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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 15, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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221 million in hollywood, i'm rick damage. a lot. >>other new movies this weekend, the end. >>thank you for joining us on the crime. the morning news, i'm robin winston we had a pretty nice weekend. the weather was a pleasant, but i know we have changes on the way so let's check in with john trouble because i hear there's some rain coming yet rainfall in the forecast for today in fact robin really our only chance of rain in the forecast ahead of us. so today is the day do not want to forget the umbrellas as you're stepping outside just be ready for those changes as robin mentioned compared to this weekend, especially as conditions have been dry and still dry out there at the golden gate bridge just not going to stay that way this is your look at satellite radar
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right now we are dry with increase cloud cover. but there's shower activity in the vicinity now working its way just into the very northern part of sonoma county as we work our way through future cast after 11:00am especially on into the afternoon as we will start to see some shower activity settling and now it's going to be a range of light to moderate showers but enough to definitely be a and making you wish you had your umbrellas if you're for getting him as you're stepping outside this is that around 05:00pm tonight is your had an out of work going to be a wet drive home from work with moderate to light showers all across the bay showers continue on into your early evening, a couple of scattered sprinkles take us on into the evening itself before we eventually do dry out like i mentioned for the rest of the forecast 40's and 50's for your current temperatures outside really a mild start to the morning not too terribly chilly out there. berkeley and san francisco are in the 40's well oakland hayward in concord all kicking things off this morning in the 50's winds
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picked up yesterday yesterday afternoon and you're going to be looking at breezy conditions again as we make our way through this morning on into the afternoon. so between the wind between the rain and just the overall cooler temperatures you do want to bundle up as you're getting out there our daytime highs still in the 60's for some but compared to where we're going to be in the forecast we're going to be back in the 80's for some of these inland areas. you are going to be in for some a big changes in the days to come i'm breaking down exactly what to expect for the rest of the week first let's get a look at traffic or we're standing right now with robin absolutely want to check in on the early birds heading to work and so far so good for the drive into san francisco. >>we're taking a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza which is wide open so nothing to worry about here. it's going to be a great trip leaving oakland across the upper deck to downtown san francisco with no accidents and no stall so we're off to a pretty good start alright, heading over to 92 we're checking in on the san mateo bridge. a good trip so far leaving hayward working your way over to the peninsula. they're ready at 14
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minutes, so that's just a sign that it's picking up a little bit but still no major issues heading into foster city. here's what i want to cross the golden gate, you're looking good if you plan on traveling between the north bay and san francisco right on time at 20 minutes novato to the toll plaza, this traffic tracker and more drive time to maybe you're freeways on the list if not this time, i'll get it in the next in fort. we have my way for which is wide open at the limit 6.80 looks pretty good dublin to fremont no major issues for the minutes and no major issues for one i want to go ahead and use it now it's only 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park, we'll check more coming. well a possible suspect is being interviewed in a deadly hit and run accident that killed a mother and her son in oakland. here's kron four is going on with the story. >>and garcia says his wife alma and his 6 year-old son angel i was just going to the laundromat saturday night to my wife she just across the street and the car
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>>my one women with one kids my brother too so. they lose my my family my family. >>the 30 year-old mother and her young son and garcia's 20 year-old brother was crossing this marked crosswalk at the intersection of 26 avenue and foothill boulevard in oakland and just before 7 30 at night police say they were hit by the driver, the black to door mercedes whh left the scene all my an angel were taken to the hospital but later died from their injuries sunday candles teddy bears and flowers left at the site where the grief is still raw for those who do the mother and son i think everybody just more in shock and awe to think that you just live on the corner trying to go to the laundromat. >>don't think twice about it right residents in the area say this is a dangerous intersection and have been trying to get the city to make it safer. for the last 15 years a light would be ideal um but it also hurt having. >>stop in 4 of these blocks,
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i'm not just a stray shot that you see here so i think something would be better than nothing. >>in oakland, a gale on kron 4 news. >>well a driver suffered serious injuries following a major accident on highway 2.80. >>this happened last night it was just before 10 near the race street off ramp down in san jose. now the fire department tweeted out these photos take a look these vehicles are badly damaged police say the driver of an suv slammed right into the center divide on highway 2.80 that was the only vehicle involved in that accident and that crash shut down a portion of the northbound lanes last night while crews investigated they have since reopened and so far there's no word on what caused that major accident. this morning, a man was found dead at a park over the weekend and bay point that body was found and a new park just after midnight on sunday. police are still investigating the death as a homicide.
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deputies did not say if the victim had obvious signs of injury or how that person died that victim who has not been identified was found unconscious and not breathing he was pronounced dead after several attempts to revive him. well a car slams right into the back of an suv and it's all caught on camera. this crash take a look at this video this happened saturday and to street near 40th in san francisco. the whole thing caught right here on surveillance now 3 people jumped out of that white car they ran off just moments after the car crash into the suv and then the white car that you can see they're also hit 2 parked vehicles, sending one straight into a house. >>first shot and when we saw the nature of the accident we thought there's no way that somebody wasn't killed in this accident from the looks of it. >>well police say that the people writing in that black suv they went to the hospital as a precaution. no injuries were reported. they have been detained they they have
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detained several people that is for questioning. no arrests have been made. well a man is dead and 3 other people are hurt in a shooting and the late how,this happened sunday right along the 100 block of princeton avenue. that's just east of highway 29. a man was pronounced dead at the scene 3 other people took themselves to the hospital. they're expected to be ok but so far no word on a motive or if any arrests have been made in the shooting. the family of 18 year-old and a 2 year-old who was stabbed on a bart train has filed a lawsuit against and neil wilson was boarding a train you may remember the story at the macarthur bart station in oakland with her 2 sisters when she was fatally stabbed by this man john kao our family accuses bart of failing to protect them against reasonably foreseeable criminal conduct kallis charged in wilson's murder. but his court appearance was postponed over his mental competency for trial. in a statement bart says that they do not comment on potential or pending litigation.
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representative eric swalwell has officially launched his campaign for president of the united states. he held his first rally yesterday at his alma mater dublin high school. the 38 year-old and 4 term congressman from the east bay says that he grew up with republican parents and he wants to work towards a more bipartisan government. he promises, kim and pain would be fighting for the middle class and also a safer america. swalwell is now one of 18 democratic candidates in the 2020 race. well the list officially includes south
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bend, indiana mayor people to judge he kicked off his presidential campaign yesterday. but it does has gone from receiving less than one percent of support to standing among candidates like. >>senator kamala harris, elizabeth warren and cory booker supporters ctributed more than million to build a judge's campaign in the 4 hours following his announcement speech. well senator and democratic presidential candidate kamala harris released her tax returns over the weekend. harris released or taxes from 2004 all the way up to 2018 and according to the return she and her husband reported an adjusted gross income of nearly 1 million 900 thousand dollars for 2018. over the last 5 years harris and her husband paid more than million and federal taxes. our campaign said that the release makes her quote the most transparent candidate in the field. when it comes to information about personal finances in quote, there's also supports congressional legislation requiring president's tax returns be made public. president trump's
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reelection campaign says it's raised more than $30 million in the first fundraising quarter of 2019 the campaign said that nearly 99% of the donations were $200 or less. a campaign spokesman said that the reelection effort now has 40.8 million on hand. now for comparison president barack obama's reelection effort had nearly 20 times less at this point in 2011. trump officially file his reelection campaign paperwork on his inauguration day and president obama formally launched his reelection in april of 2011. when news a major cleanup in the south bay find out what else is being done to help the homeless encampment. plus a new trend with pat it the warning that police have for those posing as delivery men. and 8 people are dead following storms and tornadoes hitting the south. we'll take
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a look at where it's heading next. here's a live look outside lives looks pretty calm and cool right now leaving hayward no problems with traffic. >>heading over to the fence level we have major changes in our forecast and that is rain yes, it's back no matter how much we enjoy the pleasant weather and sunshine. we are in store for some wet weather find
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>>fact checking in on national news this morning at least 8 people are dead, including 2 children after storms just ripped right through parts of the south. the storms are now threatening 80 million people from ohio all the way to new york in texas, 2 children ages 3, 8, were killed when a tree fell right on top of their car. and then in another incident, a woman died after her mobile home was destroyed. the national weather service said a 140 mile per hour tornado also touched down in texas. >>do you like this and not just and i was free in indiana. the big more that and the back you know like shielded me are my husband jump on a trailer. >>he was like why are you. >>and i'm like tom barrett upon dollars stuff. >>in louisiana. the storms also claimed the life of a 13 year-old boy who drowned in a drainage area. mississippi emergency officials report at least one death in the town of hamilton. the governor of mississippi has also declared a state of emergency for areas affected by the storms.
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thoughts and prayers are definitely with those folks something we don't like to hear, but we know that maybe during this time of year is this normal or is this what people expect these type of storms this strong. >>yeah, definitely this time of year this is the beginning of the spring storm season were tornado outbreaks do happen and it was saturday they were watching the storms just clearing through texas and mississippi louisiana. and like you mentioned we are looking at severe weather possible today in the northeast associated with the same system so it's that time of year it's not weather whiplash wtalked about last year in 2 that broad areas from the 70's tune in for freezing temperatures now the same system right there. so yeah i was definitely a big week our weekend to for elsewhere in the country. back here at home what it looks like for us was actually relatively calm. we saw a nice clear skies. some of the warmest temperatures the year so far anyways on saturday. those are going to be. eclipse
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though by some of the warmth ahead of us in the forecast just this week as for today we're talking rainfall though there's a look outside this morning at berkeley conditions are dry right now, but this is our storm system that is eventually going to be bringing us some showers in the next few hours we stay dry for your morning commute. so this is good news is you're getting out and about this morning. no wet roadways just yet we do have some windy conditions of both hands on the steering wheel as you're crossing mountain passes or any of our bridges this morning. now as we make our way into the afternoon you're going to notice that rainfall activity really working its way back in moderate showers to light showers pushing on in this afternoon from the areas right along the coast or inland areas north to south. we're all looking at a dose of rainfall that could measure up from anywhere from a 10th to a quarter of an inch for most urban areas today so on the lighter side of things considering just how much rainfall. we've had this season. but nonetheless in a frame that you're gonna want your umbrellas as you're stepping out the door off and on showers tonight and then
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what we're going to be looking at for the rest of the forecast tomorrow wednesday thursday through friday is continually dreary clear and dry skies and temperatures really starting to boost today, one of the coolest days of the forecasts if you like cool weather feel like breezy conditions and rainy weather. well today is your day 50's 60's for your high temperatures fremont livermore reaches 62 was san jose one of our warmer spots is 66. look where we're headed after this point are already going to notice a boost in temperatures tomorrow into the upper 60's 70's return on wednesday after that it's a tease for many areas towards thursday and friday and that's not just our inland areas, either it is going to be toastie clear out to the coast. so definitely a net a couple of days to finish the forecast thursday and friday that are going to be on the warm side of things. saturday some relief as temperatures begin to cool down and a really nice weekend ahead in general with mid 70's for most of the bay come saturday and sunday robin all right, thank you john want to check in on the morning commute is folks are heading
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back to work this morning a little bit of a back up in your cash lanes. >>at the bay bridge toll plaza so it's getting busy, but it's not bad. this expect a minor weight on the left it's looking good fast track in carpool lanes look good so far. no big problems to slow you down this morning heading into san francisco. here's 92 and it's a little bit busier right we see the brake lights leaving hayward those folks are making their way to the peninsula, but it's only 13 minutes to make it to 80 out a one to one 1 one across the golden gate, it's been quiet all morning, no crashes know stalls 20 minutes tomato to san francisco. traffic tracker showing more freeways and more drive times we have 24 out of one at creek that's looking pretty good. a leading the 6.80 split through lafayette under end and the tunnel. the sure freeway very quiet so far no problems for the macarthur, no problems for the men it's a very quick 11 minutes to make your way from san leandro to downtown oakland. well today, the 100 23th boston marathon gets underway. this morning more than 30,000 runners are taking part in this annual
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event. now the little iffy it's expected to be a little messy for the 26.2 mile journey with forecasters calling for rain and when now the race marks 6 years since the deadly bombing attack that killed 3 people and injured more than 260. governor do some wants lawmakers to reconsider a state law which currently makes utility companies pay for the damages when their equipment causes wildfires. now it's one of the many recommendations release from his wild fire and energy strike team. loni want explains why the governor wants him to consider the change and other actions. gavin newsom ran for governor he never expected to be confronted with levy now calls a crisis. >>the way he sees it wildfires and the consequences climate change and how electric utilities operate are tied together and must be dealt with sooner rather than later, this is a serious moment, this report prepared by a special fire strike force encourages the use of non carbon feels to
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fight climate influence fires. it also looks in the tough subjects like retrofitting structures to make them fireproof and stop building homes and businesses in fire-prone areas that comprise 25% of the state. but even more complex as how to divvy up the cost of firefighting recovery efforts and liability. especially had harsh words for pg knee which filed for bankruptcy when faced with paying for damages caused by recent wildfires. i expect the investors that are involved in the journey to participate in the solutions newsom says pg and he has been dodging responsibility for years. the but the specter of a public takeover of the private utility, if safety policies and settling claims didn't become a priority. and options with are on the table. >>but the question of paralyzing utilities too much is also a consideration that would raise rates or even eliminate service to customers. we're in real trouble right now. as it relates to.
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>>these utilities be invaluable to bankruptcy in nation. that means sharing the cost of making the state safer among insurance companies. >>liability attorneys utilities and taxpayers have a burden. and responsibility to some the costs taxpayers of after all in the same direction. well you know what today is. >>it's tax day he for your money this morning. today is the deadline to turn in your tax returns for 2018. the irs says as many as 50 million taxpayers have yet to file so if this is you you're not alone. if you're unable to get everything in order before midnight tonight keep in mind that the irs recommends filing for an extension but that will prevent you from paying late penalties but keep in mind that it will not provide more time to pay the money that you owe so that's a key right there. most tax related questions can be answered by going to irs dot gov.
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>>a lot of folks are happy you're looking at the most and tiger woods won his 5th masters and 15th major title that's among the greatest comeback stories in sports as he overcame career threatening back problems. you may remember he had some personal issues. 2 years ago. it's woods first major title in 11 years and his first masters win since 2005 now the win puts woods just 3 majors behind the all time record holder, jack nicklaus it's the first time tiger has ever come from behind in the round. so congratulations to him. he did it warriors steph tweeted to what it's about the when he said quote greatest comeback story in sports congrats tiger woods. let me whole one of those 5 jackets just one time. congratulations
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to tiger all right we're taking a live look outside checking in on the golden gate bridge. >>looking good right now too many cars on the road whether a. we're in store for some changes, it's okay right now, but we will see some increasing cloud to see the rain moving in. you want to find out exactly when will john ha
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>>on 4 morning news, the star wars celebration, fan
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convention took place in chicago over the weekend. there are many have then there may have been a great disturbance in the forest after one news announcement read a magellan has the details and the hollywood minute or rather the star wars minute. >>star wars movies are taking a pause lucasfilm president kathleen kennedy told usa today at star wars celebration, chicago that following the december 20th release of star wars, the rise of skywalker the film franchise will go on a planned hiatus with no new movies being announced for the time being. the force is strong with the video game side of star wars ea has announced a release date for star wars jet i fall in order. the video game following a young jett ipad a one will be available to play on p c x box, one and ps 4 on november, 15. if you prefer your star wars game
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experience to be more immersive here's a first look at vader immortal a star wars vii our series. the verge reports, the first episode of the interactive adventure will feature story lasting approximately an hour and a light saber dojo vote episode, one of 8 are immortal for the oculus rift and opulence quest devices is scheduled to release later this year from a galaxy far far away, i'm rick damage >>and right here at home we're going to check in on the bay bridge toll plaza that line and the cash lanes it's growing so really picking up now on
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>>and to the crime for morning news want to check in on the forecast because we have big changes in store. on the fence about the rain because i know it helps with the pollen you know us allergy folks that have been suffering for weeks now but then the sun was so great this week in a full day saturday and sunday. now back to the store is one of the side effects and that's an unfortunate. >>many hours just are actually predicting that this allergy season is about to be the worst one that the states experienced in years. >>some of that rainfall even though helping to suppress sure does help those plans to put the pollens out isn't pretty much i'm done for the rest of the season. know get lots are a lot of us is all


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