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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  April 4, 2019 6:30pm-6:58pm PDT

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immigrants and refugees our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>because of our immigrant communities in a refugee families are successful in california will be successful state lawmakers thursday announced a proposal to create a state agency focused on serving california's immigrants and refugees with the country's largest immigrant population of 10 million people the state already offers several services across multiple state department's assemblyman david chiu says this would bring all those services under one roof, so this time we provide services everything from health care to kids and for student financial aid to drivers licenses legal assistance we want to make sure that if you are an immigrant or refugee. >>it is easier for you to access services from state government the proposal would also establish a secretary of immigrant and refugee affairs to help lead the agency two's proposal comes as california continues to go head to head with the federal government on immigration earlier this year, the state sued the trump
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administration over a border wall most san diego county this week sued over the administration's asylum policies such important for us to say. >>at this moment history at this moment in time when our immigrant communities are under assault. we're going defend them we're going to take care of them and we're going make sure that their families. thrive and succeed. >>next we governor gavin newsom is heading to el salvador to better understand what's happening beyond the southern border. meanwhile here lawmakers will begin those conversations on creating that state agency for immigrants and refugees. reporting in sacramento actually zavala kron 4 news. >>empire actor jussie laugh faces a lawsuit tonight from the city of chicago, the city's law department announced today it would be drafting that lawsuit because and gai claim that he was assaulted by 2 masked men who shouted slurs and wrapped the rope around his neck. prosecutors later says mallette stage to that attack.
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last week the chicago mayor's office case mallette one week to pay up, but he maintains he has told the truth from the beginning some good news for coastal areas, researchers at colorado state university are forecasting fewer hurricanes this year in the atlantic. >>they say they're anticipating 5 hurricanes with 2 that are considered major. that's about 75% of normal activity and because a developing el nino and cooler atlantic waters should help inhibit powerful storms. last year we saw storm activity that was 20% above average was 8 hurricanes. 2 of those were hurricane michael and florence. hurricane season, officially starts june 1st and last until november 30th. >>and yeah, a lot of clouds out there the rain. would like to get a little bit of break so we're ttle bit i think in the next couple days so here we go
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we've got the clouds out there now we've seen some scattered showers continue to see some rain showing up in parts of the bay area in and the south bay you see the rain there in the san jose and further south in the morgan hill we're seeing some of the rain moving on through that way so on the one you're traveling down that direction maybe some delays through that areas things are getting a little bit slick out there on the road and in the san jose cupertino sonny bill you're seeing this a live band of rain moving right across long the 2.80 there. also the santa clara valley and stretching across the east bay too so raindrops falling around the bay area now that's what's going to play out for tonight, mainly just some scattered showers overnight tonight. but i want to show you this computer model overnight tonight, those scattered showers kind of moving on through and early tomorrow morning, maybe some heavier amounts of downpours it's going to be picking up throughout the morning tomorrow, you notice that about a 50 more scattered a look at this massive green begin to move into the bay area here comes and then you start to see yellow even some red there so maybe some and the sweeping across hrough the rest the bay area right about the middle of the day don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder outside as
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you get the storms coming through at this time of year. g atmosphere you can certaiy a ri thunderstorms here so by the afternoon to be as a push into the south and behind that we start seeing a little bit of a break but scattered showers likely to continue well into the afternoon and then we've got more rain looks like saturday as well so they stay very unsettled and possibly wet and around the bay area tomorrow, pleasant 50's and 60's below the average for this time of year encountered some rain, especially toward the middle of the day, a 59 degrees and burning game with some showers there 60 in san carlos 63. in and 62 degrees in campbell scattered showers into the afternoon with a chance some isolated thunderstorms as we're going to see some of heating behind that system is a ro so certainly a chance some thunderstorms also to the central valley to win out over the next couple days. there we we're going to see some unsettle through saturday by sunday and monday we dry things out with temperatures moving up in the 70's, the warmer spots. then another chance of rain by next tuesday.
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>>news today the a's are on fire a zone fire they're not messing around ok, they're they're breaking out the bats t% and it is been incredible to watch now what a way to send a message to the lead early in the season outside of last night, the a's have been on point against the red sox and today at a chance to take 3 out of 4 from the reigning champs, players and fans all of the good mood today at the coliseum got to love it. wasn't easy early jd. martinez takes brett anderson to right and how solo home run. 3 nothing red sox in the 3rd bottom of the frame. steve in his scor h last year plan asked to straightaway center off and rodriguez. an on and off a second day or the season for fuss county. bottom force. robbie grossman. officer feels slice into the right field. worry he's been fantastic the score for 3 a's, not 2 batters
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later, his scotty's what a day for him to right center field now watch this some miscommunication between new quay bets and jackie bradley junior, neither goes for the ball bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double scoring grossman and josh fig leaf, 6 nothing final score 7, 3, oakland they take 3 of 4 games from the sox next off 10 game road trip starting in houston tomorrow. now to the warriors usually a meeting with a team that has lebron james on it would be exciting but much has changed he's not even playing tonight and his first year with the lakers has been a disaster warriors in la what a season it's been for james. he's gone from going to the finals 8 years in a row to the other end of the spectrum 8 games below 500 out of playoff contention. half the team is injured. steve kerr how weird it is to not have james in the low season. a tip off set for
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7.30 we'll have the highlights now to an update on a story we brought you last night spurs head coach gregg popovich mister popularity in denver he set an nba record for ejections getting himself tossed to 63 seconds into the contesting a call. pop then forced to watch the contest from the locker room, but he couldn't keep him quiet for the whole night look at him, interrupting denver head coach mike malone post-game press and he was. >>it was a record would have the i got thrown out 63 seconds are you the person most to hit to get hit tonight number he's a very good first as part of the game i okay, it feels got to go continue with
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free shipping >>gregg popovich can be very serious and entertaining as well very cool. don't talk about. thank you still ahead, a woman says. and of course a stranger jumped in and drove away she found her car but why she will be driving it ever again.
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>>several times since coming well his happens during a police chase on tuesday in washington state police say
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the suv was stolen last friday when a woman left it running outside her apartment complex. the suspect only suffered a broken arm which is pretty amazing a lot of lot flipping he was arrested and he was charged and look at this surveillance video from fresno shows a man stealing a chainsaw by stuffing it under his shirt and down his pants this happened yesterday the man takes a chainsaw from a display stuff, the blade down his pants and covers the engine assembly with his jacket the store's owner says the man then just drove off in his pi wow and express delivery to space a rsia this morning to deliver supplies, e trip just took. russia's space agency's attempted such a quick delivery. journeys to the space station used to take 2 days. >>the point is out on the ethiopian airlines crash that killed all 157 people on board
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what we're learning new tonight about a cause and the action that some of the victims families are now taking. and if you are streaming us on the kron on the news continues during the commercial break but a con on
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>>6 minutes of terror and that's what pilots and passengers had to endure on the ethiopian airlines flight to that plane crashed last month killing all 157 people
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on board. now investigators say the plane's problems actually mirrored those of another boeing crash just 6 months earlier mary maloney has the latest on the preliminary findings as some of the passengers families take action. >>ethiopian airlines flight 3 o 2 was almost doomed from the start according to the preliminary crash report the crew recognize the warnings and follow the emergency procedures recommended by boeing to keep the plane flying, let's not forget there are human b the >>you know just simply trigger to that conclusion it takes time to process. >>but the boeing 7.37 max 8 automated systems overwhelms the pilots manual maneuvers after a terrifying 6 minute ride shooting up and plummeting down the plane crashed. >>killing all souls on board. g investigators a mirrored what happened less than 6 months earlier. >>lion air operating the same model plane. so from the sky.
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the 2 disasters killed more than 300 people. >>should not happen to anyone again. that's why we're here. >>the family of one passenger 24 year-old sammy us filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several entities, including boeing. >>the potential of my sister and a 156 others driven straight into the ground because of boeing's greed. >>boeing is working on the syst but some pilots say they want to go through comprehensive training before they feel comfortable flying the grounded planes there are >>calling us to protect our we're the last line of i'm mary maloney reporting. >>a heads up to air travelers a runway closure at sfo could lead to delays and cancellations the airport is expected to close a runway for maintenance for nearly 3 weeks during the month of september. sfo spokesperson that the apple says that runway is
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primarily used for landing aircraft so the shutdown will affect how many flights can land at sfo in september. apple told us he's getting the word out now hopefully to minimize delays later. >>give the opportunity for airlines to adjust their flight schedules. they can reduce the amount of flights that they operate during that september period it will reduce the delays that we experienced during that construction project. >>charles domestic and international flights could be affected airport officials are recommending that anybody who books a flight the ron september the 7th and last until september the 27. the big sngtory all week, sanraarrested 30 year lee your birdland in connection to last week's sword attack. >>police say they found him last night at a restaurant in the area of any and mark and in the tenderloin neighborhood. the attack happened last friday near fillmore can the city. that's
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also near the church of 8 wheels skating rink witnesses said a man wearing a red make america great again hat stabbed another man with a sword and then ran away to witnesses came in contact with the attacker before all that happened. they said the man was glaring and yelling homophobic slurs at them. the victim is expected to be ok. and this man is now charged with murder and the death of rapper nipsey hussle los angeles county prosecutors filed a count of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder charges today against 29 year-old eric holder several conversations sunday outside the rapper's clothing store los angeles. it's a holder eventually returned with a handgun and shot household killing the rapper and injuring 2 other men. if convicted holder faces life in prison. teenagers are calling on the us government to protect environment young leaderied today at a house committee's climate
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change hearing as washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports the witnesses. >>urged lawmakers to take action now to address the climate crisis. but they also say they're not going to wait around for to happen. >>18 year-old piper is suing the us government over climate change governments have a responsibility to protect natural resources. for their citizens. the seattle teen was one of several young leaders who testified about the climate crisis. chris suds from north how much impact humans have on climate change. still carter says he wants to work on a 6 to make sure that future generations can enjoy the environment like we have organ congresswoman suzanne bonamici says it's important to hear from the young people. >>climate change is going to affect it's their future that's stake. >>the young people told lawmakers that while taking action on climate change may be expensive it may cost more in the end not to take action louisiana, republican congressman garret graves said the young people will also inherit the us debt. lindsay
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cooper works with the louisiana governor's office of coastal activities in louisiana, we're not waiting for some federal. >>policy to come in and say this that we're doing work. the state level and the parish level at the individual level cooper says the fact that this hearing was held at all gives her hope in washington alexandra, mound. coming up.
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>>say is now kicking it with adidas a superstar assigned a multilayer deal with the apparel company as part of the deal adidas will lodge fiance is a signature sneakers and apparel and quibi will service the company's creative partner. say launch her own activewear line back in 2016 called ivy park. it was previously sold at top shop, but it will now fall under adidas. >>the killing of rapper nipsey hussle is affecting fans everywhere and artists in connecticut created this street muralthe mural is that t heaven's gate park in hartford. police say shot and killed on sunday outside the clothing store he founded in los angeles a suspect as we mentioned, eric holder is being held on $7 million bond. parking in los angeles can be a nightmare, but it can be particularly rough in the congestion neighborhood of koreatown and that's where 2 drivers recently stood their
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ground for prime parking spot. >>they did it for more than an hour take a look at the cell phone video, the driver of the silver vehicle boxing in the driver of the black car. neither was budging for more than an hour. the person who took this video also delivered a play by play account on social media. >>6 party is still here but now they have turned on their flashers app. >>about an hour and 40 minutes later somebody else came out to move his car that created space for both of those stand your ground cars to parkland waste of time. >>will be ending though you want see who is going to budge to very stubborn drought. let's take a look outside it's going gate bridge tonight. >>chief meteorologist lars cano joins us now with the rain in the friday forecast. >>at we're going to see the most significant storm with really this weekend looks like it will bring heavy rain probably through the middle of a maybe some thunderstorms too so here we go we're going to see some stormy weather here more snow up in the sierra nevada, they're seeing a lot of there already a little rain
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as you look over a dollar summit right now what they're going to see that change to snow and there's a crop for ski report if you head to the slopes i want to check the weather here but a boy up there there's a time of snow 6 inches of newnow. its and of course, plenty of power to room spring-like conditions the afternoon so they get in ming u slopes there for sure. we've got a 144 inches on the ground and heavily 7 inches of new snow more snow expected to fall tonight. sirit all look at a 195 inches for base and 2 inches of new snow and there's plenty more to come in fact here you go you can see that coming over the sierra nevada advisories are up until saturday morning expected to see going to rain mix to begin with that then it's going to shift to snow again switch over to rain again i think by a saturday afternoon as temperatures start to warm up, but if you had an eye country be prepared take those change with you that snow levels dropping down to about 6,000 feet and then going probably rise over 7500 as we headed
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toward saturday afternoon and evening that we dry things out looking good in the sunday got some storm clouds still around the bay area bringing some scattered showers and you see more off the coastline and that will be the way it's going to play out we've got a chance of more showers in the possibility of some thunderstorms says we headthey coming right now for tomorrow behind that more showers into saturday. the good news is high pressure just systems a little bit further to the north by sunday that allow the temperatures to warm up and i think keep us dry through at least monday but maybe some more showers on tuesday and then looks like maybe a really cold system dropping in a lot of part of next week, but let's not get too far far ahead of ourselves, we enjoy a couple of nice days. i think as we get toward let up our weekend and the beginning of this next week. but the next couple days. yes, certainly stormy outside especially during the middle of the day tomorrow. the possibility, some of those isolated thunderstorms drying o 70's on sunday and monday high that's something to look forward to.
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>>thank you and if you're watching us on the new crown on apple full hour local sports coverage coming up next.
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[ music ] my name is timmothy. is this really the boy who was kidnapped eight years ago? >> it was a daring escape. >> what we've learned about his years in captivity. then, do you know who we
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are? new portraits of slain women drawn by the serial killer himself. and can exercise bands be dangerous? what you need to know. then parking spot standoff. it started in daylight. didn't end until night. >> oh, my god. >> how long would you wait for a parking space? ba


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