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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 18, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>and are you full senate on james fletcher our top story this morning. we are just hours away from the release of special counsel robert mueller's report it will be the first time that we get a look at this, although there will be redactions in a lot of the report meaning that a lot of the information. >>could remain a secret for now the redacted version of the report may or may not reveal any significant material of obstruction of justice regarding president trump will have to wait see for the very latest on this we want to go to karen caifa stand by. >>live in washington with more on what we'll expect later on today parent. >>washington awaiting on just how much of robert mueller's 400 page report that they will get to see today and democrats objecting to the way this day will play out attorney general bill barr holding a press conference before that report is released to members of congress, the media and the public.
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>>the attorney general is expemore of a glimpse into special counsel robert mueller's 22 month investigation into russian interference in the 2016 us election. >>the first pass it this is going to produce a report makes these redactions based on these 4 categories. >>these types of information will be redacted including grand jury material classified information information that could harm peripheral 3rd parties and items that could impact ongoing investigations on march 24th bar released a four-page letter outlining his top line conclusions from mueller's nearly 400 page report regarding collusion are said mueller did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities on whether the president obstructed justice barr said mueller left that unresolved writing the special counsel states that while thisep exonera him. but barr and his deputy
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rod rosenstein decided not to prosecute a point president trump and allies have seized upon democrats want to see the evidence. >>barr made a very quick determination that there was nothing in the report that we should really know or that there was nothing that should be pursued when in fact robert mueller said in the report that he could not exonerate the president. >>and we are learning from a justice department spokesperson, a little bit more about what the attorney general plans to address in this news conference at 09:30am eastern time. it will include whether executive privilege was invoked deal j interactions with the white house within the last few weeks and also a little bit more about bars redaction process as to what the residents mindset is like this morning. he has just tweeted a few moments ago he said the greatest political hoax of all time crimes were committed by crooked dirty cops and the dnc democrats a little bit of insight. the how the president this morning. a lot of the justice department in
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washington, i'm karen caifa now back to you thank you karen. >>and don't forget starting at 6 30 this morning. we'll have full coverage and analysis of the mueller report again beginning with attorney general bill barr's news conference that we live right here on kron four and then we'll bring you the latest on the report once it is in fact released and we'll have analysis here to buy experts to stay tuned, right now let's get a look at weather and traffic for you this morning, how to stay the year so far as can be today, yeah. >>guys don't want to catch you by surprise stepping outside today you are going to notice temperatures already warmer this morning and this afternoon. >>that's going to be even more noticeable looking outside of berkeley conditions are nice and clear to kick off this morning and we're in the 50's for the most part livermore and pacific as well as novato in petaluma and the north bay. we're all in a range of 40's but berkeley oakland hayward 51 san francisco, right there with you with concord sitting at 52 degrees. these numbers for the most part warmer than the same time yesterday and
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these differences going to be even more pronounced this afternoon as daytime highs continue to build eventually taking many inland areas. well up into the 80's and for not the only time in your forecast either i'm tracking some really warm weather from start to finish in your forecast. still ahead, robin. >>all right, thank you johnny want to check in on traffic now because it's picking up out there starting off of the bay bridge commute, 80 west cash lanesville and quickly right so a little busy now into san francisco, but no major issues it's going to be little crowded at the tolls but overall a great trip across the upper deck to the skyway here's 24 and i'm showing you this because i mentioned an accident earlier what's 24 at telegraph in oakland, they've got most of that activity off to the side but they've been running traffic break so we have an early on expected back up leaving the caldecott all the way through oakland up to telegraph. it is crawling. you're at 23 minutes and growing because of that so i'll keep my eyes on it, we'll check more slow downs coming up darren ching say sullivan
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for a new this morning, the san pablo police are apologizing because they tried to arrest the wrong person at starbucks. so officers were responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle and of a woman who is refusing to leave starbucks. >>and then take a look at what happened. so there you can see the officers kind of they got him, they started so he went to the one that confronted in the video made it clear that obviously they made a mistake that's how it ended the rson lo away so the officer apologized, and again police released this body camera video after complaints were made. >>5 oh 5 and the oakland a's have their sights set but
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opposition is growing from those who work at the port of oakland the a's plan for the new stadium london square. a number of groups, including the pacific merchant shipping association, the si se stadium will mess up shipping and loading schedules clogged the streets and blind container ship pilots at night. fans are not surprised. >>above a stadium or here. i don't think sadly as much as i love the i don't think there's a facelift that can really say that at this point. >>give the athletics a chance and let them flourish that they can look at impact of it but you know we got to do what's best for you know clint. >>the a's are standing by the project they say they're working through the concerns at 10 o'clock this morning. groups against the waterfront ballpark are going to hold a press conference to urge the a's to build a new stadium at the existing coliseum site in oakland.
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>>these pay a deadly intersection in hole for the seeing extra police patrols after a mother and her young son were killed by a hit and run driver 6 year old on held garcia vasquez and his mother alma were killed on saturday. the 3rd hit and run victim jamie garcia remains in the hospital in critical condition. the 19 year-old is a student at fremont high school in oakland now oakland city council member know callow says that police are at that intersection of 26 avenue and foot hill in an effort to remind drivers to slow down for pedestrians in the area. >>so right now in the immediate area i have seen for police officers that are precedent they will continue to repress and later on you'll see the motorcycle officer we try to reduce the traffic speeding you see that this the signage urging people to reduce the speed. >>right now there's a $25,000 reward for the arrest of the hit and run suspect 27 year-old ressa dock allen there's his picture if you know where he is tell police.
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>>5 oh 7 and new this morning a man died when his motorcycle crashes in san jose on highway 2.80. it happened south of rea street. the motorcycle driver was splitting lanes when he fell off the to was hit by a big rig. the driver of that sum i stated the scene and cooperated with investigators. no one else was hurt. breaking news from overnight north korea tested a new guided weapon that's being designed to use on the battlefield, north korea's state news agency didn't to report exactly what kind of weapon. it tested or the potential range, however, a missile launch was not detected by the us military. and that comes in an effort by the united states to re engage. high stakes nuclear talks with korea. >>now city leaders are coming together on this 100 13th anniversary of the great 19 oh 6 san francisco earthquake. it was one of the deadliest earthquakes in the history of the united states congress will tran is live. >>at san francisco now where
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the ceremony will be held to commemorate the event. >>in 4 will it is going on right teams in area right behind me is this evidence is a police chief bill scott he is speaking right now he just followed him, joanne hayes-white the fire chief who is 15 days will retire from the fire department and before that was the former mayor willie brown and cameron mayor breathe. they were all here are there still here look at the hundreds who are gathering at this location in a couple of minutes from now they will have a moment of silence to commemorate the earthquake and all those who died. >>they make keep quiet just debris seconds only she can hear us or any police chief is not good and >>the night this is also her last year at so greece and so i just want to recognize the take it off great ok we'll tripod and we'll talk as long as we possibly can before that moment of silence just to give you think you i taste of what's going on so this is live tv joey a
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savage just took it off the tripod on the get into this and a lot of them are addressed in that era. this is what they were in 19 oh and probably years as a date yes, this is a big deal for san franciscans bird because it showed that we survive write this down. >>she's going to she's here to talk about it still has stop when you're playing on do you think about 113 years a kings team used to be an annual tradition that a lot of people a 4 to i think a wonderful celebration that we do in observance of the people that have gone through it to you and think show is going to look at this. james daria did you guys roll into work just like this this morning is what a throw this is a model age back in 19 oh 6 they already know windshields at that time so they had their goggles. the let's move around here. and let's see if we can track down the mayor. she i hope i can see she's in the crowd here somewhere maybe she can speak to us she dressed also in 19
5:11 am
oh 6 the garment she looks like it says she was still walking around at that let's see if we can go follow me live tv at its finest around this will tranche and a 4 news is alive, this is all you're a u refurbished lot me got it that and actually do the fix and when he worked for me is that lot of work to britain from this is critical you told mayor murray, union address i brag doto credit file great, she looks this morning she on the wall and nobody has ever done that any one of the celebration. so maybe there is a new this is pretty cool made that serve and cisco remembers is 113 years later that there's some things that go by the wayside they we well let me tell you. >>and with early housekeeper he does domingue we actually have is a vibrant i know he
5:12 am
will live news but it's the that the last time i was a bill that monitored 87 towards the mayor where is she can be seen or would you know he was the mayor was to show you there's there's the mayor right there look at this this is will from channel 4 news you got dress that you love wonder thank well, you know it's the occasion and so many of the folks come out near their >>and they celebrate the occasion reminds of our history, but it also reminds us of our resiliency here in the city to rebound rather cool as mayor, i know they were closed in the moment of silence on second us.
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>>all >>right and as we listen to that moment of silence and continue to follow the events out there you hear the sirens sounding in the distance as we once again recognize the offense that happened a 113 years ago with a. >>the tires, san francisco join us founding percent of the city stopped to think about that. >>you know we have connell their specials and everything online and on kron on on that show you know the destruction the ul photos from back then it was really incredible and for those may be new to the bay area were to as familiar with the history of lot of stuff out and that was. >>in essence the facebook of its time because that was the location where people were posting. messages posting notices about people fighting for trying to connect that was the central communication hub at a time when the rest of the city was burning down and that's why it holds such of a place in the hearts and minds of san franciscans. >>all right time now is 5.13 and still ahead on the proper morning news health officials are warning about another possible exposure in the bay e what i'm not sure measles
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we're going to tell you about it. and the bay area family shaken up after narrowly escaping getting hit by a car that we showed you that yesterday now we did hear from the mother. plus doors are set to close. it's the end of beach blake. it back lawn and if you've never seen it before, i'll tell you when your last chances. >>and looking outside this morning, nice and dry skies but that's really not the big news today, it's how warm those temperatures are going to get i've got your forecast ahead. >>and i brought up the caltrans camera so you can see the crash in oakland that i'm talkeng about west found 24 at telegraph crews on scene blocking several lanes of traffic to deal with a multi
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and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances inud ♪ thursday morning clear skies out there to start that's the way we're going to stay today, high pressure build back up across the region. >>keeping things not just clear but also a very warm some the warmest temperatures the year. so far expected today futurecast shows those clear skies today a modest increase in cloud cover for your day tomorrow and on into saturday as well as far as temperatures go today just take a look at some of these numbers boosting well into the 80's for conquered hayward freeman san jose 84 degrees. antioch are right at 80 degrees of napa up to 82 holding on to the 70's and
5:18 am
oakland and san francisco next 7 days, we're not staying in the 80's will be dropping back down into mid 70's by tomorrow 60's on saturday and low 70's on sunday for easter after that temperatures climb again and will be finishing your forecast just like we're starting it today back in the 80's by tuesday and wednesday of next week. robin. >>your drive through oakland is off to a very slow start check out this picked it up on the caltrans camera right above highway 24. this is westbound 24 at telegraph. crews are on scene to have the 2 right lanes blocked it happened at 4 oh one and as you can see it's still active and still jamming up your drive west found all the way through the call to cut tunnel, so you need to be prepared for this and leave extra early. this is pushing you up to 24 minutes and growing now for wannacry to oakland once again west 24 at telegraph. the 2 right lanes are closed because of that filling in at the bay bridge would not bad a little busy right 13 minutes for your drive to fremont street and
5:19 am
here's the richmond san or fell bridge a wide open look good 10 minutes to the north bay darnya back to you thanks a lot. >>the teen and we're learning more this morning about the woman and 2 children that were hit by a car. in napa or actually they narrowly escaped being hit. the mother is speaking out now about what had happen. and we showed you the video before and there the kids in her scurrying away just being missed by that car juliana per as is her name and she was picking up for some dinner for 2 kids at the uc or own a restaurant in napa when this happened the car just came out, and ran right into day. patio at the very same time that they were coming out because the driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to park. >>the car like very close to me in the that's but i you know a boy is mommy you see the bush odds. i owe it to the
5:20 am
word of money that they have. >>it's one of those things where escaping being hit is still traumatic. right because just can't believe how close that came we as far as we know from yesterday, no charges were going to be filed or had been filed against the driver. >>san francisco's long-running blanket babylon show is as we've just learned here last coming to an end after 4 we've seen right. yeah, ok you seen it a few times i know i heard robin and john talk about we've got to go yeah because the and this has been the longest running musical then you write a show. >>in theater history. and we're going to tell you exactly how long you can catch a show before it's all over a crowd was well below has more. >>temperatures goes braces show from the day. he opened it which was june 7th 1974. >>what started as a creative street performance, 45 years ago is now a world renowned
5:21 am
show. >>beach blanket babylon is the brainchild of a man named steve silver and even after his passing in 1995 his wife jo has continued its legacy because it's the best show in the world that we have the most wonderful people people like kurt branam. >>a principal actor in the show for the last 20 years, one of many who were shot this year will be their last it's been. >>it's been my life for 20 years. i have s still to this day. 25 years later, i'm still pinching myself sit. yeah, this is it this is real. country myself or another real outrage attack, some costumes and its ability to parity any and all things pop culture making each night different from the last to goes with what's happening in the news. and the news changes every night and we are people are so amazing they're able. >>to change show along with
5:22 am
what we want first time san francisco visitors, kathy and lease a coming to see the show. >>was at the top of their list and they're glad to know they caught it that united way and made it a priority. >>actually get it was one of our top 5. joe says while it was a difficult decision to make after 45 years she just felt it was time there's no rhyme or reason. i'm glad that we have the cast and crew that we have now because we really are going out. on top of that there are the best and it's been like for all of us it really has. >>in north beach noel bellow kron 4 news. and as you could. thing in the studio again if you've never read relations, all right still ahead on the cross for morning news, san francisco's looking. >>at new ways of getting people to the new warrior games at the chase center will talk about that and scientists are looking for answers after a dead whale washed up in pacific will have the latest on what's happening to that whale going drop it. for the
5:23 am
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>>warm thursday ahead of us this morning, it is cool and it's a little bit soggy out there just along the golden gate bridge, not much fog to be looking at across the rest of the bay area. temperatures for the most part are in the 50's right now such as in the oakland in hayward each of 51
5:26 am
livermore you're sitting at 49 degrees as you're stepping out the door right now wind speeds are calm so not much to worry about this morning get ready for some warm temperatures later today, robin a we're ready john let's head over to 24 better news this time around in oakland. >>all lanes open right here west 24 at telegraph. we had an accident blocking several lanes it's gone but you're still backed up through the caldecott tunnel, here's a look at it on traffic tracker so be prepared for major residual delays were at 26 minutes for one a creek over to oakland new accident on the bay bridge at the treasure island on rap not helping the drive-in it's already crawling back from west grant back to you. >>and 5.26 a time a dead gray whale that washed up in pacifica will be towed. >>out to sea this morning. you saw when i said the airdrops and was for the whale because they're going to tow away tow it out this is that will that will tran was out live for us yesterday actually got out on the beach and brought us right up close to it like you're seeing here and have and that was the question how getting
5:27 am
rid of well team of they are set to examine the came out examine the gray whale. >>they know that it's a female unlike some other dead whales that have washed up it does not show any signs of malnourishment so this is one of 7 gray whales have turned up dead in the bay area this year, gray whales are right now in their migration period, they're heading for bob up to alaska that continues through may but scientists say to see this many dying is not normal so they look further into that so it's not going to be an air drop. they're going to tell it away and then we'll see coming up going to have that story about the arena that gives arena right, no worries fans and how they get into their seats and will that be air dropped. >>we're tracking a case of the measles that was right here at google's headquarters in mountain view coming up in a
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>>checking out weather and traffic for the early drivers this morning which is always a little bit of a benefit down most of day. we don't have any major hot spots least it's not that i have some crashes sort of in the 4 o'clock hour and they just left some slow traffic behind about the bay bridge and 24. they're not moving so or. all right, let's get to tri tip weather on the clearly he's
5:31 am
>>sawyer ac right yeah. >>to ghrelin abc and its to be a saw well done well changing up your entire wardrobe because it was definitely a quick change of pace from the beginning of the week with our cool 60's and some rainy weather to what we're about to see today which is some 80's for parts of the day and are abundantly sunny skies are first light today from the lick observatory shown off those clear skies that we have over above and what we're going to be seeing as temperatures continue rising 40's and 50's is where we're at right now which is actually a fairly mild start to the morning, especially as compared to the same time yesterday where we are sitting about 2 to 3 degrees warmer for most parts of the day this difference from yesterday to today is going to be even more noticeable later on we're going to make our way from the 70's in some spots to the 80's for daytime highs inland. and it's not just the only 80's. we're looking at your forecast either. track in some warm
5:32 am
weather for next week to still to come. robin checking in on the bay bridge. we have a new crash couple of cars collided at the treasure island on rap. >>2 westbound 80 they are blocking that right lane so it's adding to the slow traffic right now rolling into san francisco backed up down the eastern span through the toll plaza which is what we see here and then that backup stretches all the way beyond west grand and it's a slowly stretching toward the bottom of the mason i have some slow traffic and a crash in the mix to read about 15 minutes and growing off to fremont street and then 24 we had a nasty crash in oakland westbound at telegraph that's out of the way but it backed up traffic through the caldecott tunnel so that puts you at 20 minutes which is still not terrible for wannacry to oakland, but the east or the macarthur and the nimitz they're all doing fine, i'll talk more coming up james started, thanks robin 5.32. and our top story now we're just hours away from the release of robert mueller's report absolutely so attorney general william barr can redact as
5:33 am
much of the report as he sees fit. >>meeting a lot of the information maybe secret for now we just do >>that redacted version of the report may may not reveal anything significant or material on the obstruction of justice a allegations regarding president trump ul to step away can see there is concern in the white house it could prove embarrassing in any event for the president or his administration new york congressman jerry nadler who serves as the chair of the house judiciary committee is pushing right now for a g barr to release the full unredacted report. >>it now appears the attorney general intends to once again put his own spin on the investigative work completed by the special counsel and his team. the fact that the attorney general is not releasing even the redacted reports to congress until after his press conference will again is up in the report being presented to his own words rather than through the words, a special counsel mueller. >>again to redacted versions of the mueller report will be
5:34 am
released one clearance to view other will be made public to the general congress and to the public as well. so we'll have to wait and see what it says, but in any event our coverage will continue when it happens yet 6 30 this morning a we'll take it live full coverage and analysis of the report beginning. >>with attorney general william barr's press conference we'll have that right here for you we'll bring you the latest on the report once that comes out. >>another big story this morning another possible measles exposure in santa clara county health officials say a person who visited google headquarters was diagnosed with the measles kron four sarah stinson. >>is live in mountain view now with the latest sarah. >>well officials say that that person is actually a san mateo county resident may came here to google to the headquarters to visit and that's when later a few weeks later they have now been diagnosed with measles so they're now taking
5:35 am
this very seriously and wanting to put this out to people um but. >>the person the googleplex is so huge so it's very important to know that the person specifically visited in office on 1295 charleston road on april 4th. >>this is a huge campus. so it's important to be very specific about that. but health officials tell us there are no secondary infections. so far at least they're still interviewing people who came into contact with that infected person take a listen to what health officials have to say. >>contact investigations, we're trying to understand. is there anybody who might have been exposed who's not protected. and what do we what do they need to know and whether they need to do so the contact investigations or to identify those folks because they're going the extra follow. >>overall there have been 4 confirmed cases in santa clara county in the person who visit google is one of 2 confirmed cases in san mateo countye health officials are working
5:36 am
together trying to figure out this case making sure that they talk with everybody make sure that it didn't spread and make sure that there's no further health risk. i'm live in mountain view sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah 5.36 and in the east bay, a man was arrested in fremont for engaging in lewd acts around children the he's free this morning. he posted bail 55 year-old. >>jose ortiz felix of newark was chased out of rockin jump ultimate trampoline park by employees and parents on sunday march 31th and he was confronted because witnesses saw him atos he was watch drove off. 90's later police tracked him down and arrested him on a misdemeanor charge of engaging in lewd conduct in public ortiz felix does not have a prior record of any such offenses in alameda county. he's due in court now in june. >>now to the warriors there in
5:37 am
los angeles for game 3 against the clippers at to be tonight, let's take a peek at the team practicing. >>before they left for la gold state looking to bounce back. now in game 2 of most horrible game in postseason. and the biggest point loss ever. the last 31 points they had a lead of 31 points and managed to lose the game. steve kerr says andrew bogut is going to start at center probably because i suggest that you on the way forward any way that's what they call it where light of the joys today up is tonight at 7 all right, let's hope for the best and now >>in san francisco, the city is trying to make it a little easier for warriors fans to get to the new chase center arena, game day ok well we talked about the complications of this you know traffic and everything it's not going to work as exactly are okay so marilyn debris and. i thought it was going to be an air drop. i had this head limp
5:38 am
idea, it's a brilliant idea why they didn't go with it and they went with the ferry to ok so the ferry service just for warriors games or other events in the arena so the us special saying and they expect to have it up and running by next season. >>in the mean time. they're going to it and that will alleviate traffic and then. not have a permanent ferry landing with service all around that that's going to be done by 2021, so it will be on temporary terminal right and that will help at least ferry during game days with a permanently what. >>the airdrop closure until they can get that i think what you get that going 5.38 right now still ahead the proper morning news hope for a local boy who's functioning without an immune system even better. a cure even better happened in the bay area world. >>and what we're seeing today is some dry skies some warm temperatures, not just warm, but some of the warmest we felt some months now i'm talking what to expect a hat.
5:39 am
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>>one really nice shot of golden gate bridge this morning some low clouds sweeping through the golden gate itself in those 2 towers standing up through the fog not a lot of widespread fog just really hanging out up and down the coast. so what you can expect as you're stepping
5:42 am
outside in these next few minutes to get to work or drop the kids off the bus stop is a pretty mild and calm start to the day we're in the 50's for most of the bay area as we speak just a couple of degrees warmer than the same time yesterday and a very warm afternoon on tap so pack some water in your bags and also pack some weather for those warm temperatures later today. >>robin all right we want to check in on traffic. we have a crash clearing west on 80. >>at the treasure island on rap that's adding to all of this the slow traffic that you see. >>already coming into san francisco. so heavy that the tolls back to be on west grand and it will stay heavy all the way up to treasure island because of the stall that's moving off. but it's still under 20 minutes, here's a return center fell bridge a little bit of a line in the cash lanes on the left but a great trip to the north bay and then from the east bay to the peninsula. a lot of brake light here leaving hayward were 13 minutes to cross the bridge and make it over to one on one end the city of san detail. tate's far thank you very much
5:43 am
>>break here. coming up a live look at our market or a camera in san francisco where we've got well a little bit of cloud cover but not bad and john talking about as you just heard a nice warm up for the afternoon can't wait for that and don't forget to prom for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day, no commercials. it's a new service called kron on to get caught up on the latest breaking news weather any time a day just visit kron on dot tv to start watching. now. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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>>with john talking about the forecast for today. nice brisk start this morning cool start with a nice warm up this afternoon xt few minutes the head year here walking exactly and if you like some more weather cast what this day is going to be a nice one so definitely a lunch outside today, i would say is get maybe even lunch in the shade because it is going to be on the warm side of things, especially for the east bay and the south bay looking outside this morning, we've got the first bit light of day out there eyes shine and across the bay area you can start to see a conditions out there a little bit on the clear side that sunshine. i'm not to be seen yet but clear skies can certainly be noticed in the horizon. there you go look connect those clear skies in satellite and radar high pressure built up over had this is one of the reasons we are going to be so dry and also one of the reasons so warm today as well, not along
5:47 am
with warm up though note that area of low pressure and the advancing cold front behind this ridge of high pressure it's going to weaken it out tomorrow and downright make for a big drop in temperatures on into the upcoming weekend for easter. that's going to take us back down to our seasonal averages. so today, a big warm up followed by a quick drop in conditions just around the corner tomorrow already you're going to notice just a touch more clouds temperatures back down into the 70's for some of our areas in the 80's today and by saturday even more clouds yet maybe even a coastal sprinkle or 2. that's all we're looking though as for your daytime highs today, definitely on the warm side for san francisco and all up and down the bay area 70's consistently on the peninsula with 80's elsewhere in the bay such as in mountain view, 82 degrees and the south bay where highs will range from the low to mid 80's today saying his 84 low 80's for the east bay or at least much of it areas like sammy and roeper
5:48 am
clear ended richmond each holding on to the 70's further north you've got 80's in vacaville fairfield on over to sonoma napa bill as well as 82 degrees today up in santa rosa. so today, certainly warm but not the only warm one after that cool down i was talking about on into your easter weekend temperatures will quickly rise again up into the 80's by tuesday and wednesday of next week. this is a before a seasonable and nice weekend for easter saturday again could come along with a couple of sprinkles very early on in the morning, mostly just right along the coast sunday, drying back out with highs in the low 70's for easter itself. robin sounds good. thank you john want to check in on traffic now which is really picking up. >>our bridges are packed checkout 92 your drive across the 70 a bridge. it is very slow leading up to the tolls across the flat continuing over to the higher iso 14 minutes and ok drive time but picking up from hayward over to the peninsula. we have the
5:49 am
bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco stocked up beyond 80 over crossings will full house it's be o the bottom of the mesa will put it at 23 minutes that's not bad. but it's crowded plus it's going to stay heavy up the eastern span through the tunnel because of an earlier action accident right at that right lane, you know the lane where you merge from treasure island getting onto the bridge. so that just did not help the drive-in we're looking at highway forward 20 minutes antioch to concord want to one looks decent so far san jose to menlo park and then 6.80 picking up a little bit but no big problem, so we'll put it at 18 minutes from dublin out to fremont we'll check more coming up back to you. >>a major medical breakthrough in san francisco doctors apparently found a cure for children born without a functioning immune system was they did for one child in san francisco went to the experimental treatment and the doctors say he's cured. doct 2
5:50 am
year-old jaycee on golden is a pretty typical toddler. >>likes to play ball. plays peek-a-boo with the door. but when he was born his aunt who takes care of and andy hawkins thought moments like this might never be possible or cut a life without being have not been abyou know every tax and he can have friends you can't gerber they parties have a slam. >>you know how how am i going to tell him fast to get older that he can't go outside. >>you see when jaycee and was born he screened positive for a genetic condition known as x linked severe combined immunodeficiency disorder. it basically means he has no functioning immune system. you probably know it as bubble boy syndrome. the condition became a part of pop culture after john travolta played a boy with the same diagnosis in the 1976 movie the boy in the plastic bubble. now while kids didn't actually live in hermetically sealed rooms, it was critical as best protected
5:51 am
ogans as possible. >>so these babies are prone to severe infections a portion a stick infections. is stay are not treated marrow transplant and a other drugs. just this week, there's new hope for children like to see on because of a new experimental gene therapy treatment developed. >>that saint jude's children's research hospital in memphis. here's how it works. researchers harvest the stem cells of kids like to see on and insert those cells with healthy genes. those cells are then infused back into the children were they repopulate and boost the immune system. doctor mark cowin oversaw je. cnn's treatment at the university of california, san francisco. >>3 to 4 months post the infusion and not only was he able to go home you know start
5:52 am
to live a relatively normal life but we can to we were able to take complete isolation, and all prophylactic medications. jc on is one of 8 children who are treated with the experimental therapy. >>it's been about a year and a half to 2 years now since they were treated and all are doing well. their groundbreaking results were published in the new england journal of medicine this week. i don't use the cure we're very often for these patients, but i have to tell you i thought i i truly believe that we have cured jc, i know of his severe combined immunodeficiency disease. >>for jaycee on if the chance to truly live the life. he was meant to live. doctor sanjay gupta cnn reporting. >>coming up at 6 o'clock attorney general bill barr's set to release the mueller
5:53 am
report or at least a redacted version of it w each morning,
5:54 am
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so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. >>5 55 approaching t o'clock hour now and we are in for a warm day ahead of us a cool and in some spots a foggy start to the morning golden gate bridge shrouded in a little bit of fog to start the day. most foggy areas are just a ride up and down the coastline elsewhere across the day. you are looking at clear skies to kick things off on this soon to be very warm
5:56 am
thursday. temperatures right now 40's 50's so get the life jackets on for your morning, you will not be meeting those later into the afternoon. robin. >>it's going to be great trip leaving the north bay heading south on want to wine into san franc sco. we're checking out the golden gate and traffic looks good so far. no bad news to report here so use it now 23 minutes is a great efforts to the toll plaza. tell us the favorites traffic look like that now not going to happen. we're already backing up and it's going to stay like this for several more hours plus eri accident at the treasure island on ramp so it's down from the maze through the tolls all the way up to the tunnel at 24 minutes and growing for your average to fremont street james. >>thank you robin will take a quick break time. coming up in the next hour another possible measles case right here in the bay area and this time at google headquarters in mountain view have the latest coming up in a live report and starting at 6 30 this morning we will have full coverage and analysis of the mueller report
5:57 am
beginning with attorney general bill barr's press conference again that's 6.32 kelly carry that here kron four and then we'll bring you the latest on the report itself once it's released. you know when you're at ross and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes...
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>>good morning and our youthful said i'm james fletcher that breaking news. we're just minutes away from attorney general bill barr
6:00 am
holding a news conference about the mueller report. >>the attorney general redacted that is much of the report. we do know that so there could be a lot of information that we don't get to see even though this will be the first time that it is made public. it may or may not revealing the significant to obstruction of justice. against president sknow, but what we kt is issued we wi have a press conference. >>by attorney general bill barr and for more on what we'll expect. so far from that we've got karen caifa standing by live in washington dc with the very latest now on what we anticipate will begin at 6.30. karen. >>washington awaiting to see what this redacted version of the mueller report will have in store that includes the president who has tweeted about it a number of times this morning, including just a few moments ago when he said no collusion no obstruction will democrats have slammed the attorney general for his handling of the


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