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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 29, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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on james fletcher lots to get to this morning. lot of news to cover will get to that in a minute but first weather and traffic robin and roads like not so good for the avenue motorcycle accident i'll check in on 80 in hayward man taking a look at the forecast more breeze today more breeze spent not too bad as long as you get a jacket with your nice long dress he'll be case ago. looking outside this morning berkeley skies are definitely more on the cloudy your side than anything else cloudier to start but there will be some sunshine later today, clear skies will prevail across the bay area but the temperatures will be rising too much. 40's and 50's we're at right now some 60's by noon but by the afternoon only 60's and 70's, this is a lot cooler than last week was so you do want to keep tax earlier handy well into the afternoon. i'm talking a modest warm up in the days to cobb all still ahead rob. >>thank you john. a quick peek at the bay bridge. we want to check in on traffic heading into san francisco and there it is a live look add your approach to the toll plaza as
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you can see it is packed, yes, it goes all the way back to west grand and that's where it starts anew just arriving the brakes. all the way up to treasure island there was a stall that was a push over to the side. but you still dealing with a you know the typical jam up so at least it's under 20 minutes, making an end and then i have some heavy traffic on the nimitz right here 80 south and whipple, a motorcyclist went down so crews are working with that they're clearing it and it's going to be very sluggish back from to 38 all the way up to the scene and then another little pocket as he inter fremont so we'll put it at 43 minutes, i'll keep my eyes on it 43 minutes and growing for 80 south 2.38 to to 37 more so now it's coming up james. >>happening today, the san diego community will lay to rest the woman killed in this weekend synagogue shooting 60 year-old lori kay gave her life saturday when she stepped in front of the gunman's bullets meant for the rabbi, friends and family held a vigil yesterday and paul way to remember her 3 others were
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also injured in that attack one of them was the rabbi she saved. he was shot in the hands and will lead today's funeral. the shooting suspect his 19 year-old john ernest he has been booked now on one count of first-degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder. authorities say there's no sign that he was involved with any larger organized group. meanwhile neu a the hon was one of the youngest person is to be hurt in that shooting there's a picture of her. she describes now her injuries and the moment, the gunman opened fire take a listen. >>was a peace. you knew it, thanks. >>so the piece of shrapnel went in your leg and then came out the other side. what were you thinking then did it hurt. >>in first place i question mean for it. we have to like be i don't plan does nothing was chinese food who's ever.
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>>no i was with her 2 sisters and they're all cull when the shooter opened fire according to her father, the family had a previous incident with anti semitism in san diego. not long ago. 7. >>as we continue with that story of the shooting in san diego we're hearing reaction right back here in the bay area from jewish leaders about the threat to synagogues and churches and and temples and were shipped to places of all types yet we've got growth was will trend following that part of the story the reaction to all of this he's standing by live in san francisco. >>will. >>reaction was swift the san francisco police department they immediately tweeted out as soon as they found out what happened at the synagogue just north san diego that they would increase patrols at synagogues like this one. i'm currently located and dolores street and it just didn't happen on saturday. they continue that on sunday. many people going to synagogues across the country once again
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are fearful anxiety skyeye especially this is the second deadly shooting at a synagogue in america in just 6 months that synagogue shooting that we saw in san diego exactly 6 months ago, 11 people were killed 7 others injured in pittsburgh. and then we saw what happened over the weekend. we had a chance to track down a rabbi in san francisco. he said they simply just need more security. >>we do need security. you know this is a fact that every every place of worship should be protected that has these people see this type opportunity to attacked the jewish people we've always lead to low. that whatever community we've been the country with a kick out of it. and we rise high. when you have that i have a determination. nature of evil is one that wanted to get in your way.
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>>some synagogues they said that they would like to have security and pay for their own security, but the problem is they don't have a lot of money to do that which is why according to the jewish federation of america, they're saying that some synagogues right now are actually practicing evacuation drills the same type of drills that our kids are practicing in school in the event of a mass shooting. >>7 oh 5 right now in new this morning police in daly city are investigating a fire that happened at an uber office. late last night on john daly boulevard, a witness says that they think the fire was set on purpose and one man has been arrested the fire caused some damage. 2 window but the building itself didn't catch fire. new this morning a 5 year-old was taken to the hospital after falling from a pantry shelf at his home yesterday afternoon on whitney court in oakley he had to be airlifted to the hospital
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around 5 o'clock last night. we don't know his condition yet. a man's body was found floating in the ocean near half moon bay. the san mateo county sheriff's office responded you can see and gather around the body here which was found in the water near the ritz carlton around 00:30am in the morning yesterday. we do not know yet the identity of the victim. >>opening statements are expected to begin in the oakland ghost ship trial. dairy cow man and creative director max harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that broke out during a music party at that warehouse back in 2016. elmen up is accused of converting that warehouse into living spaces without proper permits. harris, he's accused of helping to plan that music event the night the fire broke out. and in the east bay, a man who was sent to the hospital after he was shot in a hotel. here's what we know officers responded to the businesses was in the 1500 block of schellman street just before 1 o'clock set a sunday morning. they foundfthat man shot in the lobby, he was
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taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, no word yet on a possible suspect or why that shooting took place. >>happening today a free concert in response to the fire at the notre cathedral in paris, san francisco's grace grace cathedral is going to host the event at 6 o'clock tonight. and this is to stand with our sister city which is paris france and san francisco have that relationship so they're going to a concert featuring the san francisco symphony. the opera and american box soloists and there will even be in oregon us from the notre dame cathedral performing as well. >>we're following this morning a bay area man is accused of driving under the influence and killing a woman that happened in san anselmo she was walking her dogs, travelers get along has details. >>the woman was killed only a few houses from her home and those who knew her say she took the same route every day. >>you never think it's going to happen in your neighborhood. but to be honest
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with you. it doesn't the street in particular people driveway to cause the tragedy struck at this crosswalk on butterfield a road near collette avenue saturday night. >>central murder and police say 30 year-old james boswell was allegedly driving under the influence hitting and killing a woman and her dog around 10:00pm the woman was walking her 2 dogs when she was struck by a car one dog was killed the other suffered injuries. authorities have not released the victim's name, but friends and neighbors identified the woman killed as a woman in her 70's named caroline gaylor radtke and her husband stanley met caroline through their dogs when their dog cora was a puppy. >>she's just a really good you know at me and you her dogs are our dogs buddy, you know, so i just you know she was a really good person in this community. >>one neighbor too distraught to speak on camera heard the crash outside their home and tried to help but he was too late. they put up signs and
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flowers near the crosswalk where the woman died. residents say they are extra cautious when they step outside their homes and butterfield road this is at night and as it gets its start. >>so if yours yours, beating you know and you're not paying attention. you know people just kind of like we all have hard lives and we all you know like our will be no worried about our job. >>ub's and whatever but you know when you get behind the wheel you kind of have to tune in the driver was arrested at the scene and is charged with felony dui. >>and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. >>residents say even if the driver was not under the influence of drivers typically speed on this road. they are calling for a stop sign or traffic light at this intersection here in san anselmo get along kron 4 news. >>and now 7 coming up on the cross for morning news, a look at how crews are preparing to battle wildfires on the ground and in the air this upcoming fire season. plus how staffing problems at a ferry 911 dispatch center could impact
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your safety and after the break a man who admitted to raping a 14 year-old girl will not be spending time behind i imagine the community is outraged and southern california getting a dose of rainfall this morning wall in the bay area we are seeing a few clouds i've got your forecast >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area back to them and a garage and here the toll plaza, very busy for west grand all the way up to treasure island so be prepared you know when you're at ross and you realize great minds shop alike?
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>>7.13 looking at your forecast for monday and setting the tone for the week so what is that tone cooler town and i think that's the best word to describe a tank, i don't think into too many of us will mind 80's and 90's last week a bit ambitious this early in the year, yeah. you can't rotate your closet all ant once you have to always keep says it sees yes yet face things in and out when we're looking at 70's all week long
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asleep the 70's all week long even with a bit of a warm-up in the middle of the week guys it's still going to be on the cooler side only upper 70's really for most of our peak temperatures. this morning few clouds obviously across the bay, you can't miss those stepping outside, but also a mix of sunshine now coming out this is san francisco which is still on the cloudier side of things. san jose looks pretty good with a increase clear skies already looking out over the bay from the east part of the bay uc-berkeley down there in the distance not too bad still on the gray side to kick things off. >>not near as great as areas further south though while the bay area remains dry. we are seen showers to our south make their way across sothern california. those are going to be drifting our direction today we're going to stay nice and dry today tomorrow on through the rest of the week. so all in all we can look forward to a dry week ahead of us just a cooler ones so those are the changes you're going to want to account for definitely some areas of snowfall and rain up in the sierra nevada towards tuesday that energy not making its way our direction though so today
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cooler than last week was 50's and 60's pretty similar to yesterday really 50's and 60's along the shoreline in san francisco down the peninsula 66 in millbrae today 70's elsewhere in the bay area such as towards redwood city, san carlos and woodside each right at that 70 degree mark the south bay looking at low 70's for your daytime highs the comfortable range of numbers. union city at 69 wall hayward at 70 in fremont at 71 berkeley oakland richmond in san leandro among places in the mid to upper 60's while mid 70's in concord up through pittsburgh. fairfield and a vacaville towards the coast. some 50's hanging on well, 60's and of otto sander fell and mill valley today. temperatures boosting just a little bit into wednesday and thursday that takes us into the mid to upper 70's. a few low 80's for inland areas, but really on the cooler side still come friday saturday and sunday cloud cover on the increase and temperatures decreasing down back io the
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low 70's and inglis forecast just the way we're starting at that's a look at your weather. well let's get a look at traffic with robin hey looking good here across the golden gate, it's usually the quiet bridge right not as busy as the bay bridge san mateo bridge. >>your commute from the north a looks pretty good with snow but trouble spots to go ahead and use it now while it's under 30 minutes, nevada to san francisco, the bay bridge traffic no not improving not yet it's back to be on west grand car pooling you'll be fine as usual that's how you save a little time but paying cash fast-tracking yes you'll have to sit in traffic right now you're averaging 21 minutes and we haven't had any major issues so far motorcycle accident in hayward 80 south and whipple that still wrapping up no traffic alert issued for it it's going to be slow from san leandro least one to 38 to whipple so 46 minutes and growing because of that accident in hayward from to 38 to 37 what i want recovering from a crash. i talked about that in menlo
7:17 am
park that was blocking several lanes so just about an hour now from san jose on north one to one making it into menlo park as traffic is still recovering james. thank you robin national news people are outraged after a new york man who pleaded guilty to raping a 14 year-old girl will not be going to jail shane peak. met his victim while driving her school bus he was sentenced to 10 years probation will have to register as a sex-offender he won't be allowed to be alone with anyone under the age of 17, but the judge ruled that he doesn't deserve any jail time because he didn't think he would likely re offend some people are now calling for that judge to be recalled after issuing that sentence. >>today we're expected to learn the names of all 4 people who were killed when a crane collapsed over the weekend in seattle it fell from the roof of the building that was under construction on the new google campus in seattle and landed on 6 cars.
7:18 am
2 crane operators. they were killed along with 2 people in the cars, one of them 19 year-old sarah long she was a freshman studying nursing at seattle pacific university. >>i want you remember how loving and caring person she was and to show that love to everyone that she comes across and to show the joy that infectious to other people. >>3 other people were also hospitalized, they don't know yet what caused the crane to collapse, 72 cal fire and the national guard are preparing for the upcoming fire season over the weekend about 200 members of the national guard and cal fire got together and practiced fighting fires from the air. they used helicopters to collect water from a nearby reservoir and doused the bright pink targets that they had set up each orange bucket carries between 660 in 2000 gallons of water. >>the word on the training take down some notes mental notes course, we talk or
7:19 am
discuss bella problems that we are rises in their craft. new ways of better ways to do things more efficiently the the training. >>supervisors that are you know they are all supervisors. there are flying right now actually put their craft in kind of difficult situations to see how the work themselves out. >>in the past cal fire says they would only call the national guard one or 2 times a year but just last year they had to call the guard nearly a half a dozen times. >>for your money this morning there. no end game in sight for disney stock rally is suited that there. and southwest says boeing has and told them about all of its safety changes yet we've got jake a lot the nasdaq with these stories and more in their james good morning as boeing apparently did not tell southwest as well as some other carriers when the begin flying the 7.37 max jets that a safety feature found on the earlier models that warns pilots about malfunctioning sensors. >>had been deactivated that's going to government industry officials who spoke to the wall street journal. well they and most other airlines
7:20 am
operating the max learned about it only after the lion air crash in october led to scrutiny of the plane's design southwest says its own pilot manuals were wrong about that feature a boeing by the way having a shareholder meeting today. so it's going to be interesting to watch the oil losses have been accelerating especially late last week after president trump called on opec to bring gulf oil prices lower oil has been volatile actually mostly higher lately says the president threatened sanctions against iran, the higher gas prices has some americans rethinking their summer vacation plans may be a shorter trip closer to home and avengers endgame is broken every box office record. they brought in 350 million in the us 1.2 billion worldwide on opening weekend. that is a field dominated the box office with 90% of all us ticket sales. in just a stock. it's higher today if i've just been hitting a record recently ahead of the film's release like the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to james. >>all right. thank you very much jane, thank you. >>coming up on the ground. democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke is in the bay area and we'll tell you what he had to say. plus
7:21 am
after the break a mother's outrage after a teacher was caught on camera kicking her 5 year-old daughter. and a live look here at the back of that the approach to the bay bridge will be back with our weather and traffic on monday morning too.
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♪ ♪ emreplenished,d, fortified. emerge everyday with emergen-c. packed with b vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good every day? emerge and see. >>on this monday morning if you're looking for some clear
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skies all you have to do is head out to bethel island, no clouds out there right now is the sun's coming up much of the rest of the bay area's definitely looking at some cloudier conditions as well as a chilly start to this morning, some 40's and 50's for your current temperatures oakland sitting at 56 right now berkeley at 52, get those jackets ready to go as you're stepping outside as temperatures are just in the 40's and 50's but you're pairing him with some breezy conditions at times which obviously makes him feel even colder than that keep the jackets with you well into the afternoon. robin. >>all right. thank you john, what head over to the bay bridge because we have a new crash. westbound eastern span before treasure island. it involves a motorcyclist and it's blocking the left lane so this is going to to the heavy traffic that's already there right coming into a san francisco. you're backed up down the eastern span through the tolls into the maze and now it's spilling over to major connectors here's a look at your back up. and your drive time that's growing 31 minutes here from the bottom
7:25 am
of the maze up fremont street so keep that in mind new motorcycle accident blocking. west found before treasure island so it's going to be tough commute coming in we also have one on the net and say to the south and whipple it's crawling from to 38 so be prepared for a lot of heavy traffic from san leandro into hayward because of that i'll keep my eyes on both more traffic checks coming up james all right. thank you robin, so look at this new video this morning shows an elementary school teacher kicking a kindergartner in the back. >>those happen in kansas you see the little girl, the very bottom of the screen. she kind of hides in a bookshelf. the teacher comes around finds the child. grab shirt can convince her to come out so she pulls her out and then at one point you're going to see she kicks the child in the back. yeah the girl told her mom there's the kick. the girl told her mom that she was hit by the teacher. so the mom calls the school. the teacher denied it then the mob demanded to see surveillance footage and that is when it was revealed that the teacher did in fact take the child that teacher has since been fired. on the
7:26 am
department of justice now to help the city improve community relations with its police department. so the investor the invitation comes after 20 year-old rapper willie mccoy was fatally shot by police back in february. he was killed after fling asleep in his car outside of a talk about restaurant. mccoy's death was the 16th shooting involving fully a police officer since 20 11 in the mayor says that he welcomes any insight that the department of justice can give to improve the valais police departments relations. hear from the rabbi who lost 2 fingers when a gunman opened fire at a california synagogue will have that story coming up.
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>>i look at weather and traffic on a monday morning are we beeped free and unfortunately it's on the bay bridge which is where we don't need it from paying motorcyclist went down a before treasure island west found before the tunnel and the writer is down injured in your left lane in a chp has issued a special traffic alert. >>and it was already a very slow commute coming into san francisco as it normally is right during its time a morning. but now we have this new accident and we don't know how long it's going to take to clear so no estimated time for clearing your jam down the eastern span through the tolls a back into the maze where was already heavy before the accident popped up so 26 minutes and growing to make it
7:30 am
and you may want to leave extra early or even consider hopping on bart instead of dealing with this backup saw keep my eyes on this i also have a motorcycle accident on the nimitz and hayward all talk more about that my next report john. >>well, robin at least weather's not making it that bad of a drives this morning. it is chilly. it is a bit on the cloudy side as you can see at the bay bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. but skies are nice and dry that's more than can be said for southern showers move through that part of the state that they will just remain dry this morning but well throughout the course of the day today. a bit of a cooler one than we were last week you remember those 80's and 90's well, those are going to be seen much this week, some 60's and 70's for highs get to the rest of your forecast still to come james start, thanks john happening today, the funeral service is being held now for the woman who was shot and killed at a synagogue near san diego over the weekend. she threw herself in front of the rabbis so that he wouldn't be killed by a gunman who burst and her name is lori k.
7:31 am
>>rick to mandela has the story. >>we are a jewish nation that will stand tall. >>a community standing together in solidarity and in mourning after passover celebrations at a synagogue in poway california ended in gunfire on saturday. one was killed and 3 others wounded, including rabbi yisrael goldstein. more shots came running right at me and i lifted up my hands. my index finger on this hand. after 4 hours of surgery the suspect identified by police as 19 year-old john ernest is in custody. the rabbis life saved by a member of the congregation lori k lori took the bullet for all of us. to protect all of us. she didn't deserve to die. >>just such a kind sweet hearted just a good human being at the service to say a
7:32 am
prayer for her mother who passed away in november. witnesses say she was killed when she stepped between the gunman and the rabbi i'm rick damage. ellen reporting. >>the suspect was booked yesterday on one count of first-degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder. authorities say that there is no sign at this point that he was involved in any larger group it looks like he was acting alone. new this morning, a man is accused of assaulting a teenager on a bart train that man and the girl were on this richmond about rain saturday night when the manna for apparently no reason just hitter and then ran away. it happened as they were arriving at the union city station officers eventually found that man they detained him. no word on what caused him to strike out at the teen or if he's actually been formally arrested. >>time now 7 32 in the east bay 911 dispatchers in berkeley are understaffed and overworked this is coming from a new report by the city auditor this audit was conducted after identifying staffing constraints is an issue for the city. the report shows the communications center was understaffed by
7:33 am
approximately one call taker per shift and also found a greater reliance on over time because of this under staffing. the report also says excessive overtime has taken a real toll on the dispatchers were ow. >>we definitely. know that our dispatchers are and have been working far too many hours. of overtime. >>when you call 911 you want to make sure that for you, there is someone out that who is going to be on the other line that's going to pick up the phone right away. >>the report recommends the police department conduct a staffing and now assist to determine the appropriate staffing levels create recruitment and continue training for dispatchers. >>happening tomorrow, the concord city council will discuss plans to possibly bring a chick filet to town the first or the fast food restaurant would replace lynn's buffet vaughn will pass road but in order for this project to go through the counl have to basically and and the general plan and result in that area to allow
7:34 am
for a drive-thru restaurant. happening today, former vice president joe biden will kick off his 2020 presidential campaign in pittsburgh. over the next few weeks are going to see him head to a number of early voting states, including iowa, new hampshire, south carolina as well. biden's team raised million in the first 24 hours after his campaign officially launched last week and that tops the first day hall of every other democratic candidate. the 76 year-old also has a rally scheduled in philadelphia a couple of weeks. it's billed as the time that he will lay out his vision for unifying america. >>time now 7 34 in presidential candidate, beto o'rourke held a town hall in san francisco, the former texas congressman i was trying to get votes in during his rally he called for a new voter rights act. and also he said that climate change is the nation's most pressing issue. works as many care for america is a plan that he wants to see enacted. >>the 10's of millions. fellow
7:35 am
americans without no terror and all right now enroll them medicare. secondly and you have insubstantial care cannot afford you are preview, you can elect to move medicare will make sure you can do that. >>o rourke says he wants the country to be known for its ambitions and aspirations rather than hatred and racism. pg e customers are going to soon have to pay more for electricity. that's because the california p you see just kpg needy ok to raise rates to generate million. that means we'll see the average bill go up by about $3.50 a month and the utility says it's going usthe money to recover the costs of repair for damage facilities from 3 fires and they're also an easy money to manage grass and weeds around power lines. last week p g also requested to raise the rates by $20 a month, but that rate request has not yet been approved. 45 people were
7:36 am
forced to run from a fire at a hotel in santa cruz it broke out at the surf side inn and suites on riverside drive to firefighters only about 15 minutes to get it under control, they're stilv trying to figure out. >>what caused it in the first place as for the people who had to run from the flames, they have been put up elsewhere the fire caused upwards of $300,000 in damages. the man who led police on a chase across state lines following 2 deadly shootings in the bay area may be connected to a 3rd murder, 43 year-old stefan jefferson was arrested saturday near south lake tahoe on friday. police say he shot a 57 year-old relative in oakland, then shot and killed a man hours later in the in the bayview and now police say they're considering jefferson as a suspect in a shooting that happened at peoples park in berkeley about an hour after those other shootings during the chase on saturday deputies say the suspect fired shots at police hitting one deputy in the hand. he eventually crashed and that's when he was taken into custody. >>but we take a very serious
7:37 am
when the local douglas county deputy, this shot and based upon that we anticipate that will most likely be looking at proceeding on the charges here first and nevada. >>jefferson will remain in nevada faces charges there, including attempted murder of a peace officer he will then be transferred to california as of pieces are continuing to investigate before bringing forth any formal charges. >>it's 7.37 and still ahead of the 8 o'clock hour. the reason that apple is getting ready. some of those child protective features on several apps. >>a day ahead of us at all while southern california sees a bit of rainfall the bay area starting off the big cloudy but some sunshine later today, i've got your forecast ahead. >>i'm monitoring your drive time into san francisco because a motorcycle accident just cleared west found 18 your treasure island. now you have to deal with residual delays it's crawling from
7:38 am
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fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth. unlike ordinary whitening toothpaste, colgate optic white has hydrogen peroxide that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades visibly whiter! colgate optic white. whitening that works. >>welcome back to the crime for morning news and back to our hot spot which is the bay bridge, a motorcycle accident cleared. it was only blocking one lane but we had a traffic alert in place it was west found before the tunnel it has cleared from the left lane but not without jamming up your morning commute it was already a slow one. and yeah, this made thingsven worse, but at least it's out of your way. now you have to do with this year back up at the tolls which goes all the way back into the oakland may's so just be prepared for some heavier
7:41 am
the normal traffic from oakland to san francisco. our motorcycle accident on the nimitz also cleared a really quick peek at 5.80 were checking the return center fell bridge a backup from right around marina through the tolls is what you can expect job. well robin. >>looking at this morning is i guess a bit of a back up in the skies to still very gray out there. but skies are going to clear out as we make our way through the day today. actually by the afternoon, your view like this in the east bay over berkeley is going to be a lot brighter with clear blue skies overhead. now despite the fact that there's going to be plenty of sunshine later on temperatures are going to stay on the cooler side. we're in the 50's right now for most areas to kick things off and we're only going to rise into a range of 60's and 70's a lot cooler than last week was in pretty similar to yesterday so keep your jackets with you as winds are certainly still present and will be made to the afternoon. daria. >>thanks a lot john 7.41 coming up on the ground for morning buzz, the warriors big game the avengers endgame the
7:42 am
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>>some 44 let's get an update on the bay bridge that these people get to that with a motorcycle accident so it's out of the way, but it's still a hot spot because it just added to all the heavy traffic coming in to just go you know that takes a while to thin out now so a similar was issued for the crash which was westbound before the tunnel. thank it was only blocking one
7:45 am
lane they did a great job of getting this out of the way quickly but as i always say the damage is done you are backed up on the eastern span through the toll plaza into the maze on to 5.80 back in 20 for the east shore and the nimitz all of your connectors are very slow leading up to the pay gate so just keep that in mind leave early carpool fast tracking will help a little bit are definitely consider bart if you do not want to sit in this back up here's 92 another bridge that's backed up and we have a lot of heavy traffic not only on 92 but the nimitz as well to the south to leaving hayward on to 92 in a pretty much stays like that all the way over to the peninsula. i don't have any other hotspots take a look at these averages and freeways they all look pretty normal right. 5.80 livermore to dublin 12 minutes and then to 37. it's not so bad. 15 minutes from milpitas to sonny bill john. well robin skies are finally starting to clear out you can see some blue overhead in san francisco
7:46 am
where it was a little bit gray earlier this morning, nice to see some blue to the skies in san jose as well and. >>looking elsewhere across the bay into the east bay still on the greater side, but you are also getting just a touch brighter skies are only going to clear and clear through the day while further south in california. that's obviously not the case look at what they're dealing with a just to our south out of the bay area into the central coast where you are looking at some showers pushing through is an area of low pressure moves through southern california just too far north to see the impact here in the bay area besides the cloud cover that we are seeing this morning areas tomorrow such as the sierra nevada could look at some high elevation snowfall. it's going to stay pretty high up to those knows mountain peaks of the sierra it's not really a widespread snowfall of that for those of you traveling such up to lake tahoe are over 80. by the time we move into the middle of the week temperatures will really start boost, but still not going to be as warm as last week was only looking at upper 70's to maybe a couple of low 80's for east bay area's
7:47 am
temperatures in the 60's for san francisco today, a range of 50's 60's up and down the coast and solid 60's from one oh one from brisbane down to burlingame 70's out there in redwood city, san carlos and woodside are right out that 70 degree mark while the south bay looking at numbers mostly in the low 70's campbell at 72, san jose day peaking at 73 excuse me these pay their ego 60's and 70's for you dublin today, 72 degrees and upper 60's and oakland berkeley in richmond has 6667, a range of 60's and 70's as well, and hey why not more of the same in marine and sonoma counties, let's talk about this modest warm up into the middle of the week wednesday and thursday some of our warmer days of your forecast but compared to last week they would have been some of our coulis that tells you the difference mid 70's. i should say on wednesday and then upper 70's on thursday. we cool back down into friday saturday and sunday back into the low 70's for the weekend.
7:48 am
>>the approach has to be the same the attention to detail, nowhere in a cell doesn't. it's a long series so. discussion where on and this as much as possible. it is what it is i think we can all sit here and complain about cause and every year >>the nature of the game we play the game i was going be called and in with the with the results this is plain and simple. >>and >>when. >>way. >>and the warriors beat the rockets fair and square. what is hard and want his own helicopter landing pad. so somebody comes in to 3 feet of his flying legs. we'll get the fall. here's the know call the rockets are whining about the most out of game one it's the end. >>and the game that last shot watch it again as his legs flying out diagonally to in front him, at sir full move but the rest didn't fall for it because they could see that dream on did not block the
7:49 am
wheel. landing zone still harden did get 14 free throws which accounted for 13 of his 35 points. not enough to outplay kevin duran who also and 35 points and he got help from steph and klay who both had ankle issues before had them come through with 1813 points respectively it wasn't it pretty game for either team, 20 turnovers for golden state. but even when they're sloppy they're hard to beat because of kevin duran. >>have you ever seen anybody have a great 4 games just like kevin is having. there's this guy named michael >>to members last but no kevin's a. kevin's run these last couple weeks so just got off the these i've said it. a few times this week communities most killed. basketball player on earth. >>warriors win game 1 one oh 4 to 100 game 2 is tomorrow. in
7:50 am
oakland. the nfl married recruits to teams over the weekend. but the draft was our wedding crasher for a lot of brides to be some women including the one that i'm going to show you in the bride shirt. the right here. she complains and others do that the draft ruin their bachelor at parties. there were 600,000 fans and players in town which means the hotels and the clubs were a zoo. not quite the vibe that you want for your big day. one bride said that her husband is to blame. so she's not going to watch football. she said the whole season, here's her quote. i'm talking no super bowl because you get married once how often does the draft happen. it happens every year spoiler alert the and the raiders are hosting in vegas next year. so check the dates so that your big day is not spoiled. speaking of spoilers an nfl player ruined the end game for avengers
7:51 am
fans, buffalo bills running back sean mccoy posted jury's reaction to the movie's biggest seen dory i'm not going to show you what he posted. but his 700,000 instagram followers saw it and they were not happy in fact i cannot show you most of what they said here let me show a few other things that they said ok that are that are decent. look at this tear your acl next year plea malls. i know out. here's a spoiler you'll never win a super bowl. that's what they said so mad add and that they just kept posting stuff like you know death threats. best things about it i'm not having it's for me, and then uses spoiling it it in ruins in here grow up saying that you know they want grow up. but had to show you just the tame ones you know what else was special and gave thanks robbing me of the and gave me a they just and they were nice i it was a nice once these are people that have been waiting 1011 years for the culmination the final chapter in this story, the hat. >>i saw in taiwan, a news
7:52 am
article or somebody came out into the movie theater lobby after seeing the movie and started shouting spoilers in the lobby for all these people are in line to go to the next feeling. they jumped to they have photographs is of this guy being tended to by paramedics on the ground as he's there never seen a fat blood the lip after somebody in the life just one off on it and everybody there then i won't ask you how was a james i'm not going to stop you see guys flight it was great. that's all i'm going to say and it was epic ok. also because know. >>see where the game of game of thrones apparently you know the big battle zip it notice i haven't try. all right james, you that the bus. today's box
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>avengers endgame shattered box office records over the weekend then economic and no spoilers and the only thing i'll say is that a lot of people watched it one billion in worldwide ticket sales that trump, the previous record which was also avengers movie was infinity war last year 350 million domestically and it's just the first weekend. 7 55 is the time. >>and still ahead on the compound. woman was killed in the shooting at that synagogue
7:56 am
in california is going to be laid to rest today we're going to hear from the rabbi whose life he saved. and the changes residents want to see in the bay area where a woman was killed while out walking her dogs.
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7:59 am
>>the morning dionne thanks for waking up with us and our vehicles and i'm james fletcher weather and traffic checks to kick off the hour. we had a problem on the bay bridge early or is it still an issue that's gone in with a motorcycle accident that was my hot spots all talk about the residual delays ok and we're going to see the sun sometime later today right coming a meeting date on that they can don't know we're already seeing in the east we're gettingethere for the rest of by the afternoon. >>we'll be solid nice clear skies overhead and you can see actually downtown san francisco, something you couldn't see. just a few minutes ago so the low lying cloud cover is really starting to lighten up now and we are going to be looking at a lot of sunshine later today, but don't you think it's going to be a warm one. >>i'd say is still on the cool side of things today we are seeing clearing skies across the bay area but to our south it's rainy conditions. for southern california as a storm system makes its way on to the southern coast of the state
8:00 am
here in the bay area words too far north to see any trace of rainfall that means a pleasant but a cooler one for us 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco and oakland so still cool and once you factor in those winds, you're still going to jacket with you this afternoon, san jose comfortable in the low 70's. i'm talking a subtle warm up in the days to come all still ahead rob and we want to check back in on the bay bridge because we have a lot of heavy traffic into san francisco. >>it's recovering from a motorcycle crash. so you see a big backup here. it was west found before and the tunnel it was blocking the left lane is so the traffic alert was canceled. but a lot of heavy traffic still lingering and it will continue to linger right through 9 o'clock 10 o'clock maybe 11. that's just our new normal. so it is backed up heavily through the maze with still under 20 minutes for your average just getting word of a new one in oakland, this is northbound 80 right around 98th, just got word of an accident fear and we may have another one near 66, so it's in


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