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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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his alleged plans to bomb a rally in the la area 3 billion with the latest. >>sometimes we get asked what keeps you up at night, this is a case that keeps us up at night law enforcement was able to identify a man consumed with hate and bent on mass murder. and stop him before he uld carry out his attack 26 year-old mark domingo, a former us army infantry man from california who served in afghanistan now behind bars after undercover fbi agents foiled his alleged plot to bomb a crowded rally purchased several 103 inch long nails. >>to be used and i e d d's as shrapnel specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate the human body. and puncture internal organs. investigators say domingo recently converted to islam that he repeatedly spoke about becoming a martyr and pledged allegiance to isis a and concocted his alleged plan in retaliation for the attack on the al noor mosque in new
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zealand on recorded conversations with the source talked about attacking churches juice police and military officers, authorities say domingo was considering attacks on several places in southern california before settling on a rally organized by a white nationalist group will bring a man to justice. >>who's who try to inflict such pain and such an injury and such. just outright paid here in our communities, i'm reading in reporting. we talked to a former fbi agent today on the need for bay area law enforcement agencies to work together to stop terrorism plots. >>it's the same thing happens each time it's just that when it when someone is caught it should bring attention to the problem and in a city like san francisco. if it's a city like this where there's so many target's needs to be coordination between law enforcement agencies. >>former fbi agent rick smith says his case is a great example of the works the fbi and local law enforcement agencies do on a daily basis.
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>>continuing there was a moving tribute today for lori kay, the woman who was shot and killed during passover celebration saturday. >>at that synagogue in power way near san diego. >>the suspect identified by police is 19 year-old john ernest stays in custody, 3 other people were hurt including rabbi israel goldstein witnesses say laurie kaye was killed when she steps between the shooter and her rabbi. >>she didn't deserve to die. she's such a kind sweet hearted just a good human being. >>19 year-old john ernest seen here is in jail tonight charged with one count of first-degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder. the white house is calling it a hate crime 2 others were injured and are expected to recover. in the wake of that synagogue shooting near san diego saturday state lawmakers
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are vowing to take action to address anti semitism in california that forced capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala now explains the promise. the governor is making in response. >>after a second synagogue shooting in just 6 months many of us are. >>feeling very fearful california lawmakers and members of the jewish caucus, grieving the palace shooting on holocaust remembrance day at the capitol in response to the shooting governor gavin newsom announced he will appropriate $15 million in his updated budget to nonprofit organizations that provide security to institutions at risk of hate related acts like places of worship the funding could provide guards whether they would be armed is to be determined to the extent that one chooses. >>the most appropriate response. for their circumstances i think we should provide that flexibility to those mosques synagogues to. those that understand the threats and more localized matter and to the extent that that is unarmed personnel that's
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trained. i think that is among many of the appropriate uses a potentially the money the shooting in poway followed a number of recent allegedly hayfield crimes across the state part of what we're doing today is not just about protecting anyone community or faith communities. >>it's about protecting anyone in the state of california who's at risk of hate motivated violence that means jews are standing up for muslims that means christians are standing up for lgbt folks anyone who is at risk of hate motivated violence. the leadership of the state of california is going to stand up and protect it. >>the governor also said changes are coming to a task force within the state's office of emergency services that deals with these types of issues warning in sacramento actually develop kron 4 news. >>new video of the man police say went on a killing spree friday in the bay area, 42 year-old stefan jefferson was arraigned today in douglas county, nevada. authorities say jefferson shot and killed marcus jackson friday morning in oakland. he then allegedly drove to san francisco where he shot and killed a ron
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davis. jefferson is also suspected of killing calvin kelly friday afternoon in berkeley. he was arrested in the south lake tahoe area on the nevada side where he allegedly shot and wounded a douglas county sheriff's deputy before he was taken into custody, no word yet on when he might be extradited back to the bay area to face murder charges. >>tonight berkeley police are on the hunt for 2 guys who they say sexually assaulted a female college student happened over the weekend at a frat house on channing way near campus police have a vague description of the suspects. a couple years ago. >>there was a bit of a spate of assaults on campus and then that ah the university seem to solve the problem of it but then it is disheartening to hear that are happening again this year. >>anybody who might have information about this incident is asked to contact berkeley police. >>and it's pay a father says he's hurt and saddened after finding his car had been vandalized with a racial slur the man now says he's resorted to walking or taking public
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transit because he's embarrassed by the message of hate that was spray painted on the side of his and cried for spoke to the man about this hurtful acts. dan joins us now live in oakland. >>with more dan this this man has a pretty good perspective on all this i think considering. absolutely so. >>first of all he tells me that he can't believe that something like this would happen in a city like oakland because it's so racially diverse but he is maintaining a positive attitude and the reason why this because he says his community has got his back. a hayfield remarks stains the side of dante morris car and the racial slur spray painted in red was hard for him to stop making. i was hired my. >>i wasn't. >>that was of say he knows a lot of emotions. >>east oakland native says on april 23th, he went out for ron and came back to find his car had been vandalized the n word was tagged along the
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driver's side front and back doors. moore says he couldn't believe this type of racist act. it happened in oakland to know ever do this you know that they did about 8 minutes >>you know i wish they would just take there's no way you know the no it's not about the color of people's skin was you know we've gone from the heart of these days, i'm not embarrassed to be seen driving in his car. >>moore has resorted to walking or taking an ac transit boss with his son to get around. moore says he forgives the person who did this. and shortly after seeing the slur he says he prayed and then placed a bible on top of his car. the next day he found a note inside. >>it's actually from was 7 or greater, you know so when i seen it. this test and they said inspired him a lot they say bible top of the car. >>acid and that it was on a workout was a scene that. >>as word spread a go fund me page was set up to help restore moore's car. the campaign has exceeded its
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$1700 goal. moore says the community action has helped show that oakland is no place for hate. >>we just how contagious to be because of no and advised you know e i'm at this time was in a very you know we to we'll continue to stand up for each other. >>while moore tells me he is thankful for the outpouring of support and he says with a little help is going to be getting his car repainted later on this week, reporting live in oakland dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>they could and opening statements in the go ship trial are expected to begin tomorrow. today jury selection was completed alameda county prosecutors allege kerik a man and max harris are criminally reyponsible that fire back in december of 2016 where 36 people were killed. lawyers claiming guests and residents of the warehouse where endangered by its makeshift electrical system and floor to ceiling load of pianos wooden
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sculptures in wood pallets prosecutors also say the warehouse had no city permits for residency or for the concerts and shows that were held there and they allege that all men and harris. knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape. on the peninsula man was arrested after police say tried to set a fire at an uber. >>office in daly city. it happened just before 10 45 last night at the office on john daly boulevard. the suspect has been identified as 26 year-old casey long. witnesses say they saw a long running from the front of the building after setting a fire when officers arrived they say they found a small fire near the front door and it was quickly extinguished. long was found near the rear of the business and arrested on suspicion of arson police did not say what the motive for the fire might have been. >>white a site in the north bay people arriving for work or this morning in downtown santa rosa came face to face pretty much with a mountain lion right outside macy's not a big big mountain lion, but
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it is still a mountain lion no contest to a wall of el has reaction from witnesses and wildlife experts on how they think that they medium size can ended up there. >>carmen a dune works across the street from macy's in downtown santa rosa. i did ask him to make overs what's going on she told me there was a mountain lion, the sea lion was sitting in the planners outside the department store and ducking as santa rosa police and the department of wildlife and fisheries tried to capture it it took about 4 shots to bring the lying down and even though he was. all. >>that's a moment, not exactly. so the the the typical. >>case for months line to once the cat was tranquilized doctor quitting martin's was called to tackle the caps year. >>martin's heads up the living with lions project. mountain lion behavior in sonoma county. >>months lines. >>timid
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>>by nature and they avoid people as much as possible. so how did the cap end up here. >>doctor martens believe that is a young male mountain lion who might have been roaming around the creeks near the mall before he was spotted. >>that might just be circumstances of being cruising around looking around the area and just got guard at the time doctor martin says if you ever come into contact with a mountain lion. you shouldn't be too worried. this study shows that in over a 100 years and the 16 people have been. >>i'm involved in fatal attacks as a result of mountain lions, whatever you do never >>a very capable, but barrett says cats to to react to that and the way that we wouldn't be good for him. it. >>and santa rosa noel fellow kron 4 news. if you've been sneezing and coughing you're not alone. a recent report says bay area's dealing with its worst allergy season in the past 15 years and the reason of course is. >>all that rain we just got through apparently it's going to get worse too before it
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gets better. i think the that the pardon was nice dry out not ringing. >>the weapon wolf a nation. i don't think we see the worst yet i think it will we will peak in may when we have a actually no ring and that with % the getting hot and dry. it will be worse. well there you go doctor tam went on to say over the counter antihistamines and nasal sprays will help you get through the. >>tough allergy season. he says of those don't work contact your doctor to get something stronger. health officials say the worst our g's in the bay area are in. >>contra costa county contra costa county. as we take a live look outside right now and check on the force of forecasts we're looking at the embarcadero in san francisco see a few trees here that might be a shedding allergens out there. yeah and you watch those winds blowing in those shoes and you just see this big green and yellow out there and certainly we're seeing that now in fact a the pollen counts are actually running
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high today but they're going to come down a little bit tomorrow, but they're just going to hold steady throughout the week in fact the pollen count for the trees and the grass is which are really in bloom now. >>are saying in the medium category so if you'he being affected by now you're probably going to be affected by it all week long as there's not to be a drastic change in we start to get some of those warmer temperatures again you can watch those on the rise. outside now though we are seeing a sea breeze and some patchy fog developing this looking berkeley and you can see some patchy fog out over the bay now is going to fill in overnight tonight. almost more like a summer like pattern outside temperatures. cooldown in some spots they some of the valleys that have been very warm cool down a good 6 degrees and fairfield 4 degrees cooler to conquer it's a relatively the same in the san francisco, but these numbers running up below the average for this time of year in san francisco check in at a cool 58 degrees across the bay 68 in oakland, 71 degrees and freeman 72 in livermore and 70 degrees in san jose, but we've got some changes coming our way storm clouds rotating right to southern california see a weak low there. the bay area though of not bad at all
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the storm system kind of moving through here in southern california winding down and now we've got a little swirl off our coastline. that's a little edie in the circulation but that's just going to bring with it more low clouds and fog tonight and some drizzle probably along the coastline, so we'll see some that patchy drizzle out toward the beaches tomorrow should be mostly sunny. ap some morning clouds early on and then a slow warming trend as we head throughout this week and staying mostly dry. until next weekend. that's when we got a chance, a few showers coming our way temperatures outside right now it is a cool 53 degrees with that fog pacifica 55 in samut hale 57 degrees of redwood city 56 in hayward a little breezy there 57 degrees in oakland 53. in san francisco, 51 degrees now and on so numbers cooling off air quality looking good except for all the pollen out there. air quality a polluting wise is saying very good all across the bay area. under building ridge of high pressure so that ridge going to be slow to build in as that ridge builds in we're going to see some warmer temperatures tomorrow.
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so kind of a breezy day is going to be a transitional day as we want to see some of that fog rotating along the coastline. again some of the patchy fog breaking up in the afternoon but otherwise we're going to see some very nice temperatures with that father look last night a little drizzle you can see it there on the computer models and early tomorrow morning. then by the middle of the day things begin to break up we start to dry things out and probably going to see some nice temperatures away from the coastline. alright lows are going to be the 40's and 50's by day we'll keep you cool up toward the beaches, mainly in the 50's along the coast inside the bay of find some pleasant 60's almost 70 degrees in the san jose about 70 in concord. thank you lawrence happening today democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke made a stop in the des stow to push his plan to tackle climate change the former texas congressman. >>unveiled a trillion plan to combat what he calls. the greatest threat to our nation. the plan begins with proposed executive actions, including rejoining the paris climate agreement he also has a goal
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of setting a net 0 emissions carbon budget for federal lands by 2030 by adding more national parks. >>before heading to the beto o'rourke way to stop in san francisco yesterday. i sat down one on one with the former texas congressman to talk about some of the biggest issues facing californians, including step said he would take to try to end gun violence. >>what's your solution to gun violence in this country. yesterday's tragedy a whole lot of how way synagogue just outside of san diego o and the tragedies that we've seen before tree of life 6 months ago its the shooting at emanuel am e in charleston south carolina 4 years ago of the list goes on and on and it will continue going forward unless we make changes in policy here in we're the pressure and the influence of the nra and the gun lobby and the political action committees and just think about our fellow americans 30,000 of them will lose their at a minimum this year and
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every year going forward until we change course what we have learned is that those states have adopted universal background checks. i have seen in your 50% reduction in gun violence that saves lives was adopted for the entire united states and perhaps the more politically contentious and and difficult thing to do. but important nonetheless weapons designed. engineers sold united states military for war because are really good at killing people in great numbers. things like ar 15 a variant of a military weapon with its high impact high velocity round that will cause to bleed to death before we can get to save your life has no business being sold in your communities because it will continue to end up in our synagogues or mosques or churches our public life. >>you can catch the full interview on inside bay area politics as streaming on kron on it airs this saturday and sunday morning at 11 oh 05:00am visit kron on dot tv to start watching. >>heavy hearts across the entertainment world and beyond
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tonight, famed filmmaker john singleton died today after suffering a stroke last week he was just 51 years old. the groundbreaking movie director. produce films that really brought to life the streets son which she grew up cnn's stephanie elan takes a look back at his life and legacy. >>either they don't know. i don't care about what's going on in that. >>24 boyz in the hood or john singleton a place in movie history. as the first black director and the youngest director ever nominated for an academy award. his 1991 debut film told the story of 3 childhood friends. >>coming of age in violence south central los angeles. places singleton called home loves movies from an early age and that passion took him from south central to the university of southern
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california's famed film school singleton's college screenplays one writing awards and landed him a hollywood agent. and surprisingly short order he turned his senior thesis boyz in the hood into a movie i look at the time i see my of my senior in school is kind >>hallmark of my life, you know because i was young i didn't have anything at was promised was dramas like justice rosewood and baby boy singleton let a new generation of black directors, making films that spoke to the african american experience. >>my last season may the films i want to make some films i want to make that come straight from my soles and they just do what i want to do is not only is it an audience bus says rays people to a high level conscious this with every he held action films as well including the 2000 remake of shafts. >>and the second installment of the blockbuster fast and furious franchise. >>2 fast 2 furious. he later worked mostly in television
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directing episodes of empire, the people versus oj simpson and billions to say he loved, nobody. he also created the series snowfall which chronicled the 80's crack epidemic in los with ship. 2 people with money john singleton a pioneering filmmaker whose journey took him from the hood to hollywood. >>and congresswoman barbara lee of oakland releasing this statement on the death of john singleton john was a trailblazer who opened doors for countless african american filmmakers his work brought the richness and nuance of the black experience too big and small screens allowing african americans to see themselves represented where they had not before films like boyz in the hood and baby boy will forever be remembered as iconic movies that brought to life important stories about use urban culture and poverty. >>shakeup at the top why muniz
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transit chief has decided to step down and heads up for parents we need to know to prevent your baby from contracting measles also what experts say you should get your child vaccinated but first new video of that deadly crane collapse in seattle now investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. if you're streaming a song kron on the news continues kron on the news continues during the you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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at ross. and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>making news across the
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nation tonight, the f a a and national transportation safety board are investigating a deadly helicopter crash in hawaii, 3 people were killed it happened on the island of oahu witnesses say they heard the tour helicopter making a strange noise before it went down and burst into flames in kailua about 30 minutes east of honolulu. we're told nearby residents rushed to the crash site trying to put out the flames with garden hoses the incident is the second in less than 6 months at the tour company has been involved in a crash. shocking new video shows the moment a massive crane fell off a building came crashing down on a busy highway. it happened in setle over the weekend 4 people were killed. that's according to the seattle times, washington department of labor and industry said it had opened investigations was for companies that were involved in taking apart the crane, which is on the roof of a new google campus. it's currently under construction in seattle. the national weather service said wind gusts in that area reach 23 miles an hour about the time that the crane came down an
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nfl rookie, who was shot just hours after he was drafted by the new york giants over the weekend is expected to make a full recovery washburn university student corey ballon teen was injured in an off campus shooting in topeka kansas. the shooting killed one of his college teammates 23 year-old defensive back to wayne simmonds police have not released any information about a possible suspect. the new york giants say they're aware of the situation and are gathering information. coming up president trump once again pushing his advisers to the side and taking aim at the newest democratic presidential candidate. >>why the president says joe biden is not up for the job, but first just days after maryland and 3 demanded new leadership that muni. >>the transit agency's chief is now going to be out of a job her reaction after the break and we've got some fog now but could we have another heat
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>>big changes are on the way for san francisco's troubled transit agency mehr london breed has demanded new leadership she's getting it the muni transit chief is stepping down crime force dan kerman reports. >>whether it's getting your hand stuck in the back doors of peonies new us light rail vehicles for an operator shortage causing delays. it's been a rough period for san francisco's municipal transit agency. but it appears that downed wire which brought the subway and its passengers to a standstill on friday for more
10:29 pm
than 10 hours was the last straw for san francisco's mayor today. >>amazing letter to the mta board of directors. >>asking for new leadership for the agency for call for a leadership change resulted in this from uni chief at risk in in this letter to colleagues riskin said i will be stepping down from my position as the city's director of transportation when the employment agreement he has ends in august. it's become clear that this is the right time for a change 80's time to make a significant change and so that's what we're proposing the mayor echoed that sentiment at a news conference monday afternoon that refused to say if she threatened to fire escape. she did sayhe is looking for a new leader that can restore the public's trust now it's important to make sure that we have contingency plans, it's important to make sure. >>every step of the way we're communicating with the public so that they know exactly what they can expect to do as a
10:30 pm
result, and it's important to make sure that they know that we are prepared to deal with any challenge that comes our way risk and will run the transit agency through summer, it's unknown how long will it take to find a new leader. >>in san francisco dan kerman on for news. >>just 271 people from to southern california universities remain under quarantine after they were exposed to the measles that is down from nearly 800. people at cal state la and you steal a were leared after providing proof of immunity officials say they may have been exposed to an infected student who visited the school library. so far no one has contracted the measles there but according to the cdc. the total number of cases in the u s has jumped out to 704 and that number is expected to rise, 71% of those cases involved unvaccinated people and the rise in cases is forcing the cdc to issue
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vaccine guidelines for babies who could be traveling internationally james dining now has a closer look at those recommendations. >>preventing the measles in babies and the centers for disease control and prevention is out with new recommendations for infants because of the fast spread of the highly contagious virus. the cdc says babies between the ages of 6 to 11 months should get the vaccine before they travel internationally. the cdc, normally recommends parents wait until about 12 months to get their babies vaccinated the changes comes as global concerns for measles are surging as of monday. the cdc says there have been 704 cases of measles nationwide and that 71% of those infected were not vaccinated doctors recommend 2 doses of the m him or vaccine, which covers measles mumps and rubella doctors typically give the first goes between 1215 months
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and the second between 4 to 6 years. the cdc says if you were vaccinated with 2 doses you have a 97% chance at preventing the measles mind james dine >>show you a live picture of the rich re-enter fo britian i work crews continue replace see expansion joints on the upper deck of the bridge. it's a camera shot is from the toll plaza agency westbound traffic on 5.80 getting on to the bridge conference as 14 of the 31 joints have been replaced. officials say the new joints are designed to shrink and expand was changing temperatures which is expected to prevent cracking and the surrounding concrete we've been hearing those stories about chunks of concrete falling down onto the lower deck drivers can expect lane closures between 09:00pm and 05:00am on weekdays caltrans says it anticipates the work will be complete in july. >>of the traffic cameras for what almost every day sunrise was there while since we've seen any rain. but now there's a chance there is there is a
10:33 pm
chance only the chance to the pair of the forecast certainly as we've got another area low pressure that's going to poach the coastline but right now. >>we've got some clouds some of the low cloud friday that are moving on shore the sea breezes that blow on and that is caring the fog now inside of a little breezy in spots to 23 miles per hour to myron so see some of gusty winds along the coast and we have some pretty gusty winds early on today and likely to see some of those winds again for tomorrow. all right this is where it gets interesting right now high pressure trying to build and we've got one area low pressure southern california that's going to be in the schools out of town there goes behind that high pressure begins to settle in over the bay area and much of the state is that ridge builds in our temperatures will begin to warm through tuesday wednesday thursday and now friday kind of a transitional day but staying fairly dry. and then things begin to change as we can watch here comes we got this low pressure center off the coastline. this what we call a cut off low can the bouncing between any major circulation so kind of hard to forecast for right now the models want to bring this up of this not the only model wants to do that bring a chance of rain in the bay area
10:34 pm
possibly later on saturday night into sunday we have to watch it very closely as it begins to come ashore to just kind of spins around or a couple of days maybe the beginning of this next week so these could be a little bit it's unsettled as we get into the weekend and maybe the first part of next week too so here's your tenant and for you we're going to see some changes coming our way tonight we've got of those low clouds and fog beginning to move in we're going to see some of that for tomorrow should clear out to the coastline as we head into the middle of the day and then the temperatures start to warm up a bit as high pressure builds in getting the upper 70's as we get to thursday and possibly friday by saturday that will come spending in with a chance of showers ending best chance come on sunday, it will dry things out and maybe warm things up again toward the middle of next week. and grace cathedral in san francisco hosted a free public concert in response to the fire at the notre cathedral in paris. >>tonight's concert started at
10:35 pm
6 san francisco, maryland and green says it's a way to symbolically stand with paris which is one of san francisco's sister cities, the concert featured performances by the san francisco symphony opera, an american pocket solace also on hand as an organist from the notre cathedral. >>and new drone footage showing that notre cathedral's roof has been secured investigators pinpointed the cathedral's roof as the starting point for that fire that devastated the paris landmark 2 weeks ago police believe the fire started at the center of the church's roof. investigators think one of 2 things sparked the fire. a possible problem with the fire alarm system sensors. something related to the elevators built for construction workers that's another possibility. national news now and president trump is ignoring some advisors and going on offense against 2020 presidential hopeful, joe biden the president took aim at the former vice president
10:36 pm
on twitter. >>but there are some who are concerns that the president's attacks could backfire hurting him actually helping the former vice president kaitlan collins reports. >>tonight a president usually known for his confidence appears to be unnerved by his latest rival former vice president joe biden. they didn't says president trump isn't worried about running against biden but he's clearly on his mind i don't know what they'll happen divide and i never saw that before i've fighter not just doesn't look like the same by dyson is that really joe biden is a look the same to me trump referenced the former vice president on twitter at least 4 times today alone. >>and while some advisers are urging the president not to single out any democratic presidential hopefuls just yet. those closest to the president are following his lead on biden losing charlottesville. >>to launch a candidacy as somebody was in the senate for decades, he was vice president for years the white house has
10:37 pm
been on defense after biden made trump's comments about a 2017 white nationalist rally in charttesville. >>that led to counter protester dead a central focus of his campaign announcement when president trump contend. >>racism bigotry evil violence and then took it many steps further and called out neo-nazis white supremacists case a case for that is that is our near perfection when after a shooting at a synagogue outside of san diego left one person dead and several others injured this weekend. >>president trump offered a full-throated denouncement of hate at his latest rally weeks forcefully condemned. >>the evil of anti semitism and hate which must be defeated. >>the latest shooting 6 months after a shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh killed 11 has put the rise of white nationalism at the forefront of the 2020 race. the fbi says hate crimes are on the rise for the 3rd year in a row. but 6 weeks ago after a gunman killed 49 muslims at 2 mosque in new zealand. >>trump downplayed the threat.
10:38 pm
>>i don't really i think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problem. his allies say his critics are misrepresenting his remarks about what happened in charlottesville way you know back in the good trump said trump clearly that he was opposed white-suprembcist who was opposed to >>plans when he was opposed to not season in the show >>but after the protest 2 years ago the president blamed both sides. >>we condemn in the strongest possible terms. this egregious display of hatred bigotry in violence on many sites then 2 full days later after facing widespread criticism from republican lawmakers and ceos. >>the president names names those who caused violence in its name are criminals and thugs. >>including the kkk, neo-nazis white supremacists and other
10:39 pm
hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >>the next day. >>after fuming from coverage that said he hadn't gone far enough. trump defended his first statement to yes, i think there is blame on both sides you look at both sides. >>i think is blame on both sides. >>in other news tonight. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says he's leaving next month rosenstein tendered his resignation today in a letter to the white house rosenstein touted a reduction in violent crime in fighting opioid abuse as achievements of the administration and the d o j he went on to say the justice department enforces the law was out fear or favor to remain nonpartisan rosenstein's resignation is effective on may 11th. >>boeing c o faced investors and reporters today after more safety concerns were revealed over the weekend specifically the company was not transparent with the airlines about safety features on the 2, 7, 37 max 8 jets involved
10:40 pm
in deadly crashes in recent months and is cont force washington correspondent alexandra le mon explains. for now those planes remain grounded. >>all of this and boeing her deeply sorry for the loss of life boeing ceo dennis muilenburg says the company will make changes to its 7.37 max 8 jets after 2 crashes 346 deaths and the worldwide grounding of the jetliners. >>investors and reporters grilled the cio about the company's failure to identify a safety issue and warned its airline customers until after the disasters you have to have a 300 plus people die every time to find out that that something is on reliable. the company says it will rework anti stall software which appears to have played a role in both deadly clashes includes dual sensor feed. >>into that system and the us government also under the fda's leadership. he's also doing an independent review of
10:41 pm
certification process is limburg would not admit that boeing made mistakes in design or safety certification of the plains and seemed to cast blame on the cockpit crews when we design a system. >>understand it these are planes are flown in the hands of pilots several pilots association say they want the pilots to have trainings in full-size simulators like this one. >>before flying them at seat jets with passengers. but boeing c e o says that's not what the company is doing. >>we believe that the right training answer right now is his computer based training and then as part of the recurrent training that pilots like to downstream give them options for simulator training boeing c o did not give a timeline for getting the planes back in the air. >>in washington alexander on the mound. >>still a desperate times call for desperate measures, a growing number of parents are now supporting their adult children. now that could put a financial strain on your retirement plan some good news for struggling families in the bay area, the food bank announced today, it is expanding will have details
10:42 pm
ahead. >>giants nays looking to start the week of strong
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>>next month's desperate housewives star felicity huffman will plead guilty to charges said she took part in a sweeping college admissions cheating scam. today actress tori law clinton and her husband and 15 others pleaded not guilty in connection to the same scandal while clinton her husband are charged with 2 counts of conspiracy. prosecutors say the 2 paid
10:45 pm
half a million dollars to a fake charity to get their 2 daughters into usc both walk lynn and her husband maintain their innocence. this all comes as we're learning about a growing number of parents using their retirement savings to financially support their adult children tough decisions, according to a new report parent to do that may be digging themselves into a money hole of sorts. mary maloney has a closer look at the impact. >>not cutting the financial cord half of american parents say the sacrifice retirement savings to financially support their adult children. the bankrate survey found higher earners with adult children are more likely to dip into their savings while lower income parents are more likely to have never see for retirement at all in fact act one in 6 parents making less than $50,000 say supporting their grown-up children prevented them from putting away anything for retirement meanwhile, 60% of those with adult children and a household
10:46 pm
income of $80,000 a year say they've cut back on their retirement savings in order to pay for their adult children's bills, which could include cell phone and car payments insurance housing and student loans in general assistance usually ends between the ages of 19 to 23. however, millennials believe the cutoff should be delayed by a year or more so why are parents increasingly dipping into their savings to support their adult children. the survey mentions helicopter parenting suggesting more parents have been more co dependent with their children throughout childhood making it hard to let go in adulthood i'm mary moloney. >>and back here in the bay area hundreds of thousands of low income people seek help from food banks. today in san francisco, the sfr in food bank announced that it is expanding so it can help more people in need crown force charles clifford was there. >>well here in san francisco, submarine food bank has announced it wants to expand its facilities here here in
10:47 pm
san francisco at their main warehouse, but they also want to make some improvements to a warehouse up in samara fell another food bank serves about a 140,000 people per week in a year's time they move about 48 million pounds of food to their facility. there's a recent study also showed that even though they're moving all of that food, there are still about 35 million missed meals in the bay area. so the food bank called wants to increase their capacity to hopefully get food to all of those folks. here's the executive director of the food bank paul ash saying the problem isn't donations its capacity. you were turning away donations every week. that just drives us crazy. to to be seeing people a community that could use that food and to have to say no. when farmers and manufacturers call us with the nation's is just wrong and we're going to solve that and this is an artist rendering of what the upgraded warehouse will look like in san francisco in a nutshell, the plan is to basically knock down the wall behind me here and extend the warehouse out
10:48 pm
into the parking lot they're going to add refrigeration and some extra docks where they cannot bring trucks up unloading on load food at about 28,000 square feet of space to hopefully increase the capacity of the warehouse, the work here in san francisco. they're hoping to start in 2020 the work up in marin county should start later this month. the for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>fast is just a fact. >>all right time now for sports k release here, you know, i'm something of the greatest rivalries in baseball i got the sox and the yankees are and the second greatest has got to be the giants and dodgers it's certainly up there and you know they're hoping for good stuff tonight because it was a really rough weekend for perry, a baseball both the a's and the giants got swept by their opponents. today though a new day clean slate some fresh dirt on the diamond, the giants hosting the national league champ dodgers for 3 games at oracle park. state night at the
10:49 pm
ballpark, some fans turned out in a tire scoreless until the 6th inning. already the next month, the lines, one down the right-field line. and justin turner would end up scoring from second on the double its. >>2 nothing dodgers, bottom of the 7th bases loaded 2 outs. one down the left-field line. young a scores and brandon belt becomes tracking all. 3, 2, giants on the bases clearing double. top of the 9th. 2 outs runner on first will smith has been so good this season. anderson to end the game 7 save of the season for smith final scores 3, 2, giants, they look to take game 2 of the series tomorrow a's fans in fenway park hoping for a win against the world champion, boston red sox tonight and they that's shallman going deep to right center field. the ball well taking a little hot, but the samuel adams signed for a
10:50 pm
dozen was josh phegley scores and it's 4 nothing gays in the second but that's where it started to go downhill for oakland, the socks that answer with a six-run 3rd inning michael shot the screen home of the last 2 runs on the single up the middle to make it 6 for socks and the final score of the 9 for days and now lost 4 straight games. >>well just because there was no game today doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of drama and the warriors rockets series last night houston's james harden and chris paul were 30 happy with the officiating and today there's more. >>in a report from all games that are within 3 points that any time during the final 2 minutes that's reports indicated 2000 citizen called on step. one against harden with a minute 10 remaining and one against aaron gordon with 5 seconds left had either of those 1000 called curry would have called out this morning. steve kerr poking a little fun and james harden the toys for flopping and then he weighed on the action. >>and we just watched the tape
10:51 pm
upstairs, you don't think there are 10 calls that we thought we morning. this is our goals in every coach in the legal tell you the same thing you watch the tape you know, and that's all that stuff out. the senate your game it's it's very very to officiate an nba game, there's all kinds of gray area. and you know in the modern you know a lot of players gotten really good at deception. >>now soar in their second-round series, the sharks have managed to mostly avoid officiating controversies. but the outcomes haven't all gone the way san jose would like sharks are headed to denver for game 3 against the colorado avalanche after dropping game 2 at home last night, san jose surrendered a one nothing lead in that one to they ended up losing 4 to 3. the vendor cain and brent burns scored the goals for the sharks and martin jones made 28 days. the san jose is still playing without happen so the series tied at a game and sharks for your divorce.
10:52 pm
>>i like the fact we're 1 one i think coming off that 7 game you know we knew that it would be tough and i think you know if you told me after the the after we believe a gust that night that that we would split the first 2 games, i would have taken that based on the circumstances and the fatigue and i think now are we're ready just get the syriza really dialed up. >>so the start to look still and tomorrow evening in denver, hopefully propel ski will be back sooner than later sure hope so all right, thanks kate. bart's. >>the we've got that fog in a role in right now it is going to thicken up maybe a little wet and spots tomor you know when you're at ross
10:53 pm
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>>the bad start to the workweek we did have that patchy fog early on some sunshine, the afternoon, yeah, the winds a little blustery along the coastline inside the bay. we're seeing some of the fog begin to fill in now on those who fought banks just yet the likely develop into that will be least along the coastline. overnight tonight temperatures outside right now got a cool 53 degrees in san francisco, 57 degrees in oakland 56, little breeze and the hayward 57 degrees in san jose right now and you're looking at 54 degrees in the napa valley. so we wake up tomorrow morning we're going to start with some areas of fog along the coastline, even inside the bay, maybe some of the valleys go to see a little bit of fog to but some drizzle possibly a little damp right along the coastline by the middle of the day that pulls back to the coastline. we see
10:56 pm
a lot of sunshine but you'll notice, the temperatures staying rather cool. that cool marine influence i can bring those temperatures down just a little bit numb by the afternoon. i think we top out low 70's, the warm spots, inland a lot of 60's in and around the bay almost 70's you make when the santa clara valley, but mostly sunny skies, but if you're headed out toward the beaches, a plan and some breezy conditions again temperatures mainly in the 50's out along the coast. overnight lows go to break down like this 40's and 50's with some clouds moving on in and as we head around the bay. it i'm almost like we're going to see some cooler temperatures in the san francisco, about 57 degrees expected for the high 61 of the mission along the coastline,of the sunset about 56 57 degrees you'll see some sunshine in the afternoon pacific up cool out toward the media beaches, but inside the bay of see a little more sunshine upper 50's in the burlingame and then working their way down the pundits, least temperatures start to warm up a little bit 62 degrees and for the mild in redwood city 63 in palo alto 68 in the mouth, the in the is warmer numbers getting close to 70 degrees in san jose at 6968 campbell and about 65 degrees in milpitas but on 70
10:57 pm
showing up those make away in the tri valley 71 in pleasanton 72 in little more about 70 in dublin and 64 degrees in hayward those temperatures going to stay nice and toasty in the interior valleys, but you'll feel the effects that sea breeze and a berkeley about 60. the breeze up blowing right to the delta tomorrow as well but still some nice number 6 tonight in pittsburgh. and about 71 in antioch and you get back toward the coastline. those numbers going to be the 50's and 60's so here's your tentative foray we're going to see a more clouds on the way at least along the coastline warming up the wheel in some places getting near 80 degrees by friday. there's a slight chance of swers over the weekend that i think you'll arts and thank you for watching. [ pleasant orchestral music ]
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
[ commentatora 1-iron from the 17th tee. [ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ] jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open.
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