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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  April 8, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>and that breaking news comes to us on a daily city where police on the scene of a dog, mauling you see video from there it happened shortly before 7 o'clock this morning on schwerin street. there are reports that one person was injured by the dog, the dog was shot and killed by daily police officers daly city police officers. we are working to gather more information and we'll bring you updates as we learn them. james. >>the weather center for the traffic center robin that's the other big story this hour is a major issue now with bart what we yes, so a person was on the tracks at around 7 30 this morning james, a person was struck by a train at el serino donor and that station is open but the trains are running through without stopping so there's really only one track that's available. >>we've learned that this person did not survive and this is causing major bart delays and so you've got alternatives for people here i see absolutely so people can head over to el serino plaza that's open. the richmond station was closed its back open now. but once again if
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you get on at richmond. you can go through the el serino station but trains will not be stopping their they have one track open their single tracking because the investigation continues here so this is going to cause major delays for those of you traveling anywhere from richmond out a daily anywhere from returned to warm springs fremont in both directions so you need to consider ac transit maybe or another an alternate transportation are really quick peek i want to mention this we have some police activity on the bay bridge see a tree just issued a traffic alert for westbound 80 at treasure island. the off ramp is closed. we don't know the details of this police action but if you're heading into san francisco. you will not be able to get off at treasure island. it was already a very slow commute coming in now, it's just crawling from the maze all the way over to fremont street so something else to consider for your drive in we'll check more trouble spots coming up john. well robin what we're looking at. >>outside his poor visibility for a lot of areas, including
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the golden gate bridge where travel across the bridge is definitely been affected all morning long by some very dense fog and still looking at visibility of less than a mile in areas like santa rosa, san francisco and half moon bay, a mile in nevada and oakland, which is certainly low engh to have an impact if you're traveling down the highway as we make our way into the afternoon you're going to start to see fog lightning up for the east bay but we're not going to see is much clearing right up and down the coast happened they didn't have the impact all throughout the day and really a lot of the peninsula north bay it's going to be very foggy if you're closer to the pacific. now as far as rainfall potential goes we only have one shot of that this week and it's actually tonight and in some really light stuff you see green up there for the north in california, the radar he runs the bay area actually pretty calm right now. the woman says sara lee be true after your evening commute tonight with a few evening showers out there like i said this is our last dose of rain for the week. i'm talking a dry forecast still the cop back to you.
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>>tuesday we're following one man is dead after a fire broke out in oakland this happened on the 1000 block of 16th street at around 5 45 this morning. firefighters arrived on the scene and found a victorian home up in flames, 5 people did manage to get out safely unfortunately an elderly man he did not make it. no word yet on the cause of the fire. >>overnight a 4 year-old boy has been reunited now with his parents after he was found wandering alone in santa rosa. he was spotted at about 3 this morning in the area santa rosa avenue and east robles police say he wasn't hurt. and again they have reunited him with his parents, but they're now looking into how it was that he was able to get out of his home. of ours jury selection is expected to begin for the 2 men charged in the deadly go ship warehouse fire. derek elmen a at max terrorists are on trial for the 2016 oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people. they both are charged with 36 counts of involuntary
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manslaughter, one for each victim. today pools of potential jurors will come to court to fill out questionnaires begit that part of the jury selection process. the trial is expected to last at least a couple of months. in the south bay, the manhunt continues for the first shot a man in san jose that shooting happened yesterday afternoon just after 2. near the intersection of blossom hill road and rousseau drive. police didn't find the victim at the scene but later discovered the person had taken himself to the hospital. the shooting force bus drivers to change routes for a few hours but everything's back to schedule >>ok let's stay in san jose with his newly released body camera video that's giving a school a closer look at the christmas day shooting where officers fatally shot a woman here's the video here just released to us. >>you can hear san jose police officers in the background shouting, several commands. >>after jennifer vasquez she crashes the stolen car she was driving she crashes into a fence, but she doesn't give up you can see it rocking back and forth apparently according
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to police officers. she was trying to leave the scene she then backs into the one of the patrol cars before driving forward and hitting another car we'll show you the video right here look on the left side of your screen manages to break away from the fence and ultimately slams into the side of the san jose police car. that's when officers opened fire 37 times killing the 24 year-old woman there she is right there and injury her passenger. police scans was involved in an earlier shooting and wis armed at the time when they tried to pull her over they say that she led them on a nine-mile chasers its lights and sirens are on the she r fused to give up all 4 officers they were looked at by prosecutors they looked at the evidence, including this one and they decided not to bring the officers to trial. that's because his family will make a statement about this in the next couple of days. by an assault that temporarily shut down the daly city bart station. police say 2 people
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got into a fight on saturday evening. we don't know yet that what happened on the train if it happened on the train with the platform, however, the victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. police say ultimately ended up arresting the attacker. police arrested a homicide suspect that the rich when bart station of the week and there's his picture right there his name. his name is michael ray hill 37 years old and was arrested on saturday officers say hill is suspected in the killing of larry lawson senior last month lawson was found on the sidewalk on san pablo avenue on march 30th. no word yet on a possible motive. >>happening today, a memorial service will honor lebron james matthews a man known for a champion for the black catholic community friends and family clergy members they gathered yesterday to celebrate his life at the cathedral of christ the light father jay as he was known by his friends was the first african american priest to be ordained in northern california. he spent 25 years as pastor of saint benedict in oakland until being named the
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3rd rector of the cathedral of christ the light father matthews died sunday are suddenly on sunday shocking the entire diocese and during sunday service. a number of people shared their thoughts and that included congresswoman barbara lee. >>jay was the first freeze i ever knew. who not only valued our african culture and heritage. >>there will be a funeral mass today and then father jay will be laid to rest tomorrow. >>in the east face beat >>the chp officers broke up a sideshow in oakland, the first one happened at around 5 o'clock last night. the gathering blocked international boulevard at around 40 seconds through failing if you've been there, you know thousands of people cross that area each hour. so it was a major mess. the second one happened just a couple of hours later on interstate 5 18 you're the 6th avenue over crossing. there were no injuries in either the sideshows and police are still
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searching for the drivers this morning. also this morning 2 men are dead following a shooting in oakland police found the victims sunday morning at around one 30 on the 1800 block of international boulevard, no suspects are in custody at this hour and right now we don't know what led up to the shooting. >>scandal continues to affect the bay area stanford university just said announced that it has expelled a female student because her application included fake sailing credentials as part of her admission to the university of $500,000 contribution was made to stanford sailing program paid through former head coach john van de mer he you may recall was fired last month after pleading guilty to accepting donations in exchange for accepting non sailors as athletic recruits that student is no longer on stanford's campus. >>hard to say good-bye to james as the warriors had to say goodbye list the regular season to oratorical yeah so we've got highlights from the
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game last night and it was a show for the fans, lots of highlights to get through here steph curry doing what he does best draining it from downtown 27 points on the night for him drive on green with his excellent defensive skills with the steel and the dunk. not bad there. damarcus cousins also getting in on the action, he'll get fed the ball here in a second you'll see him go up for 3 points of his own. klay thompson, the other half of the splash brothers also getting into a nice 3 pointer here and then in the 3rd quarter steph curry also shoots and that was along with 2 you'll see that here at half a second from 30 feet out. he goes up. and the ball goes and warriors solid victory won 31 to one oh 4 great one for the fans to celebrate again their last game for regular season. in yet at the playoffs of course and hopefully they'll continue playing throughout the final and party again at oracle but yesterday for a lot of people that was it because they can't afford to go to the playoffs again which is why they chose. >>to where we believe yeah
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those retro jerseys is great and steph curry 2 also shared his final thoughts last night after the game we got for serious tension with that part of the story good morning sara. >>was quite a game that they definitely went out there may not only did they win, but it was basically an all-day and all-night party. here at arena, what awaited. the regular season, the last regular season game here at oracle arena before they move to san francisco to the chase center now take a look the team hung up a banner in honor of this big occasion in the middle of the court that red oakland california a 47 seasons can you believe it's been 47 years right here in oakland, they can see players cheering getting ready for the game dunking so hard they actually had to adjust the rim of the hoop that the fix it up before they played the game. now you said the players wore the 2007 we jersey zones quite a moment steph curry said
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wearing those and they felt they didn't find out until they get ready for the game to put their jerseys on. >>and that really hit home that this is a historical event that they are a part of a separate actually to 2 to his youtube channel 5 minutes from home to describe his emotions about the last home game in oakland with oakland native an actor divvy digs take a listen. >>there's been a swing for sure terms of about a year here. in oracle arena. i've seen years. but that whole time. vive and that i really like you walk in you with arabs as i'm a special i was a relationship with their fan base a widow. so it's going to be so hard in terms age open others now. >>curry also said he is confident that dubnation will bring spirit to san francisco
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when they move fans in the meantime say that they're open we can snag a championship. an oakland before that big move that to you. >>thank you very much sara that 7 batter god is not going is coming with them to sell cisco so they're not getting it. >>all right still ahead on the cross for morning news, a popular east bay restaurant chain with a major health violation will tell you what force claim jumpers to close down briefly plus an uber crash caught on camera to find out how the father and son involved were able walk away from a terrible looking crashes you can see and a woman or child attacked by pit bulls we're going hear from the person who called 911 for help. and as we check the markets this morning we've got winners and losers withdraw black coming up in a minute our in house financial expert, the dow not doing too hot off by more than a 140 points.
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>>time now 9.15 here in the traffic center with rob and get the f is now on this. bart hot spot that we've been following for still have major delays the problem started at 7 30 this morning at else to rebuild on or today. >>and to a person was on the tracks. we don't know why james that person was on the tracks. they were struck and killed by the train, so they are you know continuing to investigate and there's only one track open at the el serino down or take station ok, but you say they're out they're not stopping their rights and don't go to
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>>station to off it's not a good spot for you may want to head over to el serino plaza at a different station that is your best alternate the richmond station is open it was close. but just keep in mind with one track open. it's going to be tough for the commute through that area. so that's why we are still calling this a major problem and has major delay, although they are making a little bit of progress. it's also ac transit consider using ac transit as an alternate as well you can hop on the 72 m or the 72 are. >>we want to head over to the chroma key and continue to check traffic there we go we're looking at the drive into san francisco. >>because we had some police activity that half the treasure island off route completely close it is back open but that just added to all the heavy traffic coming into san francisco. so the police activity out of the way the ramp is back open the look at your back appear spilling into the maze and stays heavy. all the way across the upper
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deck so a slow drive this morning into san francisco that fall on check this out john and has made its way to the richmond center fell bridge. this morning. we were talking about foggy conditions on the golden gate, the bay bridge to now karl the fog is hanging out over 5.80 of stacked up from all right around harbor and a little crowded on the stand as well so be careful driving in the fog and leave extra early because it's still quite slow john. >>they're in some spots that it wasn't quite as thick earlier on this morning just walk into the tracking shots. what we're going to be seeing later is a some fog that will be hanging out still along the coast. this is your view right here san francisco where. fog is still hanging out there and we're also looking at some of that fog out of the and the east bay right now let's get a look at where rain is still say hanging out up north into the evening tonight is when we're going to see a few showers working their way our direction finally so it'll be up for mayor primarily dry day ahead of what will be a few
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showers for the most part after your evening commute tonight. we'll start to see the showers working in well after 05:00pm mostly after 67 and this will just be some light rainfall really not amounting to too much after tonight's rainfall, a dry rest of the week look at all these clear skies for about c under that sunshine. it will be cooler and it will be breezy or though sear so going to want your jackets just how much rain are we going to see tonight will happen they along the coast as well santa rosa could see a 10th of an inch other areas, nothing more than just a trace of that rainfall. daytime highs today still into the upper 60's and low 70's like we have been and your next 7 days a little bit cooler but a lot of clear but weekend. through the upcoming >>i'm not a top winners, and losers on wall street financial expert rob black here to dispense some knowledge on us this morning, no doubt on talk quickly about the markets just out of the gate right now stock market at you know day to day ups and downs aside on looks like
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we're what heading to record territory once again that we were there last september october november december kind of got a little messy on wall street. but workplace takeover record highs and i bring this up in large part because i check my finances on friday. >>as a i'm at all-time highs almost and i want people to be excited by the stock market on people to be encouraged. there's too many commercial on tv and radio sake of the market could go down 50% but here we are with tick of an all time record high the market at all time high 7 out of 10 years. it's the best odds out there, best odds is going to pass a p 500 to give it time catalysts still abound the fed is kind of whole lot back. there's a large swath of our economy that is still working. unemployment is incredibly low you've got some hype. he owes it to be pushing now through the markets, 38 people pretty excited. but the market's up 23% in 3 and half months that's too far too fast. but again we're at all-time highs and it kind of feels good we feel a little stretched. you wait for the down market enjoy the down
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market becaule 7 out of 10 years ago all time highs. i'm not as smart as i look i'm just kind of they're saying look i'm kind of art no i didn't say that ally. >>speaking of statistics, here's another one i want to talk to her issue 2 teenagers and apparently spending what on average per year little more than $2500 is this a is this a demographic that wall street likes to watch teenage spending will see people like me were kind of creepy because you're watching we go back in her youth unrelated a lot. >>they have the most discretionary spending in our economy look at things like generation x baby boomers generation y generation z. >>millennials what we want to call them. but how let's start with half of teenagers today think amazon is their favorite web site. that kills macy's and target is a walmart $2600 annually is their big spend. this help stocks like lululemon a huge winter all-time huge winner with the gender. instagram accounts.
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amazon vans vans doing really really well they did really well in the 80's was just the coli. and vf corp hutch poll a chick filet e-commerce company called glossy a sigh pay attention or teenagers are spending on in large part because it can be amazing investments like all to lululemon and amazon worthy of note, 83% of teenagers have an iphone that bodes well for apple they spent about $75 billion a year. 25% us populations under the age of 20. they are a big spender athletes are luann on any time get in trouble always an opportunity to look at stocks and they were people are spending. good enough all right you brought up apple. so there are 2 new with that steam apple music. >>apparently beating out spotify. >>a couple years ago a standing here with mark cannon and he laughed at me when i said don't underestimate apple get into music. apple now has more paid subscribers the united states then spotify
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does not by a heck of a lot, but it's still worthy of note because it was new service 28 million paid subscribers with apple first 26 million for spotify of course spotify has got the non paid. advertising angle so world why they got 96 million to apple's just 56 made. but apple's going after news plus they're going after key the plaza going after magazines plus much much more. they made aggressive partnerships with of arise and we get the music service for free via sign a long-term deal are going to big data plan. so apple not going away for those who predicted their demise was greatly exaggerated. >>a and then finally quit your question this one coming to us from chantelle who wants to know where can i get. the good yield on my cash. >>first and foremost are the great web site called bank rate dot com bankrate dot com you can do best cdit cards. best online banks. i just open an account with see i t bank online. they have no physical branches, but they yield about
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>>breaking news that we're following daly city police are on the scene of a dog mauling their craw force charles clifford live at the scene with the very latest and chuck what we know so far. >>well right schwerin street here in daly city this right around the corner from the cow palace very close december an amount if you're familiar with the area and police actually just cleared the scene a few minutes ago and we're still working to confirm some details here but we do know some information was going take a look at some video from earlier this morning. now what we know is that the maybe before 7 o'clock this morning. one victim was mauled by a dog inside a home here on swear in street. police arrived on scene they went into the home and apparently killed the dog. the victim was transported to the hospital at this point we
9:31 am
do not know that person's condition, they also don't know what might have triggered this event whether the start was this person's dog the dog came from somewhere else we're still sort of working to learn those details. the police tape where an street here they were here for several hours sort of investigating working on this situation animal care and control was here as well, but we believe again the dog was killed on the scene. now police are continuing to investigate this and we're hoping to talk with them this afternoon once more information also hoping to talk to some neighbors here kind of figure out what may have happened here what might have triggered this event early this morning. but for now in daly city charles clifford kron 4 news charles a lot of people will be asking this question that i don't know if you know it yet being case do we know the breed of the dog lot of times pit bulls are instantly thought about. >>jury other man of many incidents over the years of of you know dog maulings involving pit bulls at this point we do not know of the breed of dog we haven't confirmed that information we've heard some things but
9:32 am
until we get that some of them sought information from police we don't report anything that we don't know for sure there you go. >>thank you so much charles very responsible says we find i know a lot of people they're thinking about up all right we'll take a check of traffic the other big story that we're following this morning problems on one of the bart lines that could impact your morning ride so robin walk us through that all right we still have major delays on the rich then lined up to 20. >>man it says is following a fatal accident this morning at 7.30. >>where a person was struck and killed by a train at the el serino del norte a station we still don't know why that person was on the tracks that is still under investigation. but we understand that the coroner has not made it out to the scene yet. so that's why the scene has not cleared to else to rebuild on or takes station is still close the richmond station is back open. you can get through else real del norte table the trains will not stop you cannot get on or off there so keep that in mind you want to head over to el serino plaza or consider
9:33 am
bart instead as your alternate. but once again, this is causing major delays on the richmond daly city millbrae line and the richmond fremont warm springs line so plan ahead. we had some police action on the bay bridge west found 80 a treasure island that's a color was canceled the treasure island offer at this back open. but as you can see you're still dealing with a hefty little backup here from the maze in stretches after fremont street so be prepared for a lot of slowing we'll check more bridges coming up john. well robin >>their way through the morning you are seeing some clearing in some areas and wealth that the golden gate bridge and some areas right along the coast. not so much just yet very foggy still out there on that golden gate crossing and visibility in half moon bay right along the pacific shore still very low, although san francisco has been looking at improving conditions we will still remain a very foggy right along the shoreline through the day into the early afternoon and even late morning east they will finally start to see a little bit of
9:34 am
sunshine. so skid news certainly into the afternoon but as we make our way into the finish of the day. you're actually going to prepare for something else entirely a little bit of rainfall tonight as of right now shower activity nonexistent really anywhere across the bay, it's well to the north evening showers across the bay area just some light stuff as you're heading to bed tonight, 60's and 70's for your highs today, i'm talking dry weather for the rest of the week still to come back to you. john a big story that we're following this morning. a woman and her son recovering after being seriously injured after they were mauled following charles clifford story after they all but 3 dogs in valais oh yeah, so crawford's guilt long spoke to a neighbor who actually. >>heard the woman screaming for help she someone called 911. >>that neighbor for her quick actions, we're told the woman who was attacked is a sister of the person who apparently owns the pit bulls. >>it's really stressful. doors hutcherson is still in disbelief and i saw this late
9:35 am
on the ground and he's like she was struggling to find enough are live. and i saw them dogs us oh my 3 pit bulls was attacking the attack happened as doors was heading home around 5 30 friday afternoon. >>she heard a woman screaming at her next door neighbor's home and called 911 right away it was 3 pit bulls. >>and they would just pull in on the baby and she was trying to protect the baby with the body. so she was land on the may mean they just drucker although against the fence and everything. >>doors grabbed the chair to see over the fence which she shares with her neighbor at one point door says husband steve grab his golf club and tap on the neighbor's gate to distract the dogs away the 2 yellow small dogs and they let loose and came to the fence you know. >>try to get the but i knew knockout got to get besides get median beating holland screening so to get the blood on the when officers arrived they found a woman and child.
9:36 am
>>in the backyard being attacked by the dogs. they were pit bull terriers each weighing about 40 to 50 pounds. the officers used pepper spray and physical force animal care control officers took them away the little boy and mother suffered major injuries and are recovering in the hospital saw the shoes on the ground she was trying to protect the bay because the dogs were trying to. >>killer. >>we're told the woman and the boy have surgery and are in stable condition. as of now the police say the owner of the pit bulls does not face any charges. the dogs are with animal control it is still unknown, what set them off here in hotel on kron 4 news. >>another big story that we're following an uber driver and passenger were hit and a t-bone crash in the same city will as gail story and this was all caught on camera now police are looking for 2 people still on the loose this morning. you can see a black car, here's the video you will be amazed tries to cross the street all of us in from the right side of your screen.
9:37 am
slams right into the uber driver as well as a passenger. this happened last thursday morning. he was trying to make a turn from sacramento street on to mississippi street, 2 people got out of the car and we'll show rou instead of helping out the victims they just can't a limp away from the scene appears to be a man and a woman. now police are still trying to identify them. >>you see videos all the hughes who was somewhat they're fools of people some of the sun is arriving. they just to be one of people a lot of this crazy. talking >>the uber driver says his shoulder and knee were hurt in the crash and he has an go back to being an uber driver is still terrified his passenger suffered a knee injury. but it appears the passenger will eventually be ok. >>in the south bay of san jose basketball coach is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a young girl. it's been over a week now since san jose police arrested 53 year-old david kaiser in his home on mount carmel drive. police say
9:38 am
detectives learned of his actions with a 12 year-old girl multiple times over a one year period. he coached in the on that an area of san jose is now charged with multiple felony counts of lewd acts with a minor. we'll take a quick break. vice president joe biden stepping out in addressing controversy surrounding him will tell you what he had to say and after the break, scientists make a huge discovery. and we may hear which you see it there we'll talk talk more about this massive python and where they found it.
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>>come back to the crime for morning news still tracking major delays this morning out of the east bay on the rich when line a fatal accident. still under investigation. it happened at 7 30 this morning and also revealed el norte a that station is still closed so that's why we still have these major delays as this investigation continues. we do not low have know how long this is going to take but you may want to head over to el serino plaza and stan are maybe hop on ac transit instead to get between richmond and el serino will continue to track this and more bridges some slowdowns in just a bit john. >>we'll take back here robin. ok you have to take a look at this florida, scientists make a colossal catch you use that word every guy like this was appropriate this epic 17 foot long python weighs about a 140 pounds and it was apparently
9:42 am
developing 73 age are going to be 73 more of that i as statement from the big cypress national preserve says it was the largest python every taken from the area is there anything hopefully that's the biggest most of the was a financier and where from 6 to 10 feet long nothing like this. but the rangers say that it was new tracking technology. and and research that led to this fine which is pretty incredible florida state officials say there are roughly 100,000 python swamps outside miami which is what you need to stick with in miami and that is cull wondering especially in the outside and i find you side still ahead the oakland a's take houston astros will have highlights from the game coming up in just a minute.
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>>the busiest woman in the newsroom today. we have a lot going on the traffic francis star to say some sad news on the bar tracks indeed as someone died after being hit by a train this morning happened at 7.30. we don't know why that person was on that are the tracks. >>but it happened at el serino don't or tape that station is still close. they'd reopen the richmond station his clothes and they shut it back down again so a passenger a little confused. about the closures and the delays all give you a quick recap. both the el serino don't or today and the
9:46 am
richmond station are close. the coroner is responding to the scene the person died after being hit by a train. and we still don't know how long this is going to take to clear. they have not given us an estimated time of clearing. this is causing major delays on the return line and all directions up to 20 minutes, your next best station is el serino plaza. you can hop on bart bart runs through that area anyway between el serino enrichment so they are providing mutual aid for people looking for an alternate this morning. so that's why we have the delays if you want to drive into san francisco recovering from police activity a treasure island, big back appear that whole spilling into the maze and very crowded across the upper decks, i'm not seeing a huge improvement for your drive in yet. the fog was a factor in your commute to the golden gate, the richmond center feel they've been covered in fog here. you are finally delay free, but it may be a little hard to see for you out there 8 minutes from the pay gates out to one on
9:47 am
one and south 6.80 and and roddy accident working so it's going to be very sluggish, leaving signal into fremont on south 6.80 so that will put you and 22 minutes now from the dublin interchange to mission south john. well robin it has been a cause. >>morning some areas are beginning to see some clearing skies, one of those areas, san francisco lookout much clear the shot is if you're just tuning in. he obviously didn't see how foggy liz earlier this morning. but it sure was you can still see that blanket of fog out there in the distance for the east bay we're at still is sitting and well for much of the remainder of the morning. now as we shift into the afternoon you're going to see less and less of an impact of fog and then eventually into the evening tonight. more so a rainy one could be some very light rain mind you but after evening commute tonight. this very calm scene on your radar isn't going to be so calm anymore futurecast shows us the showers advance into the bay area as of 06:00pm nothing more than just a few sprinkles in the north bay after that point some showers
9:48 am
making their way into the bay area, especially towards midnight and then skies will clear and clear pretty quickly by tomorrow morning you've got some clear and dry skies and that's the way we're going to stay now even with that sunshine you might say hey it's going to be nice and warm out there it's actually going to be cooler. it's going to be breezy or for tuesday wednesday and thursday seal still want to keep the jackets with you if you're heading out and about tonight's rainfall won't amount to much about a 10th of an inch possible in half moon bay in santa rosa trace amounts elsewhere across the day. daytime highs today will those will peak still in the 70's for hayward fremont san jose livermore antioch in concord with upper 60's in oakland filet host san francisco and santa rosa. next 7 days more so in the 60's and anything slightly cooler a middle of the week ahead of us with tuesday wednesday and thursday like i said breezy dry and well pretty sunny. so that's the nice part of it all come friday and saturday temperatures will boost just a touch back up into the upper 60's staying, nice and dry. james.
9:49 am
>>now to some national headlines former vice president joe biden has announced his formal bid for the white house just yet. but he is addressing allegations that he's made some women feel uncomfortable in the past arlette sands has the story. >>i'm not sorry for any my tensions, not sorry for anything that i >>the former vice president still grappling with how to respond to claims he made women feel uncomfortable in their interactions and acknowledging more people could come forward i would be surprised that i've had. >>hundreds and hundreds of people contact me and who i don't know. say the exact opposite go by. >>has he took the stage at his first public appearance since the allegations biden's gave out a hug and made this joke. >>i have permission to hug lonnie. and then did it a
9:50 am
second time after calling a group of children up to the stage by the gave me permission to touch but shortly after biden scrambled into cleanup mode telling reporters he wasn't making light of people's feelings, i hope through wasn't taken that way biden's interaction with voters in the spotlight as it gets closer to that 2020 big. it's not a matter of is but when i think it's going to have to choose someone howard k. >>a shot of is a new thing. this important. >>and saying he wants to be the last to announce their sir
9:51 am
astro's when it was their turn. they punished gang green three-run homer more quickly show to c. >>a's were clawbacks you don't stop 87. the bottom of the 8th that they could not hold on to their lead the astros ended up winning 9 to 8 and the a's should play. tonight in baltimore. i'm not sure that an afternoon in the us citizen so they should be at the ballpark at very giants hosting the tampa bay rays at oracle park also not a good day for is that >>the rays hit a home run off and do palmer rounds that the
9:52 am
rail off the president got a look at it go yes. it is a home run top of the 4th a race car off another hit the rays tacked one more inning of winning 3 to nothing against the giants. the giants also hoping to get back in the win column they play tonight against san throw as we head to break, here's a live look outside as even though there's a lot of fog this morning. we didn't hear many delays coming and going.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>family friendly superhero movie this weekend. we had a super scary one to use a little something for everybody who wanted to catch a film david daniel has a look at the latest box office numbers. captain marvel finish in the top 5 for the fifth-straight weekend, million gave the blockbuster a domestic total of 374 million. >>us is also still going strong the horror flick is at 152 million domestic after a 4th place weekend were million dumbo lost the top spot in its second weekend out dropping the 3rd place with million. that cemetery, the latest fright flick based on a stephen king novel opens strong in second place caring up $25 million its knees
9:56 am
billion i know i don't look like the wizard may be looking to serve and was rushed more confused. shes am showed super strengthen its debut soaring to number one with 53 and a half million dollars in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>well here's a quick live look outside way outside we're talking up at the international space station where we've had a couple of astronauts performing a spacewalk this morning they've been out there since the 7 o'clock hour. the 2 astronauts, one nasa astronaut anne mcclain and the other canadian national david say jock they're up they're replacing some parts installing some parts. it will take 6 and a half hours to do it also be out there a little while floating around doing. the awesome stuff that astronauts to pretty cool isn't that scary what if i'm always fearful that a court could snap and then it just flows start floating away guys. guys meanwhile james fletcher up there is like eating a sandwich actor and i hear nothing. in 7 day
9:57 am
forecast. we had a little bit of fog this morning that it should go away by this afternoon, there is a slight shower chance john was talking about for about a 3 hour period. and then what is gone look at the rest of the week with temperatures, nice and mild with plenty of sunshine to go around so get out there and enjoy it that's going to be a good one don't forget kron on we got your back if you love what's going on lot of breaking news robin winston is following what's going on with bart there's the dog mauling in daly city. >>cota kron on and we will continue our coverage is available on iphones ipads apple basically everything right right now you can do it just go to visit kron on t v sign up guys tomorrow morning. [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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[commentator] and now comes the decisive shot. [ pleasant orchestral music ] looks good, looks good. [crowd gasps ] do you believe it? what can you say? [ crowd cheering ] [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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tom watson has taken the lead of the u.s. open. >> announcer: today on "dr. phil." did she plot to murder her mother? >> dr. phil: you were tortured as a child. is this your only exit? >> i thought it was. >> announcer: the tale of gypsy rose. >> my mom taught me how to be a good later. >> announcer: her boyfriend accused. >> i asked him to kill my mother but i didn't hold a gun to his head. >> announcer: the prison interview. >> i opened the door naked. he was holding the knife. >> announcer: her story. >> dr. phil: the night of the murder she was screaming your name. >> i put my hands over my ears and then it wentuiet. >> dr. phil: what happened? >> announcer: in her words.


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