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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 5, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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taking a lot look here is storm tracker for just a couple one minute before 6 o'clock and you can see the storm starting to build to be that big though good morning and daria false and i will try to infer james fletcher looking at that radar it tells me you have to use your windshield wiper just yet at least for a little longer stingy with the way. >>and don't forget, you know it's california lot those wipers are going out ladies and gents the headlights off to the aunt out so do not forget that when you're driving. taking a look at when this rain is going to roll in that, you far. >>still hanging out our shore is going make it's where direction through the course your morning and as it does so it's actually going to dissipate it's not looking like that. just no need to panic. we are looking at some rain but it's not going to be that heavy stuff that models were at least initially showing and that is certainly good news. if you are getting
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out for the game or whatever you may be doing it's kind one of those days that you don't really want to be seeing a downpour. anyways being a friday. this is your look at downtown san francisco financial district and soma here in the foreground pretty nearby where the home opener of the giants is going to be today. and hey it's looking pretty calm for your morning it's going to stay calm too as we work our way over the next hour we're going to see the shower activity on the rise later on this morning, though you can see the showers just off shore and already some light sprinkles going on across the day. you do see those off and on showers around 08:00am this morning in a couple of areas of and that it heavier rainfall in there. and you may be looking at this offshore and being like wow that's some significant rainfall but look what happens to it as it makes its where direction-actually losing a lot of its energy and breaks up a little bit that's not to say we won't have rain because we are still expecting light to moderate showers from especially 10:00am to noon time today this is at 10 45 in our most widespread showers across the bay by 01:00pm today just before you start
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time of the game right here. you are already seeing some clearing skies overhead that's not to say you won't see a few sprinkles out there see us still want to keep the rain jackets with you as well as maybe a towel to wipe off that seat after that rainfall earlier on in the morning as for any rainfall that we do see today. it will amount to around a quarter of an inch of it across much of the bay area so definitely still talking about some rain and that means as you're getting outside for the game today. you want to be prepared for not just some showers but also a little bit of the sunshine that you'll likely be seeing towards the end of the game, especially first pitch today at one 35 pm temperatures in the low 60's at this point showers moving out through the course of the game today. but still with a possible rainfall overhead. you do want to get out their umbrellas and jackets ready to go now robin that game is going result in some backups likely what's it looking like out there yeah for sure for the morning commuters and for the afternoon commuters as well that game traffic will
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mix and. >>with your commute so you need to be prepared and definitely consider mass transit. if you're going to the game right king streets going to be close to between second and 3rd. they shot to kill again, so it's much heavier compared to the last time i checked it. it's already stacked to be on 8.80 so that was quick and just started a little bit later this morning as it usually does on friday, so 15 minutes is a great average to fremont street. here's a peek at one oh one because i talked about an accident northbound at cochran in morgan hill that s traffic crawling from san martino avenue so 22 minutes now because of that morgan hill to san jose, the rest of the looks really good. but we'll check some more freeways coming up. darnya thanks a lot rob and 6 oh 03:00am and let's start with opening day in san francisco, finely they always start on the road because they want to build momentum and then they come back to. >>oracle park don't call it 18 to child didn't build anything because it was too many losses to >>us are fresh. shelley the star freshman start a winning
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streak saracens and joins us live from the ballpark with everything you need to know if you're heading to the gate. >>well we're all looking forward to a fresh start the season and the game open are here. oracle park i got right now which is really big deal for me. the good giants in my life so i'm excited. we showed you the calendar that all fans are getting last half hour. and if you're not excited about that which some like daryn on okay because look at all the ball that you'll get throughout the season, you know they usually give something away games. my all-time favorite is a brandon crawford. i mean he looks good on a bobblehead i mean i didn't know those possible is just gorgeous gorgeous and we just look at all these and then this fun, new merchandise, his head is really cool. i mean if you get cold air is like today when the rains out tell your flaps and there's tons of new shirts for everybody check out when you come to the game this one's pretty cool too. i'm a big fan of the baseball t so can check out that when you
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come to the game, the one of the biggest changes about oracle park here is their brand new scoreboard. it is huge it is actually the largest scoreboard in the leave can see how big it is i'm sure on tv it doesn't quite show you just as big as it is, but in person you feel quite tiny next to it. it is humongous obviously we're tracking the weather so they have the field. all covered right now making sure they're protected. there are a few scattered showers supposed to be before the game starts a lot to keep tracking that. but i'm here joined by shana dom she is the vp of communication or relations with the community tell me day today not only because it's opening day today. the house and are you very excited. it's it's time we've been looking for to this all week right so here it is it's the start of our week on friday here. >>and we are excited, you know looks like the weather is going to we knew there may be a slight delay but our gates are opening at 11 o'clock and
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we're going to have a came here today and it's a special day. what is your biggest excitement fans coming in what you want fans to first do when they get there. >>we want them just to walk in their back in a baseball is back in san francisco for the 2019 season. obviously the scoreboard not going to miss our new scoreboard, which is one of the largest offseason projects that we've done since we opened our local >>say you're you're playing you're paying tribute today pre game ceremony talk about this is a really big deal. we have a lot of giants news offseason we dead we did and we lost a lot of really special and people here that the giants especially with willie mccovey and peter mcallen greenwald on frank robinson we will pay tribute to all of them today and our pregame ceremonies. we have a surprise for first pitcher to thank all the fans love excited give us a hint and no
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no hands. >>that and i'm giving it away but think everyone will feel really good about it will start our season off. >>i'm positive and exciting that as we pay tribute to those we've lost in the interview tonight is here with us and have done so much for our organization. >>and it's the open air game foyer manager correct. it is it is so i'm sir, you know sentimental for him today and hopefully he gets to take it all in and enjoy and in that we just have it is some special about opening day for everyone facilities, it's kind of you know like that you know christmas morning or whatever it might be that people that far to use any of the fun to have everyone back in the ball park, you know this will be his last one year 13 years with the 25 years in the league pretty phenomenal and 3 world series champion. that he's brought so we have a lot to be grateful for and to celebrate him, you know starting today and all season long or hoping for another
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championship and so i think it's going to be a lot of fun so we're excited to have everyone. >>out here and there are still a few tickets available for today so you know for france tickets get turned back in by teams by my tampa and that said there are a few tickets out there so if you haven't decided where plans are looks like the weather's going to cooperate come on minus today didn't get them while they're hot come out here and i'm wondering with in touch on was the fact that they have a couple new restaurant features seating areas, including. >>super duper burger i don't know if you're a fan, but i'm definitely a fan of super big burger oh my gosh so definitely come down today trying one of those tickets while you can. and all morning long continue to show you some new features of oracle parking monitor this weather so far we're looking out we haven't seen a drop out here in the last hour hour and a half. we'll send it back to you now in the studio you know she just is just jinxed it. >>that's what she did when she said we haven't seen a drought.
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>>6 oh 8 right now in the east bay berkeley police are looking for some bold the thieves who made off with merchandise from an apple store, not once twice 3 to 4 times the same store they hit. and we have pictures of the 3 each time hitting the same store on forestry and berkeley. >>and there's the surveillance video of them going and that is all happening in one week, the first 2 thefts were in the morning and afternoon. >>both on the same day march 28th. and those same 3 stole items. monday night and return to the same store tuesday morning. >>a lot of the facts that we see in the stores that typically is right around the entry point the true way. just to just inside the doors and it's a quick escape. they will select whatever the item is that they want to take and essentially use brute force the off of the table. >>out of sorts. >>altogether police say these 3 and got away with about $20,000. worth of apple
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iphones and computers. >>new this morning, 140 people in santa rosa are out of their homes this morning after a fire destroyed 64 apartments, the fire broke out just before 7 o'clock last night on steel lane. the fire department tweeting out this video of the extensive damage, nobody was hurt. however the red cross is working with the people who cannot return to their homes because they have been destroyed. also in the south bay of san jose man fights back after he was confronted by a suspected car dragged. jack are take a look at the surveillance video showing the 14 year-old boys stealing hector, a stratus car from his driveway. he punches him repeatedly in the back is try to staggers away from the car, the boer ho into the car and drives off. 2 others were injured and all of this year's astride a talking about what happened. and i i don't care if you have a gun are not going to make you so >>reached in grabbed them. in the case fell apart, you know. the jump in the car. received
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their grab and try to pull him back for he pressed me. number my glasses. how i got all these cuts are and then i couldn't you know i started so i continue or so i just around the >>so a strata suffered cuts to his nose his face, but he should be ok as far as the 14 year-old boy who faces several charges including carjacking and possibly probably elderly abuse so stay tune with charges pending. >>well rainfall on the way today but just how much are we looking at you can see it offshore right there and i'm tracking it as it makes its where direction. >>and i'm tracking your friday morning commute pretty crowded out there at the bay bridge toll plaza cash lanes and fast-track plans are already stacking up the on
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and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit >>welcome back it is 6.14. >>and we are looking at the rain kind of the gist of it at the doorstep a step it's it's about to be >>knocking a little bit lighter than expected when she's knocking mother nature is not a big package is a little package to give us yes, she's in she's offered up some rain still today. >>so that does mean you need to ready for as you getting out might not be getting ready for the a big storm a lot of people were talking about yesterday. but what we are talking about this morning is still some rain that's something that you want to be prepared for as you look
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outside of bethel island son yet to come up yet, but you can see the cloud cover overhead we do have showers working their way towards the bay ever so slowly. the zoom in towards the bay area itself, it's just a couple of scattered sprinkles this morning. so your morning drive has actually been pretty calm so far pretty nice conditions as of yet as we make our way on into the latter part of the morning you're going to see those isolated showers kicking into gear really after 08:30am all that rainfall out to the west it looks pretty intimidating right. well it starts to break up by the time it makes its way towards the day and the energy starts to weaken a bit you're still going to see light to moderate showers to the course of your late morning on into early afternoon. but by the time we reach 01:00pm just before game time today. you are actually seeing a little bit of sunshine to the skies not to say you won't see a few sprinkles in the vicinity. so keep the rain jackets went to keep the umbrellas with you future cast is showing that while this is some good news for those of you getting outside as we do make our way towards game time and then
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eventually into the afternoon now tomorrow morning. you're not out of the woods just yet. we're also going to see some shower activity for the most time before most part before the sun comes up tomorrow morning light to moderate showers for your saturday morning and then mostly cloudy skies after that point again tomorrow will be bringing some clear skies and later part of the day sunday, the best day to be getting outside. and i'm not worrying so much about rainfall, especially into the close of the weekend. rainfall totals today still not a ihole lot to be talking about a word can see a quarter of an inch of it, san francisco can see around a 10th of an inch of rainfall from today on into tomorrow morning. now your daytime highs today will peak in the upper 50's to the low 60's across the bay area very similar to earlier days this week it's been pretty level this week temperatures have been in the 60's we've seen chances of rain pretty much every day today is continuing that trend 66 degrees in santa clara. milpitas and san jose sitting at 65 degrees today. freeman and hayward each at 63
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for your highs low 60's stretch up and down the east bay with oakland in richmond today. each at 62. north a look at numbers also in the 60's also looking at some showers during your morning with clearing skies later into the afternoon. your next 7 days will temperatures on the rise, especially into sunday and monday that's when will peak with daytime highs in the 70's also our driest of days into the start of next week come tuesday, just a slight chance of rainfall and by the end of the forecast, it's back into the low 60's we go. john the camera here check out the return center fell bridge toll plaza i can even see the traffic gets blurry now. >>that rain is pushing and so it's going to be a little wet for you on westbound 5.80 leading up to the pay gates do not forget the wipers you gonna need it. but the drive times so far looks good right. it's only 8 minutes from the toll plaza out a one to one so that is considered a really good commute. same story here the bay bridge tropics build back be on 8.80 stretching to
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west grand very quiet now at 15 minutes but keep in mind that baseball fans will hedden early this afternoon and that's going to interrupt your commute and the way start heading out in the game is over that's going to interrupt your afternoon commute to for 80 one on one to 80 city streets king second 3rd you know the drill so be prepared for that if you're driving through san francisco. no hot spots in drive times look good for a friday, you know it's friday when it's like this time of morning and we still have the screen. i wait for 15 minutes, antioch to concord smoove for 6.80 mine are crowding for the men, it's- it's only 24 to 38 to 37. that's good and then one on ones wide open nice trip so far from the south bay to the peninsula darnya back to you thanks a lot rob and 6.18 new this morning, a man fatally shot in the mission district has been identified as 19 year-old. >>thai p c goo too he died in the hospital last week after being shot outside of the california department of corrections and rehabilitation
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in san francisco. investigators later identified the shooter as 20 year-old hakim old in he now faces murder charges. police have arrested 30 year-old lee or berglund for attacking a man with a sword in san francisco. it happened march 29th, your film or an oak streets near the church of 8 wheels skating rink in san francisco. they say that berlin attacked the victim with a sword and then took off. 2 witnesses came into contact with him before this all happened and they say that he was yelling homophobic slurs at them. the victim is expected to recover. the fallout continues so for the woman who harassed an older man wearing a maggot had and posting his picture online it happened at starbucks in palo alto the bayshore progressive democrats accepted her resignation as co chair earlier in the week after she lost her job already and an
6:20 am
accounting firm before that. police say the woman contacted them about the backlash as she's gotten from her social media post but she did not file an official report. a california family is demanding answers after they found several swastikas burned right on to their front yard. >>ted reported to swastikas to us and demis police which is near los angeles and they said some kind of chemical was used to burn the swastikas on to the grass. 2 of the swastikas were also found burned into the street and around the corner from their home. >>the deal would be the death. >>very offensive. our it's a horrible thing have your property messed up and they don't even know really probably what they're even doing. >>ok so here's the rub the ferris's say they are not jewish and they believe that's why the los angeles county sheriff's department that there are not treating this as a hate crime. instead it's
6:21 am
being investigated as a felony vandalism neighbors and police say they hope surveillance video in the aerial will track down whoever did this a husband and wife when a couple of $1000 at a casino in san pablo only to have it stolen while they were driving home. police say the couple was followed from the casino by 3 men all the way to south san francisco. the 3 men then followed the couple into a walgreens parking lot and stole their $2400 winning. officials say the robbers used the gun to threaten the couple into giving up the cash the victims were able to tell police officers about the car and give a license plate number. so these guys were caught within minutes because an immediate all points bulletin >>and they didn't even get to san francisco before they were caught by the daily city police department. >>there is good news, the victims ended up getting their money back officials say the 3 men are facing some serious prison time because they all have lengthy criminal records. >>time is 6 21 in san
6:22 am
francisco police are looking for the dog who bit to middle school students. they were playing at and joe dimaggio playground in north beach wednesday afternoon. when they were bitten by the dog, the corner of mason street and lombard the kids had bite marks on their legs and they were taken to hospital for treatment. but nobody has seen the dog or its owner since it was a big white dog with black and grey spots. 22 and as we head to the break, let's take another peek at the radar to see how so close that. >>storms get into a sense still pretty far off the coast. >>and later a man claiming to be the boy who vanished in 2011. >>turns out the fbi says they have the dna wasn't him. the family is
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>>for taking another live look at the radar right now still plenty of activity sitting out there to our west but as for the bay area itself not a whole lot to be talking about just yet unknown robin sprinkles on a couple of cameras including on the richmond, san or fell bridge and what we are looking at in the vicinity is certainly some light rainfall some lighter stuff still though across the bay, some of the heaviest of rain and that's not have you by any means just a slight to moderate stuff since over the golden gate bridge and then down highway one and the daily city so one to turn the windshield wipers on and robin want to slow down a little bit measure on the roads that's
6:26 am
right slow leave a little early because we have some trip hair keratin center fell bridge. you can even see the traffic. >>because it's all blurry but at the traffic is stacking up westbound leading up to the toll plaza, it's not even backed up to castro yet it's getting there, but it's not all the way there where 12 minutes and growing now from the toll plaza to want to one. we do not have any hot spots are major problems but your bridges are filling in everywhere looking 92 in its path from hayward to the peninsula now in both directions so 16 minutes between 81 on one and the bay bridge traffic this continues to grow as well was found 80 expect a lot of crowding back from west grand leading up to the toll plaza there. >>was there and says go giants are holes for opening day right here at oracle far coming up in a live report will tell you about some new features here plus what fans features here plus what fans can expect at today's game. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald.
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6:30 am
minutes so like will said take your time as you're getting out there because roadways are now beginning to be impacted by a little bit of rainfall. robin pointed out the richmond center fell bridge golden gate bridge having seen a little rain bay bridge are next in sight as for that rainfall most of it does still set off shore right now but it's slowly working its way our direction you do see a couple spots out there that are really starting to light up as far as the rainfall goes that includes have turned a up highway one eventually to daly city in ocean beach out in san francisco, there's a golden gate bridge with a few showers in the vicinity and zooming in a little bit further north up to sonoma county we're just north of the city of sonoma to eldridge if you're traveling through the valley you are looking at some areas of light rainfall right now no rainfall will predominantly remain light, but be seen in moderate spurts across the bay, especially after 07:00am this morning. you look at all that rain out there to our west ensure it looks pretty intimidating but a lot of that energy is actually going to break apart as it slowly works its way into the bay and you
6:31 am
will see these isolated areas of heavy rainfall but they're going to come through earlier on in the day than anticipated over the course of this past week. that's certainly good news. got a big game going on at one 30 today and by that time this is one 30 pm look at this. we're really starting to clear out that's not to say you won't see a few scattered showers in those seats won't be wet from the rainfall is already fallen so get out there at the rain jackets on may be a towel to wipe your seat down and overall your forecast is shaping up to be pretty good actually for the game we are seeing those conditions out there offering up around a quarter of an inch of rafall today on into tomorrow morning which will still the offering up some areas of rain and speaking of the game the season opener for the san francisco giants coming along with improving conditions and future cast. don't rule out that possibility of a shower showers will be moving out during game time so especially if you're arriving you're likely to still be seeing a few sprinkles out there one 35 pm is first pitch and around
6:32 am
that time expect some low 60's, i've got more in today's forecast rest your weekend forecast to all still to come rob and plan for those heading to the game today. i definitely recommend mass transit. >>bart knew need caltrain it's much better than driving and paying the high price for parking right. >>here the richmond center fell bridge. we have at some heavy traffic leading up to the toll plaza goes back to castro now so you're slowdowns castro. 2 minute span at 15 minutes for your average to the north bay, you need the wipers because it's raining there a bit 92, no major issues 17 minutes and growing from hayward over to the peninsula that's normal and you're bay bridge back up officially stretches out to west grand. but we are still quiet and hot spot free coming in there is a minor accident right in the tunnel looks like that's out of the way did not help but it's not a major accident. it will be under 20 minutes to make it off to fremont street will have more brits checks coming up are you will thanks a lot rob and 6.32 let's get back to opening day in san francisco. i cannot
6:33 am
wait for it to began its own 7 hours away from first pitch sarah stinson is live inside the ballpark. >>to tell us what they are giving away i think people care about that the most i like it. >>they are giving away calendars and we showed you that before we'll show you again in the next half hour. but it's an exciting day here because you know we this is now called oracle park and he knows opening day was last week for the season for the league. but it's opening day for local park right here today the home opener you can see they have the field covered up right now makingc sure doesn't get waiting case we have some rain you know in the forecast so we're monitoring that but so far so good and the biggest news what they've been working on offseason is the new scoreboard, check it out it is massive it is the biggest in the league and it makes you feel very tiny when you're next to it so now you can see
6:34 am
it from all over when i was driving to the stadium i could clearly see the opening day sign on the screen and the team will also be paying tribute during the pre game ceremony and throughout the game. some special forever giant who recently passed away including a broadcaster, hang grunwald and former manager frank robinson plus they will be paying tribute to former managing general partner a gallon. and all of us, you know we covered or before was the hall of famer, willie mccovey you know i just found out cubbies family will be here on the field. 2 us celebrate this game into on irma covey i'm in a lot of people are said to honor him on the field for the home opener home opener now it's a very special day for someone manager bruce bochy who announced earlier in the spring training that this will be his final season so he's been with the team for 13 years and 25 years in the league, so it is a big day for him i can't imagine you know your last home opener. 13
6:35 am
years of the team all the championships, he's won and we also has confirmed big day for the opening day here is they're going to have first responders from paradise paradise fires. they want to have them on the field about 50 of them get to come to the game for free and they're going to be honored for all their hard work some of them who actually lost their own homes, so talking about that we still don't know is going to make the first pitch not a surprise that office and buy have a little idea who knows so have to fall on that but we'll be here all live all morning long to show you new features including some restaurants are popping up, we'll tell you about more about that coming up and the next half hour. i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok thank you very much sara could smell the grass is so wonderful citing time for beijing times. 6.35. >>in the east bay alameda police a body in a brush fire yesterday afternoon. once they've put the fire out near veterans memorial park in alameda they found the body.
6:36 am
now they have to figure out what happened how did this person died. a 13 year-old is seriously injured in a deadly crash that happened on mount temple pious and here are the pictures the chp tweeted out from the scene. a vehicle was traveling on ridge crest boulevard it went off the roadway and down an embankment and it looks like it was very foggy at the time. the car was hundreds of feet down the hill. the driver was killed in the accident the 13 year-old passenger was rushed to the hospital but has major injuries we don't have any names yet. >>winners of the ghost ship warehouse fire of the warehouse itself rather refused to testify this week about their relationship with derick almena i along with max terrorism exercise the man on the bottom of the screen. there they're on trial for the 2016 warehouse fire in oakland that killed 36 people. each man. well each man is charged with 36 counts of involuntary
6:37 am
manslaughter. thursday prosecutors yesterday prosecutors call the 2 owners of the warehouse to ask if they leased the warehouse down nina and if they were in a new way responsible for the fire. the owners did not answer any of the questions the trial will resume next week when pools of potential jurors they will be called to the courthouse, they will fill out questionnaires and then the lawyers will begin picking the jury. now to the latest on the death of the family whose suv plunged off a cliff mendocino county last year. a coroner's jury ruled that in fact it was a murder suicide, your pictures of jennifer and sarah hart along with their 6 adopted kids the mendocino county jury were they were unanimous with the verdicts the crash happened days after authorities in washington state opened up an investigation following allegations that the couple that they were neglecting their kids. investigators found the remains of everyone except for a 15 year-old devante hart.
6:38 am
>>34 year-old david chiu pleads not guilty to premeditated murder. he's accused of putting a toxic metal into a co-worker's food and water between 2017 2018 and court documents say there's surveillance video of him putting something into that workers water bottle. the judge said official says that schumake's the million bail he still has to wear an ankle bracelet and stay away from his colleague and their workplace. and he'd also be required to surrender his passport. police were able to return thousands of dollars in cash to a man and woman. was found on the side of a road. a man and woman that is founded on the side of the road this happened. wednesday afternoon at auburn. the people down just a big wad of cash on the a $14,000 they found and they turned it in. >>so apparently what happened was some guy put all this money on the tire of his car.
6:39 am
and then he drove away in for out about it who would do that who would return a lot of people deal james, she's the one who found the money and she was like you know what at first she thought it was trash and then she opened the bag and she thought i would i would never even think of keeping a dollar that money. >>immediately thought of my grandmother who's 93 and i was like this is got to be maybe some of these life savings i live life like karma you know something like this, i wouldn't want that karma following me so. >>i feel like even you know a one dollar bill. i when you keep it because it didn't belong to me. >>that's a sweet woman write an honest woman and a stupid man. >>hope was $14,000 on their on their tire that doesn't even that. >>i want to get you did get the money back some but glad about that apparently airs always said he handles cash transactions for his business and as for the money was from. leave a cup of coffee on the
6:40 am
car roof, but you do not leave a bag of $14,000 on your tire i would do the for gary i will return all $4,000. >>$4,000 a year would be right ok days we're in the same boat, another big story ever this morning, the person who said he was timmothy pitzen who went missing and you can see a picture of pits a right there. he went missing 8 years ago. >>well it turns out to be a hoax and now his heart sick family is reliving their worst nightmare all over again, kentucky police say this man here on your screen. he's actually 23 years old, his name is brian rennie of ohio and he has a previous arrest record really allegedly told police that he in fact was timothy and that he escaped from 2 kidnappers. timothy disappeared back in 2011 when he and his mother went on a road trip that includes stops at at a water park his mom amy fry pitzen check timothy out of school on made on 5/11/2011 3 days later. her body was
6:41 am
found in a hotel room in rockford, illinois. she then died by suicide leaving behind a chilling note that said her son without was with people who love them adding quote you'll never find him over the years timothy's extended family members have had multiple leads a locations of the boy and even though this turned out to be a hoax they say they are not giving up. >>we know that you are out there somewhere tim. and we will never stop looking for you. praying for you and loving you. >>police in aurora, illinois where the real timothy us from say they will remain diligent in the search for timmothy and they too are not giving up. >>looking at your forecast ahead of us we do have showers in the vicinity and working their way into the bay already i've got more details to come. >>and of course, let you know how the rain is impacting your friday morning commute. it's not bad right now the raver itself was of a yes it's already crawling back to
6:42 am
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>>hi there everybody, i'm ryan o'donnell well now that you've downloaded the kron on out we want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your subscription now in addition to a commercial free stream of alive local news. you also have on-demand access to the crown archive check out the library section to start watching some of the most popular shows and segments including people behaving badly. >>this is for people behaving down. >>so definitely a good news for skiers and as far as we go here in the bay area, some good news for those of us sending the game today because skies, although still rainy are not going to be as rainy as anticipated, and the rain that we are going to be seeing coming through is going to do
6:46 am
so little bit sooner on in the morning as for your sunrise this morning, there's your golden glow out in the distance you've got cloudy skies overhead but a little bit of blue to him as well and now that rainfall settling in across the north coast of california zoo here on the bay you do see some areas of light rainfall working their way in over the peninsula are in county and starting to just at the very edge of the east bay showers right now around woodside up through a south san francisco and of especially over around mission district in san francisco itself, mill valley on over towards mount hammond highway one towards point raise also looking at some light rainfall right now showers will be spotty light to moderate throughout the course of this morning. and although you are seeing widespread activity out there towards 08:45am on your radar just west of us. the time it makes its way the bay, some of our heaviest of rain can be expected between 10:00am this morning. tell about 12:30pm just after you
6:47 am
much. that's when light to moderate rainfall will continue to push through by 1215 starting to see things lightning up in by game time one 30 pm for first pitch at the giants home opener you actually do have some drying skies overhead this is certainly good news. they're stepping out for the game the rest of the afternoon should come along with just a few spotty showers tomorrow morning comes with some light to moderate showers mostly before sunrise than the rest your day on saturday offers up a few areas of light rain overall saturday into sunday or looking improved compared to where we have been which has been rainy this past week. rainfall amounts over the next 24 hours will measure up to around a quarter of an inch in hayward around a 10th of an inch in san francisco. daytime highs today back up into the low 60's to mid 60's and san jose in mountain view, a familiar range, this is where we've been all week long for the most part and temperatures will remain in that same range for tomorrow sunday and monday the warmest days of your forecast into the low 70's after that temperatures fall
6:48 am
into the 60's with breezy and cooler conditions to close out the forecast. robert all right. thank you john stone a hot spot for the just come and go over this return center fell bridge camera, sometimes i can see. >>the traffic sometimes i cannot but i do know based on sensors that it is backing up out toward the castro exit. so continues to philly and just keep in mind that you're traveling on wet roads this morning watch your speed do not get the headlights and wipers i will remind you throughout the morning commute out the nagging you 21 minutes here from the tolls out a one on one the bay bridge traffic los pretty good. it's quiet. we have one little accident in the tunnel that's gone, it still stacked up be on west grand car pooling saves time those lanes are wide open. everybody else sitting in traffic in and don't forget the baseball traffic later on that's going to mix in with your commute. some of the extra heavy throughout san francisco, here's a pic of the east bay just this little stretch of crowding already berkeley emeryville 24 looks good 5.80 that minutes. no major issues for a 6.80 dublin
6:49 am
to fremont wide open and just a little pocket of crowding in the south bay, and it's only on one on one look at your drive time here 34 minutes at sucker aid from san jose to menlo park will check more coming up you, thanks a lot 6.49 the house's select committee on climate crisis held its first ever hearing this week. >>the committee called on young people from around the country to testify instead of hearing from the typical experts in the field are washington dc correspondent alexander le monde reports. >>18 year-old piper is suing the us government over climate change governments have a responsibility to protect natural resources for. for their citizens, the seattle teen was one of several young leaders who testified about the climate crisis. chris suds from north carolina told lawmakers about the devastating impact from hurricanes in his state advocate for some meaningful change too reduce the face of climate change rate.
6:50 am
republican lawmakers like george us buddy carter wonder how much impact humans have on climate change. still carter says he wants to work on a fix to make sure that future generations can enjoy the environment like we have organ congresswoman suzanne bonamici says it's important to hear from the young people. >>climate change is going to affect it's their future that's stake. >>the young people told lawmakers that while taking action on climate change may be expensive. it may cost more in the end not to take action louisiana, republican congressman garret graves said the young people will also inherit the us debt. >>lindsay cooper works with the louisiana governor's office of coastal activities in louisiana, we're not waiting for some federal. >>policy to come in and say this that we're doing work on the state level on the parish level at the individual level. >>cooper says the fact that this hearing was held at all gives her hope in washington. alexandra, mount.
6:51 am
>>now president trump is going visit california today will be at the border and as the number of migrants continues to increase sitting a strain on resources at the border, this comes after the president threatened to shut the border down. >>last week of mexico did not stop the influx of people coming to the u s but then trump, he walked a threat back on thursday instead saying he was going to closed the border because of drugs and could impose tariffs on cars coming from mexico into the u s. >>homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen who will join the president on the trip today is urging congress to work with her on the humanitarian crisis at the border. >>we can address just it starts. we don't have other parts of immigration that also need to be solved. but right now we have an emergency on our hands we need to treat it as such we were now is if we just had a cat 5 hurricane. so we're in also disaster response. i mean it really is an emergency. >>customs and border protection commissioner kevin and mcallen and says that late
6:52 am
last month they were on track to encounter more than a 100,000 migrants in march alone. >>eye on the sky over the bay area and you can see that the clouds and rain are over us in some part of the start to move in but. >>the big sellers still off the coast. we'll continue to watch the storm on this f termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
6:53 am
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>>shower activity now on the rise across the bay area seeing a lot more green out there now everything that we're seeing right now is some pretty light rainfall. rainfall pretty light right now in san francisco, but all that green to the west of us is going to be making its way our direction first of all over the peninsula and then out to the east bay after that point a little bit further north widespread showers now across marine county out even into western contra costa county were around richmond and hercules we are seeing some light shower activity. this includes the richmond san bridge, the golden gate bridge and now the bay bridge. all looking at rain at this moment. well daria. >>thanks a lot of 06:55am and check this out the cast of the show clear on i visited capitol hill this week and so of course they had to get a selfie with 2 most pro for a high profile women in congress. has bigger and services congresswoman nancy pelosi and new york rap, alexandria, ocasio-cortez pose
6:56 am
for shots with thick. >>cast, here's the reason why they would drumming up support for the equality act the proposal would bar discrimination based on gender identity sexson sectional orientation by expanding the 1964 civil rights act to track down a lot of fun. >>6.26 and still ahead a carjacking in the south bay would hear from the man who tried to fight off the teenager who stole his car. >>and 3 men take off with thousands of dollars worth of apple products and police say they didn't do it just once not even twice will give you a full count. we come right back. getting a look at the radar as we continue to track the rain moving across the bay area look at that just a heavy band of green getting closer and closer to the heart of the bay area john tribal. we'll have the full weather check when we come back. quick check of bridges you can see the san mateo bridge a little what at this time in some spots but traffic is moving along just fine the golden gate bridge. it is very glossy on the roadway take it easy out
6:57 am
there. approximately i would imagine a little more than 20
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>and here we are at 7 o'clock on a friday and daria pulse we'll tread in for james fletcher that green band is moving closer and closer to
7:00 am
the heart of the bay area and they're so far so good though as far as the committee goes the roads are still dry issue italy's or try a cameras are a little wet when i look at some of the bridge and so to not get the headlights and wipers and slow it down we know what happens with the traffic when the rain moves in can be a mess. it was just like the golden gate is >>it's certainly get a little bit more widespread first was the golden gate though, and you can see the golden gate bridge does have some wet conditions on it currently it is working its way a little bit further to the east so we're slowly getting there this has been a slow mover this morning. there's that line of showers which will and daria noted well offshore, but we are starting to see that activity spreading further and further to the east and the movement of the system says mostly directly to the east, but you are seeing some showers now a little bit more widespread up and down the coast and then especially widespread up and down one a one-timer in county from areas like sausalito in mill valley through nevada this morning and also looking at showers along the richmond center fell bridge.


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