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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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( darya ) and chaos erupts at a vigil for slain rapper nipsey hussle ... just hours before police announce a suspect in the shooting investigation. (john ) (darya) good morning i'm darya folsom..(james) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... after light showers through the day yesterday areas of rainfall will continue today with on and off showers through the afternoon. skies will remain mostly cloudy with temperatures cooler than
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yesterday's only peaking today in the low to mid 60's for most of the bay.after today's light rain skies will clear and dry tomorrow ahead of more rainfall into thursday and friday to finish to work week. the weekend itself should be seen as primarily dry before some north bay showers on sunday. afternoon as well low 60's for your eyes, this compared to 70's yesterday. so cooler day a cloudy day and well a rainy day ahead, i'm talking even more about the forecast to still to come. >>robert leave early since the rain is moving in and traffic is already slow you know it's
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going to be much heavier right when the rain really pushes in a bridge traffic already crawling from the bottom of the maze. so that was pretty quick your jam from there right through the tolls and traffic improves on the bridge here's an unusual slowdown northbound 6.80 admission north. coming out of fremont heading towards tunnel. there's an accident here involving several cars and a delivery truck your 2 left lanes are blocked so traffic already cross falling northbound on 6.80 to keep that in mind southbound looks great with no issues at all southbound the usual crowding only 20 minutes from dublin to fremont will check more slowdowns coming up are you will face a lot around 6 oh 2 and our top story police have named a suspect they believe who shot and killed grammy rapper. >>nipsey hussle have the california store where he was gunned down. reid binion has the story. los angeles police have named a suspect in the killing of rapper and community activist nipsey hussle.police -- identifying the suspect as
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29-year-old eric holder.holder of rapper and community activist nipsey hussle police identified the suspect as 29 year-old eric holder older identified just hours after chaos erupted at a memorial for the rapper police responding in riot gear. authorities say many of the injuries occurred as people were trampled trying to flee its the hustle whose real name is asking don't was killed sunday in a los angeles shooting outside a clothing store he owned his death a seismic shock to the community setting off a massive wave of grief. >>he cared about. >>the grammy-nominated rapper stands united in mourning for the man who had been revered for his dedication to his community this is a woman with a champion of >>the call for peace the call for justice to the champion to the underserved get the role to our youth. >>just hours after nipsey hussle was gunned down eli's police commissioner announced
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he had been scheduled to meet monday with the rapper to discuss ways to help kids and help stop gang violence. the city's police chief scheduling a news conference for tuesday to discuss the investigation into the rapper's killing and addressed the surge in violence in the city i read in your reporting. >>and a developing story, there's a death investigation underway after a body was found in coyote creek from for sarah stinson joins us live from the scene with the very latest sarah. >>we've confirmed with san jose police said there's no indication of homicide in the death of the man that was found in coyote creek, this is right under capital expressway and on turner's road. the body was discovered by 2 people walking on a trail along the creek yesterday. police responded around 7 30 last night. we have syria video from the scene you're looking at it when police fe and they did identified the body as man but had difficulty reaching the bodies so they called the santa clara county
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dive team. divers assisted with are treating the man from the creek. the county coroner's office responded and is now conducting an autopsy to determine the cause. they were on scene here until about 1010 1015. and so far as they said no foul play is expected to be are suspected to be considered in this case now we just are waiting on that cause of deaths, i'm live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>saying sarah 6 oh 05:00am happening today. the trial begins for 2 men charged in the deadly. go ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland. derrick al man and will begin with a hearing on which testimony and evidence should be excluded from the case. jury selection is expected to follow that hearing. the trial has been delayed several times but will begin this morning at 9:00. it is expected to last at least two months. ( darya ) another big
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story this morning. more police will patrol fisherman's wharf following several violent crimes in the area. police say they are putting more boots on the ground after two shootings and a deadly stabbing. the most recent crime was a shooting friday night. a man was taken to the hospital and the shooter is still on the loose. some business owners in the area say visitors should think about ways to protect themselves.
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the woman placed an order, and when she pulled up to the window, she pointed a gun at the victim and demanded money. the victim was able to quickly back away from the window without getting hurt. the woman drove away in an s-u-v. happening now...the search continues for the person who fired shots over the weekend on an east bay freeway. it happened just before midnight saturday on the westbound side of highway four- between mcewen road and franklin canyon. that's near martinez. investigators say the victims pulled over to let a speeding car pass...and that's when the car pulled in front of them and someone inside started shooting... the victims ducked under the dashboard-- and luckily they weren't injured... ( darya ) we're stilling waiting to find out... if the father of an oakland boy who accidently shot himself... will be able to see his son as he continues to fight for his life. 4-year old navaun jackson shot himself when he found a gun under a bed.
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the boyfriend of navaun's mother was arrested for what happened. navaun's aunt, called for governor newsom to grant prison furlough to the child's father, nathan jackson... and made the request because navaun will soon be taken off of some of his life support medication. over the weekend jackson was able to video chat with family... to see navaun in the hospital... but the family says that is not enough.
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( darya ) a 25- thousand dollar reward is being offered to help find the person who shot and killed a san francisco anti- violence advocate. san francisco police are offering the reward to help catch the person responsible the murder of joseph taeotui . he was gunned down last august in front of his home and he died in the hospital more than a week later. the victim was 43- years old.. he leaves behind a wife and a daughter. new this morning...three people were taken to the hospital after a hot air ballon hit a power line. this happened yesterday morning in yountville. one person had to be airlifted to the hospital. two others went by ambulance. 20 people were in the balloon when it hit the power line. the balloon was registered to a company based in napa. ( will ) the environmental protection agency has announced an 86-thousand dollar settlement with tesla .. over hazardoud waste violations at the company's car plant in fremont. the violations were discovered during a visit by the
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inspectors from the agency's san francisco office in 2017. the settlement includes... a 31-thousand dollar fine... and a 55-thousand payment to the fremont fire department to buy emergency equipment. ( darya ) still ahead on the kron 4 morning news... the bay area housing market is forcing thousands of people to move out ... including a local family of nine... ( darya ) plus ... president trump threatens to close the border ... and that could impact thousands of migrants and travel to mexico.
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look at the sierra. this is i-80 at donner summit. snow is falling up there this morning. providing more powder for people planning to head up there.
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(darya)(james) welcome back. lets get a check of weather after light showers through the day yesterday areas of rainfall will continue today with on and off showers through the afternoon. skies will remain mostly cloudy with temperatures cooler than yesterday's only peaking today in the low to mid 60's for most of the bay.after today's light rain skies will clear and dry tomorrow ahead of more rainfall into thursday and friday to finish to work week. the weekend itself should be seen as primarily dry before some north bay showers on sunday.
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from work so some wet roadways to be anticipated through the day and on into the evening tonight now tomorrow morning starts with a few showers dries out into your wednesday afternoon and not a long break because thursday into friday even more rainfall just around the corner. today daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's you're seeing that up and down the pacific as well as along the bay and even areas further inland now the greatest difference from yesterday is actually going to be felt in the south bay temperatures fall from the mid 70's yesterday to the mid 60's. today's that's a pretty solid cool down and when you'll notice as you step out there. so keep the jackets on i just want to bring the umbrella with you to tap berkeley and oakland barely in the 60's today at 6062 degrees pretty
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similar range to that and some 50's up and down the pacific shore. so today tomorrow thursday into friday. all looking a cloudier skies and we saw this weekend and all little bit cooler than than we were this weekend. tomorrow afternoon catching a brief break from the rain before showers return thursday and friday saturday we're right in time for the weekend another break from the rain before a few north bay showers into sunday. robin thank you john. >>and let's check in on the richmond san bridge. it's slow. it's a it's already packed now leading up to the toll plaza here w 5.80 the backup th toll, so it' terrible. it's not even back to leon brittan parkway not yet plus john set the rains moving and so leave early you know it's going to get heavier we're 9 minutes and growing that's just your average for now to make it into the north bay were checking the bay bridge a team lot heavier as expected to our busiest bridge right during the morning commute, it's crawling from
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the maze looking good if you're a car polar but everybody else you have to wait 60 minutes and growing to make it over to fremont street. all right, here's an unusual slow down the sussex 80 leaving fremont northbound 6.80 mission north an accident here blocks the 2 left lanes and as traffic crawling and backed up beyond auto mall. so you don't expect that northbound because northbound it's usually wide open and usually i'm only tracking a southbound slow down this morning. getting into both directions. so if you 8 it's it's about 35 minutes and growing family and road to mill peta's 17 not bad under 30 minutes from the santa cruz mountains into los gatos started back to you. thanks a lot rob and 6.17 senator kamala harris made a stop in sacramento to talk to union members. >>the presidential candidate talk to about her version for labor in our state joe khaleel has more. >>1000 labor are.
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>>2020 presidential candidates, senator kamala harris bringing her message directly to union members in sacramento monday for first campaign stop to the capital city america's economy is not working for working people. >>paris according the labor vote delivered a message focus on working class families and bettering their lives in california. i think of this as being a moment in time that is requiring us each and collectively to look air and ask a question that question being who are we. and i think what we all know is part of the answer to that question is we are better than this. harrison vote her plan to close the teacher pay gap and provide an income tax credit for middle income families, the junior senator from california was invited to speak monday by the state's labor federation, the move to have her wasn't an endorsement according to left communications director steve smith. >>but rather an audition for their support it's moments
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like these where you have the candidates coming out speaking directly with the working people that we really value. >>and that workers make a decision. >>about who they want to support terror to working people, however comes directly after a private fund raising event at the home of millionaire developer angelo's accomplice, the father of lieutenant governor the lady could unlock us. so while she's championing working families. senator harris also courting major democratic donors democratic strategist roger salazar was at the event supporters. >>donors with issues talking to her message has been consistent across the board we've got to decide what kind of a country want to be that we organize folks that we mobilize folks that we lifted them up. >>that we spoke up that we much when necessary. ending her speech much like a rally.
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>>that was reporting since california's primary foe was moved up it is now among the first grouping of states to vote for president back that means harris and other presidential candidates will be making more campaign stops in california in the near future. >>in national news this morning today is the deadline for attorney general bill barr to provide robert mueller's full report. it comes as house democrats prepare to vote on authorizing a subpoena to get the full unredacted report a subpoena could set up a showdown between the trump administration and congressional democrats. the committee will also vote to authorize subpoenas for 5 former white house staffers. democrats say the former staffers might have white house documents relevant to mueller's investigation. the fda says changes step great and fix the boeing 7.37 max software will now be delayed by a matter of weeks. the planes were grounded worldwide after 2 deadly nosedive crashes within 5 months of
6:21 am
each other. the planes and ties stalling system is being scrutinized as the potential cause for both deadly accidents. the fda says time is needed for additional work to ensure that they have identified and appropriately addressed all issues what's the plane's received the software upgrade the agency says it will conduct a rigorous safety review before considering allowing the planes to fly again. his 6.21 and still ahead. >>president trump is threatening to close the border. and we'll tell you that could cause a shortage of avocados and other fruits and vegetables and inside edition host deborah norville is diagnosed with cancer. we'll have her message to viewers. next. and a live look here at the richmond center footnote sorry sanders who bridge and i had was in the clouds plenty
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showers all across the bay area right now, but the heaviest of rain is actually coming down in san jose, let's zoom in and you can see this isolated spot right here where is definitely coming down, especially just east of the city right around where 6 80 in one oh wet roadways right no freeman also checking in with some showers and a driving up and down to 80 on the peninsula, you're also seeing rainfall now increasing for areas on the south and the san francisco through daly city
6:25 am
eventually down to san bruno and do expect rainfall to be picking up in the east bay, although it has been pretty dry. so far this morning showers are going to work their way or direction. robin sure to change your driving habits. right because you know you're dealing with wet road. so you want to slow down take it easy out there you're okay here across the golden gate want to one looks good. so far very quiet and smooth. >>and from the north bay to san francisco and only 21 minutes and we don't have any major issues but i do have this crash northbound 6.80 and mission or that's in fremont who left lanes blocked. so some heavy traffic backed up beyond all mall keep that in mind and southbound looking lose are starting to stack up to because of that northbound activity will take another look at more slowdowns and bridges in just a bit daryn. >>6.25 this is such a sad thing for inside edition host deborah norshe has to undergo cancer surgery today and actually a viewer help to spawn it's a lump on her neck. she has a message
6:26 am
out to viewers about her diagnosis. >>you know we live in a world of see something say something and i'm really glad we do when you work on television viewers comment on everything your hair your make up the dress you're wearing and a long time ago on inside edition viewer reached out to say she'd seen something on my neck. it was a lock. well, i've never noticed that thing but i did have it checked out and the doctor said it was nothing a thyroid nodule and for years it was nothing until recently it was something the doctor says it's a very localized form of cancer will be no chemo and told no radiation but i will have surgery and i'll be away for a bit. >>and she goes on to thank our viewers for watching and asked for prayers for herself and for surgeon. ahead of that procedure and we're wishing him the best inside edition airs right here on kron four at 07:00pm. 6.26 and coming up got the latest on the investigation.
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>>weather and traffic on a tuesday morning i we're all in a little busy out there. the british are packed and then i have a crash on 6.80 that i'll check in fremont. >>i see some drizzle already right we went to commercial brk getting some it is getting and san jose really getting some rainfall right now so it is a busy morning for those of you
6:30 am
driving around you not only going to be looking at some traffic for the little bit of rain. here's san jose you can see a whole lot of it yet but starting to get a little bit lighter out there. rainfall certainly not getting lighter just getting heavier down in the south bay seeing some areas of rainfall around free mind then there's your heavier rain or around san jose. >>as well as now increasing on the peninsula to focusing in on san jose south to morgan hill, one oh one right here looking, especially wet and if you're driving down to santa cruz do expect some wet roadways along that route taking you through the santa cruz mountains as far as conditions go later on we'll make our way into the 50's we're currently at and back into the 60's for your daytime highs, this is cooler than yesterday was so cool. it is cloudy and it is rainy, i've got your future cast showing you when to expect the rain to the day all still ahead, robin i think folks should leave a little early since the rain is moving in john because it's already slow. >>and the rain is going make for a heavier commute right we already have a big backup here. 92 check out the drive
6:31 am
across the senate aisle bridge heading west from hayward over to the peninsula. these folks are already crawling we're at 19 minutes to make it out to one on one. but that is going to go and go up one of our other busy bridge us the bay bridge, it's crawling from the bottom of the maze through the tolls getting on to the eastern span and then it's going to pick up improves so will say 17 minutes and growing that's just an average to make your way into san francisco, we'll check in on 6.80 that crash still working at fremont we'll take a look coming up in my complete check well robin a big story that we're following this morning chaos breaks out at a memorial overnight for rapper nipsey hussle in los angeles. >>nearly 300 people you can see it right there they're just fleeing from the scene. it's unclear. what caused the stampede the chaos but several people were injured when they took off including a police officer, it happened hours before police name a suspect in the murder of the grammy-nominated rapper the suspect and there's his picture right there 29 year old l-a's police chief is
6:32 am
expected to hold a news conference today to discuss the investigation. ( darya ) a bay area couple giving birth to quintuplets just over a year ago... may now have to move away because of the high cost of living. chad and amy kempel already moved out to the community of mountain house, near tracy... but now their landlord is selling the house they live in. chad commutes about 120 miles a day -- spending at least three hours in the car -- commuting from their mountain house home to his job in san mateo. the kempels now even thinking about leaving the state all together. ( darya ) the couple says they have
6:33 am
six weeks to says they have six weeks to pack up and find a new home. ( darya ) happening today...the priest in fremont accused of a molesting a teenage boy is scheduled to be arraigned in court. father hector david mendoza-vela is being held on a 900-thousand dollar bond.. he was booked into santa rita jail on 30 felony counts of lewd and lacivious acts with a child. the alameda county sheriff says the victim was a parishoner at saint john the baptist catholic church in san lorenzo...which was vela's first assignment after being ordained in 20-13. father vela was transfered to corpus christi church in fremont in 20-16. right now, the sheriff's department says they are unaware of any other victims.
6:34 am
clergy are in a position of trust in our communities i think this is a case where maybe he took a vantage of that trust and that's concerning and that's heartbreaking for this particular family but for other families as well they put their trust in this particular priest>( darya ) the oakland diocese placed him on leave after learning of his arrest. (ááálandingááá) in national headlines. the trump administration is focused on the southern border -- and the president's threats to close it. the threats follow the highest month of undocumented migrant crossings in 11 years, according to customs and border protection. now the white house is considering adding a new position. an immigration czar. top white house officials and president trump are considering creating the job to help oversee the administration's efforts to contain and manage a surge of migrants crossing the southern border. former kansas secretary of state kris kobach and former attorney general of
6:35 am
virginia ken cuccinelli are said to be in the running for the job. (ááálandingááá) closing the border would affect everything -- from trade, to travel, to the immigration status of those immigrants already here, who are trying to gain legal status. closing the border could also affect many bay area agencies and organizations which help families with ties to mexico. travel agents say president trump's threat to close the border has not resulted in any cancellations just yet. but if the border is closed, the complications could affect cruises or air travel already booked ... especially for all those spring break vacations . (ááálandingtagá áá) a border closure
6:36 am
could also have a major economic impact on local businesses which rely on trade with mexico. a new report estimates, americans would run out of avocados in just three- weeks, if imports from mexico are stopped. nearly half of all imported vegetables in the u.s., and 40- percent of imported fruit.. are grown in mexico. this time of year, virtually all avocados consumed in the u.s ... are from mexico. the california avocado season has not yet started. ( darya ) with a record number of migrants coming into the u-s ... border officials are dealing with overcrowding in government facilities. camila bernal takes a look at the situation in mcallen, texas. after a 22-day journey from guatemala, juan antonio ortiz and his daughter made it to texas.juan antonio ortiz/ migrant from guatemala: "one always looks for better benefits for your family because our country is very poor. there's no way to make a living."ortiz is just one of
6:37 am
the hundreds of migrants who made it to the united states in recent weeks.rodolfo karisch/ chief patrol agent, us border patrol: "over the last four weeks we have averaged over a thousand apprehensions. we had a couple days where we exceeded 14- hundred. and then we actually broke our all-time high number which was over 17-hundred 66 apprehensions in a 24-hour period."the migrants are given a notice to appear in court at a later date, where their immigration cases will be decided...then, they are quickly released....causing overcrowding at the local shelters.sister norma/ catholic charities: "i dont understand how come so many poeple all of a sudden, these last couple of weeks all of a sudden this all started coming, this never happened before."many say they come for similar reasons including poverty and violence.and like ortiz, they continue their journeys.he's headed to phoenix, where he says family members already have a construction job lined up for him....
6:38 am
( darya ) (ááádblbox voáá) expect delays if you're traveling in oakland today. the golden state warriors and the oakland a's both have games today. you can expect delays and parking shortages at oracle arena and oakland coliseum. the warriors will take on the nuggets at 7:30 tonight. in the north bay. more than a month after a destructive mudslide in sausalito ... a road there is now back open to the community.. kron4's dan kerman talked to people in the neighborhood who are concerned this week's rain could cause more problems.
6:39 am
when mud came barreling down this hillside in mid february, it crossed sausalito boulevard and took out one house at the top and another at the bottom... the road has been closed since then, but monday afternoon it reopenedsot andrew davidson/senior engineer, city of sausalito :12 the reopening
6:40 am
o'clock ... security video shows the moment a store clerk wrestles a shotgun from a robber. ( will ) plus ... a major data breach hit several popular restaurant chains. including some here in the bay area. and details on the four risky places you should avoid paying with a debit card. ( john ) and i am tracking your bay area forecast.
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>>and today the water's going to be flown at oroville dam's main spillway for the first time. >>and in 2 years. the department of water resources says the massive spillway has tallest dam crumbled during heavy rains in 2017 -- forcing repair works that cost the state 1.1 billion dollars. (will)(darya) welcome back. lets get a check of weather and traffic...
6:45 am
after light showers through the day yesterday areas of rainfall will continue today with on and off showers through the afternoon. skies will remain mostly cloudy with temperatures cooler than yesterday's only peaking today in the low to mid 60's for most of the bay.after today's light rain skies will clear and dry tomorrow ahead of more rainfall into thursday and friday to finish to work week. the weekend itself should be seen as primarily dry before some north bay showers on sunday. no major hot spots. bay no major hot
6:46 am
the course here morning on into your evening tonight, this is right before you drive home from work showers on the line all the way from the north bay through the south bay so do expect some wet roadways as you earn taken to the roads not just this morning, but this afternoon and evening too. tomorrow morning, a few lingering showers before tomorrow afternoon looks to dry out followed by even more rain into thursday and then especially friday friday anticipated to bring the heaviest of rainfall all week long and that's saying something because it has been rainy week so far and will continue to be low 60's for your daytime highs for most of the bay area couple of spots hanging on to those upper 50's like brisbane at 58 degrees a
6:47 am
cool down from yesterday and this cool down especially noticeable in the south bay where we drop from the 70's to the 60's today. he's paid mostly in the 60's a couple of spots will be in the upper 50's like moroccan orinda while berkeley barely in the 60's only at 60 degrees itself today. knapp up to 61 benicia at 62 for your high while along the shore do expect 50's from stinson beach on up to point raise today that one of her rainier days here forecast tomorrow. we start that way but skies will clear into the afternoon come thursday and friday showers return, especially on friday saturday dries back out before showers on sunday. rob. >>all right john. no major hot spots to worry about right now we just have to worry about the rain that's moving and you know that's going to impact your commute and make things slower and it's already flow right at the richmond, san fell bridge to traffic your craw falling on west 5.80 leading up to the goes back beyond harbor. 12 minutes and growing for your average drive
6:48 am
time from the pay gates out i want to want check in the bay bridge. we have much heavy traffic into san francisco except for the carpool lanes with the other lanes cash payers fast trackers that traffic spills into the oakland may so very busy and now we're up to 20 that was quick, it's growing for your average off to fremont street. all right, here's an accident not really calling it a hot spot, but it's a slow spot and it's definitely unexpected. it's northbound 6.80 admission north and fremont we had a delivery truck, a motorcyclist involved your 2 left lanes are. some has traffic backed up to mission south. normally going north it's wide not a problem right for this morning, you're heading north down and then southbound it's the usual crowd plus they can see the so that's not helping 31 minutes from dublin to fremont for your south 6.80 commute and a really quick peek at the minute since recovering from an accident in hayward 46 minutes and growing from to 38 to 37 of course, we'll check more coming up diet. thanks a lot rob and
6:49 am
6.14 a major data breach its several popular restaurant chains, including some in the bay area and now millions of people's personal information. >>could be at risk the parent company of planet hollywood. look at about ball. those restaurants say that there's been a 10 months data hack that may have exposed the credit card and debit card information. more than 2 million people that means experts telling people to double check their cards. < go to the company website first.. cuz youll be able to see all the numbers that are there.. see is my number on the market on the black market.. if it is shut it down> as a precaution... car holders can also place a yearlong fraud alert on your reports, which tells lenders to take extra steps to verify your identity before approving new credit in your name. while fraud is
6:50 am
always a possibility, being careful about where you use your debit card can help you avoid trouble. meredith wood has a look at four places where experts say you should be on high alert. be careful where you swipe your debit card!the risk of fraud is everywhere, but experts say certain places are more dangerous than others. here are four risky places to avoid.number one---outdoor a-t- ms."bankrate" says thieves can easily capture your bank card information by running it through a skimming machine installed over the real card reader.instead-- experts recommend using an a-t-m inside a retail outlet where that's less likely to happen. number two--- gas stations. bankrate experts say they're a danger zone because they're less secure and transactions require very little or credit cards are the best ways to pay at the pump. number three--- online purchases.bankrate experts say this may be the most dangerous place to make
6:51 am
purchases.saying there's potential for hacking at many points during a transaction. and number four--- bars and just think about give your card to the server... the card leaves your hands for a while...and you have no way of knowing whether your card's information was copied while it was gone.safeguarding your payment information means staying alert at all times.for consumer watch, i'm meredith wood. ( will ) tesla is expected to report the largest drop in auto sales in the company's history. the company faced some special circumstances last quarter. analysts expect the production figures to be lower than the 90,000 cars that the company sold t that the st over 50-thousand ca over the last three months. tesla will need to keepits sales pace high in order des.
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>>and rainfall across the bay area zooming in on a few spots that are seeing that rainfall picking up that includes much of the peninsula. this area of heavy rainfall moving to the east soon to be over san francisco in the next few moments up and down the peninsula moderate to light showers continue and those showers increasing in sunday. ( robin ) no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101
6:56 am
( will ) ( will ) coming up on the kron-4 morning news... trial is expected to begin today for the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire that killed more than 30 people. ( will ) plus... chaos at a memorial for rapper nipsey hussle ... just hours before police announce a suspect in the shooting investigation. ( will ) and the rise in crime at fisherman's wharf brings in concerns for businesses... we have a look at the changes that could make the area safer. with this one little
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7:00 am
6.80 involving a motorcyclist all talk about that is going all day can often on all day and say yeah you should bring the jackets with a heading out later today or whether heading out in the next couple of minutes. this is your view at bethel island for conditions are dry right now but don't expect that to stay that way for long we are seeing off and on showers already quite active across the region, some of the heaviest of rainfall just south of san mateo right along one oh one and about to be seeing rain picking up in san francisco, san mateo itself down to redwood city of some of the heaviest of rain which i noted in lighter showers on to the east bay. >>all this rain is moving to the east. so those of you in the east bay about see rainfall intensity picking up here in just a few moments now that means as you step outside today, temperatures are cooler we've got cloudy skies and we've got showers through the day so rain jackets will be coming in handy on this one. i'm tracking the showers all morning long so stay with us robin pretty busy on 80 west for the commuters heading into san franc


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