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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the defendant intentionally target the victims. they stood on their race and his believe that they were of the muslim faith. >>sales police chief revealing what he believes is the motive for 34 year-old isaiah peoples to intentionally drive into a crowd of people. thanks for joining us. i'm can win and i pale more people's made his first appearance in court today as santa clara county. >>he occasionally glanced around the courtroom but otherwise showed no emotion. people's is charged with 8 counts of attempted murder in connection to the crash on tuesday that injured 8 people including a 9 and a 13 year-old. >>people's is a us army veteran his family says he's a deeply religious man who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. police did not reveal what new have that may suggest that people's has
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committed a hate crime. but his attorney is pledging to uncover the facts. >>and some mental disorder or mental defect that caused this to happen. so these announcements by the police even a cheaper place that this was an intentional act and he admitted that he intended to do it dispute that we will challenge that we don't think it's worth quite frankly. any consideration. >>people's is expected to be back in court on may 15th to enter a plea meanwhile back at the crash site the community is reacting to this new information about a possible motive for sale online for us tonight in sunnyvale with the latest kale. >>the people have been stopping by the side people who dot do not even know the victims and they're just hoping for speedy recoveries. this crime scene tape and pieces of metal are all that
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remains in tuesday night's chaos after 34 year-old isaiah people's intentionally drove into a people on el camino real and saratoga sonny bill road people's was charged with 8 counts of attempted murder. according to sonny bill police people's targeted the victims based on their race in his behalf that they removed some i don't know how you can judge someone this religion by just seeing them sure raj rugby er visits the shopping center nearby he did not know about the crash but has family members who are muslim i can't even imagine what it would take to it. do something like that. i guess is an outlet for hate to take someone and just kind of go at them. he is feeling a lot of hate something. the collision left a 13 year-old girl in critical condition and injured 7 others days later house revise left flowers a teddy bear and a sign that reads love heals all our prayers are with you get better soon some of them residents are that's not a
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good. >>that's not good. i don't like it to. it's not good. the move the ash the dive read matt >>state's you up a little here when hear something like that happens. so i think a lot of is like mental health care and stuff. >>people's defense attorney disputes that people's purposely drove into the victims and is saying this act has to do with a mental disorder or mental defect. >>mentioned earlier people's is expected to be in court next month. we also find out if he will be charged with hate crimes live in sunnyvale get along kron 4 news. thank you gail for that report happening now a bay area wide search is on tonight for a man suspected in one homicide this morning and then another homicide, this afternoon, our grand lotus is here to tell us what's going on about the man wanted by police on both sides
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of the day yes camp and then just got some new information about the vehicle police think he could be in. >>he is considered armed and dangerous talking about this man 43 year old stuff and jefferson a suspected homicides that happened in oakland first and then san francisco. >>the first was this morning on market street in oakland, here's an image from that scene investigators showed up to find a person who had been shot no sign of the suspects and then later in san francisco. jefferson was named as a suspect in this homicide. it happened this afternoon in the bayview district cc the scene here and our larry us walk or drive. no information has been released about the victims or motives police say jefferson. it's about a 185 pounds in may be driving a 2015, black toyota camry police have been saying kerr ola now camera you see the license plate. it's a california plate 7 wv why 3, 9, 0, if you spot the suspect to that vehicle police are
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advising you do not approach instead call 911 will keep you posted on the developments there but again a bay area wide search for a suspect wanted in 2 homicides today in the bay back to you panic at alright grant thank you well let's take a look outside on this. >>lovely friday night and look at that picture looking out over san francisco's embarcadero the bay bridge glistening in the background yet clear in some places there could carry here to tell us out there some fog in other places as well yeah, definitely that a marine layer started moving it earlier this evening, so it is still foggy out there in some parts of the bay area, here's a shot. >>out on the golden gate bridge. earlier today, the tip of that was actually covered in fire looks like it has moved out, but if you take a look here over berkeley we aref seeing some fog out there in the distance to tomorrow morning. we can expect to see that above by later in the morning, it well love mouth out and it should be mostly
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sunny out there and i say to you know go swimming have a barbecue you live further inland and the winds will pick up a little bit though around san francisco around lunchtime actually but in the meantime it's looking pretty light there. those numbers have gone down from what we saw earlier today as for current temperatures right now at 62 degrees in redwood city 56 out in hayward 67 for concord lower 60's out in fairfield the mid-fifties here in nevada, currently 52 degrees out in terror on so here's our overnight lows are going to be in the upper 40's here in half moon bay in san francisco lower 50's for hayward and oakland. and our morning planner for you early risers around 7 o'clock we will still see some coastal fog but other than that it should be mostly sunny if you live further inland and then by 11 o'clock in the lower 70's there before we hit our daily high temperatures and we're going to be slightly above normal again today as you can see a
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oakland san jose livermore there are highs normally were in those that upper 60 lower 70's, san francisco though are looking to see in normal temperatures for tomorrow. if you're heading out to the giants game they're playing. the yankees again tomorrow's going to be a little breezy out there gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour as for a pollen forecast here looking at medium levels tomorrow and a little higher sunday in case you happen to be hitting the road and traveling here in lake tahoe are going in those mid 60's tomorrow and the numbers go down a little bit as we get closer to monday. but if you're headed to other parts of california here. these are high temperatures a santa barbara lower 60's if you're heading out a upper 60's there. and looks like a thief. what can we expect for the upcoming week all have the extended forecast coming up later in the newscast for now i'm going to send it back over to you, pam and you can share it has a very much a san jose sharks. >>back on the ice after that
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amazing game credible historic comeback. it around one of the stanley cup playoffs, sharks beat vegas in that thrilling set game 7 overtime win. i was on tuesday and then tonight the sharks beat the colorado avalanche in game. one of round 2 of the playoffs com for stance on is live at the sa piece entered the night with the excitement around this series. dan. >>well that's right. pam, these fans, a got a little moxie they're feeling pretty good after that when tonight over the avalanche, the final score, 5 to 2 in many of the fans that we spoke with think this team. that's got what it takes to go all the way. >>as a many. >>sharks fans are riding high in the round 2 of the stanley cup playoffs let's go jose we're going to win it because our time it's our time fans think this team has what it takes to defeat the colorado avalanche and make it all the way to the championship. >>totally beating the right
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now we have a clear path to the western conference finals. eyes i've been waiting for 25 plus years for a stanley cup. i'm ready. >>and she's not alone in being hungry for the cop, i'm very confident in the sharks, they are a great bunch of guys. they got great tell the team. not to mention the coaching staff. so they're all great guys going number one little number one feel that i feel it sharks. captain joe pavelski was scratched from friday night's game one against the but fans say when he returns it will be the icing on the cake. >>i think he's going to be okay because he's a team captain. he's got a prevail will be okay. >>again final score, the sharks in that of wiin5 to 2 over the colorado avalanche and they're looking to continue their winning ways back here at the shark tank on sunday afternoon. that's the latest airline in san jose dance floor.
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>>bad >>news for pg n a customer's monthly bills will soon be going up the california public utilities commission just approved hundreds of millions of dollars in rate increases all designed to recover costs from multiple fire and rain event several years ago don't be confused because as convoys. dan kerman explains this rate hike has nothing to do with covering the cause of the devastating 2018 wildfires where p g any is implicated. pacific gas and electric has just received the okay to raise rates. >>to generate million. >>it's going to be $3 and $0.50 increase in the average bill. >>martone with pg any critic the utility reform network says that's a $3.50 increase every month for e the genie will use the money to recover the costs of vegetation management and repair of damaged facilities and restoration of service back in
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2016 and 2017 after 3 fires and 4 sets of storms. >>the problem is that the cpsc did not do the review the supposed to do the audit the supposed to be to make sure the pga knee. >>told the truth the gate pg no pushback on this at all it was a unanimous vote to let him raise the rates i think this is just the warm-up is going to happen again in the next one is going to be much more significant attorney mike danko who represents wildfire victims says the genie is also asking to increase annual profits from 10 to 16%. >>that's what got us into this trouble is pg e's unrelenting quest for profits to increase returns. on wall street investment. a time when you have even settled the victim's claims. >>is not only tone deaf. it's dropping lee wrong. >>earlier this week, the governor said that wouldn't
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happen. but if that rate request was approved he could see monthly bills go up an additional nearly $20 a month is that. >>and in all these rate increases. pga me is in danger of bankrupting its own customers. >>again that nearly $20 a month increase is just a proposal at this point is that 3 and a half dollar month increase which has been approved. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in face and i u c berkeley police are looking for a suspect in connection to a deadly shooting. police say the shooting happened just before 3 this afternoon in people's park on hay street. officers say the victim was shot by a a in a car. the victim was taken to a hospital where he died. police say they believe the victim was targeted and that the shooting was not a random act. 2 men are in custody after an hour's long standoff in fremont police had to shut down an intersection as they responded to reports of 2 armed suspects
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who barricaded themselves inside the mission peak lodge mission boulevard between anza and pine was shut down in both directions for the duration of the standoff. police are working on clearing that area right now. >>tonight governor gavin newsom is lashing out at president trump because of his speech at the national rifle association convention today as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala reports the governor took to the president's favorite battleground twitter to launch his own attack. >>as president trump took the stage at the nra convention in indianapolis governor gavin newsome took to twitter to criticize him the president pledged his commitment to preserving gun rights and i'm a champion for the second amendment and so you it's not going anywhere. under assault. but not when we're here newsome fired off a round of tweets on gun violence statistics, intel 3 of the deadliest mass shootings in
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modern american history. but the 2017 las vegas shooting happened within the last 2 years the governor tweeted this is a crisis and rather than attempting to solve the issue our leaders are raising money for those who block common sense gun legislation, it's immoral it's disgraceful. went on to say as long as we have an administration that panders to the gun lobby we will literally never have a chance to move forward and save lives. >>we cannot elect more politicians bought and paid for by the nra a number of gun control related bills are making their way through the legislature this session most of which the nra opposes the proposals include limiting the number of firearms, californians can buy in one month, removing maximum fee requirements for concealed carry permits and tightening gun storage laws, some of these measures are on the assembly floor calendar next week in sacramento, actually zavala crown for news. and freeman new video released tonight of the events leading up to last week's deadly police shooting police say 30 year-old michael felt.
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>>fired shots at 3 different officers before he was killed by police the entire exchange was captured on police body cam video. police say felt fired shots at a passing officer that officer turned around and the 2 exchanged gunfire. a short time later 2 more officers arrived about lying on the ground with his gun nearby they repeatedly ordered him to surrender, but then he reached for his weapon. today, the police chief defended the officers actions. >>it's clear that phelps had a deadly vendetta towards police officers. no officer likes using deadly force the wmen ho so because their selfless and they want to be guardians and protectors of the community. >>police say felt had a
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criminal record dating back a decade. he was also accused the last year of battery against a police officer and the alameda county sheriff's office also sent out an alert earlier this year that they believed belts could be a danger to police in san francisco, a car almost hit a mother pushing her child in a stroller today. it was right after a traffic accident and one of the driver says he had to act fast to avoid hitting. the woman and her baby head on from force has it made you has the story. >>a mother and her 21 month-old child are hospitalized with non life threatening injuries while trying to cross the intersection here at clarendon street at johnstone in francisco. this happened friday at around 09:30am 2 vehicles traveling in the opposite direction here cleared and came across each other was in the intersection with their baby. one of the vehicles this red cross was trying to make a left turn. that's when the accident occurred specifically her.
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>>sounded like a woman clearly in distress the woman was on the ground. got there were 2 cyclists that obviously had some medical training. the baby appeared to be fine both drivers were able to walk away from this vehicle versus pedestrian accident. >>and as i mentioned the law. >>and there were take it a%ay to a local hospital to be treated for their non life threatening injuries and san francisco has a menu for news. >>eyes commute continues to be a mess for a lot of people taking the muni subway the overhead lines went out between powell and civic stations this morning. officials say the outage caused the train to stall in the tunnel. a rescue train was sent to pull the disabled train out of the tunnel and the lines are still being
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repaired meaning provided shuttle buses for people heading downtown this morning. bart also provided mutual aid passengers between civic center and embarcadero stations in both directions city ride bart listen to this trains will not run this weekend between conquered and pleasant hill. crews will be replacing the aging tracks there that portion of the track will be closed tomorrow and sunday. bart officials say free buses hill take riders between the 2 stations riders should expect to add 20 minutes to the normal time of their trip. >>oakland police are promising to have a large police presence to stop sideshows again this weekend. if you haven't seen them sideshows are when crowds of people in cars suddenly stopped traffic sometimes on the freeway or large intersections all in order to do doughnuts and to drive recklessly officers say that they will be using helicopters and will partner with other police agencies and this weekend. police plan to issue citations make arrests and tow vehicles. a
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congresswoman barbara lee set by the kron four studios today and she talks about the release of the mueller report. congresswoman lee is calling on the special counsel to testify before congress on russia's meddling during the 2016 presidential campaign. she also called on attorney general william barr who release a redacted version of that report last week to resign. >>he's been acting as the president's personal attorney. i mean he has been a stonewall in this investigation has been manipulating the facts and he is acting in a very unprofessional manner. he's not acting as the attorney general of the people of the united states, he's acton and as donald trump's personal attorney. this is the department of justice and the attorney general upholding the rule of law upholding our system of checks and balances the department of justice is a separate the white house. it's a branch of government these lives have been too blurred by
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attorney general barr's that he should resign. >>congresswoman lee went on to say she believes that congressional investigations into president trump should continue. she says congress has a constitutional duty to uphold the law and that includes impeachment when necessary. earlier this week house speaker bay area, congresswoman nancy pelosi said there are no plans to immediately open impeachment proceedings against president trump but the democrats will continue to investigate his actions. you can hear more from congresswoman lee and other lawmakers on our inside bay area politics show catch it on our new streaming app crime on saturdays and sundays at 11:00am go to prom on that tv to start watching in world news tonight, sri lanka's government asked muslims to avoid gathering for friday p% prayers. >>as a prime minister warns the terrorist threat there has not passed at least 70 people have now been detained suspected of helping the suicide bombers who targeted churches and hotels. the death
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toll has been lowered significantly from 359 to 253. the health ministry said the numbers have changed because many of the victims bodies were severely damaged by the bombings. the sri lankan security forces are still on high alert. they were deployed all throughout the capital of colombo 2 checkpoints checking ids and searching cars. north korea's kim jong hoon has left russia following his first summit with president vladimir putin but not before striking a belligerent tone toward the u s state media reports that kim accuse washington of acting in bad face at the summit in vietnam. this comes as news broke that north korea presented us with a bill for $2 million for the hospital care of the american detained by north korea otto warmbier. >>the story of resilience see how a soccer players bouncing back after a terrible injury resulting in him losing his hand was hope village is
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moving again what's next for dozens of bay area families are forced to leave a homeless encampment and now they're forced to leave their hotel rooms and after the break why lawmakers say us military bases may not be ready to dea
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>>defense department has acknowledged that climate change poses a national security threats, the national defense authorization act includes an amendment requiring the d o d to report on the most vulnerable
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military bases threatened by climate change it was released earlier this year, but some lawmakers think the pentagon did a. >>quote half-baked a job and is now stonewalling as our washington correspondent morgan wright reports lawmakers want the military to get serious about identifying the specific bases threatened by rising sea levels and stronger storms. >>rhode island congressman jim langevin wants to know just how vulnerable our militlry bases are to a changing climate. >>that happening it's affecting us national security lanes event is leading the charge to ensure military readiness for rising sea levels and stronger storms 2 years ago. langevin was able to get a provision into the national defense authorization act that required the defense department to determine the 10 most vulnerable military bases to climate change and each branch. >>the defense department published a report of in was not at all pleased. really missed the mark. >>the climate change issue
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lanes of him wanted answers to questions about steps that are being taken to mitigate the effects of climate change and costs for dealing with the issue i want the pentagon to do a redo on that report to address this what i require the department has submitted another report 2 lanes of into office but he says that it misses the mark as well the department of defense says it has been and will continue to be proactive in developing comprehensive policy guidance and tools to mitigate potential climate impacts. >>langevin says the revised report continues to leave off overseas bases and most importantly it lacks any guidance on how much money congress will need to provide to deal with the problem and make sure that. >>year's best parents from a national security standpoint it's possible that stick your head. scene played events as climate change is not going away. and the defense department needs to do its homework now. >>in washington morgan right. >>police calling her recovery a miracle we speak to the pacific a woman who survived
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being shot in the head. well 8 months pregnant plus los angeles colleges are ordering a quarantine for hundreds of students and staff the latest numbers on the growing cases of measles new reaction today from president trump that's after the break. >>and it was a beautiful day across the bay area what we expect for this weekend on your 10.
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>>in the north bay of san anselmo teenager suffered a
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terrible injury. a few weeks ago resulting in the loss of one of his hands and now as community is rallying around him raising money to offset enormous medical costs and as con forcefully jungle tells us his family says response has been overwhelming. >>at the end of the day lou go hide in is still alive and for his irish american family in marin county. that's the most important thing i haven't seen him cry. >>they just want to get on with this he wants to get on and go to college and peace keeping everybody strong to be honest and it is that strength that leads luke's aunt, caroline hines marino to believe he's going to survive this challenging time, the main focus rigit now is just to raise funds for nukes. >>maybe killed expenses and first prostate inc and that has taken the fo off our our sadness luke's right hand was completely severed a few weeks ago during an accident at a construction site in the north bay while luke was on spring break. his aunt says looks younger brother kyle bravely tried to help that day
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but to no avail. micro surgeons at california pacific medical center in san francisco performed reconstructive surgery on his hand shortly after it was severed at the wrist carries some risks movement right now. but going forward he's going to need. physical therapy. there's going to be kind of medical expenses and the biggest thing is going to be the prostate take the prosthetics can range up to 200,000 and above from good prostate each caroline started a go fund me campaign for her nephew monday night and in less than a week more than $136,000 has been raised with contributions coming in from luke's family and friends in ireland to here in the united states. he's a senior at sir francis drake high school in san anselmo where he is a member of the varsity track and soccer teams and holds a 4 point o gpa these communities amazing from $5 from people up to $10,000.
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>>that doesn't matter how much it's just the fact that there is human nature is. so good 6. it's really great and thank you i thank the community for days, the hope is that lucan finish up his final year of high school. >>and after 4 months of healing begin preparing for the prosthetic in san anselmo fleet of all kron 4 news. >>they have to get >>a big story tonight, president trump is doing an about-face about vaccinating against the measles this as the outbreak across the country continues to erupt and could including here in california. >>where there's a core teen order at 2 universities joins us now with the details brent can pen president tonight sending really an urgent message not only to parents but also. >>unvaccinated people all across the country. he's saying get your vaccines now
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and that is a reversal for the president who tweeted back in 2014 here about an alleged a link between the vaccines and children getting autism the medical community has disputed that the president's plea today comes as the country now has the highest number of measles cases on record since that disease was declared eradicated in the year 2000 there have been nearly 700 reported cases in 22 states this year 38 in california alone where dozens of students and faculty at u c l a and more than 600 at cal state l a are now under quarantine. >>now we have an outbreak of measles obviously it's much easier to have an outbreak when you have. increased numbers of people who are unvaccinated we quarantine people to avoid increasing the numbers of cases of measles there is a way for you to protect yourself. and that has to be fully immunized.
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>>people who are exposed have been ordered to stay at home to avoid contact with others. the clark team could last up to 7 days for some folks scamp and back to hugh grant. thank you turning now to the weather was our meteorologist eric, a carer a erica. >>good evening. we saw beautiful day here in the bay area of blue skies and some of those clouds moving back in right now we have a look out our favorites camera you're looking pretty calm and quiet winds pretty light for us than lighter than what we saw just a few hours ago. here's what we're seeing at the san francisco international airport there looking clear but other parts of the bay we are seeing some fog along the coast which will stick with us overnight and for tomorrow morning as well before it clears up. we'll see a beautiful day tomorrow, but right now we're at 62 degrees in livermore 56 in valais home mid-fifties up in napa oakland 57 degrees happened today. mid-fifties too so earlier this week we had temperatures
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even higher than what we saw today because of that ridge of high pressure but it is just weakening even more so tomorrow, our temperatures are going to be pretty similar but day by day we're going to hear numbers go down back to normal for england area, so a high temperatures livermore work and have a high of 81 degrees. still above normal usually we're in the lower 70's this time of year, however san francisco we will be normal there are high. in the mid 60's for you so here's a look at our 10 at 10 forecast for inland areas. the next couple of days looking very beautiful outside you can plan a barbecue go hi enjoy the weather. temperatures slowly start to go down as we get closer to tuesday. more will sear temperatures at norm on their will slowly increase by thursday, looking like a beautiful week ahead. >>thank you erica in the south bay, one whole village and san jose was shut down last month
10:36 pm
the city and the county most of the residents who are living at the homelrss encampment into motel rooms but now those vouchers have expired and the people say they have nowhere to go as calm force. michelle king says shows us they are now looking for a unique donation from the public. >>what hope village was torn down last month the city of san jose and the county of santa clara purchased rooms for the 17 hope village residents at a local motel for 28 days this week time ran out. and the people who are just getting settled in were forced to move on that they had nowhere to go a handful of the homeless have moved on to shelters but about 10 of those who are living here at the motel 6 have moved back to the only place they know. >>they were in the same place but were before. so we came back to thing we know is which back your show. >>that who we are for a few peo tents just safe stable takes readers my neck. my neck and.
10:37 pm
>>and do my thing and and and be a member of >>and that but there are no services provided here anymore. no showers no donations no food coming in cassidy clara catholic workers are stepping in to help. >>we're trying to support people as much as we can and you're live here says cassidy clara catholic workers are. >>asking for car donations ones that are working well enough to pass a small check so former hope village residents have a secure place to sleep and the ability to drive to work or find a job doing what they can to help those in need. >>the bottom line is we have people that are back out on the street again in encampments and eventually those encampments are probably going to get swept. >>in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news. 2 suspects a thinker behind 3 robberies that happened within just 40 minutes. police say the victims were all students walking home from school. police say child was walking home in the suspect approached
10:38 pm
him demanding his property the victim tried to run, but the suspects caught up with him threw him to the ground and took his belongings. the suspects say they also beat the child the victim told police suspects left in a white four-door sedan police say a similar car was reported in other robberies. the rash of robberies comes the same week elk grove police release crime stats, showing crimes actually down in the city. >>the mayor to their to their to their who knows there have been problems and that mag arise rob wants. i've had my car broken into life. >>they'll grow police department says it's working with the school district to try to help students be more careful when they're walking home. >>almost 3 years since 3 year-old mother my of stockton arrest, stockton police have arrested an 18 year-old man investigators say martinez was struck by a stray bullet while in a car back in 2016, because the suspect was 15 at the time
10:39 pm
of the shooting the police department is not releasing his identity and officers say that they are not sure about the teens exact role in the killing. they're asking anyone with information to come forward as this case is still open police. >>called it a miracle a woman and her unborn child survived a brutal assault. there's a massive search for the suspect that was 3 years ago, and that suspect remains on the loose in could possibly still be living in the bay area in this special report tonight from for service, shows us how police are still very much on the case and still very hopeful. >>federal law enforcement >>there was here ofhiago where for this crime unfolded. victim saw her ex-boyfriend she was most surprised and scared she was nearly 8 months pregnant. she also noticed that her ex-boyfriend had a gun in his hands.
10:40 pm
>>i remember screaming. a hearing the shots, ayers ruth cooper was there that day remembers every detail vividly. >>she talked with me about watching a beloved staff member at the senior independent living care complex brutally attacked right in front of everyone. it happened right in front of. >>the managers a part of that he pulled her in before could fire off another shah, she's just an innocent victim. >>cruz says that her heart still goes out to the victim teresa johnson and her child and he said let's go and i said again i'm not leaving with you. >>and that's when he put the gun to the back of my head and docking. i honest think he would do and there's like a scare tactic and he would walk off but i was kron four spoke with marissa and her happy little boy for year after the shooting she showed us where the bullet struck her. >>and the scar that remains.
10:41 pm
she is now in deep hiding with her son fearful because her ex-boyfriend 28 year-old ricardo, colin dress is still a wanted man out there somewhere. arriving despite the ordeal but her life is on hold as she hopes law enforcement can track them down she survived the miracle. it was miraculous captain chris clements with pacifica police department says that this may be a cold case, but it is very important to him. he talked with me as they continue to try and uncover leads to callender us. >>been almost 3 we're hoping to generate some leads by bringing this he's back into the public's attention. april 27th, this could be the 3 anniversary of this tragedy. we want people to be on the lookout for mister clinton s we don't necessarily believe he's here in the community but we know that he's out there somewhere we want to bring him to justice comments says that they are getting some help from federal officers with the us marshals office as we consider a under stubby armed and dangerous the gun that he used the assistant has not been recovered he may still have it.
10:42 pm
>>anybody who's want to shoot somebody like this. this early a dangerous to our community. >>in pacifica teresa stasio kron 4 news. you can see more exclusive stories from theresa stasi on kron on its or new streaming service with live local news 24 hours a day and no commercials. >>get caught up on the latest breaking news weather any time of day visit kron on dot t v to start watching now. >>and still ahead tonight, the story of how one woman is not letting anything stop her from reaching her dreams as she becomes a pilot for a day. >>and coming up i'll have all the day's force glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you.
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>>a roseville woman with down syndrome reach for the stars and ended up flying among the cloud, and it was all thanks to her fairy godmother reporter adrian moore was there when everybody made it back safely to the ground. >>here they are pilot steve snyder and his copilot tracy sharp grinning from ear to ear. they'll never forget. today's 3 hour adventure tracy taking the controls during their flight they flew the willows for some lunch and then headed back home. >>fire crews at sacramento international airport showed up to make their arrival extra special tracy called it one of her best days ever. she was welcomed back by her 2 legged fans in this one with 4 legs.
10:46 pm
but perhaps her biggest fan flight attendant vicki he's we met one year ago today april 24th on a instant friends just like the 2 hit it off and last august the he invited tree see to be a flight attendant for a day on a southwest flight. >>then vicki had another idea they can get a hold of me a few months ago and said steve. >>maybe she should be a southwest pilot aed i said well make that happen. so here we are she got the fly the airplane by or so for a while handle controls left and right turns and did a great job, she did a great job. right yes tracy calls vicki ll as a thank you. >>from making today possible. >>briefly you their best friend. >>that was a dream or reporting southwest feature
10:47 pm
tracy stunt as a flight attendant in an article in its inflight magazine no word on whether her first time in the pilot's chair, how also be featured. >>fast is just a fact. >>all right, i guess we could call this a good man was a good night good night, the air for for all that team on the hardwood they finally got that for him out of their side. the dup's we're finally got by the clippers. they push ihe clippers a game 6 in l a. let's go to lay in the 1st quarter scary moment for the warriors steph curry turned his ankle he had to leave the game, although he did return in the 2nd quarter and he finished out the game with 24 points. no status on the ankle 2nd quarter kevin duran just took over he nails the 3 that give the dogs a 10 point lead. another 3, but the clippers hanging only up by 9. late in
10:48 pm
the half during it just didn't stop the scoring another free. he had an nba playoff record 38 in the 1st half warriors some breathing room up by 19 4th quarter clips hanging on down 14 with durrant said not so fast the jumper and the fao three-point play during finishes with career playoff record 50 points. in a word awesome warriors finished the clippers in 6 games, one 29 1.10 they play in houston they play houston game one round to sunday afternoon at oracle arena. that was one of the great performances. i've ever seen in my life. >>i've seen some good ones. some decent players so. he has carried us you know these these last couple games of the you know, he's the ultimate weapon because there's no defense for kevin. >>former sharks douglas mary and emma sekiguchi repping thorin pavelski before the game opening the door for the
10:49 pm
team to skate out we go to the second period charge down to the one in 2. marcus sorensen 5 joe for he puts in the back of the net. kayak you get more from the sharks in the second. campbell a block with the goal of on the assist and the sharks take the lead. later in the period the sharks like this one on ice, it's burns shot and the sharkies go on to win 5 to 2 your final they lead the series one nothing game 2 sunday in san jose. the 40 niners took who may be the most talented player in the nfl draft and nick bosa but it did not come without any controversy. pose as and if the past when it comes to his social views and comments on social issues. but nonetheless he is a tremendously talented football player. in the 40 niners introduced him this afternoon at their headquarters in santa clara. he figures to start at the edge from day one and be a big part of the team's plans. obviously winning cures everything but posada's havoc to clean up his image just a bit and today he began that process. so like i'm saying
10:50 pm
is. >>stance and what he was doing not what i was going they're talking about all there is me the specific thing that happened and many of the young is a tough thing in my head and do it. >>the said that that decision you know respect he's done. >>if it impairs anybody that he's doing a good thing. >>over to the east bay, the raiders 3 first-round draft picks or all of the team's headquarters in alameda, clean and for all a defensive and out of clemson josh jacobs a running back out of alabama and john avram a safety out of mississippi state all spoke to the media today, the 3 will go a long way into the raiders plans next season all were major positions of need for oakland on a team that had a lot of holes but the man of the hour of course was who was the raiders 4th overall pick. >>this organization you know it's about workers and people that i've ever the question
10:51 pm
about the game in a team as solicitor bless and if this will be a part of his organization that i would just say he's come their way to work as we've. we have big goals and big dreams forces. >>finally we have some baseball it was metallica night at oracle park about a big metallica guy myself but to each their own. what let's go to the game. so here we are top of the 5th luke voit rbi single off madison bumgarner that makes it 5 to one yang's voice also in a 2 run homer in the 9th your final score 7 to 3 bumgarner gave up 5 runs in only 5, 2, thirds with no aaron judge or juan carlos stanton in the lineup for new york. already out to the toronto vladimir guerrero junior making his major league debut for the jays he had a single in 4 at bats. bottom knife to 2 tie. brandon jury. take he owes near pettit deep to right center. and it's gone for a walk off 2 run homer
10:52 pm
toronto wins, 42 to aids were swept by today that opened last weekend drop the first one to toronto. so they finally got rid of those pesky clippers and we have houston, this in a collision course all season long houston on sunday is in houston are already here are the d a. >>they came here on off today on friday and they've been hanging out practice in the u s afghan that game sunday at 1230 and will be there to help find gas right thanks jason all right, let's check in with erica on the weather. the weekend. >>i i was just been of court just week what 2 weeks that for the upcoming announced a
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
naming contest for the 4 baby prairie recently bar and they look at them they're cute. zoo officials are looking for spring thing names and those who select the winning name to win an annual family membership or membership the prairie dogs were born about 6 weeks ago, and they just wandered out of their burles this week. the zoo has posted all of the information about the contest on its website. >>in entertainment news, the avengers united once again and moviegoers were definitely paying attention thursday night was a record making night for marvel studios avengers endgame the latest installment in his superhero film franchise made $60 million at the domestic box office in just one night that
10:56 pm
makes it the biggest opening night in history it almost double the money of last year's prequel avengers infinity war avengers of infinity war went on to have the highest grossing opening weekend. in history. avengers endgame is expected to surpass that. >>and it has been a gorgeous week for us here in the bay area we do see that marine layer it's moved en and we can expect to see some patchy fog early in the morning, but by the later morning and well i kind of go away and we'll see those clear blue skies a lot of clouds moving in as well depending on where you live so currently we're in the mid 60's in concord 60 degrees and fairfield mid 50's and nap and the les hill and currently 51 degrees out in temper on now, here's our overnight lows upper 40's lower 50's for us
10:57 pm
and a look at our temperatures tomorrow morning. it will be sunny as i mentioned after that fog goes away if you live along the coastal areas are high temperatures going to be above normal still though, especially if you live further inland so here's our high temperatures santa rosa looking at 78 degrees there 80 is our high in san jose it's going to be a nice weekend now. >>enjoy the outdoors ticket. >>a gr
10:58 pm
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