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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 25, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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daria fulsome and i'm james fletcher with john tribal and robin winston with checks of weather and traffic here to start the hour. so let's get those at the top of the road we're off to a fantastic start all check in on the verge is for you ok and it was hot, but at least it didn't cool off last night didn't go off more so than the evening before and. >>now we're starting up this morning with a bit of a chill may even consider those jackets again something you didn't really need yesterday. >>you look at the golden gate bridge isn't just showing that it's cool cooler out there which can really tell from a web cam i now, but it is showing some fog out there that is formed up and down the coast this morning. here's how cool it has gotten it still on the mild side of things but considering where we were at yesterday. it is definitely a noticeably cooler start for those of you stepping outside areas like santa rosa are 6 degrees down from the same time yesterday they were down 8 degrees in mountain view, 7 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time so 50's kick things off in you're going to notice this cooler trend of weather continuing not just for your morning but into the
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afternoon 2 by 03:00pm today, sunny and warm still, but we're talking low 80's instead of low 90's and some 60's and 70's still i'll talk about a much more comfortable forecast ahead of us all still to come problems. >>of course you want to check in on your commute and see what traffic is looking like at the bay bridge toll plaza a little bit of a backup off and on in some of those cash lanes but that's normal right. no major issues coming in so under 15 minutes, here's 92, it's busy leaving hayward west of the toll plaza you have a crash. under 15 minutes to make it to one on one and the rich center field bridge a wide open for your driving pleasure 8 minutes from the tolls out to one oh one we'll talk more, but just coming up sorry. >>thanks a lot rob. it and now 5 oh 01:00am and former vice president joe biden made it official this morning, he is during the 2020 presidential race 2020 there is now 20 democratic candidates in the field yet he made that announcement in a video online we got portion of the here take a listen. >>values of this nation. worst
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the world. that's why today. i'm announcing my candidacy president of the united states. any dictator or a tyrant. guarantees everyone is treated with dignity. if no she harm her. >>this as you may know is the 3rd time that biden has run for president he's 76 years old. he first ran for president back in 1988 but dropped out of that race and ran again in 2008, but dropped out again after receiving less than one percent of the vote in the iowa caucuses, he went on to become a course president obama's vice president recent polls already have him leading the pack of uh healthy field of competitors including california senator kamala harris, bernie sanders along with that. a good number of
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there are as i said 20 democrats now involved in this race for president so we'll see what happens out what he is behind the un is money raising. >>so he's got some catching up to do their big network. so we'll see what happens with that president obama by the way already weighing in on biden's announcement he says that selecting biden as his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made. however the president did not officially endorse him. his former vp just yet it's 5 oh 3 and another big story police are ruling out terrorism. >>in that crash yesterday where a driver purposely ran into a pass trends in sunnyvale the motive still unknown right now, but the driver's mother is coming to his defense with prom for us. christine dictator live in sunnyvale now with the latest on the story. >>christina. >>we have to really contrasting narratives here when we're talking about this case. luckily, they have as you said ruled out terrorism, however at you know the investigators are saying this does seem as though it was
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intentional and also on the crime scene they say there was no evidence of him trying to break when he is accused of plowing into a group of 8 people in that intersection and his mother on the other hand to we did speak with does say this is very out of character for him and there's no way that he was able to do this however she does tell us that he is an iraqi war vick a 18 the iraqi war veteran and that he did suffer from extreme ptsd and that's how he was discharged from the armed forces should if there's any way that possibly this is that he was acting upon it was all because of him living with ptsd. >>ended up with ptsd and was honorably discharged medically because of the ptsd post traumatic stress disorder. you know kind of forced him out because they couldn't have you in iraq the fallen out there passing out the 2015 he had a real bad break. and during that time. he was singing a
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lot of us church songs and sleep because he would actually come to mind cannot spend the night her house because they're watching my house. he had a lot of fear that the was actor him. >>now that 34 year-old suspect isaiah people's he is right now facing 8 counts of attempted murder so something that these investigators are still searching. they are again looking for the motive behind all of this we are also told that the 8 you know they're all currently still receiving treatment one is close very very critical condition that's all we have until press conference this morning at around 00:30am in the morning for now we're live in sunnyvale christina teatro kron 4 news, thanks christina. >>to more breaking news over a fire broke out in the east bay damaging a building in antioch you can see on the map here was in the 2400 block of sycamore drive. investigators believe a dumpster fire spread to a nearby building damaging
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16 businesses inside. they got that fire out within an hour and luckily, nobody was hurt. >>time now is 5 oh 5, 2, people in the bay area were arrested for human trafficking. a woman in san bruno was arrested after a 2 year police investigation, 45 year-old maria delos reyes and her husband. brought this female victim into the us from another country in 2016 and forced her into servitude litter own or no pay and they threatened the woman with deportation and other consequences for her family. when the investigation began in 2016 the couple left the u s police arrested delos reyes after she came back her husband is still believed to be in the philippines. sandra fell police arrested a man on suspicion of human trafficking that's the second person that i told you about 2 were arrested. an officer pulled over a car without a front license plate and noticed a girl passed out in the back
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seat. she had on a short dress and no shoes after speaking with the driver who they identified as jayvon gun. the officer suspected that he was trafficking the girl and so he arrested him the 17 year-old girl is now back with her family. >>life threatening injuries in an apparent stabbing last night this happened in san francisco's mission district police were patrolling the 1900 block of mission street when they saw 2 people fighting, one person had an apparent stab wound both were taken to the hospital, one with that are one of them is in critical condition. this morning, we'll keep you updated on the story. meanwhile in the east bay, the man accused of fatally stabbing 18 year-old wilson at a bart station will have to undergo a mental exam to see if he's fit to stand trial. a judge granted the prosecution's request to have a psychiatrist examined 28 year-old john lee cal, 2 previous mental health experts who interviewed cal disagreed on whether he was fit to stand trial. so the judge also ordered cal to return to court
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on may 6 to determine which of his psychiatric records will be ultimately provided to the prosecution. cal is currently being held without fail. >>there's a new way for you to get help if you're riding bart you want the police they have installed 3 new emergency call boxes at the coliseum station. you can see one of them right there the big blue poll and it says emergency. there is wanted each end of the platform and then one in the middle too and that a direct line straight to bart dispatch. officials say if the call boxes prove effective and popular than they could install them throughout the entire system. >>5 o h and that now it's on to game los angeles for the last night's game came down to the wire. but in the end the clippers. one of it just a little bit more apparently the golden state yeah, they played with a lot more intensity problems will tran is live at oracle i'm gonna blame. i want to play why.
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>>steps complain as you know you get caught he. >>and this is what happens at right well, the >>you know it was a step play with his hands behind his back the whole team was coach kerr was very upset because they should have closed out the clippers at oracle but instead it's the%debacle part 2 because they went into the game 15 point favorite soda. i wasn't the only one duryea who thought they would win the arrest of the nation's thought they would win and win big instead they just according to clay johnson, they were looking ahead at the houston rockets to close out their series against the jazz and they knew it heading into last night's game but this set of focusing on the clippers. they thought about the rockets and the clippers made them pay dearly. here's coach kerr and curry talking about their lapse in judgment. i can tell
5:10 am
you that the game was a team really close to be honest about it because the warriors we're down most of the game and then they finally one ad with to an end half minutes left to go and that was their first lead since the 2nd quarter so you can say finally did the number one seed and the 2 time defending should have been blowout and that for portions instead it was a scrappy game and in the end. james daria you talked about that the clippers just one more and they just simply how worked the warriors. the fence we just did not defend know playoffs are all about. >>the fence i just think we let our guard down i just think i didn't have them ready to to fight no obviously because we didn't fight. >>there's no panic. we have to. realize that. >>this year's different different challenges changed with the goal is goal is to win 4 games move on to the
5:11 am
next series. as for a little again with her. >>the warriors will be in los angeles game 6 on friday, how badly really quickly did the warriors want to win. >>coach kerr played deer and 42 minutes, the most he's ever played the playoff game against. >>any opponent since he's arrived in golden state and that still wasn't enough is 45 points simply not enough to help the warriors win it back to house well put 40 s and playing ladies out hard and 45 not in a good position and it's yeah, i mean he did everything he could do thank you. well we'll take a quick break time is 5.11 still ahead a part of oakland will be getting a major cleanup one of the tales on the efforts to get rid of the band and votes. >>plus the measles outbreak hitting an alarming new record as more cases are being reported across the nation. and the sales force transit center becoming more costly. hasn't even really open yet. we'll have the latest repairs that are currently underway.
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and a cool start to the morning ahead of a cooler afternoon. i've got your forecast, i'm tracking your commute it's busy out there we're checking the bay bridge
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electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. >>didn't even need that little wall ac unit last nicely. >>yeah, it definitely cool down once that sun went down i know i stepped outside to take my dog out late night, while yes, you know, it's a that who am i a. type of the day we're talking during the commercial break how we we don't mind like how hot it gets in the afternoon a lot cools off in the you've got that light at the end of the tunnel, you know you get some relief when you're going to bed bugs are we had yesterday we had the relief yesterday and the rest of the forecast is just solid really really nice forecast
5:16 am
ahead of us really not going to be nears warm as it has been the past couple of days so out of the 80's a back to the 70's we go and certainly no more 90's in your forecast a little bit of fog out there even this morning as you can see in oakland and berkeley across the east bay. >>temperatures right now are range of 40's 50's to just a 60's like in brentwood, so yeah, it is a cool start to the morning, a light jacket maybe in handy as you're stepping outside this early morning. overall though and nice relief from the past couple a balmy days. no clear skies are seems still across the day and we're going to still continue to enjoy a nice dry trend of whether there is still ridge of high pressure in place. but this time around it's not as effective as drawing in that warm inland air out to the bay, this is giving the opportunity for some of that fog formation to be seen right out there along the coast something that we are seeing along our coastal areas as of right now now as we make our way into the afternoon dogs going to be a thing of the past you've got plenty of sunshine to expect
5:17 am
for your thursday ahead of us and daytime highs today are going to be very much so on the comfortable side of things a lot more comfortable than yesterday and tuesday were daytime highs in the 60's and 70's for areas right along the bay as well as right on the coast. and then you do still have some 80's but no 90's in this one conquered in livermore each 84 nap, 82 fremont right at 80 while san jose today peaking at 84 degrees is your next 7 days after today, we cool down even more with friday saturday and sunday solid 70's, partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies and staying dry come next week an increase in cloud cover for monday and tuesday temperatures will be up there coolest on tuesday barely even the 70's before boosting just attach into wednesday. that's a look at your forecast robin has going out on the roads well very well on 92, no big problems here. >>leaving hayward working your way over to the peninsula. we're checking out the westbound traffic. the brake lights and it's already crowded, but it's not bad
5:18 am
that's so we'll put it at 13 minutes that's good and that's normal from the east way to the peninsula oakland, san francisco. there's your line there it is it's already back to beyond 8.80 over crossing, so yeah it's getting busy coming into san francisco. but no major issues you can beat the bulk of the slowing which is on the way we're still under 15 minutes for the drive to fremont street and still hot spot free highway 4 looking good 6.80 nice and smooth nm it's no problems and one on one wide open just under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park daria thanks a lot right in san francisco, a problem at the transbay transit center appears to have now gotten worse. >>the problem has to do with the walkway that circles the roof top park. the past started crumbling in spots shortly after it opened to the public last summer. they thought that it could be repaired but now turns out they have to scrap the whole thing and replace it. >>we let that go over the over the winter to see how it
5:19 am
performs and it's clear that we need to replace it so that's what we're doing. this is it going in but at the same time love by the time we re up and we hope to have the pathway done for park users. >>the job to rip out the walking path is under way now it's going to cost about a half a million dollars. in the east bay abandoned the lab but hated boats are being removed from the oakland estuary as part of a joint effort by the oakland and alameda police to clean up the waters. a lot of those votes are either left at public peers were found anchor offshore. yesterday police hauled 8 of them away. >>to multiple times we have found large amounts of narcotics paraphernalia on board. they found gasoline spilled all over the bilge the family though to leaking oil into the estuary just stolen property as well. >>a marine salvage company was hired to remove all of the hazardous materials from the votes before sending them to the landfill. a state grant is what is paying for at least one more boat removal operations this year.
5:20 am
>>for your health this morning along new numbers in the nation when it comes to measles and the outbreak that we've been seeing. there are now 695 confirmed cases of measles across 22 states including right here in california. it's the highest number on record since the disease was declared eliminated nationwide back in the year 2000 when the last outbreak occurred it was because of a small group of people not getting vaccinated and doctors say that they're seeing this again measles is extremely contagious among the symptoms or rash of red spots runny nose, cough high fever. >>the symptoms can turn into serious complications, people die the measles because they can develop pneumonia and you can get a brain infection. >>it's pretty serious. there is a vaccine for the measles you just have to get it. most of the cases have emerged in communities with low rates of vaccinations. the school is bracing for a massive fine from federal regulators after year of data privacy scandals,
5:21 am
the social media giant says that it expects fines ranging anywhere from 3 to billion. this comes as the federal trade commission looks into facebook's platform and user data practices the fine would mark the first financial penalty for facebook here in the us since the cambridge analytica scandal broke out. last march that was one of cambridge analytica collected the personal data of millions of facebook users without consent and used it for political purposes. >>for morning, you say lawmakers want more control over how much we all have to pay pg need and now they're getting involved to try to keep the rate hikes down a new homeless navigation center on the bay area in the barca in the embarcadero now they're talking about a new one in the east bay, we have the details on that coming up and a live look here at the approach is to try to get from the east bay into san francisco over the bay bridge, not bad at all.
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>>welcome back everyone 5.24
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on this thursday morning yesterday was another record breaker for moffett field up to 86 degrees so the daytime high out there in the south bay right on the peninsula as for can feel the salinas tying records yesterday well up into the mid to upper 80's. today though our daytime highs are not expected to get anywhere close to record breaking as temperatures cool today, you are going to see daytime high settling down into the 60's for the coast 70's along the shore of the bay and then some 80's elsewhere and further inland, this is still warm but much more comfortable in the past couple of days have been robin we want to check in on the bay bridge we're taking a look at 80 into san francisco very busy right. >>at the toll plaza cash lanes filling in carpool lanes along line there overall no major issues here from oakland leading up to the toll plaza we're under 15 minutes off to fremont street. so the e sure freeway is looking good. i don't see any major problems for highway 24. it's at 11 minutes to make your way west found one on creek lafayette.
5:26 am
renda on up to the caldecott and over to the oakland side, the macarthur 5.80 is a good trip to out of castro valley in san leandro to downtown oakland and 80 also known as the nimitz 15 minutes for your northbound right from sam lee and ling were but i'm just scared of a new problem in san francisco just got word of an accident on one oh one this is going to be hot spot, i'll tell you exactly where coming up in just a bit back to you. >>thank you robin time now is 5.26 and coming up a cap or nicked all with a chain around its neck is startling. one woman she calls it a sign of racism here in the bay area will have more on that coming up. with this one little
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5:30 am
already coming to a crawl this is northbound one on ones near cesar chavez in san francisco, the 3 right lanes are closed because of a multi-car crash with injuries that has traffic crawling from the 2.80 split up to cesar chavez and chp just issued a special traffic alerts going to be working with this for a while be prepared keep in mind you can always cut over to the 2.80 extension and use that to get into downtown san francisco. but if you want to get to the bay bridge and you want to continue to 80. you need to leave early if you're connecting by want to one because it's definitely slow. here's a look at the opposite side from oakland to san francisco long line but it's normal so far it's under 15 minutes to make it then we'll check back in on that hot spot coming up in a bit. let's talk about the hot spots in weather is sunny today, john trade with your forecast. yeah we still do have some hot spots are just not as hot of hot spots today but definitely a toasty past couple of days,
5:31 am
but today. >>going to be a little bit more mild definitely more tolerable than the past few days have ben taking a look out sfl there is a touch of fog out there really not blocking your view too terribly much whether you're traveling by road way or into the skies this morning. >>so a touch of fog a cooler start to the morning temperatures in the 50's this morning as compared to yesterday's low 60's. so we're already off to a cooler start this is a trend that is going to continue on into the afternoon today then replacing some of those low 90's for some low 80's today, 60's and 70's elsewhere, a bit closer to the water. so yeah, a really nice one and still nice and sunny for the most part. i'm tracking where we're heading into the weekend as well all still to come back to you. thanks a lot. >>and breaking news this morning just within the last couple of hours former vice president joe biden made it official released a video announcing he is running for president jess join a very crowded field he made that announcement on video online take a listen.
5:32 am
>>first the world. that's why today. i'm announcing my candidacy president of the united states. dictator or a tyrant it gives hope to the most desperate people on earth. guarantees everyone is treated with dignity. if no she harm her. >>this is the 3rd time that biden who is 76 years old has run for president recent polls already put him ahead of the competition, including california senator kamala harris, senator bernie sanders and a whole host of others in fact now 20 democratic candidates have announced that they are running for president in 2020 should make for some interesting debates on stage with that the people answering questions. >>is 5. and senator one of them is proposing to do more
5:33 am
for nonviolent drug offenders. then president obama did harris says if she's elected president she would pardon nonviolent prisoners incarcerated for drug possession and drug-related crimes. the courage to recognize that there are a lot of folks who have been incarcerated who should not have been incarcerated. >>they were convicted under draconian law. they were convicted under control con ian lost that have incarcerated them for in some cases a lifetime based on what is essentially a public health issue. >>harris did not give specifics on how she would select a nonviolent offenders to pardon. >>in the east bay there will be more police neighborhood in lafayette where a girl was followed by a car. she was walking to an after school event that a tennis club. >>the crowd was ilyas evans is live in lafayette with the details of what happened. >>that was pretty scary for her, but she did all the right
5:34 am
things daria so i'm in the intersection of roe and silverado not she was walking up the street here that i'm pointing she was coming from that tennis club and walking up the street when this dark. has to be colored kind type car drove out with tinted windows and basically lowered his window a little bit and said hey do you need a ride and she said no as she quickly then just caught up with another parent that was walking with 2 other children was she got home is when she reported to her family and then they reported it to the at this point. all we know at this point is a little rough description that the car was either black or dark has to be possibly a dodge and that the man in the car and they think it was only one person that was in that car has spiky brown hair so very very loose.
5:35 am
descriptions but the year the police are saying that they want the neighborhood to have like a camera if you could at least a share that footage with them, they're looking specifically on april 23th, this was that passed tuesday between the hours of 2 30 in 3 o'clock that's basically when this incident happened and that student and that and that little girl she here she goes and she attends burton valley elementary. so this morning. the police department is also having extra patrols around here the neighborhood around the elementary school just trying to look out for this karla and and really kind of protect. the students out here and i have them patrolling also in the after-school hours but in the meantime they are asking for this neighborhood if you have cameras, the said share some of that video and the woman that she caught up with she didn't tell that woman but if that woman is seen that rip us report the asking if she could come forward and also share any information with the police department back to you.
5:36 am
>>a chilly, it is 5.35 and new this morning, a man is in jail accused of threatening his own family with a knife in the north and happened in the 700 block of castle grande a road in petaluma 22 year-old omar saldana compost is accused of trying to stab his mother after he took the drugs and started hearing voices in his head. officers later shot him when he held a knife to his own neck. to them in the hospital before being taken to jail and now his bond is set at 30 grand 5.36 san francisco's embarcadero neighborhood isn't the only area to get a new homeless center. hayward is also building a shelter that will house up to 45 people for 6 months at a time a meeting was held yesterday to talk about the plan which was approved back in january the center is to go up on the corner of deep ul and whistle road in the city's industrial zone. officials are helped by a
5:37 am
providing the shelter in bathrooms and showers and laundry and food that trans in people will have a more permanent home at least for a while that navigation center is expected to be open this winter. >>continues to move through bankruptcy process some state lawmakers now want to have more control over future rate hikes during the hearing lawmakers propose to require the public utility commission to get approval from the legislature before allowing pg need to raise customer rates that proposal now advances to another senate committee this comes after a judge allowed pg need to pay out million in bonuses while the company deals with liability in its role in recent wildfires. in the south colin kaepernick dall was seen hanging from a truck by a chain around its neck in south san jose, joanna said acevedo tweeted that she wanted to share this photo to bring attention to the racism and hate that she sees here in the bay area as of spotted this safely gas station on kabul road. she saw that chain
5:38 am
wrapped around the neck of the captain all in another tweet she said that no matter the rivalry between the oakland raiders and the san cisco 40 niners, this is racist in 2016 kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. >>5.38 and still ahead the trial for the suspected golden state killer could be over budget and now the parties involved in trying to figure out how they're going to pay for it. and a california man is caught red-handed stealing from the state lottery. how they get only winning tickets and the teacher draws on a boy's head with marker to cover up his new haircut. and now his parents are demanding answers. >>and tracking your forecast as we make our way towards the weekend a little bit on the cooler side, i'm talking a forecast i think you'll enjoy. i'm tracking a major hot spot
5:39 am
in san francisco north one to one at cesar chavez injury crash blocking several lanes. >>more details after the glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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>>this thursday morning we do have clear skies once you had about some coastal fog that is hanging out mostly right up and down the coast but enough of it to make this view of san francisco across the bay just a bit on the blurry side. now visibility despite some low lying cloud cover and fog a still pretty good across most of the bay area. so as you're stepping outside this morning to just throwon your light jacket and expect a much more comfortable day ahead. i'm tracking more of your forecast as we move into the weekend as we move into the weekend still to come stay you know that look? that life of the party look. walk it off look. one more mile look. reply all look. own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better.
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that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >>and then we had some early trouble so it's gone now 3 lanes close in san francisco. want to one it's the commute direction, not good. so we have this injury accident
5:46 am
northbound want to one before the cesar chavez exit that is still working and we do not have an estimated time of clearing so with all these lanes close in folks hitting the road right now you know it's going to cause a backup right it's already be on to a t starting to stretch towards 3rd and keep in mind you can always cut over to 2.80 and take that extension to downtown san francisco. that's one option for you if not do expect delays here. we don't know how long it's going to take to clear but it's already jamming up your drive north one to one before cesar chavez your 3 right lanes are closed on the oakland side approaching san francisco. there's a backup but it's normal it's be on over crossing that we consider this good because it's quiet right. no big big issues for west on 80 commuters so use it now before it gets too heavy britain center fell bridge. this backup is growing check out the cash lanes we have a lot fine to get into the party 9 minutes here from the pay gates out i weigh one on one, and they were checking out the meme it's just a little pocket of slowing to the south from
5:47 am
to 38 to about 92. so we'll put it at 25 minutes to make it from san leandro to milpitas and then a quick peek at one on one a little pocket of slowing here as well it's not bad. right between 6 8880 overall a nice trip from san jose heading to the peninsula that forecast, it's looking nice to john scheibel tracking more sunshine. >>really nice out there today, i know the past couple of days have been toasty which isn't necessarily been a bad thing i think a lot of us were ready for a bit of a warm-up today's weather and weather up into the upcoming weekend is just looking a bit more comfortable than the toasty temperatures we had been saying some low lying cloud cover across the bay this morning clear skies. what you do head above that and clear skies is something you can expect throughout the course of your day and under those clear skies temperatures will settle down a little bit 60's for san francisco, the exception being mission district barely holding on to the 70's of a 59 on terror today that's cooler than yesterday was on the coast
5:48 am
millbrae at 70 today with south san francisco in san bruno on i 67 each found you hold on to the 80's but just barely the south bay out of numbers just shy of 90 degrees and back down into the low 80's with cupertino 81 in san jose today. 84 degrees just a subtle cool down for the tri valley down into the low to mid 80's while hayward in union city drop into the 70's. berkeley oakland and san leandro today each in the mid 70's conquered, you are at 89 yesterday down to 84 degrees today assault 5 degree drop that will be noticeable napa sonoma and yon feel low 80's for you with pittsburgh, one of our warmest spots in the upper 80's center fell at 75 today will nevado in petaluma today 78 degrees now today already a cool down from yesterday tomorrow going to be even cooler yet many of our spots that are still in the 80's today will fall further into the 70's tomorrow and that's the way they'll stay through the weekend come
5:49 am
monday and tuesday some of the coolest weather in your forecast by tuesday. we're barely even the 70's under partly to mostly cloudy skies. daria. >>and 5.48, it's been one year since the arrest of the suspected golden state killer and now the trial itself is raising new issues about the expense. the high-profile trial could cost california. $20 million. that involves calling the 200 witnesses that are needed to conduct the trial and more of course the trial is expected to go over budget now. that means you know they have to wonder who's going to foot the bill. so there's a new plan that is introduced requesting reimbursement for the money spent by the prosecution and by the defense. the suspect the defendant is joseph de angelo he's charged with 13 murders and 13 kidnappings. a store clerk in fresno was
5:50 am
arrested for stealing more than a $100,000 in a winning lottery. scratchers how you get just the winners. when you like to now take a look at the surveillance video that got it at the said the convenience store, 37 year-old chasing is seen here ripping ticket after ticket and scanning each one of them. in hopes ofitting the jackpot he could do that you know because he works at the place and by scanning the tickets. he was able to go through roles of scratchers without scratching them and then take just the winners and then they'd say he going cash, those winners. right there where he works or at several other locations around fresno saying faces grand theft and embezzlement charges. a furious now after a teacher took a sharpie to their son's head. >>it all stemmed from a haircut. so this happened at a junior high school in pearland texas. the school teacher used a sharpie to fill in the design of the boy's haircut because it violated the school's dress code. the boy's
5:51 am
parents are mad because of the embarrassment of course that are brought to the trial and because they were never notified about the dress code violation in the first place. >>you should hey we need to call your mother you know first to let her know was going on and no one that at all. >>and he said 100 you more as a new might do the job. >>the school has since apologized to the family for the way the situation was mishandled the teachers now facing disciplinary action. now to bury a baseball first, let's start with the a's they were hosting the texas rangers at home was all tied up in the bottom of the 9th. but chad pender hit this one to right field. stephen piscotty scoring the winning run, it's a walk-off single >>the a's winning it 6 to 5 . they won 3 in a row now. they have a day off today to rest up before they face the toronto blue jays tomorrow. >>as for the and the power. second straight game against blue jays here pablo sandoval going deep for his second home
5:52 am
run of the season. it fly i and so they catch it yet is first it was on tuesday, his first homer giants pitcher jim palmer has combined with 2 other pictures for a 2 hit giants shut down the jays ford enough and giants also win 3 in a row next up the giants host, the yankees tomorrow night. >>paris addressing diversity in her campaign we're going hear what she says about says about representation in politics. show your gut some love. says about representation in politics. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. a delicious way to enjoy probiotics every day. with 20 years of devotion to gut health. activia. like no other.
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>>morning news, i'm now tracking to hot spots in the same area already told you about this one north one wanted cesar chavez injury accident blocking the 3 right lanes well, another accident has popped up in the same spot. a motorcyclist just went down under a car our and so now crews are dealing with 2 separate accidents here before cesar chavez on north one to
5:56 am
one. it is crawling back from 3rd street so try to avoid want to one stick with 2.80 instead, i'll keep my eyes on this and have more trouble spots coming up james. thank you rob. >>a motive still unknown for the driver who hit a pedestrian to sunnyvale sending them all to the hospital now the driver's mother is coming to his defense will tell you what she had to say plus cracks in the pavement it got worse at the sales force transbay transit center and officials say it's cost a lot of money to fix. and the warriors will have to play game 6 in los angeles will tran standing by with more on the disappointing loss at home last night. you buckle up, start the car,
5:57 am
put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
5:58 am
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nexgard chew comes the confidence you're doing what's right to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. and it's the only chew fda approved to prevent infections that cause lyme disease. nexgard. what one little chew can do. >>and thanks for waking up with us and daria full set on games what you're so lots of
6:00 am
news to get to we'll get to that in a minute but first jon robin joining us with weather and traffic updates and we've had some problems on the roads this morning, yes and now more problems on top that unfortunately not talk about the major hot spot in san francisco, another accident in the same area. >>so so we have 2 separate issues now major slowdown for people traveling on one oone so this is northbound before cesar chavez we have the 3 right lanes close i believe i put traffic before whether that i switched around in the system. this is where >>okay we have wait there ok. thank you director of the north i want topone before the cesar chavez exit. the 3 right lanes closed by a multi car crash that was left over from the last hour so a special traffic alert remains in place and then in the same spot, a new accident involving a motorcyclist that went down under a car so now crews are dealing with that as well so what i want it's a mess at the cesar chavez x and it's already backed up be on to a t


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