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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  April 18, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>20 years ago on saturday to high school seniors murdered 12 classmates and a teacher at a high school in the denver suburb of littleton columbine became the new synonym for a
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school massacre this week has florida teenager was labeled a credible threat. classes were canceled for about a half million students in the denver area students return to class today after police found her body. i'm just glad, it's that's come to an end. i sleep. >>sol pais flew from miami to denver on monday and immediately bought a pump action shotgun and ammunition at this gun shop less than 2 miles from columbine the shop owner said on social media that she passed both federal and state background checks. >>just glad that nobody got injured. >>in fact law enforcement had been looking for pies colorado authorities put out a be on the lookout notice warning that she was infatuated with the columbine shooting and should be considered armed and dangerous sol fit the profile of what are known as columbiners a bizarre online community that regards shooters dylan klebold and
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eric harris as he ran is heavily girls is becoming more and more girls, it's kind of a weird thing that's been going on forever of this. >>this i was a shun of the bad boy and you know it doesn't get much more bad boy then you know a mass murder website linked to contain disturbing images of weapons, including a bloodied knife. >>she wrote that she felt like a pop our close to going over. on another website also linked to her the headline be the best killer you can be. ice was a senior at miami beach high school he was very introverted by fires up the laws. she's vote is dressed in dark clothing in the end her only victim was herself acting on a tip from a rideshare driver police found her body in the rocky mountain foothills, 60 miles west of denver, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. don't drink the water. >>about a 1000 people still living in paradise are being warned the water is contaminated after last year's
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campfire what officials say the water is contaminated with the cancer causing chemical men seen fixing the problem could cost $300 million and take up to 2 years. experts believe the extreme heat of the november firestorm created a toxic cocktail of gases and burning homes and that was sucked into water pipes about 1500 of the town's 27,000 residents are living in the few surviving houses. water officials have warned them not to drink. cook bays in or even brush your teeth with tap water and they can only take quick showers with warm water. they're giving cases of free bottled water to the residents daily. all right, let's get a check of the weather around the bay area time now for the 4 zone forecast with meteorologist dave spark a that a of a evening, everybody and we're dealing with beautiful sunshine still to sour in temperatures very mild to warm still. >>popping above 80 it looks like in some of those inland locations, upstream will get some high cloudiness from the south. but later on for saturday to front is going to
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be dropping in from the that saturday now giving us some winds cooler temperatures it's going to be a little bit of an unsettled feel compared to this very spring-like weather. we've had today 82 concord right now 81 for antioch up to the north a upper 70's for napa santa rosa. the bottle you got 7371 san francisco which is still above with the forecast high is for tomorrow, 79 meanwhile for san jose and freeman as well breaking it down we've got scattered clouds tonight, mild mostly in the 50's will hang for lows for your for tomorrow and friday, mostly sunny not as warm. still some lower 80's but far fewer than expected and then for the weekend little showers possible on saturday. we recover nicely on sunday with spreading more those 80's in the in the valleys tonight. temperatures hold pretty much in the mid-fifties that's pretty mild and we're getting the last minute effects of that high pressure cell but again it's being retired we'll check of the 4 zone forecast coming up in just a bit.
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>>they really busy night on not the hardwood and the ice yet. >>and the big problem for the sharks, wrong for the sharks and we're going to have to see how the warriors respond to what we saw the other night yes, some will only concern for r b area franchises in the first round now after record meltdown against the clippers. it seems safe to think you can expect an angry response from the warriors tonight, champs down in la for game 3 against the clippers. >>the chaotic events of the other night have been well documented damarcus cousins suffers safe, catastrophic injury the warriors go up by 31 and then la just untouchable down the stretch scoring 72 points of the final 20 minutes, steve kerr steph curry on the recipe to make sure that never happens again. >>strangers game. >>take a life of the bill didn't a life a team. tonight to know. to continue to
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display are about brandon bass was i think the obvious who they are is as you know we've been through magnitude 31 point law school in the way that the stop. so that's the issue. they're plentiful 48. try to lock down defensively and and we do >>tipoff is set for 7.34 highlights later on now to the of its biggest stars eeps onet in oakland, chris davis has agreed to a new deal the team announced this afternoon. the reigning home run king has named a 2 year extension through the 2021 season said to be worth 33 and a half million dollars. it's worth every penny since 2016, he's been one of the league's most powerful hitters and consistent leading the majors with 143 homers in a statement he said playing with the team feels like a family. he's glad he can continue to call the city of oakland a's baseball home. >>we'll talk more about that deal at a press conference
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tomorrow. >>a big day in our nation's capital but the giants just there to play some baseball bottom 4th 2 nothing nationals will work to fall, takes drew pomeranz deep to left gone for a solo home run 3 nothing nach pomeranz gave up 4 runs in 4, 2, thirds and the knife for one at 7 long goriest singles to right. austin gets the green light to come home deficit cut to 4, 2, next batter friend in crawford for presenting go ahead run is he going to be the hero today proffer strikes out to end the game sean doolittle the with a high heat to close a now final score for to washington. the giants now off to pittsburgh. for 3 games starting tomorrow night also happening tonight, sharks in a tight spot, san jose down 3, one against the vegas golden knights one more loss put an end to the season, the park is about to drop in 20 minates. rooney alive, the shark tank k how are the sharks embracing this desperate opportunity.
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>>hey mark well i think you have to embrace it head on as you said they started off strong with a win against the vegas golden knights in game one but then went on to lose 3 games in a row, including a shutout in game 4. so tonight, it's when for so long to this season. now if a bid for the stanley cup or an incentive enough then you think a possible grudge match might be the golden knights were also responsible for ending san jose's championship bid. last year knocking them out in the second round this time around the sharks have been able to find an answer for vegas. his early strike ability. a huge piece of that puzzle is san jose goalie martin jones he finished last in the league this season, allowing 2.9 4 goals per game and in the postseason that number only skyrocketed jones has allowed 13 goals in 4 games. an average of 5 point 3, 3, but the sharks are sticking with him tonight, let's hear from san jose on what is going to take to win game 5. >>for us, it's form the star
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there we going to be ready everybody is going to be on their toes right man to talk jobs. so that's that's on us that get ready for i feel good looks like the guys feel that too. at home the playoffs. i we should all feel we've been through some morse together as a group you know not this specific team but for sure the score. so i know they'll be ready to play. >>so mark the last time the sharks lost in the first round was back in 2017. they're hoping that will make an early exit again tonight. >>thank you very much katie and we'll have the highlights later on yes, sharks really in a bad situation right now you have to see if they can rally back right one game at a time that's when 3 on a all right, thank you. maria, thanks works. coming up next a 6 investigators still can't get inside notre cathedral bus they think they know what sparks said devastating fire.
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at ross. the testing new weapons system. >>investigators say an electrical short circuit most likely caused the fire at the north to dom cathedral. but at this point investigators still can't work in the cathedral and searching the rubble for safety officials say that they're still working to stabilize all fragile sections of the church wall before repair work can begin inside the meantime. they are considering building a small mporary church on the plaza outside could people just took hold mass until they can move back inside. french president emmanuel macron has said that he wants to see the cathedral fully restored in 5 years. next is 6 facebook is revealing another mistake involving user data.
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>>what the company is admitting it collected.
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>>more problems for facebook the company is admitting it collected one and a half million users email contacts without their consent is the latest privacy issue to hit facebook at revealed yesterday that users email contact lists had been unintentionally uploaded it me uploaded to facebook following a design change almost 2 years ago
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facebook says the company did not realize this was happening until april of this year. the company said it's now in the process of the leading the mistakenly uploaded contact list and if they had not been shared with anyone outside of facebook. >>and we're learning millions more instagram passwords were exposed before previously thought last month facebook said if it had inadvertently stored passwords in plain text making it possible for thousands of employees to search them. they initially thought the security lapse impacted 10's of thousands but now they're estimating the numbers in the millions the lapse also affected facebook users. the couple in the southern california house of horrors case will be sentenced tomorrow david and louise turpin were convicted of child abuse. >>for torturing and starving 12 of their children. riverside county district attorney's office says the couple pleaded guilty to 14 charges, including accounts of torture back in february. authorities say 12 of the couple's 13 children were abused malnourished and rarely
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allowed to leave their home. the was 2 years old when they were rescued in january of 20 18 was the only one who did not appear to be abused. a 29 year-old female victim weighed just 82 pounds now a really disturbing story out of louisville, kentucky where a family says a man broke into their home and started undressing and a 12 year-old girl's bedroom. now that suspect is facing a litany of charges and is recovering from gunshot wounds, gilbert corsey reports. my daughter she takes my phone and she told me someone was in her brain. >>we win can out the room and there he will stand then right there in the kitchen. >>can you imagine that girl just 12 years old and it turns out the stranger in her room at 7 o'clock sunday morning was a next door neighbor. the child's family just moved to a house near homes you drive in montana avenue. 2 weeks ago.
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the toll wdrb is like you're adamant. he broke she went sleep she was really smart like she heat and made the cover of time or light downtown are buying down on phone to takes me. >>and she was she's demo that every to see where he was a day she got up and she ran away police say this was the man in that 12 year olds route 38 year-old donald all over junior. >>he has a long history of convictions for drug- trespassing and flynn police. but most disturbing a guilty plea in 2001 for sexual-misconduct court records say he got a 15 year-old girl. >>pregnant he got undressed to my daughters while like what was your intentions, you know i'm saying like you are see this is >>they're case increase in on $50,000. you notice all over his wheelchair bound rain and a total get out. >>and he didn't want to move all right and he brought out, it mean the ground and he ended up getting sick shots. >>period no charges against
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him. police say is all over some food in their home free and president dropped a small bag out of suspected heroin i'm not gonna let nobody me on my homework on a and i do hope that everybody knows leave this house alone. >>well authorities say even though the suspect lives next door to the house he's accused of breaking into the family says they will and they never met all of our intel that morning. >>apple is taking new steps to help people recycle old iphones company now is using to daisy robots to take apart phones. the robots can take apart about 200 used iphones an hour more than a million a year. and the recovered materials are being recycled into new apple products for example aluminum taken from old iphones is being reused in new macbook air laptops apple says it refurbished almost a million devices last year and helped reroute more than 48,000 metric tons of the waste from ending up in
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landfills. >>carl juniors cooking up special burger for for 20 in colorado, the cheeseburger will have a special sauce made from cbd it's only being sold for one day at one location in denver, no surprise here is called a rocky mountain high cheeseburger delight carl's junior is testing whether it should become a permanent menu items. the company says younger customers are interested in trying new flavors but cautions consumers should not expect any of the possible health benefits of cbd from eating the burger, many food and beverage companies are jumping on the cbd bandwagon. as sales an interest in products made with the hemp derivative skyrocket coming up at 6. a girl find a rare treasure in the sand on a north carolina beach and it could millions of years old and kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing.
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>>county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>very would like this one girl hunt spring break, she went home with a treasure, millions of years old a brief house was at a north carolina beach when something caught her eye in the sand, sha found a make a lid on shark tooth to make a lid on was the largest shark ever documented. it went extinct millions of years ago
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that whose could be up to 3 million years old. her father's been looking for one of those tease for more than 20 years and got avery and her sisters hooked on looking for sure teeth to and be scored and that will no kidding. but 6.60 feet long great whites about 20 feet want to come face to face and it i take a look outside right now it was a should let's make up being up there with the fog just curling over the calls we're getting not so thank day we have all of that fog rolling on in outside of that it's pretty much a still a to you know kind of a little bit of an offshore flow. >>that helped warm us up a little bit and that's going to keep temperatures actually pretty mild tonight, having said that we have some undisturbed little disturbed weather coming our way on saturday looks like to get to the holiday weekend. our war cover nice on easter. here's another perspective of that fog rolling on in just a nice little layer there to cover up. the shot of alcatraz and you can see behind it there's the city, san francisco. they're behind it and pretty
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much a mostly clear skies as we have for this evening. so that's a little viewpoint of a we have going on for right now what will change is that high is starting to weaken a little bit sore start usher in a little in the way some high cloudiness for the due south. however, upstream which i mention on saturday. this is our weather maker here. now what it seems to be money in the bank is will get cloud cover from this will get some wins from any will get some cooler temperatures from it and then well we might get a couple showers from that as well but the bigger issue which can affect most people is at saturday's going to be a little bit more that kind of breezy chilly more cloud cover field day and they will recover on easter sunday little bit of course we'll see the sun a little bit on saturday looks like as well get a load of these current temperatures now as i mentioned earlier we have a little bit that offshore influence still hanging around for ticket for those inland valleys like 82. concord 81 for calais oh it's 79 up to the north bay got 70's up their 79 meanwhile for san jose tonight now the lows fairly mild we're talking middle 50's to lower 50's. i
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want to take you longer range forecast models now we talked a little bit about saturday. that's a little frontal system passing then sunday recovers and early next week. it's another big dose of high pressure unit block several things you can see around us until we get to the latter portion next week. by thursday and into friday things will start to change cooler temperatures more cloud cover. winds and maybe some showers will see if this holds together but it looks like in 4 chance timed out into next weekend, let's get to in your 4 zone forecast check it out 67, san francisco losing the offshore winds back to the 50's coast. why peninsula, 65 burlingame heading down to the south. let's get some 70's and here in the southern end. the peninsula, 75 mountain dew. palo alto 75. but the south a 79 looks like san jose milpitas let's check in to 76 got 72 for fremont 81 for livermore that's looking good up to a walnut creek 77 concord around 80 and up to the north a temperature check in the 70's now no more 80's
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affair fill in vacaville may get up there and then meanwhile for santa rosa 76 with more lower 70's to the southern portions of them are in here we have in the seven-day forecast more 80's and next weekend easter sunday looks great. but then friday, maybe some well disturbed weather alright. it's easter bonnet for we are enough sun. for that i guess watching us on crime and there's a full hour of local sports it's bay area sports night really cool show mark carpenter has some special guests will talk about everything that's going on in the world of sports cents on kron on go to. >>kron on dot tv to sign up that takes care of business for now we'll see at 8 o'clock.
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house of horrors 911. just released. >> when was the last time you had a bath? >> a year ago. >> how the brave 17-year-old saved her siblings. >> my two little siblings right now are chained up. >> exposed all the horrors inside this house. plus, is britney spears being held against her will. the whistle blower's shocking voice may. >> she did not want to go. this was not a decision she made at all. then mad dash. the race to get the mueller report in bookstores. and what we've learned about


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