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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 15, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort >>now in a construction workers make a troubling that every. in the east bay, the search for a hit and run driver suspected of killing a mother and her child john to us. >>kofi not >>the pride of the french nation ravaged by fire. we now know where that fire started at notre cathedral in paris.
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controversy at the chase center construction site as workers say a noose was found on the property last friday. mortensen and car construction companies are running the billion project that will soon be home to the warriors they have confirmed that ron for that a rope was discovered on the site and immediately removed. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm can weigh in. >>and i'm catherine hainan and for pam moore, san francisco police are investigating this incident and a crime for belt. she joins us live with reaction from some of the people who work at that site a story you'll see only on kron four noel. >>catherine and cash and you know i was actually really surprised when i spoke with several workers and they told me that this type of behavior is pretty common on construction sites. they say most of them just kind of but their head down and keep working but mortenson clark who's running this project says they're taking it very seriously and are working to get to the bottom of it.
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>>this are posted around the chase center construction site reminding workers to respect one another. it's just one of several moves morton senate clerk construction companies say they're making to foster their diverse make it. >>try to use our money really change people's thoughts. >>construction workers like patrick say a noose being found on the site last friday didn't faze him. >>me. i i you. >>the rope was removed and san francisco police are currently investigating mortensen and our construction companies sent us a statement that reads in part quote the incident in no way reflects the values and beliefs. >>of our 2 organizations mortenson clark condemns any form of racism or bigotry mike
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brown is a foreman on the site he says he's seen racist remarks written on bathroom walls to things like this have happened. >>whether it bothers them or not workers at 3 there is no. >>now martin senn clark and did hold an all hands on deck meeting this morning reminding. its workers that it is a big diverse a group it's they will not allow this type of intolerance now one crew was actually laid off some
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this project on friday a worker told me that however when i asked clark about it they said the laying off was not a part of this investigation live in san francisco while bellow kron 4 news. >>thank you noel more women have joined a class action lawsuit alleging discrimination against pregnant and breastfeeding ac transit employees there are now for ac transit employees who say the transportation agency discriminates and fails to accommodate pregnant women who work for them on force. michelle kingston spoke to 2 of those women today. >>and for season 10 to choose not to accommodate their working class mothers. >>making it null t is one of 4 women now listed a class action lawsuit against ac transit alleging pregnancy discrimination in failure to accommodate lactation needs for working mothers. nikki says this is the room she was told she could use to pump breast milk when she returned to work after her first
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pregnancy in 2016 and old closet, she describes as dirty and that had no privacy and still continue work raise his hands in but i'm no longer. >>most operate on the clerk because as soon with that with expanding my family, i'm able to out without being harassed. >>jay to edwards still drives but says it's not easy they make it difficult for you jay to join the suit after she fell asleep at the wheel in crashed her bus fall pregnant. she says she asked for a lighter desk work prior to the accident but was not accommodated. >>i have not just me and my baby's life as they that the public so far for women in total allege that ac transit refused to accommodate their pregnancy or lactation needs and that they are in violation of their legal rights ac transit told kron 4. >>that they work with new mothers in value, the importance of women in the workforce and that it is important to note modifications duties can present logistical challenge it's given the nature of
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public transit, however ac transit dobson individual process that takes into account accommodation options for each new mom and her newborn throughout the first year of life but some of their employees say they continue to have trouble at work. >>they leave it to a year put into position where you have to take until family. they do not accommodate as i'm working mothers. lauer pregnant nor will we turn back to work in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>these guys little bit of rain out there on a monday morning, a has a carpenter's used to say rainy days and mondays always get me down millennials are going who are the carpenters county right there you can see kind of juries throughout the day to remember the carpet yes secretary us either. >>we're taking a live look at the embarcadero it is beautiful a little more in other depending on where you are even right now and a lawrence curnow is here so when is this going to wrap up what about sunday tuesdays and
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wednesdays and thursdays they bring it back up that right all right all over here to bring you those the nice days ahead, but right now still dealing with some showers out there most that some very light is this place is a cold front dies in california see the rain sliding on through now. >>and some of the snow showers continuing in the sierra nevada, but you can see the scattered showers now thinks outside at this hour, but the rain continuing in the parts of the south in the rain causing some problems around the bay area again sfo looking at delays of almost an hour on arriving flights and that is due to that cloud cover and the rain drops outside no delays reported at oakland or san jose. tomorrow morning we are waking up and we've got partly cloudy skies and temperatures going to be 30 mile mainly in the 50's maybe even a couple of patches of fog early tomorrow morning. and then high pressure really starts to build and start to get more of a northerly wind kicking in skies becoming mostly sunny. so by the middle of the day temperatures up in the 50's will see some 60's inland as well and then by the afternoon how about this not a bad day still temperatures running a little bit below the average 50's little breezy
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along the immediate coastline we're talking 60's in the bay and then maybe near 70 degrees of the warmer spots well inland, so they were to see a nice day tomorrow though looks like it's going to be running a little bit cooler than the average for this time of year. temperatures break it down like this it's going to be a good one and this just the beginning of some much nicer weather over the next few days about 69 degrees in santa rosa 67 in the napa valley, 64 degrees and hayward 66 amount due 66 for a high in san jose. a little more checking in to some partly cloudy skies and about 69 degrees. this is a little pop-up cumulus clouds over the mountain tops in the afternoon and along the coastline of on those temperatures mainly in the 50's and a little breezy right along the coast, but looking out over the next couple of days. things really begin to change high pressurgoing to surge. overhead that is going to send these temperatures up to the mid 70's. i think by wednesday thursday we've got some 80 short of the warmest interior valleys so sunny and warm the coastline. that's looking like a very nice day with an offshore wind. then as we get to friday, we start to
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cool things down there's a slight chance we could see a few showers on saturday easter sunday though looks sunny and dry. >>stay indoors in contra costa county, a judge has sentenced to this man 21 year-old corral hack into 16 years and 8 months in prison for sex-trafficking 2 young women between 2016 2018. the judge also imposed criminal court protective orders barring hackett from having contact with any of his victims for a period of 10 years. he also ordered him to register as a sex-offender for the rest of his life. police also released this picture of one of his victims sits a 17 year-old woman girl was hackett's picture tattooed on her back. police say she has a child with hackett and within weeks of giving birth hackett allegedly pressured her to go out and make money for him by working as a prostituted in richmond and san francisco. >>police in rohnert park have arrested a 17 year-old rancho kentucky high school student accused of posting a school
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threat on snapchat this was sunday. investigators say the post showed an assault rifle with the words don't go to school tomorrow, you're looking at photos of the weapon a scene on the post a snapchat investigators spotted this called the fbi. police say the weapon in the photo was an air soft brand rifle designed to look real, it belonged to a teenage friend of the suspect police say the teenager who posted the photo of the gun said he was joking around. didn't think it would be a big deal. it was he's been both and a sonoma county juvenile hall on suspicion of making criminal threats. >>the search is on for a man who is believed to have killed a mother and her son was his current oakland and then took off and kept on going a $25,000 reward is not been offered in the hopes of getting that man off the street kron four is dan kerman went to oakland tonight. >>to learn more. >>search is on for this man, 27 year-old russian oc allan
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we don't want this to happen again whether he still in oakland or fees in another city. we want to ensure for public safety that he's removed from our streets police believe allen is responsible for striking and killing the 6 year-old boy and his mother and critically injuring the child's uncle as the 3 cross the street saturday evening the 26th avenue in foothill boulevard police say after hitting the 3 allen kept driving then abandoned the car and hasn't been seen since to us. >>hoping on good song. he like oh my gosh this is crazy know you just take loveless of innocent people you know. >>friends and neighbors and even strangers continue to stop by the memorial that is growing near the location of the hit and run. >>you will notice as stop sign, you know like i sidelines because you say that is a lot of kids mothers with the kids that cause us to maybe. >>call for a traffic light for at least a stop sign is not new in this neighborhood. then
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the area city councilman says he will make sure something is done. >>will definitely put one of those the blinking lights it if you want to cross that the button the lights off from a flash. they know this one possibility, i'm doing it up and down through ville on 35th avenue, also the children there's well up to $25,000 in reward money is being offered by oakland police and crime stoppers. >>for information leading to the arrest of the suspect the oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the white house not backing off the threat of sending undocumented immigrants sanctuary cities like san francisco, how california is preparing in case the president manages to make that happen a massive out of control inferno has destroyed centuries of history at the notre dom cathedral in paris. >>we have the latest on the blaze that tore through that
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>>the fire noted on cathedral, it is now under control but the cultural loss is still beyond comprehension it's now about 05:15am in france about 12 hours after the first flames were cited the nation are waking up to the loss of one of its greatest monuments and grab lotus is here to show us. >>what happened katherine you get a sense of where this fire actually started it just looks like it could burn quickly that's up in the attic, there.
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>>you have all these wooden beams that supported the cathedral roof and in just a matter of minutes 900 years of history. we're lost. >>the fire started just as the workday was ending. >>after walking around the outside of the cathedral we we've got a couple of from the k to use and we turn around and looked back that gas. >>the loss of its iconic speier set off cries of despair from. the roof of the monument was in the middle of the $7 million renovation. rush hour traffic delayed firefighters as. >>for don was built on the island in the senate where parish was founded construction took 200 years. it survived wars and revolutions for almost a millennium, becoming the symbol of french pride and the heart of catholic devotion. more than 13 million people visited the cathedral last year. the soaring interior
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with its majestic alter now gone, the priceless stained glass reportedly shattered by heat. >>beauty of that and the cards inside and i think it's horrible and there i see people crying as a lot of emotions and i'm myself the fire brigade commander says the most precious artworks have been say issues we're currently evacuating the sheer height of the building put most of the flames out of reach. >>at least one of the more than 400 firefighters on scene suffered serious injuries. as the fire. >>and into the night reasons console themselves with >>for now officials have ruled out arson or terrorism calling the fire accidental. meanwhile, french president emmanuel macron is vowing to rebuild he is appealing for international aid. cannon catherine back to you. >>all right fran thank you
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very closer to home snow coming down in the sierra again today making for yet another dangerous commute. >>and they're getting yet more snow that's is something joining us chief meteorologist lawrence colonel warren said it's really coming down up there they are chained up again here in the middle of april on i 80 on 50 if you're headed up there tonight, it's a rough go up there in the high country, here's a live look at the dollar some a little snow out there on the road right now and that's a big problem if you're headed in that direction tonight and early tomorrow morning that's along the us know likely linger in the sierra nevada so winter weather advisories are up again we're going to see maybe over a foot maybe a foot a half almost of snow across some of the higher peaks know of all the way down to about 6,000 feet or so so we're going to another batch of power up there so if you want to get up there. the by wednesday we skies you got some beautiful powder to ski on up there. expect some slushy conditions specials we get to thursday that will be the warmest day of the week, the temperatures warming up in the mid 60's. double radar
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scan your skies and find some raindrops out there you see the storm moving their snow up in the sierra nevada lot of rain showing up around the bay area but given the breakup us more scattered now you see that front the cold front now making its way in toward san jose right here that spring is more rain in that direction just scattered showers behind that and then overnight tonight things will begin to settle down but mostly cloudy showers continuing to about the middle of the night and then tapering off after that by tomorrow morning we start clear skies, we dry things out more sunshine on the way but below normal temperatures in the afternoon before we really start to warm things up as we head through the week numbers outside right now it is 50 degrees and fremont 55 degrees and oakland 52 in san francisco and 53 degrees in the napa valley. oh boy this trough of low pressure just dive in along the coas-line again that was just enough to bring another storm system into the bay area behind that though finally this ridge of high pressure want to take over and it is really going to start to warm up to temperatures in fact as we get in the middle the week and we're talking about some 70's may be some 80's by thursday and friday little cooler them
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looks like will see temperatures coming down a little bit over the weekend. thank you lawrence. >>president trump says that his proposal to send migrants into sanctuary cities is taking effect a lot of sanctuary cities are in a california of course, including san jose oakland and san francisco, however it is unclear if the department of homeland security's actually implementing the controversial idea kron four us capol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how state leaders are responding. >>latest chapter in the immigration feud between the president and california puts the state's sanctuary cities on the spot president trump tweeted monday quote those illegal immigrants who can no longer be legally held will be subject to homeland security given to sanctuary cities and states california has 20 jurisdictions between the bay area in san diego that have policies that do not cooperate with federal immigration officials as sanctuary cities and counties governor gavin newsome tweeted monday to use immigrants is ponce to put them in difficult and trying
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circumstances all for the sake of political retribution shows how low you can go. it's sick, it's illegal. it's immoral. it's pathetic but also par for the course for this administration state attorney general happy about said a said in a statement donald trump's use of government power to conduct corrupt vindictive operations smells like watergate. it's a sobering reminder that our nation is only as strong as our democratic institutions and the rule of law the state's top officials would not say monday what if any recourse, california would take if the president put this policy in place, california has sued the trump administration 49 times about a dozen of those lawsuits are immigration-related in sacramento actually zavala kron 4 news. >>the mueller report is expected to be made public thursday the justice department's as attorney general bill barr we'll release robert mueller's red acted a report to congress and the public. probably thursday morning, the nearly 400 page report centers on the investigation into possible collusion between president trump's election campaign and
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russia and that includes possible obstruction of justice last month bar released a summary of mueller's conclusions. it said that the investigation did not establish a criminal conspiracy. democrats they've been arguing that they don't trust barr to accurately described mueller's findings. playoff season for the warriors the warm-ups are over the fight for the win is underway how dubnation prepared to root for their championship team. >>plus a fire rips through a strip mall in a bottle of the
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>>the 2 arms fire ripped through a commercial complex in the bottle overnight the fire destroyed several businesses and badly damaged others conference maureen kelly gives us a closer look. >>behind me is 3.85 bill murray keys boulevard this is a commercial complex with a fire broke out a little after midnight monday. now here's some video that shows what the firefighters were dealing with when they first arrived on scene flames shooting through the roof of the building. the fire had already involved about 30 to 40% of the building at that point. now no one was hurt in this fire to business owners were inside they were able to get out and call 911, here's some daylight video that shows you the damage that was sustained. you can see it is significant and that the fire department at this point says they do not know the cause or the point of
8:26 pm
origin. that's because the damage to the building is so significant to they haven't been able to get an inspector in there. >>to figure out what happened. >>because the fire was so danced upon arrival and had spread so quickly through the building. some of the main supports that hold the roof up have been heavily damaged and so in conjunction with our own fire investigators. the city of about a building engineers and a structural engineer only determine how safe it is for folks to go in and actually do the investigation. >>all 10 businesses inside this structure suffered some sort of damage. 8 of those businesses suffered significant fire damage and have been red tagged the other 2 yellow tagged because they mostly sustained smoke and water damage. you can see video of some of the business owners in those yellow tagged businesses from moving their belongings. they're able to get out what they can. meanwhile, it turns out one of the business owners was living inside this building. the red cross has been here on scene and has connected with him. they're getting him of hotel
8:27 pm
voucher to get him through this difficult time. morning kelly on for news. >>the playoffs are under way as dubnation is rallying behind game number 2 the warriors versus the clippers details next. sideshows they're both dangerous and very destructive how open police are now rethinking their strategy and trying to stop it. >>kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. a new service is called kron on you can get caught up on the latest breaking news and ♪
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>>now to the east bay violence broke out during an illegal sideshow in oakland, this was sunday. now police say they're ready to change their tactics to try to stop them from force has made you has the story. >>legal side shows are considerably dangerous to those inside of the cars it those standing in the crowd at oakland police say this past sunday's episode it 42th international loveday hold another level. >>we had anticipated sideshow we had special details working on that. >>and you have to remember during that time we have a shots being fired. unknown directions we had. bottles and rocks being thrown at officers and deputies. >>good chance that >>the did not participate
8:31 pm
driving in the area of a sideshow has also become more dangerous. this is video of a truck that was set ablaze as a sideshow continued into the night the driver was removed from. >>again points that's a carjacking and he was removed. his truck was sent on. >>an ac transit bus also went up in flames as art. >>our deputies approached the bus there are concerns that the bus and or the tractor trailer that was near would explode. >>police say even though they were outnumbered arrest were made citations were issued vehicles impounded, however they say this incident reveals that it is time to apply more aggressive tactics. >>so we're sending the message. right now to those who participate in the legal side show activity. the movie forward we are going to be treating this as a large scale of that such as if we were having mass demonstrations or protests in the city we will
8:32 pm
be working with local police in the coming weeks will be beefing up. our personnel within the city and joining forces with. >>the oakland police department what deputy with the alameda county sheriff's office injured her leg while responding to the sideshow police say the iraqi liz lee, no one else was injured during the sideshow the carjacking for the 2 fires in oakland has it that you cried for news. >>happening now warriors taking on the la clippers in game 2 of the nba playoffs and credit cards are stone is joining us live there. he is from a. >>outside oracle arena, high j r. >>well catherine all is quiet outside of oracle arena because it is but been inside this game is going on as i speak, but a step out of the way you can look right into the warriors team store some folks getting their gear as the game is going on now warriors had a 50 to 37 lead at last check curry with 11 points also tops in with 11
8:33 pm
points at a lot of fans that i talk with well they are feeling pretty confident. >>are you at all >>your first game i first came i am so excited head the sand or what happened there i have faith in him are they going to win they get a win by live tonight. no doubt about it like the beads are these the lucky yes, you guarantee victory with these beads focus on eating. ok with no food or no drugs i i hope hang on good times all around with some of the warriors fans. they were even excited as it was raining
8:34 pm
and they were making their way into oracle arena. >>you can see staff area c budi cousins is some of this video andrew bogut in this video. lawyers really gearing up for this one game one was a fun one to watch on saturday night tonight has been a fun one to watch as well the warriors with that lead-in holding to that lead a lot of people starting to talk about a possible sweet but that is one of those to be continued. all right back out live. outside of oracle arena you can see some of the lights on the side of oracle arena again this has to be the quietest time outside of oracle arena, it was rocking earlier they had that dj going out here that the deal will pick up again if the warriors when but again they are leading in the 2nd quarter, reporting live in oakland j r stone kron 4 all right j r thank you and it's a od thing. she's wearing her lucky beads are we being true.
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>>tonight. jail has fun with that talking to people art. >>i'm so looking pretty a misty rainy a but florence you're saying it's beginning to go a brighter days are ahead, yeah, we've got some better weather coming our way as high pressure going to take over tonight, we can cut some fog we got some clouds got some showers out there right now to over san francisco, snow fog begin to move into so. >>the little a late season storms us and that passes and behind that ago that moisture and star some fog form and these temperatures are running below the average they say really took a hit as the clouds rolled in usually where the 60's and low 70's at this time of year say we are 8 degrees cooler in concord at 60 to 58 in san francisco, 61 for a high in oakland. only 67 degrees in san jose were usually are pushing 70 so a big change in the weather today is cold front diving, india, see all that energy sliding on through right now headed south. more scattered showers around the bay area, the heavier band now moving across parts of the south bay in the san jose, the santa clara valley, parts of the east bay to so traveling
8:36 pm
around here a little bit slick out there all the roads with this could be moving as we head toward the midnight hour. we'll start to dry things out temperatures tomorrow going to be in the 50's and the 60's. all around the bay are a little breezy along the coastline, here's the storm system long-range forecast move that through tomorrow we dry out bring a lot of sunshine. then as we get into wednesday. look at that as that big ridge of high pressure begins to build in that is going to mean some warmer temperatures coming our way on wednesday even warmer on thursday, then we get in friday few more clouds begin to move into our skies. we start to cool things down but easter sunday right now looks like it will be sunny and bright around most of the bay area so that in mind the next 2 days looking very good temperatures warming up through wednesday and thursday cooling down a little bit on friday. thank you lawrence is making moves to try to reduce pollution in the ocean the new packaging make over its giving its peers. >>driverless cars, we know that the wave of the future are going to take a look at the challenges one company is facing as it is a testing cars from sacramento, lift is pulling its electric bicycles off the streets. the reason
8:37 pm
the rideshare company says they could be dangerous and if you're streaming us on prime on the news continues during the ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort
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>>united airlines is extending its canceling of all is 7.37 max flights through early july and follow similar moves by american and southwest airlines. the federal aviation administration ordered all 7.37 max planes grounded last
8:40 pm
month after 2 fatal crashes overseas killed 346 people united says it is use spare aircraft and other creative solutions since march to try to minimize the effect on customers boeing's c o said thursday, it is closing in on a fix for the problem but didn't say when the 7.37 max's might start flying again. >>lyft has pulled all of its on demand electric bicycles from new york from washington and the bay area. the reason. the company says it has been getting reports of brake problems. they have not been any reports of injuries caused by the faulty bikes. but about 3,000 bikes will be pulled from service and replaced with regular bikes. lyft typically operates about 20,000 regular and electric bikes and the 3 cities in addition to its rideshare business lyft is also the biggest bikeshare operator in the country and it will be expanding into car pooling and scooter rentals guinness beer is getting rid of those plastic ring packages
8:41 pm
the company behind it is harp and smith weeks. >>says it will also stop using shrink-wrapped for a beer multi packs instead it switching to a 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard, the sustainable beer packs are first appear this august in ireland. the new packaging will be introduced in britain and other markets in the summer of 2020. plastic rings which have en used for decades pose a risk to wildlife and have been heavily linked to increased ocean pollution. if you have not finished filing your taxes for your kind of hit really close. >>it is april 15th is the deadline to turn in 2018 tax returns people in maine and massachusetts they get 2 extra days because of the patriots day holiday but for the rest of us. this is due. there are lot of procrastinators this year, the irs says roughly 50 million taxpayers have yet to file many of them are filing for extensions that will prevent light penalties, but you still have to pay anything you most tax-related questions can be answered by
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going to irs dot gov. next today, the home that was destroyed by a group of people who broke in. >>and threw a party. >>and just ahead in sports and early update from oracle over warriors clippers game to to marcus cousins forced to head back t
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>>the city of sacramento has taken another step in trying
8:45 pm
to establish itself as an alternative transportation hub and city officials they took rides in a car that was being driven by an operator who was 100 miles away several months ago the city partnered with phantom auto that's a silicon valley company that uses israeli military technology to provide a backup system for autonomous vehicles. reporter money long shows us how it works. >>cramento mayor darrell steinberg had no qualms about getting into a car driven by some 100 miles away. the city pave the way for a company called fan tomato to set up a test program in sacramento, there was another milestone in positioning itself, there's a transportation technology hub provides a real chance for us to create new industries here new job opportunities and it's all good in the past few months we've seen driverless shuttles begin testing of both the sec state campus and u c davis futuristic stuff but not perfect automated sensors and
8:46 pm
driverless vehicles have no way of dealing with emergency lane closures, construction detours, a parking lot a gas station or a 4 way stop for something goes wrong. you have a very big problem on your hands, the phantom system backs up autonomous vehicles by having a train remote driver take over the wheel in unscripted situations. using the array of cameras and microphones. you can listen or talk to passengers or a police officer for that matter and that again around problem areas. the system is dependent on the reliability of cell phone towers along the route that then tomorrow has mapped out you want to know the strength of each carrier and where it's the strongest around a certain route. >>but secondly we have to know in advance if there is any tree dead zones, no issues on the test run from city hall to the capitol and back at least no technical ones, you know you looked a couple of times like why there's no hand and history will it takes a moment of adjustment will. >>i think they did this 2 or 3 you would feel very normal. >>there could soon be more driverless test cars on the
8:47 pm
roads in sacramento, using the phantom on a backup. the city officials say is not a bad thing. >>drivers don't have any concerns with the tone was cars. the list are trying to take pictures of the carcass of has their >>i'm in a stroke hondo was broken into trashed and vandalized in the couple who manages the property says the break in happened last weekend i and when the owners are they were showing the condo to potential renters they saw the huge mess. reporter k recede went to the neighborhood where it happened. >>the aftermath of a party's visible beer cans, plastic red cups and trash inside this condo but bonnie sir rudy says the guest were uninvited just a complete disaster mess down here upstairs in the bedrooms for some reason they took off from wind or on each side of the closet sooty and her husband managed his property in modesto scenic avenue she says her husband was showing potential claims the home
8:48 pm
earlier this month could happen anywhere from what i'm understanding you could be gone for the weekend and people come back and find that their houses have been damaged like this to the believes the vandals broke in through a window. she adds the intruders made themselves at home making their way upstairs destroying a mirror and to cause it's we did have it listed on craigslist like we've done the last 20 years tribe, i have a look if you're interested so that could be one possibility the ad has since been taken down through the has learned this is an ongoing issue there was. >>hold throughout the wall there was painting the everywhere they're the dresser up to that they threw through a window you'll to wlex as a bunch of teens broke into his home last november. he says the damage was so bad. >>he had to sell at a $25,000 loss it. >>other people property that could be yours mom and dad, ramp property people work hard to see what they have been lied to sue these have since clean up the property and they see a family will be moving in soon really mad mean because they you know. >>were hard working person.
8:49 pm
>>he had to go back and redo everything. >>starting today with the warriors of golden state isn't expected to be challenged much in this series. but it can all be great news fans are waiting for a status update on damarcus cousins boogie forced to leave midway through the 1st quarter with a quad injury. it was a non-contact a situation where he was chasing a loose ball. he came up holding his left leg. we'll have an mri tomorrow night last check score is 6648 warriors late in the 1st half against the clippers. full highlights later tonight now the only other game of the day out east let's go to the video dikembe mutombo allen iverson watching their 6 service were shocked in game one and game 2 against the against the next tonight, 3rd quarter io well and be than he didn't seem to bother him tonight, 23 points, 10 boards sixers up 70 to 64 now still in the 3rd ben simmons the steel the hope and then the little old to iverson
8:50 pm
of putting his hand up to his ear 18 points, 12 times, 10 boards a triple double for simmons and an nba playoff record 51 point for philly in the 3rd center's win one 45.23 the series now tied 1 one with brooklyn now another basketball news, what was long expected. >>finally becomes official zion williams and the duke freshman superstar, leaving school to declare for this summer's nba draft the 18 year-old the expected to be the first overall pick and for good reason 6, 7, 285 pounds consided a generational talent and is the naismith player. the year. the sharks back on the ice tomorrow night in a crucial game 4 against vegas. >>one of their veterans won't be in the mix joe story hit with a one-game suspension for this illegal check to the head of separate rider and then midway through the second period of yesterday's game 4 he was immediately penalize beijing has ended up winning 6, 3 to take it to one series lead. putting the sharks in serious trouble.
8:51 pm
>>and do a better job of handling that there some perfect storms in a week. created some chances early in. starts to and they've got to say you know instead it ends up in the air. but we're giving up too much. >>game 4 will be in vegas. finally tonight we have to look back at such a remarkable moment from this sports weekend. that was an instant classic tiger woods winning his first major since 2008 with a victory at augusta and he's not the only one cashing in a veteran nevada put down an incredible wager of $85,000 raking in 1.2 million. >>this is at the william hill sports book it is the largest golf pay out to be recorded there at the book the 43 year-old woods phenomenal winning his 5th career green jacket, his 15th major. after multiple surgeries and thinking his entire career was in doubt, so i pretty nice payday for that james ado
8:52 pm
cheese the name on the check. congratulations, relation, 0.2 million just like that in the $85,000 wager. yeah that was pretty you next add. the waitress risks her life to try to save a drowning child and says she has only one regret. >>kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. stoner into the oakland hills. ♪
8:53 pm
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[commentator] and now [ plcomes the decisive shot.] [ pleasant orchestral music ] looks good, looks good. [crowd gasps ] do you believe it? what can you say? [ crowd cheering ] [ pleasant orchestral music ] tom watson has taken the lead of the u.s. open.
8:55 pm
>>a 19 year-old waitress she is recovering in the hospital after diving off a pier in daytona beach is trying to save a child stuck in a rip current, but the waitress hannah pick had to be rescued herself. claire metz has the story. had a big not it was working the rooftop a crabby joe's restaurant just before 8 saturday night when she realized the child was struggling in a rip current. >>she ran down here to peer level and jumped in at least a 20 foot drop. >>right when i jumped i was like and and i cry when i hit the bottom floors like. >>maybe 2 feet 3 feet despite broken bones in her foot and back hannah take not a has just one regret that she didn't go deeper like, i'm a good swimmer some like i can get to this kid like, but i
8:56 pm
should have show here a little bit more and on it so much better instead big not a hit a sandbar and needed rescuing herself but she says she had to act as she watched a child being pulled farther and farther out barely keeping his head up the child's mother shouting for help she was screaming body mary like to screaming and i hear the fear in her eyes and i was scared, everybody was scared. i like thinking in my head that he was going to die because no one is in the water in those panicked moments. pick says the rough surf may have letter to misjudge the death but ultimately the often emotional young woman said there was really no time to think about her actions fell of families or families cars. i know what it's like tell my family. that both she and the drowning child or alive says pick not a i'm just happy. i'm thankful. i'm grateful. and there was claire metz reporting of the 8 year-old is saved by bystanders and beach safety
8:57 pm
officers. >>he had swallowed a lot of water was taken to the hospital as a precaution will be okay. >>well we will turn out for her or as well that wraps up properties and a grant lotus making the ah, ah kids are here was kron 4 news at 9 thanks very much coming up next at 9 the warriors fighting for their second win in a row, another playoff game against the los angeles clippers will take you there in just a few minutes. >>plus we continue to follow the devastation out of paris. the city's iconic and beloved notre don cathedral. when up in flames today, we'll have more on this global heartbreak and how it's affecting people right here in the bay area also rain is here our chief meteorologist large car know is tracking that what's ahead for the rest of the week. >>grant lotus and i think it would to stay right here. our 2 of country music primetime starts right after this.
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for help with belly pain and recurring constipation. ask your doctor. >>no no the warriors facing off against the la clippers tonight in game 2 of the nba playoff series now half time lawyers are up by a comfortable 23 points. grevers here joins us now live from oracle arena as the teams are warming up j r. >>that total domination in the 1st half 73 to 50


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