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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  April 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>shows just how much the president first feared the special counsel investigation when he learned about it. the president's slump back in his chair and said oh my god, this is terrible. this is the end of my presidency, i'm at and today we're learning why the special counsel's report saying quote the evidence does indicate that a thorough fbi investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the president personally that the president could have understood to be crimes or that would give rise to personal and political concerns the report contains a damning list of ways the president tried to quote influence the investigation but was unsuccessful quote largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or seed to his requests. those requests included asking then fbi director james comey to end the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn and ordering white house counsel don mcgahn to get deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein to remove robert mueller. >>mcgahn did not carry out the direction however deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential saturday night massacre. the special counsel's conclusion ultimately contradicts the president's claim that he was totally exonerated on the issue of obstruction. but the president's actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred. if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state. >>based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, however we are unable to reach that judgment and mueller and his report says congress can act quote with respect to whether the president can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his powers under article 2 of the constitution. we concluded that congress has the authority to prohibit the president's corrupt use of his authority.
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>>following the report's release the chairman of the house judiciary committee is now requesting mueller testify to congress saying the responsibility now falls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions before the report was released this morning attorney general bill barr made a statement largely defending the president and not everybody was thrilled about that 2020 democratic candidate bay area, congressman eric swalwell is now calling for bars immediate resignation. swallow says barr has shown allegiance to the president over the american people. the congressman also cited bar sending the justice department and unsolicited memo last year's saying as a private citizen that the probe was quote fatally misconceived our coverage kron four dot com there you can read the entire report. you can learn how whide house staffers rushed to see what was in the report about them and how the president had fought with former attorney general jeff sessions coming up at 6.15 we have political analysts in the studio to talk about the action congress might take
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next. the south a family is in shock tonight, their child is dead and his grandmother has been arrested for his murder trial for us dan kerman in milpitas with more. >>this is just a tragic story police say it's shaken them up as well as the community, 70 year-old foss high she is accused of strangling her 3 year-old grandson. police say monday afternoon they received a 911 call from the child's aunt. when authorities arrived at this milpitas home where the child lived with the and her children and his grandmother, the boy was unresponsive and later pronounced dead. the child's grandmother was arrested wednesday evening in san jose for his murder. she was at. >>the same residence is the child she was the caretaker at the time. but again for the integrity of our investigation i can't really get into the exact details of what happened. >>police would not share any motive for the killing. they do say though that they've never investigated any previous abuse allegations at
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this home. police say the parents live out of state. but are now in town dealing with this tragedy. >>any family having a death of the thrill of the shocking and there are shocked. they've been co-operative the times's sometimes of in guarded again losing a 3 year-old child was is not easy for a bit again as a father i can't imagine what they're going for. >>neighbors didn't want to go on camera, but one young mother told me the incident terrified her to the point where she doesn't even want to think about it. again the grandmother charged with murder and child abuse. she is due to make her first court appearance friday afternoon. in milpitas dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the other big story we're tracking for you tonight a federal appeals court handed a victory to california today upholding several laws intended to protect immigrants. the 3 judge panel denied a request by the trump administration to block 3 laws. sometimes called sanctuary laws. >>an emergency room employees being hailed as a hero in san
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jose has called for his raa flat of a reports for us now the employee took action in what at the time i was thought to be an active shooter situation, a good samaritan hospital. >>as dozens of police responded to reports of a man with a gun here at good samaritan hospital. the man drove right up to the emergency room and then stormed inside says san jose police lieutenant todd lone actor. >>the inner the emergency room and demanded to be seen. produced a handgun as people panicked and ran outside thinking there was an active shooter. >>a male nurse still inside the e r calmly confronted the intruder who had sat down on a gurney disarmed him and held him down until police arrived he walked up to him grabbed the gun threw it in tackle him and took him to the. it turns out the gun is a replica of a sig sauer 9 millimeter pistol likely a pellet gun. but the
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whom police say is a military veteran did not know that when he decided to step up and take it from the man. >>you know in hindsight not a real gun, but he didn't know that it looks fight. it's absolutely looks real feels real. >>shooting occurred and no one was hurt the hospital did not identify the nurse who declined to be interviewed. police are the only ones who think he is a hero cindy in wayne our hospital neighbors very very brave to tackle him and take care of business and even the probably know was a pellet gun. >>so you know that doesn't minimize the the effort and a hero to the guy put in on that. >>in a statement, good samaritans said nothing about the merits but thanked police for their swift response. it's not clear if the intruder was her or in need of help as he arrived the gun may have been fake but the panic it caused was the real thing said lieutenant low knack it just. >>the chaos that ensued from people running out in the crowded emergency room and you know people assume the worst witch was reasonable a male
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nurse that that confronted him thinking at a real fight and disarmed him and tackled him was a hero in san jose rep flood kron 4 news. >>an elephant seal is drawing quite a crowd at aquatic park in san francisco, the elephant seal is between one 2 years old and. >>experts say the animals molting that's when elephant seals lose a layer of their coat. usually come ashore to do that's the only difference years at this time the animals come to a pretty busy public location. once the malting has been completed the elephant seal should return to the water and resume foraging it's expected to stay on the beach anywhere between us a few hours to several days i'd let's take a live look outside right now from our sutro cam a beautiful shot of a san francisco to get a 4 zone. >>forecast first look at it. but i'm meteorologist eight-part dave ok tv guys good evening, everybody and we're dealing with a pretty nice evening and nice tonight it will be too with those mild
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temperatures. >>still getting some leftover influence and that high pressure cell and help warm us up nicely got some high clouds trying to sneak in there from the south they will do so tonight and into tomorrow, but that line of cloud cover way up in the northwest. that's going to be player come saturday get a load of this our current numbers still holding in the lower 80's off to the east bay you can see there from the you're a concord check in an to 81 for antioch meanwhile, the east bay shoreline in the 70's still at this hour. there's a live shot coming in from u c berkeley usual notice, the still some high cloudiness 6.53 rather tonight's low for san francisco in 55 going on for san jose not coming up a little bit we're talking about more about saturday which is a little bit more disturbed coming up in a bit back to you. thank you jewelry heist in a quiet is baytown police are releasing some surveillance images of the suspects. >>hoping that somebody in the community recognizes them kron force has it made you and gives us a closer look at who police are looking for tonight. >>take a close look at these
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surveillance images of burglars breaking into the diablo fine jewelry store in the town about a more the contra costa county sheriff's office dispatch received a report of an alarm sounded at the jewelry store around one 30 am on monday april 15th. >>yeah, well hind jewelers. >>last last break front right class rate our mission. >>with deputies arrived the burglars were nowhere to be found. the investigation revealed the thieves gained entry to the store by shattering the front window for getting away with an undisclosed amount of virginia. >>is a really cool little store and i'm shocked that something like that would happen here for sure is out of the residents say this type of brazen jewelry store burglary as out of character for their quiet little town it is strange that the cops stations right over there safely not that far and this is actually the area they patrol even for that right on red right there so pretty. >>pretty a craze that could happen right here investigators with the sheriff's office. >>counted 4 mill burglary
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suspects in these surveillance videos flood wearing a very distinct sweatshirt with a huge logo on the back the suspect vehicle is described as a newer 4 door honda civic with aftermarket rims and tinted windows. >>their lives are believed to have driven away going east on stone down the road for the interstate 6, >>if you think you recognize the man in these images. the sheriff's office would like to hear from you. in alamo has it made kron 4 news. >>at a concerns about the problems of growing sinkhole could cause if it's not fixed soon. 20 years later and old threat after a woman y a new infatuated with the columbine killers goes to colorado. and next up we take a deep dive into the mueller report the big take away from that redacted document and what happens next in washington d c.
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>>no collusion, no obstruction the president has repeated those words for months and while special counsel robert mueller's report did not find collusion between trump's campaign and russia. the obstruction issue may still be on the table joining us now david the mchugh and political science chariton state university david. i'm sure you had your glasses had all the 400 your take away. well i mean the certainly provides a road map but you have to think of this in 2 ways one is that this is about the tribalism of our politics, the democrats are going to see heavy partisanship here they're
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going to see attorney general barr acting in a partisan fashion they're going to see obviously president trump acting. >>and a horrible fashion republicans are going around his defense. so i think in one sense the tribalism around this continues. the other senses that the reports today and what bob mueller has done has been much more about the legal and political aspects and kind of balancing those because of all the additional investigations that spent out the legal aspect this may come just as important as a political aspect, especially as we enter 2020 election year you said next month is going to be more talk about that he's going to be a busy guy on capitol hill, the movie it is a guy on capitol hill because of the way the congressional schedule works and because of what should happen tomorrow in terms house judiciary committee said submitting forth a subpoena to bring him in democrats are going to have a bob muller out front and center early and often all month all months will be testifying that will place additional pressure on the white house, a white house that doesn't want to talk to the press, a white house that has some difficulty in terms of what his message is going to be while the immigration thing is turning up and moving that much closer to 2020. it will be i it will be a very exciting month. >>ok, so the size the more by
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lock at has night. and the take away when you look at the word actions. what's and not in there is almost as important as what is in there is that indicative of all the other investigations better yet you have investigations not only in the southern district in new york and northern virginia and washington dc. but you have the state level investigations as well. >>it's clear that bob mueller and his team were uncertain as to how far they could go with the justice department in terms of prosecuting are pushing forward for prosecution of a sitting president, but nonetheless they set out a network of additional things we see that in the redactions democrats are going to run with that republicans are going want to slow that down for a bit and in that sense it will continue the tribalism that's going on here but the obstruction component is an important element here the democrats are going to try to push on tribalism the side if you just look at the law in this case. the white house the president are saying fernand it's over it's not over isn't there's a lot like you're still a lot there and there will be a lot coming on in the redactions and of congress is able to if you will get out all of the
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components if they're able to get an unredacted version that would be important as well and don't forget about julian assange in the background of the latest. ok of course because it's all about the russians. >>but let's talk about the i word. his congress does congress have the appetite to push forward now democrat democrat democratic leaders do not have the appetite to do this there will be some of the democratic caucus that will push for this for example, representative barbara lee from oakland. >>some of the other democrats will continue to push for impeachment tom stier san francisco will continue to push the speaker nancy speaker doesn't want to go there and that pressure so that have to look at alternatives and what that looks like and have to get the senate on board and the senate isn't going to go anywhere it's in republican hands. if you look forward to the senate map and 2020 2022, it's more favorable to democrats but it doesn't mean it's going to change the operation what happens so impeachment off the table century or something else perhaps on there but not really that a move that far if you will a little side note all of this is a sarah huckabee sanders who was basically called out in the report she admitted that she lied to the press about the
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fbi's feelings. >>towards a calling when he was fired. does she have any credibility left with the white house president had to be very interesting to see what happens because the white house press corps it which is always going to be kind of pushing back and hostile is now just outright going to be all over the white house and i believe anything that is said the white house lost a lot of credibility certainly that is in the report as well and that's going to be tough replace what's had to 2 press conferences and 100 days that'sgoing to get much more difficult. yeah i was going to say they really haven't had a press conference in a while it's likely they may not have them any more than i know game is fundamentally changing that's what's going on that's the impact here it will continue to spin out at least for another month into the summer but voters also seem fatigued by this as well well that's what i was going ask you to us because we're going start to get into another presidential election campaign coming up. the president is no doubt going to use is to rally his base democrats are going to use it to rally their base. nothing really has changed politically that everybody's drawn their lines on where they stand unless something new comes out from of like you
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said mueller months next next that's right. i mean if this isn't a bombshell the trot we're not going to see anything here we're not going to see the supreme court taking up any of these elements in terms of what you do with the sitting president and as a result, it's kind of status quo in that sense that gives democratic candidates, some running room, but it probably doesn't change fundamentally that idea that voters are kind of fatigued by this whole episode yet dave a lot to pick through sure going they need to call you back. thanks for your your wisdom here thank you. a sinkhole in the town raga continues to get whiter this after what started out as a depression, it's turned into a full blown sinkhole prom forcefully chagall reports, the concern is that this is happening at the. >>very same intersection where there's a massive sinkhole that cause a lot of problems a few years ago. on april 6 the ground depression in the landscape median on center street at boulevard in morocco was just that a depression. it's now morphed into a sinkhole located across the street from where a sinkhole formed in 2016 the town rhonda's public works director and rick warren says the only
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link between the 2 is that they both opened up above the scene corrugated metal storm drain pipe that failed in 2016. he's hoping history does not repeat itself, and that the pipe does not fail again that would be a problem channels creek. >>and all the runoff and behind me still tours and goes into that pipe and so there's a blockage you can imagine. citing and other problems and other failures at attention her the sinkhole is located on private property, it's in the same lot as mike peterson's business green valley auto repair but he's not the property owner. he says the property owner has been in communication with the town about fixing the problem as soon as possible i'm glad it's happening at this time of the year and not during the winter. >>says the sinkhole is currently to buy 5 feet wide and about 12 feet deep, he says the metal pipe is about 13 feet further down one says that pipe is about 70 years
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old and was only built to last 50 years in morocco felecia all kron 4 news. >>all right, let's take a look outside at san francisco's embarcadero pleasant day on a thursday night. meteorologist dave spar joining us now with 4 zone and not much of a wind either you know pretty calm winds, lots of sunshine that's all we'll take it just a touch cooler looking for tomorrow but over the weekend there is somebody coming by not just the easter bunny, but also little front we have to watch out for a throw in some cloud cover and some cooler temps our way. >>live shot comes in from sun older some high cloudiness that we've been sprayed about throughout the afternoon today. upstream this is we got to watch out for overnight, we get a little bit more cloud cover to deal with overnight into tomorrow. but this guy here is our weather maker for it's a front. it will give us some cooler temperatures. some cloud cover in there is that outside chance. maybe a sprinkle or 2 let's go to future cast for it wants to make its little appearance here. here's what happens for tomorrow again some scattered clouds but here comes the front whoosh in the
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opportunity for a few stray showers they will be concentrating the higher elevations and if you get it will probably be something that will be in the higher elevations are enough to kind of dirty up the car a little bit by sunday we should start to recover not only cloud cover wise and shake off those winds. also warm up a bit too a look at life temperatures as we speak we're already in the lower 80's still hanging on for concord an antioch or e one laos 79 we had 70's up here to the north a 79 san jose, 71 san francisco. and for contrast sake this is we look for highs going on tomorrow when even be this warm for highs for san francisco at 67. and along the coast we're going to be losing a bit of that offshore flow and trading at 4. a slight onshore flow much cooler on the east bay shoreline into the lower 70's coming over that we'll check into your longer-range forecast back to you. today the a's proposal of breaking a new privately funded stadium at the city's waterfront is getting a loud opposition from those working in and around the port proffers morning kelly.
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>>santa rally today were dock workers and truck drivers voice their concerns that the project could jeopardize their operations. >>it was here at oakland city hall that a group of people representing different factions of the cities. bustling maritime industry came to voice their opposition to the idea of the oakland a's, making a new home that the city's waterfront. >>longshoreman and others representing truck drivers and those in shipping said putting a ballpark and housing at howard terminal could mess up shipping and loading schedules and restrict the ports ability to grow. >>this port of oakland is no different then an assembly long you have the brothers of the out w the boat operators you have the less the lines that come in from all over the world. you hoff the world that are bringing in thrall plan. trains over a mile long were talking about putting a
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playground in the middle of type of a work area that is on they also expressed concerns about moving jobs away from the a's kerr. >>a location in east oakland. that's where they say the a's should build their new ballpark. the mayor says it's possible that their city's maritime industry can be protected while the a's build a new waterfront stadium and she believes that the team moving out of east oakland could actually create more opportunities there now the coliseum land has amazing potential. >>to actually create many more jobs than it currently hosts. i mean right now it is primarily a giant surface parking lot that does not support many jobs at all and so oakland can happen folks they can have a fantastic job growth both as part of the howard terminal project and as a redevelopment of the coliseum area. >>those speaking out in opposition here said
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repeatedly that they support the oakland a's. they just want them to stay where they are now kelly kron 4 news. >>and he didn't want to move right and he brought out, it mean the ground and he ended up getting sick shots. >>tonight at 6.45 a father shoots a half naked man in his daughters bedroom and later finds out the man was a neighbor. and next. we're ready for anything how officials say this year's for 20 celebration in the park will be a little different.
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>>the annual gathering celebrating all things marijuana is happening on saturday this year but that could mean bigger crowds maybe even 5 to 10,000 more people in san francisco officials say they're ready for all that. more police more ambulances more buses to all those people around all of that will be on hand to protect people and protect golden gate park officials are warning people to be careful what they consume and where they buy their pots to make sure they buy from dispensary sanaa from authorized vendors officials are also reminded people no one under the age of 21 is going to be allowed inside also no tents, no barbecues no glass and no alcohol. coming up next at 6.30 toxic cocktail of gases is poisoning the water in the fire ravaged city of paradise it could take years before the problem is
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ever fix and next a woman obsessed with the columbine killers heads to colorado just days before the shootings 20th anniversary. >>how she was able to buy a gun and what police are revealing about the disturbing posts says she m
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>>20 years ago on saturday to high school seniors murdered 12 classmates and a teacher at a high school in the denver suburb of littleton columbine


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