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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 8, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight -- >> there's shenanigans. >> oh, huge. >> sin city goes country and "e.t." takes over the acm awards. miranda brings her new husband and seems to throw shade at her old one. >> blake will not return my calls. >> from red carpet confessions. >> do i still have it? can i still sing. >> and the only camera to catch the stars first off stage. >> she's getting tears in her eyes. >> what happens in vegas ends up on "e.t." >> i wish i had those thighs, what? >> plus, felicity huffman plead guilty in the college scam. new video of beyonce's twins and "avengers: endgame" epicness.
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>> you're just -- you're just rolling in it all day. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome, everybody, inside the mgm grand in las vegas and we have all the news from the acm awards on the way and it was so good. >> yeah, it was a wild night but we start with the big news of the day in the college bribery scandal. felicity huffman plead guilty and makes a remarkably candid confession. the 56-year-old actress says she had deep regret and shame over what she had done and accepted full responsibility, adding, quote, my daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions and in my misguided and profoundly wrong way i have betrayed her. felicity also apologizes to her family but does not mention her husband by name. huffman is accused of paying a consultant $15,000 to help her elder daughter cheat on the s.a.t.s. huffman released her statement at noon today. a few minutes earlier the department of justice announced that she was among 13 parents
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who agreed to plead guilty in participating in the college admissions scam. felicity agreed to a plea deal. the maximum sentence, 20 years in prison. 9 department of justice says plea hearings have not been scheduled by the court. huffman made her appearance last wednesday. actress lori loughlin who also appeared in court on wednesday was not mentioned by prosecutors. >> it's going to be interesting to see what she does. >> not only lori but her husband, the whole family is in trouble. let's move on to the acm awards. they went down right here at the mgm grand in las vegas last night. >> the tone was set by miranda lambert who seemingly threw shade at her ex, blake shelton. it's the acm moment that set social media on fire. miranda seemed to take a shot at blake who was in the audience with gwen. lambert changed a lyric in "little red wagon" from i live in oklahoma to --
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>> i got the he will oll out of oklahoma. >> fans immediately noticed the lyric change, tweeting, quote, throw that shade and keep on looking hot while doing it. #savage. more like kicked out, but honey, when did you ever speak or honor truth? only we were there after mira a miranda's performance as her new husband, brendan mcln, helped her backstage. the couple chose the acms as their first public appearance since secretly tying the not. blake and gwen skipped the red carpet, so no awkward calls. he doesn't know it but we're done. sorry, buddy. >> there's my buddy, blake shelton. >> i got this. i got this though. so i'll be good too. i'm just going to be back here. >> we saw him come in with a
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beer and i swear, this is the truth, a security guy came up to him and tried to take it away from him. blake was cool, said, it's part of the schtick. he said no, you have to live with it. you can't take a country boy's beer away from him. ♪ southbound, south bound >> this is your first performance since the baby. >> yeah. >> carrie underwood brought more fun, kicking off our performance. >> how does it feel going back out on this stage? >> my body is completely different than it was a few months ago and it's always weird to come back and be like do i still have it? >> carrie walked the carpet with husband mike fisher. she gave birth to her son jacob less than three months ago. >> baby boy doing good? >> he just started laughing which is the situatedest sound in the whole world. >> carrie bumped into another famous mom, kelly clarkson, right after our intervhaw. that conversation was. >> i'm like, okay, i wish i had
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those thighs. what? >> she had a baby how long ago? it's not fair, right? >> kelly brought "voice" season 15 winner and is already booking guests for her new talk show which premieres in september. >> like reba is going to be on my show. ♪ i just want to love you >> kelly nailed her powerful performance. she took the stage with dan + shay who were the big winners with three awards including song of the year. >> the coolest moment of the night was reba. she was like welcome back to the mgm grand. >> or as we are now calling it t was the craziest thing. that might be the best thing of the night right there. >> kelly also took the stage with the newly crowned artist of the decade, jason aldean.
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>> how's it going, mr. artist of the decade? >> good, good. still trying to get used to that one. >> please welcome my friends and four-time acm group of the year winners, little big town. >> and i was honored to introduce one of the night's most emotional performances. ♪ hold that trophy on the shelf ♪ >> little big town's new single shines a light on women. dierks bentley had tears in his eyes and on stage as well. >> when i saw the dancers moving around i had to look up so i wouldn't cry. carrie underwood returned to the stage with some of the most successful women in country to support "this is us" star chrissy metz's live television singing debut. she sang a song from her upcoming film movie
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"breakthrough" and backstage celebrated the milestone. >> i'm a true fan of all of them so it's difficult to look to your left and right and you're like, oh shoot. >> back on stage, maren morris helped transform the acm stage into a nashville dive bar for her performance with brothers osbourne. got in a little date night with hubby ryan herd. >> keith urban! >> entertainer of the year keith and wife nicole were truly couples gold. >> baby girl i love you and our girls sunday and faith who are at home watching right now. >> you seemed genuinely surprised. none of us are surprised. >> you know, i've been to the farm a few times. >> getting tears in her eyes. >> i called it on the red carpet. >> oh wow, thank you. >> i think that you need to be entertainer of the year. i mean, i love everybody too. >> he's my entertainer of the year. >> like a crystal ball, thank
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you. >> back for more, colton underoutsiunde underwood with a disposable camera. >> we're trying to be more present so the less we have our cell phones out. we talked about our engagement around takie and taking that step in our relationship. >> a normal couple is what we're trying to be. >> lauren bushnell better get ready for marriage too because chris lane is popping the question. >> when did you think it's going to happen? >> i don't know. >> the next year? >> oh yeah. >> within the next few months? >> uh, don't know. >> i'm not pressuring you or anything, am i? >> you're not. >> i'm grilling him about when the engagement is happening up here. >> why wasn't i eavesdropping on the conversation? >> we have more acms coming up. the country beauty who took risks in the name of fashion.
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it was one of the many things they discussed on jenna's official day and we were right there on the set. >> it's my first day but i have been here for ten years. it feels so good. >> one, two, three. >> all: let's go y'all. >> there was a little confusion on what their opening line would be but practice makes perfect. >> both: elet's go y'all. >> the water works started with surprise messages from her family. >> is this what's going to happen, cry all the time. >> more crying as her daughters mila, poppy and husband henry dropped by. >> what is wrong with me? i need therapy. >> all the tears caused jenna to forget to share on the air the gift kathie lee gave her. >> she left me a bracelet that said your joy is nonnegotiable. >> aw. >> i can't believe i -- what is wrong with me? >> hoda gave her new co-host a little quiz about her first day.
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>> what time did your alarm go off this morning? >> 5:43. >> how many glasses of wine did you have on your first day? we sipped. today we sipped. >> we'll see. wait until later. >> over at the "view" today, things were not nearly as friendly. >> let me just finish. >> joy behar and meghan mccain got into a heated tussle over border control. >> part of your job is to listen to me. >> whoopi stepped in as peace maker. >> here's what's not going to happen today. we're not going to do this. just let folks talk. >> yeah. >> finish what you're saying. >> i forgot what it was now. >> a source tells "e.t." about today's standoff, quote, the moment ended as soon as it started. all the ladies at that table are pros and they continue to do their jobs. coming up -- >> crazy, inappropriate. >> superheroes unsense krered. the avengers tell all about their secret text change. >> oh, my god. plus -- how beyonce just
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topped at her new movie with blue ivy and
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the. tomorrow on "e.t." it's a backstreet boys first. we are with them
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♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort
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♪ then you can start to make it better ♪ check out the new fab four, the man of "avengers: endgame" belting out a beetles classic during a photo shoot in l.a. look at chris hemsworth. he just posed because when you look like that you can do anything you want to. as many of you know this is the final avengers movie. the last time this group will all be together. so the stars are taking their time, savoring it and making it most of it. the end may be coming for avengers but after 11 years and 22 movies, this cast is bonded for infinity. >> we never really fall out of contact. >> no. >> we're still -- >> at least the main, the og 6. >> what is the og 6 text chain like? >> it's crazy. >> it's inappropriate. >> oh, my god, it's so -- i have myself off of it time and again. >> poor scarlett. a lot of eye rolls out of
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scarlett. >> we owe this to everyone who's not in this room to try. >> what did you take from the very end, that last day, what did you take? >> i stole a record. >> you did? >> you've got the shield. did you get the suit? >> no, i've been asking for the suit. i'll get it. >> you can't get the suit. >> i'll get the suit. >> hemsworth got the suit. >> did you get the suit? >> no way. >> my pants. >> "avengers: endgame" is the final chapter in this superhero saga, just like every other marvel movie, it's shrouded in secrecy. >> are you sure there's not a secret you want to tell me? last chance. >> i've got one. >> i was like, what is it, what is it? what's the secret, tell me. >> still ahead -- >> i can't breathe. i am zipped so tight. >> are fashion frenzy, country stars gone wild in the name of style. who had the most changes?
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>> it's going to take me 15 minutes to get out of my pants. plus, beyonce turns her coachella triumph into a new movie. and on stage with sin city's new music star but who really rules the vegas strip. >> come on, bring it. closed captioning provided by -- for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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starting with hot mama carrie underwood. ♪ >> that's ridiculously beautiful. >> thank you. i can't breathe. i am zipped so tight in this dress. it's holding -- pushing things up in places that it doesn't normally go. >> two daring slits to show off those legs. three different outfits in one night, and for this look on stage, carrie removed the floral applique and changed the belt from black to sparkly silver. yes, fashion was all about what happens when one dress just isn't enough. host reba mcentire had seven outfit changes, kelly clarkson in four. miranda lambert who sang into a vodka bottle with her glam squad backstage also had four looks including this $2100 jumpsuit with cutouts. it was almost a competition, who had the brightest green.
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>> you know how to make a statement with fashion. , it's vegas. >> this is phenomenal. >> thank you. >> look at you. this is even heavier than my wedding dress. it's got weight to it. >> i like this outfit. >> thank you. >> like a little wardrobe malfunction anywhere? >> of course i'm afraid. >> we've had a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. that was something i expressed before i walked out of the hotel room. y'all know what you've done. i might fall out and i'm scared. >> oh, my god, i love this outfit. >> these are the real cowboy boots. >> nicole kidman's dress wowed from the designers. >> leave it to mr. luke bryan to make a bold fashion statement in gold. >> this is branching out for me. >> that's very vegas. >> a little vegas going on. i have multiple wardrobe changes. it's going to take me 15 minutes to get out of my spanx. >> i know that feeling. it actually took me about 30
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minutes to get out of mine. see, this is what we love about luke bryan. >> he is the best. he is the best. those man spanx, wow. speaking of great performances like there were at the acms. this is beyonce at coachella last year performing and now she's rolling the dice on a new netflix documentary that's taking the bey hive behind the scenes of her iconic performance at the music festival. here's everything we know so far about beyonce's homecoming. ♪ today beyonce blessed fans with this 1:25 sneak peek of her new doc. in it we see beyonce looking loofingly at jay-z, 7-year-old blue ivy nailing her mama's choreography. >> coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline coachella. ♪ who runs the world >> the documentary directed by queen bey herself drops next
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wednesday, april 17th. the significance of that date? it's in the middle of this year's two coachella weekends. it was a one of a kind performance but i'm willing to bet that one day, once those babies are all grown up, beyonce may make her way to vegas for a sin city residency. for now, this town is filled with the biggest music stars in the game. we teamed up with mgm resorts to bring you some of the best of the strip. ♪ he can't read my poker face >> you know, it's a lot of hard work but i have a wonderful team and we love what we do. >> gaga's got not one but two vegas shows. there's the high energy aanything ma and then her jazz and piano concert. >> i love to sing jazz so i'm enjoying that. >> i think bruno mars and i were the first ones to do it. >> vegas residencies are a hot ticket for these big name stars,
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so why is the park theatre at park mgm cher's favorite place to play? >> it's like this really cool, small arena and that's what i like best about it. >> janet jackson's first ever residency launches may 17th. her show, metamorphosis, celebrates the 30th anniversary of her album, rhythm nation. >> you know what it feels like walking out on stage and looking at joe perry on my left and brad on my right and seeing these people and just -- i know i got the power. ♪ dream on, dream on >> steven tyler and joe perry rocked the house saturday. aerosmi aerosmith's show starts in december. >> bring it. >> so many great performances coming to vegas. >> big-time stars. by the way, you can't leave vegas without one last trick. >> oh, no, coming up, they are the magicians who are so good they made their clothes disappear. we can watching this weekend when he plays again
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ok. you want to watch to be that killed you back in center of right. you really want watch i'm so sorry began journey over. >>a little so we could in this weekend that time to get the eye exactly right.
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consideration provided by -- one of the hottest new acts in vegas is the naked magicians who end their show in nothing but a top hat and a smile. >> naked?
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>> naked. >> it happens at the mgm inside brad garrett's comedy club and keltie and i got a close bye, e >> please welcome the naked magicians. >> hey. >> that have clothes on. this is not what we booked. >> not for long. don't worry about that. choose one card out of here. they'll bring your card to the top and i want you to sign it across the front of the card but rather than sign with your name, we are area going to get you to sign your card with your porn star name. that's made up with your first pet name and your first street name. do you remember what your card was? >> seven of diamonds. >> let's heat things up a little the seven of diamonds right there. check it out. >> open up. have a look inside. show everybody. >> how did you ? >> hey, right there. >> was your porn star name? >>
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>>i go look over and there's like him. house in my trash, the c berkeley students coping with some unwelcome roommates 3 people wounded after a nice pay auto repair shop is targeted by gunmen, one of the victims of 15 year-old boy he was. >>attempting to put some air into his bicycle tires when this incident took place. oh my god, 3 pit bulls attacking your tonight we hear what police have to say about the pit bulls that mauled a woman in the layout. >>bloods roadways and see you name it student students living in the dorms at cal say they're dealing with it all. >>and they're demanding something be done to stop


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