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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  April 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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>>watch as an out of control driver slams into a restaurant patio just missing a mother and her 2 young kids, liz. >>crazy and was carrying just everything fine dir pots breaking tables umbrellas dollar patio set was everywhere. >>they ve and sell the bar has worked at vehicle grown up for 13 years she had just watched the family stepped outside the restaurant when she heard the crash. >>ash what i saw yesterday was like a movie scene i had never seen anything like ttat in front of me these are photos of what the restaurant looks like after the accident tables chairs pots and pillars summit privacy ar ended up wall between the restaurant in the house. >>the people who live there say their dogs were in the backyard but are okay, yeah. >>just a a a lucky lucky break. >>very lucky. police believe the driver just lost control,
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they said no charges were filed. the driver in the young girl who looks like she might have gotten hit by a chair did go to the hospital but miraculously only suffered minor injuries. >>i'm speechless like i'm shaking. >>and another big story tonight still more questions than answers as to why a dj from australia would allegedly tried to kidnap a local child that a suspect made his first court appearance in the city today com first anchorman live for us at the hall of justice in s fanswers as the suspect did not enter a plea neither discussing any sort of motive a public defender indicating that he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in emphasizing that he believes his client has no criminal record prior to this. >>it's here in san francisco's castro district where the kidnapping is alleged to have
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occurred. authorities allege roscoe holyoke came up behind a mother and grabbed her child. the mother says she struggled with the suspect and eventually he let go and ran only to be chased down by bystanders who held them until police arrived holyoke made his first court appearance tuesday charged with kidnapping and child endangerment there's a who was involved in this case. >>obviously for all of us that's very concerning and at this fortunate to get into any more details regarding this case holyoke who lives in australia did not enter a plea because his public defender says he had no time to review the evidence for meet privately with his client is upset. anyone else holyoke public defender does say his client has no criminal record and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty but has been in this country many times doing charitable the dj that is here on
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business for a few days prior to his arrest. >>they'll set at half a million dollars and there's a stay away order issued by this judge so should he make bail this to stay away from the mother and the child too accused him of this kidnapping suspect due back in court on thursday morning. live at the hall of justice in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>when tragedy. and just to set an historic place of course the place of religion a place of culture place of history. >>house speaker nancy pelosi speaking today giving her heartfelt condolences to the people of friends following the massive fire that burned the majority of the rooftop of the notre cathedral, the flames were finally extinguished after burning for 9 hours in a building that has stood for centuries. graham lotus joins us now in the studio with the very latest on what's happening there grant camp and starting to see inside and it just say a
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horrific damage authorities say though there is no sign so far. >>that the fire was anything other than accidental but that investigation continues and these haunting new images show the scale of destruction inside the notre cathedral, yesterday's fire sending shock waves across paris and around the world. the central spire and much of the 13 th-century wooden roof largely destroyed in that raging fire. but there are some reasons to be thankful. no deaths in much of the beloved cathedral's interior is still intact in its most precious relics have been safety c people there vigils, what was saved is the crown of thorns which some believe was placed on the head of jesus during the crucifixion the focus is now turning to the fire's cause in the parish prosecutor says while an investigation continues. it was likely accidental. france's president emmanuel macron pledging to rebuild as more than million have already been donated to that cause.
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>>is that there's a great deal to be rebuilt at all and we will make the cathedral of notre dot in even more beautiful, they don't go we can do this. hoping to rebuild within. >>5 years some call that an aggressive timeline president trump meanwhile spoke with that problem on the phone this morning. offering condolences and across the world there are signs and sounds of solidarity say path or patrick's cathedral here in new york city ringing its bells it 12:50pm eastern that marking 24 hours since the fire started can back to you brad, thank you. >>in berkeley, the police department is more than tripling the reward money being offered for information to try to solve a cold case murder investigation. alex good when junior was gunned down more than 2 years ago in a forceful a jungle tells us. investigators and the victim's family believe more money may help solve this case. >>a mural painted on alex, but when juniors home in berkeley honors the late musician, he was 22 years old on august
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16th, 2016 when he was gunned down outside his house and mabel and burnett streets his family has been working with the police department ever since to track down his killer high. >>just just says is for alex. i would like for these people to be caught. because they have done a lot of damage to a lot of families so would there. >>years shortly after the murder, the police department offered a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case this week the city council approved increasing that amount the $50,000 so we're trying to encourage people to come forward then >>it's apparent that we're going to have to increase them out of money here will take for someone to come. >>for officer, byron be increas reward money being offered in other crimes to incentivize the public to heep solve cold cases we liked to be able vals present it helps pray that
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someone sees that is increased and it's put on some months hard to come out. and speed to help us we really we really. >>really needed. and investigators are willing to listen in berkeley felipe did all kron 4 news. >>and civil rights attorney john burris is speaking out because construction workers say they found a new set the new chase center in san francisco. the discovery was made last friday. mortenson clark construction is running the billion dollar project the company is posting signs reminding workers to respect one another many workers say with so many people on site there is bound to be issues. burris says there is no place in the workplace or ietimidation. no place. >>in the workplace for individuals who engage in this kind of placing a noose in tim an obligation obviously to make sure that anything the scene is not there that may be the as and to whom it being sent
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over. it's serious problem. >>the construction company says it's offering on-site diversity training to all subcontractors gun shows will soon be a thing of the past at the cow palace in daly city after public comment. the board of directors of that facility voted today to ban the gun shows the cow palace is a state owned venue in a senate bill on the ban is going through a committee right now the board of directors wanted to make the changes sooner. santo county supervisor. david connect to. ownership. however that being said it's been well documented that these gun shows the hands of people who do bad things criminal acts. >>the cow palace hose 5 gun shows a year and oas been hosting the largest gun show on the west coast for more than 30 years. the band starts on january first of next year.
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take a live look outside and see are things are shaping up on really what a beautiful day all over the bay area today, a beautiful day in chief meteorologist laura's cano says things are going to warm up even better as the week moves here we go we're going to see some very nice weather. the next couple of days today kind of a transitional they would not bad some sunshine, some ufo clouds over the mountain tops. >>and there we go nice look over alcatraz right now looking back towards san francisco as high pressure now kicking into gear and it's going to strengthen quite a bit. these next couple of clouds moving out of town you see a few lingering showers in the southern sierra nevada couple snowflakes there too but yeah we're looking good now the sea breeze picaing up into the afternoon, some of those winds over 20 miles per hour at sfo otherwise were gentle breeze around the bay area to 1618 miles per hour in oakland, 16 in palo alto but otherwise you stepped outside tonight don't have to worry about any rain mostly sunny skies by 7 o'clock by 8 the sunset. we're talking about some clear conditions starry skies out there little cool in spots
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temperatures going to drop it off especially after midnight tonight down in the 40's and 50's we will see a couple of patches of fog overnight tonight along the coastline to wake up to that early tomorrow morning by the middle of the day here comes that sunshine up in the 50's and the 60's but by the afternoon, how about that some upper 70's in the warmest spot, some 70's inside the bay and some 60's along the coast guys back to you. >>thank you coming up the city of san francisco helping some people get back on the rose what was behind their london breeze push to make it happens coast may soon get a special designation in order to protect endangered but many are worried that that help will be a little too little too late. details ahead and next sideshows in oakland may soon merit a tougher criminal offense. the city is announcing a new crackdown on the escalating violence as the escalating violence as many people say it's about you know when you're at ross and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices?
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>>tonight more details about the new police plan to crack down on the increasingly violent sideshows in oakland. well for says it made euro has learned that plan now includes new legislation that would make sideshows a felony. >>0 tolerance for any of those ideals in oakland. now taking on a new beat it. >>with these measures in place. >>wake up the massive crowd size violence associated with sunday sideshow accounts of
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labor says the city is ready to back police on this decision we should have been from the very beginning just heard one shot officials at opd say started immediately the city of oakland will now apply the same resources for sideshows that would be used for any large protest for mass demonstrations, you're going to see a. >>in contingency of officers this weekend will be deploying in our mobile field force the units in his van and it's like we do we see mass demonstrations, they're going see air support. traffic enforcement. >>this a matter of time before one of these cars go out of control. run people over kill people injured people. >>this recent sideshow was in oakland city council liberty well dials fruitvale district, he talked about some upcoming changes to oakland's infrastructure to make the street less desirable that i affect today.
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speaking with caltrans engineers to see if they're so where we can locate on 42th minute. the national median barriers to discourage the sideshow our responsibilities providing public safety. i'm waiting for the city of oakland like when we lose a child the one who's a family on cross walk it takes a for us to react and move and we're tired of it. >>you know clint has a menu kron 4 happening now the dixie school district board in center fell is voting on whether or not to keep its name critics say the name is linked to the confederacy and slavery. >>the majority of board members say they support changing the name but they voted against it in february because he wanted more ee of te summertime. >>the city of san francisco is helping people with suspended licenses get back on the road the program was created to help low income people who
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cannot afford to pay their fines for swearing, kelly report said to do this the city has come up with some money to help the courts clear a backlog of cold cases. >>this move by the city could help as many as 88 1000 people get their suspended driver's licenses back the people impacted would have had their license is taken away. >>for missing their court date to address traffic tickets because they couldn't afford to pay the fines. the san francisco superior court stop suspending licenses of people unable to pay traffic fines back in 2015. and legislation ended the practice statewide in 2017. but there was still a backlog of people whose driving privileges were put into limbo and the court needed the funds to straighten it out today, san francisco mayor london breed announced that she has come up with 15 grand to help the court get those affected residents. back on the road and on with their
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lives. one community leader advocating for this change says this will make the system more fair we saw person after person coming in and saying i can work if i could keep my license i have to take my child to cancer treatments at the hospital. >>if people don't have a license and the drive anyway, they risk arrest to the consequences are more so much more steeper people can afford to pay or appeared this is not affect people whose licenses were suspended because of reckless driving or driving under the influence people who are getting their suspended licenses back. we'll still have to pay their fines but now they can do it on installments and they can also ask that those fines be reduced for financial hardship. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>all right, let's take a look outside decide whether or not we want to grab our flip flops when we head out the door. tomorrow or the next day the lines. the series isn't that quite t shirt weather to ship
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it definitely will mean a yes some places maybe shorts and sandals i think we're going to be can a flipping into that mode now it looks like over the next couple days as high pressure taken overnight shop for you right now, beautiful sunshine looking from the berkeley hills as we've got high pressure now that will strengthen over the next 2 days going to these temperatures soaring, maybe as much as 15 degrees warmer from today's highs so that's pretty impressive doppler radar showing things pretty quiet out there except for southern california continue to see some lingering showers in that direction. temperatures today that over the past 24 hours really already taken jump, 16 degrees, warmer santa rosa level, warmer. in nevada also to the napa valley for 2 more murder for field and 10 degrees warmer in caucus on numbers, coming up already, but so the long ways to go in fact we have a very cool a couple of days there. but now we'll see some changes come awaits a still 61 degrees in san francisco, 65 in oakland 66 in san jose 66 in livermore 69 in concord and just above the average is 71 in santa rosa. but these numbers, many of those could be pushing up near 80 degrees in the next couple of days outside right
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now a beautiful evening in concord at 68 degrees 64 little more still 66 in santa rosa cooled off in the san francisco at 58 degrees air quality looking good of course we're going to be tracking that as high pressure builds in over the future here as we get in the summer months to is we're going to see a lot of the pollutants get trapped near the ground but not this time nice and clear around the bay area over the next couple of days that ridge is going to strengthen very nicely now sending the jet stream to the north the same time more of a northerly component to the wind and that is going to warm these temperatures up very nicely around the bay area. so there's the good news, the storm track is going to stay to the north. that means we're going to keep things dry is that big dome of high pressure builds overhead. the temperatures are going to soar all around matter of fact some of these numbers maybe sneak into the low 80's. i think as we get into thursday, then by friday, the clouds begin to move back into our temperatures start to cool down a little bit into the weekend, partly cloudy as we head into eaefly to warm things up the beginning of the week before cooling down toward
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wednesday. so with all that in mind tomorrow looking good we'll see numbers in the upper 70's in the concord about 75 degrees beautiful sunshine in the santa rosa, about 74 degrees and sunny in san jose. thank you law is coming up tonight. it is 6.45 a father literally walking in his son shoes. >>and taking up his son's cause in the 20 years since his child was killed in the columbine massacre and next at 6 a are magnificent ocean creatures they are endangered and now they are starving experts warn an effort to save workers may come soon enough full explainer.
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>>federal government says a by october it will submit a proposal to expand habitat protections. 4 pacific northwest orcas off the coast of california, washington and oreg. e for these beautiful and exotic creatures you see some of them in the water here. experts say they are dying from a lack of food. reporter kyle in ville explains the whales are so malnourished they may soon lose the ability to successfully reproduce. >>and we need to preserve them for future generauions, it's so important. >>peggy staff with marine life study says it's not often that the monterey they get a glimpse of southern resident killer whales, the most recent was in late march of this year before that was in 2011. but
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the sightings may become more scarce as the species of orca are in danger, the once abundant population has dropped to 75. the lowest number in more than 30 years. the reasons. southern residents, primarily feed on chinook salmon salman have been declining as well because of issues they face navigating through >>they have to go through powerhouses and so each step of the way and gso either by removing or at least by increasing the amount of water that is spilled over the top of the dams can help increase the chances of survival for those human species. >>center for biological diversity has taken action pushing the federal government to help create and expand save habitats for these orcas to breed along the coast of
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california, washington and oregon. but marine life experts say even with these expansions it will be easy. >>i would say there is hope, but it's a matter of time. the population the declines to this extent means that there's compete. issues with the gene pool tissues. they don't interbreed with and the northern resident clean your withtrients. it's more oncap is providing a glimmer of hope. >>lucky as a the little orchids been names i think that provides a lot of optimism and hope for recovery of the southern resident population. >>that was kyler lynn bill reporting sadly a dead whale washed up a couple of days ago on shore in richmond near the brothers islands that's north of the richness and without bridge. and another dead whale was spotted today just off the coast of pacifica this makes a total of at least 3 dead whales which have been spotted
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in the bay area over the last month. >>i mean a warning key in washington congress is investigating several states for suppressing votes during the 2018 mid term elections on that story coming up. >>also the mueller report is set to releas i days, but the newest details ahead. >>and after suffering the yoff history, the news does not get any better for the wires, this time concerning booking cousins mark has that story coming up in sports. >>depending where you live these temperatures really going to start heating up tomorrow, we'll take a look at your 4 zone forecast a break that a
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>>the house of representatives is bracing for the release of special counsel robert mueller's report which is expected to come out on thursday night as abby phillip are and many of them are looking into his finances. >>president trump and says he's not worried about the mueller showed that it's a total phony i don't have to. >>say that i mean you just take a look at the conclusion. they can't be anything there because there was no crime there was no think the crime was committed by the other side but simultaneously working overtime to both discredit. the investigation.
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>>insisting it found no collusion and no obstruction and attacking it as the greatest scam in political history that is bigger and more important than watergate. but sources tell cnn that current and former white house aides are worried about unflattering things they might have said to mueller about trump telling meantime democrats are already bracing for a fight over redactions morning the attorney general it's not his decision to make and isn't up to the attorney general who has said. >>that basically that the president is above the law and the rest so he's there to read at whenever he wants. >>and as trump lashes out democratic oversight committees are moving forward with new subpoenas, targeting banks that


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