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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 12, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>the wilsons family has officially filed a lawsuit against bart good evening, everyone and thanks for joining us for core 4 news at 9 on the and i'm just involvement in for grant lotus night the family claims that bart failed to provide the highest standard of care for its riders, an 18 year-old should not have had to die in order for them to take action on 4 scale on is live now here in studio with us with details on the family's lawsuit, gayle, the at half a week from florida. >>the key and justine back in august wilson's family folly public entity claim against age say bar never responded and that's why they are sailing now.
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>>neil wilson was 18 years old on the night of july 22th last with her 2 sisters when she was killed by john kowal trans and with a long criminal history now wilson's family attorney has filed a lawsuit against bart the 30 page suit alleges barred failed to meet the duty of common carriers to provide riders with the highest standard of care and to protect them against a reasonably foreseeable criminal conduct. it was an unprovoked attack. wilson was fatally stabbed in the neck. her sister was also stabbed she survived there was a bay area wide manhunt for khalil faulting the attack surveillance photos show 28 year-old khalil's movement through bart stations that ultimately led to his arrest khalil is charged in wilson's murder. but his most recent court appearance was postponed over a battle whether he is mentally competent for trial. in a statement the family of new wilson is in mourning and demand the transit agency take responsibility and implement
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safety measures. the family says they want justice and the killing of new wilson to be a turning point in the bay area and for bart. >>we reach out to bars for comment. on the lawsuit and a statement bart says quote we continue to express our deepest condolences to the friends and family wilson, however we do not comment. potential or pending litigation end quote live in the studio get along kron 4 news. >>so the police got here. >>camera shop employees taking action when 3 suspects walk in and it looks like they're ready to steal some camera equipment. in santa rosa news, you're looking at that surveillance video there you can see the employees took action. yes, they sure did 3 people wearing backpacks ready to go not hiding their intentions at all our first michelle kingston spoke to the employees today who can't believe what happened. >>but i'm still in shock still you know surreal at this point
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that it happened watching this surveillance video as 3 people walk into the shooter. but camera shop on santa rosa. >>a new on thursday all 3 of them with hoods on and backpacks open. one of the suspects carrying a 9 millimeter pistol one of got behind the counters and turn around and stuff then the employees took action calling 911 in detaining 2 of the 3 suspects at the front door, holding them down until police arrived, so proud of the staff. but. >>so lucky. gun didn't go off. >>during the struggle, the store owner was bit by one of the suspects. 2 of the suspects were arrested the other fled the scene and is still on the loose. police say the 2 now behind bars or just 1418 years old and our from oakland they came out of the way they knew what there's going to do but i think they weren't expecting any reaction think they're expecting us to just let them take their time. >>take as much as they could so i think they were shocked when reacted as humans instead
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of the corporate answer, whatever that just whatever. >>employees say they were able to recover all of the items the brazen suspects attempted to steal the gun was also located, i'm hoping the sends the message that they can come into stores like this. >>the 3rd suspect who got away is described as a teenager wearing a black sweatshirt. >>there's a $2500 reward for anyone with information leading to his arrest. in santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news police in sacramento are investigating a pellet gun shooting that killed a sacrament of state student early this morning, the shooting happened about 2 miles away from campus at a fraternity party reporter just a mensch has the story. >>a quiet sacramento neighborhood flooded with crime scene tape and homicide detectives to see and kids making.
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>>a senior at sacramento state university mint will molina shop with a pellet gun early friday morning. he died at the hospital. police say he was at a party with other members of his fraternity pi kappa alpha at this home on like i'm in court. we do not have anyone in custody for this. it is >>completed by or our investigators and will be turned over to the district attorney's office for them to make a final decision on whether any charges will be filed police confirmed that the young man did not shoot himself, but they say they are still investigating who was responsible it's a very tragic incidents. >>however for a. >>we need to call it an accident i can't do that so that's where it's going to come from the district attorney's office steeper say several members of the fraternity live at the home where this happened is old quite a shock. the occasional party on a thursday or something but nothing that again they're college students today now calling this a
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tragedy and urging all young people to think about their actions sometimes. you can't. >>that was jessica meant reporting for us tonight. the secretary of state university president released a statement saying in part. our hearts go out to will's friends and family and we are working with family on arrangements to honor his memory. well it was a warm sunny beautiful day all across the bay as we take a live look right now over san francisco at all those twinkling lights out there. >>joining us now is our chief meteorologist lawrence car now to talk about the weather for the weekend you are talking at 5 o'clock you're going to get your barbecue geared up. >>grilling kenyan tend to be outside is going to be one of those kind of weekends and i you know everybody been kind of stuck indoors. the better part of winter and a good part
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of spring but here we go we got the giants game tomorrow right you head out the bark. it's going to be a great time to get out there to joy as high pressure builds overhead you see that ridge just kind of dominating now building overhead. it is going to bring with it plenty of sunshine all around the bay area. all of the coastline. all right if you head out to the park, this is what we're looking at right now you can see plenty of sunshine. all day long yet get up the sunscreen you're going to need be sitting out the sun all day, those temperatures generally about the mid 60's at the oracle park there the game time one oh 5 plenty of sunshine, sunny and nice just a light breeze into the afternoon. it looks like plenty of sunshine to carry a throughout the game. tonight, mostly clear skies continuing around the bay area right now and that's where it's going to stay for the better part of the night, the winds. a little breeze along the coastline but nothing like we had yesterday when we had gusts or 30 miles per hour or so we're going to see a little love change over the weekend as we're going to see that wind pick up. i think as we head in toward a sunday a little bit but temperatures today pop to good 10 even 12 degrees over the past 24 hours
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in fact these numbers, fantastic outside today, 75 degrees in napa 76 and conquer 76 degrees in santa rosa. and 70 in san jose, a beautiful day out there i think getting even better as we look toward tomorrow star skies for tonight, a little cool in spots overnight lows going to dropping off into the 40's in the 50's tomorrow, plenty of sunshine definitely i get out there and enjoy it kind of day with those warmer temperatures outside sunday. go see a little cooler temperatures and some fog is going to return along the coastline. a few clouds drifting in late in the afternoon. if you are stepping outside though mostly clear skies for tonight, looking good numbers in the 50's little cool in spots for me i want to grab a jacket if you're headed outside, but this ridge of high pressure overhead that is going to dominate the weather is going to give us a little bit of that northerly wind and that's important because that will keep that fog away from most the coastline to supplant on warm sunshine inside the bay in the valleys little cool on the coastline, but still plenty of sunshine even out toward the beaches. backed overnight tonight, you're
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going to see these clouds staying away from the coast, staying clear all day tomorrow and then as we get to sunday things begin to change a little bit as high pressure going weekend there they come the clouds are rolling a little bit along the coast on but tomorrow guys get out there and enjoy it. >>fans queue out in full force today to support their sharkey's in the second to playoff game and right now they are battling it out against las vegas. golden knights at home in san jose at safety center. >>and that is very fine kron four is dan thorny is live with an update on the game and how fans were getting ready for the playoff games. >>justine fans are definitely in playoff mode here at the sapd center earlier today, there was a street festival an hour and a d fight a matchup out there on the ice starts fans telling us that they have they are smelling blood in the water in this series. they're just taking it all in the atmosphere here has been loud
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and alive today again beginning with that street festival happening earlier there a number of things that people are able to enjoy out here a live music face painting the food all the good stuff, even fans of the golden knights were getting in on the even here in enemy territory, the shark tank just to live right now of course if you swung by the sox foundation beer earlier at the street fest we're told that all of that money was going directly to charity. so people are not only having a good time they're also doing their part in helping out meanwhile, the fans here at the game tonight. our hearts are hoping that the sharks can go all the way. >>so we goal series of the also. you know get my the nights and i cowdery can be tough. to they got they got the pepele they got that just got to keep together and healthy that's all it's about.
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>>all right so there seems to be some optimism among us sharks fans out here and of course this game has been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. we're in the second period right now with the golden knights are actually up on the sharks, 43, but it's been a tough game out there on the ice these teams have been duking it out and let's see what the sharks can do. that's latest here live in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>and we have continuing coverage of the sharks game tonight in sports. that's will be coming up a little later here during kron 4 news at 9 you can also go online to kron four dot com for full list of all the playoff game times as well as places you can go to watch can be part of the group and they'll be lots of parties and street at rallies to find out there as well. >>tara fell police are investigating the death of a mother of 2 who they believe accidentally overdosed after mistakenly ingesting a powerful synthetic opioid kron four swore in cali talk to the victim's friend who is
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speaking out tonight in the hopes of keeping others from eating the same tragic fate. >>she was devoted and loving mother. kind generous friend. and a beautiful talented artist. >>kate pas talking about her friend, 42 year-old carrie cardi a sarah fell police say they responded to a home on this quiet block at 04:30am last sunday to a 911 call and found cardi a collapsed on the kitchen floor. they tried cpr and administered narcan but they were too late to save her the used what they believed to be cocaine sergeant alec home, so the 3 women partying that night accidentally consumed a synthetic opioid not yet seen before in their jurisdiction. call the eu 4, 7, 7, 0, 0, known on the street as you for euphoria or pink he says that can sometimes have a pinkish hue bill passed out only cardi a never woke up. >>sentinel and eve. 7, 7, 0,
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0, and other synthetic opioids are extremely dangerous because they're very very potent so only a little bit can have. >>a fatal effects at this point no charges have been filed in connection with the state allen t sarah fell police say they are still investigating exactly how the drug was obtained. they say it is possible that even the dealer who originally sold it didn't realize the danger now these drugs are made in a lab in a in a safe environment is are. >>could be made on the kitchen table somewhere and. fentanyl on one side of the table and cocaine on the other and there could be a contamination there and and you just don't know. >>this was a horrific accident. >>parties friend is showing off one of the victims are work she wants to stress that her friend was in no way a ruug addict on the path to destruction what you think. >>might be a fun night out saturday. might mean you don't come home to your kids on sunday parties friends are now trying to raise money to fund the education for the 2 children she leaves behind a
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link can be found on our website kron four dot com lorraine kelly from 40's. >>a warning from alameda police tonight about a new trend in packaged apps they say people all over the bay should be on the lookout for fluorescent ing g vest going door to door stealing packages. police released this video which said they say shows the suspects stealing a package. the seas where this type of clothing to appear to be doing something official in the neighborhood. >>i've i've had a few neighbors who had things disappear. >>we can to keep a watch out for each other as best we can but. they just don't order anything that way i don't have to worry. >>police also recommend tracking your packages they also say don't assume someone you see wearing fluorescent work type clothing in your neighborhood is there for a legitimate reason. >>olympic gold medalist jordyn wieber served as the keynote speaker at santa clara county's child abuse prevention seminar today in
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campbell weaver has been speaking out about the years of abuse she suffered while training as a gymnast by usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar nassar pleaded guilty to numerous charges a processing child-pornography npand sexually abusing minors. he was sentenced to more than 200 years in prison. we were says she along with many of her gymnastic team mates suffered silently for years. and today, some of our she encouraged the victims of abuse who are often afraid to come forward to speak out. >>i want them to know that that they're not alone. it's obviously not easy to to report abuse is not easy to talk about it with other people. but i think for them to know that they're not the only one out there that that it's had experience something like this. >>weaver retired from olympic competition she's now an assistant coach for u c l a's, women's gymnastic team, which is the reigning national champs. >>elementary school teacher faces charges related to child pornographer contra costa county district attorney says
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gerald june is accused of possessing and downloading child pornographer yet his home in fremont he teaches 3rd and 4th grade john gomesa elementary school in fremont investigators received tips of his alleged actions back in february after an investigation they arrested him yesterday fremont unified superintendent kim wallace says she is appalled. >>hear that somebody may have done something outside of school on their own time. it's certainly still affects environment at the school and so it's it's it's really the worst case scenario. >>while a says the teacher was put on administrative leave and we're told none of the students have been harmed. >>exterminator has now been called in to deep clean a fleet of county transit buses in the south bay and this comes after for bus drivers have come down with a student skin condition known as scabies there's no indication any passengers have been infected with this human it might.
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>>one offering every part of the skin irritation on saturday and since that time we've confirmed 3 other operators based on the operator shifts we were able to assess that about one dozen buses should be taken out of service they receive extra cleaning for precautionary measures. >>operated on lines 20 to 5.20 to 5588 and are based in bt's north county yard in mountain view. the source of the infestation is unknown and thought to be confined to the area's accessed only by drivers. the drivers have now all been placed on paid leave scabies is generally spread through prolong skin to skin contact. the scabies mite burles under the skin and then lays eggs symptoms include skin irritation and often do not show up for weeks. >>there are calls tonight to release a detained mother and send her back to her 2
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children. protesters rallied outside immigration and customs enforcement headquarters in san francisco today, they want ice to release 28 year-old aida and ride i a the agency detained her in november because they say a red notice accuses her of committing theft in her home country of el salvador. the protesters say that reason does not make sense. >>government is using the issuance of a red notice issued by interpol which has already been courts have decided that that alone is not the basis for holding someone in detention. >>the next court hearing is may 7th. governor gavin newsom wants lawmakers to reconsider a state law which currently makes utility companies pay for the damages when their utility equipment causes a wildfire get one of the many recommendations released today from his wild fire and energy strike team porter lonnie wong explains why the governor wants them to consider this and other actions. >>when gavin oman for
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governor he never expected to be confronted with levy now calls a crisis. the way he sees it wildfires and their consequences climate change and how electric utilities operate are tied together and must be dealt with sooner rather than later, this is a serious moment, this report prepared by a special fire strike force encourages the use of non carbon feels to fight climate influence fires. it also looks in the tough subjects like retrofitting structures to make them fireproof and stop building homes and businesses in fire-prone areas that comprise 25% of the state. but even more complex as how to divvy up the cost of firefighting recovery efforts and liability. especially had harsh words for pga need which filed for bankruptcy when faced with paying for damages caused by recent wildfires. i expect the investors that are involved in the journey to participate in the solutions newsom says pga need has been dodging responsibility for years, but the specter of a public takeover of e private utility, if safety policies
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and settling claims didn't become a priority. and options with are on the table. >>but the question of paralyzing utilities too much is also a consideration that would raise rates or even eliminate service to customers. we're in real trouble right now. as it relates to. >>these utilities be invaluable to bankruptcy in nation. that means sharing the cost of making the state safer among insurance companies. >>liability attorneys utilities and taxpayers have a burden. and responsibility to some the costs taxpayers. us. in the same direction. >>that was lonnie reporting for us tonight. the los angeles city council has renamed intersection in honor of rapper and community activist nipsey hussle who was killed last month. it is the intersection closest hustles l a clothing store he was shot in the parking lot there in march. his memorial service was yesterday at the staple center. in this video of his
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procession that's what followed the street renaming idea began with the change dot org petition which garnered nearly 500,000 signatures. the la city council wrapped up its meeting today after approving the motion to rename the intersection. >>we extend to you a very small honor in renaming slosson in print shop. if the house will square. and today we adjourn our regular business in the memory of your son. army assassin thank >>today nitze households, family and friends held a private burial, the alleged shooter eric holder has pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder. >>delta is making some changes to their seeding the reason they say is to make you feel more comfortable on a flight and could another chain store be on its way out the number of stores bed bath and beyond and is now closing. >>kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day
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with no commercials. the new service is called chronic on and you can get caught up in all the latest breaking news and weather anytime of the day.
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>>and bad news for bed bath and beyond the home goods retailer says it will close approximately 40 stores. but also open 15 new locations to have a bath and beyond currently operates 1500 stores. >>usa today today, a coating
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the company's chief financial officer, the number of stores expected to close will grow if the company doesn't quote negotiate more favorable lease terms with landlords officials also reportedly discussed plans to test out different visual merchandising to enhance the shopping experience. shares of bed bath beyond stock or up actually this morning. >>don't count on struggling retailer charlotte roust out just yet the company posted the following on twitter this past week saying quote we're plan and in a brand-new online shopping experience as well as reopening 100 retail locations across the u s and saying watch out for more details coming soon. this comes after the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and then a month later announced the closure of its online store and launched a going out of business sale at its brick and mortar locations stealth is changing how far you can lay back in their seats, a spokesperson for the airline confirmed it will further limit.
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>>to how far seats and coach and first-class recline on its fleet of airbus 3 20's. starting saturday delta says going to retrofit the seat on all 62 of those planes uh seats will lose about 2 inches of reclining space the work. we'll take about 2 months to finally complete. according to delta move is not about adding more seats are taking away space instead. delta says it's focused on protecting customers personal space and making multitasking little bit easier. >>ahead tonight, the flu season is one of the worst in years how to protect yourself as the virus spreads in the bay area. so will. >>given to the sanctuary cities maybe to take care of that that's the way they wanted an abuse of power and public resources. retaliation against sanctuary cities include san francisco and oakland we hear the likelihood that so we could be getting in. >>increase in migra
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>>and we're following breaking news tonight thp is telling us 2 different collisions happen on the bay bridge happened westbound of treasure island just about an hour ago one accident occurred with 4 vehicles another accident involved 3 vehicles these are 2 separate accidents. all the accidents they were rear enders luckily, no injuries there the roadway is in the process of clearing right now. the trump administration.
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>>california certainly is always saying oh we want more people. and they want more people in this sanctuary cities wealth will give them more people we can give him a lot we can give them an unlimited supply. >>the trump administration wanted to release immigrants detained at the border into so-called sanctuary cities too retaliate against those who opposed his border wall. >>the president then urged former homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen to do it, but she resisted and then resigned that plan was eventually dropped to cnn's boris sanchez explains. >>president trump is no fan of sanctuary cities. my administration is launching a nationwide crackdown on sanctuary cities. >>and that's exactly where he wanted to send migrants detained at the southern border. a source tells cnn the white house pressured homeland security officials to release detained migrants into so-called sanctuary cities. that limit cooperation with federal law enforcement to
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protect most immigrants from deportation. the president himself psh fmer dhs secretary kirsten nielsen to follow through on his plan, according to a source. why in port to retaliate against democrats who opposed his border wall. but nielsen resisted and the dhs legal team eventually produced analysis that killnd the plan, the washington post reports house speaker nancy pelosi's district in san francisco was among those targeted. pelosi firing back saying quote using human beings, including little children as parties in their work game to perpetuatfe pele. >>and they want more people in this sanctuary cities, let's see if they're so happy they say we have open arms are always say they have open arms, let's see if they have open arms. >>that was boris sanchez reporting for us tonight, the washington post and new york times are reporting that the
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white house plans to release of migrants in sanctuary cities. it was first floated in november in an e-mail from a white house policy adviser to homeland security officials slow there are several sanctuary cities and counties in the bay area news of this attempted proposal is infuriating democrats to you can imagine, yeah conference den kerman reports for us now. >>bay area leaders reaction to the president's comments. >>let's see if they're so happy they say we have open arms are always say they have open arms, let's see if they have open arms. >>president trump both on camera and in tweets threatening to place illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities only cities that include san francisco and oakland. >>the idea that the administration. in any way that it would be acceptable to use families and told run human beings as political retribution against their enemies should. infuriate
9:33 pm
every american bury a politicians both locally and nationally were quick to denounce the president this is to me it is unpresidential. >>we have serious work to do. what is his purpose and tweeting i don't know but our purpose is working together to get the job done for the american people and really not to inflame but to unify san francisco mayor london breed tweeted in san francisco, we're proud to be a sanctuary city and will continue to stand up for all of our residents. >>my position is simple. we welcome everyone we're going to try to find a weight regardless of what decision is from the federal government. >>and san jose mayor sam liccardo said he would prefer hearing solutions instead of silliness. >>we want to ensure. there are thousands of dreamers who are here can continue to be here and be a part of this country to to work and go to school. we want to see h one b visas made available. so that our a can technology companies can continue to innovate we need
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solutions that bring everybody at. >>apparently this plan has bepn percolating for months and has been twice rejected by the department of homeland security. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the transgender military ban is now reality the men and women who serve our country must now and here to their birth sachs. this change comes nearly 2 years after president trump tweeted that he wanted a transgender ban part of trump's statement said the country quote cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption of transgender issues. there are some exceptions to the rule that blocks transgender people from serving including gender dysphoria according to the national center for transgender equality there just under 15,000 transgender people in the military. >>police in florida say not one not 2, but 3 naked women led them on a high speed chase and what a trooper ask them for an explanation, the women said they ran out of towels. >>and had to air dry. just let
9:35 pm
that visual sink in for a second reporter weathers has our story. >>3 women 18 year old oasis mcleod and 19 year-old janai in the cloud and cecilia young all reportedly naked at a rest stop on i 75 you see the women in the top right well, they're putting their clothes back on. let's fast forward a bit to win the women told the trooper what they were doing, i'm all ears. the trooper then tells them they're going to be detained, but then they take off going the wrong way out of the rest stop and then. once this trooper backs off another one catches up deploys this tracking device on a suspect's car, leading them to this gas station. a trooper then smashes into the car after another trooper says the women
9:36 pm
tried to run him over and hit him with a baseball bat and then there's this dramatic ending to the one is forced out of the car one of the suspects j to question their arrest now underway. she also expressed fear at one point in troopers placed a spit bag over her head. >>all right that was signed or whether supporting the driver reportedly failed a field sobriety test. authorities say there was also marijuana in the vehicle all 3 women were tasered before taken into custody. some of the troopers involved in that crash did suffer, minor injuries. >>lot of sunshine header away, but if you must get away we've got your getaway forecast coming up next. >>and while the sun may be shining here areas in the midwest they a state of emergency because of record amounts of snow. the reason the warming temps and melting snow could cause a whole new slew of problems and just ahead in sports. we'll check in with the warriors in
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advance of tomorrow's playoff opener against the clippers and also. >>an update from the shark tank, san jose golden knights game 2. and kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you've not tried crime. >>on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. just into the oakland hills. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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>>brought to you by your northern california volkswagen dealers visit dw dealers dot com. >>and will open up with some playoff hockey sharks golden knights game to what a thriller we got going on in san jose last check score for 3 golden night. leading in the 3rd period vegas pounds out of the gates 3 goals in 6 minutes starts with a resounding response just before the end of the opening stanza erik karlsson logan joe thornton lighting the lamp full highlights later on as for the warriors the quest for a three-peat begins tomorrow around one of the playoffs steph curry good to go after he suffered a mild ankle injury earlier this week, the mvp a full participant in today's practice. >>the golden state facing a clippers team they've done well against this season, winning the series 3 steve kerr those la can give them a fight respects how they've constructed their roster despite turning their top player tobias harris this
9:41 pm
year. rebuilding on the fly. take a look at their certain census say we are reshuffle the deck built something. they make a trade in and who's their best player actually got better. now the stretch to imagine that. >>so there's a there's a traction. is just death there to enjoy appreciate it for sure this is the most fun that's what learned. >>now to the a's their road trips heads to texas, mike fires got the start of 6 israel by 5 runs the team always at the top of the 7th a's with a lot lowrie on i drive to right-center field gone again not at 6 after lorry on 3rd home run of the season top of the 8th. same score. chris davis, dangerous
9:42 pm
can break involved isis center field his 5th homer in 3 games as tend to lead the league stays take the lead go on to win 8, 6, they have won for her. and coming up on kron four sports attend those 4 sharks highlights great drama in san jose and also giants rocki
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>>as a massive storm continues millions of people across the midwest remain under winter weather alerts, schools and
9:45 pm
city offices were closed today while emergency crews worked to clear all. >>a man is in minneapolis with the very latest. >>as you can see it is snowing and minnesota, but by the end of friday. it shouldn't be which is welcome news to the many people in this part of the country who are wearing shorts literally less than a week ago. but it's not welcome news is that as the system moves out of the united states and into canada lot of the snow is going to melt and flow into the very same rivers that just weeks ago, flooded, causing devastation and setting records for all the wrong reasons. >>when mother nature his the as the culprit. you just really have to be on your toes because you never know what's going to happen. >>crews across the midwest are working to clear roads and restore power following a spring snowstorm that swept through the region with blizzard-like conditions. >>the time to rock with her well we walk out because the truck stop who has been shot down basically. >>give and given food or
9:46 pm
anything. >>dash cam video from the minnesota state patrol shows a trooper struggling against high wind trying to direct traffic around a jackknifed semi truck across the region police are urging people to stay off the roads but to use caution if they have to leave their homes and residents seem to be taking that message to heart the roads. >>lot of roads workload are ready and they're very slippery. you got to watch it. you even with a floral jive minnesota's governor has signed an emergency executive order declaring a peacetime state of emergency. >>and applying the minnesota national guard to assist stranded motorists across the state. minneapolis public schools are closed friday in response to the storm as are the public schools in non-emergency city offices and fargo north dakota. >>and winter weather alerts are being lifted for the more than 4 million people that have been affected directly by this storm when you look back at it. it was really a massive system because snow that shut down hundreds of miles and south dakota alone brought winds that snapped power lines
9:47 pm
and knocked down trees not to mention council more than 1700 flights over the course of 3 days andril and i know that just because game of thrones is back this weekend. it's spring. it sure does feel like winter. reporting from minneapolis. minutes. >>winter is coming this weekend but since this spring has sprung with as we take a look at this beautiful sunrise over lake tahoe this morning. look at this time lapse video from today a few clouds rolling through, but it turned out to be a beautiful day at the resort town in we might actually get to get a a great weekend to hit the slopes cool to be beautiful or roads open roads are wide open to get up there there's over 2 inches of snow for bay still up there that's amazing. >>for this time of year is a giveaway forecast taking around on the monterey bay you're looking at 60's and some beautiful sunshine all day long southern california. you'll find sunny skies, 77 degrees. pasadena's 76 in and i'm 70 degrees in los angeles and 73 in santa barbara. >>about the high country we
9:48 pm
take it off a whole. yeah a little slushy into the afternoon 57 degrees south late all by the time of snow to ski on their 63. in reno 63 in carson city. outside right now we've got mostly clear skies. high pressure overhead and that is going to stick around least in the first part of the weekend and then it's gonna start to weaken just a little bit temperature wise. yeah we really saw these numbers jump today as much as 10 degree are 1012 degrees above what we had just 24 hours ago. these numbers now running above average all around the bay area. i think we're going up from here. in fact some of these temperatures will be flirting on near 80 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. it is still 60 degrees in redwood city 58 in san jose and clear skies. 57 degrees and hayward 51 and ng d still 62 degrees in santa rosa, but that ridge of high pressure building in just in time and notice this right here that is your jet stream. guys the storms that is moving well to the north now that is going to keep his drive through the first part of the weekend and that ridge of high
9:49 pm
pressure going to strengthen for tomorrow, more that northerly wind is also going to kick in really that's the key to keep most that fog away bringing nice warm temperatures outside looks like it's going to go on for tomorrow and we are going to see some changes all throughout the weekend mostly sunny skies for saturday, but then the clouds start to roll in get a little thicker on sunday. some patchy fog moving in along the coastline as we get into monday him there's another chance we could see some more showers rolling into the bay area but behind them, we've got a big time original start to build in. i think that could send temperatures up in the 80's as we look toward the latter part of next week so during all this played out over the next should be a great weekend and lots of sunshine tomorrow few more clouds and cooler on sunday slight chance of showers on monday much warmer toward the middle of next week. >>thank you aren't cent for your health tonight, the centers for disease control and prevention said today that the nationwide flu activity is going down. but it's still elevated, yeah, this flu season is now tied for the longest in the last 5 years, kristen holmes has this report.
9:50 pm
>>the flowers maybe blooming and the weather getting warmer but it's still flu season. according to the centers for disease control this flu season is now tied as the longest in the last 5 years. 20 weeks for comparison, the last 5 averaged 16 well flu activity continues to decrease the remains higher than normal for this time of year. since last october the cdc estimates there have been hundreds of thousands of flu hospitalizations and at least 34.9 million flu illnesses. anyone can get the flu. but there are ways to protect yourself if there are individuals out there. >>you haven't had the flu vaccine that would consider getting it. they should talk with their physician, particularly important for those who are high risk for getting the flu. >>like young children, pregnant women and people over 65. the cdc also urges everyday preventative measures
9:51 pm
like avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick and washing your hands often with soap and water it's an individual saying say might be coming down with us flu. >>they have fever or maybe body aches knees in costs. whatever they should contact their physician. >>in washington, i'm kristen holmes reporting. >>the trailer star wars fans have been waiting for the last in the saga. we're gonna give you a sneak peek as well for the title. for the final star wars movie. >>if you'rn streaming us on crime on the news continues during the commercial break o
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>>disney has released the teaser trailer for the next star wars film and it revealed the name of the film. the rise of skywalker take a look. yeah this christmas if it's the final film in the trilogy the serious has been a big box office success for disney. >>which bought lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012. the first 2 movies in the trilogy
9:55 pm
and the 2 spinoff movies have brought in more than 4 and a half billion dollars for disney since 2015. the rise of skywalker will have to wait a little bit for it comes out on december. >>happening now the music festival being held over the next 2 weeks in indio california and organizers are promising plenty of big names childish gambino headlines tonight was tame impala hitting the stage tomorrow and arianna grande a headlining on sunday in all 3 going to be joined by other performers, including janelle monday wiz khalifa and billie eilish and those who cannot attend they can still be part of all the action you tube is going to be offering a cattheir own customi schedules. >>well, how would you like to go to hawaii for just 6 bucks where is a catch so fast food tickets to hawaii today and will offer 5 more on monday. it's a promotion to celebrate the chain's new line of sandwiches and king's hawaiian
9:56 pm
rolls army says the tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis winners must redeem their tickets between april 26th and 28th. they're also only good for 6 hours. in honolulu. the travel to los angeles and an overnight stay is included winners who enter a special promotion code aloha won't have to pay the $6 if they win cash you know for 6 hours know hours 11 that wraps up on for news at 9. but i'm from our primetime coverage right now at the top of the hour with him or and can happening on kron 4 news at 10 justine and vicki thanks to you both next at 10 o'clock neil wilson's family has officially filed a lawsuit against the bars. this comes after the bart general manager and the police chief announced their resignations the reason the family is blaming the transit agency for the 18 year olds death plus outraged leaders fire back at president trump's proposal to transport
9:57 pm
migrants to sanctuary cities in california and leave them there. we have reaction from bay area lawmakers straight ahead and our chief meteorologist large cano tracking the warm weather. >>the tentative forecast is ahead don't go
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
>>the family of 18 year-old
10:00 pm
neil wilson who was fatally stabbed on bar last year in an unprovoked attack has officially filed a lawsuit against the transit company. thanks for joining us. i'm can way to 9 pale more the family claims barred failed to provide the highest standard of care for riders and >>nia should not have had to die in order for bar to take action. for scale on joins us live in the studio right now she has the latest details on all of this scale. >>well pam again, a tough week for barred and the family. back in august wilson's family filed a pop and today claim against foreign they say are never responded and that's why they're suing now. >>neil wilson was 18 years old on the night of july 22th last year she was boarding a bart train at the macarthur station with her 2 sisters when she was killed by john kowal trans and with a long criminal history now wilson's family attorney has filed a lawsuit against bart the 30 page suit alleges barred failed to meet the duty of common carriers to provide riders wit


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