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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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el serino man believes he and his wife may have also been victimized by rideshare driver. he tried to break into their home after dropping them off at the airport, this is surveillance video we showed you last night of the uber driver arrested for breaking into a home on the peninsula. thanks for joining us. i'm ken why and i pale more the homeowner says a man named jackie wilson was his left a list driver back in december when he and his wife went on vacation. >>well for share stone has the latest from retail tonight, j r. >>pam tonight, i talk with those from the el serino police department also the san mateo police department both are actively working to see if these cases are connected. 38 year-old rideshare driver jackie wilson is out of jail. >>after doing one day behind bars on felony burglary charges in samut dale. but while he may be back in his home city of rancho cordova near sacramento. there are now
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questions circling concerning his connection to other reason burglary cases well look like a cyclone that hit at. >>other is piles of stuff. papers and clothing and office material system thrown about everywhere. >>this el serino man who was chosen not to show his face said that he and his wife saw a report monday night, one or we're and surveillance video that police say showed wilson before and after he burglarized a home in san mateo the case that happened after officers say wilson tried to burglarize the same detail home where he picked up travelers who are flying out of town the el serino has been said that on monday his wife notice, the similarities between that case and there is from last december where she was she was crying when i when i got home from a from work. >>she was crying because he was sort of reliving it. >>they took this still shot showing wilson who was there
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lyft driver to the airport before their house was burglarized while wilson has not been charged with any crimes in connection to the el serino case. those in the east bay city are working with the san mateo police to see if there is a link additional items that may have been stolen were recovered at wilson's home something that could link this el serino burglary and others to the rideshare driver. >>well, lots of mixed emotions. i mean you know the reliving it for one thing which is a little higher fine but at the same time saying well, this is maybe a way to get closure. >>that just to clarify the case yesterday wilson as an uber driver. this case involves sam, as a lyft driver i also checked his facebook page and back in 2016 he posted that he had just gotten out of jail after serving 8 years for robbery he was then doing rideshare work after that time. >>according live and also read
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o j r stone 4 >>j r thank you time now to take a look outside with your 4 zone forecast for the beautiful shot of the bay bridge and our chief meteorologist lawrence cano is here not only with our weather but amongst or show us thomas taking shape that case is yeah, you know we have some great weather today. that's after that little cold front moved through yesterday with that same system is now modified going come a major storm system as it makes its way eastward right now we've got nice clear skies still a bit on the windy side around the bay area today temperatures very very nice out there right about the average is where we like it 6 to do in san francisco 67 degrees in oakland 66 for high in san jose 67 degrees in live more systematic conquered and 67 degrees in santa rosa actually cool down a little bit from yesterday when we had many temperatures in the 70's. alright, cold front kind of winding down here and now that moisture still bring some showers and some snow showers up in the sierra nevada favor some thunderstorms there. but from the bay area getting quite out there now except for that win. it was how on this
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afternoon, some of those winds are blowing over 30 miles per hour. still the over 20 some pops spots near the coastline. so it's a blow pretty well going to be breezy overnight tonight but this is going to be the major weather maker watch what happens here. it's all part of the same storm system that moved to california and up in the portland area but watch what happens and modifies it makes its way right across the rockies and there you go putting itself together we're looking to maybe 30 inches of snow in parts south dakota parts of minnesota out ahead of this you're going to see some severe weather right along this from line here that we're going to see maybe some very heavy rainfall likely going to see some tornado outbreaks along with that too. it is going to be a mess here in the next 48 hours across the country's midsection. overnight tonight, mostly clear skies around the bay area so but on the breezy side tomorrow, mostly sunny. any of breeze in the afternoon but not as quite as windy as it was today and that a lot of sunshine coming our way over the next few days, although a couple clouds school roll on through to numbers right now 55 degrees in san jose, this 53 in livermore 55 in hayward 54 degrees downtown san francisco, 54 degrees in
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petaluma winds. they will be kicking up again, although just a breeze tomorrow morning and then as we head toward the afternoon again you'll start to see something yellow the orange is developing along the coastline. those little stronger gusts going to develop out toward the beaches but high pressure really kind of taken over now building in a row behind that cold front and that helped crank up the winds but more of a northerly component the win tomorrow again. and that's going to be great that keep your skies, nice and clear went off what about the fog just show i think we'll see some that fog return as we head into or thursday still breezy out there. but lots of sunshine all around the bay area. so here's how to work out overnight tonight skies. stay nice and clear tomorrow morning. you wake up the commute is looking good. should be beautiful and clear all day long the through the bay area are we going to see a cloud outside tomorrow and then as we get into thursday things change but the clouds begin to move in late in the day here they come rolling into the bay area there's a slight chance we could see a few showers overnight. thursday night into friday morning that will be early on, but i think the better part of friday also looking sunny and
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bright what about that weekend where we have more on that in your and coming up and if you right. thank you. another warning tonight about a possible measles exposure here in the bay area this comes amid a nationwide measles outbreak that keeps growing and keeps getting work at the latest exposure happened in san francisco. the person visited several locations and also wrote on public transportation. >>here is what we know tonight public health officials say an adult from santa clara county who wrote caltrain to san francisco was contagious with the measles potentially exposing anyone who was not immune. the individual was in a number of public places over 3 days on april the first they were on caltrain uni hayes valley bake works and the federal building then on april 2nd people could have been exposed at the federal building and one of the 3 restaurants there and on april the 3rd the exposure was again at hayes valley bake works the federal building. the san francisco caltrain station and
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on caltrain itself of the 18 measles cases in california so far this year 7 have been reported here in the bay area. >>here's the tally by county is started in early march when a passenger on an international flight sfo had the virus and 2 other people got it. those people live in santa cruz, san francisco and santa clara counties. samit hail was reported 2 cases, santa clara has had the most an adult a one child rather and 3 adults are infected. one of those cases involved another traveler to the bay area who visited in late march and visit almost 20 locations in the south bay and though young children are most at risk from developing the measles which can be deadly. >>the recent cases here in the bay area largely have involved a delta as we just showed you who seemingly never got vaccinated and as people begin to plan summer trips overseas health experts are urging everyone to make sure you are protected. force has more on the steps people need to take it's frustrating.
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>>nearly 40,000 cases and 70 measles related deaths were reported in europe in 2018 stanford infectious disease expert yvonne maldonado says constant travel to that region is a big reason the us is seeing an uptick too. >>they're anti-vaxers and they don't like to vaccinate so there's a there's outbreaks in italy and there are lesser developed countries where people are back suze well but the thing is those people are more likely to come here were not more likely to go to their country so most of the importation is coming from europe and asia and because people travel there quite bit. >>while sayspwith 4 billion people traveling around the world every year exposure is always possible, which means getting the vaccine is the way to go i think there are situations when there's big outbreak of a disease where we don't have protection. >>but this is super easy. we have a vaccine if you get vaccinated within a week
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you're you're fine, you're and then you don't have to worry about getting measles on the train one dose of the measles vaccine gives you a 93 to 95% chance of becoming immune to the illness. 2 doses bumps it up to 97% effectiveness give there's no documentation of 2 doses it's a good idea to get a second that second dose hese days, it's standard for babies between 1215 months to receive both doses. maldonado says if you're an adult that's unsure of your records. check with your doctor before you go on a large trip, it's always a good idea to check in then if you don't know if you were vaccinated it doesn't hurt if you get another dose of vaccine. all the says the 2 doses of the vaccine must be administered at least 28 days apart from one another. >>in san francisco know well below kron 4 news. >>continuing our coverage now the measles outbreak has grown across the country with more than 450 cases confirmed in 19 different states but new york alone has seen 285 cases of
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the measles since october. >>our grant lotus's serious details on what's happening there grant and can mayor bill de blasio new york's mayor has declared a public health emergency de blasio said new york has become the epicenter of this measles outbreak as you look at where it is being seen across the country under the new order city officials in new york will now comb through vaccination records of people who have come in contact with infected individuals and anybody who has not been vaccinated or does not get vaccinated could be facing a fine of up to $1000. >>we cannot allow this dangerous disease to make a comeback here in new york city we have to stop it now. >>it was is even threatening to shut down schools that do not ban unvaccinated children from attending the city says even though these are strict an unusual steps to be taking. they want people to realize that there not messing around they're really trying to stop
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this outbreak. this declaration does come after a judge blocked an executive order put in place by rockland county new york, banning unvaccinated children from being in public places like grocery store scanner pen back to you thank you grant the man accused of slashing the hand of another man in san francisco with a sword appeared in court today. >>30 year-old lee or berglund pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charge. attorney said his client was unfairly targeted for wearing a make america great again hat. the attack happened on march 29th in the city's fillmore district according to police. the victim swatted burglars hatch office had and berglund allegedly pulled out a sword slashing the man's hand berglund was arrested 5 days later, he remains in custody with bail set at $250,000. in south san francisco police are looking for 3 men who broke into a home this morning. it happened on bain av%nue around 02:00am police say the suspects kicked in the front door of the house to get in they say a 52 year-old woman was home at the
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time. the suspects demanded money from her and stole jewelry and personal items. the men then fled the victim was not physically injured, but apparently shaken up at this point there is no description of the 3 men involved all we know is that they might have fled in a vehicle heading west on 3rd lane that's about a block away. the vehicle also apparently had a very noisy exhaust system. >>a 15 year-old boy is among the victims of a triple shooting at a business in east oakland. this all happened yesterday afternoon at an auto body shop on 98th and eat street in street near elm hurst park. police say 2 men with they're getting work done on their cars while the boy was simply putting air in his bicycle tires. officers believe at least one of the victims was in fact targeted investigators are now looking over surveillance video from several cameras in hopes of finding the shooters involved and sam, a tale a police chase ended when a driver crashed into an apartment complex you can see the damage done to the unit on east 16th avenue near
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delaware street. police say they were trying to stop the driver for reckless driving at about 6 30 last night when the driver sped off and ultimately crash fortunately, no one was inside at the time, the driver is in stable condition. >>in the north bail water advisory has been issued for sonoma state university. it means students and staff can't drink or cook put the tap water. they have to use bottled water or boiled tap water officials say there was a drop in pressure in the university's well water pumping system and settlement could get into the water. the university is handing out water bottles while the water lines being tested, but that could take up to 48 hours before the problem is fixed. many homeowners in the south they are looking at a possible rate in trees on their water bills even after a conserving so well over the past few years and they're not too happy about it channels a water the local water company sent out a public notice say wants to impose a yearlong surcharge starting this summer a strong force michelle
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kingston tells us the company says the surcharge is to recover in under a collection of more than million in fixed costs been very frustrated for quite a while i'm very annoyed and i think that what people have to realize is. >>is we don't have a choice. this is the notice sent to all san jose water customers letting them know that even though they did a great job conserving water not caring for their lawns and taking shorter showers. >>they're likely getting billed for it anyway, their rates possibly going up another 2 point to 6%. if the surcharge they're requesting is approved by the california public utilities commission, i'm just frustrated because. >>3 years $1000 water bill and my lawn was dead. and all i see is rate increase at a rate increase after a to increase and i just feel like they're doing unfair business. >>read it then runs a group called water rate advocates
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for transparency equity and sustainability she started 3 years ago after complaining with friends about their water rates during the drought, the level. >>of money that they're bringing in far exceeds any of the infrastructure repairs that they need to do to cp you see said in a statement that this proposed water conservation memorandum accounts surcharge would be in addition to the 4.5 5% increase already approved for 2019 but that the surcharge would be just a year they tell us that every 3 years they set a price of each unit of water based on the forecasted total amount of water projected that san jose water customers will use. >>and when that usage is lower than what is projected, san jose water is unable to recover its fixed operating costs it's unfair this is i mean i tried so hard to conserve everybody, i know tried so hard to conserve and then the next thing you know they're surcharging us and i rates are going up we're paying more. >>then we were paying before the drought and everything's
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dead. >>residents have until april 18th to protest to send letters to their local officials and let their voices be heard. >>if they do not believe in this increase on their water bill. in santa clara county michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>another big story tonight, the principle of paradise high school in butte county has announced that he is resigning lauren light hall made the announcement on the school's facebook page my whole says his family has been unable to secure housing following the deadly camp fire last year. he announced he has accepted a new job it houston high school and central california, light hollers married with 7 children. a new lawsuit accuses over of negligence in attacks against passengers. the suit was brought by 3 unnamed women in california last friday, the lawsuit says 9 people were sexually assaulted by fake uber drivers between september of 2016 and february of 2018 in los
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angeles alone. in the complaint, the women argue that police alerted uber several times about fake drivers targeting intoxicated women as they leave nightclubs in the la area. but uber they say failed to adequately warn passengers. uber said it has not seen a copy of the lawsuit but did say the company has been working with law enforcement and the community for years to educate passengers about they drivers another big story tonight, some defendants in the college admissions scam who did not plead guilty are now facing more charges full house star lori lock-lin and her fashion designer husband. >>mossimo giannulli were hit with a new money laundering charge in the sweeping college admissions bribery scheme. 14 other parents are also included in the new charge. the news comes a day after actress felicity huffman 12 other parents and a coach all agreed to plead guilty. they're accused of participating in a scheme that involved rigging college entrance exams and bribing coaches at elite universities.
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lock-lin is reportedly facing at least 2 years of jail time. >>leading line of us and i'm cleaning house, i don't know who came up with that expression when a lot of great people over that we have and loss we have a judge just ruled incredibly that he doesn't want people staying in mexico. figure that one out. nobody can believe these decisions were getting from the 9th circuit. it's a disgrace. >>president trump responding to questions today after the resignation of the department of homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen but the senators on the homeland security committee say they're concerned with the shake up some of them worry that the trump administration is headed towaru a more extreme immigration policy. >>our washington dc correspondent alexander them own has details from capitol hill. >>it is a in a word. chaos. >>democrats and republicans say they're concerned about the firings of homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen and her top assistance
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is dangerous dangerous given what's happening at the border, dangerous. >>given the broad responsibility that the department of homeland security has for protecting our nation and california senator kamala harris worries about what's next. she was reportedly forced out because she resisted the white house's desire to embrace even more extreme tactics. commander jonathan, why is the person in charge of reuniting children who were taken from their parents by the us government. >>he told senators it could take up to 2 years to identify all of the children because no one kept a list. what what legislative action do you think it is action that we should be taking that defined the conditions under which is permissible to remove a child from a parent and i would submit to do that should only be for the safety of the child new data released by the government shows that the number of migrant families arriving at the us border has increased. >>to record highs under the trump administration. president trump says that's because the us ended the
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family separations tell you something what you don't have it that's why you see many more people coming coming like it's a thick neck because let's go to disneyland but the president denies reports he plans to reinstate the policy of separating children from families who are seeking asylum in washington alexander on the mound. vice president mike pence says he plans to visit the us border patrol station in nogales arizona on thursday, according to white house officials will be briefed by customs and border protection agents. >>and tour the border wall there the trip comes amid controversy surrounding the departure of secretary kirsten nielsen pence says he supports trump's immigration efforts last month the us immigration and customs enforcement office in atlanta. and said quote there's a crisis on our southern border. attorney general bill barr testified before congress today for the first time since releasing his letter about special counsel robert mueller's report maher said he expects to release a redacted version of the report within a week those redactions
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are key because mark could choose to keep secret any information president trump doesn't want revealed. but barr explains that help provide reasons for each read action with the help of special counsel mueller. >>best-selling jet is apparently facing me facing a deepening crisis the airline manufacturer release data today showing airlines are now holding off on ordering. the boeing 7.37 max jets, according to boeing only 10 of the planes were ordered in the first 2 months of 2019 in 2018, boeing sell 112 orders of the plane in the 1st quarter alone. but after those 2 deadly crashes and the global grounding of the jet airlines are not moving forward with the boeing 7.37 max jets. >>still ahead one animal is dead. another lost a leg others severely injured now a reward being offered to help track down a serial cat shooter in the east bay plus santa clara county's longstanding policy of not
10:22 pm
cooperating with federal immigration authorities is under review. the murder case which has sparked this latest debate and after the break the house is attempting to revive an obama era policy that would give the government the authority to regulate the internet just as it does telephone company syria. president trump has to say about it and if you are streaming a song crying on the news bargain market ♪
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>>democratic lawmakers say they plan to quote save the internet. the house was supposed to debate and vote on the bill today, but instead postpone further action until tomorrow morning net neutrality requires that all content gets equal treatment it stops your internet service provider from. >>slowing down some of your services and speeding up others. the sec says the internet is doing just fine without regulation that is our washington dc correspondent and working before us the president is threatening to veto the bill if it gets to his desk. >>republicans say congress should leave the internet alone. this is michael burgess from texas the internet for decades has thrived because it was not under the heavy hand of government while mall west right now the democrats like pennsylvania congressman mike doyle say consumers in need protection from big internet companies there's nothing to stop an isp. >>from behaving badly. >>that's why doyle introduce the scene the internet act to restore the net neutrality rules the fcc recently
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repealed. >>and make sure internet providers treat all web traffic people you know walking no throttling no pay partners, a should the bill would also require the fcc to police potential future broadband abuses, the heavy hand of government regulation always takes us back but georgia republican rob woodall said he thinks congress should delete this bill the wild west innovation. >>a style that has driven the internet and tech companies from day one shouldn't be boxed in. >>by the government, the white house says the president plans to veto the bill if it makes it to the president's desk in washington, i'm in a warning keeps. >>coming up a man is thrown off a treadmill at the gym in southern california after a car crashes into the building we're going to hear from the man this workout turned into a trip to the hospital plus a heated debate in the first hearing on a bill that could drastically change the law on when police can use deadly force. >>ahead we hear from a parent who lost her son in a police shooting a lot of sunshine in
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the forecast for the bay area about a couple raindrops to will ta
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>>the santa clara county board of supervisors is taking action to consider amending its sanctuary policy the board will look at a pair of proposals and vote again in a couple of for lot shows us the marathon public debate that happened before tonight's vote. >>proposed changes are a common sense approach which
10:30 pm
would better serious offenders and violent predators. >>preserve changes. >>among the 150 or so people to address supervisors on tuesday, a clear majority urged the board to leave well enough alone. but others called for changing the county's sanctuary policy in the name of public safety. supervisors court as ian wasserman proposed a review that will consider loosening restrictions on cooperating with ice regarding the release from jail of undocumented immigrants convicted of violent crimes. >>the specific and targeted change i suggest that. what i believe most residents would want. and that is to help keep undocumented individuals. previously of serious and violent felonies streets of our neighborhoods away from our friends and families the
10:31 pm
debate in coming review was sparked by the recent murder of 59 year old ban be larson of san jose. >>allegedly by 24 year-old carlos arevalo carranza a convicted felon an undocumented immigrant released from jail despite several detainer request from ice cooperation allows for a reasonably time notification. >>of the date time and location of an inmate's schedule released the only thing we'll be doing is sending the basic information. >>limited cooperation with ice as the support of jeff rosen and san jose police but immigrant advocates believe that changing the policy will enable lies to target undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions so i find it very upsetting that thanti immigrant forces are trying to capitalize our team. these recent tragedy to roll back. >>are these lies in the sanctuary policies really over line message quite frankly is that we can support and defend the hardworking immigrants that live in the city. >>help them survive and at the same time hold those
10:32 pm
responsible. for committing serious violent or significant crimes in our communities accountable to the fullest extent the san jose rob flood kron 4 news. >>by the way the board approved a call for a clear and consistent policies to vote again in about 6 months. >>a bill that could drastically change the law on when police can use deadly force is making his way through the state legislature. it's called assembly bill 3, 9, 2, and it had his first hearing today, the proposal changes the language in the law that allows police to use deadly force from when reasonable to when necessary and when there is no other alternative. among those testifying in support elizabeth majeure she told lawmakers her son was sleeping in a driveway. the 4 officers killed him in los angeles. >>then after he killed my son to try to justify police know the magic words i fear for my life officers cannot be expected to consider
10:33 pm
alternatives in 2 to 3 seconds when confronting a life or death situation. >>police groups tried to explain to lawmakers that ab 3, 9, 2, would create an indefensible situation for police officers. the bill has to go through another committee before making it to the assembly floor. meanwhile, the other use of force bill backed by police which calls for more training is not yet scheduled for a hearing. >>happening now in the east bay, a reward is being offered for information leading to the person who has been shooting cats one can't lost a leg. another cat died. from force has a 19 and has the story. this is morgan he's one of several cats suffering from a pellet gun injury brought here to oakland animal services in recent weeks, rebecca katz. >>is the director here the last 5 weeks we've received for cats at the shelter that >>pellets in their body somewhere. 3 of them of his
10:34 pm
legs the 4th one there's actually want to fine and we had to euthanize it for humane reasons it was suffering and dying they've all come from a nearby radius, lower diamond in oakland. and we suspect they might be statements in the back this is percy who is now a three-legged cat. >>the injury was so severe amputation was necessary. i'm also very much them concerned about the welfare of our community and crime to people in our community and we know that that can harm to animals is an indicator so even those in people who don't care that much about animals should really be concerned. >>the once again that $10,000 reward is being offered by friends of oakland animal services and these folks here are hoping that will be incentive for someone to come forward with information leading to an arrest of the serial cat shooter. the for another cat is injured. >>well simon turn to the weather. >>juarez cartel has all the details for standing by
10:35 pm
laurent yene nice clear out there right now guys beautiful skies little we need spots right now. >>i think the idea high pressure building red sea of those clouds can a roll over the top that ridge now that will want to see if we want some nice weather long-range forecast go to bring in more nice weather for the better part of the day tomorrow sunshine from the time you get up to the time you go to bed tomorrow and then things are going to change a little bit in the 3rd a few more clouds the role of 3 even a slight chance, few scattered light showers i think thursday night in the early on friday morning but that will move through during the nighttime hours so better party friday got a lot of sunshine and some wind again starting out the weekend on the bright side with plenty of sunshine rolling on through and then things begin to change a little bit on sunday a few more clouds coming our way in a slight chance of showers again come monday and tuesday of next week but that doesn't look that big and then behind that you get the sense of a huge dome of high pressure beginning to build in that will really crank up the temperature so here you go. here's what tenet and as we look toward tomorrow, plenty of sunshine just a little breezy few more clouds coming
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our way on thursday, mostly sunny windy again on friday should be a dry weekend chance of showers next monday and tuesday. then we start to warm things up getting near 80 degrees by the following thursday. thank you lord snow melt in alaska's revealing more damage caused by the november quake. that's when a 7.0 quake struck near anchorage. >>we have yet to see the full extent of the damage to catch state park officials are bracing for the worst as the snow continues to melt and even more damage is uncovered the worst damage according to park officials our large fractures on roadways leading up to the eagle river campground just outside of anchorage. they say is a crack there that stretches up to 500 feet. >>there are some areas past rule that we haven't been on an. you know some other areas in the park that we're likely to be affected and i'm sure will be getting those reports in. >>the roof at the eagle river nature center is also damaged.
10:37 pm
>>cal fire's looking to fast-track wildfire prevention projects with the help of the california national guard the original project will take 5 to 10 years to finish, but officials are hoping to cut those numbers down or grant lotus is here with the details on this project grant talking about 20 people so yeah, it is not a couple so one or 2 to help is coming from the national guard, the ships have been called in to. >>trial prevent wildfires placer county is a part of governor nuisance 45 day plan to fast track wildfire projects newsome called in the troops from the southern border, reassigning them to 35 programs across the state right now soldiers are going through hands-on training to know what to cut and what to take and what to leave the national guard. >>has been called in to help fight wildfires in the past but this is the first time they're working on prevention. >>military mind said, and also that level of fitness that the national guard has really sets are trees have really well 2
10:38 pm
united at their skills to fighting fires and also fuel management. >>officials say in the cold facts area the project was set to take 5 to 10 years but with the help of the national guard now they're looking at being finished in one year and in a few weeks, the national guard troops in training will be joined by more cal fire crews to move the project along as quickly as possible get back to you thank you grant. >>fema says it will put up million to help dozens of sacramento county homeowners lift their homes above flood levels the grants would lyft to some 30 homes to 18 inches above flofd levels which could mean as much as 6 feet for some homes. this is all happening in the point pleasant neighborhood south of elk grove. the catch is fema wants the homeowners to put in 25% of the cost of lifting the homes which could amount to more than $25,000. several homeowners say they're reluctant to spend that kind of money, especially cents it
10:39 pm
only applies to living spaces. >>the rays houses is just a quick fix it's an easy out for raise the out buildings or the garage, they'll raise the house and i've got animals and and equipment and all that stuff it doesn't help any of that. >>but whether a home gets away so i'm not is up to the homeowner sacramento county officials have been working with the community for years trying to get them on >>a 3 year-old boy in san diego is ok after he got stuck in a pool filter at an apartment complex. officials say when the boy staffed or fell into the pool filter is knees folded into a kneeling position. fire crews worst to rescue the boy from an 8 inch wide opening he was stuck for more than an hour. rescuers say they tried to hurry to get the boy out and also calm his nerves while they're trying to get him free. >>my time here rescuing child are dealing with children because most of us are fathers little boy starts crying week, i work a little harder and work a little faster try make sure he's ok.
10:40 pm
>>firefighters were eventually able to get the boy out after bringing in some larger equipment to chip away at the cement, it's still not exactly clear how the boy got stuck in the first san francisco is gearing up for big crowds of people showing up in golden gate park with the annual for 20 festival. here's what for 20 look like last year in golden gate park white cloud a major crowd. >>under a massive haze of marijuana smoke, this year organizers are expecting at least 20,000 people in that means there helping the security the ambulances and the emt staff since last year more than a half dozen people had to go to the hospital because they consumed edibles laced with fentanyl which is light park officials are pushing a new message this year they're telling people not to buy any drugs or any pot related products on site. >>it's different now the days of buying your weed firmer and and i don't know our over quality controos important it's important in our food, it's important in our there so
10:41 pm
pleased that the dispensary before you come to for 20. >>so marijuana is ok for you to bring in you are not however allowed to bring in alcohol and no people under the age of 18 our loud nor our pets also no glass. >>that pertains to as well as glass bottles. >>still ahead women playing in the majors, it's a dream for one young girl from sacramento, she could be a step closer to making that a reality hear her story as she impresses on the baseball tonight. >>and after the break what this man had to say after the law's off of his treadmill after a car crashes right into the gym. >>and just ahead in sports. so much drama in the nba tonight steph curry avoid a serious injury in new orleans while magic johnson takes over the news cycle with a stunning announcement that's coming up. >>and course now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. today was bad some
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are worse. stoner into the oakland hills.
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♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - i love this brand. - [♪] - wow! am i floating? - not exactly. that's "bargain bliss" setting in. you're basking in the glow of premium wines at deep discount prices. - i feel so tall right now. - i know, right? oh! could you just-- while you're up there? ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ >>video shows the moment a car crash or the window of the gymnasium hitting a man on a treadmill and luckily, the victim walked away from the close call with only some minor injuries that happened in culver city near la last
10:45 pm
month, sam, real key wash says he never expected his readership to the gym to become a nightmare check that out he had righted anytime fitness just before 6 in the morning. and seconds after he stepped on the treadmill an suv came crashing through the glass throwing him to the ground. >>as i was flying back i saw the treadmill coming at me. so i twisted to the side to avoid being crushed. when you go through something like that you learn life is a gift and to cherish every moment. and i guess it wasn't my time. >>close call the driver was a young woman who wasn't wearing any shoes, she tried to get back into the mercedes. but that's when an off-duty police officer jumped in action stopping her from getting into the suv that was still running. no word on what if any charges will be filed against driver. >>well now a few weeks into the 2019 baseball season, you know a lot of years ago women
10:46 pm
had a professional league of their own and now some people are starting to wonder whether women will ever be allowed to play in major league baseball. well one sacramento, 11 year-old girl tells us she has dreams to do just that and has reported a johnson tells us. >>this weekend she may be a step closer to play in the mlbt use girls baseball tournament. for 11 year-old zoe fam would you want to play yes. pitcher catcher. play professional baseball is not an impossible dream in san diego when i was around 5 ever since that time she's been playing on little league softball teams. >>in almost every position first base shortstop pitcher catcher, many positions funds saw but softball is not baseball. the pitch is very different the feels different in the size of the ball is different. right now the issue of baseball is the boys general so his mother melissa man tong didn't want her to be the only girl on the team. so
10:47 pm
she started looking into girls baseball asking coaches and other parents i start doing some research and. >>came across a trailblazer. series girls. >>be trailblazer series invitational tournaments specifically for young ladies to play baseball. so it will be one of 30 players from california going to will be hughes academy in compton where she also received development training i think is an awesome opportunity to holly. >>considers that was a lifetime experience man talk surprise her daughter. >>sending are often asking her to read the acceptance email without telling her what it was. >>my mom for a name, but you know what it was a good friend, >>it's not the bigs yet parents believe with a lot of work so he could one day play professional baseball. it's going to be there. they won't be easy pass. but it's definitely possible and so he says she's not going up on her dream to one day play for an mlb team with me supporting girls playing baseball
10:48 pm
definitely going to change the way people see things. might just change how people feel about girls playing baseball. >>during that a trailblazer series former players and coaches from the u s a baseball women's national team and former major league baseball players will be team coach the girls will also get a chance to go to a dodgers game while in los angeles. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment. >>magic certainly latest surprise on everybody there that's a little bit the news tonight. >>and i tell you i have to go back to me you know something could happen in the middle of this sports cast. we have to monitor what's happening tonight, the way tonight is gone now and a shocker today an impromptu press conference earlier this evening from magic johnson stepping down as the president of basketball
10:49 pm
operations for the los angeles lakers, let's go to the video on what exactly went he says he wants to go back to having fun. he was unhappy in the position. this and a brief 2 year run for the former laker gray in 5 time world champion. although he was instrumental in signing lebron james lakers didn't make progress on the court feeling to make the playoffs in his tenure. the team has had 6 straight losing 6. >>day and go step down as a president. i think that time i had more fun. when i was able to be the big brother in the best of their that everybody i was thinking about all those times all guys who want me to mentor them will be a part of their lives and i can even do that i had more fun on the other side in on >>now to the warriors in new orleans phase in the pelicans know kevin durant klay thompson in the lineup. clinton told that state locked up the top singha steph curry was planned that didn't last long the mvp left the game, the 1st quarter with a mild
10:50 pm
ankle sprain would play the rest of the night were days. he'll be good to go for game one either saturday or sunday, some other players stepping up about this from damion lee kerry's brother law connecting from downtown 20 off the bench for for years when one 12 1 o 3 fa smith is tomorrow also want to mention dirk novitzky announces retirement dwayne wade played his final home game in miami. now to the giants losers of 5 of their last 6 games trying to start stacking some winds beautiful night for a game got a crew out there in the company co for big six-run second inning for the giants kevin a lot of the grand slam yesterday. the bases juiced to get a shot to left field. hunter renfroe can handle it. evan longoria scores followed by her rival oregon jervis marty faces clearing three-run double for a large ied screws 7, 2, derek holland, no runs punch down 9 through 7. >>now to the agent can be our turn and the four-game skid top second. >>fortune up in oakland were
10:51 pm
kissimmee it this one deep to left on three-run jasta 5 dot in a spot of 3rd. joey ricard singles to center. watch this play crazy richie martin coming home, but you don't run on remote lori on all this is going to happen the player with the most assists in the majors guns down martin at the plate a's went on to block the o's 13 to jurickson profar 5 rabies including a home run the green and gold, a big night tomorrow for the san jose sharks host of the vegas golden knights round one of the stanley cup playoffs. a rematch of last season's second-round showdown for vegas took at san jose in 6 games but in the off-season sharks made some moves adding all-star defenseman erik karlsson who stuffed nyquist at the trade deadline to go with an already potent line of the could have won it all in 2016 defender, kate. how crucial it is to start the series at the tank. >>now your voice of and it's up to us to take advantage of it. is over focused on they
10:52 pm
had a some tough time getting on the first 10 minutes against these guys looking so a lot of focus for have a good start to own a city like us is to really jump is very important. >>doctor ops at 7.30 should be a fun one great way to open the postseason stanley cup would look nice in san jose full of the beautiful huh i'm mark thank you. alright low as it gets. and yet a little more sunshine coming our way temperatures going to be nicer to mall even warmer around the bay area will take a look at that their tent and is coming up ne
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>training drills obviously can be fined look at this firefighters in new york competed in a game of dodge ball all in full gear part of an era consumption trail designed to control breathing under stressful situations relating the real thing. these firefighter played until they drain their air cylinder and anybody who got out had to do 20 jumping text before they could return. >>around the bay i would get nice clear skies out there looks like it's going to stay that way all night long high pressure overhead now little bit of a northerly wind that is keeping skies free of any fog too so tomorrow we wake up sunny side up around the bay area and looking good out there right now have dry as a bone have been able say for the better part of the season, but now that's the way it's staying for least the next couple of days. high pressure
10:56 pm
in control we are going to see more that normally composer the wind here as we head into autumn also be breezy at times still throughout the day so bright and a little breezy early on the winds kick up a little more so in the afternoon, especially along the coastline and then as we get into thursday a few more clouds begin to come in are back in our skies as high pressure going to start to weaken a little bit the raindrops get a little bit closer there's a slight chance overnight on thursday night and into early on friday morning we see could see a couple of scattered showers still we're waking up tomorrow with clear skies early on 50's to begin today. then sunny and bright toward the middle a day up in the 60's if you want to get outside for lunch by the afternoon were up in the mid 70's the warmer spots and a lot of 70's even inside the bay and a lot of 60's along the coastline, so yet we're enjoys a beautiful weather outside flying around the bay about 62 downtown san francisco, 64 the marine about 67 in the mission. 58 degrees of pacifica 60 in the half moon bay about 61 and no rain 62 burlingame give the idea some very nice weather inside
10:57 pm
the bay. i really going to be wind sheltered, you see those temperatures popping up the 60's even some low 70's in the santa clara valley about 67 degrees in union city 67 also in fremont 72, a dublin and about 72 degrees a walnut creek in the north a plenty of sunshine all day long just a bit of a breeze in the afternoon, your tenant and looking good lot of sunshine a for tomorrow, a few more clouds on thursday return to sunny skies little windy into friday and then next week i think we start to talk at least about a chance of rain on monday and tuesday. look what happens after that some of those temperatures getting near 80 degrees by the following thursday take it. >>have a good night everybody
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - i love this brand. - [♪] - wow! am i floating? - not exactly. that's "bargain bliss" setting in. you're basking in the glow of premium wines at deep discount prices. - i feel so tall right now. - i know, right? oh! could you just-- while you're up there? ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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hey! got you a coffee. - thank you. - and i don't know if you take it black or with milk or soy or anyway-- i brought everything. - thank you. look at that. - here you go. - thanks. - thanks. so what's up? - so i wanted to get your advice on something. but i--like, i probably know what you're gonna say, which is what i need to hear about something that-- sorry, i need to hear you say "don't do it." - okay, i'm with you. - okay. last night, i went out with roman, just as friends, but by the end it kind of felt like more than that. - hmm. - you don't seem surprised. - oh, i'm sorry, you-- you wanted me--sure. oh, my god!


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