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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  April 5, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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winners of borders and loud and clear. >>president donald trump being a visit to the southern border friday a week after threatening to shut it down mexico's the last 4 days is done more than they've ever done. now saying he believes mexico is following through on his demands for tighter security their app pre handing. >>people now by the thousands and bringing them back to their countries bring him back to where they came from well the president has left open the possibility of closing the border down the road. he says he can keep the pressure on mexico in other ways they can. but democrats argue trump's threats to close the border only make the worse. >>every time he talks about sealing the border, it produces a surge friday's trip to california comes after a bruising battle with democrats. >>over funding the wall along the southern border. >>20 states filed a motion
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thursday for a preliminary injunction to stop the use of federal funds for construction of the wall. >>after the president declared a national emergency. but the president insists a wall. it's a necessity in calexico california on comey lover now reporting. >>all right, let's get a check of the weather around the bay area time now for the 4 zone forecast with our own chief meteorologist or its colonel lawrence hey get ready for the weekend and got some showers out there right now most that life but is a couple of sunny breaks in between over the weekend never going to see a few more rain drops looks like most that coming tomorrow morning into the early afternoon then it starts to dry out, but still picking up on doppler radar. we've got some more showers moving in along the also inside the bay right now most that very very light. but certainly some more rain on the way for tonight and into tomorrow by the afternoon as we run in the 50's and low 60's in the san francisco system running a little bit below the average for this time of year 60 in daly city about 59 degrees in half moon bay inside the bay of find some 60's little muggy around the bay area with all that moisture in the air 67 degrees warming up in 62 in
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redwood city, 67 campbell 63 in saratoga about 68 degrees in san jose. so some of these numbers going to soar tomorrow even with all the cloud cover and i think that's a sign of change is coming our way as high pressure going to really begin to build a double squeeze a little more sunshine into sunday and that will dry things out some scattered light showers likely to linger and the temperatures will be a little bit cooler but by sunday there to really pop probably some upper 70's by sunday afternoon. looking nice on monday slight chance of showers on tuesday cold showers could return. next thursday. >>opening day baseball is always fun when a lot of people had a slight cold or a cough or something can go to one today that somehow they can make it to the day right good thing that the game happen or a with all the talk about the but i will say this though it may be a difficult year for the giants watching this team now it's already been a rough start but here's to hoping that a trip back
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home. it's a pleasant reset go to oracle park its grand debut. some very emotional pregame festivities first a tribute to the late great willie mccovey number 44 adorned with a wreath his family on hand for a ceremony at first base giants manager bruce bocce in his final home opener the skipper stepping away after this season threw out the first pitch pablo sand of all on the other and one of many farewells in line for the man that's one of 3 world championships now to the game. nightmare start for derek rodriguez first inning raise already up one zip began dds get a hold of one rocket to deep left tampa 3 nothing and then on the very next batter more damage. kevin here meyer deep and true to center field 437 feedback. this is all with 2 outs raise take a 4 zip lead. fast forward to the 7th tampa 5, one some life from the giants offense steven duggar leases a double to left. ron comes in giants within 3 setting the stage for some late drama in the 9th giants down 5, 2, 2 on for
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evan longoria the former rain with the chance to be the hero. flies out to right that's your ball game 5 to raise your final giant to lose a 3rd straight back at it tomorrow until then let's hear from bruce bocce. >>that's a ways go to bat, you know guys get walks things like that and with symbols order. at's some tough luck there. we like to say that person that there's a difference in the ballgame and i'm sure. >>is in houston right now highlights later on a big weekend for college basketball into a women's final 4 1st near money alone sabrina ionescu meeting or oregon ducks against top dealer great moment, and the 1st half duck down 3, 3, ball and the fao org enough one of the break. back and forth down the stretch for the bears prevailed sq held scoreless in the 4th baylor moves on 70 to 67, awaits the winner of uconn
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notre dame. let's now talk some more years the world champs back home tonight playing the camps in these moments at oracle need to be treasured only 2 regular seasons games season games left at the arena. >>tonight and sunday against the clippers. here's a look back at the franchise's storied history at the place that's come to be known as oracle. >>they were known as the san francisco warriors but for their first decade of a play their home games in various venues, including the newly build oakland coliseum to 3 years. >>i realize that lawyers. >>have a home in 1971 owner franklin merely move the team to oakland, changing their name to the golden state warriors. >>coming to a brand new although it was a across the bridge from where i live was a godsend and i think that the arena was definitely a place to play basketball. and of course we attract a bigger better and more and it was just a cry for years fans had
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plenty to cheer about the franchise made the playoffs in 6 out of 7 years we had. >>along >>with thurmond came another warriors legend. area is one that actually put the warriors a on the map. it was one of the greatest talents are march night in 1974 stands out to you in a group. >>everything's flowing are things going well everything feels good. the moment, the ball touches my hands. i just kind of feel like soon as it leaves my hand i know that's going in the basket. >>should happen more often a career-high 64 points against the portland trail blazers the next season, the warriors went all the way first battling the chicago bulls a series that went the distance. >>number 7 just like our fans there's back to our.
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>>7 game against chicago were tied 3, 3, war there's then humiliated the heavily favored washington bullets, winning championship. sweeter. >>because of a scheduling conflict, the warriors home games were played not at the coliseum but at the cow palace in daly city for decades would pass before another championship pennant would be hoisted into the coliseum rafters. >>those rafters began to shake in 2007. >>dollars >>under coach don nelson's leadership point guard baron davis exploded. >>the >>the cheers only grew louder in the era of steam steph curry clay thompson, kevin durant and draymond green. the
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day's team a lead dominating dynasty. 2017 the coliseum made history again so the first time that area franchise had won a title in its home with venue to the oakland athletics, and hopefully this season ends with another championship at oracle then more memories can be made back in san francisco at the state of the art chase center can pan. >>does a nice piece to she has very fun to see all that old all video great memories that all right, thank you mark. >>coming joe biden making jokes about consent in his first public appearance amid accusations that he's made some women feel uncomfor
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>>joe biden made his first public appearance since allegations surface said he has made some women feel uncomfortable in the past. taking the stage at the international brotherhood of electrical workers in washington. i gave a hug and then jokes he had permission to do so later made the same joke after calling a group of children up to the stage. this on the same day that biden gave e partial qualified apology for his actions. i'm not sorry for any my
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intentions. >>not sorry for anything that i >>today biden hinted that he's getting close to a decision on running for president in 2020, but he says wants to be the last one to announce. >>shots fired. coming up police release frightening body cam video officers thought they were there to help but had no idea what they were walking into and if you are streaming us on the crime on at the news continues during the termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good?
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oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>newly released body camera video shows a frightening situation in the atlanta area as police showed up 2 of a standoff situation left 3 people dead and 2 officers injured again this is near atlanta cloud forest grant lotus is here with a video showing officers forcing entry into a home and in countering gunfire their grant can some of the most intense video you're ever going to see these body cameras really change the game in this was. >>extremely violent so heads up first of all if you if you have young kids around this video is graphic. these officers were responding to a report of an unresponsive woman who was bleeding inside a home. and when they forced entry into that home they were met with bullets. >>the most visible inside. red
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kick in the door was shot in the chest and the hit another officer was shot in the hand whilst using a tree for cover they. raj there to get an injured officer out this whole thing lasted for 15 hours a long standoff, a swat team eventually entered the home. the woman's 16 year-old son was killed. >>as was the preenant woman again that was the initial call a woman bleeding inside the home, she was pregnant she died her 16 year-old son was killed as well. suspected gunman. found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound this body camera video also captured police you saw the 4th that's the guy who shot in the head right there is hiding behind a tree, then he gets hit in the head. you saw break open his fears that the rescue
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officer, you guys out he had been shot twice just that a wild chaotic scene terrifying really police later said the officers thought they were just going there to help someone. >>who is bleeding really had no idea what they were walking into death. quickly going to self-defense in attack mode, the officers who were shot are expected to fully physically recover amazing pen can back to you. >>alright grant thank you only on con for tonight, we want to talk about robo calls those annoying computer generated recordings they are getting more sophisticated now employing something called neighbor spoofing to make the incoming number look familiar and easier to trust and they are happening more often than ever before according to the washington post. america's got more than 5.2 billion robo calls last month. that is a record 16 calls for every single person in this country all right joining us to talk
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about this and what we can do to try to fight back and break it all down is geoffrey fowler technology columnist with the washington >>help pay for it we get into how we can stop them just tell us how bad it is because we all know we all get them. this is a national tech emergency and has never been as bad as it is right now maybe we've reached the peak or maybe it's going to look from here but 16 calls to every man woman and child in america. last month i personally near san francisco got 30 while highways in our government been able to stop this a good question that hasn't been a priority. there's a lot of sort of finger pointing between different government agencies but this week actually the congress started to actually debate some legislation that might make an impact might make it easier to go after some of these criminals and also forced the telecom companies to put in technology to identify when someone is spoofing a number one the pretending to be someone else. yeah because we get a phone number for a bay area area code and we take it somebody that we might know or business or something like that and
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then all of a sudden it's completely different to recording or whatever i get out of this and the good news though for everyone here right now is there is technology that you can put on your phone activity on your life that might help all right. what is that and how much does it cost. well, let's start with the stuff that's free that's the best place to start and as of this week actually the 3 biggest cares in the us that a t n t verizon and t mobile now all offer free services that you can activate i got structures in my column on the post that if you can click on to explain how to do it, but you download an app you tell you want the free service and you can make it work so we have a graphic up that shows what you're talking about so there's something circle know walk us through this of this what i'm doing here is that rise in version of this which jest became free this week ago and you he go to the app store you see what the brazen call filtering out and you think you're tell you want the free version of it and what they'll do is they'll start blocking some of that if the cause that you don't want to get particularly the ones that are known to be fraudulent in
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nature him any a mask and yes, so that's level one you can go deeper in this though if you want there are lots of apps in the app store. for both android and i o s that will help you block further numbers. i would say be a little now those were great i've been testing them for the past couple weeks. some of them just want your data is a definitely check out the reviews check out my reviews if you want to help you kind of guy through though some people have landlines older people maybe don't even have you know cell phones yaz to ram lines are a whole other pickle a half technology minister front of the technology to block the cause is not as good. my favorite thing is called nomo rebuttal as and no more. world robo call them. and jack that's free only works if you have one of those phone systems voice of right, you know john oliver did a thing on his show on hbo and he set up a roble co machine to call the fcc to complain about robocalls did that have any effect and i guess it shows just how easy it is to do this washington is starting to listen. i mean i can tell you that i work for the washington post and my
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story about this has been on top of our web site all day long so they're really starting to pay attention and one other thing that consumers can do to let washington know we care is there's a do not track or do not call list sorry, and if you register on that it might nodo a time keep these things from coming in, but at least it tells the government i care about this and you should too is there any punishment or. >>and you know any but penalty for the company's of people who are doing the says by law they're supposed to be but it's so hard to enforce this is the nature of the internet right and this is what's causing so many problems across the internet. >>that really cheap and really easy to set up one of the systems you oftentimes overseas and displaced thousands of calls in a minute but here's what i don't understand everybody complains when you get a robo call usually hang up the block the number and so on why did these companies bother doing it is they're like the one in a million person actually takes the call and response. you got it the same reason why you still get spam in your e-mail there's always somebody out there and some of the scams are actually pretty good looks
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to be on the lookout for what's to come around tax day they're going to tend to be the irs. the irish will not call you please do respond to any of these some of them go after you know communities that maybe aren't as informed by get a lot of men chinese i get a lot of them are targeting immigrants are targeting different kinds of people who might not you know know the way things work in the us so be careful out there. all right jeffrey fowler technology reporter for the washington post. thank you very hope there some success on the efforts in congress. >>thank and your time. still ahead tonight 6 scores of goats making a late night run for it in the south bay animal control calls in a special assistant. >>to try to get them back home and con for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet. here's what you're missing. 35 years. to make it out of there. >>county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>billy about 50 goats escaped from a yard in los altos hills last night in santa clara county sheriffs tweeted out this video of the goes being herded back to their own or with the help pallekele animal control and their sheep dog is still unknown how they manage to goat away get a nice place, however, none of the animals
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was harmed during their it venture no word on whether that she does get paid overtime for that late night roundup probably got a couple extra scooby snacks in doing that don't seem to be happy just follow the dog like ok time to go >>plenty of grass team those everywhere to go but 8 on this weekend, maybe some folks looking for a little sunshine want to get away we've got try and look for some sunshine for you not so much in the monterey bay are 50's and some 60's there still. >>a few scattered showers in that direction how about southern california find some sunshine a couple clouds almost 70 degrees in los angeles 71 in santa barbara 69 in anaheim high country be careful get up there. some snow falling there now more on the way for tomorrow as well temperature 46 degrees beautiful, south lake tahoe, 42. in the truckee a winter weather advisory continues there until 9 o'clock tonight, maybe another 2 to 4 inches of snowfall across the sierra nevada and they are chaining up on 80 was just checking that right now so we've got more clouds you've got some more scattered showers as we
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look from tehran, even a couple raindrops there on the lands and more overnight tonight you can see more widely scattered showers throughout the night tonight that's what we're seeing right now more rain drops falling out there and they will continue to move on through nothing really to stop it for right now so more rain on the way for tomorrow and then on sunday, the rain line begins to shift this hi pressure starts to build in. that's just in the temperatures up quite a bit i think sunday afternoon in the upper 70's, some the warmest parts of the bay area so some good weather and at least a couple of days some dry weather slight chance of showers again by next tuesday. >>i think you know i thank you for being with us tonight at 6 if you're watching us on the new crop. average straight ahead on bay area sports night. we'll see it tonight.
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>> they're throwing the book at him. >> how did the cruel hoaxer get all of that information about the little boy's disappearance? >> he told agents that he learned this information from watching a 20/20 episode. and the race to save the american woman kidnapped on safari. >> what do you do when kidnappers on the other side of the world have taken your loved one. >> drive. drive. >> wait until you see what happened to this couple. then, game on. what joe biden is saying today after the president's shocking retweet. plus, math teacher fired after posing topless for her boyfriend. >> why should i not be


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