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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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neil wilson who was fatally stabbed on bar last year in an unprovoked attack has officially filed a lawsuit against the transit company. thanks for joining us. i'm can way to 9 pale more the family claims barred failed to provide the highest standard of care for riders and >>nia should not have had to die in order for bar to take action. for scale on joins us live in the studio right now she has the latest details on all of this scale. >>well pam again, a tough week for barred and the family. back in august wilson's family filed a pop and today claim against foreign they say are never responded and that's why they're suing now. >>neil wilson was 18 years old on the night of july 22th last year she was boarding a bart train at the macarthur station with her 2 sisters when she was killed by john kowal trans and with a long criminal history now wilson's family attorney has filed a lawsuit against bart the 30 page suit alleges barred failed to meet the duty of common carriers to provide riders with the
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highest standard of care and to protect them against a reasonably foreseeable criminal conduct. it was an unprovoked attack. wilson was fatally stabbed in the neck. her sister was also stabbed she survived there was a bay area wide manhunt for khalil faulting the attack surveillance photos show 28 year-old khalil's movement through bart stations that ultimately led to his arrest khalil is charged in wilson's murder. but his most recent court appearance was postponed over a battle whether he is mentally competent for trial. in a statement the family of new wilson is in mourning and demands the transit agency take responsibility and implement safety measures we reached out to bark for comment on the lawsuit in a statement bart says quote we continue to express our deepest condolences to the friends and family of neil wilson, however we do not comment on potential or pending litigation end quote. >>the dollar amount in damages. the lawsuit is seeking is unknown at this time the family says they want
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justice and the killing of neil wilson to be a eurning point in the bay area and for bart live in the studio get along kron 4 news. >>california certainly is always saying oh we want more people. and they want more people in this sanctuary cities wealth will give them more people we can give him a lot. we can give them an unlimited supply. tonight president trump is touting a proposal to place undocumented migrants in sanctuary cities here in california. >>to retaliate against democrats shattering his own administration's denials of such a policy. his comments came just hours after a white house official said the idea was briefly and informally raised and quickly rejected. there are several sanctuary cities and counties in the bay area. news of the attempted proposal infuriated democrats today crown for us dan kerman has the details. >>in a series of tweets criticizing democrats for not changing immigration laws. president trump said he is giving strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants
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in sanctuary cities only cities that include san francisco and oakland what's really outrageous is the way that this administration. >>continues to use petty politics and really i'm just vitriolic rhetoric to advance a racist agenda. this is not american federal state local bay area politicians were quick to denounce the president we sent just another >>the notion of that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful the challenges that we face as a country is that people to address who we are a nation of immigrants. >>mayor london breed tweeted in san francisco. we are proud to be a sanctuary city and will co tinue to stand up for all of our residents. bay area politicians also assure those who may be coming to town. they will be welcome we welcome any families the city of santa is at. >>who have endured such incredible hardships. and have
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endeavored to make up their life for themselves and their families. and want to be a part of our great country. >>and it appears this plan has been percolating for months in the white house and has twice been rejected by the department of homeland security. dan kerman kron 4 news. the washington post was the first to report on the white house plan to release detained immigrants and to sanctuary cities that paper reported that consideration was to quote retaliate against president trump's political adversaries force justin waldman joins us here in the studio. >>you talk to a reporter from the post today on for a reached out to the reporter who broke the story today and it follows several reports on immigration policies. >>that were proposals by the president 2 weeks ago he threatened to close the us border with mexico. announced an overhaul the leadership at the department of homeland security that included the resignation of secretary kirsten nielsen so here con for we spoke with josh white with the washington post and he tells us. this latest proposal could be in response to all of that. we do know.
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>>that a lot of the dhs in has been in upheaval, there have been firings a secretary leaving the head of ice, leaving other under consideration for departures. it's unclear if this specifically is the reason ah but what we do know is that a president trump has said very clearly that he wants people who are going to be tougher on immigration. and certainly the policies that he's proposing the ideas like this to boss migrants. into century cities. the idea of closing the border for example i would be considered more than the position. the united states has taken up to this point. one of the big things to consider that though is that a lot of the policies and aggressive stance is that the president has tried to push forward have been blocked by federal courts. >>so there's been a lot of
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changes now in behind me here, the current leaders at the department of homeland security there's a new ad acting secretary acting deputy secretary acting commissioner and acting ice director. i'll send it back to now pam all right justin, thank you. there are calls tonight to release a detained a mother and to reunite her with her 2 children, protesters rallied outside immigration and customs enforcement headquarters in san francisco today. they want ice to release 20 you the 28 year-old at on just i a the agency detained her back in november because they say a red notice accuses her of committing theft in her home country of el salvador, but protesters say that reason does not make sense. >>government is using the issuance of a red notice issued by interpol which has already been courts have decided that that alone is not the basis for holding someone in detention. >>her next hearing is slated for may the 7th. another big story tonight the dublin teachers union has reached
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tentative agreement with the school district effectively ending the threat of a potential teacher strike. >>according to the union the agreement was reached after a marathon negotiation session last night. the 2 year agreement includes a 4 and a half percent raise that limits elementary school class sizes to 28 children and provides for a counselor at every elementary school campus. the union had threatened to strike in may if an agreement was not reached the teachers will now vote on the agreement at dublin high school on monday. today, the union sent out a flyer saying it highly recommended a yes vote. >>friday night, let's take a live look outside and san francisco along the embarcadero look at the they breeze glistening in the background uniform, whether on a friday night lawrence raking news the weekend is just 2 hours away right there on the cause of other weather is looking great, i mean what a nice day today. >>this weekend is going to be something especially saturday that is going to be the nicest a of the weekend high pressure overhead. beautiful skies out there right now nice and clear all around the bay area for
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anything it's a little bit cool if you head out now. well just grab a jacket but the winds that were so ferocious yesterday really calming down still a little breezy. an sfo to 20 miles per hour but much color than what we had yesterday we had those gusts over 30 miles per hour and when you're out a good part of the bay area and these temperatures really jumped today in fact as much as a 12 degrees above the past 24 hours in santa rosa new saw these numbers warming up all around the bay area look at this what a great day 76 degrees in santa rosa, 70 in san jose sunny and bright their 72 in livermore 76 in concord 76 in blair also 75 in the napa valley, the end out of redwood city 72 degrees 72 in mount be just beautiful their little bit cooler along the coastline, but still very very pleasant. those a nice offshore winds can be kicking in can you know nice and toasty especially inside the bay and the valleys tonight starry skies say it will be a little bit cool overnight. most going to be dropping off into the 40's in the 50's tomorrow, plenty of sunshine as we head toward the middle of the day the temperatures begin to pop up in the 70's
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that maybe some upper 70's by the afternoon on sunday we will notice some changes a few more clouds coming our way i'm still a lot of sunshine but some patchy fog moving along the coastline with the sea breeze kicking in. we can expect some cooler temperatures all around the bay area. we are holding on to 60 degrees right now in redwood city is 57 in hayward 57 also in oakland and berkeley 53 degrees in san francisco, 62 still in congress 63 umbrella 57 degrees in the napa valley and 59 degrees and save alina here's the good news as you get ready for your weekend. i think a great weekend to get out there and really enjoy the sunshine. the beautiful weather see son all day long tomorrow that ridge will strengthen a little bit tomorrow afternoon. so rmer eve tomorrow afternoon and we've got enough of that northerly wind that i think will keep things mostly clear out along the coastline too. and then the fall will start to come back as we head in towards sunday. but overnight tonight we're going to keep things nice and clear tomorrow morning we're starting out the
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day sunny and bright for the afternoon hours should be plenty of sunshine throughout the day and then things begin to change as we head in towards sunday, few more clouds begin to move it along the coastline and the temperatures start to cool down just a bit so with that in mind that onshore breeze will cool things down as we head into the latter part of the weekend but tomorrow is going to be spectacular. how about this for highs tomorrow, 77 in caulker 77 in livermore 71 in oakland, 73 in 3 months and 76 degrees in san jose. so it a good good day to get out there and really enjoyed a lot of sunshine coming. but i think in your 10 to 10 year lows. we've got some nice spring weather on the way but we're not quite done with the rain just yet more than a few i think you know it too. sharks fans came out in full force for san jose's second playoff game they are taking on the las vegas golden knights at home and san jose at the sapd arena kron four stand for and joins us live from. >>outside the arena and it's pretty quiet and because they're still at it right.
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>>the game is still going on, but there's been no shortage of fun for fans out here at the sapd center earlier there was a street fast now they are battling it out in the 3rd period, but sharks fans tell me they're smelling blood in the water in this series and they are really getting into it. the golden knights quickly jumping out ahead in this one getting 3 unanswered goals in the first the sharks then jumping right back into it and tying it up at 3 right now vegas has the lead and it's been an emotional roller coaster even gold night fans faithful are getting into being in enemy territory, however, the sharks a sharks fans i should say so that their can really go all the way if they stay focused and healthy. >>so we series of the no good by the knights and i cowdery can be tough. to they got they got the people they got to just got to keep together and healthy that's all it's about they do have a serious chance to go all the way and it
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really depends on their calls and i will have to say that depends on to tell steve big time that ends a lot of the key guys. we're going to win. >>so the tank is still alive and well right now we're in the 3rd period, the game is winding down the golden knights are up 5 to 3. after this game tonight. the sharks will be heading to vegas on sunday where fans actually if they can make it out to the game in vegas, most fans probably can't they'll be able to come here to the scp center will be a 33 foot long screen that set up for fans to be able to enjoy watching that game and they're also be a somewhat of another street festival happening out here plenty of events for fans to get involved with so again right now the sharks are behind 5 to 3 in this game and out we'll see if they could pull this one out that's the latest here live in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. thank
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you dan. >>governor gavin newsom most lawmakers to reconsider a state law which currently makes utility companies pay for the damages win their utility equipment causes a wildfire. it is one of many recommendations released today from his wild fire and energy strike team. reporter laading long explains why the governor wants him to consider this and other actions. >>gavin newsom ran for governor he never expected to be confronted with levy now calls a crisis. the way he sees it wildfires and the consequences climate change and how electric utilities operate are tied together and must be dealt with sooner rather than later, this is a serious moment, this report prepared by a special fire strike force encourages the use of non carbon feels to fight climate influence fires. it also looks in the tough subjects like retrofitting structures to make them fireproof and stop building homes and businesses in fire-prone areas that comprise 25% of the state. but even more complex as how to divvy
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up the cost of firefighting recovery efforts and liability. especially had harsh words for pga need which filed for bankruptcy when faced with paying for damages caused by recent wildfires. i expect the investors that are involved in the journey to participate in the solutions newsom says pg and he has been dodging responsibility for years. but the specter of a public takeover of the private utility, if safety policies and settling claims didn't become a priority. and options with are on the table. >>but the question of paralyzing utilities too much is also a consideration that would raise rates or even eliminate service to customers. we're in real trouble right now. >>these utilities be invaluable to bankruptcy in nation. that means sharing the cost of making the state safer among insurance companies. >>liability attorneys utilities and taxpayers have a burden. and responsibility to some the costs taxpayers of us. in the same direction.
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>>an elementary school teacher faces charges involving child pornographer the the conch costa county district attorney says his band year-old ju is accused of possessing and downloading child pornographer the at his home in fremont he teaches 3rd and 4th grades had john gomesa elementary school in fremont the skaters say they received tips of his alleged actions back in february and after an investigation they arrested him yesterday fremont unified superintendent kim wallace says she is appalled. >>to hear that somebody may have done something outside of school on their own time. it's certainly still affects the environment at the school and so it's it's it's really the worst case scenario. >>wallace says the teacher has been put on administrative leave. we're told none of his students have been harmed. >>several tell police are investigating the death of a mother of 2 who they believe accidentally overdosed after
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mistakenly ingesting a powerful synthetic opioid well boys marine kelly talked to the victim's friend to speaking out tonight, she hopes to keep others from eating the same tragic fate. >>she was devoted and loving mother. kind generous friend. and a beautiful talented artist. >>kate pas talking about her friend 42 year-old carrie cardi a sarah fell police say they responded to a home on this quiet block at 04:30am last sunday to a 911 call and found cardi a collapsed on the kitchen floor. they tried cpr and administered narcan but they were too late to save her the used what they believed to be cocaine sergeant alec home, so the 3 women partying that night accidentally consumed a synthetic opioid not yet seen before in their jurisdiction. call the eu 4, 7, 7, 0, 0, known on the street as you for euphoria or pink he says that can sometimes have a pinkish
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hue bill passed out only cardi a never woke up. >>sentinel and the 4, 7, 7, 0, 0 and other synthetic opioids are extremely dangerous because they're very very potent so only a little bit can have. >>a fatal effects at this point no charges have been filed in connection with the state allen t sarah fell police say they are still investigating exactly how the drug was obtained. they say it is possible that even the dealer who originally sold it didn't realize the danger now these drugs are made in a lab in a in a safe environment is are. >>could be made on kitchen table somewhere and. fentanyl on one side of the table and cocaine on the other and there could be a contamination there and and you just don't know. >>this was a horrific accident. >>parties friend is showing off one of the victims are work she wants to stress that her friend was in no way a drug addict on the path to destruction what you think. >>might be a fun night out saturday. might mean you don't
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come home to your kids on sunday parties friends are now trying to raise money to fund the education for the 2 children she leaves behind a link can be found on our website kron four dot com lorraine kelly from 40's. >>tonight we're learning that a man who died on april 3rd after falling off the edge of the grand canyon was from santa rosa, 67 year-old bridge was visiting a national park alone when somehow he fell over the canyon rim east of you have a pint deal geology museum. officials say his body was recovered 400 feet below the rim. a memorial service is planned for later on this month. in the east bay police easy berkeley are investigating several reports of gunshots heard near the campus early this morning. the first report came in just at one 30 this morning in the 2500 block of deer and avenue. witnesses told police they saw a male suspect wearing a gray hoodie and firing a gun. the suspect left in a black mazda sedan driven by a female heading southbound on founded street. officers say they were
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unable to locate anyone injured less than an hour later police received a report about 3 gunshots in the 2300 block of piedmont avenue and then a 3rd report of gunshots came in at 02:17am. police were unable to locate any suspects or victims. u c berkeley police are asking anyone who has any information to give them a call. police sacramento. investigating a pellet gun shooting that killed a sacramento state student. >>this was the scene of the shooting this morning police say that shooting happened at a fraternity party about 2 miles from campus. investigators say wilma leaner was at the party when he was shot, he was a senior at sacramento state. no one's been arrested police are turning the case over to the county's district attorney. >>very tragic incidents. >>however for a. >>we need to call it an accident i can't do that so that's where it's going to come from the district attorney's office. >>the sacramento state university president released a statement saying in part our hearts go out to will's
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friends and family were working with the family arrangements to honor his memory. >>camera shop employees took action after 3 suspects walked in apparently ready to steal expensive equipment in broad daylight too are caught. now santa rosa police are offering a reward to catch the 3rd suspect got away. police say that 3 people were wearing backpacks apparently ready to go not hiding their intentions. from force michelle king son spoke to employees earlier today to say they can't believe what happened. >>but i'm still in shock but still you know surreal at this point that it happened a lot in this surveillance video as 3 people walk into the shooter. but camera shop on santa rosa avenue all 3 of them with hoods on and backpacks open. >>one of the suspects carrying a 9 millimeter pistol one of got behind the counters and turn around and stuff from our >>and in a backpack i don't know how the other guy got stuff. another backpack and stuff and i want it felt out of the front door and then the employees took action
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detaining 2 of the 3 suspects front door. >>holding them down until police arrive so proud of the staff. but. >>so lucky. gun didn't go off. >>during the struggle, the store owner was bit by one of the suspects. 2 of the suspects were arrested the other fled the scene and is still on the loose. police say the 2 now behind bars or just 1418 years old and our from oakland they came out of the way they knew what there's going to do but i think they weren't expecting any reaction think they're expecting us to just let them take their time. >>as much as they could so i think they were shocked when reacted as humans instead of the corporate answer, whatever that just do whatever. >>employees say they were able recover all of the items the brazen suspects attempted to steal the gun was also located, i'm hoping the sends the message that they can come into stores like this. >>the 3rd suspect who got away is described as a teenager wearing a black sweatshirt.
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>>there's a $2500 reward for anyone with information. in santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>still ahead attend scabies on buses where the skin condition is affecting bus services in the south bay and if any of the passengers may be at risk glass going beyond the call of duty how a police officer gave a 9 year-old a birthday he'll never forget and this woman was sentenced to life in prison as a 17 year-old until a governor part her. her story and a push for change to give juvenile defendants like her. a fair trial and if you are streaming a song comment on the news continues during the
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>>when she was just 17 years old sarah crews and was sentenced to life in prison without parole in california. she had been convicted of killing the man who would sexually abuse and cech's trafficked her for more than 5 years. but during her trial details of the abuse we're not allowed in court. suzanne was released by governor jerry behind bars. >>now she's an advocate for juvenile offenders and she's teaming up with congress members who have filed bills that would allow judges more discretion in sentencing a washington dc correspondent true petrel reports one of those bills cars out a specific consideration for victims of human trafficking who killed their captors.
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>>but $30 fee. >>seoul. for sarah crews and childhood was full of pain and abuse you don't realize what's happy. she was sexually molested him prostituted by a family friend for years. until the day she shot him dead to have a child in a video interview cruz and explained that during the trial. the judge would not allow evidence of the abuse as part of her defense i was sentenced to life without possibility of for years she ended up serving nearly 20 years in prison before the governor of california granted her release arkansas congressman bruce westerman heard about cruz and story area telling stories. >>i don't think justice was done in her case western men decided to take action. he r cently filed a bill giving federal judges more flexibility to consider previous abuse when sentencing juvenile defendants and they should punished him by justice system when they using whatever means to get away from the first. westerman also
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file bills to make juveniles in eligible for sentence of life without parole. >>and allow judges to reduce mandatory minimum sentences in cases like cruz, and really terrible about myself for a long time, but crews and has found her voice she now works as an advocate for parolees helping them navigate their new lives on the outside might miss. joining. >>and some of the most desperate situations in washington under pressure coming up. there's a new look to the problem package sees the technique being used by some porch pirates in the east bay that might be spreading. >>plus an olympic gold medalist stops by the bay area we hear from the keynote speaker of the santa clara county child abuse prevention said
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>>a nader has been called in to deep clean a fleet of county transit buses in the south bay this comes after for bus drivers of contract and a skin condition known as scabies from for trump by double shows us some of the buses have been taken out of service. >>mission that any passengers have been infected with the human each might notice scabies there's been no impact on service. so far for drivers are known to have been infected and a dozen bosses have been taken out of service. the never date was an exterminator says vta is
10:31 pm
brandy childress. >>one operator reported the skin irritation on saturday and since that time we've confirmed 3 other operators based on the operator shifts we were able to assess that about one dozen buses should be taken out of service they receive extra cleaning for precautionary measures the buses operated on lines 20 to 5.20 to 55. >>88 servicing primarily the el camino and north county areas and are based in vta north county yard in mountain view. the source of the infestation is unknown and thought to be confined in areas accessed only by drivers scabies is generally spread through prolonged skin to skin contact person factor controls newer it's generally unlikely to get it from that's a shaking hand a hog or something like that >>sitting on seats that is unlikely as although it's it's
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not impossible. >>the scabies mite burles under the skin and lays eggs symptoms which include skin irritation often won't show up for weeks. most drivers are anxious one told me his bus is always dirty in a to you local to 65 spokesman john courtney said quote pta was made aware of that a driver was infected with scabies over a week ago, and instead of taking a proactive approach to protect drivers and riders. we did drop the ball. >>the infected drivers have been placed on paid leave they're being treated with antibiotics. >>the suspect buses will undergo a be vacuumed will hard services will be weighed down with bleach and although the skin uirikely to being next to a person with the condition. eta has hired an exterminator to conduct extra cleaning of the buses. this is an added measure of precaution to make sure that our employees and our public have no reason to worry in
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mountain view rob flood kron 4 news. >>the gold medalist jordyn wieber served as the keynote speaker at santa clara county's child abuse prevention seminar today in campbell weaver has been speaking out about the years of abuse he suffered well training as a gymnast u s a gymnastics team doctor larry nassar nassar pleaded guilty to a number of charges of possessing child pornographer e and sexually abusing minors. he was sentenced to more than 200 years in prison. weaver says she along with many of her gymnastic team mates suffered silently for years. today 7 are shiancoe is the victims of abuse. we're often afraid to come forward to speak out anyway. >>i want them to know that that they're not alone. it's obviously not easy to to report abuse is not easy to talk about it with other people. but. now that they're not the only one ou that that it's had experience something like this. >>weaver retired from olympic
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competition. she is now an assistant coach for u c l a's, women's gymnastics team. who are the reigning national champions. >>the vice president touched down in iowa today to visit flood ravaged communities, mike pence says he hopes his visit will draw attention to the historic disaster. and pressure congress to pass a disaster relief package recall martin has more on today's visit. we're going to get the support that iowa needs vice president mike return to disaster zones in iowa friday. >>promising to bring relief to thousands impacted by historic floods. >>we're going to work with your governor work with your senators until we. e ommunities is still flooded and destroyed crops rema pence joined iowa governor kim reynolds and republican senators joni ernst and chuck grassley to tour the damage. it's now reached almost billion. >>right now fema is helping flood victims across the midwest. we cover. i will lawmakers say they need more money to help rebuild their communities. the problem is
10:35 pm
that money is stuck in the senate. >>it was blocked by democrats in the united states senate. >>the issue has turned into a political battle. democrats are opposing the really package unless it includes more money for puerto rico, something republicans call unnecessary. in the meantime grassley is pushing for new ways to help victims. let's continue. the bipartisan predation this week he announced a tax credit plan to help businesses pay employees even while closed. it also gives victims access to the retirement accounts help them get refor 2 weeks says he hopes his visit and images of destruction will send a message once they return time. in washington, i'm recall martin. >>as a massive snowstorm continues across a the northern part of the country millions of people in the midwest remain under winter
10:36 pm
weather alerts. schools and city offices were closed today while emergency crews worked to clear roads in the area. >>crews were also trying to restore power after the still about that storm brought blizzard like conditions as you saw in that video the wind was enough to knock around drivers and even people standing on the roadway like this minnesota state patrol officer look at him go down as the wind is literally blowing across the highway. dash cam video shows him struggling against the when the trooper was trying to direct traffic around that jackknifed semi across the region officials are urging people to stay off the roads said to use extreme caution if they have to leave their homes. the roads. >>a lot of roads workload are ready and they're very slippery. you got to watch it. you know even with a four-wheel drive iraq with her. >>well we walk out because the a truck stop who has been shot down basically. >>give and given food or anything. >>minnesota's governor has signed an emergency executive order declaring a peacetime state of emergency and deployed the minnesota
10:37 pm
national guard to assist stranded motorists across that state. but as the system moves out and the snow begins to me held the states will all begin to deal with flooding. just weeks after devastating floods already hit most of the region. >>all right, let's check the weather now is our meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence condo yeah guys were set up for great weekend here. i was feeling guilty as we've got that sunshine today and temperatures running above the average even warmer weather as we head in toward tomorrow, but there's a hand we've got a chance a few more scattered showers in the long range forecast out there right now yet clear skies for the most part stay that way all night long high pressure building overhead that ridge just strong enough to keep a nice little offshore wind too. now as we head a saturday, lots of sunshine coming our way but sunday a few to move the door skies that ridge of esre starts to break down by monday. there's a chance we could see a few showers dropping in to get the system coming on through so just a chance of a few more showers heading our way into monday that behind that a big dome of high pressure really begins to
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build in. that's when the temperatures i think are going to soar may be some 80's begin to pop up around parts of the bay area so yeah looks like a better pattern here if you want some warmer weather we're going to see some warmer sunshine tomorrow. a little cooler into sunday with a few more clouds slight chance of 2 more showers on monday. but then we turn things around thursday and friday we could be talking about 80's and well easter sunday looking pretty good temperatures up to the mid 70's. thank you >>a warning from alameda police about a possible new trend in package thefts they say people all over the bay area should be on the lookout for people wearing fluorescent vests going door to door and stealing packages kron force has a has the story. >>you're looking at video from alameda police motorcycle officer checking out a vehicle that the officer noticed driving that stopping suspiciously at a neighborhood that has been targeted by package thieves. the officer
10:39 pm
also noticed the driver wearing this bright fluorescent jacket. suddenly the driver pulls away. officer takes off in pursuit. one point the suspects ditch the vehicle police say that vehicle was later determined to be stolen the suspects also change their brightly colored clothes, but no use they were spotted and arrested a short time later this is going to be the chorus a program that i was talking about would be the police also released this video which they say shows the same suspects stealing a package earlier that day. investigators say this incident reveals a new trade by package thieves who are now wearing fluorescent colored clothing or work this to appear to be doing some good of official business in neighborhoods driving around the city i noticed quite a few people wearing that type of workload it. >>you can see how someone could easily be confused that make you think twice when you see people like this on street.
10:40 pm
>>and depending on a kind of the the use of the n word track. >>police recommend tracking your packages require a signature are asking a trusted neighbor to collect bill if you're going to be a way for an extended period of time also notice of season laura said clothing in your neighborhood and there for legitimate reasons. >>well, there are. >>in alameda has it that you wrote for the other big story tonight, the man known as a test taking savant in the college cheating scam told a judge she is guilty of mark riddell appeared in court today. >>prosecutors say rebel earned $10,000 each timd you'd overseas student taking a college in tricks entrance exam, change his or her answers or at least one case take the test himself for that student. the money paid by william singer the ringleader. for rebel was about $240,000
10:41 pm
over a period of 8 years for dell served as a key cooperating witness and the government's yearlong investigation. meanwhile worry lock land that her husband mossimo jian only say they're not ready to admit to any involvement in the scheme. the actress and her husband say they would rather let everything play out in the judicial system, adding they are innocent until proven guilty lock-lin and jianli face charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and an additional charge of money laundering. >>and how one officer went out of his way to make sure a 9 year-old had the best birthday ever. we have their story ahead, and cowboys now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. make it out of there. county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>for a birthday that a little boy from michigan will probably never forget and that's because a grand rapids police officer made sure of it reporter miguel marquez has rthday ok grand rapids police officer austin line of all and 9 year-old thomas daniel. >>fast frienps might be bringing you more deaths later but i'll see you sunday for the other birthday party ok officer line among 22 years
10:45 pm
old and 6 months on the job saw a 9 year-old in need. >>capturing it on body cam video. >>we live in this building was turned on canal street and saw thomas run and on the sidewalks trying to catch up to his bus cry and so you knew immediately that he was in distress. yes thomas along with his mom and brother who immigrated from tanzania. >>was devastated. why are you so worried about missing the bus. >>then i want to go to school in to my work in. >>loves school. >>never missing a day. mom was unable to take the thomas the school i'm ju not a car. so i asked if it was ok if i brought on to school and she's told me it was going to show up school in all my lights are on that the whole works everything us auger take a look out. >>lyden also learned this wasn't an ordinary day it was thomas's birth date.
10:46 pm
>>dollars confide in me that he didn't think anybody ought to birthday party because he was being bullied at school be invited into this entire class what time is your birthday party mind among and his partner decided on a surprise of their own i ring the doorbell a menu comes out of his balcony and. >>sees me my partner. >>comes downstairs and gives me my partner howard. months so we asked him, hey, where's where's of where someone else that was the birthday cake. >>though we showed up and there's no keiko enjoy those donuts and today and fellow officers went the extra mile i was able to get permission to iz birthday. i'm a grown ups was good the bag that had church had stickers and all the works for him to you guys gave him a party absolutes and that we were going a 9 year-old not have a party. >>this will make you smile any engine as time story made the news and now cards thomas hoping 9th birthday is your best year yet, and gifts have turned up from across the country what's in there. the
10:47 pm
walkie it's a right. now union rather can talk to cops officer lyda ann thomas friends today also partner. >>down the road. what do you want to be when you grow up. >>and really it was >>you're saying that because he's had sitting here. >>of lose food. >>the new health our line him up from a family of public servants driven to go above and beyond helping a young man and his family as they begin their american dream. a lot of people market cnn grand rapids michigan. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment. >>the charge playoff game to not exactly what we want they were coming back and look like they could do anything at one point right yeah i really didn't looked unstoppable at
10:48 pm
one point at the end of the first period will get all that let me just say this we are seeing some serious intent city a postseason hockey at its finest now. >>a game one joe pavelski scored a goal with his face and lost 4 teeth. both teams constantly had to be separated. so who knows what kind of drama we'd see tonight at the shark tank go to san jose sharks, golden knights star case we're going take a 2 game lead in this series. out of the gate days didn't mess around to score 3 goals in the first 6 minutes. >>and the final minutes of the opening stanza the sharks came alive goals from logan tomas hertl on the power play the jumbo joe thornton lighting the lamp game tied at 3 at the end of the first period. so much scoring. then the second frame. controversy sharks, look like they took the lead off of the logan couture goal but then it's immediately waved off the view shows goaltender interference officials take back the goal of the places like peter de boer, looking for answers. 19 media, we took advantage of
10:49 pm
seconds later power play goal from mark stone. biggest takes the lead goes on to win 5, 3, once the game was over extracurricular activities players had to be pulled apart pushing and shoving a fitting end to this one series tied at one now moves to vegas for game 3 on sunday. >>as for the warriors the postseason begins tomorrow golden state has some historic aunt in its favor. the biggest first-round favorite since 1988. the odds of the clippers winning the series a 100 to one game one tomorrow night at oracle steph curry good to go after he suffered e mild ankle injury earlier this week the ndp ful rticipant in today's practice, the golden state is facing a clippers team they've done well against winning the season series 3 one steve kerr knows la can give them a fight respects how they've constructed their roster. despite trading their top player tobias harris this year. >>they make a trade in and who's their best player actually got better. down the
10:50 pm
stretch to imagine that. so there's a there's a traction. this is just like me that they had enjoyed and appreciated for sure. >>this is the most fun that's what we've learned. the 2 these 2 months. >>tip off tomorrow at 5 at oracle now to the a's their road trip heads to texas mike fires got the stars had to tase trailed by 5 runs came all the way back to top 7 days with juan ramon a high drive to right-center field gone again not at 6. after laurean was 3rd home run of the season. the top of the 8th. same score. chris davis. hanging breaking ball deep to center field to shift home run in 3 games as illegally a state police going to win 8, 6 they have won 4 in a row and finally what a day at augusta tiger woods in crime position for his first major win since
10:51 pm
2008 masters round 2. nearly saw disaster surrounding woods security guard while trying to manage the gallery, but the tigers ankle woods stumbling came up limping but no jerk shook it off got back to work went on to birdie that hole and 14 just a sensational entered 4 shots off the lead, 36 holes carded a 68 enters moving day one shot back out of first place there's a 5 way tie at the top which includes my back and kept jason day. also want to mention giants rockies in extra innings right tied to all right go giants, thanks workers check in with lowe's about our weekend forecast. and we've got some great news for the week a lot of sunshine coming your way but what about the why
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
for just $6 you're probably thinking there's a catch and there are a few of them best. >>food over here mike fast food restaurant army sold 5 tickets to hawaii on his website for $6 that was today at noon. it was a promotion to celebrate the chain's new line of sandwiches on king's hawaiian rolls army says the tickets sold on a first come first serve basis and it will 5 more on monday winners must redeem their tickets between april 26th and 28th, they are old also only good for 6 hours on loo, though travel to los angeles and overnight. stay
10:55 pm
there is included. >>today disney released the teaser trailer for the next star wars film and it revealed the subtitle for the movie the rise of skywalker it's a final film in the new trilogy and the combination of the skywalker saga. the series has been a huge box office success for disney which bought lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012. the first 2 movies in the trilogy and to spin off movies have brought in more than 4 and a half billion dollars. for disney says 2015 star wars, arises skywalker comes out on december 20 us. just in time for christmas. that's the first time, i've said christmas this year i can believe it. hey we've got mostly clear skies out there right now a high pressure overhead. >>so stick around for the first part of the week and then as we get into sunday things start to change watches. till you see those clouds staying off the coastline for the most part is
10:56 pm
that normally when going to kick in and that will keep your skies, nice and clear overnight tonight and then as we get into sunday, those clouds start to creep in a little bit close and then the fog returns the coastline and some high clouds moving in late today as high pressure really starts to weaken quite a bit by sunday night. still tomorrow should be great sunny side up will begin your day been 40's and some 50's then by the middle of day you're up almost to the 70's already in some of the interior valleys, the upper 70's by the afternoon so really going to work on a beautiful day here is that big dome of high pressure will strengthen tomorrow be the warmest day of your weekend and that will start to cool down those numbers quite a bit but numbers we're going to be a fantastic tomorrow in the san francisco you headed there 65 in the mission 61 in daly city. a little breeze along the coastline but not by much 67 burlingame 63 in south san francisco. then we're looking a lot of 70's working their way inside the peninsula, mid 70's in the santa clara valley, east bay, a mid upper 70's in some spots well inland 77 degrees in cochran, 76 in walnut creek and with a lot of 70's in the north they so a
10:57 pm
great start the weekend plenty of sunshine coming our way high pressure taken over. and here's your 10 attempt, we'll see plenty of sun over the next couple of days, although a few more clouds moving in late the day specially on sunday, a chance of a few showers come monday and then easter sunday, well least a chance of showers that saturday into sunday looks nice and right now. and i'm looking forward to have that everybody thinks should be with us a call in the medical right weekend.
10:58 pm
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♪ you wonder, oh, how do i inspire ♪ ♪ got the world spinning round inside my palm ♪ ♪ it's summer ♪ summer ♪ ♪ in the city ♪ city. ♪ woods: so, you won't be able to play your guitar for a while, but you'll have your thumbs for your video games, okay? okay. eric. oh! i hope you're here to take me to breakfast. so...? i'm good. (sighs) yeah, i'm great, even. no residual brain damage from the surgery. and i can start back to work immediately.


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