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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  April 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>his injuries include facial fractures and a loss of multiple teeth. in the wake of the media coverage. he says he has experienced an overwhelming amount of sympathy and support from the community. he took some time away from his recovery to express his appreciation i'm absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of time the social scene in the office is >>really wrist play toward plan facing and to really my sense balance back in this whole thing the search continues for the man you see in this video surveillance photo from 4 has learned that freeman police investigators may have information on a possible suspect. >>that lead appears to have come from the door and ask open a cold wednesday spokesperson told me that they are cooperating with local law enforcement on this active investigation. freeman police previously stated the suspect was not affiliated with the door to door delivery service, however in light of new information it seems that has changed about he says he just
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hopes they get to the man who beat him before he hurts someone else. yes. i truly hope so office sure you having a few days to reflect on his actions and the physical abuse, he suffered. he says all things considered his in states would likely lead up to do the same thing if it happened it's a part of my character is just not i seen people yet stepped on an ied. hindsight is 2020 after all. >>in a moment, you don't really know until you're actually living in it fremont has it made you cry on for >>a go fund me has now been set up fried bologna and so far it has raised $19,000 of its $25,000 goal. >>he is the classic footing and that we all learned growing up a fund avoid. >>another big story tonight, a man is behind bars after allegedly attacking a woman and having plans to attack and rape 5 more when east bay
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police track down their suspect they made some disturbing discoveries, including a note that said i need to rape. >>kron for us dan kerman is live right now outside of the walnut creek bart station police station with what investigators have just revealed in the past hour. >>well they have located they say a duffel bag they're not quite sure what he planned to do with that but also. notes we also had directions to victims and potential victims photos of victims and potential victims. they say they are very lucky. they were able to apprehend this person within 24 hours of his first attack. the 37 year-old newark resident matt caruso is behind bars charged with attempted kidnapping in order to rape. >>well the creek police say the attempted kidnapping and rape played out last week when he allegedly used a stun gun on a former female co-worker luckily, she was able to escape. but police now identifying 5 other former coworkers they believe caruso
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intended to rape as well. >>this is extremely disturbing ending this is someone who's stocking their prey in order to do some heinous activities to sand for the students and he wrote out a lot of the things he was planning to do that with protests. and we're just like you arrest. >>the streets. >>court documents indicate one of the handwritten note said i need to rape victim to i will tie her to my dad. police say the notes potential victim photos directions to the victims homes stun gun and disguises were found in a box they believe caruso discarded in a free month dumpster. >>created his own. the kit in order to try to dot. restraint to rate these victims. even to the point where he had a. black duffel bag and plated
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how or if his victims will be able to fit into. that's the thing we're trying to still face the other was his intent to is the bag in order to the route from a location other was it too. these the back to the start of their bodies. >>back live of walnut creek police the suspect behind bars bail set at one million he's due in court on april 9th in the meantime while the creek police are looking to find out if there are any other victims or potential victims, 5 in walnut creek dan kerman kron 4 stan. thank you. >>we are learning some grisly details tonight of the deaths of a family whose suv plunged off a cliff. >>2 women and their 6 adopted children died last year when their suv went off of the sea cliff in mendocino county. and this week the mendocino county sheriff's office is now holding an inquest into their deaths from force grant
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lhota's joins us in studio with details that were just unveiled today grand can just seen this is the area where the suv. >>went off you see this is a little pull off off the freeway and today at a coroner's inquest the sheriffs deputy who investigated this explained how they found 6 bodies back on march 26th of last year he said a terse actually spotted the car which had crashed at the bottom of the cliff here in the california highway patrol officers who were there found the body of jennifer and sarah hart in the car. those are the parents. the deputy said one of the bodies fell out as the car was actually being pulled up the cliff and investigators also found that the bodies. 4 other children where there that day the remains of 2 more children were found weeks later. >>in a civilian canine was playing on the beach in would not leave that shoe and pants alone so the resident of that area brought it back knowing that there was a friend of the family interested in clothing items to identify them. that time the initial person that found the. shoe and pants
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didn't realize there was a foot in that that was a real as later. >>tonight the body of a teenage boy who was also in that suv remains missing. he is presumed dead. jurors will later decide whether the deaths were accidental. a murder suicide or undetermined investiga ors previously determined last year that there were no skid marks at the pull out at the top of the cliff, and they said that suv was deliberately driven off the cliff again now jurors will have their say this week. investigators also determined based on toxicology reports that the driver of that suv had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. >>when that suv plunged off the cliff, we'll keep you posted on this kansas team back to you. >>thank you grant a judge will have to decide if anti semitic comments can be brought up before a jury in the go ship
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warehouse trial. 36 people died on december second 20 16 when the ghost ship warehouse in oakland caught fire. derick almena and max terrorists are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the deaths in court today, the prosecution and defense argued over several motions one of them whether or not prosecutors convention in new york times article in which harris said al manar jokes that he was hitler and harris was his jewish slave. the defense claimed a is not anti semitic and allowing the statement would be prejudicial. prosecutors argued that quote shows a relative positions of power and harris at the warehouse. jury selection is set to begin on april 16th and opening statements are set for april 30th and there will soon be one housing comple the south bay as kron four as rob fly double reports now the rent controlled apartments. >>are to be demolished to make way for market rate housing.
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>>which isn't all your good fight we fought a good julie saxenda and mean jones shared a hug as julie's furniture was loaded onto a moving van wednesday. >>they and their neighbors face an uncertain future as their rent-controlled apartment complex here on iraq street will soon be demolished, i'm a only million dollars i make a good wage. >>but as a professional, but it's not enough to pay the rent around here heard we have a lot of residents here who are disabled. >>we have children have special needs and disabilities. we will be forced. >>despite impassioned pleas n e approved a plan to allow the property owner to replace the rent controlled apartments with market rate housing. mayor lisa matter check. it's a fully compliant project. >>where's the owner wants to sell. i feel like it's their
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right to sell their property. >>the city council late last year approved a similar project also on rock street where another 20 rent-controlled apartments are slated to be repltced by market rate housing. it's a disturbing trend says former mayor lenny siegel. >>it's not just a matter of being sympathetic for the people who are losing their homes as a result of this redevelopment because we need them in the community rocks tree tenants are being given 120 days to move out along with some assistance to find new housing. >>but those i spoke with said they can't afford to stay here in mountain view for teachers like julie saxenda are being forced out i realize people get displaced all the time that i think the real loss in this that in this place is that that this is a real community and those are hard to find there are 59 2, 3 bedroom rent-controlled apartments here at the rock street renting for as low as $1200 a month.
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>>they'll be replaced by 55 market rate town homes. some will sell for as much as million. in mountain view roughly double kron 4 news. >>let's take a live look outside right now her camera over the golden gate bridge, a lot of clouds out there today and some scattered showers but the wettest of the weather is yet to come. lawrence colonels keep track of the weather for us or us what's happening out there yes storm door still open today kind of in between storms but boy that moist flow kept things going to a lot of clouds out there. >>showers some heavy drizzled see the clouds out over the bay right now looking out that raz and san francisco there in the background but the clouds continuing to roll on and they'll be here all night and well probably into the weekend to see that moist flow coming in off the pacific. a lot of that moisture. i'm not hit the ground but some of it is in fact a doppler radar kind of shooting over the top of some of that moisture but you can see it being picked up a little bit especially along the coastal range is that's where we're seeing some of that the squeeze out there as well so we'll see more of that overnight tonight probably going to be a little more
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widely scattered around the bay area and then looks like we'll get into more serious rain as we head tomorrow and especially on friday. so right now to 60 degrees in san francisco, 60 also in san jose 59 in oakland and 56 degrees and cool in santa rosa tonight if you're headed out the door but cloudy skies to begin with we got more light showers in the forecast on and off but some stronger storms to come. we will try and time those out for friday coming up in a few minutes. >>much another whale has been found washed up on a bay area beach marine mammal experts are trying to find out what caused the 3rd such death in recent weeks, california is suing the department of agriculture over school lunches so tell you why the state wants to turn back the clock. a crackdown on drunk drivers the proposal in sacramento that could lead to the toughest dui laws in the
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>>i don't want any other parent to experience what i experienced what my family has experienced by losing her son matthew classic arcade and he's serving in ways that we never anticipated through legacy into this bill. >>the mother of matthew klotzbach killed by a drunk driver speaking out today in support of new proposed drunk driving legislation that would be some of the toughest in the country capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the proposals and has more on the inspiration behind them. >>liam was my world. i only got to spend 15 months with
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him the victim families of drunk driving are the driving force behind an effort to strengthen state law a son was one of 10,409 to seek leed ing and then a fighter marcus koval and his partner michelle, a drunk hit and run driver killed their toddler son legislation named after their son liam would lower the legal limit for blood alcohol content from a 2 point o 5 but is very few bills that can be backed by so much statistics and facts. >>as when it comes to knowing that the ac which has been done in almost 100 countries already in california each year over 1000 people die from drunk drivers. >>along with lowering the b a c limit senator jerry hill isle breath for blood alcohol level before starting the car. matt was engaged for one week. he was killed before realizing his dream mary klotzbach son is the inspiration for the proposal. i share my story not for pity. that to motivate
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lawmakers to make this stop. lawmakers will begin considering the measures next week in sacramento actually is about a crown for news. >>officials are looking to find new ways to pay for costly wildfires a five-member board met today to discuss the problem right now high cost prohibit many homeowners in fire-prone areas from being able to afford fire insurance and pg filed for bankruptcy in january potentially on the hook for billions of dollars in damages. one potential solution is the creation of a state catastrophe fund which would be backed by 10's of billions of dollars the board has until july to make recommendations. >>california is joining a multi-state lawsuit against the department of agriculture over lunch standards in schools. last year the trump administration scaled back to school lunch standards that were implemented under the changes included allowing schools to offer milk flavors and changing regulations on sodium limits and whole
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grains. the lawsuit filed today a total of 6 states and the district of columbia call the change is arbitrary and inconsistent. the states are asking the court to overturn the changes. last year the school lunch program served an estimated 30 million children. >>and increasingly common discovery this morning in the town of rodale the carcass of a dead gray whale washed ashore. scientists say it's a male at least a year old and may have become malnourished on its way from mexico to alaska. brown forcefully to go reports it caused quite the spectacle. it's unclear what caused the death of this gray whale floating in the san pablo bay. >>the carcass was discovered early in the morning along the shoreline near the town of rodeo don't know what i'm writing here. rare sight of a dead gray whale in the bay brought out lots of spectators, locals thinking back to whether or not they'd ever seen something like this before a sea lion one while back we were. >>they shouldn't cost of a first urgent and we found dead
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bay. that is the other on the other animal that i seen. the size of floating in the day the rodeo hercules fire district was the first agency to approach the whale. >>the captain then reached out to the california department of fish and wildlife. the marine mammal center was also alerted and is investigating the discovery may be not getting enough food in there and help to hear a lot of condition >>the way to the question of how long it's been there what happened to it you know. >>it's not a other popular waterways for stuff like this use a lot of fishermen and stepped out here so be interesting to see how this concludes i used to like to see the dead animals like this in the bay, the next crop see performed by the marine mammal center and other scientists will provide greater context as to where the whale came from and what caused its death. >>the marine mammal center says this is the 3rd dead gray whale found in the san francisco bay this year. >>rodeo fully fit all kron 4 news.
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>>and let's take a look outside with your 4 zone forecast on hump day as we take a look at the home of the bay bridge but their chief meteorologist words colonel joins us now with more on the timing of the next series of really looking for 2 other kind of a hand in the wet season just can't see it just yet we do have some sunshine though the 7 day forecast but right now those clouds continue to roll in kind of a good day for a hot chocolate or a cup coffee as the temperatures running well below the average for this time of year back. >>these just struggling to get in the upper 50's in the san francisco 61 was the high in oakland, usually these numbers near 70 degrees and parts the bay area so running well below the average for this time of year. i'm not going to be warming up over the next couple days still a cloudy and a little wet out there right now public kind of overshooting some of these clouds that means we're seeing some moisture down low sourcing some drizzle some light showers around the bay area more that on and off throughout the night tonight specially out along the coastline so tight cloudy skies scattered showers a
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possibility tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies keep that umbrella with the us more rain on the way in the stronger storm system moves in on friday the weekend showers on saturday is kind of a split by sunday we start to warm things up every little more sunshine. temperatures outside right now to 60 degrees in san jose, the 60 also a devil 62 degrees in concord 55. downtown san francisco, 61 of the bottne 59 degrees in napa 57. in petaluma 56 degrees in santa rosa. all right, here's what we're dealing with you've got the jet stream well, the south are kind of bump it up a little bit a person trying to build them, but there's a moist enough low coming off of the city. we're still get that rain but look what's out here we got this is the right here we've got another one behind every thursday and here comes friday that a more significant storm system that will roll into the bay area so keeping things very active. overnight tonight, you'll see a lotf ome outside not a huge rain out here not to see a ton of rain from the system. but it will because we went on and off throughout the night tonight. it's tomorrow morning. so the community. certainly a little bit wet along the coastline. roadways may be a little bit slick early on as we head
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throughout the day a chance of some occasional showers and then the main event starts to move in as we head into our friday look at that all that rain coming in going to be heavy at times on friday right through friday evening as well so i know a lot of folks want to head out to the giants home opener i think that's going to be touch and go that may be delayed to lease the evening hours before this cold front moves and yet we've got more rain on the way but the good news is not forever, we've got some more sunshine to warmer temperatures. maybe some 70's and a lot of part of the weekend. coming up tonight at 6.45 america's bridges are deteriorating and the problem affects some very busy bridge is right here in the bay area will tell you which ones. >>need the most work. >>and a worker at a peninsula bounce house has been arrested when police say he's accused of doing to a child. on the peninsula
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an 18 year-old man is now facing charges after deputies say he committed lewd acts against a minor. >>while he was working at an indoor bounce house kron for us christine that hate row has more details. investigators say it all happened here at pumped up near belmont in san mateo county take a look at this picture here that young man 18 year-old top even alley now behind bars. >>nelly charge for inappropriately touching a young child and taking photos of that child while at work. the alleged victim under 10
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years old san mateo county sheriff's deputies tell us the victims nanny told parents something happened after the investigation deputies confirmed been alley while at work took the young child into a private room where the inappropriate touching and photo taking took place. deputies tell us pump it up has been very cooperative during this investigation. if you're worried that anyone in your family has been in contact with a child predator please reach out to san mateo sheriff's office or any of the local law enforcement in your area. reporting in tim a tale county christina tetreault kron 4 news. a 6.32 actress is accused in the college admissions cheating scandal appear in court today. we'll have the latest on where the cas control the west last night against the denver nuggets mark carpenter has the latest with larry action. >>and the storms are lined up along the coastline again here they come full-time goes out to get your 4 zone forecast coming up next.
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>>actresses felicity huffman and lori lock-lin appeared in a boston courtroom today charged with paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to cheat the college admissions process for their children. the and waves their pretrial hearings in all 15 people accused of the massive college admissions scam were in federal court today and a menlo park packaged food entrepreneur will become the first parent indicted to plead guilty in the scandal. erica hill reports. avoiding eye
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contact. >>actress felicity huffman arriving at court hours before her scheduled appearance. >>she's accused of paying $15,000 to a college prep business to doctor her daughter's college admission tests course actress lori loughlin seen signing autographs at the airport. >>tuesday morning before smiling and greeting fans as she made her way through the crush of cameras into court. both actresses facing between 6.21 months in prison. >>one law enforcement official telling cnn prosecutors are expected to ask for jail time for every defended sending a clear message. there will be no special treatment during these parents are a catalog of wealth and privilege for every student admitted through fraud. an honest genuinely talented student was rejected. prosecutors say loughlin and her husband fashion designer mossimo giannulli paid half a million dollars to get their daughters into usc as recruits on the crew team, though neither participated in the
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sport loughlin's has been allegedly e-mailed pictures of his daughters on indoor rowing machines to create fake athletic profiles payments were disguised as charitable donations, according to the complaint. ready before the scam was exposed their younger daughter offered her thoughts on college to earn nearly 2 million you to followers and i'm going into my teens and everyone that i can try to and they do want the series of late game days partying. >>i really care about school major brands, including sephora and hp severed ties with a 19 year-old and with her mother. >>loughlin was also dropped by the hallmark channel asked about her costar earlier this week with candace cameron bure a offering support to left we are family and then we stand


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