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>>say that i mean you just take a look at the conclusion. they can't be anything there because there was no crime there was no think the crime was committed by the other side but simultaneously working overtime to both discredit. the investigation. >>insisting it found no collusion and no obstruction and attacking it as the greatest scam in political history that is bigger and more important than watergate. but sources tell cnn that current and former white house aides are worried about unflattering things they might have said to mueller about trump telling meantime democrats are already bracing for a fight over redactions morning the attorney general it's not his decision to make and isn't up to the attorney general who has said. >>that basically that the president is above the law and the rest so he's there to read at whenever he wants. >>and as trump lashes out democratic oversight committees are moving forward with new subpoenas, targeting banks that have done business
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with the president or his associates and seeking more information about the president's personal taxes. trump also leading the discussion away from the investigation and on to his other favorite topic immigration and stoking fears again about undocumented immigrants to look at some of these people you want protection from them and this saying we need protection from our country. >>the sources say the subpoenas into trump's finances were issued by 3 house committees. they are reportedly asking for information from for banks and accounting firm which worked with trump. let's get a check of the weather around the bay area time now for the 4 zone forecast with our chief meteorologist send man who knows to how to apply sunblock. >>lawrence carney asked you got to do this time of year as we get ready for lot of sunshine coming our way and temperatures. they are going to be warming up very nicely outside beautiful out there right now a nice evening all around the bay area. but these numbers just get going in the right direction today we warm things up a lot warmer tomorrow, even warmer on
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thursday, high pressure now taken over and look what happened the clouds and just kind of disappear start seymour that northerly component to the wind kneps him mostly clear overnight tonight, maybe just a hint of some patchy fog up toward the beaches, nice day on wednesday on thursday may be the warmest and the valleys but may begin to see some fog creeping along the coastline to cool you down at the beach is still these numbers break down like this 61 and it's downtown san francisco, 63 in the marina 64 in the mission 57 degrees little cool along the coastline of pacifica 65 degrees and no bracey start to warm things up right away to get inside the bay and 70's in san carlos 71 in redwood city 73 amount due mid 70's in the san jose in morgan hill, 74 in campbell 72 in milpitas east bay go see those temperatures jump tomorrow, mid 70's and a little more pleasant and and dublin 70 into hayward 68 in san leandro 69 in oakland and o these temperatures a big dive as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon. and that's just the
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beginning of the warming trend much warmer weather public. some 80's as we head in toward thursday by friday. the kind of reverses course a few clouds coming our way and cooling down into the weekend. well of course, talking about the ways tonight and not just the loss, but also what's going on with one of the star players which also is potentially a loss right market, so many storylines to dissect from last night's game out i don't know how we figure out the metrics from this but. >>there are people that woke up this morning, speaking at the warriors had won big last night to share with their phones and they're like wait, happened to be out a little break it all down now warrior showed us the collapse of epic proportions but first, what was feared became official today damarcus cousins may be done for the rest of the season. the team announced today that an mri revealed a torn left quadriceps muscle he is out indefinitely. happened in the 1st quarter of last night's game against the
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clippers win cousins dove for a loose ball came up grabbing his left leg went straight to the locker roomoit's the second season in a row, he suffered a major injury he tore his achilles last year which was also on the left side steph curry and cousins to bat. >>so for sure you feel for out. consider always been like you said this last year and this is a big in the playoffs, he's been looking forward to this is you know again what he's been through says so for sure there's no sugarcoating us to know the a c in opportunity on this again this big stage taking away from my den. >>yeah, he was making his playoff debut him back to the other top headlines from game 2. warriors completely fell apart in 20 minutes with 7.30 to go in the 3rd the warriors led 9463. >>at that point some win probability models gave the clippers a 0, 1, chance of rallying when la went on a run outscoring the warriors 70 to 37 kevin durant fouled out with one 20 to go golden state
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didn't score in the final 15 seconds, lou williams unstoppable 36 points off the bench, la pulls off the largest comeback in postseason history. >>oh stop time, we re guy we kind of disconnected. come in 3rd quarter lost our defense of we just we we didn't you know you can mess with the game a little bit when you do that. you know you're in you're in some trouble, especially in the playoffs. this is one game on those circumstances are with that big of a lead at home >>the same months a when you lose a game. got to go down the l a. say to you know start on. thursday and i think he move and we let our guard down want the aggressive anymore. are the win that game will bounce back title we'll get all right the ship. >>game 3 thursday in la as for
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the sharks, they continue the postseason tonight in san jose is on the brink of being in a tough spot, one more loss and they'll trail the golden knights 3 to one game for less % than an hour away in las vegas to help break it all down chris matthews from our affiliate station out there he's been covering the night since the start of the franchise. he joins us live from t mobile arena, chris, what kind of response is the team expected tonight from the sharks. >>well it's going to excite market tell you what the energy inside they say is whether all you're ready for game 4 between the sharks and the gold nights now according to a money put dot com. the night's other than 71% chance and eliminating the sharks in this series of course that they would they go about 3 games to one on the sharks of and will not last sunday night. was a vicious this is
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usual for the sharks or they're going to miss him. >>the laws of matter where i was the guy you know been around for a while so tree rings a lot of to to into their team for us just trying manage huge for the team on around a long time says been there a lot of so. >>other leadership part of them in last 8 or more the more physical and i as the a game and they will pick up we left off. >>want to give you a feel for what's going on inside here. i want to look every single see
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like in a san jose of those rally towels well here in vegas, they say night up biggest born and then way up on the wall there they taken down all the other flags they have just the a the 16 now the the west and the 4 series in the 80's. but you can see the sharks and the biggest gold nice those batters, how you with the spotlights on him we'll tell you what the fans are getting excited. they're inside the fortress for game 4 course, the big game for both teams remember last year this put those first 4 games and then biggest one game 5 they went to san jose in one game 6 and not the sharks out obvious down the cup playoff. so we'll see what happens there tonight. we'll tell you what there's nothing hockey in the desert and we'll see what happens again for mark reporting live from inside this fortress, i'm chris matthews back to you. >>thank you very much. chris, yes, chris matthews in vegas will have the highlights later tonight, so which sharks warriors both of our area teams in some up early postseason drama about that i think the word is going to be a little angrier testy when
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they go la so i don't think that bodes well for the clippers will see how she was always out him and thank you mark. coming up. tesla killer, but it is a car that could turn the head of james bond. we'll have a first look at aston martin's new electric car. it may be the perfect time to plan.
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>>many the national park service says it will kick off national park week. my waiving all interest fees on saturday this year national park week runs from april 20th through the 28 and there will be several theme days to mark the event including military and veterans recognition day on the 21th and park ranger day for pets on the 27th. of course the entrance fee waiver does not cover amenity or user fees like camping transportation and special tours. >>columbine father turns his heartbreak over the loss of his son into a mission walking in his son's shoes and siding against the loopholes in gun laws and if you are streaming assault kron on the news continues during the commercial break to climb and that tv to see what you're
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>>just days before the 20th anniversary of the columbine shooting the school along with 20 other denver area schools was placed on lockdown today because of a possible threat. now police are looking for a woman who they say is armed a dangerous officials say 18 year-old seoul pieties should not be approached they say she traveled to colorado last night and made threats but they haven't said the nature of the threats or from where she traveled. again it will be 20 years on saturday since at columbine high school massacre in littleton colorado, 12 students and a teacher were all killed, it doesn't seem
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like it's been 20 years but for the parents of brothers sisters, and friends of those who were killed it does not matter how much time goes by every anniversary of the tragedy is difficult. >>reporter and trujillo sat down with the father of one of the victims. >>from the day daniel mauser was born he was a shy gentle boy, not someone who grazes hand to sign up for the high school debate team. well we did and his father figures if his son could do it, i feel like okay. >>i had to overcome my shyness i had to overcome my. my fears and to do what i'm doing just as he did. >>tom mouser proudly wears his son shoes on special occasions, this is a special occasion coming to columbine where his son's name is among the 13 at the library entrance here to talk about daniel and how he is taking up his son's cause he's going to bring up the question to me about they're being loopholes in our gun laws. and. you know was
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killed with a gun that was purchased through one of those loopholes in our gun laws >>i felt like i had to act on them and i feel that's that's one of the ways and i honor him. >>and he's not afraid to show it picketing at lawmakers offices marching in the capital even appearing on the cover of time magazine. always for daniel. >>because there are clearly people in society should not have guns, he feels daniel is looking down in watching knowing. he's always on his dad's mind the fact that because he did some he was good at math and science he did some volunteer work at a hospital that he might have gone into something like medical research that that's really us about as far as i go i really try not to think much about. how would it be and what he'd be doing to me he's to 15. i i try not let myself go there about. he beat a what he'd be doing because it gets me nowhere. >>his path for now he's to make change in daniel's name strengthened by the shoes on
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his feet his 20 years later and daniels shoes are still intact. >>you know these are the shoes. he was wearing that day. i wear them proudly have i limit how often i wear them, so they don't wear out. and i'm and i'm proud to wear his shoes. >>taking his place. >>great story there. >>now back home a cat that was hit by a car in daly city is now up for adoption. the cat is named tao which in the language of mail we so right lay now or a year now re means oi or it was found seriously injured on the side of the road back in february he was taken to the peninsula humane society. >>and as pca where his jaw was wired shut a feeding tube was inserted after a few weeks tell was eventually able to eat on his own he's now fully recovered and is ready for adoption that cat has been
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neutered and microchipped. of that the house committee on oversight and reform is investigating several states for suppressing votes during the 2018 midterm elections. democrats say the state's intentionally scare voters away or made it difficult for people to access polling station the committee requested election information from state officials in texas and georgia and in kansas. >>but republicans on those committees say house democrats are overstepping their authority. washington correspondent and want to keep reports. >>rights are obviously that building block of democracy, marylaseveral states violated pattern has been to reduce the size of the electorate for thrown as many people off of the rolls and his possible raskin and other house democrats launched an
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investigation into the election. they want information from officials in texas georgia and kansas in dodge city, kansas, a predominantly latino area election officials. >>moved to one polling place at 3 miles away. rascon says he believes the move was to make it difficult for voters to get to the polls. >>so was wasn't even in the county anymore. it was a place that was not very accessible by public transportation that is intentional voter suppression don cowie with the national voter protection action fund to says that's sweet election results and it really is not a coincidence. >>that it's happening at a time of increased political engagement callaway says congress needs to act fast to be prepared ornd our thought wa to do is quickly as possible. in 2019 so we're really ready for 2020, but a speedy investigation may be difficult the top republican on the oversight committee jim jordan sent this letter to election officials in kansas texas and georgia morning them democrats overstepped their authority by requesting the information
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rascon says the investigation is constitutionally mandated and republicans should not block them in washington. i'm an award to keep. >>james bond approves aston martin has produced its first electric car. it's called the rip he e it's a four-door vehicle was unveiled at the shanghai motor show. it's an electric version of the repeat as switches gas-powered the electric car has more than 600 horsepower top speed of a 155 and a 0 to 60 mile in an hour time of less than 4 seconds. it has a range of just over 200 miles the price tag for a repeat he is expected to be around $330,000 if you're interested you better hurry because only a 155 or pde cars will be made and james bond will be driving one in his next movie and ever wonder what celebrities would look like if they were moments of public transportation in the bay area probably not but we're going to show you any way after the break. and
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kron four is now streaming live local talk news, 24 hours a day if you haven't tried try not caught on yet. here's what you're missing. >>county oakland, san francisco and los part.
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>>fans as twitter account is having so phone with celebrity outfits today comparing them to popular mass transit options here in the bay area early in the sand trans colored get up red white and blue and then again with a talent sprinklers on john legend sporting uni orange that's interesting jay z where is something resembling the new bart trains blue and white alongside a green and white clad sean combs aka puff daddy aka brother love and ariana grande a in teal in denham like the south bay's the t a the old school works. james brown or something i kind of right. >>let's take a look outside and chief meteorologist karnal shown us a beautiful shot golden gate bridge. i'll tell you what iaround the bay area these next couple of days you want to enjoy some nice spring weather here come for you now some grace a fad temperatures really going to warm up the downside. everything's grow on all the plants all the allergies here we go the pollen count is going to be way up these next couple of with both trees and
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grass pollens out there that's because everything is growing right now and with that sunshine. we're going to see a lot of the paul loose in the atmosphere so be prepared for that that looks like that will come back down a little bit on friday saturday and into sunday that we're going to join skies like this the next couple of nights, beautiful and clear out around the bay area maybe some patchy fog along the coastline but otherwise staying dry high pressure building in overhead now that are a big ridge is really going to dominate our weather here. the next couple of days said these temperatures soaring all around in fact tonight, mostly clear maybe a couple of patches of fog right along the coastline. that's a little cool in spots otherwise tomorrow, mostly sunny and much warmer to so here we go s 61 degrees right now in san jose the 62 at oakland. it is 64 degrees still nice in concord 66 a brett what 59 right now in petaluma and 67 degrees in saint alina so not a bad evening but getting better the next couple days high pressure taken over and that rigell said these temperatures soaring well above the average for this time of year back maybe as
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much as 15 degrees warmer as we head toward tomorrow afternoon that in mind tonight skies going to stay mostly clear again maybe just a patch or 2 of fog out toward the beaches, otherwise sunny and bright, maybe couple clouds we enroll along the coastline as we head in toward thursday, but the rest the bay area staying warm or ilo's going to be the 40's 50's highs tomorrow will be up in the 60's and the 70's in the upper 70's, warmer spots inland, even warmer maybe some 80's on thursday cooling down a few more clouds over the weekend. >>a local sports coverage is ahead bay area sports night. we'll see you at 8 o'clock.
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from the ashes. the notre dame cross. it is still there. are america they had dallas in peril? outrage over the airline pilot arrested in his hotel room. >> you are under arrest. >> for what. >> exposure. >> because he walked around naked just before taking a shower. >> they came storming in with their hands on their guns. then, what is goinvan spotted outside her house. >> ar targeted by the feds? no baby photo for you. >> royawo


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