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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>now attend the oakland police department says they're cracking down on sideshows after last weekend's explosive events. good evening. happy easter to you and happy passover to you as well, i'm jay are stone justine wall then has the night off the violent behavior resulted in the truck and an ac transit bus being set on fire. an officer getting seriously injured. scrum for stan dorn reports opd is beefing up its patrols tonight, he joins us live in oakland with more dan.
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>>j r this crack that involves more than 50 officers that are dedicated specifically to enforcing sideshows and police say these destructive and chaotic acts, we'll be stopped. >>we apologize for that having some technical difficulties tonight. we are going to move along to the next story this evening. oakland police arrested 2 people sunday evening and again we will work on sidewalks at excessive speeds and without a helmet the helicopter was able to help ground units track the suspects down and discovered that one of the bikes was reported stolen. and you see those bikes right there
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concord police arrested 2 people saturday afternoon after they allegedly robbed the concord store and then led police on a chase in a stolen vad these are pictures from the police department's facebook page. police got a shoplifting call from an auto parts store in downtown concord yesterday afternoon. a short time later police spotted the stolen van near highway 2.42. eventually the suspects ditch the van and ran into the neighborhood. that's where police chase them down. well moving along 5 teenagers are accused of attacking a bart passenger at the macarthur station in oakland. officers say the teens punched and tried to rob a man last night around 10. the victim was seriously injured. the incident disrupted service on east bay lines for about 25 minutes. no word on the condition of the victim or if any arrests were made. in south san francisco response to a burglary report. let the police firing shots and one officer getting injured. this
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happened around one 10 this morning at one tower place. police say they got a call about 3 people trying to break in to a secured storage space and a multi-story garage structure. police got to the scene the suspects got into a pickup truck and rammed into to fully marked police vehicles hitting one police officer. that's when investigators say police fired shots at the driver. police arrested all 3 suspects the injured officer was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries and then released. the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on routine paid administrative leave. repairs of the sales force transit center in san francisco are happening now. crews are removing the temporary shoring system that was installed last october this after they found a fracture on the ceiling of the 3rd level bus stack crews closed fremont street between howard and mission at 00:09pm
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tonight they'll remain closed until 5 in the morning tomorrow. that will go on through june 1st. a pilot program seeking new methods of addressing chronic illegal dumping in east oakland will be introduced tomorrow pilot program is the latest effort to curb illegal dumping in the area, we'll begin with volunteer outreach to residents on april 27th and also may 1st about their perceptions of the problem. how will they know the procedures for reporting illegal dumping the program also including increased trash removal in the area. >>happy easter everyone today was pretty nice did die down but still a little breezy out there and you have a shot over the golden gate bridge right now temperatures today higher than what we saw yesterday, we saw those numbers up up to 5 degrees in mountain view 6 in san jose and oakland was a few degrees warmer than yesterday
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as for current temperatures right now are at 62 in antioch a 60 in concord 52 in novato and 51 degrees and a half moon bay. so here's a look at our temperatures tomorrow morning for you early risers around 8 o'clock will be in the lower to mid 50's there and then by 10:00am we'll be up to those 60's there in the bay and inland and then by noontime into those mid 70's there as for high temperatures. you live out in the livermore area hit around 81 degrees along the coast around 70. it's going to be sunny day tomorrow. we will continue to see our temperatures increasing but how high can we expect it to reach all have the answer coming up during the full weather forecast. >>thank you so much we can stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron four mobile app you'll find full forecast and an interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay
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area storms all again with the kron four mobile app moving along now we want to go back to that story that we were talking about earlier in the show specifically talking about sideshows dan foreign is in oakland tonight talking about the crackdown that is going on out there after what was a very wild weekend. last week dan. >>that's are more than 50 police officers out specifically dedicated to cracking down on the side shows and police tell us today that they will be stopped if they see that. >>oakland police are taking a 0 tolerance approach to side shows that have been exploding into chaos. >>as i've inside show as we used to know sideshow this is just absolute unlawful activity. >>more than a 1000 people took over the intersection of 42th avenue and international boulevard on april 14. video
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shows have a breaking out as an ac transit bus and a big rig were set on fire. pd captain randy winn gates says east oakland has become ground 0 for sideshows he says they're also getting increasingly violent i gunshots are extremely dangerous obviously. >>several the of several dozen rounds of gunshots were fired and the 100 block the 1000 block of a foot hill. the macarthur last weekend that's extremely dangerous. >>on sunday, the oakland police department flexed its muscles. dozens of officers accompanied by air support took to the streets to show the destructive acts will not be tolerated. captain when gates says the department is trying to bring back peace to east oakland. >>people living in the area have also expressed their concerns to police saying they're getting fed up with sideshows. >>we will be here ready for the sideshow. they sit right take the city back from the
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side show. >>well so far this increased police presence seems to be working because there have been no reports of any side show activity in oakland tonight. as for working for any solutions towards the future. oakland police say that they are working with other aid agencies on those solutions. the right now their biggest solution is prevention through enforcement that's the latest here live in oakland and torn from 4 news. >>thank you so much dan in pacifica calif i are in san mateo deputies discovered a hang glider who had died after crashing and falling into the pacific ocean near devil's slide. these are photos of the rescue. reports say the hang glider took off from fort funds didn't seem to have caught a lot of wind carrying him too far south. chp helicopter crews arrived, they began searching, and turned over their mission to the coast guard upon arrival chp says the pilot of the hang glider died as a result of the
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collision. san mateo sheriff's office is investigating tonight. in southern california thick black smoke filled the air on sunday after an auto parts shop caught fire near los angeles. you're looking at that fire right there, fire burned through a scrap yard near the business. crews worked to stop the flames from spreading to other properties. no word on how the fire started or if anyone was hurt. in world news tonight, at least 290 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a series of explosions across sri on easter sunday. this is video of one of the explosions this was at saint anthony's church. in the country's capital calling ball. colombo that is at least 3 churches and for luxury hotels across the country were hit by bombs and those devastating attacks, 7 people are under arrest following the attacks. rick damage l a has the latest.
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>>chaos on easter sunday 8 bombings left more than 200 dead and hundreds more wounded in sri lanka. emotions ran high as first responders clear the rubble and the death toll ticked up. the first 3 explosions went off during easter sunday services at christian churches local media reports this video allegedly shows the moment, one blast went off. colombo sri lanka's capital saw 3 blasts at 3 high end hotels. the 7th and 8th blasts came hours later at a hotel in dc while amount live any a and at a private residence in demo to go to. officials haven't said what prompted the bombings though it appears the primary target is sri lanka's minority christian population. a predominantly buddhist nation christians account for less than 10% of sri lanka's 21.4 million people. census data estimates 82% of the christian population identifies as roman catholic, the pope condemned the attack during easter mass prayers in vatican city which he several arrests were made
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in connection to the attacks. investigators are combing through the debris for clues as sri lankan authorities work to identify the victims, including the dozens of foreigners killed on its soil. i'm rick damage. el are reporting. >>senator mcconnell harris tweeted in response to the deadly bombing saying in part. i'm horrified by the attacks in sri lanka. we're so many families were celebrating such a joyous day praying for the victims and their loved ones. house committee chairman jerrold net jerrold says the evidence of obstruction by president donald trump detail the special counsel's report is impeachable of prove it. and now would hold impeachment proceedings. he says it's up to congress to investigate the 10 allegations of president trump's attempts to obstruct the russia investigation. the special counsel robert mueller laid out the left open whether president trump broke the law. i do think that this and that
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if proven. >>if which hasn't been proven yet some of this. if proven some of this would be impeachable yes, all right direction of justice if proven would be impeachable. >>president trump tweeted on impeachment today saying how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was committed by the democrats make america great again. back scary moments for 2 bay area kayakers this weekend their kayak had capsized near the richmond bridge and sandra fell. details on the wild rescue when we come back and tomorrow is earth day with scientists at nasa want you to
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 2 bay area kayakers are alive tonight. thanks to the rescue efforts of emergency crews. 911 call came in last night from people who said their kayak and capsized near the richmond center fell bridge. kron for snow all bellow takes a look at the wild rescue video and has more on what happened. >>they were floating aimlessly in the water for about 2 hours before chp helicopter spotted >>the 21 year-old man had realized they were in trouble around 8 20 saturday night at about an hour's point i'm into the search we actually did confirm with family members
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that these people were still unaccounted for we continued about another hour and almost exactly 2 hours after we got the call. >>the highway patrol helicopter located the subjects using a infrared camera. >>the samara fell fires says the 2 kayakers were by richmond bridge when they called for help but by the time they were spotted the heavy winds had drifted them up to temper on chief and that wind rams says the decision to wear lifejackets was the smartest thing they could have done. >>the it's a reminder for everybody, the importance of those safety features there's a reason why we will have everybody wear wear life jackets, the coast guard and a total of 5 agencies were working in the air and sea to find the 2 men. >>tipper on fire ultimately pull them to safety at least 20 just fire department responders from are in county out on the water. >>i'm searching for searching for subject and in this case you can see that the positive impact that that had wind runs says operations like this have a great chance of success.
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>>because all of the crews train together. >>and if you plan to be on the open water. you need to practice safe candidate is can be extremely treacherous even on a day a beautiful sunny day like today. >>and particularly on a windy. rough the afternoon like it was yesterday. there's there's no doubt that the life jackets made a huge positive impact in >>folks lives. >>and belle noel bellow kron 4 news. >>attention right now to whether joined right now by forecaster erica tory and you know we saw when talking about wind and those strong winds that we had yesterday but much different story today because it was beautiful psychology and definitely those a wind speed to have decreased is still a little breezy out there though as for those temperatures. >>manly side a little higher than what we signed yesterday above normal for this time of year round conquered reaching
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77 degrees normally at 71 santa rosa. we had about 75 degrees today. and here we have a look outside san francisco looking mostly clear out there, but we are seeing those low clouds moving in along the coast in places like pacifica right now as for those wind speeds of gas, seth 15 to 20 miles per hour still long half moon bay up in a bottle also breezy up there as well so we'll see these wind speeds go back and down tomorrow morning looking pretty light overall there are no wind out there in hayward in the morning but then it picks up later in the afternoon here this is just after 5 o'clock. we'll see gusts in half moon may 16 miles per hour. just a breezy out there so nothing like the winds that we signed yesterday at all as far temperatures right now are at 57 degrees in hayward 57 in redwood city excuse the 54 out in hayward currently 60 in concord a 52 in novato and currently 53 up
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in napa and we do see this ridge of high pressure and that's why we start temperatures higher today then tomorrow we're going to see it even higher as we get closer to thursday. so here's a look at our overnight lows are going to see about 5 degrees higher than what we saw yesterday 54 for oakland 56, a for mountain view inn or high temperatures. tomorrow 72 for san francisco 88 in concord 81 in san jose above normal yet again now it's going to even higher than that the day out after and here we see our high eyes up to 86 degrees there on 3rd thursday, if you live in london, then by sunday we're going to start to see those temperatures slowly drop as that a ridge of high pressure just weekends to still be in the mid 60's along that they by sunday, jay are back to you. >>thank you so much pool and beach weather. morath day is tomorrow in honor ot that nasa wants to focus on our planet's beauty and diversity and how
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it's changing our washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon has the story and continues. >>when you think of nasa you probably think about scientists studying space and the vast universe, but a lot of nasa's work is focused right here at home and a lot of the breakthroughs we made it has actually started studies of earth. >>that we extract plated howard's mom asked scientists say we already know a lot about and how it's changing they also say there's a lot we don't know if this is being studied. >>from some of the nasa satellites the chief scientist at the nasa goddard space flight center is doctor jim garvin we discovered things about earth. >>that we didn't know were important ozone holes, you know for deforestation and how its polar ice caps in antarctica and greenland are melting. >>ice mass loss over just the last 17 years and so this trend is a big trend. >>nasa says these changes don't just impact the
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creatures that live in those icy climates no impact all of us to sea level rise, 10 feet. >>your beach front property may be underwater properties already going to about thursday's monday, the perfect time to remember how beautiful. >>but fragile our planet is in washington. alexandra mound. >>well coming up for the first time in hundreds of years paris france observed easter. without notre dot details ahead. and a group of more than a dozen students and chaperones got sick on an american airlines flight we'll tell you where this happened when we come back. plus kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day. you haven't tried kron on yet. here's what you are missing. >>today was bad some are worse. stoner into the oakland hills.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news attend an amerscan airlines spokesman says a group of more than a dozen students and chaperones, traveling home to boston fell ill today. boston ems said they were transport 13 patients from logan international airport to the massachusetts general hospital with minor symptoms. air american airlines says no other passengers or crew members fell ill. american
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airlines spokesman said the group was on a flight from miami to boston. for your health tonight, a new medical device to treat childhood adhd has gotten the it's a nerve fda approval. stimulation system. it's designated for children between the ages of 7.12 who are not currently on medication for the disorder. a small adhesive pash in place on the chlds forehead. and it delivers a low electrical poles to parts of the brain responsible for adhd symptoms. research has shown this device may also help with traumatic. treatment that is for traumatic brain injuries in veterans. what next a teacher is under fire after from to african american students as slaves. >>parents are taking action when we come back. and how people in paris are celebrating easter for the first time in hundreds of years. without notre dot details ahead.
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>>and temperatures were above normal today in some places how long well that last time the answer coming up during the full weather forecast.
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. first time in hundreds of years paris france absorbed observed easter without notre dob the fire on monday nearly brought down the gothic cathedrals been closed since them. omar jimenez has the latest from paris.
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>>easter in paris this year means in just a little bit more on a day that for christians is about resurrection there maybe has never been a symbol more clear nearly a week after a devastating fire that nearly brought down the entire. cathedral. >>it's in eastern paris against the backdrop. no one could have imagined one without not heard on. crystal ball of joy as a photographer and took these pictures as the iconic cathedral spire came crashing down i saw lot of people crying too very a crying because i want to to actually i look around i see people of all religions less sheen and feeling that us to the situation is about agency. >>it's a most humans that's an impact that's been felt across the world but especially in france for president emmanuel macron hopes to rebuild in a matter of years. >>meanwhile the investigation
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into the fire's origins continues. prosecutors have been looking at whether an electrical short circuit was to blame. >>the building just got so small for a minute as the flames took over. >>jackie gibson's pastry shop is right across the street from the cathedral, the only time we ever go to churches christmas and easter and we good enough for them. and it's one that's still standing as it has for hundreds of years. the one that was burned down and a matter of hours. and moving forward francis set to hold an international architectural design competition to redesign this fire that fell over the course of these flames and even though the cathedral is still standing it's also about making sure it is stable at the beginning of what is set to be a long road. >>restoration reporting from paris. >>well president trump attended easter church service in palm beach florida. this morning. trump arrived at the church of the fest's by the
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sea and was joined by first lady melania trump and his daughter. tiffany trump. the president has celebrated easter at the same church before him a lot he were actually married they're back in 2005. earlier this morning. president wished followers, a happy easter on twitter and claimed he has never been happier or more content. a look outside long san francisco's embarcadero i see one maybe 2 cars down there a clear night as we're joined by forecaster erica to the tor i to break down. what is and looks like a very nice week ahead if you like to help. >>definitely we're going to see those temperatures increasing as we get closer to the middle of this week. but in meantime we have a look outside a assef oh they're looking pretty clear foyou, however we are seeing some of those low clouds moving in along the in places like pacific of this evening and so of course a little breezy out
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there as have our guests between 15 to 20 miles per hour. also in novato seen breezy conditions as well however will see the numbers go down as we get closer to tomorrow morning looking pretty light. but then now we will see those breezy conditions later in the afternoon here this is around 5 to 30 winds coming from the north aaron half monday, 15 to 20 mile per hour gust. so similar to what we saw today but definitely not as windy as what we saw yesterday as for our temperatures we side about 5 degrees higher in some areas and we have those numbers for you here in our temperature change map and tomorrow numbers even higher of course, but right now we're at 52 degrees in 16 in concord 62 out in antioch 51 in fremont 56 in redwood city and half moon bay, currently 15 1 degrees out there. so this high pressure is actually
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what's going give us this warming trend this week. we're also going to see drier conditions as well because of it. so here's what we can expect the upcoming week as we mentioned temperatures going up but then it will go back down friday and into the weekend we could see it in the lower 70's and even 60's by then. but tomorrow morning for those of you up around 8 o'clock heading to work in the mostly sunny out there are going to see temperatures in the lower to mid 50's and then around 10:00am we'll see it hit the 60's out along the bay and further inland and then by noon time as get into those 70's before hitting our daily high temperature there so oakland we can expect to be around 77 degrees looking sunny tomorrow and then livermore lower 80's there are so in case you happen to be taking a walk out doors later in the evening or. >>or maybe even going to the oakland a's game we're going to be in the mid 60's out there looking to be a clear night and over the next few
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days if you plan on traveling out to the lake tahoe area we're going to be in the lower to mid 60's so that snow that's already there is going to continue to just melt away so, here's a look at at our 7 day extended forecast. temperatures there start to go down after thursday j r back to you. >>thank you so much we're going to move along here. we are learning tonight a us soldier. has died in iraq. the us department of defense says specialist ryan dennis over in reilly died yesterday from a non combat related incident. that incident is under investigation. 22 year-old was from kentucky and was assigned to fort campbell. a us army soldier has died in north carolina after a skydiving accident. investigators say sergeant first class justin goff died this morning in a freak accident. they say the 29 year-old parachute didn't
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deploy but high winds caused the accident. goff us from florida and stationed in fayetteville, north carolina. well coming up a los angeles man who was alongside nipseyhussle has been released from police custody. details ahead. and a parent is accusing the teacher of referring to his daughter and 4 other african american girls
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>>welcome back a father in las vegas is accusing a teacher of referring to his daughter and 4 african-american girls as slaves and that accusation is causing some tension between other parents and school staff, sean the land sea has the story. >>a packed house of parents questioning ccsd superintendent hay says jar on plans to address racial imbalances in the system indeed in new controversy into the she does mala telling the packed house an african american teacher at thurman white academy gold his 14 year-old daughter and 4 other african american kids slaves during class. they're small and daughter maya breaking down in tears prior history teacher caught her a slave. >>the bar to be in class easy more in the class that see in africa and they answered the question that he's old he's its planes. >>jorah didn't comment on specifics about the teacher but says it is already under investigation that maybe it
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really had little. early on the investigation, this on the wake of previous controversy 2 students charged with making terroristic threats. a 3rd cited in connection with the racist instagram account at harborview high in march something about a jury says they're working to implement district wide cultural sensitivity training standardized discipline protocols at every school and several other programs to eliminate discrimination las vegas in double acp. president roxanne mccoy's it's a good start but she wants results, i'm glad we're having the conversation. i'd like to know. >>timeline when we expect rpthese programs implemented. >>southern california police say a 59 year-old man lord a 15 year-old boy through a dating app and sexually assaulted him santa anita police arrested michael komodo on thursday officers say komodo met the teen on the grindr app claimed he was 39 years old and promised a
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shopping spree in exchange for making out. well frightening moments for parishioners at this church in san diego on easter sunday. police say a woman holding a gun and a 10 month-old baby walked into the church during easter services and threatened to blow up the place. police say german matters quickly step this rush to female before anything happened. >>and took her into custody took the gun and the child away from her and held her until the police officers could arrive. >>no one was hurt. the woman was taken into custody, the gun was not loaded and no explosives were found. no word on what charges she may face the baby and the woman's 5 year-old daughter are in the care of child welfare services. officials say both are healthy and were not hurt. >>well still ahead tonight, nashville tennessee is getting ready to host the nfl draft this week. that means headaches for people who work there. >>and still ahead in sports off the real war on the ice
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for the sharks and warriors inch closer to taking their first-round match up all the way a faction is after the
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 after the combine pro days workouts interviews and countless mock drafts it's finally almost here 2019 nfl draft. reporter kathleen, syria gives us a preview. crews are preparing for the big crowd.
10:44 pm
>>the corner of first and broadway has been through a huge transformation over the last few weeks as music city prepares for the largest multi-day event it's never seen the excitement going on and everyone being here i think it's a i think it's great. the nfl draft is expected to bring around 100,000 people downtown each day for 3 days and if you're one of the 70,000 who has to get down here for work you're going to notice i think it's going to be insane. i actually lived down at the corner of 3rd and church for the stanley cup playoffs when we went to the finals. >>and during the whole cma fest in stanley cup it was crazy down here and i know this is going to be even crazier. >>that's why some bosses like katie gibson's are telling employees to avoid the increased traffic and just work from home next thursday and friday we've been talking about at the office for the last few weeks because obviously everybody is getting prepared for it thereby knows what's coming so we're trying to get ahead of the curve. so in the draft and we men you know delay traffic getting into work and is a you know so much stuff going downtown.
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>>another downtown manager says it all depends on what parking is available. >>but if that doesn't walk out i think we'll some problems and probably have to watch from home which is sometimes an issue because the walk that we do we have to keep the systems to get a and it runs boston office than it does at home. >>and for those who stilhave to head downtown for work at the end of next week, the eyes of 2 words, good luck. with that. >>they need to experience some bay area traffic as well and that was kathleen siri reporting this year's draft starts on thursday april 25th and runs through sunday april 27th. >>it was an easter sunday, full of chocolate bunnies hunting for easter eggs and here in the bay area couple playoff wins as well, we'll start with the sharks trying to stave off elimination in the end of their season tonight in las vegas. you know was on hand raiders owner mark davis taking and again that's going to be his team's new hometown soon will pick this up in sudden death overtime tied at one. max pacioretty
10:46 pm
fires, one of the next the martin jones there for the state he had a tranche eyes record. the aides say see and the second overtime brent burns get a great shot for the mets. >>andre fleury makes equally great states turn the sharks defenseman away. later in the period, sharks going short handed to mock turtle. and the sharks force a game 7 tuesday in san jose, carolyn jones, the stars for san jose. >>shows us you know just on use a fair and just unsavory on and. it was just amazing how was so we've been just trying everything doing just for him because you know we know it was so that the from the start and will slaughter him but he throw it out that is number one for us and he came in huge game for us there's a game are serious, you know we start present all night. give our guys a lot of
10:47 pm
credit products and huge rally kills. and over time in a yeah everybody everybody chipped >>the warriors trying to take the second of 2 games in los angeles and take a commanding 3 to one lead in the series by doing so scans locking in the staples center on easter sunday. easter action their 1st quarter klay thompson. fire nails, the 3 pointer 2022 warriors thompson scored 17 points in that quarter. he finished with 33 and a half kevin duran from 30 feet out. us dollar for a four-point play 60 to 54 deaths at the half but after starting over 7 from behind the heart. finally knocked down a 3 to take the lead after the dead after they surrendered and this was the dagger curry's pass tips right they have the dream and for 3 it's down one 11 100 more years with less than minutes left. >>final score, one 13 1 oh 5
10:48 pm
dubbed they lead the series 3 to one and can close it out wednesday at oracle arena. the giants trying to salvage one of 3 games in pittsburgh today, you can see part many people say between can see and the giant oracle park for the best in the majors. >>case the top of the agenda 2 nothing pirates just or posey the 2 on get this deep to right center and it's got a three-run homer to the first to your for posey since june 19th of last year and his first ever against pittsburgh 3, 2, giants, the bottom of the 9th to put. ryan reynolds pulled one into the right-field corner in momentarily gets away with steven duggar he eventually killed it it still pentagon the replay home and policy job fifa tag on john mccain to get the final out of the games, the giants dugout love it so what again to propose big 3, 2, giants win as we call, we've got only 16,000 people show up on easter sunday to
10:49 pm
watch the a's as the coliseum that they got to see this bizarre claim second inning tales car hernandez hits one deep to center the remote or yano. a man is in a home run laurean are not even finished, turns and doesn't want to first base overthrowing the bag by. justin smoak trying to take second and he throws smoke out a second 4 acre raise e double play and remember that one top of the 7, 3, 2, one jays smoked yet you would get the last laugh ttough with this 2 run homer off javy when they can 5 one blue jays and that is what kind of to 5 for the came no closer final score. 5 for jay-z a couple good things today, jail. >>and you know one dead for days. thank you so much. >>well authorities ilos angeles say a man arrested on a parole violation after being wounded in the shooting that killed nipsey hussle has been released from jail. kerry
10:50 pm
laith and had been in custody since being shot march 31th along with the rapper reports say late and walked out of l a's, men's central jail yesterday. state department of corrections arrest delays and for associating with a known gang member who was hostile. but supporters assert hostile is a former gang member who transformed himself as a pillar of the community leighton's lawyer says her clients just happen to be in the area when hussle was gunned down. and 3 years ago today prince was found dead at 57 years old in his home in suburban minneapolis. he died of an accidental drug overdose. but tonight he is remembered as one of the most inventive and influential musicians of modern times, some of his top selling albums or purple rain 1999. around the world in a day fans around the world took to twitter to celebrate the legendary singer songwriter say thank you for the music. one family in
10:51 pm
virginia is thanking a police officer this easter sunday. they say the officer save their little girl's life. nick connie has the story. >>don't know she would still be here only one word were greatly appreciative describes how 7 month-old even nichols parents are feeling today he went up in their face probably would've turn for the worse after they were struck with fear friday night while eating dinner at this chick filet when able soul, a fry em began choking so i picked drops ipad you're back she grabbed me by arm nearer to the officer and i asked him help us see our daughters are breathing right now and on at that moment action he what he had to do a second just to fill police officer christopher king was on his dinner break and here for my which eva's parents chaired a nationally are grateful for just so thankful. >>him he was staring place the right time if there's anything we can ever do. >>am back what he had done.
10:52 pm
>>we're going to whatever it is we have to they tell me officer king called first responders well giving even a cool cpr then stayed with them the whole time machine in and start crying after he had to slice to she was just part of le conte with him just let him hold or perfect for me and he did everything department way anyone else could. >>make sure they're up next the pair of new movies debuted
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>>welcome back a pair of new movies debuted in the top 5 this weekend with one of them becoming the new number one movie in the country. rick damage el as the countdown. >>this doesn't make any sense. >>you want to bet grown and you woke up little little took a big jump back dropping from second place down to 5th on ticket sales of 8 and a half million dollars for the captain marvel found new wings as the superpower heroin soared back up from 6th place to 4th with 9.1 million bringing brie larson's marvel debut to over million at the domestic box office. >>i know that you don't know might and is a fighter and he doesn't get that faith based film breakthroughs didn't have a breakthrough weekend opening with million. well below pundits predictions. the most
10:56 pm
recent king of the box office felt his second as shoes and made million. >>bringing its domestic total passed the million mark. the new queen of the box office is the curse of law your the latest entry in the conjuring cinematic universe vowed million 6 and a half million higher than industry projections in hollywood, i'm rick damage l a. >>avengers endgame is predicted to smash multiple box office records when it hits theaters. this weekend. certainly lots of excitement out there know my little 6 year-old godson every time he sees the avengers billboard. he goes off. i don't even think he'll be allowed to watch but he's pretty excited about this at all. been somewhat not for its so all you know when it comes to this forecast, i know it on much time left but it's a warm one out there to this week definitely i mean are temperatures today or i or
10:57 pm
than we saw yesterday and we can expect it to increase. >>for the rest of this week and am a look here over the golden gate bridge looks like a quiet night for you there. a little breezy still along the coast and some low clouds in areas like pacific about other than that looking mostly clear. >>further inland, so right now are 53 degrees in berkeley 51 in napa 52 in santa rosa and 47 out and the degas pay and her overnight lows higher than what we 24 hours ago. >>and are looking nice this week a thank you so much have a great (male announcer) the following is a paid program for crepe erase.
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