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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 15, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>you're here. ready for the monday morning right like it or not europe and we're with you your dire fulsome to back on says is make a shunt. >>whether back in time just for the rate of in after that week they're right back out really nice ahead really wore an never what you 80's going get i wouldn't be surprised to see some 90's around quarter to end of the week well england areas out thursday and friday. easily be the warmest forecast that we've had so far this year, and well even though today we are talking about rain. i think a lot of our attention is focused later in the week when we do see that he just around the corner today, one of your break servant though we're back into the 60's for your highs actually quite the brisk morning with some very strong winds and showers just around the corner. >>you can see a couple of
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showers working their way back up into northern sonoma county for the most part we are dry for your morning commute which is good news for those of you taking to roads. we're not going to stay dry though especially after 11:00am will start to see shower activity increasing but this is an early afternoon round of rain that will take us through the early afternoon on through your evening commute tonight, yellow meaning that moderate rainfall that will make for some wet roadways as you're driving home from work you'll be driving home in the rain before showers taper off later on into the evening setting us up for what will eventually be that dry and warm remainder to the forecast after today. today's daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's. so it is cool and it is brisk along with those afternoon showers breaking down our warm-up and to more about today's rain still to come rob and it's dry out there for the time being our roads do and thank goodness it says right john commuters appreciate that here at the bay bridge. we have the morning commute picking up. >>quickly the cash lanes getting a little sluggish the fast track lanes folks starting to slow down there
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too overall it's not bad. but it's a little crowded, so 11 minutes and growing to fremont street 92 is busy as well we're looking at the san mateo bridge. a lot of brake lights here leaving hayward but it's only 14 minutes. that's a great average fell 2, one to one and what i want to cross the golden gate accident install free so we're off to a good start d 21 minutes, a great average snow bottle rolling south to san francisco. we'll talk more coming up james i don't right the warriors postseason and getting pretty interesting too little testy there that first game it was little sloppy to on some parts of the warriors with the turnovers everything else. but at least we got the win that first game so now we've got game 2. >>tonight at work on this comes after of course the dubs. our one-on-one the clippers or i see what they do tonight icon for syria says joins us now from oracle arena with more on the game as long as we don't get anywhere i think we'll be ok.
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>>yeah we're going to have to watch that for sure, but it makes for an interesting game, i'm wearing the playoff shirt, but just to show you the back says strength in numbers of course you know our warriors slogan and check out this arena, it's looking gorgeous with shirts on every single seat for fans who are attending tonight. now in the pursuit of with repeated dubs 1 one 21 to one oh 4 guns, la clippers. >>the steph curry scored 38 points and made 8, 3, pointers. the most we've seen postseason history plus there was some drama that we're kevin duran in clippers. full injected deer and got 2 technical fouls. >>after the game coach steve kerr preach the team do not take the bait. the bait being beverly who is known known to be an antagonist duran the insisted he has self-control and he will not get to the technical threshold of the 7 in the playoffs which could have been suspended for one game, however, he only has 4 of the 7 left after just one
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game to be really interesting to see if you can hold back see if they can you know stay away from beverly not give in to that and if you want to be here to watch all unfold there are still tickets available. i just look to the cheapest tickets. in the nosebleeds range from $92 to the low 100's so more affordable almost the last game and then there's only a few left to those left though a courtside costing $2500 some tickets and some of the v i p tickets are causing nearly $5,000. all depends on what you want. but if you want to be here and just be in that sick of it all just lez well us in the nosebleeds walk around we just found out about awesome thing they've got going on. i'm on the second floor you can. play shoot the ball into this into the hoop. and if you make the most points you the chance to win a lot of money you can win 10,000 if you miss a 100,000 if you don't miss so that's
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huge by $92 come. play that game when a lot of money and also see the job may be in full on the court. >>oracle doesn't cry for an old may be on full of it certainly will probably unfold. she does remind me you know what else trauma without tiger winning somebody want one really first time ever been on tiger. he has what it wanted to one to 12 or whatever trying win with 1.8 million us pretty korea and the whole text would say we'll talk more about that first off though some breaking news overnight with 3 families now displaced after a fire broke out. >>at a 3 story apartment complex in alton here you can see the video showing the flames shooting out of one of those apartment units the 3rd floor, it was sparked at around one 30 this morning this in the 3,000 block of fruitvale avenue. nobody hurt thankfully, but 2 units on the lower floor do have water damage as you might on a easily understand what the sprinklers in the fire hoses going off firefighters say this fire is not suspicious.
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meanwhile a sideshow in oakland ends with a big rig on fire. take a look at what happened the viewer actually sent us this video from instagram of a white semi trailer burning sunday night that's what you see there off in the distance. this was on international boulevard and 42th avenue police say the big rig was stripped from its contents. and then thrown across the road before it was burned. they say a sideshow was happening before took place so far no reports of any arrests or of any injuries, 5 oh 6. >>morning, a man was found dead in a park over the weekend in bay point. it was at the inuit apart just after midnight on sunday. deputies have not said if the victim had obvious signs. is what killed him or how he died and we don't have an id yet. time now is 5 oh 6, 2 chp officers were taken to the hospital after they were rear ended by a suspected drunk driver the crash happened yesterday on highway 6.18 and of boulevard
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interchange a 22 year-old man drew vacaville was behind the wheel and he's accused of slamming his car into the police cruiser and both cars then pulled over and the driver was arrested the officer suffered minor injuries. >>a possible suspect now being questioned in a deadly hit and run accident that killed a mother and her son in oakland. that accident happened saturday night was at the intersection of 26th avenue at foothill boulevard. there was a vigil at the site last night and garcia says that his wife alma vasquez and his 6 year-old son and hel and garcia's 20 year-old brother were all in a marked crosswalk when they were hit by a black two-door mercedes all month held were taken to the hospital but later died from their injuries. residents say this is a dangerous intersection. >>to think that you just live on the corner you're trying to go to the laundromat don't think twice about writers alike would be ideal um but it also hurt having. stop in 4 of
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these blocks, i'm not just a stray shot that you see here so. >>oakland police later found the car involved in another area of oakland, but it had been abandoned by that point police say they have a possible suspect, but no one is in custody at this time. the child enrichment was hurt in a crash involving multiple vehicles all of this on interstate 80 it was a hit and run collision that was first reported saturday night right near el portal drive. 8 vehicles were involved in that crash. investigators haven't released a description yet of the suspects or their vehicle that drove away, but we'll update you when we find out. >>a car slammed into a black suv and take a look we have the video of it happened saturday on come brill street near 40th street san francisco. there is again 3 people jumped out of the white car and ran off. moments after they crashed into the suv and white car also hit 2 parked vehicles sending wanted to a home. >>and when we saw the nature of the accident we thought
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there's no way that somebody was killed in this accident from the looks of it. >>police say that the people in the black suv went to the hospital as a precaution. but they were really hurt. they have detained several people for questioning in that crash. a driver suffered serious injuries in a crash on highway 2.80 that happened last night around 10 o'clock the race street off-ramp in san jose is where this happened and you can see from the fire department the damage they tweeted out these pictures o the vehicles involved the driver of suv slammed into the center divide on highway 2.80 and that was the only vehicle involved in the crash. did shut down a portion of the northbound lanes last night but everything's back and up and running right now. >>the family of an 18 year-old who was stabbed on bart has filed a lawsuit now against the transit agency. neil wilson was boarding a train at the macarthur station with her 2 sisters when she was fatally stabbed by john kao her family is accusing bar to failing to protect them against reasonably foreseeable
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criminal conduct khalil is charged in wilson's murder, but his court appearance was postponed over his mental competency for trial in a statement bart says they do not comment on potential or pending litigation. a man is dead and 3 other people hurt following a shooting in vallejo it happened sunday in the 100 block of princeton avenue. that's just east of highway 29. a man was pronounced dead on scene 3 other people took themselves to the hospital, they're expected to be okay. no word on a motive yet or any arrests in the shooting. >>representative eric swalwell has officially launched his campaign to try to be the president of the united states and he held his first rally yesterday at his alma mater dublin high school the 38 year-old and 4 term congressman from the east bay says that he grew up with republican parents and wants to work towards a more bipartisan government. he promised in his campaign would be fighting for the middle class and a safer america.
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swallow is now one of 18 democratic candidates in the 2020 race. that list officially includes south bend, indiana mayor pete route head judge. >>he kicked off his set presidential campaign areas for the judge has gone from receiving less than one percent of support. 2 standing among candidates like senator kamala harris, elizabeth warren and cory booker supporters contributed more than million to his campaign in the 4 hours following his announcement speech. >>senator and democratic presidential candidate kamala harris released her tax returns over the weekend. in fact she released her tax returns from 2 2004 all the way to 2018. according to the
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returns she and her husband reported an adjusted gross income of nearly a male heir 1 million 900 thousand dollars for 2018. >>over the last 5 years harris and her husband paid more than million in federal taxes her campaign said the release makes her quote the most transparent candidate in the field when it comes to information about personal finances. >>harris also supports congressional legislation requiring the president's tax returns be made public. >>by the way says tax saying it is actually file if you haven't. >>president trump's reelection campaign meanwhile says that it has raised more than million in the first fundraising quarter of 2019 the campaign said that nearly 99% of those donations were $200 or less a campaign spokesperson says the reelection effort now has 40 $0.8 million on hand at its disposal for comparison president barack obama's reelection effort at nearly 20 times less at this point in 2011. trump officially file his reelection campaign paperwork. on his inauguration day.
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>>5.12 right now and still ahead on the crop or morning news governor newsome has a plan to try to prevent more devastating wildfires from happening in california and netechnology isn't new technique, sorry being used by package these in the east bay and it might be spreading what are they doing now and next it's being called one of the greatest sports comebacks of all time because it is tiger woods. more than a de
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>>5.15 of what's about to be a rainy monday. we had a quake up to the north bay just minutes ago to talk about this morning reports of people feeling it in portions of the lake in northern portions of sonoma napa counties this morning now is a magnitude 4 point to the struck. just before your 5 o'clock hour north of healdsburg so definitely are going to be looking at this quake over the next few minutes right here and if you feel any uh reports of the shaking. make sure to let us now as for what we expect the rest of the day today. well we are looking at a rainy day ahead of us it was a nice and dry weekend. so this is a switch out from what we've got used to lately this is our latest storm system right here which is ushering showers our direction not quite looking at a lot of activity just yet a couple of showers just off shore sonoma county. now working their way inland as of this time, so a nice dry start to your morning. it's not going to stay that way though this is by 03:15pm today, moderate
5:17 am
shower activity working its way on into the bay looking at widespread showers around the time you're heading home from work today so i know it's a dry drive to work not going to be the case as you're getting out of work and heading home eventually by the time we work into the evening shower activity begins to loosen up and then you move into tomorrow with increased sunshine, increasingly warm temperatures and increasingly warm forecast all together as we push into the finish of the week. so if you like some cooler weather today might just be your day just keep the umbrellas with you because it's also going to be a rainy day upper 50's from daly city down to half moon bay looking at some low 60's in portions of the peninsula like burlingame foster city in redwood city. each in the low 60's today, south bay, some of warmest of temperatures like in san jose and campbell at 66 degrees for your highs east bay, it's a range of upper 50's to low 60's. also expect those afternoon showers out here after what will be a dry start to the day so no been
5:18 am
yacht bill the way how all in the 50's for your highs with napa fairfield in the low 60's. nevada today, a 57 center fell petaluma and santa rosa, egypt, 58, so today, the coolest ever forecast really the cause by far tomorrow we boost into the upper 60's and after that it's only 70's 80's we're looking at thursday and friday easily the warmest days of 2019 we've seen yet. 80's for your highs in some areas further inland could be flirting with the 90's plenty of sunshine after today so did today's rain him look forward to an abundance of sunshine and some warmer than average temperatures just around the corner. rob, the sounds good want to check in on traffic now let's head over to the richmond. >>center fell bridge. we're looking at west found 5.80 traffic looks great so far leading up to the tolls no crashes nil stalls at least it's dry right now right. you don't have to deal with rain right on time at 8 minutes to make that trip to the north bay from oakland to san francisco all all the headlights are squeezing in thesfolks are working their
5:19 am
way west and it's already stacking up beyond 80 over crossing fulfilling and quickly, but no major problems so we're off to a great start hot spot free at 14 minutes for the drive off to fremont street, here's a look at some more drive times we have highway for which looks great 6.80 nice and smooth no problems for the nimitz freeway so far here. it is from a san leandro peterson 21 minutes and then no big problems for one a one under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park. so these numbers look great we'll check more coming up back to. >>thanks a lot of 5.19 and governor newsom is asking for federal help in cleaning up from the rain and the damage that we had. >>flooding everything else on saturday the governor requested the assistance. severe storms in february caused widespread flooding and mudslides and all kinds of damage to critical infrastructure across the street as state including the here in the bay area. if granted then that money would help state and local governments with recovery projects. governor newsom also wants lawmakers to consider or
5:20 am
reconsider a state law that currently makes utility companies pay for the damages when their equipment causes a fire yeah, it's one of the many recommendations released from his wild fire and energy strike team. >>now reporter lonnie one explains why the governor wants them to consider this change and take other actions as well. >>when gavin, newsome ran for governor he never expected to be confronted with levy now calls a crisis. the way he sees it wildfires and the consequences climate change and how electric utilities operate are tied together and must be dealt with sooner rather than later, this is a serious moment, this report prepared by a special fire strike force encourages the use of non carbon feels to fight climate influence fires. it also looks in the tough subjects like retrofitting structures to make them fireproof and stop building homes and businesses in fire-prone areas that comprise 25% of the state. but even more complex as howrto divvy up the cost of firefighting recovery efforts and liability. especially had harsh words for pga knee which
5:21 am
filed for bankruptcy when faced with paying for damages caused by recent wildfires. i expect the investors that are involved in the journey to participate in the solutions newsom says pg and he has been dodging responsibility for years. the but the specter of a public takeover of the private utility, if safety policies and settling claims didn't become a priority. and options with are on the table. >>but the question of paralyzing utilities too much is also a consideration that would raise rates or even eliminate service to customers. we're in real trouble right now. as it relates to these utilities be invaluable to bankruptcy in nation. that means sharing the cost of making the state safer among insurance companies, liability attorneys utilities and taxpayers have a burden. and responsibility to some the costs taxpayers of in the same direction. this morning today.
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it's the deadline to turn in your taxes for 2018 the irs says as many as 50 million taxpayers have yet to file if you're unable to get everything in order before midnight tonight, the irs of course is recommending you file for an extension that will give you a little extra time. >>and it will prevent you from paying late penalties won't or should say won't yeah it but still it you can you file the extension and you pay at that time and exactly what you have to make it right right to pay so that just kind of get a little actually way to get your taxes altogether and turned it most actually to questions of course can be answered by going irs dot gov. they recommend you go there otherwise seek a tax professional to help you out, yes still isn't that was a cpa. >>okay, 5.22 right morning news, a local baseball team is looking for answers. their you know when you're at ross
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>>a nice dry morning. it's not going to stay that way today though i'm talking some rainfall this afternoon. so even though it is dry for now don't forget the umbrella is going to need it later on this is a look outside of berkeley where conditions are pretty calm. now one thing we're expecting aside from the rain as some pretty high pollen levels in the days to come today's rain is really going to help out with tomorrow and wednesday will drop down to medium levels but pretty quickly back up after that with medium to high levels of paul's thursday and friday back up to high levels now many hours us are saying that this could be one of the worst pollen seasons we've seen in
5:26 am
some time so it's time to get those meds and while get those clinics is ready to robin yeah, i need to be prepared. you're absolutely right, let's head over to traffic now we want to take a look at. >>what a lot across the golden gate looking good moving well, no problems or crashes working right now so go ahead and use it. it's 19 minutes nevado to the tolls. >>but the complete opposite at the bay bridge toll plaza already stacked appear from west grand and growing 15 minutes off to fremont street not bad we'll check more coming up. >>to glory after a bigger fall from grace was on my way by his own making the fall from grace but yeah, i was him that picked himself up got his game back and what was at how many years has it been while just a it's been 14 years now and you know don't forget he had these back fusion surgeries in the
5:27 am
papers tickle fight even tiger so he was just absolutely of the greatest comeback stories in sports. again you know it was just so much fun to watch it happen. over the weekend and for him he said it was all the more better because he and his kids they're they had never seen him yet to see so they've never seen him and be you know a couple of his sport right idea when or he's not he's ever won. you know anything since a wonderfully least until the water's going to show him put the green jacket off because i was just to speak and say what you will about tiger and there are people that know but just what a comeback story it really the whole sports world is looking at this thing and you talk about the green jacket, so they're allowed. >>to hold on to the green jacket for a year so because after that they can't take in a year like phil when he wanted he was went to krispy kreme is so people are it was somebody were to their own wedding, you will see what the way he wants it on take it to show and tell for the kids a class all really and yeah so that'll be his green jacket world and tiger, 5.47 right now. coming up we're going to take you to the south they
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>>it is 5.30 we're looking at weather and traffic on this monday morning, how we roll him out and it's a nice roll little busy but not that so far have no hot spots just know that it's getting crowded just about everywhere, ok and at some point today it's going to be a little wet everywhere you have afternoon showers developing after a nice calm starts of the morning, it's brisk out there though so for jackets and speaking of this morning press. i chris you're
5:31 am
going miss that word at the end of the and we also are talking a minor earthquake up in the north bay this morning in lake sonoma and napa counties were few of you may have felt and especially up in the northern portions of napa and sonoma counties says a magnitude 4.2 just before the 5 o'clock hour north of healdsburg. >>back to the rainfall in the cooler temperatures that we are experiencing we are looking at cool weather out there but dry for the time being so your drive to work is not going to be a wet one ensure drive home from work that is going to be on some wet roadways with some rain falling just a few showers right off to a sonoma coast this morning. but showers really won't settle into the bay and tell this afternoon which point light to moderate rainfall can be expected to be seen widespread all across the day on 3 your evening commute tonight. showers begin to loosen up into the early evening and through the evening you can expect some often on areas of light rainfall before we dry out for the rest of your forecast, the
5:32 am
rest of the week on into the weekend. 40's and 50's to kick things off 50's by noontime today was showers beginning to move in for the north bay afternoon hours bringing that rainfall with 50's and 60's talking more on your forecast still ahead for >>thank you don t want to check in on traffic now little busy out there we're checking the drive into san francisco. look at this it's already packed that was quick right the last time i checked it we had it won a minor weight. now we have a full house it's already stacked to be on a day way back to west grand. so officially jammed coming in at 14 minutes which is a really good average. here's a look at some more drive times and freeways and they look good at the e sure 24 5.18 no problems for the minute so we're off to a great start. we'll check more coming up james. >>all right. thank you very much robin happening today all westbound lanes of interstate 7.80 just north of the benicia bridge will be closed overnight through saturday. caltrans says the closures for scheduled bridge maintenance. so that's 7.80 closure on
5:33 am
saturday is scheduled to begin from one until 6 in the morning all work is of course weather permitting drivers should watch for alerts about the work and detour directions and message signs it alssays be careful during that time frame. the chp says he didn't find any debris after a woman reported concrete falling from the upper deck of the richmond san rafael bridge. that woman says her car was damaged after chunks as large as baseballs fell from the bridge. caltrans and the chp says that engineers completed an inspection on that bridge and they determine that no concrete fell from the upper deck friday night. officials say a small pot hole was found on the lower deck and that was repaired that same night the driver told authorities that the debris fell. our left dime size chips on her windshield and this is the 3rd time this year that someone is reported pieces of concrete falling on to the lower deck. >>new this morning, 10 businesses were damaged when a fire broke out in novato in the 300 block of delmar and he's boulevard it was about midnight when the flames. a rough did in this building in 2 people were inside that they
5:34 am
were able to get out all of the businesses in the building has smoke damage or for our water damage at least and so now of firefighters are investigating whether it was our sons in the east bay concord police say the kids were among the nearly 30 people who were pepper sprayed after there was a fight this fight hpened saturday night at a children's indoor amusement park, it's called the jungle, it's in the willows shopping center and the pepper spray force nearly 2 dozen people out of the building lot of them had trouble breathing. those people were involved in the fight actually left the scene before the cops got there. so now they're looking over surveillance video to try to find them. >>police in alameda want to warn you about a new trend with package thefts we want to be on the lookout for someone wearing a fluorescent vest going door to door. they're stealing packages. police released video which they say shows suspects stealing a package. the thieves were wearing this type of clothing to appear to be doing official business in the neighborhood like they were utility worker.
5:35 am
but don't be fooled. >>i've i've had a few neighbors who had things disappear. >>we can to keep a watch out for each other as best we can but. they just don't order anything that way i don't have to worry. >>police also recommend tracking your packages so that you know when they're delivered. man is accused of starting fires at 2 businesses in pleasant hill, the first fire was reported at the custom car alarms. that's on contra costa boulevard you can see that their fire investigation number one on the map and while authorities were battling that fire they found out someone was starting a fire at a building nearby. police in the end arrested nathan hurtado he's charged now with our son. no one was hurt. >>it's 5.35 a group of people in the south face and part of the weekend cleaning up a homeless encampment. pastor scott wager says that what's known as the bassett camp has been steadily growing in size and population in san jose. so
5:36 am
he and his congregation join local volunteers and they bagged up hundreds of pounds of trash on saturday and they dumped it into a big bin and hauled away the homeless encampment is alongside of the union pacific railroad tracks that are still active. >>usually when capture cleaned their swept and the people move to another neighborhood. what we're doing is trying to stabilize this camp in the hopes the clean it up and we're able to the building. we can show the city and show the community the homesick and this can be productive cleaning up trash is literally a way to keep people alive because with trash comes rodents. just on senator conditions that none of us want to live in the people. it's amazing that actually survived. >>last year more than a 150 homeless people died on the streets of santa clara county. >>the warriors are going to play in game 2 in the first round of the nba playoffs tonight at the arena, kd can keep his temper in check.
5:37 am
well, he did a good job for most of evening i was a ticket or player. >>all night long on the game one, but the dogs came out on top and beat the clippers coffers can sarah stinson is it oracle now with more. >>well is this game to use anything like game one then we're in for and a show for sure and a good game because as we saw last game it was quite a game was a little bit drama. but also just. we won and it was a big win we're trying to go for the 3 people look at this no we're inside the oracle arena. >>it is gorgeous you can just see bold everywhere but game one. you know, we won one 21 to one oh 4 against la clippers step curry scored 38 points and made 8, 3, pointers the seen in postseason history. plus there as we said there's a little bit the job of the dream warriors kevin duran clippers. patrick beverley who are both rejected. got 2 technical fouls after the game coach
5:38 am
steve kerr pretty sure the team do not take the bait. now this baby beverly who's an unknown antagonists durant insisted he is self that she is self-control that lot get to the technical threshold of 7 in the playoffs which could have been suspended for one game. now however, he has 4 of the 7 left after just one game. so we'll have to see how he does this game hope we can hold it, i'm not let beverly get to and will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, but. >>being here in oracle arena you'll get to see how it goes down. and there are still tickets available. there are. some tickets in the nosebleeds $92 just come surprising for a playoff game. so you could go for that in there still a few tickets at that price point and then you know if you really want to get fancy you can be where i am you can smell the sweat you can be on court side. the a level one tickets range from. anywhere
5:39 am
$2500 some v i p tickets costing nearly 5 grand. but you know you'll get your playoff shirt and you'll get to see how it all unfolds here at oracle arena. i'm live here in oakland sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right, thank you very much sara we'll see what happens tonight, we'll take a quick break 5 30 on the time still ahead on the call for more news, we'll have a look at some of the items that were stolen from a high school baseball team right here in the bay area. more on that accomplice the herbal drug that's being linked now to more deaths across the united states and coming up at 6 o'clock the reason lift is pulling all of its electric
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>>to the crown for morning news who want to check in on traffic, especially the bay bridge toll plaza because it's packed right now heading into san francisco, here's a live. look. you can see all the headlines. what a difference just 15 minutes makes it's already stacked up for west grand crawling from that point right through the tolls but after that it picks up and it's an ok drive across the upper deck traffic tracker showing some or drive times and they're picking up a little bit but not bad 26 minutes for the southbound m it san leandro to milpitas and then 6 8017 minutes dublin to free month. so it's getting crowded we'll talk more
5:43 am
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babybel: saved it! >>are back at 5.45 john triple checking the weather forecast for us today and brace yourself for some rain if you're just joining us i'm hearing this for the first time today is going to be a damp one it is our first one in a while and our first one for the rest the forecast i should share only one for the rest the forecast really nice to see a dry well as try stint of weather ahead of us today not going to be one of those days though, so as you head now it might be dry this morning but bring ths umbrellas bring the rain jackets, you know what you have them a few left without him later this afternoon, the golden gate bridge is dry. but it is also breezy and it is also cool so definitely get
5:46 am
outside knowing that it is a chilly start to this morning. this is our storm system right here you can see all this cloud cover in showers along with that cloud cover that are eventually going to work their way our direction just a few of those showers right along the sonoma coast line this morning besides that we are off to a dry start into the afternoon today rainfall really kick into gear, it's mostly afternoon that will start to see some widespread light to moderate shower activity it's going to hang out with us through the early afternoon and all the way through your evening commute tonight, so dry as we tried to work this morning. not so dry for the drive home from work on into your monday afternoon. as for monday evening, showers still lingering around just a few on and off light sprinkles then come tomorrow tuesday wednesday thursday and friday all dry and increasingly warm to severe like some cooler some cloudier and wetter weather. this is your last chance to enjoy it. now least for the week ahead, upper 50's for daytime highs up and down the peninsula and then mostly
5:47 am
in the 60's elsewhere, redwood city in palo out so each at 62 for highs. some of the warmer spots will be the south bay in the mid 60's. these pay its a range of opera 50's to low 60's today. castor valley, san leandro at 60 with oakland berkeley in richmond in the upper 50's north bay looking at a similar range of numbers upper 50's to low 60's and again showers into the afternoon. after the strikes starts in the morning after today's rain we can have much more of a polar opposite end to the week than the one we're having to start low 60's and rain to start and then thursday and friday low 80's and sunshine, the warmest temperatures of the year so far parts of the central valley will look at near 90 degree highs. well inland areas here in the bay should stick with the mid to upper 80's. saturday and sday 70's are expected to return just in time for the weekend making for some release and some really comfortable weather to look forward to rob. no one
5:48 am
looks forward to traffic. but it's not so bad right now so i think you can handle this. this is a drive out of hayward. >>getting on to the san mateo bridge. it's very busy very slow. but not bad really get 14 minutes, that's a good average to make it over to the peninsula without any major hot spots, the same for 80 the drive into san francisco stacked up beyond 80 over crossing back to west grand for up to a whopping 28 minutes, so it's filling and quickly, but it's still quiet so this isn't ok commute into san francisco. we want to check in on highway 4 because we had an accident on the concord side. that's back you up to the pittsburgh side fell 36 minutes now for one 60 to 2.42 because of that crash right there at the bottom of the hill, but at least it's not a major accident. 6.80 looks good photos 24 the e sure and the nimitz leaving san jose 8 minutes from to 80 to 2.37 james all right robin thank you time now 5.48 thieves got away with expensive equipment that belonged to the baseball team at the leo high school. >>that team is now without a sound system or usable
5:49 am
scoreboard. well first and thorns spoke to the team's coach about what happened. >>the coach says this is a pretty tough break for the kids because it's basically all about them. now the team is hoping the community can step up and help them replace what's been taken. valais whoa high school baseball coach says his team is heartbroken the red hawks have become the target of thieves, the team's brand new sound system and scoreboard equipment are now gone. >>microphone and then ran rpa was right here and so they took everything jv coach tom penn gillette and says early saturday morning. the burglars used a bolt cutter to click the lock protecting the p system. they took everything from inside of the rac enclosure and basically they just been screwed all that screws the burglars also snatched the control unit that helps operate the scoreboard, bearing the name of new york yankees, baseball star cc sabathia the valais whoa native help pay to refer bus the field in 2013. penn
5:50 am
jillette and says thousands of dollars worth of electronics were stolen. but despite the money he feels like something more has been taken away for a lot of these kids in this community you know sports is pretty much their only outlet you know from. >>negatives life sometimes you know on the mean streets out here and that's where that's where really you know hits home for me is this the kids to suffer, you know penn gillette and says the team is helping the community can step up and help out a go fund me page has been set up with the goal of raising $4,000. >>the redhawks baseball team had the sound system for just a couple of months. it was the first one installed at the field since it was built. reporting in july helped and thorn kron 4 news. >>a man while he was pulled over on the side of the road in moss beach is still on the loose that man was on the shoulder of airports tree getting something out of his trunk when the robber approached him with a weapon and demanded his wallet that
5:51 am
robber then push the victim the ground and ran towards princeton so the victim's wife and child were in the car. they didn't see or hear the robbery. police are now investigating for your help this morning a warning about an herbal drug that's been linked now to more deaths, it's called that's a plant from southeast asia that sold in pills and capsules and extracts it that low doses it acts like a stimulative but at higher doses it dulls pain. it's a popular over the counter remedy for opioid withdrawal. now the centers for disease control and prevention found the drug was the cause of deaths of 91 people that's a high number the higher number than previously reported earlier this year. the us food and drug administration said only 44 deaths have been associated with that particular drug 5.51. >>as we head to the break, let's take a piece kit. sfo looks fairly clear. we know is going to be raining later today so that can probably cause to the crown for
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
morning news and back to the traffic there's lots of it depending on where you going this morning like the bay bridge toll plaza, it's really heavy already stacked up. >>the on west grand and now it's all the way back to the bottom of the maze. so that was pretty quick slow from the maze right through the tolls after that it's going to pick up just want to show you this crash on highway 4 i mentioned it earlier concord west for and we'll pass crews are clearing it off to the shoulder, but it's creating a
5:55 am
backup. a pittsburgh 34 minutes and growing antioch to conquer because of that crash, we'll talk more coming up. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>we had 4 new movies arrive in theaters over the weekend did any of them have the power to take on the current box office champ shoes. am let's find out rick damage elop has a breakdown for the record. this is not my dear the more too long. >>dumbo dropped from 3rd to 5th on ticket sales of million pet cemetery crept back 2 spots to 4th, digging up million. >>do you recall the us i was should join jersey. >>the remake of hellboy had a dismal 3rd place debut of million about 4 million below its projected low and open. >>i think i have a pretty interesting i do.
5:56 am
>>the comedy little performed better opening in second place with 15 and a half million dollars. lightning strikes twice as she is and stayed in first place for a second weekend with million that brings its 2 week domestic total to 95 million and its worldwide number 2 over 221 million in hollywood, i'm rick damages. >>across morning news. the warriors you get ready to take on the clippers again tonight in game 2. on the first round of thecplayoffs world that live coverage for you flames shoot up an oakland building what authorities are saying about the cause of the fire. plus police are looking for the people who jumped out of a car after slamming into an suv. and a live look here at the traffic pretty heavy but moving ok over the san mateo bridge. now let's take a peek over the golden gate bridge is dry at the moment, we'll tell you when the rain is going to roll in a live look here the
5:57 am
bay bridge they can use their looks like a lots of company but can we ask for some monday morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort >>displaced after an overnight fire at a three-story apartment complex in oakland. and rainfall returns today look at future cast shows you know when it's arriving this afternoon, i've got more to come. our youthful said on
6:00 am
james fletcher we've got john and robin to start the hour check-in weather and traffic before we get to the headlines. robin the roads what he's seeing path. >>bridges and an accident on highway 4 so it's already a mess in the westbound direction pay, but it's not raining yet. it's not raining yet will get there this afternoon as for this morning, it's dry but it's frigid so rpbundle up to outside this morning, let's take a look out there you can see conditions are definitely nice and clear for the time being starting to see a little bit of touch, a light over the horizon, this is berkeley right here again, it's nice and dry this morning so you're driving to work with them. dry roadways but look at this there are a few showers now working their way on toward sonoma county right around healdsburg and uh uh just west of healdsburg i should say up towards gun bill really and just a couple


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