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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 6, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>this is like she was trying to win 5 in life. and them dogs us oh my >>3 pit bulls was attacking and like trying to kill us. >>now attend a brutal mauling in solano county after 3 pit bulls attacked a 47 year-old woman and a 3 year-old son good evening, i'm jay are stopped and i'm just involved in this happened yesterday afternoon at a home in valais how both victims suffered major injuries. >>kron four is gail long is live in valais whoa tonight and tell you spoke with a witness to this attack actually called 911 what did she tell us.
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>>that's right just seen nj are the witnesses the next door neighbor. she says she did not even know the jobs are there. but police are praising her for her quick actions. and she tells us the woman who was attacked is the sister of the person who apparently owns the pit bulls. >>really stressful. their doors hutcherson is still in disbelief and i saw this late on the ground and it's like she was struggling to find enough are live. and i saw them dogs us oh my 3 pit bulls was attacking the attack happened as doors was heading home around 5 30 friday afternoon. >>she heard a woman screaming at her next door neighbor's home and called 911 right away it was 3 pit bulls. >>and they would just pull in on the baby and she was trying to protect the baby with the body. so she was land on and they just drug her although against the fence and
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everything. >>doors grabbed the chair to see over the fence which she shares with her neighbor at one point door says husband steve grab his golf club and tap on the neighbor's gate to distract the dogs away the 2 yellow small dogs they let loose and came to the fence and you know. >>try to get the but i you know kept got to get besides get median beating holland screening so to get the blood on the when officers arrived they found a woman and child. >>in the backyard being attacked by the dogs. they were pit bull terriers each weighing about 40 to 50 pounds. the officers used pepper spray and physical force animal care control officers took them away the little boy and mother suffered major injuries and are recovering in the hospital saw the shoes on the ground she was trying to protect the bay because the dogs were trying to. >>killer. >>we're told the mother and child had surgery yesterday and are in stable condition at this point boy police say the
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owner of the pit bulls face no charges the dogs are with animal care. it is still unknown what set them off live in boy hotel on kron 4 news. >>tonight a closer look at the christmas day officer-involved shooting that left a woman dead newly released body camera footage shows the woman's final actions before san jose police say they were forced to open fire. the district attorney ruled this week that the 4 officers involved that their actions were justified. according to a 62 page report officer shot add jennifer vasquez 37 times hitting her 14 times in the head chest arm and shoulder. also a passenger in the vehicle was hit by bullets. kwan forestall bello has our story. >>immediately after jennifer
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vasquez crashes the stolen car she was driving into fence, jose police officers shout several commands. despite those repeated orders vasquez rocks, the v a. >>back and forth into the >>as she tries to free herself. now as then backs into one patrol getting another. officers opened fire 37 times. >>according to the 62 page report released by the santa clara district attorney when officers opened fire they believe vasquez was involved in an earlier shooting and was armed, when they tried to pull her over vasquez sped off leading officers on a 9 mile chase, the reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour prosecutor david boyd said in the report quote nothing jennifer vasquez did dispelled the reasonable suspicion that she was exactly who the police were looking
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for he continued quote vasquez his behavior revealed she was going to use the car in order to escape. >>4 officers involved have been cleared. >>is his family plans to address the public in the coming days in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news. >>funeral services are set for tomorrow for reverend james matthews rector of the cathedral of christ the light in oakland. the diocese of oakland announced the arrangements today matthews died last saturday of an apparent heart attack he was 70 years old. a recession of the hearst from saint benedict church to the cathedral will take place in one 30 sunday afternoon, a viewing will take place at the cathedral from 4 to 6 a vigil and interfaith gathering will follow. oakland mayor libby schaaf us representative barbara lee and former oakland mayor, a lee who hair are expected to deliver remarks. monday night
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at 7 there also be a mass of christian burial. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast, here's a look at storm tracker foreign as you can see dry conditions for us here in the bay area but some shower activity to our north. so we are going to notice, mild temperatures tonight on live look outside from the south bay of san jose noticing that blanket of cloud cover temperatures slowly starting to dip into the upper 50's even some low 60's in san jose and oakland out there this evening. but expect widespread low to mid 50's for overnight lows. i am tracking warmer temperatures out there this evening thanks to that blanket of cloud cover and that cloud cover is going to continue to start out your sunday morning but then by the afternoon expect some clearing it is going to be a mostly cloudy day. but temperatures will warm up to slightly above average from coastal to inland areas of future cast is going to show some light scattered showers expected tonight during the overnight hours even continuing into your
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sunday morning, mainly for those of you in the north bay, really just bringing traces amount of rain the rest of the bay area remains dry in fact noticing some clearing by sunday afternoon. but that cloud cover is still going to hang tight for those of you in the north bay by monday we're all going to notice that thick blanket of cloud cover because i am tracking another weak storm system set to arrive by monday afternoon. first in the north bay bringing light to moderate rain becoming more widespread for the rest of the bay area. details on this storm and what to expect for your work week ahead in just a few minutes just seen back to you. thanks so much new repair work is underway on the richmond san rafael bridge after yet more concrete tumble down yesterday. >>large chunks of concrete fell down onto the lower deck and forced to eastbound lanes to shut down causing a major traffic backup. now this section of the bridge is not the same area were concrete fell back in february after an expansion join failed. it's unclear what caused the concrete to fall yesterday.
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>>a scary crash caught on video of the late hope uber driver and his passenger. are lucky to walk away after being team owned early thursday morning and now the search is on for a pair of suspects kron four stand spoke with that uber driver about his terrifying crash. >>ash than. >>justine when you see the surveillance video it is remarkable that anybody was able to walk away from this. i spoke with that over driver who tells me this was a frightening ordeal, and he just wants to 2 people who ran off to be caught. i hope police are looking for 2 suspects after this a black he a smashing into the side of darrelle parker's car fast to be scared, but it was scary moment, i went out. >>can you relate happen. parker says this happened when he was driving a passenger for uber thursday morning around 5. he was trying to make a turn from mississippi street on to sacramento street when he was struck. you see videos all the hughes who was somewhat they're fools of
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people. i'm somebody's son is arriving. >>just to be one the wood has a lot of this is this is crazy. >>the surveillance video from a neighbor then shows the suspects in the getting out of their car and running off. they didn't stop to see if anyone was ok it isn't says. >>talking to. >>parker says his shoulder and his knee were hurt in the crash. his passenger was also frightened by the sudden strike on a semester neocons who me this is going to court parker's honda accord has been left mangled. he says it's going to take a while for him to feel comfortable getting behind the wheel. let alone driving for uber. >>now neighbors tell me this is a dangerous area for drivers and they're hoping that something could be done to fix this problem. as for police there right now reviewing the surveillance video to identify the
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suspects, reporting in delay helped and thorn kron 4 news a kid and new details on the death of the hart family whose suv plunged off a cliff in mendocino county last year. >>reports are now showing some of what was happening in the suv just before jennifer hart row for 6 adopted children in their family suv off of a cliff. jennifer his wife sarah sat in the passenger seat looking of different ways to end a life. and now this information comes just days coroner's jury ruled. it was a murder suicide. the mendocino county jury. were in unanimous with the verdict that came down on thursday. the crash happened days after authorities in washington state opened an investigation following allegations that the couple was neglecting their children. investigators found the remains of everyone except for a 15 year-old devante hart. >>in national news tonight, president donald trump touched down in los vegas today where he spoke at the republican jewish coalition's annual
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membership that leadership membership, the the president also hyped up the crowd by talking down his democratic political opponents. >>the president accused democrats of misleading israel and allowing quote and tyson summit to take root. >>democrats have even allowed and the terrible school lunch of anti semitism to take root in their party and in their country. >>the president also took aim at freshman democratic yuan omar. somalian born muslim congressman who's been rebuked by republicans for comments that were perceived as anti semitic. >>also today, the trump administration announced that it could take up to 2 years to identify additional immigrant family. the 40's separated at the southern border that timeline was revealed for the first time in documents filed
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friday night in january a government watchdog report revealed, there could be thousands of additional families not previously acknowledged by officials. a federal judge ruled last month. this group should be included in a class action lawsuit over family separations the government's planned says finding them is difficult because none of the children and the government custody anymore and tracking didn't begin until last april officials plan to use a combination of data analysis and manual case reviews to identify the families. >>housing crisis is forcing parents of quintuplets to move again how the family of 9 is facing their next new challenge. >>and 2 burglars targeted the home of los angeles rams coach sean mcvay we'll hear from one of his neighbors after the break. >>and if you want to skip all the commercials and get more news during our breaks make sure your streaming us birth to quintuplets
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just over a year ago now the family of 9. >>which already moved out of the town where they lived and mountain house which is near tracy is having to relocate again. >>housing crisis is pushing them even farther away crime
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force. michelle kingston shows us how the family is facing this next new challenge. it's a lot of work. >>amy campbell is the definition of a busy beautiful baby of them quintuplets born just over a year now amy and her husband cheddar facing a new challenge their is selling a house they call home or they pay just 1600 a month for 7 years that so. >>unheard of. for right now so we know how fortunate we chad commutes about 120 miles a day spending at least 3 hours in the car, commuting from there now and house home to his job in san mateo that campbell's now join the thousands of bay area residents moving out even thinking about leaving the state altogether it's a closer live in poverty. we can move farther out i can add to continue. i drive drove home to him the ultimate and i look around me. >>and you see dead look everybody's faces.
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>>miserable the couple's don't want a temporary spot wherever they go from here will be home for good. for sudan. no well gracing get real and present. >>to spend 3 hours a day on the road and that's too as they get older, i don't want. our kids to be at their games and look up in the bleachers and i'm stuck on the ultimate until 07:00pm the campbells have about 6 weeks to pack up and find home that one house michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in southern california 2 burglars targeted the home of the los angeles rams coach sean mcvay. >>his home in encino was burglarized on thursday night. surveillance video showed 2 masked men, leaving his house carrying a bag. they were picked up by a black suv and now one neighbor want stronger police presence in the area.
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>>i think that we need more police resources in the neighborhood. the other thing would be obviously that neighbors need to band together. and try to alert other neighbors if they see suspicious things happening. it's not clear exactly what was stolen from mcveigh's home. >>well happening tomorrow, hundreds of runners will be hitting the pavement along san francisco's waterfront. the annual rock and roll marathon is tomorrow morning starting at pier, 35 it goes north beach down bay street across crissy field and over the golden gate bridge and then back it ends that aquatic park, several roads, the area will be closed during that race. >>weather forecast now with our meteorologist not theresa rodriguez who's got a look at that rock and roll marathon forecast but i hope the runners for sleeping right the up rain early yeah, they will, but fortunately dry conditions and mild starting out in the 50's for those of you taking part in that rock n roll
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marathon and warming up into the mid 60's by the afternoon light and breezy wind speeds around 15 miles per hour or less and. >>today's daytime highs. we're a few degrees above average over all with the exception of santa rosa. actually 5 degrees below average just because of all those light showers that you saw this morning that increase in cloud cover actually cooled you down because you did get the bulk of the wet weather today really just traces amount of rain. storm tracker for is right now tracking dry conditions. plenty of cloud cover out there right now keeping our temperatures relatively warm even for this 10 o'clock hour but those light showers will eventually make its way as far south as the north bay throughout tonight during the overnight hours and even into your sunday morning. expect some light rain mainly along the coastal areas of the north bay but then the rest of the bay area will remain dry and actually clear out by your sunday afternoon helping temperatures warm up to about 5 degrees above normal future cast is going to show some
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changes on monday that is going to be the day that we will notice a widespread blanket of cloud cover because another weak storm system is set to impact the bay area. first arriving in the north bay bringing light to moderate rain and then for the rest of the bay area during your early evening commute by monday night. and we will notice on again off again light scattered showers so expect about a quarter of an inch of rain or less for those of you in the north and really just races amount of rain for the rest of the bay area for your monday overall drier conditions on tuesday and here's a live look outside downtown san francisco's city hall out in the distance and we are noticing. thanks to the blanket of clouds warmer temperatures out there this evening where i am seeing why spread upper 50's even some low 60's for downtown san francisco oakland and even san jose but we're all going to cool down into the low to mid 50's tonight because of that blanket of clouds but overall drier weather. we are in spring and i do have to mention this pollen outlook because i am tracking some
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medium to high amounts of pollen levels increasing specifically with these top 3 allergens mulberry oak and ash those are going to be the top 3 that you need to watch out for for tomorrow and tomorrow's daytime highs, warming up that holding steady for those of you in downtown san francisco but above average 66 degrees. oakland flirting with 70's at 69 degrees for your afternoon highs and san jose warming up into the mid 70's so well above average for you for this time of year. and tomorrow's daytime highs, widespread 70's for the interior valleys and 60's right along the coast. so as we take a look ahead at our next 10 at 10 forecast. i am tracking possible showers lingering through tuesday morning. but overall it is going to be a drier and cooler day in the forecast. wednesday, not that much of a change even with that sunshine but then we will notice cooler temperatures on thursday, but overall slight chance of rain by next sunday, but a drier weather pattern outlook for
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the bay area in the coming 10 days back to jack just thank agrees that coming up southwest airlines is expanding its service to hawaii from the bay area what you need to know before you bk your next flight. >>that's when we come back. >>and one university is offering a new class called angry white male studies. wha
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>>welcome back we'll check your pantry for cans of tomato
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paste which may contain mold voluntary recall for 6 ounce cans of hunt's tomato paste the company says consumers made them aware of the issue. the press release conagra says it believes the items that may have been damaged after the canning process had been completed only cans in the us with no salt added an expiration date of october 1620 20 are affected. conagra says it is working to make sure no more of the cans are sold in stores. washington state is joined california and several other states and raising the age to use tobacco products. governor jay inslee signed a bill into law yesterday raising the minimum age on tobacco purchases from 18 to 21. he was surrounded by students legislatures and health advocates inslee said that its much easier to prevent young people from becoming addicted and to treat addiction or disease later in life. the bill which also
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covers cigarettes and vaping products goes into effect on january first 2020 8 other states have passed similar bills justine. >>a new class is being offered at the university of kansas and it's raising some eyebrows. it's a new course a degree white male 's called studies course charts the rise of anger in white men in america and britain since the 1950's and explores the deeper sources and manifestations of this emotional state. it is supposed to be examining how dominant and subordinate masculine the knees connect to the modern right space movements of women, people of color homosexuals and trans individuals. the prerequisite for this class is women, gender and sexually studies. >>what is is israel not something out. >>take this sounds like interesting class and hopefully can fit into my schedule is it to take it's a here. >>a congressman from wichita
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dislikes this class and put out this tweet instead of a course to unite people and empower women kaye you has decided to offer class that divides the student population and could pose a title 9 violation by creating a hotile campus environment based on gender. >>next it turns out of civil war era cannon on display at a museum for decades was actually live in dangerous all those years. how museum staff finally found out about it when we come back. >>and a youth leader in the community is now behind bars on child-sex charges. well planned out break. i have your 10 at 10 forecast tracking
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 a once trusted youth leader in the community arrested on child-sex charges in san jose won for sweeps of all reports on an inappropriate relationship between a youth basketball coach and young girl, one that was recently exposed and it has now landed that coach in jail. >>53 year-old david kaiser's future with youth as a coach with the nonprofit national junior basketball league is in serious jeopardy. last sunday, the san jose police department arrested him at his home on mount carmel drive. he was charged with multiple felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor that's really surprising. some of
10:31 pm
kaiser's neighbors were willing to share their reaction to his incarceration but preferred to remain anonymous said to sickens me and you know children the police department's internet crimes against children and child exploitation detail carried out the investigation. it started the same day kaiser was arrested when police say detectives learned kaiser had allegedly sexually assaulted a 12 year-old girl multiple times over a one year period they innocent. they don't know. >>groom them that you know that that they love them or whatever they do i mean they know how to do it and they know how to get a child to do something that they shouldn't be doing and they don't and they make them feel guilty for police say kaiser coached in the arm and an area of san jose. >>multiple neighbors saying this case is particularly distressing because they say kaiser is a father himself with 3 young kids i just have no words when i hear about it
10:32 pm
i just very teary and it for the child, in their family because it never goes away. never records show kaiser is currently being held here at the santa clara county main jail without bail. in san jose fully to call kron 4 news casts. >>well taking a live look outside pretty tonight a barca dare i don't see any rain right now as we're talking weather. i can tell you i saw a lot of my friends are up in the sierra today posting all sorts of video and there and there's nobody on the hills, it was there was really the time to be you know because there's snow on the ground but it was empty, this isn't a big weekend for skiing. >>a 100 people are waiting for spring break or. >>they said it was great they said it was great, you know it's spring people are associating of the things with spring but they had a great time still lots of snow on the ground yet and we're going to
10:33 pm
have. >>that snow for a while and then all the way through summer so enjoy it while you can take advantage of the beautiful weather in this year as storm tracker for right now tracking very dry conditions but they said that blanket of clouds i am keeping an eye on warmer temperatures here in the bay area and also for your sierra forecast all clear with the exception of high cloud cover for you as well, but dry overall for your sunday, so partly cloudy skies warming up into the mid 50's and even monday. we are going to notice some light rain making its way into this year bringing us about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less and then we are going to see some wet snow arrive to this year on tuesday. so expect that make sure of rain showers and snow showers very light accumulations there but take a look at how the temperature drop us a good 15 degrees from monday into tuesday and golden gate bridge right now seeing very dry and clear conditions know low clouds and fog to contend with just that upper level clouds and with that warmer temperatures because it's acting like a blanket right
10:34 pm
now to really warm up the bay area upwards of 6 degrees of warming for interior valleys and temperatures still in the upper 50's with the exception of oakland and san jose low 60's for you outside so enjoy the nice lights weather weather out there right now and also we're going to notice overnight lows cooling down into the low 50's so we are also going to see cooler temperatures tonight but whether we are going to notice though that cloud cover increasing throughout the day not really staying put we are going to see temperatures in the mid 60's for downtown san francisco still holding steady there. but overall everyone else in the bay area warming up very nicely half moon bay 66 degrees. burlingame and millbrae in the upper 60's for you foster city 60 degrees paulo all to in the mid 60's and now view low 70's for your afternoon highs, san jose and campbell 76 degrees so well above average and widespread low 70's right along the coast hayward 70 degrees and
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livermore 73 degrees for your afternoon highs, oakland, 69 degrees light and breezy winds around 15 miles per hour or less napa 69 degrees in santa rosa, warming up into the 70's for your sunday afternoon. let's take a look at your game day forecast because the san francisco giants we'll play against the tampa bay rays first pitch at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and temperatures at oracle park expected to be in the low 60's, mostly cloudy skies, breezy winds as we take a look ahead at the next 70 forecast and tracking some light scattered showers on monday. i mean we bring about a quarter of an inch of rain or less than the north bay traces amount for the rest of the bay area but tuesday, looking dry could see some light scattered hit or miss showers by tuesday morning and then on wednesday. we are going to notice the dip in temperatures through thursday, but it looks like our next chance of wet weather won't arrive until around a week from tomorrow, so overall april looking a lot drier, especially compared to march.
10:36 pm
much welcome news insights for us here with that plenty of atmosphere grevers unfortunately, none of those in the forecast that we are tracking that drier conditions and yellow. finally they were done with that term atmosphere rivers, tired of a yemeni to showers or find >>we don't like right but sailing from here. thank you some of well southwest airlines is expanding its service to hawaii from the bay area it will launch a direct flight from oakland. >>2 koppel louis tomorrow that first flight will arrive at 2 in the afternoon, southwest first flight from maui to oakland what happened on monday afternoon and then in may southwest, the lunch service between maui in san jose, southwest airlines first launch flights from oakland to honolulu last month. >>well guess kansas museum made a surprising discovery. he found a civil war era cannonball on display you can see right here. he alerted
10:37 pm
staff that it was live and dangerous. this cannibal has been on display at the trading post museum since the 1980's museum staff said they never thought it might be dangerous. visitor pointed out that there should be a hole in the cannonball he said there is no visible proof it's disarmed, and it could be filled with explosives. >>a kind of out and he said don't touch it. also about that. >>okay a bomb squad did come to the museum and determined that yes it could be live. they detonated it. a short time later. wrong on the job and officer showed up for training with a little too much
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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>>detroit's police chief is looking for some answers as to why one of its officers showed up to training drunk and the way was busted well it's pretty unbelievable kimberly craig has the story. eyes and showed out. >>to work under the influence of alcohol. >>the detroit police officer was in lansing with his partner participate in training by michigan state police on the use of a breathalyzer and at one point we're told he volunteered for a demonstration. perhaps not realizing that was a poor decision because he was drunk is a. >>this can state police training.
10:41 pm
>>this happened yesterday because he did not have his gun on him and enjoyed their his partner did michigan state police say the officer was not arrested. but he was told the obvious he cannot be intoxicated in police training and detroit police chief james craig said he's getting to the bottom of this problem. and any other internal issues. no matter how deep they go i want know what the values are. >>are at the command level. going to take action and consistent with that. >>that was kimberly craig reporting for us tonight a different officer still in her probationary period was arrested last week for allegedly selling drugs. >>sweet goodbye, the golden state warriors are celebrating their final regular season at oracle arena after the break we will take a look back at that the biggest moments from
10:42 pm
the teens, almost former. >>and coming up in sports. we the giants both in action today also we'll have the results play their
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
last regular season game at oracle arena. >>and the warriors of head of a special celebrations for
10:45 pm
dubs fans kron 4 sports director mark carpenter takes us through the 5 decades of warriors history. >>they were known as the san francisco warriors but for their first decade of a play their home games in various venues, including the newly build oakland coliseum to 3 years. >>i realize that lawyers. >>have a home in 1971 owner franklin merely move the team to oakland changing their name to the golden state warriors. >>coming to a brand new although it was a across the bridge from where i live was a godsend and i think that the arena was definitely a place to play basketball. and of course we attract a bigger and better and more and it was just a cry for years fans had plenty to cheer about the franchise made the playoffs in 6 out of 7 years we had. >>along
10:46 pm
>>with thurmond came another warriors legend. >>marriott he's the one that actually put the warriors a on the map. it was one of the greatest talents are march night in 1974 stands out to you in a group. >>everything's flowing are things going well everything feels good. the moment, the ball t uches my hands. i just kind of feel like soon as it leaves my hand i know that's going in the basket. >>should happen more often a career-high 64 points against the portland trail blazers the next season, the warriors went all the way first battling the chicago bulls a series that went the distance. >>number 7 just like our fans there's back to our. >>7 game against chicago were tied 3, 3, war there's then humiliated the heavily favored washington bullets, winning
10:47 pm
nba championship. sweeter. >>because of a scheduling conflict, the warriors home games were played not at the coliseum but at the cow palace in daly city for decades would pass before another championship pennant would be hoisted into the coliseum rafters. >>those rafters began to shake in 2007. >>dollars >>under coach don nelson's leadership point guard baron davis exploded. >>the >>the cheers only grew louder in the era of steve kerr steph curry clan thompson, kevin durant and draymond green. the day's team a lead dominating dynasty. 2017 the coliseum made history again so the first time that area franchise
10:48 pm
had won a title in its home with venue since the oakland athletics, >>let's hope they can get that free 3 peat doubt to the baseball field after a very impressive series against the red sox where they've won 3 of 4. they hit the road for a 10 game road trip it started in beantown yesterday where they lost to the opener of the red sox today, aaron brooks at the start for oakland. bottom of the 5th was picking up their astro's up byron george springer. he hits a high line-drive deet to left field was way back spring his 3rd home run of the season astro's up by 3. still in the 5th. michael brantley is going to launch want to deep right field. that's way out of here that lands in the second deck astro's extend their lead to 5
10:49 pm
nothing astros were back in another. it will go on to shut out the a 6 to nothing oakland's lost 2 in a row. let's head over to oracle park giants hosting the rays in their second home game of the season. the bottom of the 5th down a run, stephen ricks a line drive into right field. joe panik scores. they're going to waive connor joe all all the way in from first, he gets in safely. the giants take the lead. still in the 5th brandon belt, he's going to go opposite field for that one just cleared the wall belts 3rd home run of the year giant put up 4 runs in the 5th they go on to be tampa 6 to 4. they will play the rubber match tomorrow afternoon. i'm not sure about you, but it took about 2 hours from my bracket to be busted at this point i'm just reading for some fun games. well we had 2 of them tonight, chris beard and the texas tech red raiders taking on tom izzo and mission michigan state spartans 2nd
10:50 pm
half texas tech by 9 matt mooney that's down the trains. texas tech alum in kansas city chiefs and the reigning mvp. patrick mahomes loving what he sees as 3 minutes ago, michigan state claw-back that makes it a one-point game will that layup a minute left texas tech up for us, garrett called her from beyond the arc he's going to be a lottery draft pick in the nba next year texas tech, they upset michigan state, 6151. now the final is set and we'll see who they play in this next highlight coming up right here. this is uva taking on all burned bruce paul then it. we have a good one pick it up in the 2nd half that 3 pointer is all part of a 12 nothing all over him run, and they take the lead 11 seconds left uva down for kyle guy barry's the corner threes that brings virginia to within one. now one half seconds left calm guy in the corner is no good but.
10:51 pm
tough break their samir dougherty. he gets 3 foul shots and guess what folks he made all 3 uva up 1 one last chance for all burned they can't get a good look. stun the tigers don't move on to monday's night we have it's a uva texas tech who call that one a couple weeks ago now to the shark tank the devour and the san jose sharks looking to finish the regular season off on a high note they've been struggling a bit second period tied at 2. kevin labanc backhands 3 to sharks over the avalanche, 3rd period. look this shot. that extends the lead to 2 sharks will power on another one and they go on to beat the avalanche 5 to 2. the next stop sharks will take on the las vegas golden knights in the playoffs and we'll have that series either wednesday or thursday, the sharks starting the playoffs. times last game at oracle arena to i
10:52 pm
know sunday 5.30 so many different manner as their against the clippers. >>thanks so much. >>well next he's not even old enough to drive yet and he's already fed up with the city's
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street. our out of control so much so that is not waiting on officials to fix the problem, no peace taking care of the issue himself with a shovel and some dirt julie dunmurry has the story. >>if he has yet to win. >>was with 2 more years separate 12 year-old monte scott from a driver's license to thank judge for church fire. though she stars show ate but in michigan, you don't need to be driving age to be fed up. >>50 before i headed out here in aden half a look was potholes snow for you. >>monti didn't have time to waste our pretty hard i enjoy doing what i do and i think he sees it and so it kind rubs off on him when his mom's tire fell victim to this crater at the end of his muskegon heights street so i've to study actually fixing the road himself. >>the sea he saw problem he thought he can fix it by filling in the potholes with that or a crew came through and finish the job monte started. >>news but stay low.
10:56 pm
>>topping off most of the potholes used to be a good story but with anything like so. and i want know he says you can't fix the problem by filling and he's just like the reese just had a whole should have used term my cause more money last longer. >>monti hopes whatever the solution. i'm thinking the days inn it happens sooner than his 16th birthday street. ii. >>that was julie dunmurry reporting for us tonight. montae story received attention for michigan governor, gretchen whitmer she says she is making plans to meet him. take things in your own hand doesn't >>do it, they're public servant he has so there's little chilly there not not too chilly here. now scientists tracking warmer temperatures actually and even this year in the mid-fifties for afternoon highs in wake of planner forecast is going to show our bay area.
10:57 pm
>>seeing mostly cloudy skies to start out your morning but some light showers for those of you in the but overall about 5 degrees of warming for most of the bay area so we're going to be a few degrees above average for downtown san francisco, 66 degrees hayward in the low 70's, 76 degrees for san jose and santa rosa, warming up into the low 70's as well so let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. i'm tracking some light scattered hit or miss showers tonight, mainly in the north and then the next round of wet weather. monday night for the north light scattered showers for the rest of the bay area. >>and we'll be back here tomorrow night with more news weather and sports. but the news continues rig
10:58 pm
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you are watching kron4 hoop session. >> they did a great job. the energy was impressive. >> the warriors get a huge statement when at the oracle and all but lock up first place in the western conference. a feeling that was well needed. >> last year we didn't have an opportunity like this where there were some decent stakes on the game. we were locked into that to seed for what seemed like a month last year. >> on this edition of hoop session we will take a look back at the last full week of action before the playoffs. also what issues did seth


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