks in and i just have this need for attention from these people -- and i don't know. excuse me, you're a rock star, gwen, you can get that attention. and while those residencies are just beginning, there's a major one coming to an end. our buddies donny and marie are leaving after 11 years. i sat down with them on the day of their historic announcement. ♪ knew you were waiting ♪ yeah ♪ knew you were waiting for me >> it's coming to an end. >> yeah. why now? >> there are so many projects we want to do individually. she's gotten her career. i've got my career. we had no idea it would be 11 years. we started out as a six-week contract and here we are, 11 years later. >> and these two shot down reports that their ending their show because of a family feud.
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>> we announced this, and the next day they were like, oh, they're fighting. >> oh, yeah. that's why we're closing is that we don't get along. >> we get along with each other every day. come on. >> this is our theater. it's the donny and marie theater. >> it is. >> their show at the flamingo sells out. and even after all these years, you got to love their friendly jabbing at each other. >> i give away my cds at the show. >> he can't sell them, he has to give them away. >> no, i -- [ laughs ] >> "e.t." has been with the twosome hundreds of times over the years and look what we uncovered. >> you see people still in the seats waving the flag. >> oh, my goodness. i got a beard. >> look at you. >> what would you two tell those two today? >> shave. >> i have no idea. i have no idea. ♪ i said something that wasn't true ♪ >> you got a big birthday coming up. a milestone coming up. >> i'm 29, i know. i get to turn 30. >> she's hitting the big 6-0.
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60, people. she's 60. ♪ they can feel it all over >> donny is a very youthful 61. their final performance is november 16th. right now, neither see a vegas show in the future, but never say never. >> i don't think you'll ever split this team up. donny and marie will always exist. >> i always felt like we were the black donny and marie. you're a little bit rock 'n roll, i'm a little bit country. >> okay. i wanted to see their show this week. i wanted to see it so badly. they're in hiatus this week, their show resuming at flamingo on april 9th. meanwhile, this year marks the 10th anniversary of "pawn stars" on history. and it's still one of the most watched shows on the network. >> it is crazy popular. and of course it's just right here in las vegas, so i got a chance to hang with rick harrison and the crew and get a tour of his one of a kind shop. ♪ this is a picasso. >> picasso, picasso. >> a real mummy mask.
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how much for that? >> $40,000. >> what's the craziest thing anybody's ever brought in here? >> it was seven human skulls in a duffel bag. apparently, there was a dental school that went to the auction -- >> that's crazy, a bag of skulls. yeah, things can get a little weird at the gold and silver pawnshop, making it a must-see for fans. >> i am the number one nongaming tourist attraction in las vegas. some days we get over 5,000 people in here. >> have you had famous faces walk through that door and bring you stuff? >> i've actually had a lot of famous faces over the years that partied a little too much and needed some money for the weekend. they take off the rolex, and i loan them the money, they come back a few days later and pick it up. >> wow. this is a san antonio spurs ring from 2003. >> this is a player's ring. a guy came in and needed some money to party for the weekend. >> biggest check you've ever written? >> um, seven figures. >> get ready, you might have to write one today, because we brought some stuff here. hank aaron-signed "jet"
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magazine. come on, you don't see this every day. >> it's worth 20 bucks. what do you got next? [ laughs ] >> we have the spice girls dolls in boxes, unopened. this is a spectacular item. >> 250. >> 250 each? >> no, all together. >> no wonder you're in business. >> yeah, well -- yeah. >> is this a real dinosaur leg? >> yep, it's $27,000. >> $27,000 for a dinosaur leg. how much would you sell this for? >> it's priceless. >> i had so much fun and the place was packed. people all wanted to just get at rick, an autograph or anything. >> they want just a little taste of him. you know what else is priceless? what happened when you thought you would be turned into a blue man. don't worry, they're back. >> we're going there. it's monday. >> they have a score to settle since john calipari is making a little over 9 million right now would have been a pickup if you have dine at one of three 'bucca di beppo' restaurants recently -- you
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could be at risk for fraud. find out which locations were affected... and west coast rapper nipsey hussle shot and killed in southern california... he's not only being remebered as a great performer-- but someone with a message... hear how bay area icons are responding... i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is the news -- at eight -- is next. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family.
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. travel consideration provided by -- ♪ >> old kev over here wants to invite some of his buddies to help us say good-bye today.
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>> i had a chance to hang out with the blue man group. you guys are everywhere. these guys are usually busy. they do 14 shows a week for almost 2 decades on the strip. i thought i would drop by and hang out with them. >> you thought they'd make you a blue man. >> yeah, instead, they made me a fool. welcome to the blue man theater at luxor. i'm living out a fantasy today. today i'm going to become one of these guys, a blue man. aren't you just going to paint me blue? what are you doing there? whoa. hey, hey, hey. are you kidding me? oh! no, no, no. what are you doing? what is wrong with you guys? i was supposed to be a blue man. no, really, what is wrong with you? i'll be honest, our relationship is strained right now. a long week for kevin frazier in vegas. >> unfortunately for you, what
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or go through the uterus. want hormone free? ask for paragard by name. >>now at 8 a popular restaurant chain reveals a massive security breach, harvesting data on millions of credit card customers for nearly a year. they're very very good at what they do is virtually nothing that you can do. in sacramento guard lists of what got an eight-day incarcerated. he deserves to be bias and site a father's wish to see the little boy who accidentally shot himself in the head. and raising 5 newborns is hard enough now the parents of these quintuplets are facing an all too common bay area dilemma finding affordable housing.


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