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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 2, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight -- >> kelly clarkson hanging out in vegas. >> vegas. >> where are my dancers. >> sin city's queen celine dion packing a big reveal. >> i'm very much in love. >> and taking on her haters. >> it's true i'm a little thinner. and the one and only kelically clarkson. then, only on "e.t." -- >> what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. we're grilling kim k. about that moment. then -- j.lo's meltdown in middle of manhattan explained. plus, an absolutely amazing surprise from channing tatum and the men of magic mike.
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this is "entertainment tonight." from las vegas. hello and welcome to las vegas. our home away from home. omnia nightclub in caesars palace. kelly clarkson has so much going on. a new movie coming out, new talk show. >> when i caught up with kelly exclusively. >> hanging out in vegas. >> kelly's here promoting "uglydolls," but we're psyched for her nbc talk show to air in 99% of the country on september 9th. >> i'm really excited but terrified that people have that much confidence in me. i interview people here and there. i've been working on my listening skills. i'm excited. it's going to be fun. it's also very serious.
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i'm so tired. it's a lot but it's good. can't complain because i'm getting to do all of these amazing things. i grew up watching "ellen." >> it's a lot. >> kelly will tape her show and the voice on the same studio lot. with that raising four kids and this movie all about acceptance, mama is busy, so busy she forgot something important today. but her co-star pitbull had her back. >> i was got up late this morning, i forgot to put deodorant -- >> she sounded great, performing her song today for their movie. what was that like getting up on stage singing the song being anthem. >> pink wrote it. i'm a huge fan of hers. it matches my character from the movie really well.
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my girls are in the video for the song that we did coming out. my boys are like, they don't care. >> meanwhile, on to nischelle's one-on-one with this hilarious legend. >> i'm fangirling because this is the is diane keaton. >> in her new film, diane puts herself out there, starting a cheer squad at her retirement community. >> don't ever give up. no matter what. >> at age 73, diane's doing it all on her instagram. >> it becomes a bad habit. i'll maybe get 1 million viewers. reese witherspoon has 15 million. >> she's clearly living her best life. if she s a black and white posted in all caps? >> people don't like all caps. this is why they're going to
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commit me soon. en, diane keaton is fabulous, personified. the woman who made sin city history. celine dion, we know that she's leaving the colosseum at caesar palace. is it taking a toll on her? concerns about her weight. she talked about that and how it feels to turn 51 just three days ago. >> i feel stronger, more beautiful. more grounded. >> celine has a new confidence, and she had no problem shutting down talk that she's too thin. "gma" asked her about the health concerns this morning. >> there are some who worry you're a little too thin. what do you say? >> i'm thin, i'm kind of, you know, it's true. i'm a little thinner. everything's fine, nothing's wrong. i have discovered a new passion, dancing.
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it's an emotional time for celine. she's ending her reign as queen of vegas residency. "e.t." was with her after her first performance in 20 #. >> tonight, we did it. it felt great. >> what's next? she's working on a new album and planning a tour. more details expected tomorrow during a live streaming event. then there's this, this celine and james corden re-creating that titanic scene. it will air may 20th. celine was also candid about he away over three years ago. >> are you ready for a love again at some point? >> i am in love. you don't see it. love is not necessarily to marry again. i laugh, i cry.
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i'm in love. >> okay, but i'm talking about a fella. >> she knows. >> she knows. we got some questions. we'll be with her on thursday. >> we'll ask those questions. also making a trip to the kardashians, here last night for "jimmy kimmel live." >> yeah, and that's where jimmy went there with khloe. >> i do want to ask about this character that you had a baby with, is it time to stop dating basketball players? >> i like what i like. what can i say? >> listen, keltie knight was keeping up with kim today to talk all about the latest family drama. >> you think kimmel went too far? >> no, he's always funny. i thought it was fine. called ih tristan thompson. all the drama will unfold in "keeping up with the kardashians." >> i think forgiveness is good.
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you have to talk to the people who are a little more involved. >> baby. >> there's also a lot of joy -- kim and kanye have baby number four on the way, a little boy, via surrogate. >> last time we sat down we mentioned the thing that you really stressed you was the lack of control. >> it definitely is a harder experience than i anticipate zmrd is it different this time? >> it's a different experience this time. i love my sewer gate. we have a really good relationship. >> now the busy mom is getting into the shade business -- partnering with sunglass designer carolina lemke, the kim kardashian west collection launches today. >> we have over 20 styles launching before summer. i got so into it, i couldn't choose. >> we're going to play a game of shady, not shady with kim. staying in touch with an ex when you're in a new relationship. >> depends on how it ended.
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>> exactly. >> dishing about your sex life with your girlfriends? >> oh, my god, of course. i can take them all the way off for that one. >> i'd love to play that game with kim kardashian. their empire keeps on growing and so is the royal family. that includes their new social media baby. welcome to instagram. today the parents-to-be launched their own official account with the handle @sussexroyal. besides us, their followers include blake lively, andy cohen and meghan's pal, priyanka chopra. >> i just feel like i'm pretending to be this beautiful swan., rt of. >> you'll never be able to control everything. >> in the upcoming lifetime movie, "harry and meghan: plays the duke and tiffany smith is the duchess. >> it's got to be hard to look at yourself in the mirror and
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all you see is a hypocrite. >> the royals were recast from last year's lifetime film. this time, we see some of meghan's issues in her first year of marriage. >> i'm still waiting on that curtsy. >> of course. >> friday night, the real harry and meghan visited a london new age wellness store that offers natural remedies and workshops on relieving stress. a royal source reports harry is focusing all his energy on the birth of his first child. still ahead -- the sin city exclusive just keep on coming. >> vegas, baby. >> why lisa vanderpump's real housewives co-stars didn't show up to her big party. plus -- >> are you kidding me. >> the game of thrones joke that caused the star to storm off the set. and j.lo goes off on her co-star. the story behind the dramatic confrontation. tofor comfort food at a comfortable price,
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about keeping the biggest secret on tv and the one star who just let it slip. >> when i found that arya died in second episode i was -- >> what in. >> she walked off "fallon" after appearing to break news about her character death. >> april fools'! >> how can that come up with that amazing abouting? did you rehears it. >> it was actually fallon came up with it. people were, like, wow, it was convincing because your hands were shaking. >> your hands were shaking. >> i always held my hands like this. it was perfect. i hold my hands up and start shaking. >> turner and maisie return for one last season in winterfell.
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>> okay, speed round. game of phones. who did you text first about what happens to you in your final episode sf. >> maisie. >> which of your co-stars takes the best selfies? >> kit. >> kit. >> who would be your one phone call if you were. jail? >> maisie. >> favorite emoji. watch out channing tatum, the men of magic mike live are spilling secrets. lisa vanderpump is heating up sin city. and -- kick your butt in a dress. >> a ufc champ shows me the ropes. how i learned some fighting techniques the hard way. closed captioning provided by -- alright, you excited?
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yeah! waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. ♪ [ bleep ]. check out j.lo losing it a con stance wu filming their new movie "hustlers." we were treated to a full jennifer from the block fashion show. ock. m jenny from the >> we have no shame of taking this opportunity to show you, again, what 49 looks like on
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j.lo. hot pinkbikini, check. hot abs, check. whatever j.lo is selling, we're buying. here's an idea -- i think jennifer should show off those "hustler" skills over here at "magic mike live." channing tatum's baby is one of the hottest shows on the strip, and i was there as the gang celebrated a very big milestone. >> yo, what's up, guys? congratulations on the two-year anniversary. how are y'all going to celebrate? >> maybe go streaking through the hallways. >> oh, how about that? you heard that, channing. two years. 1,000 shows. countless sixpacks. and recently dyed blonde channing as the boss. has channing ever snuck in and look up and you're like, oh, boy, bossman is here? >> you never get used to it. no. no matter how many times i see him and i'm like, ah, and then i'm like, oh, hey. >> chelsea is the female emcee of the show that means she gets these boys all to herself. >> yes, these guys are beautiful and incredibly talented and do insane stuff on stage. but they also come around and
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say hello and kiss your cheek. >> come on, man. >> it makes you feel things in your body. >> who would be the most impressed by you guys being in this troupe? >> my mom and grandma have been here six times. >> my grandma's 93 and she was like, i told my church circle all about it. >> two years of this makes you sculpted so i wanna have an ab-off. >> i don't know if i put lotion on my stomach today. >> you have any clothes i can wash? >> here we go. >> can i -- i don't want to, you know, i don't want to go in without -- listen, i'm a reporter. i have to do my research. there's someone else bricking a different kind of heat to las vegas. lease va vanderpump. the cocktail garden is officially open. and keltie is joining lisa for a very special tour. ♪
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why did you want to take on sin city? >> well, i thought the site was perfect. it's right on the entrance of the forum. so i thought, let's make a really beautiful cocktail garden. >> this is so glamorous. i walked in and it was like, you could smell the lilac in the air. you took a breath out and it's like, oh, it's beautiful in here. it's so elegant. >> it's been a lot of work because i've never really created a restaurant when i haven't lived in the same state. >> this is actually lisa vanderpump's 35th hot spot, and it's no surprise she's going all out. >> i am thrilled to be here to support lisa vanderpump. >> "real housewife" camille grammer attended lisa's opening party, but the rest of the beverly hills cast were noticeably no-shows. and in tonight's episode we could see why. >> i am not going to say, yes, i did something if i didn't do it. >> i didn't come here to fight. i came here to tell you this is the overall consensus.
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>> you came here to tell you this is the overall consensus. >> i don't wanna harp on "housewives" but could we see a resolution? can the friendship be repaired? >> i don't know. i stopped filming halfway through the season. i didn't integrate the other women after they constantly called me a liar. >> as for shooting a spinoff reality show in her new vegas restaurant designed by nick alain, lisa says it's unlikely because her home base will remain in l.a. with her beloved dogs, including this new little guy. >> this is puffy. puffy's a rescue. >> puffy's tired, honey. >> yeah, it's vegas baby, wake up. >> hang tough, puppy. >> it's a hard knock life out here in vegas. you know who could have used a little of what lisa is serving? >> who? >> kevin frazier after thinking he could be a ufc fighter. >> i dropped by the ufc performance institute located in the city, it's a massive training center where ufc champions are made. and people like me learn hard
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lessons. >> jessica! >> my trainer, ufc fighter jessica "evil" eye. you're gonna work out in a dress? >> i could kick your butt in a dress. >> i didn't say you couldn't. my strategy? just fake it till you make it. i scared you, i scared you. i had to learn some techniques, we started with the job. >> here we go. there we go. >> how'd i look? >> looked good. >> that's why they put my name on the back. another mma technique, mix the jab with an occasional kick. >> oh, crispy. >> you know this is against everything i was raised to do, okay, i want everybody to understand this. i get this. >> i have brothers. if it makes you feel any better, i'll beat you up a little bit. >> after this takedown, came the guillotine. >> yes, here we go. >> finally time for our octagon match at the ultimate fight ing
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championship performance institute here in vegas. it's jessica at 5'5", 125 pounds, versus me at 6'1" and 210. doesn't seem fair. does it? oh, wow. >> for me. watching this one-sided fracas was ufc president dana white. >> how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> those kicks, by the way, are real. >> your champion is wearing me down. >> dana tells me lots of celebs are fans of the sport, including chris pratt. >> it's all over. just like that! >> why do celebs love this so much? >> yeah, there's this weird connection, all fighters want to be actors and actors want to be fighters. >> jessica "evil" eye! jessica, you're my girl. thank you very much. coming up, "e.t." teamed up with the men of "magic mike live."
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just playing i don't know what going number 4 a. former usc offensive coordinator might end up taking things very in arizona but yes, and we have some miscellaneous news note
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let's get our head of the day with the day. end of the day congratulations player that i a's fans know very well and he's just been on a complete tear chris davis 5 home runs the first 7 gain on sale. is the reigning home run king and showing why he can be the home run king once again i mean you
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travel consideration provided by -- it's getting almost time for omnia turn back into a nightclub. we'll leave you tonight with more from magic mike. >> all right, things got a little spicy. we had them ask each other questions. >> i want to ask sebastian, do
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you ever braid your chest hairs? >> i don't. but jeremy is just jealous. >> but i need to see. we need proof. >> who do you want to ask a question to in. >> chelsea. >> chelsea. >> ask her, who would her be favorite -- >> i mean, have i ever had a lap dance? he gives you that dirty possibly homeless look, it has this long hair, covered in tattoos and you're like -- do i want to smooch him? >> my question for him, does he have a preshow ritual? >> just got to moisturize. i sweat a lot. >> i'm going to ask, what's the crea craziest thing a woman has ever done to you in the show in. >> i don't that would be
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"e.t."-appropriate. >> we are family show. ♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort
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>>iran's its list of cleric suspected of abusing children. in the east bay elementary school students returning from spring break find their classroom and the dramatic capture of the man suspected of gunning down west coast rapper nipsey hussle. >>in the direction they should have been taking. many many many years ago. >>san and harm all eyes have been on the catholic church for several months now is dioceses across the country


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