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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  April 29, 2019 6:30pm-6:58pm PDT

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>>our top story tonight at 06:30pm in the wake of sunday's jewish temple shooting in san diego county state lawmakers are vowing to take action to address anti semitism in california capitol bureau reporter actually serve all explains the promise the governor is making in response. >>after a second synagogue shooting in just 6 months many of us are feeling very fearful. california lawmakers and members of the jewish ace shooting on holocaust remembrance day at the capitol in response to the shooting governor gavin newsom announced he will appropriate $15 million in his
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updated related acts like places of worship the funding could provide guards whether they would be armed is to be determined to the extent that one chooses. >>the most appropriate response. for their circumstances i think we should provide that flexibility to those mosques synagogues to. those that understand the threats and more localized matter and to the extent that that is unarmed personnel that's trained. i think that is among many of the appropriate uses a potentially the money the shooting in poway followed a number of recent allegedly hayfield crimes across the state part of what we're doing today is not just about protecting anyone community or faith communities. >>it's about protecting anyone in the state of california who's at risk of hate motivated violence that means jews are standing up for muslims that means christians are standing up for lgbt folks anyone who is at risk of hate motivated violence. the
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leadership of the state of california is going to stand up andto a task force within the state's office of erwith these types of issues warning in sacramento actually develop kron 4 news. >>on the peninsula man was arrested after police say he tried to set a at and luber office in daly city it happened just before 10 45 last night. the offices on john daly boulevard the suspect is identified as 26 year-old casey long. witnesses say they saw a long running from the front of the building after setting a fire. when officers arrived they found a small fire near the front door it was quickly extinguished, long was found near the rear of the business and was arrested on suspicion of arson. >>in the north bay, a mountain lion was captured just outside of a macy's store at the santa rosa plaza. the animal was first spotted on 5th and the streets. santa rosa police immediately put out a warning to people to afford that area in california fish and wildlife are called in to tranquilize and remove.
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outlined the video shows that it took a couple shots to actually get the animal to sleep buddy of eventually lay down and was asleep. officers then transported the animal and will release it back into the wild. nobody hurt. >>including the lion, a happy ending let's check in now is a our chief meteorologist or as colonel lawrence you know we got the dodgers in town tonight. we have big game. the giants the dodgers tonight. >>and oracle guess what if you head out there grab a jacket it's going to be a little cool clear breezy to stop that patchy fog going to thicken up the role in so you know cool look and feel that wind gets going to get a little fog outside a we are going to see more that fog overnight tonight into the bay as well tomorrow morning, we're waking up to that early on then that should begin to break away to the coastline and start to clear things out looks like some pretty nice weather but we'll see that ball kind of on anofng at least along the coastline that will keep those temperatures cool resume tomorrow, you look 50 degrees downtown san francisco about 15 also daly city but on some patchy fog and cool temperatures right along the
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immediate coastline upper 50's you get to san bruno breezy here though in the afternoon 57 degrees and no brake 58 in burlingame number start to see couple 50's and 60's begin to pop up and but i mean the south a hazy but nice almost 70 degrees in san jose with some sunshine 67 degrees in santa clara valley. you see 70's into the tri valley, the dublin in pleasanton 72 in little more 64 degrees a little bit breezy in the hayward in the afternoon, 70 degrees and amble about 6, 7, walnut creek and 68 in are in in the north they should be warm 60's and 70's going to be common back along the coastline will keep you a little bit cooler that will be kicking up in just a couple of patches of fog. i love about 65 degrees in samara fell. and where says sharks have a night off. >>both returning to action tomorrow. but now we're talk abou othe here is still plenty in this warriors ronkets round
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2 series rockets players harden about criticizing the officiating after yesterday's game. >>and today there's even more fodder for the conspiracy theorists after report from the nba determined the rest did miss some calls. the nba issued at last. >>2 minute report for all games that are within 3 points at any time during the final 2 minutes and today's report indicated 2000 it should have been called on staff hurry, one against harden with a minute 10 remaining. >>and one against aaron gordon with 5 seconds left and either those called curry would have been found out you see steve kerr having some fun with it there. the report also determine draymond green to not s game tying 3. one of the non calls hard and most objective this morning, steve kerns steph curry waiting and we just watched the tape upstairs, you don't think there are 10 calls that we thought we had filed one mean. >>this is our goals in every coach in the legal tell you the same thing you watch the tape you know, and tthhat stuff
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your game it's it's very very to officiate an nba game, there's all kinds of gray area. >>and you know in the modern you know a lot of players gotten really good at deception we understand the playoffs. >>the way the game's this a little bit more physical. you're china, you know give on every possession and not like going to finish it just how it so i said that is the narrative coming out of it because we literally could exhaust our energy on that as well. >>officiating drama doesn't even stop there in the league fined chris paul $35,000 today's for quote aggressively confronting and recklessly to l remaining in sunday's game one arguing with the referee about an on call on clay thompson aggression against that record
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during the conversation for what it's worth that and the last 2 minutes report, common on call in that situation was correct. so far in their second-round series the sharks and managed to mostly avoid officiating controversies but. >>the outcomes haven't all gone the way san jose would like. >>the sharks are headed to denver for game 3 against the colorado avalanche after dropping game 2 at home last night, san jose surrendered a one nothing lead to that and ended up losing 4 to 3 and then a cane and brent burns scored the goals for the sharks and martin jones made 28 saves to san jose is still playing captain joe pavelski one recovered from a concussion. so the series tied at a game apiece in schertz for peter de boer said doesn't mind it that way. >>i like the fact we're 1 one i think coming off that 7 game you know we knew that it would be tough and i think you know if you told me after the the after we beat vegas at night that that we would split the first 2 games, i would have taken that based on the circumstances and the fatigue
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and i think now are we're ready just get the syriza really dialed up. >>so too for the sharks who i'm pretty optimistic pub just tomorrow at 7 endeavor. good time to a sharks and warriors playoff action is great right thank you kate, thank you kate. >>my exclusive interview with presidential candidate federal for war, what he says needs to be done to help prevent disastrous wildfires in california. authorities are investigating after a de you know when you're at ross
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on a the helicopter crashed on a two-lane road in kailua abouh 30 my 30 minutes east of downtown honolulu. neighbors were initially confused as to what happened and described hearing a loud bang and then seeing a wall of fire and smoke. one woman said she had to veer onto another street to avoid falling wreckage. meanwhile, some neighbors rushed to the scene to try to help put out the flames. >>turned around and they saw the helicopter on fire. out the and also trying to get the patients away from the burning aircraft. >>the circumstances of the crash are unknown at this time, no further detaiwere kill up. >>has a famous filmmaker too soon. after reer. continues
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singleton the filmmakers family says he passed away today he had been in a coma since suffering a stroke last week the groundbreaking director may movies inspired by the gritty streets on which she grew up. cnn's stephanie elam takes a look back at his life and legacy.
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>>either they don't know. i don't care about what's going on in that. >>a 24 boys in the hood or john singleton a place in movie history. as the first black director and the youngest director ever nominated for an academy award. his 1991 debut film told the story of 3 childhood friends. >>coming of age in violence south central los angeles. places singleton called home. he loves movies from an early age and that passion took him from south central to the soutersity of agent. and surprisingly the hoo movie i look at the time i see my of my senior year in school is kind >>hallmark of my life, you know because i was young i didn't have anything have was promised was dramas like justice rosewood and baby boy
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singleton let a new generation of black directors, making films that spoke to the african american experience. >>my last is make films the films i want to make some films i want to make that come straight from my soles and they just do what i want to do not only entertain an audience bus says rays people to a high level conscious this with every he held action films as well including the 2000 remake of shaft. >>and the second installment of the blockbuster fast and furious franchise. >>2 fast 2 furious. he later worked mostly in television directing episodes of empire, the people versus oj simpson buddy he also created the series snowfall which chronicled the 2 john singleton a hood to hollywood.
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>>that was stephanie elan reporting now singleton was just 51 years old. >>presidential candidate beto o'rourke visited yosemite national park today. he's announced a $5 trillion plan to try to combat climate change. it's his first major policy initiative and it calls for increasing taxes on corporations and top earners as well as phasing out tax breaks for fossil fuel companies. the plan also pledges to take significant actions to defend communities in order to prepare for natural disasters exacerbated by climate change such as wildfires the headed to the central valley in the sierra he made a stop in the bay area for a town hall in san francisco yesterday. that's when i sat down with him one on one to talk about some of the biggest concerns for california. one of those was climate change an issue that our work says we need to take action on before it's too late. scientists have been very clear the historic wildfires. we saw last year in
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california. >>are in large part the result of human activity of our emissions a in our inaction in the face of the science, no sign to say we will continue to warm at an alarming rate that will consume more property and more lives in california and texas throughout the world unless we change course now 10 years left to us and that means no new oil and gas leases on federal lands. the existing leases we have should reflect the cost in pollution. the consequences to our climate we've got a transition off of fossil fuels towards wind and solar and renewable energies as fast as we possibly can we're going to central valley in parts to learn how farmers can use new technologies like precision tilling to disturb of the carbon in the soil and plant cover crops to read more of the carbon out of the year if everyone does everything that they can then maybe we can help lead this world can be in the powers of
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the planet to ensure that we stop this change before it's too late for the generations that follow. >>the work also touched on california's housing crisis, he tackled gun violence and more you can watch it all this saturday and sunday at 11 oh 05:00am on inside bay area politics streaming on kron on there's a kron on dot tv to start watching. >>joe biden kicked off his 2020 campaign today, the former vice president holding his first official campaign event in pittsburgh. over the next few weeks biden will head through number of early voting states, including iowa, new hampshire. and south carolina and biden's team says that race 6 points $3 million in the first 24 hours after his campaign launch hall of any other democratic candidates, the 76 year-old biden also has a rally scheduled in philadelphia on may 18. his campaign says that that's where he will lay out his vision for unifying america with respect to leadership.
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staying with which the department of justice has lost another leader deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is leaving next month. >>rosenstein tendered his resignation today in a letter to the white house. he touted a reduction in violent crime and fighting opioid abuse as achievements of the administration and the d o j he went on to say the justice department enforces the law was out quote fear or favor to remain nonpartisan rosen signs resignation is effective on may 11th. michael avenatti. >>pleaded not guilty to all charges during his arraignment this morning at the federal courthouse in santa and i he's accused of stealing millions of dollars from climates cheating. on his taxes and lying to investigators his trial is expected to start on june 25th he became well known while representing pour an actress stormy daniels and her legal battles tracking false and misleading statements by president trump since inauguration day it said
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the president has since passed the 10,000 mark in those comments. glenn kessler the post fact checker said that in one interview with fox news is sean hannity yesterday. the president made 45 misstatements or goods over the past 7 months cassar said trump has averaged about 23 such statements a day. many of the misstatements the post says are about immigration issues the mueller probe, foreign trade talks and trump's accomplishments. the post said over time trump's statements and then straying even further from the truth as of saturday night's the post had his official count at 10,000 111 false or misleading statements. >>in 828 days. we're looking at begin to form now more on the way how will that affect the rest of week we'll talk about that coming up next and kron four is now streaming yet, here's what you're missing.
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>>make it out of there. county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>new drone video tonight released by french police shows notre dom's cathedral roof has been secured. investigators have pinpointed the center of the cathedral's roof roof as a starting point for the fire that devastated the paris landmark about 2 weeks ago. officials say they found a potential problem was elevators there that were built for construction workers as well as a possible issue
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with the fire alarm systems sensors. however, they say no theories as to the cause of the fire will be excluded at this point. >>grace cathedral in san francisco is hosting a free public concert response to the fire at the dom cathedral. the concert started at 6 o'clock mair london breed says it is a way to symbolically stand with paris one of san francisco's sister city. the concert is and american box solace also hand as an organist from the notre cathedral. >>all right step outside and we had a and ok weekend time not too hot not too cold. yeah, i school the locks would say that's right and we have deal with last week what like a this week we're gonna start to warm the temperatures up a little bit outside go to feel more like summer tie patterns
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will see some of that fog developing more so along the coastline were scenes of that right now you got the haze out there across the bay will see more of that tonight today temperatures below the average in the san francisco 58 degrees 68 per high in oakland, 70 degrees in san jose a pleasant day there but still a little bit below the average 72 degrees and live more 72 in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa, southern california. they're still get some rain drops area of low pressure moving through there you see that headed out in the desert now near palm springs in barstow but around the clouds and that is not the kind that produces rain but could produce a little drizzle out there are some fog some low clouds overnih pressure wil build in over the next few dame but ghpressure builds in w see some of that fog and more of along the coastline to the models picking up on that and even some drizzle too along the beaches as well so could be a little damp out along the immediate coastline, but i think as we head toward the afternoon hours we can find some warm spots, mostly inland of course, mainly in the low 70's, the warm spots well inland 60's inside the bay and 50's along the coastline. next
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couple days to march, the scale up toward a almost 80 degrees by friday, then cool down this next week in fact this next weekend. there is a slight chance of some showers late saturday night and thanks for watching. we'll see it for watching. we'll see it tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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new video of the deadly crane coapse. >> oh my god! >> it happens more often than you think. then who would ck a
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little kid? it's her teacher. >> no excuse for an adult to kick a five-year-old. the extraordinary effort people everywhere are taking to make sure they don't spoil tending of "game of thrones" and the avengers. plus, meghan markle fever pitch. >> as the world waits for the next royal baby. then, brady bunch measles. >> you've got measles. >> anger over the 50-year-old episode. >> if you have to get sick, you sure can't beat the measles. and what could be


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