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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 23, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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collision happened this evening injuring at least 8 people that collision happened near the intersection of el camino yellen sunnyvale saratoga road police have closed down those rose to investigate the collision there's no word on when they will re open. they're asking people to stay out of the area as soon as we get additional information about this incident we will update you meanwhile pressure is mounting on muni after video surfaced showing another woman getting stock and then dragged by the doors on the new. >>light rail vehicles, we're learning tonight that despite making denials just yesterday today, the agency acknowledged said this is not the first time something like this has happened now muni is adding that the doors are not as sensitive as they should be con force in kerman has details. >>as shocking as this video obtained by the san francisco examiner is showing a woman getting your hands stuck in the door of one of new these new light rail vehicles and then being dragged by the train, it turns out this is not the first time it's happened. >>how many other incidents
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relatives to the door closing are you aware of i'm aware of during a hearing before the county transportation authority muni admitted this was the 4th time it's happened the first time being back in the fall, it's not ok. major transit property is leading has for years. >>over the safety concerns that you are able to replicate making your own hancock in the door. the transportation authority was anger that not only were they not informed, but neither was the public and as a result. they decided not to earmark more than million. the fast track. the purchase of a 151 additional new vehicles after maintaining on monday the doors of the new trains are safe. they operate as designed tuesday muni changed its tune saying there is a problem specifically the single pane doors at the front and rear were not as sensitive as we believe they should be muni has now locked the back doors and we'll have train operators pay extra attention
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to the front door until they can figure out a fix. many is also admitted additional problems with these new cars, one is repetitive flat tires. >>the other is a couple ing problem that is looking one car to another and as a result these new cars are now traveling as single vehicles. dan kerman kron 4 news. the san francisco for commission voted unanimously tonight to approve a new homeless center in a waterfront neighborhood. >>san francisco mayor london be propose a plan and has been criticized by some for not engaging the concerned citizens in out before pushing the plan people against the navigation center say there's no way the site along the embarcadero is the proper location for such a center they worry it will attract more crime however, on center w help get homeless people already along the embarcadero off of the streets and give them hope is well san francisco's skate borders say they are devastated tonight after one of their own was struck and killed by a truck.
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>>the accident happened on howard and 7 streets in the south of market neighborhood just a block from where a bicyclist was hit and killed 6 weeks ago on for noah bellow talk was of some of the people who knew the 26 year-old skateboarder. >>hearts are just very heavy here tonight in soma friends of pablo ramirez tell me he was just simply too good for this world his life was cut short around 12 15 this afternoon. >>is like a lifeline for some kids you know it. >>all day long skate borders from across san francisco gathered at 17 howard in soma to mourn pablo ramirez this photo today calling him a beautiful spirit overflowing with love and unyielding energy last week he was launching with our program is working with kids and he was skating with them, sean that pablo when he first moved here is that the 26 year-old spends his time with us at skate club mean the kids really looked up to. this afternoon, san
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francisco police say ramirez collided with a commercial truck. as if the dea says the driver stopped as soon as they realized someone had been hit. paramedics were called but ramirez died at the scene officials are still looking at surveillance footage to determine. >>exactly what happened. some witnesses have a mention that's the skate boarder was in the street. we haven't confirmed whether and the skate boarder was holding on to the truck at this point. we are that is being told that we have not confirmed that at this time. >>in a heavily traveled part of town that scene accidents like this before it's clear those commuting outside of a car need to be extra careful we look out for each other and we just want the best for everybody, the city. you know we're sharing space on even playing unfortunately. >>there there are other factors that that are beyond see
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we can to make the streets safe as possible. >>and so much noel bellow kron 4 news. >>they're taking a live look outside tonight where we see no longer a bargain and barca daryl in san francisco where it is a mild night nice night to be outside lawrence and tomorrow a nice day to be outside right going to be hot again very mild around the bay area now but what a day it was today record breaking temperatures out there around the bay area's that big ridge of high pressure in the offshore winds combined to send the numbers up to 80 degrees at sfo was sent just go international airport there in 88 also on and off the field, 93 the hot spot in the bay area also record in santa rosa oakland checking into the museum at 87 degrees that was a record there. and redwood city tied a record of 90 degrees. but all around look at these numbers impressive 86 86 officially in fremont 88 in san jose 90 showing up in many of the valleys and 81 degrees
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even downtown san francisco for a high today so we've got high pressure overhead we've got clear skies out there right now that's way it's going to stay and really just some beautiful weather out there look at these numbers right now at this time in spring. that's impressive 76 degrees right now in san jose 71 in dublin 74 in redwood city you get over the hill though you see the influx of the cold water little bit of a sea breeze only 55 degrees and pacific and also half moon bay, 65 degrees now in the san francisco, 76 still on the warm side in the concord and 64 degrees in the bottle so yet working on a great night tonight starry skies all night long very very mild temperatures overnight lows are only going to be in the 50's and low 60's and then tomorrow, another hot one on the way sunday all the way to the coastline. that's preheat continued for least one more day and then we'll start to see some cooling as we head in toward thursday with more fog and low clouds on the way they get a big ridge of high pressure building over head like this and it's it's
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overhead for a couple of days. the long you start to trap some of those clues down near the surface so tomorrow be hazy in parts of the north they the south and also the space to look nice and clear along the coastline but that ridge sticking around for one more day, see those northerly winds too and that's really key to this is we're going to see it offshore wind that will crank up the temperatures outside and keeping clear even out toward the beaches. so that said you'll see some 90's in the central valley tomorrow, hot there's a lot ofu numbers of the year so far 77 degrees. downtown los angeles can be almost as warm in san francisco, 74. in the san jose we're talking well into the 80's the afternoon. a little bit on the warm side it's going to be hazy out there as well in the san francisco, you start out plenty of sunshine and that breeze kicks in the afternoon. it was a mild temperatures in oakland, sunny part of the day but still we're talking about some very warm temperatures ahead. overnight lows are going to be in the 50's and the mid 60's of the warmer sdhen as we have daytime
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temperatures looking good look at this we've got some 80's and 90's the warmer spots tomorrow. then watch what happens we'll see the sea breeze kicking as we get into thursday and then you watch those temperatures really begin to cool down maybe come down to good 10 maybe 20 degrees around the bay area by thursday as that maisel fog starts to roll back in i think you will duels people who live in one quiet. oakland hills neighborhood woke up to the sheriff's bomb squad is searching for an explosive device in their neighbor's home today. >>the incident happened to be part of an fbi investigation at a home on stoppers jive fbi agents were looking for evidence involving an adult male wanted in connection to several bank robberies, neighbors say there's been nothing but rubble since that man recently moved back in with his parents along with his girlfriend and their small children. ottive services, we'v been in ucout occasionally, but you know, there's been no resolution until possibly today.
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>>the fbi would only confirm that an arrest was made this morning. and it connected to a federal search warrant which stems from a state warrant out of contra costa county. >>in the north bay one lane will be closed overnight on the road or park expressway after an accident this afternoon just before and suvs crashed into the railroad crossing tower knocking it over 21 year-old damien fay ng was behind the wheel and was taken to the hospital and was listed in stable condition. crews were able to clean up the debris but because the accident took out the crossing tower the right lane on the eastbound side of the road will be closed overnight. smart train personnel will be flagging drivers through that area. police in san francisco are looking for 2 women involved in a violent home invasion robbery that happened early this morning in the 100 block of brannan street that's in the city's south beach neighborhood. police say 2 women broke into a 26 year-old man's house and assaulted him before taking a rolex and a bb gun the women then fled in a
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car. the victim was taken to hospital but is expected to be okay. right now police say they don't have detailed descriptions of the suspects police in northern california have arrested the parents of 2 young boys who were found inside cages. >>bolted to a bedroom wall. this is how the modoc county sheriff's office found the boys on friday into the lake that's right near the oregon border, you can see the 2 crib stacked on top of one another deputies went to the home to execute a search warrant for illegal guns and that's when they found the boys under 2 years of age inside the cages officers also found 3 guns ammunition and evidence of a beauty do tame honey oil lab, the boys were turned over to social services, their 25 year-old parents are now facing several charges of the threat and the concern grows about wildfires in california today governor gavin newsome was in the east bay to talk about a multimillion dollar project to
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create fire breaks and 35 sections of the state. it's designed to protect lives and property in areas at highest risk for wildfires. well morning. kelly shows us where one coming weeks. >>25% of californians live in this wild land urban interface. >>here's an example of the wild land urban interface right here in the oakland berkeley hills where homes run up against nature which can be beautiful, but also deadly as what happened during the devastating oakland hills fire in 1991 20. >>5 lives lost 30 500 structures, a devastated where this news conference was held is not far from where that fire started. >>and also not far from one of the 35 firebreaks going in around the state at a cost of $32 million in north orinda firebreak is going to start just outside of 14 miles
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along the backsi all the way to lafayette the work which involves clearing brush by hand and heavy equipment and with controlled burns is set to begin here in the next few weeks and should be complete about 2 months after that the cal fire chief explains how they can help out firefighting efforts reduce the intensity of and allow for firefighters aircraft to be able to hold fire away from the communities before they spread into the community. >>it is not the silver bullet, they stress that homeowners should still be creating defensible space around their properties and look at ways to harden their homes against the dangers an app to help people prepare for the wildfire season you can find a link to it on kron four dot com maureen kelly kron 4 news. the alameda county board of supervisors moved a step closer to selling their share of the oakland coliseum sites
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to the a's our a j r stone joins us now in the studio with details and reaction from city leaders say are. >>panic and that's right the alameda county board of supervisors are moving forward with a plan to negotiate a possible sale of the counties, 50% share of the oakland coliseum to the team. now if the deal goes through the a's would pay the county million that money would then be used to pay off the county's bond in kerr back in the 90's when the raiders moved from los angeles to oakland. the deal would also give the county 10 to $13 million a year to use for other purposes. the city of open wanted to buy the land from the county. but apparently they couldn't get the funding together. today's meeting oakland mayor the deal arrangement should benefit the citizens of oakland. but at least one supervisor said it wasn't up to them that any decisions on land use would be up to the city.
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>>if you're going to sell this land to the a's don't sell out east oakland. any land deal from a public entity must include community benefits starting with affordable housing we don't control the we can't. >>dictate that that property ever has affordable housing because the city of oakland controls our land >>the a's said they would be happy to make a deal with the county. they also plan on keeping oracle arena, the way it is eventually turning the coliseum into a multi-use sports facility moving forward with plans to build a stadium at howard terminal. pam can now back to you. you j r anothe story tonight round 2 is underway in california's fight over reforming police use of force right now there are 2 competing proposals, one inspired by families who lost loved ones to police violence. the other backed by law enforcement. now those 2 sides must work together toward a
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solution. well boys capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>if. >>we do revise our use of force standard. then we will require new training that sent a bill to 30's first hearing wednesday, the public safety committee made a major change to the proposal the bill backed by police groups calls for a mandate on more de escalation training for officers across the state, but now the bill can only pass as long as its rival ab 3.92 passes. the 2018 shooting of unarmed black men stephon clark is one of several incidents that sparked a b 3.92 it would change the law to allow officers to use deadly force only when necessary and there are no other alternatives training around implicit and explicit by senator holly mitchell is a scholastic that's necessary because we do see a difference in the treatment of start that certain residents of the state based on complex this is reality. hundreds of people
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who lost loved ones to police violence lined up voicing their hope for kill my baby, although the legislation is now linked police say they still don't support a b 3.92, you know that was something we felt needed to be done in order. the fear governor gavin newsom is also weighing in on the debate but says he's not taking any sides. >>i have strong opinions look i come from san francisco. my work on implicit and overt bias the issues of independent investigations. we were on the cutting edge of a lot of reforms i know l a the advance reforms in the space lawmakers on behalf of both groups say coo >>the us supreme court hears arguments in one of its most high-profile cases of the term
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a question about citizenship on the 2020 census for lower courts say the trump administration is overstepping its authority. >>the white house says the question is vital to enforcing the voting rights act karin caifa has more. >>demonstrators outside the supreme court with them and all our communities to be content while inside justices heard arguments in one of the terms most controversial cases. the trump administration was to include a question for all senses recipients about their citizenship. something that hasn't happened since 1950 challengers say it's designed to intimidate noncitizen immigrants and suppress participation. >>fundamentally the sentence is a measure we use deliver on one of our nation's the core tenets and that is and the promise n of congressional seats and college >>and the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funding. the white hous has maintained the citizenship question has been on some forms for decades with the exception of 2010 and is
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crucial to reinforcing federal voting rights law. >>this is something that has been part of the census. for decades and something that the department of commerce felt strongly that be included to get 3 lower courts have ruled to block the question from appearing on the census form. >>during arguments tuesday conservative justices seem to suggest the administration is within its rights to include it while liberal justices honing in on how it could reduce respondents. the supreme court term is scheduled to end before the census bureau plans to begin printing forms on july 1st in washington karen gave kron 4 news. >>house democrats took their fight against president trump's border wall to federal court today, the democrat led house of representatives filed a motion asking the court to block the construction of president trump's signature wall. the trump administration plans to start construction next month. using money allocated in his emergency declaration. the house argues only congress has the power to designate federal spending. lawmakers contends the president using funds from
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already appropriated accounts violates the appropriations clause of the constitution. migrants entering the us from mexico are expected to be processed in new tents facilities in west texas. the frame of the el paso facility has already been put up. documents show that last week's to million contract to build the tent facility was awarded to a company out of new york, customs and border patrol is also building another 10 facility in south texas. each one is set up to hold 500 migrants waiting to be transferred to eyesore human services custody. they'll be equipped with areas to sleep eat and take care of hygiene. the facility is expected to be fully operational by may 1st. vladimi putin are set to meet for the first time, but they are not expected to sign any agreements know i make a joint statement kim's visit to russia comes amid an impasse
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on the nuclear negotiation between pyongyang and washington d c the hanoi meeting between president trump and kim ended early without an agreement with the 2 sides seemingly far apart on how to trade sanctions really for meaningful steps toward denuclearization. >>funerals were held today for some of the victims of sunday's terror attacks in sri lanka. the official death toll has now climbed to 359 suicide bombers struck 3 christian churches and for luxury hotels in colombo and 2 other nearby cities on sunday morning. us officials say the attacks may be tied to global terrorism, including isis sri lanka's government says it failed to act after it had intelligence that a plot was >>have taken down to buy these from here and 2. sochi so we don't know. what is inside stewart.
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>>sri lanka's defense minister says the easter terror attacks were carried out in retaliation to last month's mosque shootings in new zealand. sri lanka's prime minister is warning the country that people connected to the bombing are still on the run. today, authorities searched the home of one of the suspected attackers. officials say they've arrested dozens of suspects in the last 2 days. >>i love it or hate it a restaurant known for its conservative values wants to set up shop in the east bay by some say chick filet should not be allowed to open plus yet another laptop theft at uc-berkeley cafe details ahead on how that he spent time inside the cafe before taking off with a computer after the break should americans who are currently incarcerated have the right to vote details on that ahead. >>and trump for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day you have a drive kron on yet, here's what you're missing.
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>>well we have some great news breaking news to tell you the sharks just one game 7 against las 5 to 4 they just scored the winning goal in overtime, they're down 3 nothing and they came back and actually had the lead in the 3rd
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period, but they got tied for 4 went into overtime charges one mark carpenter will have all the highlights coming up in just a few minutes in sports. all right back to regular news now should people behind bars have the right to vote that is one of the questions several democratic presidential candidates are face and our washington dc correspondent mark where it it has the latest. right now only 2 states vermont and maine allow incarcerated americans to vote from behind bars. >>democratic presidential hopeful senator bernie sanders says prisoners nationwide should also have that option they're paying their price to society but that should not take away. there are inherent american right to participate in our democracy. sanders was asked about prisoner voting rights during a televised town hall monday night ronald neumann with the american civil liberties union says the issue deserves national attention we fundamentally don't believe that. >>isst good for any of us. the a clu says it plans to
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force candidates to pick sides on this particular issue, especially in early voting states like iowa and new hampshire. we will continue to to force the conversation because we think is an important one half but not every presidential hopeful is ready to fully embrace the idea of prisoners voting i think we should have a conversation republican senator lindsey graham who is not running in 2020 says he is firmly against the idea. >>responding to senator sanders by tweeting quote i look forward to hearing his explanation in south carolina, why dylann roof should be allowed to vote in the upcoming elections roof was convicted of killing 9 people at emanuel am e church in charleston in 2015. in washington, i'm mark meredith. coming up the leg that fell from the sky. how the discovery of a prosthetic leg in the north bay led investigators to a sky diver and. >>after the break a new report says social security and medicare benefits could dry out by the year 2035 details on what congress is trying to do about it.
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>>and the for spring heat wave city across the bay area now but do we have
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>>bring a chick filet to town and there are a few of them in the bay area already the next closest one is in wannacry that is well fortunately chagall explains the city staff members are hesitant to green light the project.
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>>chick filet wants to open up a new restaurant at the site of the now shuttered lynn's buffet on will pass road in concord among other types of businesses, the property is zoned for a restaurant even a fast food establishment like chick filet but the 4800 square foot project proposal also calls for a drive through which right now is not allowed in the area really organize. we work it out and traffic is among the reasons the concord city staff report recommends against the project. >>the city council will discuss the proposal during a study session tuesday i could see big difficulty, especially maybe look at this right here, it's pretty short. >>and if you're drive through rain is going back up really badly and the people who went through here way or not general plan amendment and rezoning is warranted in this area by the city would be a it's a. >>may be a fiasco in order for
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the project to move forward beyond ship delays preliminary application. the council would have to support a general plan amendment. >>and rezone the area for a drive through that the staff report recommends against that because some businesses may choose not to move in nearby because of the traffic and older often associated with fast food restaurants staff is also concerned that if chick filet ever leaves an inferior fast food chain could replace it in concord fleet recall kron 4 news. >>in the south bay 2 men were arrested for allegedly stealing more than $3,000 worth of tools in milpitas 45 year-old michael jones and 53 year-old martin f were arrested early monday morning police got a report of people breaking into a construction trailer park behind big al sports bar. officers say they found the suspect hiding in a truck parked across the street officers recovered the tools from the truck along with small amounts of methamphetamine in jones possession, they say the 2 men were booked into the county
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jail. in the east bay berkeley police are looking for 2 suspects who took off with the man's laptop while he set inside the expresso wilma cafe the robbery happened on april 18 it's just after 7 in the morning. the suspect walked into the cafe walked up to the register and appeared to talk to the cashier when they started to leave one runs up to the victim is still the laptop and then runs out of the store, one of the suspects stays behind the cash or tries to stop him from getting away. berkeley police would like to talk to anyone who knows either of these men in the north bay benicia police are looking for a suspect who they say robbed a bank on south hampton road. >>police say the robbery happened around one 30 this afternoon. they say the suspect was armed with what appeared to be a black semiautomatic handgun. the suspect is only described as a black man about 5 feet 10 inches tall weighs tattoos on his arms the back of his hands as well as a teardrop tattoo under his left eye. police say he fled with an undisclosed amount of cash on the
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peninsula police in daly city are looking for the 2 women were about to show you are accused of using counterfeit money happened earlier this month, here's the surveillance pictures that were just released. police say the women in the pictures some bought $520 worth of items at jc penney using all counterfeit $20 bills, david city police department is asking anyone who might recognize these women to give them a call for your help tonight walgreens says it will no longer sell tobacco products to anybody under the age of 21. >>the new policy goes into effect september first the move comes weeks after the us food and drug administration criticize walgreens for selling tobacco 2 more miners than any other pharmacy chain. the fda also called for a meeting with walgreens officials to talk about this while greens now says the new policy should help reduce tobacco use among teens and young adults. well, the federal legal limit to buy tobacco in the united states is the age of 18. a number of states have increased at age
10:34 pm
to 21. and we are still in the grips of an active flu season there have been 21 straight weeks of elevated flu season in the u s making the current flu season, the longest in 10 years. according to the cdc. the previous record was 20 weeks during the 2014 2015 season. but the number of states reporting widespread influenza did declined by almost half last week compared to the week before that's the good news. and the cdc says this flu season has been moderate in terms of its severity. >>a big story tonight, social security and medicare benefits could be seeing cuts as early as 2035 if congress doesn't take bold action soon. an annual federal report shows reserve support of the programs will be depleted. even the country's roughly 60 million retirement age workers at risk. a washington dc correspondent recall martin breaks down the latest debate happening on capitol hill and lawmakers struggling to find a solution. siece its creation
10:35 pm
decades ago social security and medicare are the country's most popular and vital programs for aging americans but as more workers gear up for retirement, a daunting future awaits. >>a report shows that in just 16 years, the government will be able to afford to pay full benefits we just need to act now instead of waiting a reachtel bressler with the conservative heritage foundation says cfngress needs to reform the entire system. her group is urging lawmakers to raise the retirement age reduced taxes, arguing younger voters could save their own money and not rely on social security. there's no way to cover this huge sharp fall without anybody giving something up the trump administration is taking a similar stance. they're proposing shaming billion from nding. >>over the next decade. the also want to shave away $36 million from disability and soci security progr social security works president nancy altman says
10:36 pm
cuts are needed we're the wealthiest country in the world, the wealthiest moment in our history, she's back a democrat led plan to force workers more to contribute more to social security it would also gradually raise taxes across the board for everyone that ensures that all benefits can be paid. >>3 of the 21th century social security will likely be a key issue in the 2020 race for the white house in washington brick kiln martin turning now to our 4 zone forecast want to show you this cue from quad copter for beautiful day in sonoma county. >>this is like something from some promotional video travel agency uh this is something years near sebastopol at the sunrise this morning and so beautiful around the bay area is more beautiful weather ahead tomorrow law yeah, going to be another hot one outside today, especially given sonoma county you see those temperatures well in the 80's again getting close to 90 degrees. so 3 heat continues
10:37 pm
as the high pressure sits over and clear skies right now that's what's going to stay all night long these temperatures about this right now almost 11 o'clock we're still talking 76 degrees in san jose 74 freeman 74 right now oil. >>even 65 degrees in san francisco that is very warm for this time of year. all right we're going to see some changes coming our way high pressure overhead lots of sunshine coming our way but then things begin to break down on the strange you start to see some clouds beginning to move in as early as thursday and some fog want to develop along the coastline. more clouds into friday and over the weekend too so looks like we're going to see ridge of high pressure kind of breakdown move out of the way back to a storm system in a move south of the bay area maybe bring some showers in the monterey bay as we head into our saturday and part of the weekend and a lot of clouds begin on the increase so here we go we're going to see another hot one for tomorrow and then the cooling trend kicks in some that patchy far ore clouds over the weekend of oor weather. maybe had a below average in the next week. >>well spring is a time of year when wildlife babies are
10:38 pm
that many of these young animals have ended up orphaned needing spec%alized care in order to survive in this exclusive report from forestry says stasio takes us behind the scenes of the peninsula humane society and spca as they care for the animals, hoping to save their lives and return them to the wild. >>these baby possums just came into the peninsula, humane society and spca. >>their mom killed hit by a car while carrying her little bundle of babies they definitely always have a chance that they stay with mom. you know we're just we're surrogates. we do the best we can. >>sometimes it's not enough, you know think these guys will be okay, i look at these critters a homeowne their nesteo found now for their survival they must be bottle fed. special formula has gain weight on that a better rate that the martin tar box to be on a special tour behind the scenes here at the peninsula
10:39 pm
humane society normally the public is not allowed it's important for the wild lives successful return to nature for them to have as little contact with humans as possible. >>yeah, i mean so you know we think of spring we think of course of a new life, new life and trees new life with plans side. a hostile understanding that its new life when it comes to wildlife this is a time when their nest team, this is a time when they're having their babies and this is wildlife across all different species. >>but the provided me this access and hopes is showing how humans can unknowingly harm wildlife during this special time of year spring. and so when also have and so is that people because you have the trees blooming. >>you start to think you know maybe want to trim these trees maybe i want to do some spring cleaning around my yard and you could accidentally end up disturbing nesting wildlife. so one of things we really encourage people to do is before you do any te trimming and for you removing . see if there's any nast but he
10:40 pm
says peninsula humane society's successfully rehabilitates 1200 to 1400 animals on the peninsula teresa stasio kron 4 news. >>you can see more exclusive stories from theresa stasi on kron on that's her new streaming service with live local news 24 hours a day and no commercials. it caught up on the latest breaking news and weather any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. of the features of proposition, 64 the marijuana legend legalization initiative is that a person with a personal use or possession conviction. >>could have that conviction dismissed or depending on the circumstances reduced to a misdemeanor. those who might qualify had to go to the court or to the local district attorney fo but another bill passed last year in a switch things around placing the burden on the he co might qualify. but as lonnie long reports that has become quite a burden for the da's.
10:41 pm
>>we would have had to print out rap sheets and go through them by hand and identify which convictions qualified and which didn't but a nonprofit called cold for america came up with a digital system, the sacramento, d a used on a trial basis. it came up with 5300 convictions on charges that are no longer crimes under proposition 64 selling this testing for sale cold today, the balinese now misdemeanors let's say they have less than an ounce which used to be an old misdemeanor. >>that could get many of those arrested were merely cited or a finished their jail terms long ago. >>those who are still behind bars committed other serious crimes, but they too will benefit slightly from lony pop conviction, they'll get less time on the back end of the sense that they're currently serving local community groups convince the da's office to go farther than proposition 64. the largest beniciaries those who have just one conviction or those who are
10:42 pm
under 21 years old at the time around 1900 convictions were dismissed nearly 3300 felonies were reduced to misdemeanors people will be able to improve their lives. sacramento county public defender, stephen garrett says the effects of the conviction adjustments can be huge of an effect in terms of the ability to get a job housing education, especially in communities that have suffered from high rates of incarceration stuff you can add significant percent earning power to significant percentage of the communities, suffering. >>i think that that's a good thing. >>ahead how the discovery of a prosthetic leg in the north bay led investigators to a sky diver details ahead and coming up in sports an epic game 7 in san jose sharks golden knights highlights from an o
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>>strange discovery leads to a man getting his leg back on monday workers discovered a prosthetic leg in a cloverdale lumberyard those workers called sonoma county sheriff's deputies who immediately began investigating what was going on crime force michelle kingston puts the pieces of this puzzle together for us. leg with the 10th. >>1000 foot high story lumberyard workers in cloverdale found this prosthetic leg on monday and the sonoma county sheriff's deputy began to investigate trying to figure out how how it got into the yard and who
10:46 pm
it may belong to the cloverdale airport is right next to the lumber yard where the prosthetic leg was found the deputies stopped by here asking if anyone may know how that prosthetic leg landed. >>in the yard and the mystery was solved one person said. >>yes we had a customer yesterday skydiving with us he lost his his prosthetic leg in mid-flight the prosthetic leg fell from 10,000 feet above. >>the man who lost it is this guy identified by the sonoma county sheriff's office says dion callaway who was skydiving when the lake fell off in the air there was a very good you know those kind of whodunit first >>how the prosthetic leg in the middle of this lumberyard callaway first lost his leg 2 years ago in a skydiving accident, but it didn't stop or slow down the city came down really hard really fast. >>as you what the plan is his ankle and bottom part of his leg just exploded and so he of course the loss of life 2
10:47 pm
years ago. >>accident 2 years ago a losing his prosthetic leg this week isn't stopping callaway from doing what he it was it was a really refreshing to see his spirit and just. >>his enthusiasm torso like this sergeant spencer crum says callaway was thankful to get his $15,000 leg back and is happy it didn't hurt anyone or anything during its landing. you had a great spirit is that as a slow down a bit and he continues this guy to this day in cloverdale michelle kingston calling for news. >>a sacramento nightclub is now in hot water after it painted over an historic act and on the side of its building this happened at the old eureka bathhouse building in the old sacramento historic district. the boss of the road overalls sign had been on the side of the building since the early 1920's, but sometime last week the ad was painted over by the owners of the building who wanted the name of their nightclub. painted there instead. >>nothing was ever submitted
10:48 pm
nobody knew anything about it that they were going to paint that in any way it's a layer of the past that we come up on every once in a while even though it's not the period of significance for the district, it's still an important piece in the history of sacramento. >>city code enforcement stops the owners before they could finish the painting the over the sign, but unfortunately, the overall sign of the the painting was covered up the building owner has now agreed to restore the ad will have to hire a restoration artist to do so. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment. >>well you did not have to be a big hockey fan to enjoy this game. it was pretty amazing what a comeback the of playoff intensity and we're only just through with round can't imagine a whole postseason now sharks golden knights game 7 in san jose will waste no time
10:49 pm
here instant classic sharks fans hoping their team. challenge, the town. just end their season is so thick of the 3rd period next pastor eddie page. it's already up 2, 0, for the knights to give them. >>what looks like a commanding 3 nothing lead for later in the 3rd joe pavelski takes a nasty hit by cody eakin his head hits the ice hard had to leave the game. but it is also a fall 5 minute major penalty putting the sharks on the power play. that's when they started feasting to go from logan consorts then hertl just like that the game is tied then still on the power play our plate kevin labanc right to the back of the net starts take the lead. just a remarkable come back for 3 san jose. the tank has just wasn't done yet knights went as the next jonathan marchessault with 47 seconds left in the 3rd ties it up. all going into overtime. in
10:50 pm
the extra frame, partly because wrote says goodnight vegas scoring the game winner may be the greatest post game victory in sharks history. they come all boy back from down 3, 1, in the series 2, 1, 5, 4, in overtime. take the series and 7. only the second team and nhl's history overcoming 3 goal deficit to win you win a game 7. next up the colorado avalanche round 2 game one friday night. >>warriors with a big opportunity in front of them tomorrow a chance to finish off the clippers advanced around 2 in their last 2 outings golden state has looked sensational game 3. the warriors shot 54% from the field, the 27 point win 4. kevin durant klay thompson combined for 65 points. but steve kerr says close outs always the most difficult.
10:51 pm
game 5, 7 30 at oracle now to some baseball a try to make it 2 in a row against the rangers at the coliseum a look at the green and gold last night they won 6 tonight first before offensive bottom 4 a's, a 3 to josh doubles deep the left field corner. 2 runs a's, no problems tonight, 11 5. kevin where does. we're starting in giants blue jays use how about getting some snow but can the power pablo sandoval deep to center field gone his first home run of the season, 7, 2, giants to raise did get a grand slam jayson tatum grandson to make it a one-run game so that sharks can yeah
10:52 pm
can you imagine being inside that hey i mean that place is going nuts think of going into the 3rd period they're down 3 nothing and then you're just seeing the rally non stop may see a lot of understand that who who left day on twitter they're like wait a minute what yeah exactly thank you all right, let's check in with clients don't you guys will be although the game 7 wasn't that exciting. >>no way hey we've got some clear skies out there right now and another hot day on the way or 1010. >>is coming up next. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>this is going introduce 6 week-old black tail prairie dog pups to so hugh the just emerged from their underground girls at the prairie dog habitat located inside those is children's zoo the san francisco zoo also announced a public naming contest with details to appear shortly on its social media channels right they look so cute name ideas. lawrence and pam i like that. >>we've got some great weather on the bay area right now guys clear skies out there right now nice award to still some of these temperatures only out in the 70's outside if you can believe like that now you know we're in for a nice one for tomorrow offshore winds continuing. those was traveling from land to seeing for tomorrow again those offshore winds
10:56 pm
we're going today to plenty of sunshine as temperatures going to be on the hot side again in some parts of the area to see some 80's and some 90's again in some of the jury about enough things begin to change on thursday models are picking up very well, but i'm starting to think we'll see more low clouds and fog gather along the coastline that will be a sign of a sea breeze, so temperatures really drop along the coast and inside the bay and over the next couple days. many of the valley's your watch those temperatures dropping off too. numbers working out like there's no tomorrow morning we're talking 50's and 60's already by 08:00am the middle of a sunny and nice get out there and enjoy that you can some 70's in a tea shop, the bay and the valleys 60's along the valleys 60's along the coastline, they get hot inland you're looking to 74 degrees downtown 70 in the sunset 70 degrees in daly city 69 degrees and pacific about 74 in san bruno 75. in brisbane 80's as you make your way down the peninsula and in the south bay, those temperatures in the 80's in the 90's will be a little bit hazy though that's the most food started get trapped by that ridge of high
10:57 pm
pressure 89 degrees in pleasanton about 83 in union city 85 in fremont 70 degrees in oakland 90 in concord in 89. it was creek in the north they will be hot you'll see some 80's in a couple of 90's to since the beach looking 72 degrees so here we go tomorrow another hot one good part of the bay area them will cool down that far returns on thursday. i think we'll see more fog in some cooler temperatures in the weekend in fact your extended forecast your 10 a 10. we'll see temperatures had a probably below normal as we look toward next week all right, thank you, yours or coverage continues next on kron on. >>ag
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