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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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joining us. i'm can wait and i grant lotus in tonight for pam or a french minister says both towers are quote safe. we don't know exactly what caused this fire. but french officials are saying it was not arson or regions and visitors today standing in shock as sections of the cathedral build more than 800 years ago collapsed in front of them this fire of the cathedral also known as our lady's arrow as you see destroyed by the flames within hours built in the 12th century and a world heritage site, the side of the catholic cathedral blaze drawing attention and reaction from around the world. the facts soul, because it's a house of prayer and say why did it did it affects the heart because it's a place of love and gathering in communities that dying and rising of jesus. >>that just as the cross didn't have the last word. neither for people of faith and france will this fire have the last word. >>french authorities say the most precious relics and works
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of art have be sheltered and they're trying to save as many pieces as they can french president emmanuel macron pledging to rebuild the cathedral. as one french billionaire family is pledging a million to the reconstruction. san francisco's city hall lit up earlier tonight in red white and blue of the french flag, maryland and breed said tonight. tonight we light san francisco city hall in solidarity with mayor annual and all the residents of paris our sister city. the devastation at the iconic cathedral is sending shock waves across the world and the bay area often referred to as the paris of the west san francisco is a sister city of the french capital strong connection and today we're getting reaction from people here who are sad to see how the fire just tore through that landmark run for stand or live tonight. >>at grace cathedral in san francisco with more on the connection to that church. dan. >>well grant the cathedral
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here in california and taylor streets was actually modeled after notre don but despite being thousands of miles away from that historic site the destruction is being felt here in san francisco. >>they just a sea of people watching this is a fire tearing through notre cathedral of the destruction at the iconic landmark saddening many across the bay area. it's heartbreaking. >>i'm not sure down that he's not only a very the dean pies places gathering for the french catholics, but he's of the french history to start of the french identity. >>san francisco's french consul general, the manual labor and amy on says the world famous cathedral, not only attracts millions every year. it stands as a symbol of human history. it's a french building, but it also and miles to in the history of architecture in church or in the >>everyone on the 10. it's a news, 42
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>>notre dom has a sister in san francisco's grace cathedral, the familiar looking stone towers and the spire were inspired by the 12 th-century structure the place of worship located and not hill shared their prayers on social media. the french consulate says there are more than 60,000 french nationals living in san francisco. one parisian olivier azam co watch the disheartening images from notre down in his san francisco cafe they appear to be making some progress but they're still in debt that we've all heard from on this >>is nobody is safe. though which is the most important thing there to park there that there >>an co is confident the city and the country will rebuild. it's going to be a rebirth of local done with russia. >>they were there would problem. >>grace cathedral says they plan to have a special prayer
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for notre dom and the people of paris that will be a part of their wednesday night service that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan thorn. from 4 news. >>thank you dan check now on the force of forecast as we take a live peek outside right outside our building you see what appears to be a wet camera along the embarcadero in san francisco that's what we hope it is or maybe some rain showers out there. still yes, some showers moving through right minus decided they didn't want to go that her yeah but that could be doing it ever know in san francisco, but hey we've got the showers that are a kind of moving through now you can see it sliding through the state to. >>even some snow up in the sierra nevada they've got some winter weather advisories in that direction that cold front late season system sliding right through the bay area in the afternoon hours cranking up the rain right about commute time. and there are some pockets some downpours is coming up to now it is just much more widely scattered showers you can see really just why the scattered showers specially over the mountain tops another band making its way in the northeast. the room
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here that one is going to be moving through headed south to kind of fall apart as it moves on by so a chance of a few lingering showers till about midnight. i think after midnight things really begin to settle down. but some pop-up showers out there along the coastal range is or the mountaintops to but otherwise things begin to settle down when took over the south the idea system still laying off the coast line coming on the south about 12 miles per hour in the pacifica so not real strong gusty of that just a late season storm system rolling on through temperatures though they really took a hit today after such a nice weekend is down 16 degrees today. and santa rose from 24 hours ago down and 15 in fairfield 12 in the cochrane you get the idea. those numbers really taken a hit so we went well above average to below average today as these temperatures all the way down for a high of only 62 degrees 8 degrees below normal in concord 62 also and live more 67. in san jose 61 in oakland with 58 degrees in san francisco tonight, clouds out
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there right now mostly cloudy skies some patchy fog a few scattered showers out of those will be tapering off after midnight tomorrow, partly cloudy early on and then i think we start to clear things up becoming mostly sunny, but temperatures staying a little bit below the average at least for tomorrow after that there's going to be big heat up on the horizon. all right, here's the system that is moving through right now, here's the jet stream all the way down your point conception that allowed the system to come and off the coastline got a big huge ridge of high pressure that is going to begin to work its way in toward the coast. so tonight. you've got the showers out there a couple raindrops behind that you see a lot of sunshine, maybe a little breezy along the coastline tomorrow. but the trend is this a much warmer weather over the next couple of days system pulling through overnight tonight you see a few scattered showers there after midnight moving to the south and really kind of coming to an end so tomorrow morning. the commute doesn't look bad you'll see some partly cloudy skies but should stay dry then as we get the afternoon. skies begin to clear out and the temperatures are going to start to warm up just a little bit but still below the average real estate though you find about 70 degrees in santa barbara, 65
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in bakersfield about 66 degrees in fresno and we're going to see that grow weather coming our way over the next couple days high pressure takes over. but boy the high country they're getting hit by over another foot of snow up there, they're chained up on i 8050 so rough go again, the middle of april this year schools can no kid tax day i thank you lawrence, all right the warriors facing off against the la clippers in game 2 of the first round of the nba playoffs in the 4th quarter right now warriors 7 early they should when a crowd for j r stone joins us. >>live from oracle to physical series j r the fans got a party saturday in looks like probably more the same tonight. >>pretty much so grand i'll tell you it's raining outside. but that is not dampening the spirits of these warriors fans you can see some of that behind me the game. still in the 4th quarter tonight around halfway through the 4th quarter. but the warriors in control and they have been in control for some time, some of
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these fans just trying to beat some of the traffic as they leave here, but these fans, they are fired up to say the least. >>are you at all >>even if they are the the warriors. did famous soccer player. they are all. >>lose your voice by the end of the game. she says proudly you show more or do you chow down on the chips more. you know worried about >>they you this guy in a lakers jersey. lucky ok so do they always win when they when
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you wear those shoes all the every time you go blue the hair and blue the hearings lawyers went. >>i not most >>and back out here live you can see some of the folks in the distance there again, some folks trying to beat traffic. certainly is some concern from some fans after a bogey cousins was injured, but i will say again the confidence level is very high. there is a guy who was in the rain a little while ago and he said j r it's raining. it's pouring the warriors are sweeping. he might be ahead of the game here. but i think you get the point reporting live in oakland j r stone kron 4 site j r nobody would be shocked if the champs did in fact we by the way coming up later in sports or mark carpenter will have highlights in the latest on that the marcus cousins injury. >>a big story tonight controversy. the chase center construction site as workers
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say a noose was found on the property last friday. mortenson car construction company is running the billion project that will soon be home to the worriers and that company has confirmed with kron four that a rope was discovered on the site and immediately removed, san francisco police are also investigating the incident. for snow a bellow has reaction from some of the people who work there. >>racism people are. >>the chase center construction site after they say a news was found hanging from the ceiling. many i spoke with state court construction is doing the best they can posting signs like this all around the site reminding workers to respect one another. many i spoke with
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with so many men on one site there's bound to be some issues. the rope was removed in san francisco police are currently investigating mortenson clark construction companies sent us a statement. >>that reads in part quote the incident and no way reflects the values and beliefs of our 2 organizations mortenson clark condemns any form of racism or bigotry mike brown is a foreman on the site he says he's seen racist remarks written on bathroom walls too. >>things like this event. whether it bothers them or not percent 3 there is no.
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>>that to happen have a noose hanging from that from the series. >>and san francisco. noel fellow kron 4 news. >>in contrast county, a judge sentenced 21 year-old coral hackett to 16 years and 8 months in prison for sex-trafficking 2 young women between 20 6 2018. the judge also imposed criminal court protective orders barring hackett from having contact wi any of his victims for a period of 10 years and ordered him to register as a sex-offender for the rest of his life. police also released this picture of one of his victim she's 17 years old with packets picture tattooed on her back. police say she has a child with hackett and within weeks a burst hackett allegedly pressured her to go out and make money for him by working as a prostituted enrichment and san francisco. a group of good samaritans were able to stop a kidnapping friday in san francisco's castro district after a man allegedly tried to take a 2 year-old from his mother it
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was reported just before 12 30 friday afternoon at the corner of 17th and market streets. a mother was walking with her toddler when the suspect grab the child and ran off with him modder the mother ran after the alleged kidnapper and good samaritans who witnessed the incident were able to grab the suspect until officers got there. the suspect was later identified as 35 year-old 34 year-old rather rosicky holly ok from australia. on the peninsula san mateo county sheriff's department officers rescued a woman who was hiking got lost in the mountains, the 68 year-old hiker. >>lost her glasses while out on the trail in the remote location of the for us in the creek open space area you see here being helped their the hiker had to crawl on her hands and knees for hours as she tried to navigate her way back to safety again without clear sight lost her glasses helicopters were able to spot the woman and the park rangers and coast guard were able to bring her back down the mountain to safety with only minor injuries. a man was
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found dead at the new d a park over the weekend that's in bay point the body was found just after midnight sunday police are investigating the death as a homicide officers did not say if the victim had obvious signs of injury or how the person died. the victim has not been identified and was found unconscious. he was pronounced dead after attempts to revive him. >>the search is on for a man believed to have killed a mother and her son with his car in oakland and then kept on going. $25,000 reward has been offered in hopes of getting the man off the streets a vigil was held last night at the intersection where the crash happened and many people in the community continue to mourn his last scrum for us dan kerman went there to learn more. >>police say this man 27 year-old callan is responsible for striking and killing the 6 year-old boy and his mother and critically injuring the child's uncle as they cross the street saturday evening at 26 avenue and foothill boulevard. primary focus is to locate mister around. so we
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can ensure that this does not happen again that we can remove him from the >>police say after hitting the 3 hale and kept driving then abandoned the car and hasn't been seen since. >>i cannot believe it i you know we stay with the when my mo we cannot believe it you know a shock. >>friends and neighbors and even strangers continue to stop by a memorial that's growing near the location of the hit and run. >>look i'm not going to be we came to the life the street because i before the call from neighbors for a traffic light for at least a stop sign is not new. >>the area city councilman says at the very least he can promise the addition of cross walk warning lights crossing lights of even across on that the sidewalk that you know you can press the button and the lights on was about to approach the sidewalk and. >>notifies the traffic both directions that somebody sent
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>>a reward of up to $25,000 is being offered by oakland police and crime stoppers for information leading to the arrest of the suspect in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>police are owner park arrested a 17 year-old rachel kentucky high school student for posting a school threat on the snapchat social media app yesterday investigation revealed that the post depicted an assault rifle and the words quote don't go to school tomorrow. these are pictures of the weapon that supposed to there a step chad investigator who saw the post informs the fbi within several hours. police searched the suspect's home and no weapons were found. the suspect said the weapon in the picture was an air softbrands rifle designed to look real and belong to a 16 year-old friend and fellow student. detectives were able to identify the friend who is also a 16 year-old ran chuck todd the high school student. police say the teen who posted the picture of the guns was joking around. and said he didn't think it would be a big deal.
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well it was he was arrested and booked in sonoma county juvenile hall. on suspicion of criminal threats. a 60 year-old man died at a hospital friday 3 days after being punched during an argument in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. the victim identified as jim sue was in an argument with 39 year-old antonio cooks who punched him just before 6.30 last tuesday night in the 300 block of hyde street. sue is taken to san francisco general hospital and died from his injuries late friday night. cook was arrested after the attack. >>faith island started during a sideshow in oakland yesterday way worse than normal. i have fiery scene police are now saying they're ready to change their tactics to try to stock futures sideshows kron four says he quit yoon reports. legal side shows are considerably dangerous to those inside of the cars hit those standing in the crowd at oakland police say this past sunday's episode it 42th international loveday hold another level.
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>>we had anticipated sideshow we had special details working on that. >>and you have to remember during that time we have a shots being fired unknown directions we had. bottles and rocks being thrown at officers and deputies. >>good chance that >>the did not participate driving in the area of a sideshow has also become more dangerous. this is video of a truck that was set ablaze as a sideshow continued into the night the driver was to remove different. >>again points that's a carjacking and he was removed. that is a truck was sent on. >>an ac transit bus also went up in flames as art. >>our deputies approached the bus there are concerns that the bus indoor the tractor trailer that was near would explode. >>police say even though they
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wereutnumbered arrest were made citations were issued vehicles impounded, however they say this incident reveals that it is time to apply more aggressive tactics. >>so we're sending the message. right now to those who participate in the legal side show activity. the movie forward we are going to be treating this as a large scale of that such as if we were having mass demonstrations or protests in the city we will be working with local police in the coming weeks will be beefing up. our personnel within the city and joining forces with. department what deputy with the alameda county sheriff's office injured her leg while responding to the sideshow police say the iraqi liz lee, no one else was injured during the sideshow the carjacking or the 2 fires in oakland has it that you cried for news. >>2 men were shot in santa rosa last night and suffered serious, but non life threatening injuries. the shooting was just before 6 o'clock on the 1300 block of greenville road near the
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covington mall. the victim's 2124 years old were involved in an altercation and they were then shot. they were taken by vehicle to a hospital police were able to track down the license plate of the shooter's vehicle and found that toyota camry with several bullet holes in it. but officers were not able to find any suspects a mouive has yet to be determined. it is probably no surprise to learn the use of cell phones while driving is on the rise in the leading cause of distracted pdriving april is distracted driving months. >>which means the highway patrol and other agencies have stepped up enforcement of the illegal use of cell phones while driving. the high what role is out this month actively patrolling in looking for people who may be distracted by the improper illegal use of cell phones and other activities while driving officer os lee of chp says those activities are pretty easy to spot. >>the little things are kind of stand out of your goods going slower kind of weaving a little bit within their way arguing the speeds are going from and a slow and fast.
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>>a new study by the road safety data analytics firm zen drive finds that the use of cell phones while driving is up from 7 to 8.2% in san jose. the study also links so phone use to increases in collisions and pedestrian deaths. >>still ahead a group of women is suing ac transit the reason they believe they've been discriminated against plus one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots might not be free any more details on the proposed lombard street hole and how much it will cost to go down to the crooked street and after the break lawmakers want to expand a popular electric vehicle tax credit, something they say will help the environment and consumers we have details on that if you're streaming us on kron on the news
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>>lawmakers are sponsoring a bill to continue to drive america forward they've introduced a plan to expand the electric vehicle tax credit to help american car makers sell more cars, consumers who buy them will get a $7,000 tax credit. while supporters are celebrating the expansion they say it will help the environment. our washington dc correspondent recall martin's explains why. >>the plans already hitting a few roadblocks. >>we need to make sure that we're keeping this going so lawmakers are putting the pedal to the metal. the plan to get more electric cars on the this is an opportunity for us to continue to be the leaders of the pack the
10:25 pm
michigan democratic senator debbie stabenow what to expand the 2008 electrical vehicle tax credit. the renewed plan could help our companies like gm tesla and ford still an additional 400,000 electric cars by getting car buyers of $7,000 tax break we can create jobs in michigan and tackle carbon pollution at the same time senator sherrod brown of ohio says this could help jobless auto workers in his state, he's electric cars ought to be made in. >>in plants in ohio, especially in march found that that had 5,000 jobs there before president trump became president. >>the plan have support from lawmakers in both parties but not the white house, the president wants to cut the program, his administration says it will cost taxpayers roughly billion over the next decade, yes, there are people who benefit. >>from these tax credits um. that is that a legitimate reason to keep the subsidies and i would argue no but the
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conservative heritage foundation says the majority of people who use the tax credit for electric cars if you really want to help the environment. the way to do that is not to subsidize a product that to get a better product at a better price. the plan will likely pass the democrat controlled house, but could face conservative republican opposition and the in washington recall martin. >>still to come we could all learn a thing or 2 about generosity from a local high school or what she's doing to help some of that of course kids on the planet and after the break a fire breaks out at an east bay apartment complex several families are displaced. well the latest investigation into how it starts. and we got a little sunshine in the forecast, some very warm
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>>women join a class action lawsuit alleging discrimination against pregnant and breastfeeding ac transit employees said they are now for a seat as employees who say that transit to accommodate pregnant women and nursing moms who work there come force. michelle kingston spoke with 2 of those women today. >>for women are now listed in a class action lawsuit against ac transit alleging pregnancy discrimination and failure to accommodate lactation means for working mothers, one of those women is making mcnulty who says this is the room she was told she could pump breast milk in when she returned to work after her first pregnancy in 2016. and old closet, she
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describes as dirty and that had no privacy she says she had to stop driving their bus and take a demotion as a clerk so that she could come that soon with that. >>with expanding my family, i'm able to out without being harassed. >>jay to edward also listed in the lawsuit still drives but says it's not easy. i feel like. >>they should have some type of policy implemented she joined the suit after she fell asleep at the wheel and crashed her bus fall pregnant. >>she says she asked for later desk work prior to the accident but was not common aided there's no way she left me behind wheel. >>i had not just me and my baby's life as they that the public ac transit told kron four that they work with new mothers in value, the importance of women in the workforce. >>and that it is important to note modifications duties can present logistical challenges given the nature of public transit however ac transit dobson individual process that takes into account accommodation options.
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>>for each new monitor newborn throughout the first year of life workplaces are behind the ball across the board and across many industries in terms of. >>women being able to be pregnant not be forced on leave prematurely. >>and then to be able to do the most basic thing and that is to pump and nurse and lactate in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news in san francisco, it could soon cost you money to drive down the world famous crooked street assemblyman phil ting along with other local leaders announced a proposal today. >>to establish a toll and reservation system for lombard street. he says the crowds and traffic backups have become a safety problem for the neighborhood. people who live on lombard say the scenic road feels more like an overcrowded amusement parks and residential road. supervisor catherine stephanie says the changes will benefit both residents and tourists. >>rather than waiting in line for 45 minutes or longer visitors will now be able to show up with a reservation and drive down the credit street without a problem for both
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residents and visitors, i'm excited that this pilot program is coming together. >>during the summer travel season, it's estimated roughly 6,000 people a day visit lombard street lot of people. meanwhile has pulled all of its electric bicycles from service after. >>some riders reported issues with the brakes. lyft space at a san francisco operates the ford electric go bikes that are seen all across the bay here. company says a small number of riders have experienced stronger than expected braking force on the front wheels. no reports of injuries, but they say out of an abundance of caution about 3,000 bikes are being pulled from service in the bay area, new york and washington d c they will be replaced with regular bicycles now to the east bay where 3 families have been forced from their homes after a fire started this is in oakland this morning. you can so you're flames shooting out of one apartment unit on the 3rd floor happened about one 30 this morning on the 3,000 block of fruitvale
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avenue. nobody was hurt but 2 units on the lower floor. now have water damage. investigators say the fire is not suspicious. >nin the north bay, a 2 alarm fire ripped through a commercial complex in a bottle overnight. the fire destroyed several businesses and badly damaged others ground force marine kelly gives us a closer look. >>behind these 3.85 bill marine he's boulevard this is a commercial complex where the fire broke out a little after midnight monday. now here's some video that shows what the firefighters were dealing with when they first arrived on scene flames shooting through the roof of the building. the fire had already involved about 30 to 40% of the building at that point. now no one was hurt in this fire to business owners were inside they were able to get out and call 911, here's some daylight video that shows you the damage that was sustained. you can see it is significant and that the fire department at this point says they do not know the cause or the point of origin. that's because the damage to the building is so
10:34 pm
significant to they haven't been able to get an inspector in there. >>to figure out what happened. >>because the fire was so danced upon arrival and had spread so quickly through the building. some of the main supports that hold the roof up have been heavily damaged and so in conjunction with our own fire investigators. the city of nevada building engineers and a structural engineer only determine how safe it is for folks to go in and actually do the investigation. >>all 10 businesses inside this structure suffered some sort of damage. 8 of those businesses suffered significant fire damage and have been red tagged the other 2 yellow tagged because they mostly sustained smoke and water damage. you can see video of some of the business owners in those yellow tagged businesses from moving their belongings. they're able to get out what they can. meanwhile, it turns out one of the business owners was living inside this building. the red cross has been here on scene and has connected with him. they're getting him of hotel voucher to get him through this difficult time. morning
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kelly, california is. >>and now to the 4 zone forecast as we look at a site that we're going to see a picture of a weather shot that. it's we have large 3 guys right there bad bad bad headlines it's been raining. >>and it's been snowing. it's very very on the eye of high country other get not just a little snow maybe over a foot of snow across the higher peaks locally. >>we have the clouds out there now some fog developing behind him a cold front that moved up through leave behind some the raindrops that moisture so so fog overnight tonight more scattered showers around the bay area but these bands are pretty light that are moving through right now it will wind down especially after midnight time that i think will be done with the rain for a bit so here's a storm system right here long-range forecast there to watch him move on through all the way down to southern california will dry things out around the bay area to also little bit cooler than average, but then you start to get the sense that huge dome of high pressure building in battle when the temperatures up quite a bit on wednesday big time warm up probably the warmest day of the week on
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thursday when some of these numbers maybe getting near 80 degrees after that friday. we start to see some clouds rolling back in and these are dew cool temperatures are on the way and then on easter clouds should part stay dry, although we may see some patchy fog along the coastline. next week computer models kind of it a chance of rain but not going put that the forecast just yet so it gets warmer weather had some 70's and some 80's by wednesday and thursday cooling down a little bit on friday easter sunday looking dry next week back to some 80's on monday. i learned so the big story tonight weather related at least 7 people have died and hundreds are misplaced after this massive storm tore through the southeastern part of the country over the weekend. >>this drone video shows you some of the destruction in alabama. the deadly storm moved from texas all the way up the east coast. 2 of the people killed were children who died when a tree fell on the car they were in tornadoes damage homes and businesses in texas and alabama and in mississippi a tornado destroyed the only volunteer fire department in the small community of hamilton. now
10:37 pm
that wrote blog trees. >>on every road so we just we have to start cutting cutting our roads to get initial responses to come here and get equipment to to go to the scenes and wing and hear this the roof was collapsed our trucks. we couldn't get anything out. >>quite a deadly storm and it wasn't just tornadoes you at high winds hail. torrential downpours also causing problems it covered an area that put almost 90 million people under severe weather threats. a modesto ca. >>was broken into party didn't trashed and vandalize the couple manages properties say it happened over the weekend. the couple says are showing potential renters and condo and found this mess. it's the aftermath of a party, it's everywhere beer cans red cups trash all over the place, the owners say the guests were not invited. they think the vandals just broke in coming through a window and making themselves at home. going upstairs, a destroyed a mirror
10:38 pm
into closets. >>we did have it listed on craigslist like we've done the last 20 years tribe, i have a look if you're interested so that could be one possibility there was. >>hold throughout the wall there was painting the everywhere. there are the dresser up to that they threw through a window. >>the damage has since been cleaned up and another family will soon be moving in the property managers say it's frustrating because they have had to have workers come back and redo all the work that they had done earlier. tonight we meet a remarkable bay area girl who took her own misfortune and turned it into a charity campaign that's helping people in some of the poorest places in the world to she did not feel sorry for herself phillies not for long, it's really an inspiring effort day turns old sports jerseys into new hope. >>this story takes us to 2 of the most different places imaginable was a basketball practice near silicon valley. and arguably the place in all of haiti. the one common and
10:39 pm
that's where ship ali kadakia comes into play school is really stressful and i stand in line. >>i'm in great and everything but coming on the core let me take it all out and kind of forget about it and the archbishop mitty junior who now plays basketball and full team in atherton almost had to forget about forever. >>i feel really down in 8th grade soccer concussion sidelined to bali for 15 months as doctors tried everything during that time so volley noticed she'd accumulated lots of sports uniforms i hated not playing. i thought about other people into the hate. >>now playing it, but they have a different reason not because concussion, but financially because he cannot afford such jerseys and that realization is what gets us back to sit a chalet in the port-au-prince section of hate who when people are living on the streets people are living in slums. a visiting last year she of ali and her dad wrote in a van through the gang infested community where police do not patrols on a river of trash fills the dry can now. >>but eventually behind this
10:40 pm
gate, his sock a lot and only 6 of sort >>plane in torn clothes in that and have properly shoes. >>case relates only do center where soccer is the sport of choice have received somali shipment of jerseys a few months prior to it. >>and she finally had just given them her old threat since or injury. the now 16 year-old started the nonprofit sk charities and she's been contacting colleges all across the u s asking athletic departments to donate old uniforms. many are happy to help filling her parents garage with boxes of jerseys notion of all he's doing with area for paramus like you know it's very very simple but is the great things are simple for basketball coach john pay back to montana and young for the niners after playing it. stanford says peter so she's not faking it.
10:41 pm
>>the other girls are trying to or has a leader and she just has that kind of an 8 spirit and papas proud knowing his one skin custody daughter launch this jersey idea while she was down and out why she's don't she's thinking about others. >>the proud moment for us a selfless jersey girl from california. well helping less fortunate kids all around the world. >>and we're going to take it beyond haiti and somalia has gone to nepal since and she's looking at other impoverished countries around the world an is soon going to be holding up hackathon try get a bunch of tech savvy people together to create an app for her charity so that they can more efficiently do the work that she's doing smart and generous know there'll no doubt i good story graham, thank you. close to lead to as k charities on kron four dot com. still ahead driverless cars of the wave of the future we're going to take a look at the challenges the company is facing as it tests cars in sacramento.
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>>and just ahead in sports eventful night tonight at oracle warriors on the wrong end of a historic comeback is la rally from a 31 point deficit. >>also damarcus cousins left the game early with an injury will break it all down coming up. >>a truck for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. county oakland, san francisco and los part.
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>>to wrap your head around this city of sacramento took another step in trying to establish itself as an alternative transportation hub. when city officials took rides in a car that was driven in the downtown area by an operator 100 miles away. >>several months ago the city partnered with phantom auto that's a silicon valley company these that uses israeli military technology to provide a backup system for a thomas vehicles reporter lonnie wong shows us how it works. >>terminal mayor darryl steinberg had no qualms about getting into a car driven by some 100 miles away. the city pave the way for a company called fan tomato to set up a test program there was another milestone in positioning itself, there's a transportation technology hub provides a real chance for us to create new industries here new job opportunities and it's
10:46 pm
all good and the past few months we've seen driverless shuttles begin testing of both the sec state campus and u c davis futuristic stuff but not perfect automated sensors and driverless vehicles have no way of dealing with emergency lane closures, construction detours, a parking lot a gas station or a 4 way stop for something goes wrong. you have a very big problem on your hands, the phantom system backs up autonomous vehicles by having a train remote driver take over the wheel in unscripted situations. using the array of cameras and microphones. you can listen or talk to passengers or a police officer for that matter and that again around problem areas. the system is dependent on the reliability of cell phone towers along the route that then tomorrow has mapped out you want to know the strength of each carrier and where it's the strongest around a certain route. >>but secondly we have to kn in advance if there is any tree dead zones, no issues on the test run from city hall to the capitol and back at least no technical ones, you know
10:47 pm
you looked a couple of times like why there's no hand and history will it takes a moment of adjustment will. >>i think they did this 2 or 3 you would feel very normal. >>there could soon be more driverless test cars on the roads in sacramento, using the phantom on a backup. the city officials say is not a bad thing. >>drivers don't have any concerns with the tone was cars. the list are trying to take pictures of the carcass of has their >>that was lonnie long reporting now to a 19 year-old waitress who's recovering tonight after diving off a pier in daytona beach florida to try to save a child who is stuck in a rip current had a big nato was working the rooftop and crabby joe's restaurant just before 8 saturday night when she saw a kid struggling in the water she ran down to the pier level and hopped in at least a 20 foot drop. the nato says she hit a sandbar and then she needed rescuing herself. but she says she had to act because she watch the child being pulled farther and
10:48 pm
farther out as the child's mother was screaming for help. >>help she's screaming body. mary like and just hear the fear in her eyes and i was scared, everybody was scared. i like thinking in my head that he was going to die because no one is in the water. >>the 8 year-old was saved by bystanders and beach safety officers c swallowed a lot of water and was taken to the hospital as a precaution, big nato says she has a few broken bolts. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment. >>this warriors game was in the back and the warriors had a huge lead and then. >>and then they didn't and then it was over and then you're like what do we just see maybe you you lose a starting player to injury and you certainly it was a collapse yet complete a historic lapse in this may be one of the games were fans are still in their seats at oracle
10:49 pm
just trying to figure what exactly went wrong now just a bizarre sequence of events warriors lose one of their 5 all-stars. >>and after building a 31 point lead. a clip first took over chance la oracle arena, its final playoff run pack for game 2 1st quarter. the bad news for golden state damarcus cousins goes down well chasing a loose ball immediately grabs his tie and pay warriors call it a left quad injury. he did not return, we'll get an mri tomorrow now 2nd quarter. kevin durant with the steel. get ahead to clay thompson for the layoff more years of 13 and a half steph curry he was working 3 ball from the corner champs in control 73 50 at the break and then did to rant. for 63 warriors seemingly in control of 31 7.31 left in the 3rd clips they could come back to lou williams on fire check
10:50 pm
out the hang time on that jumper clippers down only 4 and then williams again fade away ties it at one 2836 points or williams. hurry down the stretch right back out of 3 ball, one 31, one 28 more your staff with 29. but beckham's la landry shamet kick out knocks down the tray clippers lead one 33 won 31 to 16 seconds to go. steve balmer loves it last chance for the warriors curry get a good look from 3. it is off clippers grabbed the rebound they converted their free throws to complete the biggest comeback in playoff history from 31 points down the clippers win one 35 1.31 series. now tied at a game apiece game 3 in l a just thursday. only other game us out east to come in will tumble allen iverson watching their sixers were shocked in game one and game 2 against the nets 3rd quarter 2 well and beans, and me didn't seem to bother him tonight, 23 points, 10 boards. sixers up 70 to 64 now still in the 3rd ben simmons the steel most of
10:51 pm
the rack 18 points, 12 assists and rebounds a triple double for sentence and in nba playoff record 51 point for philly in the 3rd sixers win one 45 1.23. that series tied at one. another basketball news, what was long expected. finally becomes official zion williamson, the duke freshman superstars leaving school to declare for this summer's nba draft, the 18 year-old is projected to be the first overall pick and for good reason 6, 7, 2, 185 pounds considered a generational talent. the naismith player of the year. now to the sharks their series is vegas pick back up tomorrow as san jose tries to avoid falling into a 3 one hole. >>but it doesn't help one of their veterans will be suiting up go it with a one-game suspension for this illegal check to the head. tomas nosek happened midway through the second period of yesterday's game for immediately analyzed, they gusts ended up winning 6, 3, to take it to one series lead. the sharks in serious trouble.
10:52 pm
>>and do a better job of handling that there some perfect storms in a week. created some chances early in. starts to and they've got to say you know instead it ends up in the air. but we're giving up too much. >>finally tonight, a historic weekend for golfers, tiger woods won his first major since 2008 is not the only one cashing in a better nevada put down an incredible weight of $85,000 breaking at one 0.2 million that was at the william hill sports book the largest golf payout to be accorded there. >>the 43 year-old woods, the nominal winning his 5th career jacket curry green jacket in 15 career major after multiple surgeries taking his entire career was in doubt put back to that warriors doubtful. that caught right no doubt it's a serious step down the goes l a nearly one in 5. thank you mark the arts. i
10:53 pm
like to draw, let's keep the series going right and a lot folks to like lose well, but it is not bad. >>they'll come back, they've got some clouds out there right now little fog thickening up outside to talk you know when you're at ross
10:54 pm
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>>police rescue some ducklings who apparently fell into a storm drain today. they got reports of a mother to pacing around the road and when officers got there they found the ducklings but the sad news is he weren't able to find them on the ducklings were taken to the animal shelter and then will be taken to a wildlife sanctuary.
10:56 pm
>>all right time to an attention getter long-range forecast what's going on this monday, some showers continuing around the bay area most it's just very light scattered out there now but we're going to see that tail off. after midnight tonight and then as it does we'll start to clear out skies tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies early on maybe couple patches of fog temperatures going to be the 50's to begin with as we head toward the middle today, becoming mostly sunny up in the 50's 60's at noontime and by the afternoon a little breeze along the coastline 50's there, but some upper 60's in some of the interior valleys so not a bad day temperatures going a little bit below the average tomorrow kind of a transitional day as we get ready for some very nice weather toward the middle of the week 59 degrees in spdowntown san francisco 60 in the marina 57 degrees in daly city about 57 also in half moon bay breezy along the immediate coastline, 58 degrees in south san francisco 59 in burlingame 62 in redwood, i doubt they look at this you see some mid 60's and the san jose 64 in campbell about 65 degrees in cupertino
10:57 pm
he's based partly cloud skies, especially over the mount hawks are going to see some of those cumulus clouds right over the tops the bounds, otherwise numbers up in the 60's about 66 summer august 61 in castro valley, 65 in oakland and about 60 degrees in walnut creek. and the north they will find some sunshine in the afternoon, warm temperatures to upper 60's maybe low 70's in the vacaville and back along the coastline, keep me in the 50's and the 60's, here's your 10 day forecast we're going to see. clouds parting for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, warmer temperatures on wednesday, 70's and 80's as we head toward the middle of the week looks like we'll stay dry over the weekend least on easter sunday to it.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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