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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 24, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- 49 marvel superstars take hollywood by storm. >> it's happening today. >> i'm in it, baby. >> the "avengers" celebrate their endgame. >> it's pretty awesome. >> we're getting all the red carpet scoop. from the celeb couples to the wild fashions. how this just might be the biggest movie premiere, ever. >> there's no movie like it. then, britney's sister breaks her silence but then did jamie spears just shut down the "free britney" cries. lori loughlin's co-star speaks out about the college scandal. and george clooney
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>> i've been binge-watching e.r. this is "entertainment tonight." only one place to be in the entire universe last night and that's at the world premiere of "avengers" end game. it shut down the entire l.a. convention center. >> it was like, starsapalooza. marvel finally unveiled the movie that's expected to shatter box office records. >> ah, exciting. >> are you excited? >> yes, i'm so excited. i'm so excited. >> i can't believe today is here finally. >> excitement and nervousness and pride and gratitude. >> i don't know if you're able to get shots of like the magnitude of where we are, but there's nothing like it. >> it's crazy, truly astounding the size of it. >> a bittersweet quality to it, because this is the last time this gathering of this group of people is going to be here together. >> how much will you miss this
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family? because this is the "endgame." >> it's an emotional night and i'm trying to -- i'm trying to be here for it. >> what's up, kevin? >> what's going on? how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> prattzenegger made it their first red carpet as fiances. chris gushed about his endgame marriage. you have to be involved in wedding planning, are you deeply involved? >> am i deeply involved? you know, i'm up to about my neck. you know, that's pretty deep. that's about 5-foot something to be here. >> so. you're in it? >> i'm in it, baby. i'm in it. but it's good. >> you should be. >> it's a good time. we're all very blessed. i feel good, man. >> newlyweds miley and liam made it date night, so did scarjo and colin jost. robert downey jr. and wife susan. matt damon and wife lucy. chris hemsworth posed with his family.
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>> are you your kids' favorite avenger? >> i don't think so. i'm like, jack's fourth favorite avenger. >> they like, um, they're kind of digging black panther now. >> kids, you know, what do you do? >> now the final "avengers" movie is shrouded in so much secrecy, some cast members actually got dummy scripts, including the biggest blabbermouth. >> mark ruffalo. he's the worst! >> there were scenes in there that i thought they were shooting that nobody ever shot. >> i can't believe that i haven't been responsible for more leaks. i've been telling everybody everything. >> you're the one? >> i'm the one. yeah, yeah. if you heard a leak, it probably came from me. and with this many members of the marvel universe in one place, i had to try to get one of them to give me -- something. look into the camera. blink once if you die. blink twice if you live. just stare straight ahead if nothing. >> i blinked like 23 times.
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>> what's the question? what's the question? >> i have been groomed and trained. so, next question. >> is he asking you spoiler questions? >> yes, sir. >> i'm sorry, this interview is over. >> so the cast is keeping their fates a secret until the end. but i did get letitia wright to spill some scoop on a possible sequel to the $1.3 billion box office smash, "black panther." >> we would love to do a "black panther 2," it all depends on this movie really. >> another marvel spinoff that's already a go. clearly this isn't the endgame for you because you have black widow movie coming out. what can you tell us about that? >> nothing, not a thing. i'm -- my lips are sealed. i'm under lock and key. >> but scarjo had no issue dish "antman" paul rudd when he hosts "snl" next month. her boyfriend colin is part of that cast. >> i've got connections. i'm going to make sure that his time is really difficult, you guys. i'm going to sabotage him. i'm going to come in from the
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inside. like, he doesn't know what's coming. paul, i'm coming for you. >> what can you tell us about "snl"? how excited are you about that? >> i'm really excited about that, season finale. this will be my fourth time hosting and it's terrifying every time. >> "endgame" is the 22nd movie in the marvel franchise. the first was "iron man" back in 2008, and the o.g. avengers still stay in touch on a text chain. >> it will never, never be shut down, that text tread. and it should never be observed because we are out of our minds. >> how does it feel being in the o.g. movie that really kind of started it all? >> it's pretty cool. i mean, yeah, we kind of feel like the parents or grandparents at this point. but it's pretty awesome. >> also this very interesting, this shoutout for thor's number one fan. >> hi, nancy. i miss you. where are you? i'm sick of this guy. you need to be here. ? .
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>> i'll be there next time. >> there's a lot more "avengers" next time. >> you know the fashion was out of this world. we'll break it all down for you. but first, some serious news about britney spears. her current stay in a mental health facility has impacted the entire family. and now, her younger sister is breaking her silence. jamie lynn spears warned, quote, don't come for me or the ones i love anymore. the post came after jamie lynn was trolled on social media by followers demanding that she save her big sister, who is currently in a mental health treatment center. the 28-year-old wrote, quote, ten years ago, who was there? and posted paparazzi footage of thame to britney's defense.ou in this neighborhood. well, then, move the [ bleep ] out. >> we're told britney went into treatment because her career, caring for her children, and the weight of her father's recent illness, was far too much for
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her. britney's dad, jamie spears, has acted as her conservator since 2008. yesterday, at a rally in west hollywood, protesters argued that it's time for the conservatorship to end. >> we can't speak exactly to her mental health, but we can speak to what we've seen as fans and as the public and what she's able to do. ♪ piece of me >> britney's vegas residency grossed almost $138 million. >> i certainly hope that given the amount of very suspect issues at hand, that there's some kind of an independent investigation done into the circumstances under which this woman has lost autonomy ove her finances and personal life. >> this father actually saved britney's life. >> dr. howard samuels believes jamie is working with specialists so britney can get the help she needs. the father a recommendation and i'm sure the father would follow it. that's why i really feel britney
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is extremely lucky to have her father have her back like this. let's move on to the latest developments in the college scam. lori loughlin filing her first defense move. this, after her "fuller house" co-star speaks out. >> she pled not guilty recently to those conspiracy charges. >> i think i'm underqualified and i've always - >> have you talked to her? >> well, we go by carrier pigeon. >> bob saget, talking about his longtime co-star this morning on "today." >> i will say that i love her. and i will say that no comment. it's a personal thing. it's a strange time and what do you say? >> bob's comments come as loughlin files a motion with the court, trying to push the pause button on the case against her. papers filed monday along with 15 other defendants, lori and her fashion designer husband mossimo asked the court to suspend all future actions by federal prosecutors, until they have an opportunity to review the evidence against them.
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the request complains that the defendants haven't received any discovery from the feds. they ask for the opportunity to review the evidence in a meaningful way. if granted, the motion would be in effect until their next hearing on june 3rd. today prosecutors announced that the usc coach accused of helping loughlin's youngster daughter get in the school has agreed to plead guilty. coming up, george clooney's canny on his acting future then -- 13 going on 30 is going on 15. what you never knew about jen garner's first leading film role. >> the dance sequences wither the a blast. and recognize this future avenger? the big surprise we broke to mark ruffalo. >> oh, cool, i didn't know that.
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try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. ♪ i finally had a chance to see shazam with my son. oh, my god, it's so good. i'm really proud of zach and you all should go see shazam. >> see, that's what you call
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superhero love. chris pratt with a shoutout for his guy zachary levi. by the way he's not a superhero, zach's also a host. he'll be a host on june 17th. keeping with the superhero theme, remember when george clooney was superman? george loves poking fun at his turn at batman. he went there, when asked about who should be the next to don the caped crusader? >> i'm not sure. i screwed it up so badly i'm not allowed to weigh in on any of those subject matters anymore. you actually thought i was the best batman, you said. >> i did say that. >> in a new interview for cloo" >> that's some catch, that catch 22. >> george also directs the hulu limited series. it's his return to the small screen which launched him into superstardom.
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>> i've been binge-watching "e.r."e.t." was with george fro the beginning of "e.r." where he gave us a tour of the set. >> this is part of the whole catheter. no, junior, don't squeeze the catheter. >> but christopher never watched george as dr. doug ross. >> i haven't. >> no? >> no. it wasn't required. was that in the syllabus? >> oh, never mind. >> it was on the syllabus. >> i'm still editing, you know, things can happen. >> the two are on the cover of the new issue of "variety." christopher used to play allison williams' boyfriend on "girls." who knew george was a fan, sort of. >> that's how he got the part was, because i watched "girls" religiously. i actually went back and watched a couple of episodes of chris on "girls," and listen, it's not fully my cup of tea as a show but that's probably because i'm. he's a wonderful actor so he did a great job. i can't be rotten right now, i want to be. but i have nothing rotten to say right now.
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i will -- i'll find something. >> insanity is contagious. >> okay, george has nothing bad to his co-stars. his twins will turn 2 in june. there's nothing like those terrible 2s. coming up, the sweet accessory scarlett's snl boyfriend made for her. why kate beckinsale puts grumpy the cat to shame. and we take you back to the set of "13 going on 30." after 15 years is jennifer garner thinking about a sequel? >> what, like, 15 going on 50? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ the o.g. "avengers" that's the original crew officially cemented in hollywood history with their handprints outside the tcl chinese theatre today. >> and i just love seeing scarlett johansson representing for the ladies. and as you saw at the premiere last night, scarjo was one of the many stars who stepped up their fashion endgame. strapless. swarovski crystal me. defined waisted. daring thigh-high slit. an exposed corset back. dress, by versace. body, by scarlett. eyes were on them leg
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deconstructing the 46-year-old mama's look. tuxedo blazer, $850. tie-neck halter, $425. and the short shorts, $375.own line, g label. and approved by daughter apple herself. >> your daughter commented that you cannot wear stuff on instagram unless she okays it, right? >> she has a great sense of humor. she's amazing. >> elizabeth, look -- >> tell me about the dress real quick. i love it. >> i thought it sparkled and it's "avengers" marvel land-y. >> it's from chanel, from the egyptian collection, and there is actually an insect here. it's like a beetle with superpowers, yeah. >> the big fashion trends? give 'em a little something-something wanting more. natalie portman revealed a little peek at her bodysuit. chris hemsworth's wife elsa was all about this chic pantsuit. tessa thompson and milus
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proved cutouts are always in style. >> the newlywed debut a blunt-cut bangs. jewelry inspired by the movie's gauntlet. her custom cuff and brie's cost nearly 80 grand. how much colin jost loves scarjo? he made her bling commissioned to be made for her. the jewel posted sketches and even this waxed carving. of course, we can't forget to mention the men, chris pratt match fiancee katherine schwarzenegger's dress. and vin diesel took his fashion next level. >> hence the bark. >> groot jacket. we get that line. start the line. we can talk about another cool moment for the premier last
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night. today is the 15th anniversary of the romantic comedy "13 going on 30." i asked mark ruffalo, what does he remember about it? did you know that brie was in "13 going on 30"? >> which one is she? >> she was a mean girl. how cool. i didn't know that. did she talk about that? >> yeah. >> what did she say? >> i remember it was like the moment, when i realized that i really wanted to direct. >>that's how she learned she wanted to be a director one day. >> yeah, that was a -- that was a lovely little movie. >> in honor of the film's 15th anniversary, "e.t." is taking you behind the scenes of mark and jennifer garner's most iconic scene. >> "thriller" was fun. ♪ this is thriller >> getting to rehearse that and having all these dancers behind
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us backing us up, it was seriously one of the most fun days i've ever had at work. today jennifer posted a heartfelt message on instagram, saying, quote, i feel so, so lucky to have had the expense of making this joyful movie. ♪ >> we can play monopoly. >> "13 going on 30" was jennifer's first leading film role. it was filmed during the then-31-year-old's hiatus from "alias". she was the first choice for the role. >> the dance sequences were a blast. they reminded me of shooting a fight, except that we were allowed to smile instead of having to grunt and it was just a blast. >> the film follows jen's 13-year-old character jenna who wakes up in her 30-year-old body. >> i can certainly relate to young jenna. not that i was a disaster, but i played in the marching band. and i didn't wear cool clothes like ever and i wore glasses this huge and i was in a very awkward stage for a very long time.
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just like every other girl. >> yesterday was my 13th birthday and then, today, i woke up and i'm this. >> so could there ever be a sequel? well, don't hold your breath. jen shot down that prospect during a recent appearance on "gma." >> what, like, "15 going on 50"? let's simmer down. i think that's like, leave well enough alone. >> see, i love "15 going on 50." a 50-year-old isn't going to switch back. >> this is true. >> still stay 50 if forever. >> that's funny, though coming up -- i hope pete davidson isn't as grumpy as the other love in kate's life. >> oh, don't be mad, please.
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travel consideration proilded by -- vided by -- tomorroww on "e.t." -- our "avengers" week continues with the men of to captain america. >> our exclusive inside the now-iconic set. tomorrow on "e.t."
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everybody's fascinated by kate's romance with pete davidson. >> yes, we are. >> i know you are. we talk about this often. 20-year age difference might have something to do with it, right. >> that, and there's also another love in her life. and this guy can be handful. >> other than that, the relationship is purr-fect. >> her persian cat clive was definitely not ready for his close-up. >> hi, i'm kate. oh, don't be mad, please. i know. hi, i'm kate beckinsale and is this my -- grumpy. got very strong eyebrow. >> reporter: i'm jealous of those eyebrows. >> inside issue. >> he has those good eyebrows. tune in tomorrow as we find hey! it's me! your dry skin! i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave.
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