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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 15, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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james fletcher we've got john and robin to start the hour check-in weather and traffic before we get to the headlines. robin the roads what he's seeing path. >>bridges and an accident on highway 4 so it's already a mess in the westbound direction pay, but it's not raining yet. it's not raining yet will get there this afternoon as for this morning, it's dry but it's frigid so rpbundle up to outside this morning, let's take a look out there you can see conditions are definitely nice and clear for the time being starting to see a little bit of touch, a light over the horizon, this is berkeley right here again, it's nice and dry this morning so you're driving to work with them. dry roadways but look at this there are a few showers now working their way on toward sonoma county right around healdsburg and uh uh just west of healdsburg i should say up towards gun bill really and just a couple
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sprinkles around point raise so dry for the most part to start it's not going to be that way into the afternoon moderate to light rainfall will be seen after your noon hour taking us through early afternoon hours and eventually on into your evening commute home from work. so drive tried to work and not so much as you're heading back home later on so umbrellas rain jackets, they will be needed today and for the last ever going to be meeting him for a while after this at least for the week ahead of us as after this rainfall clears out were enjoying a nice dry sense of whether in a really warm forecast ahead of us after today. so today's mild wet rainy conditions. do saver while they last as we are in for some big changes just around the corner. robin i write changes on the bridges on the freeways to because they are getting. >>heavier by the minute we already have a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza so the driving to san francisco already stacked up from the bottom of the maze that's where it starts. >>and you just going to be doing a lot of bring tapping from that point right through the toll plaza here's across
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that i mentioned it's from the 5 o'clock hour in pittsford excuse me not phttsburgh. it's in cars occurred the backing you up into pittsburgh west for and will a pass on the shoulder but look at that it's crawling back from leverage in pittsburgh. so wire off to a very slow start for the west found 4 commute. but other freeways, look good like 6.80 the nimitz and want to one normal drive time so far we'll check more bridges some slowdowns coming up james started to get ready for game 2 of the last for the word tonight that the arena game one went well. >>mostly i know katy had a little thing but we will. >>testy and he's got to watch it now. >>now don't let them get under your skin we did win the game against the clippers and that's what counts cropper sears doesn't. >>is live in oregon with more on tonight's game. >>as coach steve kerr said don't take the bait but we'll see if katie does tonight and we're standing on the core here at oracle arena you can see the entire serena is just a sea of gold, it looks
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beautiful as it always says during the playoffs. absolutely gorgeous sparkling crews are cleaning making sure looks absolutely perfect for the game tonight. and as you know last game was great if it's anything like that game that tonight will be amazing know where the pursuit of a 3 peat the dubs 1 one 21 new one oh 4 the la clippers. steph curry scored 38 points and made 8, 3, pointers. >>the best we've post season history plus there was some drama between lawyers kevin the reds in clippers patrick beverley who were both rejected. >>sure it got 2 technical fouls after the game coach steve kerr preached to the team not to take the bait know that fate being that really who is a known antagonists durrant insisted he has self-control and will not get get to the technical threshold of 7 in the playoffs which could have him suspended for one game. however, as we know his 4 of the 7 left and we're only on game 2. so interesting
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have a chance to win $100,000 if you miss you get 10,000 so it's pretty good deal. check it out if you're here, i'm live at oracle arena sarah stinson kron 4 news either way decent money all take it thank you very much sara. >>6 oh 4 is the time. >>and now breaking news from overnight and businesses were damaged in a fire that broke out in novato take a look this fire was burning in the 300 block of delmar in keys boulevard around midnight. 2 people were in there they were able to get out ok, but all of the businesses in the building have either smoke or fire water damage. and right now officials are looking to see if it was arson. >>meanwhile overnight 3 families were displaced after a fire broke out of the 3 story apartment complexes in oakland. you can see the flames shooting out of one apartment unit there on the 3rd floor lot of flames lot of smoke. it sparked at about one 30 this morning in the 3,000 block of fruitvale avenue, nobody hurt, but they did have water damage to some of the units below firefighters say the fire at this point is not suspicious. also helped the
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side show ended with a big rig on fire. we have video of the aftermath take a look here you can see this was a video that a viewer sent to us through instagram you can see a white semi there in the distance on fire. this was sunday night. this on international boulevard and 42th avenue police say that big rig was stripped from its contents. and trying to cross street set on fire. they say the sideshow was happening before to play so far no reports of any arrests or injuries. >>time now is 6 oh 6 and new this morning, a man was found dead in a park over the weekend in bay point. and now they're trying to figure out how he died. the body was found in a new to park around midnight on sunday police have real not released. the name of the victim yet or said what kind of injuries. he had. time now is 6 oh 6 other news that we're following this morning a possible suspect is being interviewed now in a deadly hit and run accident that killed a mother and her son in oakland. the accident happened
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saturday night at the intersection of 26 avenue in foothill boulevard and it was a vigil at that site last night and sal mo garcia says that his wife almost ask as and his 6 year-old son on how and garcia's 20 year-old brother we're on a mark inside the march crosswalk when they were hit by a black 2 door mercedes, alma and on held were taken to the hospital where they died of their injuries. >>my wife she just across the street and the car my one women with one kids my brother too so. they lose my my family my family. >>oakland police believe they have found the car that was involved in oakland, it was abandoned and they do have a possible suspect now that they're not saying who that is and no one is in custody at the moment, breaking. >>his overnight at least 8 people are dead, including 2 children after storms ripped through parts of the southeast in fact we have a look at some of the damage brought by these
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tornadoes you can see ripped off the building's us in mississippi that has such an has the very latest for us this morning. >>so that writer float a line over inland on their housing news like of farnell you can see the debris just going in. >>a deadly storm system moving from texas all the way up the east coast killed several people over the weekend including 2 children who were killed when a tree fell on their car. >>tornadoes damaged homes and businesses in texas and alabama and in mississippi a tornado destroyed the only volunteem fire department in the small community of hamilton. >>and it wasn't just tornadoes high winds hail and torrential downpours also wreaked havoc covering an area that put almost 90 million people under severe weather threat for those impacted they know the cleanup process has just begun and will take time got a lot of trees down a lot of debris.
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>>and so it will be several days but you know we've got a lot of people that are little working and helping in hamilton mississippi, i'm natasha chen. >>well the governor of mississippi has also declared a state of emergency for areas affected by the storm. now the storm is moving east threatening about 80 million people from ohio all the way through new york in fact, john trouble in the weather center keeping an eye on the very latest radar imagery from that part of the country and is a fast mover john it is absolutely in a very powerful storm right here you can see that line of showers having really clear through the southeast now. >>pushing on into the eastern seaboard and as it does so leaving with it some very heavy rainfall and well if you zoom in on the northeast what you're seeing up there is that heavy rainfall now working its way mostly into new england, although around dc they're also looking at some thunderstorm activity this morning note to the west you are still looking at some snowfall out there on the great lakes it is going to be making its way through some inland areas of the northeast.
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so even though the heaviest of the showers may have moved their way off shore for the east. there's still some snowfall just around the corner and a big cool down for these areas around the corner too i'm talking a warm-up for the day the very opposite of what's going on in the east coast. still ahead. back to you 6.10 right now in the east bay to chp officers had to go to hospital after being rear ended by a suspected drunk driver. >>the crash happened yesterday on 6 80 near the boulevard interchange a 22 year-old man from vacaville was behind the wheel when he slammed his car into the police cruiser and as in most cars pulled over and the police arrested the driver the officer suffered minor injuries are going to be ok there on the hospital now. and into suvs slammed into each other and it's all caught on camera take a look this crash happening saturday. kabila street near 40's street in san francisco. 3 people that jumped out of that white suv after a crash in a black suv and they took off they also
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hit 2 parked vehicles, one went right into a home. >>well a man is dead and 3 other people hurt now after a shooting in filet o you can see on the map here is happened sunday in the 100 block of princeton avenue. that's just east of highway 29 that man was pronounced dead at the scene and 3 other people took themselves to the hospital, they're expected to be okay. no word yet on a motive or any arrests in the shooting. >>time now is 6.11 and still ahead representative eric swalwell officially launches his campaign for president we'll take you to his first rally in the east bay. and the new technique that package these are using in the east bay and it might be spreading. plus are going to take you to the south they were a local group is cleaning up a homeless encampment not cleaning it out just cleaning it up, how's that going to help. >>that talk to about that rainfall in the northeast just moments ago we're also looking at a dose of rainfall today here in the bay area a few light showers pushing into santa rosa this morning. i'm tracking what this means for
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the rest of the day still to come. >>and your morning commute off to a busy start, here's the bay bridge toll plaza traffic very stacked up from the old plan may so it's really getting heavy will check in on more bridges after the break. you know when you're at ross
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>>we are checking out the weather bull's right now you're heading out the door the now it's going to change
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by mid morning afternoon a show afternoon is when the showers arrive, guys so at least we're off to a dry start, you know what your monday morning to be a washout now you want some dry weather for the time being at least nice out there about island you do have cloud cover up of our afternoon showers. it won't be intel afternoon that you really do look at rainfall starting to work its way into most of the bay area as of right now you see a lot of that activity sitting out to our west and it man on the bay itself what you are seeing. >>is just a few areas of light showers up in sonoma county having worked having yet to work its way in to the rest of the bay area but look what happens on future cast as we do love into the afternoon by the time around 04:15pm just before your drive home from work. you've got moderate to light shower activity all across the bay and it will be picking up even before that but this is going to make for some wet roadways as you're leaving work later on so umbrellas rain jackets are all going to be handy. much like you were addressing earlier
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this winter season that's how you're going want to be prepared for today after today though some big changes around the corner showers are already loosened up by the time we move into the evening tonight. just a few sprinkles through the evening before tomorrow wednesday thursday into friday. you've got dry skies and just increasingly warm conditions going to be feeling a lot more like summer to finish this forecast then the rainy way we're starting the week some cool 50's and 60's for our daytime highs today by far the coolest temperatures. we have ahead in this forecast, upper 50's in san bruno and no brain chip 58 degrees saying carless today at 61 with mountain view at 64. warmest of temperatures seen today in the south bay was solid mid 60's across the south bay upper 50's to low 60's for the east bay with showers into the afternoon after a dry and brisk start to the morning oakland, 59 for your high today sonoma sharing that number with you with benicia and napa each of 16 north further towards the
6:17 am
coast also and a range of 50's. so here's your next 7 days some big changes going on here low 60's for your highs today with rainfall into the afternoon come tomorrow, dry skies and temperatures boost to near normal conditions after that mid 70's by wednesday and 80's in your forecast by thursday and friday, the warmest temperatures so far this year and some definitely warm conditions regardless of what time of year, especially out towards the coast come saturday and sunday temperatures fall closer to average back into the mid 70's. robert. >>it's getting pretty busy and pretty crowded out there. the bridges are really stacked up like if you take the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge you can see all the brake lights right here right this is westbound 92, your commute coming out of hayward heading over to the peninsula and it's really stock that soared 18 minutes and growing out to want to live and they also see a lot of heavy traffic into san francisco. look at the back of the toll plaza it goes back into the maze so it's spilling over to 5.80 over to
6:18 am
the shore freeway where 13 minutes for your drive now to fremont street. now earlier talked about the crash right here west for and will pass and conquered still wrapping up out of the way look at what it's doing a highway for back to be on the bart station through pittsburgh all the way out to leverage so push you up to 26 minutes and growing antioch to conquer because of that crash just getting word of another one north one to one at trimble it was already busy heading to downtown san jose. that's pushing your drive time up to 33 minutes, san jose to menlo park. so another accident in your way, 24 looks good so does 5.80 it's only 14 minutes from castro valley to downtown oakland daria. >>robin 6 18 in the south and group of people spent the weekend cleaning up one of the biggest homeless encampments in the city forcefully to call has more. just bring it out. >>i'm here to help pastor's got leaders says what's known as the basecamp has been steadily growing in size and
6:19 am
population in san jose for 2 and a half years truth is this camp is like an island unto itself and i love the poverty amid plenty it's neglected no one takes responsibility for it, it's up to residents who live here. they're cut off from the resources, the rest of us the house how that's where wagers his congregation at the cham deliverance ministry and other local volunteers come in and got what you need that if you need more bags and whatever you need will provide a several dozen people meeting at the encampment in downtown san jose on bassett street near first street backing up hundreds of pounds of trash piling up and dumping it all into a large been to be hauled away the range by local business owner marie sioma it's incredible it's mind boggling to see that there's a wall that separates the the the civil world and then what. looks to be on civil and just but no one's really carrying are taking care of these people aside from being located directly underneath the freeway, the homeless
6:20 am
encampment also rests the side. >>so these union pacific railroad tracks that are still active. so as you might imagine living in this area is not only unsanitary. but unsafe usually when capture cleaned their swept and the people move to another neighborhood. what we're doing is trying to stabilize this camp in the hopes the clean it up and we're able to the building. we can show the city and show the community the homesick and this can be productive. last year more than 150 homeless people died on the streets in santa clara counties and his day. >>has the 3rd most homeless ppopulation and the country. following york city cleaning up trash is literally a way to keep people alive because with trash comes rodents. just on senator conditions that none of us want to live in the people. it's amazing that actually survived, but unfortunately as we know not all of them do. >>in san jose filipe should all kron 4 news.
6:21 am
>>family of an 18 year-old who was stabbed on bart has filed a lawsuit against the transit agency neil wilson was boarding a train at the macarthur station with her 2 sisters when she was fatally stabbed by john kao her family accuses bart of failing to protect them against reasonably first criminal conduct now powell is charged in wilson's murder, but his court appearance was postponed over his mental competency to stand trial. in a statement bart says at this point they do not comment on potential or pending litigation. has pulled from service all of its electric bicycles after some riders reported issues with the brakes lyft operates the ford electric go bikes that you see all over the bay area. well it says that a small number of riders experience stronger than expected braking force on the front wheels and out of a sense of caution about 3,000 bikes will be pulled from service here in the bay area and new york and washington d c they'll be replaced with regular bicycles 6.21. >>morning news, a local baseball team is looking for answers, somebody stole their
6:22 am
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. >>24 on this monday morning
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before the rainfall arrives this is what we're looking at out there as you're stepping outside to get to work. dry skies, but cloudy conditions all across the bay financial district, not looking at any fog nor is the rest of the day really 40's and 50's for your current temperatures we are off to a chilly start you're looking at these numbers but then you have to factor in some wind speeds out there which are certainly breezy yet again this morning making for a brisk wind chill feeling like you're in the upper 30's for some spots, 40's elsewhere so definitely need those jackets robin as they're getting on the roads. that's right grab your jacket like jon said and also leave a little early because you don't have to sit in a lot of traffic there it is. >>a backup is waiting for you on top of a bird self was a crawling from the oakland maze that's where it starts and it's going continue right through the paye gates up the eastern stand, but overall we consider this kid, it's under 15 minutes, and it's very quiet. so i talked about an accident north what i want to trim all and that has cleared over to the shoulder, but look
6:26 am
at what it has done to your san jose commute crawling through downtown back to pee on 8 8037 minutes and growing from san jose to menlo park will check more coming up james. thank you robin at 6. >>the 5 a central valley man called for police backup when he decided to take the next step with his long time. girlfriend take a look. >>i told my comfort and handcuff you and then i have got the ring in his pocket and putting his hand i just walk up to him and you get down on his >>and freaked out like my heart star pat and the and it was made on is the best thing >>this happened in hanford princeton jones enlisted the help of a police officer to stage an arrest. it's just so he could propose to his girlfriend. jamaica johnson thought her boyfriend was heading to jail until the surprise at the end. she said yes, which is what everybody's wondering. the police officer who helped was happy to be part of that hope and the couple's going to getting married in july in las vegas.
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>>play the la clippers for around one game 2 right here at oracle arena coming up in a live report will tell you about the drama during last game plus how you glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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6:30 am
on the weather front bring the umbrella even those dry right now exactly about to be busy with weather just not quite yet. right now is james mentions of those of you driving around this morning, you're looking at actually pretty easy commute at least traffic is moving along good at the golden gate bridge robin you know or it's not but all across the board we do have some cloudy skies, some dry conditions right now and our satellite radar being kept funky this morning, but you get the picture we are seeing some areas of rainfall up there in sonoma county right now there's your light rain pushing through santa rose as we speak as we work our way through the day you're going to see the showers really starting to increase after your noon hour light to moderate showers will take us through the afternoon through your evening commute, rain jackets umbrellas you know the drill by now get him out for just this one day of the forecast after today it is dry, sunny and it's actually going to be quite warm if not hot for a lot of the bay towards the end of the week today, not so much upper 50's and low 60's making for the coolest day of the forecast
6:31 am
ahead of us. get some more in that warm up just around the corner. still ahead robin. >>all right, thank you john over to 92 we want to check in on the san mateo bridge. it is really slow at a crawl officially leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. it will pick up at the high rise that's where traffic starts to improve but here on the 5 section you see it's still at a crawl so we're looking at roughly 25 minutes for now to make it from hayward over to one on one favorites traffic, it's low as well this goes back to the bottom of the maze so from that point right through the tolls are going to be tapping on the brakes just under 15 minutes to fremont street highway 4 is recovering from a crash and so as one on one, so you know that these numbers are going up and it's getting pretty crowded out there do expect residual delays 8.80 only 41 minutes san leandro to peta's james star you. thanks robin. >>so big story this morning. we have representative eric swalwell now officially launching his campaign for president of the united states
6:32 am
adding to a big group of a 4 term congressman from the east bay held his first rally yesterday at his alma mater dublin high school across force in well below has that has more. >>and go all to do good that's them on track to eric swalwell is running on during h 2020 presidential campaign and the dublin native the smoke on many issues sunday during his announcement rally but made it clear that gun control is his top priority. >>statements from california congressman eric swalwell as he proposed his plans for a safer america. your cheers from the crowd that gathered at double in high school. it's
6:33 am
all a graduated from there 20 years ago and on sunday promised his campaign would be fighting for the middle class. and many you came to the announcement rally say they're ready to see someone like swalwell in the white house says a once in a lifetime opportunity and i want to be a part of it eric's a special politician. >>pass years and they really impresses me and he seems like unity candidate gone from being a democratic club secretary. presidential candidates. can't believe i'm saying this. >>seoul says being bowled on issues that matter is what will get him to the white house. >>and no matter what accident. i'm not going to back.
6:34 am
>>this wall. well let's turn our attention now to senator and fellow democratic presidential candidate kamala harris. she has now released her tax returns over the weekend and a lot of them to boot she released her taxes from 2004 to 2018 now according to those returns she and her husband reported an adjusted gross income of nearly 1 million 900 thousand dollars for 2018. over the last 5 years. she and her husband paid more than million in federal taxes her campaign said that this release of her taxes makes her in their estimation. the most transparent candidate in the field when it comes to information about personal finances. harris also supports congressional legislation requiring the president's tax returns be made public. >>the warriors are going to play game. 2 tonight in their first round of the nba, hope for a similar result from the weekend where they beat the clippers. there was some drama
6:35 am
still see some of that plays out to dinner or winning lists shipping assess crop for sarah stinson is not oracle with more on tonight's game katie can only afford what 5 more before you get >>you know he only out exactly so we need to watch this seems to thinks martin as coach steve kerr would say do not take the bait for standing here at oracle arena. it's a special time because this is literally the last playoff spill have here all corrina they have that held right here on the court it's beautiful obviously representing the fact that we're right here in oakland, they called the town that built up doug nation so a very special to have the playoff playoffs here at oracle for the last time now as you said there in the pursuit of a 3 peat the dubs one last game won 21 to one oh 4 against the la clippers. >>steph curry scored 38 points and made 8, 3, pointers the most we've seen in postseason history plus as you said there was a bit of drama to lawyers
6:36 am
kevin duran clippers patrick beverley. >>were both rejected deer and got 2 technical fouls after the game coach to steve kerr did same prix should team do not take the bait and by bate they mean beverly who's been known to be an antagonist snow. dear and insisted no i have self-control i will not get another technical and not meet that tension will threshold of 7 in the playoffs which would have him suspended for one game so just to be clear he only has 4 of the 7 left just after game one we're heading into game. 2 united starts at 7.30 and if you want to be here to see it all go down. you still can there's plenty of tickets left. take a look at your screen. this is a live look of the nosebleeds if you will or not that high up. but if you can use it there tonight for $92 it's the cheapest ticket i found. and then coming down here to courtside 2 tickets range from 2500 to nearly $5,000 if you want to be fancy get that v i
6:37 am
p experience but as we've been promising to tell you there's a chance to win $100,000. all you have to do is go up to the second its to the section to 14. we have a record 10 pop a shot get your for fear friend who's the best at making shots and haven't walked there. you have until after the 2nd quarter then you get to see if you to the person to come down here to the court and make a shot in front of everyone if you make a shot. you get $100,000 and even if you miss $10,000 so that can be really exciting to see who that lucky of fan is see who wins that hopefully 2 lawyers fan and my right. but yes, so that's exciting. i'm live at oracle arena sarah stinson kron 4 news, we shall see looking for that thank you very much sara. >>06:37am and today all westbound lanes of interstate 7.80 just north of the venetian martinez bridge are going to be closed overnight through saturday. this is us 4 scheduled bridge maintenance
6:38 am
the i 7.80 closure on saturday is set to be from one to 00:06am in the morning all the work is weather permitting and weather will permit after today we're going to see sunshine. drivers should watch for any alerts and any detours around that area. 6.37 and chp says it did not sign any debris after a woman said that concrete fell from the upper deck of the richmond santa fell bridge again. the woman says her car was damaged by chunks as big as baseballs that fell from the bridge. caltrans the chp say they had a jeers, he said about their they completed inspection. >>and >>determined that no concrete self for so they say didn't come from the bridge whenever hitter they say a small pot hall was found on the lower deck and they repaired at the same night. the driver told authorities that the debris left dime size ships on her windshield. and if so that's the 3rd time this year that somebody has said the pieces of concrete fell off. the lower deck.
6:39 am
>>police in alameda want to warn you about a new trend among package thieves. they want to be on the lookout for people wearing fluorescent vests that are going door to door turns out there stealing packages. police released this video it says shows the suspects, stealing packages there's a look at some of the vests they were wearing this type of clothing that they're trying to pass themselves off as technicians are people doing official business in the neighborhood that don't fall for it. >>i've i've had a few neighbors who had things disappear. >>we can to keep a watch out for each other as best we can but. they just don't order anything that way i don't have to worry. >>police are also recommending that you track your packages so you get an alert when it's delivered. man is accused of starting fires at 2 businesses and pleasant hill. the first fire was reported at custom car alarms we've noted that is fire investigation number one that's on contra costa boulevard and while the authorities are actually battling that fire. they found someone had started a second fired a building nearby and
6:40 am
that's the second marker there on the map. police arrested nathan hurtado he's now being charged with arson thankfly, nobody was hurt in either of those fires. >>in the south bay, a driver suffered serious injuries in a crash that happened on highway 2 80 last night around 10 o'clock near the race's street off-ramp in san jose and the fire department tweeted out the photos of it this suv that slammed into the center divide. it was the only vehicle involved in the crash and the accident did shut down a portion of the northbound lanes last night but since then they've cleaned up and reopened it 6.40 right now, he's got away with expensive equipment to belong to a baseball team. the baseball team, a delay a high. the burglars used a bolt cutter they clipped a lot protecting the p a system and then they took everything inside the burglars also snatched the control unit that operates the scoreboard. so the team is hoping the community will come together and help them replace what they now so desperately need.
6:41 am
>>for a lot of these kids in this community, you know sports is pretty much their only outlet you know from negatives life sometimes you know on the mean streets out here and that's where that's where really you know hits home for me it's it's the kids that suffer, you know. >>the red sox baseball team had the sound system just for a couple of months, it was the first one installed at that field since it was built. >>with 2 fists in the air tiger woods wins his 5th masters tournament completing his epic comeback story. coming up we're going to have reaction to win that was years in the making. plus governor gavin newsome asking for federal help now after the onslaught of winter storms damaged a lot of the state level latest there and coming up at 7 o'clock you could soon have to pay up. if you want to drive down lombard street will
6:42 am
have the very latest details in the next hour. well rain will be falling down lombard street as well as the rest of the bay area today, not so much this morning but take a look at future cast a it is on its way. >>i'm talking to when and where to expect the most of it. >>and a lot of heavy traffic out there already stacked up at the bay ridge self was a it's a slow roll into san francisco with traffic crawling from the oakland may's already we'll talk more bridges after the break. >>and kron on their kron four now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on well here's what you've been missing. 35 years. >>going make it out of there. county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
6:43 am
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>>their new son is asking for federal help so that we can screen up from all the storms that we had on saturday, he requested a presidential major disaster declaration because of the storms that the february there was flooding mudslides and there's still lots of damage to fix infrastructure. all across the state needs to be fixed including here in the bay area. so if we get that money then state and local governments we'll be able to use it for their recovery projects, speaking of wet weather looks set to get a little bit on tap for today so let's get the latest with john not done with it just yet. >>we still do have one or any day ahead of us and that a nice and light sentence of whether forever for. a good
6:46 am
here's your this storm doors closed is that on its to say won't open up again a couple times this we work through april in typically start to see what a diffence yeah we're starting to see that storm. i just wanted to connect with the furniture out or not you know the pillows on that and on the lawns you know what i would say after today, good you've got enough of a knot of a stretch of dry weather i would do it. yeah enjoy it maybe you should put it in a couple days later on in the season, but well we'll talk about that we as for now though don't put the furniture out this morning because we do have a rainfall later on this afternoon. it's a dry commute to work for the time being so that's a good bit of information as you're getting out there. you don't have to worry about a wet commute to work. you will have to worry about what drive home from work later on down you look at a san francisco, not looking bad, it's just cloudy and dry out there right now most of
6:47 am
our san jose cameras, loading and what you can see of it doesn't look that bad to be starting things off looking outside of those showers across the bay area our satellite radar does not want to cooperate either you do have some areas of rainfall up in the north bay this morning napa and sonoma counties looking at those areas of rain and then some of that cloud cover hanging out elsewhere in the bay what we're seeing as we make our way into the afternoon will be those showers pushing our direction so it is a calmay to start things off it is breezy and brisk so bundle up this morning umbrellas will be handy later today and as you're driving home from work but you're going to be looking at is rainfall falling as you are making the home from work. now into the evening tonight just a few isolated showers holding on early in the evening. tomorrow looks dry and with those dry skies and sunshine overhead start to see temperatures boosting tomorrow and then especially into the close of the . so today, not the only chance of rainfall in our forecast. it's also the coolest day of our
6:48 am
forecast our daytime highs 50's and 60's after today, you're not to be looking at daytime highs this school a noticeable warm up in the days to come, san jose and campbell each 66 for your temperatures today low 60's for the east bay and much like the rest of the bay area looking at afternoon showers. it is a brisk and windy morning, not just for the north a but elsewhere across the bay 50's and 60's for your daytime highs later on after today, daytime highs burst into the upper 60's tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, not just tomorrow, but for the rest of the week 70's by wednesday and look at that thursday and friday 80's for your daytime highs. temperatures cool just a touch after that into the 70's for saturday and sunday offering some relief from the ferry warm finish to the weekend. week i should say that we are looking at robin. >>alright checking in on the return centerfold bridge that long line is waiting for you on west found 5.80 leading up to the toll plaza there it is traffic already stacked up the
6:49 am
arbor and just creeping along right through the tolls getting on to the bridge. finally improving a little bit right around mid span. so we're at a whopping 24 minutes that's high a high drive time to make it into the north bay without major issues. no major issues here from oakland to san francisco. we do have a big backup at the toll plaza this is normal it's into the maze busy across the upper deck. but we don't consider this a bad commute. all right, here's a trouble spot. this is the benicia bridge south 6.80 mitt span right lane blocked by a stall you're back to be on 7.80 a couple of miles there. and it stays steady all the way across the bridge through the tolls will be prepare for that not a major problem but causing a major backup for the commute direction. all right. no major hot spots for the south bay you're in pretty good shape on one oh one you're recovering from an accident at trimble north one to one at trimble were up to 43 minutes now san jose to menlo park but you're still doing fine on 8.80 and 2.80 out of san jose james started he's really bad.
6:50 am
finally after years he has won his 5th masters and 15th major title at the masters in augusta georgia pretty >>you could call it the greatest comeback in sports history. camus was debt the more than a decade in the making personal issues of course he had back problems all of this stuff but he made it back we got brandan robertson. he was there to capture the win. >>an epic sunday at augusta national golf as tiger woods gives us what is perhaps the greatest moment in golf winning his 5th masters title. a comeback complete for the most popular >>the leaderboard was filled with the best players in the world, the backdrop in history, this plane conditions. dramatic.
6:51 am
>>just unreal. to be a. you know, it's just a whole. herman has meant so much to me over the coming here and 95 for first time. no plans an amateur. when ian 97 and then come full circle, 22 years later. they would do it again and this is the way it all transpired today there are so many different scenarios that could have transpired >>there's so many guys chance to winwas actually packed and that was playing well is the first time tigers ever come from behind in the final round to win a major. >>and he gets career number 15 where he got his first new to play as well as i did and did all those things. >>all the little >>and to do it here. this is. >>so much to term.
6:52 am
>>it's something i'll never ever for you. >>it's been 14 years since tiger last lived on a green jacket at 43 years old. he becomes the oldest masters champion. since jack nicklaus in 1986 reporting from augusta national golf vote roberts and back to you. well quickly check the markets this morning we see the dow not doing too hot to off 66 points now 26,003 46 so. >>now that's just kind of wait is on this first trading session of the week this monday morning. we'll have to see what the arrest, the indices will do will track the numbers for you throughout the morning as any major dips or big games. we'll let you know time is 6.52 coming up at 7 o'clock sanctuary cities might be getting more undocumented immigrants are going to tell you about a discussion between lawmakers that was held over hey mercedes, how about letting your hair down a little? how about a car for people who don't play golf? hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office? hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie.
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hour and doing so with some showers just around the corner now it is a dry start to the morning for most of us and. >>as you're stepping outside for all the extra layer on because it is windy and cool. but what we're seeing up in the north bay is an increase in shower activity now so keep the umbrellas handy to say holy know you're looking at some light shower activity pushing through napa just north of the city also seeing just a few sprinkles petaluma and santa rosa in the vicinity of some rainfall the rainfall intensity increasing into the afternoon. and that's when
6:56 am
you're really going to wish you to pack those umbrellas if you did happen to forget them. robin. >>all right since i don't have any hot spots all do a bridge check for you i see some slow traffic in your future, hear them 7 tail bridge you got to hand over its really packed it starts back before the toll plaza. it continues on the flat section and pretty much just like this often on up and over the high rise to send tale the hot spots here but a growing back up as well traffic crawling from harbor through the tolls 2 minute span this is becoming our new normal in the last couple of weeks or so and then over to the bay that sums really beaming over the traffic right, it's stacked up from the maze but quiet across the upper deck james. >>thank you robin will take a quick break coming up on the crop for morning news the dubs getting ready to take on the clippers again tonight we'll take a look at what you can expect at oracle will have that coming up in a live report. plus flames shooting out of an apartment building in oakland, we'll tell you what authorities are saying about that investigation this morning and police in san
6:57 am
francisco are looking for the people who jumped out of an suv after slamming into another one, causing a major accident scene will have the very latest in just a minute.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>thanks for waking up with us and our vehicles that i'm james fletcher we've got weather and traffic checks at the top of the hour like we're going to do what we see on the
7:00 am
roads around and had a flow earl nothing major no hot spots for the bridges are packed i want to once recovering from an accident and so it's already stacked up because monday. rain later so at least we're escaping with a dry morning exactly at least the rain is off until you get to work today. it's not going to hold off the rest of the day those who are going to be driving home from work under some areas of shower activity as for this it's actually looking really nice out there. it is breezy and it is chilly. but just one look at the sunrise over a path island and can't be too bad out there monday off to a calm start as far as rainfall goes you are seeing some showers up in the north day right now, mostly on the lighter side of things now later today, rainfall is going to become more and more widespread and by the time we work into the afternoon you'll see light to moderate showers all across the bay area. they'll hold on your evening commute tonight, start to break up after that point though that is just some light off and on showers around sunset on through the evening


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